Friday, September 7, 2007

The Chaser

There's a guy in Oz by the name of Chas. (snappy name, that) who has an ABC TV show called The Chaser's War on Everything (The Editor wishes he'd thought of that, though he's not too sure about calling himself "The Chaser") who pulled a good one on "Australia's biggest security effort ever." Story & videos @ the ABC (that's Australian Broadcasting Company or Corporation, not the Disney outfit here in the U. S., dimbulbs) site. (It actually links to a story about another stunt The Chaser pulled, but it has all available links & videos, unlike the stories about the serious breach.)

Best part?
On Thursday, eight other members of the Chaser program and three hire car drivers were charged using new APEC powers for allegedly entering a restricted zone in real cars with Canadian flags.
Yep, "new APEC powers." The Aussies passed (or decreed, who knows?) "new powers" to ensure security. Interesting.

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