Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Pour One Out For The Pope:
January's Finally Over

It's said (I read it once or twice, too.) that the moribund often hold on through the holidays (Even w/ the Xmas music.) & give up on existence come January. That seems to have happened this yr.

Close to home, not the actual Pope, but quite the local scenester. Didn't know him well, but he often came to events at the dump I rented in the '80s & early '90s & other party venues, always pleasant & amusing.

Also: Jeff Beck.
Bobby Hull.
Lisa Loring.
And last because most recent, not because least, Mrs. Spat.

"I Am Not A Crook"

Monday, January 30, 2023

Ron DeSantis 2024: He Knows How To Run A State!

Ryan King / Washington Examiner:
Ten wounded in ‘targeted’ drive-by mass shooting in Lakeland, Florida: Police  —  At least 10 people were injured in a drive-by shooting Monday afternoon in Lakeland, Florida, according to police.  —  Two people are in critical condition, while the eight others have “non-life-threatening” injuries.
No one likes Mondays.

Florida GOP leaders want to get rid of gun permits

*Good job, E.B.T.

Falling Angel

Hope it made a big fucking mess wherever it hit.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Memorial Sundown

Heard that Tyre Nichols, Memphis P.D. murder victim, took pictures of sunsets. Who'd do anything that silly?
Apparently he enjoyed skateboarding as well, but the last time this reporter did anything serious on a skateboard it was literally a piece of wood w/ a roller skate nailed to it.

They Nickle-&-Dimed Him To Death. Their Deaths. Ha Ha Ha.

Aging wage-slave w/ no future living in a trailer or shipping container gets screwed for probably the millionth time in his life; I'd fucking kill everybody I could too. Fuck you, bosses & landlords. It's kill or be killed now.


Generic "night in the city" shot, until I returned to the bunker & saw the text scrawled in the arrow.

Round-Up Round-Up

You haven't the slighest idea how difficult it is in the current web-logging environment to find 28-35 items (This reporter tries to go that extra mile & provide a bonus item for the masses.) from 28-35 different, more-or-less-one-person blogs for seven consecutive days. Yet I've done it again!

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Body Count From Benedict Canyon

Airbnb or whatever.
Three people were pronounced dead at the scene. They were all found in a vehicle. Authorities said two people are in critical condition, two more are hospitalized but stable.


Although the circumstances of the shooting are not yet clear, there have been previous incidents of fatal shootings taking place during house parties at homes rented in that neighborhood, which has many upscale residences.

LAPD officials have confirmed that the property where the shootings took place is a “short term rental.” Investigators are interviewing other people staying at the residence, as well as neighbors. They are also seeking any surveillance video in the area that could aid the investigation.

Almost overlooked this in the rush of events.

Enough Is Enough: End It Now!

Saturday Night Bozo

Trump kicks off his 2024 campaign: 'We are at the brink of World War III'

Kicking off his campaign for a return to the White House, the former president painted a bleak picture at stops in New Hampshire and South Carolina.
If true, whose fault would that be, fat boy?

Friday, January 27, 2023

Grab A Gun, Grab A Noose!!
Killer Pigs Are On The Loose!!

How you will end if you don't resist.
I urge my fellow Americans to use their Second Amendment rights to defend themselves against the murderous thug bastard police departments that their tax dollars pay for. You stupid, stupid chumps. How long will you sheep keep bending over & taking it up the ass?

Another Pointless Exercise In Typing*

Gave 'em half an hr. after scheduled publishing time, so it may be here by now. Have a legible image.
(Gawd, how they grub for money [but don't share] yet for all the money they can't provide as highly-resolved an image as doesn't-cost-this-reporter-one-fucking-penny Bloggerspot does. Someone besides me may be getting screwed here, but at least I can recognize when I'm being fucked.)
*As if all of life & human existence isn't vain, pointless & inane futility. How can any of you stand yourselves?

