Sunday, November 30, 2014

U.S.S.R. Invades Finland

THU 30 NOV 1939
USSR invades Finland, which will receive not only American aid but British and French as well; the Finnish struggle (albeit against an initially inept Soviet invasion force) arouses the admiration of many (see 14 December).

Destroyer Reuben James (DD-245) is damaged by grounding, Lobos Cay, Cuba.

U.S. freighter Extavia, with cargo destined for Istanbul, Turkey, and the Piraeus, Greece, is detained at Gibraltar by British authorities.

All Sizzle

Just Win, Baby!

Maybe, baby? Just once this season?
Although it would be more memorable to go un-victorious than to post a 1-&-15 record. Also plus which too by now semi-rational beings would've given the fuck up & written off the season as an especially bad extended training camp.

Next yr. for sure, baby!

Chemtrail Tree

Sunday (Not) Morning (Not So) Funnies

We must repeat: Democracy is a sad sad joke.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mmmm, Beef Casings

WED 29 NOV 1939
Submarine S 38 (SS-143) is damaged by explosion of after storage battery, Olongapo, P.I.; four sailors suffer injuries.

U.S. freighter Nishmaha is detained by French authorities at Marseilles; her cargo (cotton, paraffin and beef casings) is held pending the decision of the Contraband Committee in London (see 8 December).

U.S. freighter Extavia is detained at Gibraltar by British authorities (see 14 December).

German armored ship Admiral Graf Spee re-embarks from accompanying tanker Altmark all British merchant marine officers from the six ships that the "pocket battleship" has sunk up to that point. The officers are to be taken back to Germany; the crewmen remain imprisoned on board Altmark (see 16 February 1940).

More Crap About Which To Worry

Free speech really isn't, you know.

Do Online Death Threats Count as Free Speech?

But advocates for civil liberties want to give more breathing room to free speech and don’t think the question of whether a statement online qualifies as a threat should be ‘'in the eye or ear of the beholder,'’ the A.C.L.U. and other groups put in a brief they filed in the Elonis case. ‘'Words are slippery things, and one person’s opprobrium may be another’s threat.'’ In a case that worries free-speech activists, a teenager named Justin Carter got into a Facebook exchange and wrote, ‘'I think I’ma SHOOT UP A KINDERGARTEN.'’ After someone in Canada alerted the police, he spent months in a Texas jail for that comment and is still facing charges. ‘'I wasn’t trying to scare anyone, I was trying to be witty and sarcastic,'’ he wrote to the judge. ‘'I failed, and I was arrested.'’
Blame Canada indeed. Grow a sense of humour up there, hosers.

If the SCOTUS decides threats don't count as free & unfettered speech, someone's going to pay. (Probably tax-payers, for a Federal Public Defender, but maybe more than one someone will pay in blood. Take that as you will, forces of repression.)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Non-Aggression Denunciation

TUE 28 NOV 1939
USSR denounces its 1932 Non-Aggression Pact with Finland (see 30 November).

U.S. freighter Winston Salem is detained at Ramsgate, England, by British authorities (see 7 December).

Moonlight On Thanksgiving

1639 PST, 27 November 2014

Continuing Coverage

To Serve & Protect ...

... the Walton family.
Police, state troopers and National Guard outside the
Walmart. Customers curious if they're going to open.
Via Alexis Zotos. Who re-Tweeted this:

Day Of Nothing

Neither a consumer nor a producer be, especially on Don't Buy Shit From Fascist Corporate Assholes Day!

We're going it one better & not producing anything beyond flatulence, shit & piss today. (And may not even bother to exit the bunker to check for mail.)

Black Friday

It begins:

Thursday, November 27, 2014


MON 27 NOV 1939
U.S. freighter Effingham is detained at Ramsgate, England, by British authorities (see 7 December).

Freighter Azalea City is detained at London (see 11 December).

Freighter Excambion detained at Gibraltar by the British since 20 November, is released.

German armored ship Admiral Graf Spee refuels from tanker Altmark in South Atlantic (see 29 November).

Textured Cloud

American Portrait

Existential Arm's Length

O.K., dunno if I'm thankful, but I'm certainly damned lucky I've no contact w/ relatives (let alone "family") no conservative (or other) co-workers, & no fascist friends on Facebook or in meatspace, any & all of who would only provide further proof that hell is other people.

Of course I'm not at all happy I had put up w/ shit from such for as many barely sufferable yrs. as I did. Thanks a lot, uncaring random universe.

At The Children's Table

Dropping Like Flies

Not the result of criminal or police activity.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Even Admiral Graf Spee Is Dull

SUN 26 NOV 1939
German armored ship Admiral Graf Spee and tanker Altmark rendezvous in South Atlantic (see 27 and 29 November).

