Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Over, Damnit!

Shelley Fabares - Football Season's Over - 45 rpm

Dep't. Of Sabre-Rattling

Let's hope Obummer isn't bluffing & Pito Putin, the K.G.B. closet case, keeps up w/ the belligerent bullshit, does occupy Ukraine & we have a nuclear-armed enemy again, followed by a nuclear winter. Typecasting, sure, but as good a reason as any to rid me (& you, & the planet) of all this inane droning boredom & talk talk talk that comprises humanity, when the sodding bastards aren't slaughtering each other wholesale. What polarity, one is either bored limp by ignernt damn morons or in mortal fear for one's life.

Inane droning boredom & talk talk talk as they happened:
Christ on a crutch, homo-haters Putin & Palin have more in common than their similar names. Considering all her seditious talk talk talk one might well seriously no-fucking-shit ask if she wouldn't welcome Putin invading these United Snakes to impose the Russian Orthodox Church on us all. Surely it would be irresponsible not to speculate.

Morbidity Report

What a fucking species:
"Ian Valway Hoyt, a 45-year-old white male, died Sunday, Jan. 13, after being stabbed in Pomona, according to Los Angeles County coroner's records."

Valway Hoyt's murder was recorded automatically by a computer at the LA Times, publishing the above statement below a map showing the precise location of where his body was found. His photograph is placed next to the computer-generated 'robo-report' and readers are invited to share information "about the life of Ian Valway Holt" in a comments box below*.

The complete article can be found on the LA Times's Homicide Report, chronicling 5,238 homicides in LA County in its seven-year existence.
You vicious fucking apes proud of yourselves? (For the murders, & the robots reporting the news.)

*You are a disposable unit unworthy of commemoration beyond crowdsourcing from your fellow serfs. (Kinda like NRO's Jonah Goldberg: The robot mentions something, then types it is on deadline for another load of codswallop or must exercise the dog, can any readers fill it in, via e-mail? Thanks so much.)

Where's The Outrage?

Who will pay to see me & George W(orst) Bush (Y'know, why limit myself? Any Bush whatsoever. They are all criminals, & they all deserve the torture-to-death penalty.) in a steel-cage (ENTIRELY FUCKING LITERAL!!) death match?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Donalde Dumbass

Removing images from the hard drive & came across this:
So how'd that campaign end, D.D.?

And how's this yr.'s campaign shaping up? Like this:
Alas, crypto-fascist (Not really so "crypto," is he?) Douglas doesn't want the truth. My feelings are so hurt.
When Ted Nugent was calling someone a "subhuman mongrel" recently he may have meant Professor Douglas. What a maroon.

I've no idea & barely care (probably applies to the Wikipedia entry as well) but if this is how the Reactionary Party slate is shaking out ...
This party is messed up. The field may be so full of fuckheads because it's a nonpartisan blanket primary again this yr. Wouldn't surprise me (but I'm mighty jaded & hard to surprise) if Democratic horses were first & second once the dust clears.

Here is declared Loony Party candidate Tim Donnelly & a friend or two.Hmmmm. A Venezuelan & a Tim Donnelly. Sensing Popery? I AM! (And a desperate appeal to Hispanic voters. M.C. Alonso? What, Vikki Carr was busy?)

Glibertarianism In A Nut Shell

If you’ve used webcam chats via Yahoo, there’s a chance that Great Britain’s surveillance agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), has collected still images of you in bulk, including images of your junk you might have flashed at some lucky person on the other end.
Typist Scott Shackford is currently at his frat house, in front of a webcam, naked & passed out in a pool of his own vomit.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

715 New Planets Observed, But Still
No Intelligent Life Anywhere In Galaxy

They seek, but they cannot find.
The lights are on but nobody's home.

AT LAst, Teh RAin!

Free Dumbs Taken Away

Last season the Lakers, now the Dodgers: No further free-except-for-the-psychic-damage-of-advertising-&-consumption over-the-air broadcasts of Dodger games, 'cept a few on FOX Saturday afternoons. Not that more than a game or two a wk. have been available over the air for the last few yrs.
Auditing the first game of spring training now; bottom of the sixth, ex-Bums o' Brooklyn 1, D'Bags d'Arizona 3.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coming Soon: Metro Wood Line

Did they run out of colors?