Near Miss Asteroid Funnies

Knew the above would eventually be needed. Just sad this panel didn't apply.
Better shooting next orbit.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Sounds Like A Shithole

And not just because they grow mushrooms in shit.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The shooting that left four dead at a California mushroom farm on Monday was at least the second time an employee tried to kill a coworker on the property, records show.

Martin Medina, a manager at California Terra Garden, was charged with attempted murder after he threatened to kill another manager and then fired a shot into the man’s trailer. The bullet went through the trailer and into a neighboring one that was home to Yetao Bing, one of the workers killed on Monday, a prosecutor told The Associated Press. No one was injured.

Apparently these people's existence isn't noticed until enough people are actually killed. Note the concern of the gov't. agencies now. Didn't give sweet F.A. about the "deplorable conditions" after last summer's shooting.
HALF MOON BAY, Calif. — 

Amid a state investigation into workplace conditions at the San Mateo County farms where seven people were killed this week, the farmworker charged in the massacre said he had experienced “years of bullying” and working long hours before opening fire.

Chunli Zhao, 66, in a jailhouse interview with NBC Bay Area, admitted that he took a semiautomatic handgun and opened fire on his co-workers Monday.

San Mateo County Dist. Atty. Stephen M. Wagstaffe told The Times in an interview that although he could not go into details in the case, the suspect’s comments to the TV station were “consistent with what he told law enforcement.”


State officials Thursday said they had opened investigations into labor and workplace practices at the two sites of Monday’s fatal shootings, casting a spotlight on the lives of California’s farmworkers, who often live and work in dangerous conditions.

The investigation comes after Gov. Gavin Newsom visited the beachside community Tuesday. Newsom spoke with the victims’ families and co-workers about the deadly shooting and their workplace environment.

Without naming specifics, Newsom said some farmworkers were “living in shipping containers” and working for $9 an hour, well below the state minimum wage of $15.50.

“No healthcare, no support, no services, but [they’re] taking care of our health, providing a service to us each and every day,” he said at the news conference.

A spokesperson for Newsom called the workers’ conditions “simply deplorable” in a statement.

“Our country relies on their back-breaking work, yet Congress cannot even provide them the stability of raising their families and working in this country without fear of deportation, which contributes to their vulnerability in the workplace,” Daniel Villaseñor, deputy press secretary for Newsom’s office, said in the statement. “California is investigating the farms involved in the Half Moon Bay shooting to ensure workers are treated fairly and with the compassion they deserve.”

Burn down the plantations.
Then we can start on the hypocrites.

Putrid Prostitutes Promote Poisons

"Your" elected officials at work & play:
Rachel Frazin / The Hill:
Manchin takes aim at Treasury delay for EV tax credit restrictions  —  Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) on Wednesday is introducing legislation to eliminate a delay in adding new restrictions to the consumer tax credit for electric vehicles.  —  The legislation takes aim at a Treasury Department move …
Sabrina Eaton / Plain Dealer:
Ex-U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan announces his next career move  —  WASHINGTON, D. C.  - Former U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan announced Thursday that he's joining the leadership council of a political nonprofit that promotes the natural gas industry, where he pledges to boost the role of natural gas …
And another death-worshipping thug heard from in the House.
Amy B Wang / Washington Post:
GOP Rep. Cory Mills hands out dummy grenades to House members  —  Newly elected Rep. Cory Mills (R-Fla.) passed out grenades Thursday to other members of Congress, along with a note on his office letterhead emphasizing that the ordnance was made in Florida.  —  “I am honored to be a part …
Ryan King / Washington Examiner:   Rep. Cory Mills reveals why he handed out grenades in Congress
I can only imagine that these creeps all hate themselves & want to die. Why not help them?

Friday Freak Out

Bugger Chubby Checker. And fuck every bishop w/ a splintered broomstick.

Don't Encourage Me

I don't need your fucking clicks.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Further Illustration

Prison? We're all in prison.

Is The New Trend To Shoot Up Two Locations Now?