And For Those Not Inclined
To Stay In Their Homes

"We're bringing the war back home ..."

If you fit the bill,
Here are the skillsets/experience we are looking for on the Ferguson Oath Keepers Security Team:
1.   Police Officers (preferably with 5 years or more experience) street cops or corrections.

2.   Forward deployed assets, such as scouts, with binocular range finder and requisite equipment, and the right field experience.
3.   Communications experts with HAM and/or FRS radios
4.   Direct action infantry (11B or 0311).  You need to have your own gear necessary for this mission, including your own body armor, tactical lights, and other essential tactical gear, and cold weather gear. etc.  Personal Security Detail training and experience a plus.
5.   Photographers/cameramen with video and still-camera, preferably with combat experience, or similar high stress field experience.  Also, we prefer that they have their own body armor and cold weather gear.  Photographers need to be able to film all activity outdoors in all weather.  We want to film any encounters with looters, as potential evidence. We also need someone who can live-stream.
6.   Private drone operators, with drone mounted cameras.
7.   Truck drivers (4WD) (military experience preferred)
8.    Medics and Paramedics with own gear.  Both military medics and corpsmen, and civilian paramedics and EMTs, are needed.
9.   Experienced Fire-Fighters.
Please be prepared to substantiate your qualifications.  Keep in mind this is a dangerous situation and only those with the right mindset (cool under pressure, in control of themselves), skillsets, and experience should even think of going there.   If you are not qualified, do not go.
[Entirely sic, spacing & all.] the Oath Keepers want you. However, if you are not qualified, do not go. Well. "No loons, please." That's easy.

Sons-a-bitches might be funny if they weren't armed (&, apparently, armored).

Big Four-Day Holiday Wknd. Advice
For U.S. Americans

DON'T BE A TURKEY! Stay in your homes! I repeat, stay in your homes!
Gobble Gobble Hey!

Lies, Damned Lies, &
Damned Lying "Statistics"

"Cop kill a creep, pow pow pow!"

The killings are somewhat disproportionate: 27 badge-bearers "fatally wounded" in 2013. And how many of "us" did "they" shoot? No one can say, somehow. It is a mystery, even, but it is estimated "they" killed over a thousand of their fellow Americans.
[T]here is no reliable national data on how many people are shot by police officers each year. Federal officials allow the nation’s more than 17,000 law enforcement agencies to self-report officer shootings. That figure, Lowery reported, hovers around 400 “justifiable homicides” by law enforcement each year.

Several independent trackers, primarily journalists and academics who study criminal justice, insist the accurate number of people shot and killed by police officers each year is consistently upwards of 1,000 each year, Lowery reported.
So, upwards of 600 police killings a yr. may not be justifiable homicides. (Not that many of the 400 justifiables were justified in the eyes of decent people, of course.)
Meanwhile, the FBI has warned about “a growing domestic threat to law enforcement” coming from people who believe that state and federal governments operate illegally in the United States.
The real threat to the system's enforcers is reactionary right-wing racists/sovereign citizens, but the police, frightened into pants-pissing incompetence & then murder by BLACK DEMONS™ & supporting drooling reaction (as they are wont) won't notice the actual enemy w/in & among them until they have been (Deservedly?) ambushed in the name of White Revolution.

WEB OF EVIL, L.L.C. fully supports the police being the ones terrorized in police-terror situations.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Police Terror Situations

Around the world & in your backyard:
Hong Kong/Some guy on Twitter
And Mexico.

Decline & Falling Down & Denial Dep't.

Ha ha ha. From the Eye Of Sauron,
physical manifestation of the rot at the core of these United Snakes.
Good fucking idea, sheep, spend billions annually for robots to murder anyone moving on the other side of the world (For security &, uh, freedom! For the fossil-fuel industry!) but don't waste our money on making anything where we live safe or workable, so the economy & then the actual nation can just fucking implode while the military-industrial-Congressional murder complex continues to waste blood & treasure "defending the freedoms" of a large smoking hole between Mexico & Canada.

Different Angle, Better Shot

Double your schadenfreude w/ Bloody Bill Bratton: Rae
Spotted by/at L.A. Observed.
New York police commissioner* William Bratton, the former LAPD chief*, was spattered with red paint during a protest over the grand jury announcement about the killing of unarmed suspect Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. A suspect was arrested in the assault.

*The white power structure: Myth, legend, or commie propaganda?