AliClay Beat Liston

We now refer you to The Nation, which, for no apparent reason, still gives enough of a shit to string together a few words & embed videos. Not mere 50-yrs.-ago tonight pugilism: Sam Cooke, Malcolm X & Jim Brown showed up for the after-party.
[T]he most amazing meeting was the coming together, in a modest hotel in a black neighborhood back in Miami after the fight—starring new heavyweight champ Clay, Malcolm X, Jim Brown (the greatest football player ever) and Sam Cooke (possibly the finest singer of our time). Now that’s a line-up that tops even the Fab Four. Also in attendance: a certain undercover FBI agent.

Clay was about to announce his membership in the “black Muslims” and get a name change. Malcolm was about to get kicked out of that faith, despite (or partly because of) his friendship with Clay, and then make his epic trip to Mecca. Brown was getting more and more outspoken on race. And Sam Cooke was about to record a single with Ali—and write “A Change Gonna Come.” Within a little more than a year, Cooke and Malcolm would be dead.
Mentioned, but not Nation-embedded.Plus which also, The Nation's typist is as lazy a sod as yours truly: He directs his unreformed Trotskyite & aging librarian readers to a (lengthy) book excerpt.

Said excerpt at a site where your editor may waste time in the future, as it is "Devoted to Jazz & 20th Century America." As an example, we are right now going to click & see what Mingus ranted about the four mop-topped mofos who were making trouble in that fifty-yrs.-ago February as well. (Neither jazzbos nor 'Murkins, although definitely 20th century.) Those mop-tops had already posed w/ Ali, by the way:
Wait ... no, this one, stupid & ignorant.
The moment the '60s began.

Heads On A Pole

Your Sick Society

This lovely image (Yes, that's blood both on & splattering from the blade the grimacing murderer is holding.) has been gracing bus stops all over (the parts I visit of) the city.
"Die, Spartan dog!!"
No one seems to notice or care. Now imagine a representation of a human female baring her breasts, or merely nursing an infant framed in the same shelters. Would anyone notice (& complain)?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Some Kinda Joke?

Title actually for something else entirely we only cared about for a few mins. Then we stopped caring (The hell!! Never did, really.) but decided to find a shot that fit. ('Course that's hardly a very specific title. And we couldn't possibly care any less how fitting.)
Not a bad fit. David Brooks fans?

General Announcement On Morbidity

Hey, we're so sorry (really, we are) when anyone dies, ever. Condolences to family, friends & fans.


We mean it.


(Occasional "karmic"/schadenfreudal exceptions will be noted in this space, as applicable. Sometimes we're just sorry the deceased didn't sooner.)

Endangered Species

Good taste is timeless.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

RKBA Report

GUNS used for Freedom!! in some shit-hole in South America (Colombia, it appears.) as dirty liberal progressive socialist commie (i.e., not a wealthy landowner) is shot at. Yay Liberty! (Why can't these United Snakes have real elections like this?)
The convoy of Aida Avella of the Patriotic Union party came under fire when it was traveling on a highway in the oil-rich northeastern province of Arauca, where the left-wing FARC and ELN rebels have a heavy presence.


The Patriotic Union was founded with rebel support in 1985, and around 5,000 members and supporters were assassinated in the years after its creation by right-wing paramilitary groups set up by vigilantes protecting wealthy landowners.
We can only assume it is gov't. incompetence that is responsible for missing. Next time, more target practice for the secret police, right wealthy landowners? (Sweet Blood of Jesus, Real Estate & all that it entails is the Original Sin.)

Some take a non-violent position.I say we'll stop the moment political power stops coming from the barrel of a gun.

Final Collapse Of American Society Begins

Colored queer, ha ha, allowed to play basketball - what next will they be playing football in dresses? Ha ha. IT IS BASKETBALL NOT THE BALLET YOU NEW YORK CITY FAIRIES!!! Ha ha.

Sat. Night MILK


The low-information voter/inbred cracker-ass NASCAR enthusiast/FOXNews viewer/social media user/reactionary 27%er demographic in flagrante delicto:
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Jimmie Johnson's phone started blowing up Sunday while he was sitting in his motorhome — nowhere near Victory Lane.