Two dance studios, two mushroom farms, now two convenience stores.

Older People In California Are Sick & Tired Of Your Gawd-Damned Bullshit

And, People Everywhere Are Sick Of The Boss. Just Sayin'.

 KGO / ABC7:
7 dead, 1 critically injured after shootings at 2 farms in Half Moon Bay; suspect in custody  —  A source tells ABC7 there are seven dead and one critically injured at Mountain Mushroom Farm and Concord Farms in HMB.  —  HALF MOON BAY, Calif. (KGO) — Seven people are dead …
 San Francisco Chronicle:
Half Moon Bay mass shooting: 7 dead and one injured  —  Use Next and Previous buttons to navigate  —  A man opened fire on people at two separate locations in Half Moon Bay on Monday afternoon, killing seven and injuring one, as children witnessed the tragedy unfold, according to law enforcement.
 Associated Press:
7 dead as California mourns 3rd mass killing in 8 days  —  Seven people were killed in two related shootings Monday at agricultural facilities in a California coastal community south of San Francisco, marking the state's third mass killing in eight days, including Saturday's attack at a dance hall …
 Mithil Aggarwal / NBC News:
The U.S. has had at least 39 mass shootings in just 24 days so far this year, data shows  —  As California grappled with a mass shooting in Monterey Park over the weekend that left 11 people dead, within 48 hours, another gunman went on a shooting spree in Half Moon Bay, just under 400 miles away, killing at least seven people.

The Grapes Of Wrath Premieres

Monday, January 23, 2023

Sunday, January 22, 2023

This Doesn't Look Good

Holy crap, what if there were a global calamity & a global catastrophe at the same time?

Killer Still On Loose, Confusion Rampant After Lunar New Year Attack

Possible attack at similar (& L.A.-close) location raises plenty of questions, "authorities" are, to say the least, being tight-lipped. Lock your doors.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Fancy Footwork

Sheriffs Beggin' For A Shootin'

Bring it on, cracker-ass mofos.

‘Constitutional Sheriffs’ Mobilize Resistance to Illinois Gun Law, Expand Far-Right Teaching on Constitution

Peroutka’s far right ideas about “the proper role of government” are reflected in the teachings of the Institute on the Constitution, which he founded. In a commentary that is no longer available on the IOTC site, Peroutka wrote that “the function of civil government is to obey God and enforce God’s law – PERIOD,” claiming, “It is not the role of civil government to house, feed, clothe, educate or give health care to … ANYBODY!”

The Maryland-based Institute on the Constitution offers online and in-person trainings about the Constitution, which incorporate Christian Reconstructionist ideology and limited government extremism. The group supports restricting public office to people who hold certain religious beliefs. The IOTC promotes its teachings to like-minded state legislators and activists.

Are there no mental hospitals? Do these wretched old honkies have neither family nor friends who can tell them to knock it the hell off or get help? Ha ha, who're we kidding? This theocratic toad lost it yrs. ago, & obviously any family or friends he has are as ill as he is. As is much of the Maryland Republican Party, we must assume.
Peroutka was the Republican Party nominee for Maryland Attorney General in 2022, even though he declared that the state’s legislature was an illegitimate body and the laws it passed were not “legally valid” after legislators had, in his view, violated God’s law by embracing marriage equality for same-sex couples. He lost by 30 percentage points. Peroutka previously ran for U.S. president as the candidate of the Constitution Party in 2004, and he served as a Republican member of the Anne Arundel County Council from 2014 to 2018.

Friday Freak Out

Friday Finger

Figured it out yet? Let me help:

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Robot Report

There is no artificial intelligence, just Nazi robots following the rulers' orders.
The Verge:
Source: CNET owner Red Ventures has used AI tools like Wordsmith to write stories for at least a year and a half, causing unease amid layoffs and restructuring  —  Fake bylines.  Content farming.  Affiliate fees.  What happens when private equity takes over a storied news site and milks it for clicks?