Today (Or Over A Yr. Ago)
In Technology

Camera batteries ran low last night; when I uploaded the day's shooting a folder dated 31 August 2013 w/ 11 inane images appeared, but none of those I vaguely remembered taking, oh, an hr. or two previously. Then the devil-box or camera advised there were no more images. Could've been trouble, but the evening's shots were on the memory card when I plugged it directly into the devil-box. That still leaves the mystery of the shots stamped last August. Didn't run any of them w/in a mo. of 31 August, & while there's no photo folder dated 31 August, it may have been moved to a back-up DVD. Not that, at this point, anyone around here gives Sweet Fanny Adams about beating anything into the ground.

So here are some images of pink clouds (NO!) allegedly from 31 August 2013 (but of course the batteries being low may have caused the Nikon to hallucinate the date).

Hey, got two from this one!
This is fun!

Piled Up In Mounds

Uplifting music to distract our tiny little minds from all the troubles these United Snakes have brought upon themselves.
FREETOWN, Nov 25 (Reuters) - Burial workers in Sierra Leone have dumped bodies in the street outside a hospital in protest at authorities' failure to pay bonuses for handling Ebola victims.

Residents said up to 15 corpses had been abandoned in the eastern town of Kenema, three of them at a hospital entrance to stop people entering. The head of the district Ebola Response Team, Abdul Wahab Wan, said the bodies included those of two babies.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Three Lamps

Three Of Hearts

Next Time, Actual Urine Damnit!

Look in the faces of Bratton & his two suit & tie buddies. Britannica is placing the trio in the encyclopaedia as an illustration of the banality of evil as I type.

Not For The Faint Of Heart
(Or The Easily Nauseated)

You can always count on the right to show off its raging, uncontrolled self on Twitter ...
I'm simply outraged I haven't any further outrage to express.

Not over the iNternet, anyway.

Nishmaha ...

FRI 24 NOV 1939
U.S. freighter Nishmaha, her master having signed agreement (see 23 November) under protest to proceed to Marseille, France, via Barcelona, Spain, clears Gibraltar.

Time For Another Bachelor Pres.?

Sen. John Sidney McCain III & Sen. Lindsey Olin Graham.
Apparently sticking these United Snakes w/ occasional Gov. Sarah Palin wasn't enough for crazed shithead Senator John McCain:
Washington (CNN) -- South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is getting encouragement from a close colleague and friend, Sen. John McCain, to run for President.

"I think he is looking at it, and I am strongly encouraging him to take a look at it," McCain, an Arizona Republican, told ABC News in a story published Monday. "I know of no one who is better versed and more important on national security policy and defense than Lindsey Graham, and I don't think these challenges to our security are going away."
Why does McCain so hate America? It's allowed to him fail upward for his entire life; some (most, even) would be grateful, yet McCain's words & choices make "shithead" more than rhetoric. And if Sydney truly believes Lindsey is versed in anything beyond rabid aggression & diverting every tax-payer penny possible away from "those people" to the military-industrial-Congressional complex "moron" would not be rhetoric either.

Another Variation On Today's Theme

Now, it should be said that compared to most of our peer countries, America is still a terrifying hellscape of chaos and cruelty.
But it's getting better, really.

There Is Neither Hope Nor "Help"
So Do It The American Way:
Get A Gun & Shoot Your Way Out!

Mental health in 21st Century North America: A sad calling-911 joke.

The highest of quality mental health services I've received from the County of Los Angeles didn't do one damned thing to change this pig society of shit-consumption constructed by assholes & seemingly enjoyed by morons which drove this once-sane reporter mad. Even if one could get "help", there's no reason to seek it, is there? Medication only worsened Florida State shooter Myron May's condition:
According to May’s friends’ accounts in the Tampa Bay Times, law enforcement officials either ignored or laughed at May’s pleas for help in the months before he shot three people at FSU and was killed by police. Sessions with May’s psychologist also didn’t help; after a one-hour appointment, he was deemed fine and continued to receive the medication that caused his paranoia.
Where is the malpractice suit/accessory charge for Mr. May's head-candler? He should've shot the shrink first.

Meanwhile, In Utah,
More Police Terror

Another state that needs to go up in flames heard from:
Burn the whole state & every killer cop in it!

Burn Missouri To The Ground!

I don't care what the announcement is or isn't, just on general nihilistic principles, I want to see the entire state in flames & the governor on a string before I go to sleep sometime tomorrow morning!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Consular Activity

THU 23 NOV 1939
U.S. freighter Express released from her detention at Malta on 21 November by British authorities, continues on her voyage to Greece, Turkey, and Rumania.

U.S. Consul at Gibraltar William E. Chapman declines to consent to execute agreement wherein the master of freighter Nishmaha (detained since 11 November) will agree to proceed via Barcelona, Spain, to Marseilles to unload cargo deemed contraband by the Gibraltar Contraband Control board (see 24 November). Secretary of State Hull subsequently (27 November) approves Consul Chapman's action with respect to U.S. merchantmen which left the U.S. with cargoes prior to the Neutrality Act of 4 November.

Sunday Morning Funnies

November-December 1955

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Auxiliary Bear Heads South

WED 22 NOV 1939
Auxiliary Bear (AG-29) departs Boston, Massachusetts, as part of the U.S. Antarctic Service [Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, USN (Ret.)] to investigate and survey the land and sea areas of Antarctica (see 14 January 1940).

U.S. freighter Exmouth is detained at Gibraltar by British authorities (see 5 December).


Or indifferent.
If nothing else, both teams sporting home colors against the green sward is certainly aesthetically preferable to the standard one team in white one in color deal. Yes it's Hollywood/Los Angeles/Southern California, & hooray therefore; why shouldn't both teams be allowed to show their best sides?

Sad Sheep Security Story

A bighorn sheep escaped from the Los Angeles Zoo on Saturday and was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver.

The incident was reported at around 2:20 p.m. Officials said the animal took off into Griffith Park as park rangers tried to catch the animal.

About 15 minutes later, Los Angeles police said the female sheep was located and contained in the 2200 block of North Commonwealth Avenue in Los Feliz. Before authorities could corral the sheep, it was struck and killed by a car.

Officials were unsure how the animal escaped from the zoo.

Compare, Contrast, Consume

You bet I wanted meat after seeing naked dinner last evening on the way to foraging at Ralph's (Where no prices are lower prices than Ralph's prices.) where, although it isn't Frozen Food Mo. (March) both these products were marked down to US$2.99, inspiring me to consider a taste test.
Which I haven't, yet. But we can make determinations from the packaging. Most obvious: Stouffers gives you 11.5 oz. (326g), Marie Callender weighs in at a whopping 13 oz. (369g). Is that ounce & a half difference why Stouffer's appears to use less packaging?

Hmmmm ... not sure I want to compare ingredients. (Have to take another picture if I do ...) A couple of easy comparisons: Stouffer's version has parsley! And both claim their pasta to be freshly made, though furriners Stouffer's call it "fettucine," & Marie Con Agra likes to call it "pasta". Cultural difference here? Does the heartland think "fettucine" [sic] is pretentious coastal elite stuff (as well as difficult to pronounce)?

Here. I haven't the nerve to compare.
Stouffer's has six mos. more shelf life.
Taste results probably later this wknd., if I live to tell the tale.

Later: Odd. Stouffer's goes w/ "fettuccini", Google suggested "fettuccine" (When it feels like suggesting. Doing evil or not doing anything, 24/7. Piece of shit.) & I missed a "c" either way.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Cat Links (NOT Like Pork Links!)

What the hell, while we're on the subject, a larger cat (not eating anything 'though) & some feline genetics.
As intriguing, though, is what didn’t change in human-friendly cats during those nine millennia. House cats still have the broadest hearing range among carnivores, which allows them to detect their prey’s movement. They also retain their night-vision abilities and the ability to digest high-protein, high-fat diets. This implies that, unlike those of dogs, their genes haven’t evolved to make cats dependent on humans for food.
So it's pretty much yuck fou, ugly furless monkeys, eat that shitty industrial cat food yourselves!

Cat Bites Mouse!

[WARNING: Contains animal parts & probably rodent feces!]
Stepped into the hall (currently under gentrification; note hideous just-laid-down poly vinyl floor) turned to lock the bunker door & was confronted w/ the vision of a cat of the tuxedo persuasion consuming a mouse. It'd be a bit heavy-handed even in a Fellini movie, but it happened & I have pictures!
Pseudo-Meta Dep't.
Other titles considered:
  • "The Naked Lunch"
  • "Today in Symbolism/Allegory"
  • "Moment of ZenFellini"

Looting Shooting & Wailing?
You Bet Your Ass!

Missed my chance to loot, shoot & wail in the rebellion against police terror of 1992; this time for sure!!
“Civil disobedience comes from the left,” he said. “They’re the ones that loot and shoot up and shoot up stores and do all kinds of things like that. If you look at the conservative gatherings, we even pick up our own trash.
Thanks, Gohmert, you lying sack of uncollected conserva-trash.
Not just looting & shooting; robbing & stabbing as well.
I will, to coin a phrase, get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.

Blah Blah

TUE 21 NOV 1939
"Navicert" system is instituted by U.S. in an attempt to avoid incidents at sea. U.S. merchant ships are to obtain clearances for their cargoes (certificates of non-enemy origin for all items) prior to leaving port.

