Sunday, September 25, 2022

We Destroy The Family!

You can't handle the truth:

Red love, for all

Family is a terrible way to satisfy our desire for love and care, according to the writer and academic Sophie Lewis. The solution? Abolish it.

[Behind The New Statesman's paywall. Destroy them too!]

Saturday, September 24, 2022

World Gorilla Day

Stop turning their habitats into shitholes & killing the poor bastards, humanoid scum. The gorillas are your fucking cousins!!

Friday, September 23, 2022

Friday Freak Out: False Rulers

Very contemporary theme: Rulers are false & deserve (at a minimum) a beating, so beat them all, including your bosses & the damn police, "Morality" or any other variety.
And an excellent riddim.

I Know The Feeling

Not to mention living among 20,000,000,000,000,000 (Don't believe I've ever typed that before.) or so ants.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Guess Which Party's "Political Elites"

Social media sharing of low-quality news sources by political elites


Increased sharing of untrustworthy information on social media platforms is one of the main challenges of our modern information society. Because information disseminated by political elites is known to shape citizen and media discourse, it is particularly important to examine the quality of information shared by politicians. Here we show that from 2016 onward, members of the Republican party in the U.S. Congress have been increasingly sharing links to untrustworthy sources. The proportion of untrustworthy information posted by Republicans versus Democrats is diverging at an accelerating rate, and this divergence has worsened since president Biden was elected. This divergence between parties seems to be unique to the U.S. as it cannot be observed in other western democracies such as Germany and the United Kingdom, where left-right disparities are smaller and have remained largely constant.

Why don't some Euro politicos link to lies? American exceptionalism, natch: White Nationalist American Jesus has no problem w/ his people bearing false witness.


Fall Down & Die

It's over: Last song on the last Bleach Bots album.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

"American Way/Try To Explain
Scab Of A Nation/Driven Insane"

There are eight million stories in the naked city, & every one of them is anxious.
Emily Baumgaertner / New York Times:
Health Panel Recommends Anxiety Screening for All Adults Under 65  —  The guidance comes as Americans are coping with illness, isolation and loss from the pandemic, as well as other stressors like inflation and rising crime.  —  A panel of medical experts on Tuesday recommended …
Those 65 & over can just eat shit & die? (Yes. Why do you ask?)

I do wish the jerks who come up w/ these studies would stop acting as if people are to blame for being anxious.
There are reasons.
Title quotation:
P.S.: "Rising crime"? I haven't even started.

Everything's Made of Shit & You're All Going To Die, Part Why Bother?

And these ancient fucking clowns will talk big but do nothing.You're all rats in an over-crowded cage. If world "leaders" failed to impose mandatory sterilization on their shithole countries the minute they entered office they are part of the problem, not the solution.

Post-Natal Trash

For my natal anniversary yesterday I wasn't expecting gifts, just hoping that I'd get my ass kissed. However, while the tributes were few & far between (i.e., non-existent) the universe, or someone leaving their ap't., placed this larger, cleaner bookcase (on the left below) in my way on my daily constitutional.
Now all the literature fits, including items too large for the previous model.

Thanks, universe; the rest of you can return to the hells whence you came!


Monday, September 19, 2022


On This Date: A President Died, A Queen Is Buried, And Many More Miseries Afflict The World

Her Late Bleedin' Majesty's flunkies decided to pre-empt my birthday w/ her stupid funeral. Yet another indignity added to the list.
Next yr. this reporter will reach the Biblicaly-alloted threescore & ten yrs. of suffering & endless ennui in this horrid moronic world of shit & pain. He figures it's borrowed time after that; no laws will stop him then. (It's important to set goals for the new yr.)

Another atrocity on this date:

Shakin' All Over!

How to live when the power goes.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Shoot The Sheriff (W/ Ballots)

The Reeve of Our Shire actually did to an L. A. County Supervisor what Donald "Lumpy" Trump claims was done to him, search warrant-wise.

Raid of County Supervisor’s Home Is Abhorrent, On-Brand for Sheriff Alex Villanueva

Cityside Column: The mercurial sheriff, facing an Election Day reckoning, pulls his latest stunt at the Santa Monica home of County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl
Yes, "Zelda" of Dobie Gillis is one of our county supervisors, & would have been a better President than Trump. No idea if L.B. Chief Luna is much better than Villanueva, but few could be worse. Vote accordingly.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Future Release Report

Of an old event at a local venue.

Saturday Stax o' Wax Featuring Booker T. & The M.G.'s!

It's going fast!

Fast Flying Mammal Found

Oh, wait: Typos can be dangerous.
A bat found at a parking lot in Fountain Valley tested positive for rabies, according to Orange County health officials.