Johnson was hailed as the Daytona 500 champion all over the place Sunday — he was trending on Twitter and even had friends congratulating him via text message — despite the race being in a rain delay.

Showers halted the race after 38 laps. Fox Sports responded by showing a replay of last year's season opener, the one in which Johnson won his second 500 and Danica Patrick made history by becoming the first woman to lead laps in "The Great American Race."

Fox ran a crawl across the bottom of the screen, saying the 2013 race was being shown while Sunday's race was being delayed because of rain*. But thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of people failed to get the message.
Is it permitted to call these illiterates (By the effin' way, beside lacking the motivation to wrap their mouth-breathing/reading lips around every single syllable of "RE-RUNNING LAST YEAR'S RACE BECAUSE OF WEATHER" on the fucking crawl did none of them see this event last yr.? Or is NASCAR [&, let's face it, Earthlings, all of your culture] as meaningless & entirely disposable as the nobodies who lap it up? Yup, shore is. The vast wasteland, as predicted: Nothing but shit, as far as the eye & ear can see & hear.) subhuman mongrels, bearing in mind that every American is a mongrel? Or is illiterate cretins about the same/sounds marginally nicer because big words? Either way, we think you all know two words that apply all too well here as so many other places.

*Nation of sheep
Telebision herd
You saw the picture
But you didn't get the word
— Me, over 30 yrs. ago & it was far from original or inspired then.

News To Us

We dunno about Kirsten Powers. To the best of our knowledge she's an unprincipled pseudo-non-reactionary who appears often & regularly on the FOXNews Channel as a "leftist" strawperson to be lit afire by the subhuman mongrel hosts there or to whine wistfully that "The Left" is too radical in its resistance to the theological neo-feudalism FOXNews hosts, anchors & newsreaders would like to see imposed on this nation of bleating sheep.

So when an idiot/traitor/unprincipled money-grubber types something like this:
As all Christians know, Jesus saved his harshest words for the hypocritical behavior of religious people.
we've absolutely no idea whether she's taking the piss or truly believes "all Xians know" (let alone believe) this, BECAUSE VERY VERY FEW OF THE BIBLE-THUMPERS IN THESE UNITED SNAKES SHOW THE SLIGHTEST INDICATION OF CONDEMNING ANY OF THEIR FELLOW IDIOTS FOR THEIR VAST & INCESSANT HYPOCRISY!! Do they? Huh? Do they? No they don't; if they did they'd be calling each other out 24/7 & wouldn't have any spare time to shove their agenda down the throats of so-called normal people.

Oh yes, K.P. had a co-author (who no doubt did all the work)
Jonathan Merritt is senior columnist for Religion News Service and author of A Faith of Our Own: Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars and Jesus is Better Than You Imagined. His writing has been published by The Atlantic, USA Today, National Journal, Christianity Today, and The Washington Post. He holds a Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master of Theology from Emory University. Follow him: @jonathanmerritt.
but we know of Powers & her generally bullshit centrism or whatever it is she does for FOXNews' so she gets the attention. (Really shouldn't do that. Bitch all we will about traitors, money-grubbing whores & the like, as often as not their motivation is mere "Look at me [BLANK didn't 'love' me!]!" & no matter if the attention is positive or not, as long as it isn't indifference*.

Were her co-author known for whoring for FOX we'd be happy to abuse him further, but it's Sunday so we'll give him a break.
*And here is where superior morlaity of the leftist agitator is evidenced. At least when I waggle my metaphorical pecker in the world's misshapen face I mean it, man, & that may be where superior morality is evidenced: Sure I want everyone to look at me, but for truth & justice, not merely because I'm a loud-fingered jerk who'll type anything for money.

Worst Mexican Restaurant (For Anglos)
That Is Still In Existence*

Yup. El Coyote.
And has been for how many yrs.? Meaning, I s'pose, it's a fixture. (Also I think people like the drinks. Whatevs.)
*In Los Angeles in which we have et, lawyer-types.

Good To Know

In case BuzzFeed ever does anything that really ticks me off (unlikely; my time is wasted in other ways)
Not too fascist, is it?
now I know where to find them.
(Threatening e-mail is soooo unsatisfying.)
"Open" office plan: Fish in a barrel.

