Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tucker Carlson "Decries"
Goofy Replacement Theory

This is what lyin' Lachlan Murdoch calls decrying:TV Dinner Tucker & his friends seem to be laboring under the impression there's an upper limit on the number of American voters. And that no one ever dies. If any of them can provide an example of a "legacy American" being removed from the voter rolls because a newly naturalized immigrant is "replacing" him or her, I will eat my hat.
Nicholas Confessore / New York Times:
Senator Chuck Schumer urges Rupert Murdoch to stop amplifying “replacement theory” on Fox News; Lachlan Murdoch said Tucker Carlson “decried” the theory in 2021  —  Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York and the majority leader, urged Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch …
"Tee vee dinner by the pool/Not another yr. of school ..."

Monday, May 16, 2022

Attacks On Education

Did you think it was more Republican bullshit? Hah! This time it's Pooty-Poot & his band of merry savages.Not that Republicans aren't itching to do the same. Any day now.

Blah Moon

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Today's Mass Shooting UP-DATED

One person was killed and four others were critically wounded Sunday during a shooting at a church in Laguna Woods.

The shooting occurred at the 1:26 p.m. at Geneva Presbyterian Church on the 24000 block of El Toro Road. The sheriff’s department said it detained a suspect and collected a weapon that might be involved.

The violence stunned residents in the suburban south Orange County community. Police closed off El Toro Road and emergency vehicles lined up in front of the church.

Cindy Frazier, 65, was running errands when she heard a the overwhelming sound of police and fire engine sirens as they raced to the Geneva Presbyterian Church.

“I thought it was the fire flaring back up but it was just one after the other,” the Laguna Woods resident said of the emergency response. “It’s just so heartbreaking. Why? Why our community.”

Multiple people were shot Sunday at a church in Laguna Woods, prompting a major response from Orange County Sheriff’s officials and other first responders.

The number of casualties was not clear. The shooting occurred at the Church on the 24000 block of El Toro Road. The sheriff’s department said it detained a suspect and collected a weapon that might be involved.

Orange County Fire Authority said it was on the scene treating victims and taking multiple patients to hospitals.

Photos on social media showed a row of fire engines parked in front of the church.

Authorities reported the shooting around 2 p.m.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Truth About Baby Formula "Crisis"

'Tain't Joe Biden, it's Big Pharma. Specifically, Abbott Laboratories.Stop breeding like filthy animals, you unthinking scum, & bingo, all problems solved!

Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday Freak Out

La-la-la la la lah ...

More Replacement Theory

Allen Iverson?
Are these two fucking egghead nutjobs chrome-domed onionheads because their brains are so fried the heat melted their follicles?

Drop Out Drop Out, Drop Out Drop Out

Can't Get A Job, Can't Get A Job

Geeze, no credit to the Captain? It's not as if these two think they came up w/ the title independently, they've covered Beefheart before.
Nor did they cover it on the album.
Nor does this reporter give an actual fug.

Friday Finger From Phil

Right back at you, you sick murdering fuck.

Meanwhile, In The Buckeye State

May the Fourth be w/ you. Haw haw haw.The flames died pretty quickly. Gas tanks not full, maybe. But what was w/ the dump truck driver?No answers here.

Friday The 13th On Friday This Month

It'll only happen once this yr.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

The "New Normal": Pyromania

"And it is only May ..."
Closer to home, these things just burn out if they're hit by lightning, so we needn't rake the city's forests.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Heart Pumping Piss

Eat shit, richies.
A wind- and terrain-driven fire chewed through brush in Aliso Wood Canyon between Laguna Niguel and Laguna Beach today, with the flames advancing toward high-dollar hillside estates overlooking the ocean, burning at least five [Now 20+. — Ed.] multimillion-dollar homes.

The fire was reported at 2:44 p.m., Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Sean Doran said.

The fire was estimated to be about three acres as of 3:30 p.m. but spread to at least 30 acres by 5 p.m. By 7:30 p.m., officials estimated the fire to be around 200 acres, with more than 20 homes destroyed and 0% containment. 

"Unfortunately I think this is what we're going to be experiencing over the next several weeks and years," said Chief Brian Fennessy of the Orange County Fire Authority during a press conference Wednesday night. "The vegetation is so dry it is not taking much for the fire to take off running and burn very quickly."

The flames spread quickly as they tore through thick brush on the hillside, aided by ocean winds that sparked spot fires ahead of the main blaze.

The wind has been one factor in the spread, and the size of the homes has also made containing the blaze difficult, officials said.
The size of the houses. Ha ha ha.

And one more amusing item from the KCBS/KCAL link.
Ammunition heard exploding in a burning house
Michele Gile reports from Laguna Niguel where firefighters said that the sounds of explosions coming from a house engulfed in flames are likely caused by ammunition that was kept in the house.
Obligatory musical selection.
2347PDT: At last, the AP has come through w/ the straight up pyro porn.

More Dope Tunes

Filicide Update:
Mental Illness & The Bible

Some details emerge.

Mother Suspected in Mother’s Day Murder of Her Children Held in Lieu of $6 Million Bail

Previously. I'm calling for a stop to all this childbearing crap until we can figure out what the hell's going on.

This Country Is Ugly & It Wants to Die

And Of Course It's Biden's Fault

New York Times: Overdose Deaths Continue Rising, With Fentanyl and Meth Key Culprits  —  New data show a surge in overdose deaths involving fentanyl and methamphetamine; overall, the nation saw a 15 percent increase in deaths from overdoses in 2021.  Meryl Kornfield / Washington Post:   U.S. surpasses record 100,000 overdose deaths in 2021
Apparently not one of these MAGA losers has any agency, they're just letting Joe Biden drop by their houses & shoot them up 'til they O.D. Fuck you in the mouth, J.D. Vance. Was Biden the Pres. when your loser mother was strung out?

And Althouse. Y'know, Ann, these people were strung out by Big Pharma & Big Medicine long before Biden. And if Joe wanted to get to you, he could poison all the wine boxes.

Plus which: