Sunday, September 30, 2007

Search of the Day (So Far)

Today's wacky search item comes from Columbia, MD: Search Engine: Search Words: "heteralsexual intercourse" Yes, if you search for those keywords, Just Another Blog (From L. A.)™ is NUMBER ONE, as a result of this item, wherein Just Another Blog™ (before converting to the odd combination of the editorial we & referring to ourself in the third person) republished something from ABC News & then made mock of the commenters. How long ago that was, how innocent we were.

Ever seen a two headed racoon? A bus full of kids did in 1998. Nope, not natural but nature is imperfect and anyone not heteralsexual should not be discriminated as any less the a natural produce of an imperfect world. Posted by: webwaxer Jun-6

No man on two-headed raccoon sex either, Godammit!!!

Ever seen a two headed racoon? A bus load of kids did in 1998. Nature isn't perfect, never was and never will be. We must respect diversity. Posted by: webwaxer Jun-6

I guess that's better.

Unless "webwaxer" & the searcher from Columbia, MD are one & the same, we're not sure if we're surprised that more than one person thinks it's spelled "heteralsexual." Or is this the same searcher who was looking for "good old fashioned" whatnot. We guess that'd be the same thing.

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