Execute The Hostages!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Two-Gun Bouffant Story

Poetry Corner
Do not for one moment think
any threats I make are idle (I have killed before)

Photo Corner
1981 or '82, I think.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Big One(s)

Uh oh. Things may well be worse than I hope.
Though it is one of the most densely populated regions of California, Hollywood offers an unusual opportunity to recognize and walk along an active fault. The area was urbanized in the 1920s, before the widespread use of mechanized earth-moving equipment, so much of the original topography is still intact, even subtle features such as alignments of low hills and shallow troughs that record the trace of recent earthquakes. In essence, the network of winding streets and the placement at odd angles of apartment buildings and commercial enterprises, as well as the occasional abrupt slope across one of the sprawling lawns in Hollywood and nearby Beverly Hills, are subtle evidence of an original jumbled ground surface. And by finding the appropriate steep incline, one can follow the Hollywood Fault.

Begin at the corner of Hollywood and Vine and look north along Vine Street beyond the 13-storied cylindrical tower that houses Capitol Records. Just beyond Capitol Records, just before Vine Street reaches the Hollywood Freeway, the roadway ramps up a steep hill. The hill is there because the ground was pushed up by repeated earthquakes. Along the base of the hill is the Hollywood Fault.

From that point, the fault can be followed west along the base of the same hill, running parallel to and maintaining a distance of a few blocks north of Hollywood Boulevard. It runs along the base of the low hill where the Magic Castle, a private club of magicians and the home of the Academy of Magical Arts, is located. Farther west, the fault runs directly beneath the house where the Nelson family lived and where the opening scene of their famous 1960s sitcom—the series was called “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”—was filmed.

Continuing west, close to where Hollywood Boulevard ends, the fault angles to the southwest and crosses just south of the busy intersection of Sunset and La Cienega Boulevards. This is a neighborhood of fine restaurants and fashionable boutiques. On the north side of Sunset Boulevard one can find, after considerable searching through the urban construction, an occasional outcrop of hard granite. This is the rock that comprises the Santa Monica Mountains to the north; high up the mountainside is the famous hollywood sign. South of Sunset Boulevard, there are no rocky outcrops; instead, one stands on a deep layer, several hundred feet thick, of loose sediments that washed out of the canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains and that fill the Hollywood Basin. It is this discontinuity—granite outcrops north of Sunset Boulevard and deep sedimentary fill to the south—that, here, defines the Hollywood Fault.

The western end of the fault lies somewhere near the grounds of the Beverly Hills Hotel, just north of the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Rodeo Drive. From there, if one walks a mile or so south along Rodeo Drive to Santa Monica Boulevard, then turns right and continues to Wilshire Boulevard, one will now be standing at the eastern end of another fault—the Santa Monica Fault—which continues to the ocean’s edge and beyond.

Now return to where the Hollywood Fault crosses under Vine Street and head east. From here, the fault runs close to Franklin Avenue, then along Los Feliz Boulevard. At the east end of the Santa Monica Mountains—that is, at the southeast corner of Griffith Park, home of the Los Angeles Zoo and Griffith Observatory—the fault disappears under the floodplain of the Los Angeles River. What lies on the other side?

There is another fault—the Raymond Fault—which is, perhaps, a continuation of the Hollywood Fault and which runs eastward through southern Glendale and across the San Gabriel Valley, through South Pasadena to the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. Kinks in the Raymond fault are responsible for the low hill where the luxurious Langham Hotel—formerly Ritz-Carlton—is perched and for the shallow depression that is Lacy Park. The Raymond Fault is also responsible for the low hills on the north side of the Santa Anita Racetrack, visible from the grandstand.

What do the Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Raymond Faults have in common? Besides lying along what seems to be a continuous line, all three ruptured about 10,000 years ago and again about 1,000 years ago.

Unfortunately, paleoseismologists have not yet determined whether the earthquakes along the Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Raymond Faults occurred as a single colossal event or as a series of relatively quick earthquakes, happening over years to centuries, the latter being an earthquake storm. (Unfortunately, the techniques used in paleoseismology are not yet sufficiently refined to distinguish, in this case, between years and centuries.) But there is a curious coincidence: All three faults did rupture at about the same time; then, after a period of several thousand years, all three ruptured again, lending further credence to Richter’s statement: “When you get a lot of earthquakes, you get a lot of earthquakes.”

