Friday, September 21, 2007

How Much Can You Hate George Bush? (CORRECTED)

Here's someone else who hates George Bush (both of them) & all their kind & is willing to say so, no punches pulled. And she's not even a Yanqui. Especially swell is her link to a 2003 Guardian story. If we can't impeach the bastard, it's time to think assassination. Top that, liberal cowards!! Caught W/ Our Sexist Pants Down Dep't. (23 September 2007 @0117): Palau of progressive gold is of the female persuasion (see comments). We've corrected the pronoun & possessive above. Sorry, guv'nor!! Speaking of politicians who may need a beatdown, Dianne Feinstein, whorewife of an investment banker, the bitch who came to prominence on the body of San Francisco's murdered mayor George Moscone, voted to condemn or censure or just whine about that stupid advertisement that got the pro-baby-killing element of the U. S. Senate in a tizzy. California residents are invited to express their displeasure here.


Anonymous said...

I'm female... but thanks for the link anyhow :)

I've been a George Bush hater since before he was veep. I like to keep an eye on mean dogs and even more so when they've pupped..


M. Bouffant said...

The Editor Responds:
Whoa! We thought we'd stopped making sexist assumptions many years ago. Actually, we'd made the assumption that you & Martin were gay (several months ago, when we first went to your site from S,N!) but perhaps if we'd clicked your About Us we would've figured it out. Duh! Or maybe the Feminists blogroll would have told us something, but that would be an assumption too.

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm glad if my writing comes across as ungendered. That pleases me greatly.