Saturday, September 15, 2007

MacArthur Redux

Oh, the shame & horror, questioning a professional baby-killer whose own superior ossifer is alleged to have said about him: "He's an ass-kissing little chickenshit. I hate people like that." Why, no one who wants to be president would ever go along w/ being a political marionette, would they?


Larry Harmon said...

Surrender is ALWAYS an option, in fact, it's the ONLY option in Iraq, says "yellow-stripe" Peabody.

M. Bouffant said...

Editorial Response:
It's not even a question of "surrender." It's simply withdrawing from an unsuccessful occupation. And there's never been an occupation that worked when the occupied didn't want to be occupied. Ever. In all of history. See: Afghanistan/Soviet Union, as merely the most recent example. Germany & Japan had been fully thrashed on the field of battle, in wars they started, so there wasn't much they could do. But we just marched into Iraq for the oil, um, hell of it.
Not to mention that there's a fucking civil war going on, not really as much resistance to our imperial designs. Imagine that France had decided to invade the U. S. during the Civil War of Northern Agression, & impose some "democracy."