Moreover, other nearby faults have a similar history.
If this sort of thing ended Bronze Age civilization (It's in the rest of the item, do you expect me to pull the whole thing out you lazy damn bastards?) what will it do to savage & uncivilized Calif.?

Local Non-Endorsement

Westsiders, do not vote for Matt Miller, corporatist fan of the National Security State.Pacific Palisades my ass. And "small business." (In English: Bourgeois pigs.)

We need a more radical Henry Waxman there, not a centrist clone of Dianne Feinstein. (When do the progressive purity purges begin? Between me & the Republican reactionaries, we should be able to get all the fucking middle of the roaders out of both parties & into the middle of the road where they will be run over by a succession of semis & SUVs. No more compromise w/ anyone, on any side at any time, ever!!)

It's This Simple

Weekend Warnings from the World Wide Web:When YouTube removes it, by this Linval Thompson - Blood Gonna Run shall we know what was embedded.Junior Byles Fade Away + mad version

We Am Amused

Jonah Goldberg of the left here; too sodding lazy for more than a cursory search for it, but we were highly amused by the moving (by which we mean telebision, not tugging at the heart strings) image of an anti-gummint protester in Kyiv heaving a Molotov cocktail w/ a far-from-tight wick; as he cocked his arm NFL-style to heave some justice some of the burning gas got on him, giving him a flaming collar. Quite a fashion statement, but not very practical.

Here's an example, although not the one we saw in motion. Therefore hoping it's not a common injury. Careful people!! You're playing w/ ...
Protesters throw Molotov cocktails at police in the centre of Kyiv on January 22, 2014. Source: AFP
Admit it, this looks like fun. It's mere property damage, & that only if you hit something.
First, of course, one must empty the wine bottle.

Thursday, February 20, 2014



Neither bed bugs nor allergic reactions apparent after second (delayed) dousing last wk., but every time a sensation/itch/air current registers on my pasty thin honkie skin ...Not that the chinches are a result of bad housekeeping, smart-asses. Hell, one would be surprised at how much cleaning & so on can be accomplished when one does not waste a considerable amount (the fucking majority, actually) of one's existence at work, going to & from work, or sleeping, showering & other activities necessary to get one the fuck up most mornings to perform* this work.


No bugs in either of these.
As a "power user" (Eyes bigger than mouth/head: Currently have 21 tabs open, & seriously, I must read them all.) shit is taking time to load. As our patience is short enough as isvirtually non-existent, excessive loading is not good for me or other living things w/in my blast radius.

iNternet suggestions included the obvious, clearing cookies & cache (Here's funny/peculiar: Seldom clear cookies because all the signing in again wastes that time I bitched about, but did this time, along w/ the cache which I dump regularly to little or no effect. This did not agree w/ Chrome, which went away. Fine, give it a rest, I'll re-start it in a couple mins., meanwhile clear the mind [heh heh] w/ solitaire. Which wouldn't start. I was advised Windows Exploder wasn't responding ...
but was checking for a solution. After an eternity & a half of that I closed it. A new window advised Exploder was re-starting. Attempts to re-start or shut down the devil-box manually were unsuccessful. Mins. passed. More mins. Yada. Still "re-starting." The solution, of course, was unplugging it; here it is good that the battery is dead & we don't have to wait an eternity for the damn thing to die.) & a less-obvious suggestion, removing AVG. Fine by us. Wave good-bye, AVG.

Big/actual question: Advisable to use Google Public (O.K., O.K., I don't care, I've nothing to hide or lose.) DNS, rather than the no doubt crummy DNS resolution TimeWarnerCable provides, assuming a less invasive anti-viral isn't the answer?

*Ha ha ha, "perform" indeed. Guess what, 'though? The joke's on you!

A Brief But Important Reminder

The First Amendment to The Constitution of These United Snakes is no more a license to lie like a fucking rug than The Second Amendment to said Constitution is a license to kill, you lying, murdering assholes.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day Of The Lepus

At least YouTube can still be trusted to function.