The animal was found at around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at Pickleball Court No. 1 at the Fountain Valley Tennis Center on 16400 Brookhurst St.

Given the location and circumstance, the OC Health Care Agency urged residents to be on alert and avoid contact with any bats.

“Contact with bats should be avoided and any potential bat bite should be discussed with a medical provider,” the agency said.

Pickleball. Figures.

E/I: Saturday Scientific Show


Happened across this PBS streaming or something program that deals w/ the distant past "Mysteries of Deep Time". Not having the attention span of a gnat, approx. 15 mins. is just about right. Make some if it local & I'm there.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Consumer Alert: Buy Crap Now!

Don't crucify Santa on a cross of gold; ensure corporate profits by buying now. Nothing will be less expensive.

Friday Freak Out: The Real J.Z.

Turns out John Zorn (2 September 1953 -) is 17 days older than this reporter, & we missed it, so we'll dig out a few items from YouTube for a belated celebration.

Ah, eff digging. Have some greatest "hits".
Maybe I'll look for more before this item posts, & maybe I'll sprout great leathery bat-wings & fly to the moon.


Friday Finger

Ask & you shall receive. Good & hard.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

On A Slightly More Positive Note

A nicely polluted sunset.

The heat wave is over; currently a mere 81°F (27.222°C) in the bunker, down from a fluctuating high of 92°F/93°F (33.333°C/33.889°C). May put on a shirt later.

Good & bad: The rat bastards at Amazon are showing tonight's No Fun League game on local telebision. Keeps me from bitching about it being unavailable to the unwashed masses.

Fuck everything to hell anyway.

Indict Trump & Let The Country Burn!!

There's Little To Nothing Worth Saving

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Funny, Sure, But Next Time Someone May Have The Air Let Out Of Them

Chris Hoffman / CBS News:
Police: Armed man wearing clown wig said he wanted to ‘kill all Democrats’  —  DELMONT, Pa. (KDKA) - A Westmoreland County man is facing several charges after police said he wanted to “kill all Democrats.”  —  Jan Stawovy, 61, took a loaded gun into a Delmont Dairy Queen and police said the quick action of an officer saved lives.
Did not know the DQ® was a hotbed of Democrats.

Culture War Intensifies To Actual (But "Minor") Injury

Sep 14, 2022 A package exploded on the campus of Northeastern University in Boston late Tuesday, and the college said a staff member suffered minor injuries. Authorities said another suspicious package was found near a prominent art museum.
Political? Personal? The personal is political?

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Monday, September 12, 2022

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Get Over It You Two-Faced Pansies! It's Old Enough To Drink!

Don't be an imperial hegemon & then bitch, whine & moan when the righteous & well-deserved blowback occurs. Not that any of America's fucking sheep had the slightest idea of what was going on, or any control over it. Where's your democracy now, you pathetic fucking sheep?
The Twin Twinkies.
Pieces of shit. If any of them were calling for George Bush to be executed for dereliction of duty that'd be one thing, but NO!

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Today's wasted effort. Total readership/viewership/clicks so far: 584.

Here, presented at the highest possible resolution (because Web of Evil [& Ennui] gives a shit about the creative artist who volunteers his or her service) are some of the images we've presented this wk.
Wknd. warriors: Saturday's edition rec'd. the most comments.

Summertime Sunday

A reminder that summer's almost gone (in the Northern Hemisphere).

Friday, September 9, 2022

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Today In Nausea

A tab is cleared, & some stuff on the hard drive is used.

Velveeta® is staging a comeback

New York (CNN BusinessIn 2020, something incredible happened in the dairy aisle: Velveeta® started flying off the shelves.

Sales of the processed cheese product, which food snobs love to hate, have been in decline for years. Then the pandemic hit, and suddenly stressed-out, homebound people wanted Velveeta® for their queso, fudge and extra-cheesy mac and cheese. The sudden interest in the brand presented a rare chance to reintroduce itself to new customers, and to those who hadn't bought Velveeta® in years.

"We recognized that as a great business opportunity," said Kelsey Rice, senior brand communications manager for Velveeta®.

Velveeta® wanted to make a big swing, not just to boost sales but to establish itself as part of the culture. "We think Velveeta® is an iconic brand, and it should be seen and viewed as such," she said.

To change its image, Velveeta® has had to change the way it talks about itself.

That means fewer commercials about affordable, meltable cheese, and more marketing stunts like cheese-scented nail polish and pricey Velveeta® martinis.

Cute enough name to hang in the galley, but we cannot recommend it as a Velveeta® substitute.

