Sunday, July 25, 2021


Over two hrs. in the outside world of pollution & garbage & all we got was this not very exciting image & some food.

Dimbulb Of The Day

Fuck you, megachurch moron. Why didn't sweet baby Jesus help your sorry loser ass?
LA man who mocked Covid-19 vaccines dies of virus  —  A California man who mocked Covid-19 vaccines on social media has died after a month-long battle with the virus.  —  Stephen Harmon, a member of the Hillsong megachurch, had been a vocal opponent of vaccines, making a series of jokes about not having the vaccine.
Another one bites the dust. Ha fucking ha.

Andrea Doria Starts Sinking, Concorde Crashes, War Crimes Tribunal

UPDATE: Mladić & Karadžić both finally got theirs, & are imprisoned for life. Much too late. People like that who, due to their advanced age, won't do 30-40 yrs. in stir shouldn't just be deprived of their liberty; they should be tortured w/in a centimeter of their filthy murdering lives as well. I'll volunteer the second the U.N. wises up.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

You've Made Your Bed So Now Lie In It

You've Made Your Bed So Now Die In It

Maine Lawmaker Who Opposed Coronavirus Restrictions Reportedly Has COVID-19

[maine public]

‘I’m at Breaking Point’: Radio Host Who Regrets Mocking Vaccines Is ‘Fighting for His Life’

[Daily Bleat]

Fitting double play from the Flesh Eaters.

Son-Of-A-Bitch, Not Another Elite Eastern Law School Asshole Idiot!

Try to figure this circular illogic. Does Cotton just hate competent people doing their jobs?
Michael Luciano / Mediaite:
Tom Cotton Accuses ‘Public Health Bureaucrats’ of Doing ‘What They Think Is in the Interest of Public Health’  —  Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) has accused public health officials of looking after the interests of public health.  —  The shocking allegation was made on Friday's edition of America Reports …
As indicated in the item beneath, one can take the hicks & crackers out of the ungovernable tribal areas, but one can't take the mindless stupidity out of the hicks & crackers. Not even at Harvard Law & Yale Law, apparently. Probably the inbreeding.

Oh Christ, Not This Asshole Again!

Fuck you in the mouth w/ my fist, breeder scum.
Mary Kay Linge / New York Post:
GOP Senate candidate J.D. Vance blames ‘childless left’ for culture wars  —  Ohio Republican US Senate candidate J.D. Vance is taking aim at New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other leaders of the “childless left” for their lack of “physical commitment to the future of this country” …
Th' hell does any of this even mean? "You started the 'culture wars' by not getting knocked up in high school?" 
Sounds as if the party of forced birth will be coming for you.

Y'know, if fat boy there wants to make a “physical commitment to the future of this country”, he might try taking off 20-30 lbs. so he's not a burden to our health care system in the immediate future. Fucking pig.

Mormons Arrive In Utah, Nixon & Khrushchev's "Kitchen Debate"; 15 Yrs. Later, SCOTUS Effs The Nix.

Talk To Me

You'll notice this guy posted his "Don't melt the snowflakes" screed in the WaPo and Clownhall.
Gary Abernathy / Washington Post:
Stop insulting Trump voters and their concerns.  Talk to them.  —  When supporters of former president Donald Trump hear media pundits analyze them with the usual collection of belittling observations, they must be tempted to respond, “Hey, we're right here!  We can hear you!”
Missed the memeorandum cut: The Usual Gang of Idiots.

Body & Soul

Soul my ass. Fortune telling & other such bullshit were once illegal in Los Angeles.I blame liberals for decriminalizing this crap.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

He's Gonna Grow Fins

Shorter Jesse Watters: "Lie back & enjoy it."
JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): If you want to stop climate change, you don't fight climate change. If it's getting warmer, you adapt to it. Let's just say, the sea levels rise a couple inches over the next century, Harold. Okay. It's a great civilization we have here. I think we can adapt to that.
Not such a good recording:
Loser Scientologist cover:

This Year's Model Virus

And for the literate:
Rob Stein / NPR:
The Delta Variant Will Drive A Steep Rise In U.S. COVID Deaths, A New Model Shows  —  The current COVID-19 surge in the U.S. — fueled by the highly contagious delta variant — will steadily accelerate through the summer and fall, peaking in mid-October, with daily deaths more than triple what they are now.

Don't Fence Me In

Stop torturing the trees, assholes!

Wiley Post Circumnavigates Globe, Feds Let Air Out Of Public Enemy #1 Dillinger, Mendel Born, Frisbee Debuts

Auto Focus

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Fastest Woman In America

Looks as if it was painted before recent controversies.

Drill Baby Drill

One Nation, Under The Jet Stream

The AP couldn't care any less until it affects them, in which case they run two items, one yesterday,& one today.

Piling On W/ The Hypocrisy

Oh looky. Extra two-faced.
Todd Neikirk /
Anyone could be next!! Anyone!

So stop using your stupid 'phones, & STOP BEING TWO-FACED HYPOCRITICAL SONS-OF-BITCHES, you gawdam assholes!! Problem solved.

First Bull Run, "Monkey Trial" Ends, "Peace" in French Indo-China

The Outside World: Pain & Fire

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Spying On Priests? Too Damn Bad, Bead-Rattling Ring-Kissers

Two-faced mackeral-snapper busted.
Top U.S. Catholic Church official resigns after cellphone data used to track him on Grindr and to gay bars  —  The top administrator of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops resigned after a Catholic media site told the conference it had access to cellphone data that appeared to show …
Perhaps the end of privacy will end hypocrisy as well.

Live By Bullshit, Die By Bullshit

Dipshit Of The Day

Not one of these cretinous sub-human morons will learn thing one from this. Fuck 'em.

Follow-Up, 1417 PDT: One of the cats at Crooks And Liars has further poop on the poor deluded woman.

Hitler Almost Assassinated, Man 'Pon Moon, Viking One 'Pon Mars

Growth Continues

Any Landing From Which One May Walk Away Unassisted ...