Rapidly Losing iNterest

Neither the Nazisty Broadcasting Corporation nor the Corporate Bullshit System having yet achieved video that embeds for shit (the two previous items, both classic examples of just how little I can care & still fog a mirror) let's see how far the Comm-u-niss Muslins of Al Jazeera 'Murika have come in mastering the white man's technology. (They still haven't gotten the art & skill of posting anything more than .gifs in the proverbial timely manner, if at all; we're checking because AJA is now available on our urbane & sophisticated cable system, & we might see something we'd like to share w/ the less sophisticated & rural/suburban.)

So here goes nothing. Operation Paperclip is an excellent reminder of who really "won" World War II & what a socialist lefty Hitler was. Even more illustrative are the Nazi war criminals/spies we imported or let slide from war crimes charges so they could help us carry on Hitler's Battle Against Bolshevism. The spies we hired are not quite as popular a book topic, even 70 yrs. later.UP YOURS! DATE (2313PST 22 FEBRUARY 2014): Jesus fuckity fuck fuck cheeses, what the hell? Three days & the video's history? Are they trying to provoke me into doing something for which they will be sorry (very very sorry) later? BECAUSE IF THEY ARE IT'S WORKING!!

It Begins: Persecution Of Faith-Healers

Get The State off our backs!!!Now not only will the Gawd-Fearing (In English: Haters.) in Obama's America be prosecuted for discriminating against homosexuals (link not needed, you just know it's happening) now they are to be persecuted for allowing their children to die as Gawd may or may not have intended.
A Pennsylvania couple who believe in faith-healing rather than modern medicine will each spend the next three and half to seven years behind bars for the death of their 8-month-old son, the second time one of their ill children died without seeing a doctor.

Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Benjamin Lerner told Herbert and Catherine Schaible on Wednesday that it wasn't 8-month-old Brandon's time to die.

He said: "You've killed two of your children... not God, not your church, not religious devotion -- you."

At the time, they were under court orders to seek medical care for their children after their 2-year-old son Kent died of untreated pneumonia in 2009.
Anti-abortion religious types were not in the least fazed by these events, most of them saying, "It's O.K. because the child was a real (that is, born & living on its own) 'baby,' not a fetus or an embryo, so who gives a shit?"

I say bring back the death penalty!! It's rather obviously the only way to be certain serial killers like the Schaibles never kill again. And could this piece of pastoral shit get a life sentence as an accessory to murder?
Their pastor, Nelson Clark, has said the Schaibles lost their sons because of a “spiritual lack” in their lives and insisted they would not seek medical care even if another child appeared near death.
Seriously. They went after Manson & he never killed any one; why does this shitheel walk the streets?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Minnesota Moose Mysteriously Missing

"We used to have two significant moose populations in our state -- one in the northwest, one in the northeast. And the northwest moose population is pretty much gone."
Steaming moose .gif courtesy Al Jazeera.
Big news all over.

MOMENTS LATER: A big brace of "Fuck you sniveling assholes to eternal damnations" for CBS, whose crummy player will neither change size nor appear in preview, & to Al Jazeera for not having the video of their moose story available. What is wrong w/ these people?

Bright Lights, Big Strip Mall

Burning the midnight oil: From the Sizzler parking lot, 4th & Vermont, L.A., CA,
the roots of global warming/climate change.

One Cannot Devolve Further

Bob Casale, "Founding Member of Devo" an unexpected casualty of "health complications." (They'll get you every time.)

Sound & vision. Spotted here.

Born on Bastille Day, dead too effing young at 61.

A Brief Reminder Of
My Undying Disgust & Hate

Just because you aren't dead yetI don't waste time, space & energy condemning you & every one like you on a daily basis doesn't mean I don't despise you & wouldn't kill you in cold bloodtake a swing at you (& everybody like you) if your sorry ass were ever close enough.

This includes, among others, Gwyneth Paltrow. (Lotta Welsh in your family, Gwyn? Crikey, now we see where the pretension began. Who will rid us of celebrity?)

Burn In Hell, All Of You

Don't be fooled: This side of the world is as unspeakably horrid; it just isn't as covered.
For two damn eternities.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Today In "Torch The MALL★WARTs!"

Everyday low prices, brought to you on your neighbor's back, & taken from her paycheck as well. Who "makes" & who "takes" now?

Late News

By which we mean old news about someone who's late, not the latest news.

La légende du Reggae, John Wayne s'est éteint!

L'interprète du hit "Call The Police" (riddim Sleng Teng ) sorti en 1985 est décédé ce matin des suites d'une insuffisance rénale.

Deejay John Wayne qui s'était fait connaitre avec son hit "Call The Police" a tiré sa révérence jeudi à l'hopital public de Kingston. Les plus jeunes reconnaitront surement la patte de l'artiste sur la BO du film Shottas, ou encore avec son hit "Mi Nuh Response," les plus ancien se rappeleront de son appartenance à de grands Sounds System tels que Black Scorpio, Studio Mix et Kilamanjaro!

John Wayne de son vrai nom Norval Headley est décédé à l'age de 51 ans, il laisse derrière lui septs enfants et 8 petits enfants.

Obligatory "Fuck The Presidents" Item

Fuck the Presidents. Every last one of them. The worst that America has to offer, twisted power-mad fucks so simple, transparent & obvious in their psychological issues (& straight-up fucking psychoses, yes I am looking at you, Bush) they can all be dismissed as losers still trying to "show mother something." Enough. Vote for someone normal/human for once.

Same Shit, (Slightly) Different
(Still Fascist) Assholes

The world is right to hate us: Arrogance, ignorance and obscene foreign policy

This White House was supposed to be different. But our arrogant foreign policy has been the same since the 1950s

Gawd, entirely too depressing to read beyond the headline, & it's not as if we don't know nothing ever changes. Absolutely never for the better.Or, everything's made of shit & you're all dying anyway.

The Ugliness Continues

Headless plastic savage in fur.
As if the ugliness could or would ever stop.

500 Yrs. Of Feudalism, Yay!!

Just fuck you people. A hundred+ yrs. & these running dogs are still lackeys for nobility.
Just Another Blog (From L.A.)™ understands that existence between China & Japan is no fucking picnic, but get a grip. Idealizing feudalism leads to what's up in the northern part of your peninsula. Don't be sheep. (He baa'd at them.)  (Running sheep dogs? What?)

Fucking Sheep No Longer Looking Up

Alright, now that we've essentially called for the righteous death of a fascist oaf* we can get on w/ the day's business: Photographic studies of the ugliness & horror that humanity commits against itself each day.

Kansas nothing, what in the fucking hell is wrong w/ this entire damn world? If you people love your stupid spoiled offspring so damn much, why aren't you killing the bosses to insure a decent future for your precious babies, instead of sitting on the freeway every day? You lie to yourselves about everything. Here's truth, jerks:
Caught in the space between production & consumption, the food tubes pollute the atmosphere.

*Hey, if one-man lynch mob Zimmerman can commit vigilante murder w/ impunity, surely the First Amendment allows us to support further vigilantism directed against Mr. Zimmerman, an obviously dangerous thug who should be shot in the street like the mad dog he is. (As we're sure Ted Nugent agrees.)

Shorter George Zimmerman

"They're making me a scapegoat just because I murdered someone in cold blood," more or less sez Zimmy. Followed by this load of two-faced crap, w/ the worst part emphasized:
Cuomo: A scapegoat for?

Zimmerman: The government, the President, the attorney general.

Cuomo: And they would be scapegoating you, why? Just to show that they're taking a position on something that matters to a lot of people?

Zimmerman: I don’t like others speaking for me, so I try to give other people the benefit and not speak for them. I don’t know what they’re thinking or why they’re thinking it, all I know is that is that they’re doing it. I don’t know what agenda they have.
All of which makes George Zimmerman Just Another Blog (From L.A.)™'s Human Target of The Day for Monday, 16 February 2014. (Too lazy to put his fat ugly head on a target. Use your imaginations!)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Last Night In The Netherworld

Not where we were headed.
Nope. We were headed for the Ralphs around the corner. Where the restrooms had drawn a line of forty-ish (age, there weren't more than 15 of the fuckers in line) tattoo'd metal monsters clad in black pants, black shoes, & black tour T-shirts, refugees from the line around the block waiting to enter the Wiltern. (If they were such metal bad-asses they'd have pissed right on the fucking Denny's that occupies the other end of the block the Wiltern's on. Or just pissed their pants. Can't really see it on black pants. Either way, wimps!!)