Better Late Than Never ...

... But Never Better Late!

Labor Day 1937

The Harvest Ball was held. It was a different time, to coin a phrase.
"Summer's" over. Back on your heads, back to school, yada!

Free The Dolphins!

Something nice for once.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Current Temperature Inside Bunker

At 1728PDT. Not guaranteeing the accuracy, & it fluctuates between 92°F & 93°F. Close enough for rock'n'roll.

I Am So Over It

"The Thrill Is Gone" · Archie Shepp

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Too Hot To Post

Actually, the essence of cool.
The ridiculous of rock:
The semi-sublime:
For those who want to see it all burn to the fucking ground:Sir Lord Comic reminds you: "The wages of sin is death."
Keep hydrated, or don't. It's nothing to me.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Try To Stop Me!

Go Ahead & Sacrifice, Suckers, I'll Be Getting My Kicks Before The Whole Shithouse Goes Up In Flames

Currently running two telebision sets, two set-top boxes, two modems, two fans, a receiver, a computer, a lightbulb, the refrigerator, the clock on the microwave & charging a mobile 'phone. Current temp. inside the bunker? 89°F, or 31.666°C.

Same Shit, Different Day

Two Turkeys Try To Trivialize National Security

Sunday 28 August 2022:Thursday 1 September 2022:
At least Plan 9 from Outer Space was a plan.

Help Yourselves, They're Free!

From The "Ha-Ha, Fuck You Losers" Files

TikTok Challenge Leads to Kia and Hyundai Theft Explosion in L.A.

The “Kia Boyz” stunt is hard to ignore, as the victims are innocent car owners and not the idiot performers, but it’s not all TikTok’s fault
No one who owns a car is "innocent". You bastards murder the planet every time you turn that thing over.

Good jobs, Kia & Hyundai. The United Snakes military saved your kim chi from the Kim family 70 yrs. ago, & has been defending your lame asses ever since & you "thank" America w/ these poorly-designed pollution devices? Ingrates.And fuck social media & the young morons it chumps daily.

[A local formerly printed operation]

Sherman Takes Atlanta; London Burns

Wouldn't ordinarily arse myself w/ this but my late mother allegedly background acted in it. Never seen it so I couldn't tell you where, when or if she's visible. Pretty sure she wasn't at the Venice premiere.Other important events today:

Time Of The Assassins?

Surprised there hasn't been more of this sort of thing recently in the United Snakes.

Waxing Crescent

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

On Beyond Pathetic

Via memeorandum, w/ emphasis on the dum(b, as a fucking post) a perfect example of "None so blind as those who will not see, but instead invent paranoid narratives."
The "problem", apparently, is that the top secret documents cover pages are right there in plain view, & you can see the classification codes on them. To be fair in assigning blame, a sizable chunk of this substack of shit was inspired by a Turley Tweet.

The Biden DOJ Attaches Photo of 'Top Secret' Mar-a-Lago Docs — Then People Instantly Spot the Problem with It

One other problem. We note that young Kyle has fully bought into the "one weird trick" school of iNternet clickbaiting, to wit: "Then People Instantly Spot the Problem with It". Cretin. Or Russian. Anyway, once in a while you just can't resist, so I left this golden nugget, preserved for eternity here, as I suspect it may not live long there.
You cultists are so deliberately dense. Do you not remember typing "white cover sheets neatly layed [sic] on top of them"? No one can see anything that risks national security. You quote Turley, "It is curious that the DOJ would release this particular picture. The point is to state a fact that hardly needs an optical confirmation: the possession of documents with classified cover sheets", yet your opening sentence calls them "alleged 'top secret' documents". You'll all be crying "fake" & "planted" no matter the evidence. And the point of the TIME cover is that the alleged documents were in the same box as the magazine covers, not that that cover of TIME is a "veiled threat". How could it be a "threat" if Trump had it framed?

I could go on, but your minds are made up & none of you want to be confused w/ facts or logic.

Stairway To The Stars?

Sheesh. Not as if it hasn't been done before. Some helpful 1947 hints from the U.S. Army:And from Irwin Allen, October 1997.
How far out can you get?

Fuck All Y'All!

Slept for more than nine hrs., still wanted to slit the throats of every humanoid in this world of shit & pain on awakening. Can anyone explain to me what the fucking hell is wrong w/ your idiot species that makes me want to kill all of you the second I remember you exist?

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

On This Date: 2nd iow festival of music

So you needn't pause the video. Sat. was certainly the best line-up.

