Sunday, October 29, 2023

54-Yr. Old Man Found Dead, No One Gives A Good Goddam ...

... other than a perfunctory media release that was picked up by

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office Sunday identified the body of a man who was discovered on a sidewalk in the Westlake area.

The man was identified as Danilo Tecson, 54, according to the agency, which added that they had no city of residence for Tecson.

According to the agency’s website, his date of birth — Oct. 28 — was also the date of his death.

The discovery was made at about 7:45 a.m. Saturday in the 400 block of South Coronado Street, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Police added that there was “no evidence of foul play.”

No further information was immediately available.

Unsure of relevance here, but of interest: The scene of Mr. Tecson's death is w/in walking distance of this reporter's bunker.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Friday, October 27, 2023

7 ★ Moon

After Tenants Complain, Slumlords Cut Off Electricity, Gas, Water & Internet, Then Attack Tenants

That this area of perpetual violence & historical hatred is known as "The Holy Land" is but another example of how most of your species is 180° wrong about everything. Or do most of you think murder, rape, war & general savagery are holy? Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Picking A Winner, Part II

Josephine Harvey / HuffPost:
Joe Scarborough Delivers Blistering Takedown Of Mike Johnson's Gun Logic  —  “We have more mass shootings in America every year than we have days in the year,” the MSNBC host said.  —    MSNBC's Joe Scarborough slammed House Speaker Mike Johnson's (R-La.) “preposterous” …
I dunno, sounds like "Original Sin" bullshit to this reporter, whose heart is black & lips are cold.

Friday Finger

Drawing Bible Verses Matthew 19 - Richie Rich asks Jesus about getting into Heaven…

Ben Riddleberger.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Cretin Caucus Picks A Real Winner

Piling on:

How new House Speaker Mike Johnson spent years fighting against gay rights

The staunch social conservative previously called gays “destructive.”
Ah, a "staunch" social conservative, not a drooling maniac. Words escape them. Check Press Watch for more on how these cretins are (poorly) covered.

World Situation Report

No one is safe anywhere. It's kill or be killed, & better you than I!How is this different from Lewiston? 

1509PDT: New (?) video; the same length, I believe, but no idea if changes were made.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Angry American Fed Up To Here,
Takes Matters (& Gun) In Hand

Active Shooter Situation

Lewiston, Maine, where a WalMart Distribution Center was reported to be one shooting scene. Way to go, Waltons. 

CORRECTION: Bowling alley & bar, but not the distribution center. Fuck the Waltons anyway.

Weaseldick Wednesday

"Staunch Conservative" Or Two-Bit Christo-Fascist?

Protests Too Much

New speaker of the House Mike Johnson once wrote in support of the criminalization of gay sex  —  Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has a history of harsh anti-gay language from his time as an attorney for a socially conservative legal group in the mid-2000s.

“Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has a history of harsh anti-gay language from his time as an attorney for a socially conservative legal group in the mid-2000s,” CNN reports.

“In editorials that ran in his local Shreveport, Louisiana, paper, The Times, Johnson called homosexuality an ‘inherently unnatural’ and ‘dangerous lifestyle’ that would lead to legalized pedophilia and possibly even destroy ‘the entire democratic system.'”

“And, in another editorial, he wrote, ‘Your race, creed, and sex are what you are, while homosexuality and cross-dressing are things you do. This is a free country, but we don’t give special protections for every person’s bizarre choices.'”

So a "creed" is not something one does or chooses, but "what you are", whereas homosexuality is a bizarre choice. Interesting. I wonder when & where Mike made his "choice". Other interesting choices he's made.

[Excerpt from Political Wire.]

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

"Murder", They Typed

In a fiery interview that aired Tuesday, Queen Rania of Jordan sat down with veteran journalist Christiane Amanpour and lambasted what she described as the “glaring double standard” in Western mainstream media coverage of the Israel-Gaza war.

“It has been very disappointing to see the double standards in the world today, to see the strong condemnation of what happened on Oct. 7, but very little condemnation of what is happening today,” the Jordanian royal said on Amanpour & Co, in a video interview from the capital city of Amman, Jordan.

“Why isn't there a call for an immediate ceasefire? We are seeing staggering human suffering happening today, so why is the narrative always skewed towards the Israeli side? The Western media and policymakers are quick to adopt the Israeli narratives. When Israel attacks, Palestinians ‘die,’ but when Israelis die, they are ‘killed,’ murdered in cold blood.”

[Behind a paywall.]