Lyrical Interlude For Any Given Sunday

Motherfucking shit
Motherfucking shit
Gawd damn
Gawd damn
Motherfucking shit

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Fuck The Clintons

K.B.'s right. No damn Hillary. No more takers, no more who disguise their bribes in honoraria for speeches, NO MORE PARASITES!! (... something something fascist insect that preys upon the blood of the people ... &c.) 

1 In 4 Americans A Total Waste
Of Space & Oxygen

Dirty Gawd-less scientists tell lies about super-dooper-intellergint Amurkin peepul!!
Nine questions about physical and biological science were on the quiz, and the average score -- 6.5 correct -- was barely a passing grade.

Just 74 percent of respondents knew that the Earth revolved around the Sun, according to the results released at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Chicago.

Fewer than half (48 percent) knew that human beings evolved from earlier species of animals.
My patience thins. Let's put them (& us) out of their misery. NOW!

Friday, February 14, 2014

War On Heteros Continues

Another casualty as actress Ellen Page joined the oppressive three per cent or whatever minority in assaulting traditional tradition & values.

P.S.: Does this invalidate all the anti-choice claptrap spawned by that stupid flick in which Ms. Page starred?

Adding Machine/One-Armed Bandit News

Wouldn't have arsed myself w/ this as we are beyond Burroughs' 100th birthday (barely) but noticed that Loomis Dean*, an acquaintance of my mother whom I met a couple of times when we lived in Paris, shot all the pics, several unpublished.
Not published in LIFE.
William S. Burroughs in his room at the Beat Hotel, Paris, 1959.
All memoir & nostalgia around here; my having once been to dinner w/ the photog (at a place around the corner from where we lived famed for its frog legs) is the only justification for bothering.
*Turns out we shared a birthday, if not the yr. Hmmm ... this seems oddly familiar ...
Las Vegas, 1955.
You wouldn't think sharing frog legs could have that much of an influence. (Ha ha, just kidding: We know only too well nothing new or even vaguely original has happened for quite a while now.)
Las Vegas casino, 1955.

All Time Theme Song ...

... of the Silver Lake Bachelors Club:Straight outta Flatbush.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre Underway

From across the nation:
More guns make us safer. What if everybody'd had a gun? Why are these United Snakes screwed? Note how misplaced this American idiot's priorities are:

Christian Holloway was at the mall and said it was a very busy Valentine's Day.

"I felt embarrassed that it got out of hand to the point that somebody had to get shot and people had to get detained. There were children in the mall and a lot of elderly people that they had no regard for," Holloway said.

She said a lot of people were thankful they didn't get involved in the crossfire.

"I thank God I waited 15 or 20 more minutes until I came to the mall," Holloway said.

You know what should "embarrass" you, Christian? Your density. You're a fucking moron. A shoot-out at the mall should enrage you, not embarrass you. Not to mention the G-d blather at the end. (If ever a by-stander deserved it ...)

Look At Me! Look At Me!

Can only assume that Twitter is going the way of Facespace & these are last desperate going-down-for-the-third-time pleas for eyeballs. I'm insulted that the Twitbots seem to believe I've nothing better to do than read what idiots type about other idiots. (An idiot is an idiot is an idiot.) Fuck you right back, Twits!

I ♡ U

Lessee ... mmmm, been an entire seven wks. since a national day of enforced giving. Surprised your plastic consumer gewgaw economy can last close to two months w/o some stimulus rammed down your throat.

Or up ♅.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shot Of The Day

Moonrise over Ametron.

Too Soon?

First sighting post-"passing": Phillip Seymour Hoffman at the Dumb Starbucks deal, Mon. 11 February 2014.
Don't fear the reaper? Death seems to have been a good move for him; looks as if he's lost a few lbs. & a few yrs.

Assorted, Real Cheap

"I'm the eye man of tee vee ..."

Wednesday, February 12, 2014