The Rage Has Become Uncontrollable

Four words: Angry loner w/ problems.
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The 20-year-old who opened fire in a Bend, Oregon, supermarket, killing two before he turned the gun on himself, was a loner who was passionate about mixed martial arts and was known for getting into fights at the high school where he graduated in 2020.

The shooter, identified Monday by police as Ethan Blair Miller, of Bend, “tried to fight quite literally everybody” at Mountain View High School, former classmate Isaac Thomas told The Associated Press. Thomas said the gunman once threatened to shoot him after a fight at their school.

Police confirmed Monday they are investigating the “shooter’s writings” but declined to comment further on postings on several online platforms that appear to have been written by him in recent months.

In posts on several sites, someone who appears to be the gunman says he’s struggled to recover from the isolation and loneliness of the pandemic, expresses hatred for himself and indicates he planned to attack his alma mater next week, but couldn’t wait until then because “the Rage has become uncontrollable.”


The gunman lived in an apartment complex behind The Forum Shopping Center. Witnesses said he began shooting Sunday evening as soon as he left the complex and continued firing as he entered the shopping complex’s parking lot and then went into the Safeway.

Bennett was killed at the store’s entrance, police said, and the shooter then moved through the aisles “spraying shots” from the assault rifle until Surrett confronted him. The entire incident — from the first 911 calls to officers discovering the suspect dead in the store — unfolded in four minutes, Miller said.

Searching uncontrollable rage results in "Intermittent Explosive Disorder".

Monday, August 29, 2022

Today's Toxic Republican Rhetoric

"Oh Larry, I'm sorry you gotta head like a potato. I really am."

Today In Sick Fucks

“On the FBI’s list of documents seized from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, item 1a is listed solely as ‘info re: President of France.’ For Trump, that has been a subject of intense — and tawdry — interest for years,” Rolling Stone reports.

“Specifically, Trump has bragged to some of his closest associates — both during and after his time in the White House — that he knew illicit details about the love life of French President Emmanuel Macron … And the former president even claimed that he learned about some of this dirt through ‘intelligence’ he had seen or been briefed on, these sources say.”

 "Tawdry". Pathetic jagoff works too. Please, riot in the streets for this sickening jerkwad.

 [Political Wire]

Not This American

Jessica Dickler / CNBC:
Fewer Americans say they are living paycheck to paycheck as inflation begins to ease  — More than half of all U.S. consumers currently live paycheck to paycheck, according to a recent report.  — However, the number of Americans who say they are stretched thin has started to fall as inflation pressures ease.
Nope, this reporter is still taking it up the economic ass from greedy corporate pigs. And since he doesn't put gasoline in a car to pollute what's left of the atmosphere, in his case the greedy corporate pigs in question are Kroger & Albertsons. Be a damn shame if any houses, vacation houses, boats & the like belonging to any executives/stockholders of those corporate entities were to disappear from the earth, wouldn't it? Let justice be done!!

GTFO & STFU On The Way Out!

Good Riddance!

Slagging Off “Ridiculous” U.S., Ozzy Osbourne Announces Move Back to Blighty

”I’m fed up with people getting killed every day,” the metal icon said, adding that ”everything’s ridiculous” in America
Here we learn that anti-semitism is exclusively a left-wing campus phenomenon.

My Post-Graduation Plan? I’m Immigrating to Israel.

For me and other young Jews, the future is no longer in America. What we experienced on campus has a lot to do with it.

[L.A. Mag/A ninny's substack]

Also in America-hating:

Police Chief Three

"Appeared to be firing at people randomly over a roughly two-hr. period earlier in the day." Hey, why not, right?

Two Killed In Oregon Supermarket Shooting

More footage of a police chief describing a shooting rampage.This one strikes close to Ten Bears. May be near you next.

Two Killed, Five Injured In Phoenix Shooting Rampage

Hear it's going to be hot hot hot over the upcoming Work Is Slavery wknd. How many "shooting rampages" can we expect?

Western Movie

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Wknd. Police Blotter

[web site]

Another Mormon Atrocity: This Time It's Police Murder

Srealing beer & jaywalking in his underwear, unarmed. Certainly deserved to be wrestled to the ground & beaten to death.Let's go, Brandon! 

Note well, honkies: Your skin tone is no longer a guarantee that you're safe from the police.

Today In L.D.S. Scum

Fucking Mormons Still Angry About Losing Their Harems & Chattel Slaves?

David Shepardson / Reuters:
Duke volleyball game in Utah moved after racist abuse hurled at Black player  —  Duke University women's volleyball match on Saturday was moved to an alternate location in Provo, Utah, after racial slurs were hurled at a Black player from the crowd during Friday's match with BYU, school officials said.
Fuck you & your gutter religion, B.Y.U.