War On Poverty The Poor

"Our Religion": Jesus Hates The Poor

Elle Hardy / New Republic:
We'd advocate killing them before they kill you, but that might get us in trouble, as the First Amendment & the right to defend oneself apparently mean nothing anymore.

Monday, October 23, 2023

So, To Hell W/ The First Amendment?

I don't like any of your gutter religions, & I want all of you brain-dead Moses, Jesus & Muhammad freaks right the hell out of my country. NOW!!
Equal Opportunity: Hindus, Buddhists & Sikhs can fuck right off too.

Never forget, they killed Darby for telling the truth.

Tired Of Living?

You bet your ass I'm sick & tired of the whole thing,
but I am absolutely exhausted by the rest of you bastards continuing to live.

Nazi Punks Fuck Off!

This Nazi punk is so "proud" it can't even draw the hakenkreuz correctly. Dyslexic dumbfuck.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Mittens Runs His Mouth:
G.O.P. A Hive Of Scum & Villainry

Sidewalk stencil, La Brea Ave., Aug. 2023. (Yes, they're real. They call themselves scam rap.)
Been waiting for a use for this image; digby has stollen [sic] some juicy excerpts about his fellow Republicans that Mittens shared w/ his biographer.
Mr. Coppins writes that Mr. Romney saw Mr. Gingrich as “a ridiculous blowhard who babbled about America building colonies on the moon.” He also had moral objections to Mr. Gingrich’s admitted adultery.

In his journal, Mr. Romney wrote that his wife, Ann, thought that Mr. Gingrich was “a megalomaniac, seriously needing psychiatric attention.”

Even people who believe in magic hats & seeing stones can see through these jerkwads. Why can't voters?

And let's not forget what carpetbaggers the Romneys are. Mexico to Michigan for George (forgot he was chairman & president of American Motors for eight yrs. before he became Gov. there) then Mitt fucks off to Mass., where he is a corporate raider & then Gov. & unsuccessful Senate candidate, goes national against the colored guy, then, tail between his legs, runs to Utah & becomes one of their Senators. Talk about rootless cosmopolitans. And Ronna [Romney] McDaniel, chair of the R.N.C. What's up w/ her?


Homo sapiens: An ugly & stupid species, divided by language yet united in igorance.

If That Is Your Real Name

Really, "Lance"?
Can't imagine why Mr. Double Euphemism went out of business.

Meanwhile ...

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Friday, October 20, 2023

Devil Moon

Life In Death Valley

‘I’ve never seen anything like this’: Death Valley gleams with water, wildflowers and color

[L.A. Times, use the incognito mode.]

Mission Accomplished!

You need only watch/speed through the first seven mins. of this.* Stole the idea from Jimmy here ('Though I used the "Wispy Clouds" version; more desert-like.) & I had an easier time mounting the backdrop.Mostly because my layout slides easily on the milk crates.
Didn't occur to me at first, but after a few tries involving climbing on it I remembered that it does move, & quite easily, so I made a couple of ft. of space for my lard ass & all went well once I'd rolled it on the tube in which it was shipped so it wouldn't flap all over while I was taping it in place.
Done. And it looks straight!
Added bonus: Can now walk into the kitchen w/o contorting myself.
++good: Electricity still flows through the track.

*No, I've no idea why YouTube model railroaders use that mind-numbing generic country music w/ acoustic guitar. Or why they insist on showing all of everything they do, even if it's accelerated. P.S.: Please subscribe to my channel!!

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Tired Of It All Thursday

Existence Is Futile

Yes, I'm sick & tired of all of it, & of everyone involved.
How long shall the wicked reign over my people?

Apple, Inc.: Pro-China & Robot Brains

"Creative Differences"? More like fascist censorship. Fuck you, corporate Nazis!!
Whose idiotic idea was it to turn information & entertainment over to the technology dweebs? You'll be sorry.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Circle Jerks In The News

W Is For Wednes.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Halo Of Flies

Trump Gets Attacked By Flies During Speech — Makes Bizarre Claim About Pest Control Products

What the hell is going on w/ this country indeed, when a dumb, ignorant, grifting sumbitch like that hasn't been run out of the country on a rail? Oh, right. It's an entire nation of fucking morons & sucker-ass chumps, paying his legal bills. Turn green & die you shitheads.


Lock Him Up!!

Jailhouse Rock premiered on October 17, 1957, at Loews State Theater in Memphis. Female lead Judy Tyler had been killed in an automobile accident soon before the film's release, and a devastated Presley did not attend the premiere. The film opened nationally on November 8.

Monday, October 16, 2023

Transfer Station Renovation

I've had this piece of plastic Chinese-made crap for over three yrs. Recently I've been moving it & track around attempting to position it & a brace of tractor-trailers, plus maneuvering room for the semis, along a siding. Between the glue drying out or whatever it does & a crummy job on my part, various parts began to detach themselves.
(Have had to reattach that ramp & the left side of the loading dock several times because of poorly fitting parts. Three yrs. & several YouTube videos later, I now know not to trust that the plastic crap was correctly made.) While regluing (allowing for the poor fit) it occurred to me it was floorless.
Measured, cut & painted a piece of cardstock & slapped it in.
Weathered the bldg. a bit w/ excess floor paint.
Imposing, innit?
Final irony; re-laying track didn't work, it all ended essentially as it had been.
Anal obsession, or merely attention to detail? Noticed in the above image a bit of glue from the you're-damn-well-gonna-stick-this-time amount of glue I applied, & that the smokejack wasn't flush w/ the roof. Another case of bad fitting; had to snip a literal mm. from it for flushness. Then decided to repaint it w/ steel paint that was convenient.

Then decided the weathering looks excessive (in the photo, 'though not so much when viewed by the Mark I Eyeball at a distance of four ft. or so) & toned it down w/ weathering powder.

Was I Not Correct?

In such a situation this reporter hates to say "I told you so", but ...

Landlord charged with hate crimes after fatally stabbing a 6-year-old and wounding his mom because they were Muslim, authorities say

When do we start killing the rent-seeking parasites? Time may be running out. 


Sunday, October 15, 2023

An Odd Cloud

Colors somewhat lifelike; weren't quite that subdued.

Friday, October 13, 2023

Friday The 13th Fuck You
& Your Mother Too

You suck, your species sucks, your societies suck, this world sucks. My left wrist hurts so much I can't even make a finger w/ my left hand, & I so wanted to give you all a double bird. We'll let Andre Ethier do it for us.
(Which reminds me, fuck the Dodgers too. Losers.)
Fuck y'all anyway. Pieces of shit.

Thursday, October 12, 2023

This, They Worry About; 6 January 2021, Not So Much

Never Better Late, Incompetent Jerks

Congress boosts security over Middle East tensions

An actual threat invoked by the then-President is ignored, but an amorphous call for a "Day of Rage" puts their panties in a twist. All security theater, of course.
Yes, but: McFarland said the Capitol security apparatus' intelligence "indicates no direct threats to the U.S. homeland or the Congressional Community."

It's Not A Horrible Terrorist Massacre If It's Done From The Air

How "Civilized" Nations Do It To
Their Open-Air Prison Camps

Two wrongs make a right. Every time.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Stick It, Landlord Scum!

Newsom signs tenant bills to lower security deposits, prevent more evictions

Here is the Gawd of The Book, the original landlord. Interesting that as soon as humans are introduced, ol' Jehovah finds a way to evict them,* & he's not even renting them the damn garden! Th' hell?
I get the snakes, but Rover?
Quite a precedent. No wonder people don't like threats against landlords; they think they're made in the image of Gawd.

I've said it before, I'll doubtless have to say it again, & I mean it every time:
I s'pose I won't be able to promote this item on Xitter then. Eff you, Musk.

[L.A. Times. Incognito if you must read it.]
*And forces them to wear dead animal skins, inventing dress codes. What a fucking jerk.

Final Solution ...

... To The Fruit Fly Problem

Just ignore the bullet hole & the unfinished cabinetry. Fuck you, Mandel Family Trust, you cheap bastards.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Every Humanoid On This Planet Is Being Held Hostage

Are you free? Of course not. Have you been told you have "responsibilities"? That you must be "loyal" to some group? Are you a member of something? Do you "believe"? Are you going to die w/in the horrifyingly short period of, at most, a few decades? You are a hostage.

Get your heads out of your Stockholm-Syndromed asses, wipe the shit off your eyelids, open your eyes & take a good look at your world of shit & pain for once in your imprisoned lives.
See? Even a Christo-fascist like Betsy DeVos knows. You're as free as the sheep in the slaughterhouse. BAA!!

Fake News Gets Big Boner Over Baseless Bullshit

Cretinous Cracker Coach Can't Take Heat, Whines
As If He Were A Sensitive, Sissified Snowflake

Filip Timotija / The Hill:
Tuberville reports former CIA director Hayden to Capitol Police over tweet  —  Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Al.) reported the former CIA Director Michael Hayden to the Capitol Police on Tuesday over the former general's tweet suggesting the lawmaker should be removed from the human race.
What's the big deal? Isn't the C.I.A. supposed to "whack" threats to our national security?