U.S. freighter Express detained by British authorities at Malta since 12 November, is released and allowed to proceed on her voyage after declaring the nature of her cargo (see 23 November).

Dog Bites Man!

And America's war on its young continues:
Medical professionals and school staff missed multiple opportunities to help Adam Lanza with his severe emotional and psychiatric disorders before he burst into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, 2012, and shot dead 20 children and six educators, a Connecticut state review panel has concluded.
Missed it by that much. Lanza didn't, however.

In grim detail, the report chronicles Lanza’s mental and physical deterioration in his late teens, noting that he lived in virtual isolation — except for email exchanges with a “micro society of mass murder enthusiasts” who gathered in cyberspace to discuss mass killings.
Getting a little close to home there, give or take 45 yrs.

Don't Ask A Question
Unless You Know The Answer

Alleged att'y. Obama:
"Are we a nation that accepts the cruelty of ripping children from their parents' arms? Or are we a nation that values families, and works to keep them together?"
8-year-old Nadia Harriman and 14-year-old Nicholas Harriman were dead when police arrived on the scene.

11-year-old Alexander Harriman and the mother of the children, 44-year-old Jeaninne LePage, were still alive, and rushed to Cooper University Hospital in Camden where they remain in critical condition.

Police say they believe LePage shot her children and then turned the gun on herself, using a pillow to muffle the sound of the shots.

Police found a revolver, believed to be the weapon used in the incident, in very close proximity to the mother.


Currier says LePage was an unemployed nurse who was having financial difficulties.

She was living in the home on Holly Park Drive with her children, her brother, his wife and their kids.

While authorities have not officially called this an attempted murder-suicide, Currier says LePage had confided in her a few months ago that if things got really bad, this is how she would end it.
Scab of a nation, driven insane.
We sign off w/o a note of hope, however:

Plague outbreak in Madagascar
kills 40 people since late August,
WHO reports

UN health agency flags risk of a rapid spread of the disease in capital

Have a nice fucking wknd.

Today In Sleeping Sheep

After 30+ yrs. of Cold Civil War little has changed. Tiresome, innit?

Should've taken another 'lude & stayed in bed:

Begging The Question

Welcome to Kazakhstan.
Shut the fuck up w/ all the immigration & immigrant blather & typing. Question the meaning & purpose of borders, conventional (lack of) wisdom-embracing buffoons. Just once in your brain-dead unreasoning lives of empty futility, try to get beneath the surface of something. Anything. Just once.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday [VIDEO]

If it's only a wk. before Thanksgiving we're already late for Xmas, aren't we?

Today In Mental Health In America

If you bother reading this, remind yourself (twice, even) these are not the delusional ravings of a street lunatic at a bus stop but the bizarre rants of a county chair of the Republican party. Not barroom droolings, either: Typed & posted for all to see.
The chairman of a county Republican Party in Minnesota who believes that big government is actually a form of satanic “witchcraft” is not backing down from controversial comments he posted on his Facebook page about Muslims.

Big Stone County Republican chairman Jack Whitley said he opposed waterboarding terrorists because he believed that Muslim “parasites” should be killed.

“I am opposed to waterboarding muslim terrorists because it is a waste of resources,” he wrote Wednesday on Facebook: “They are muslims, they are terrorist, we know where they are from, we know where their buddies are, we know where thier mosque’s are, we know millions of these parasites travel to Mecca every year and when…FRAG ‘EM! Simplicity. I love when it all comes together!”

[Errors are reproduced from the originals.]

The comments were first reported by the Bluestem Prairie blog.

Whitley said Thursday that he would not apologize for his remarks. He said Muslims should either convert to Christianity or leave the United States.

“This is where I’m making my stand,” he wrote in another Facebook post. “Muslims inTwin Cities Area are calling for me to apologize for a comment I made on facebook about them being. parasites and we need to frag them .I will not apologize and I will not compromise .They either need to repent except Jesus Chist or leave the country .Any Muslims or group of Muslims who do not stand against Jihad Muslim terrorist are consider part and parcel with the Muslim terrorist. I was just contacted by a reporter from the Minnespolis Star Tribune who will be writing a article on their blog site if you care to follow this story.Bravery is contagious , I am not a coward are you? If Muslims think they can come to this country and dictate anything that makes them terrorist ! Lets see if your love for God and country,patriotism,extends any further than your finger tips on the keyboard. If you want to consider this a call to arms,then so be it .”

Whitley told the StarTribune that he didn’t like Muslims because Islam was a violent religion.

“I don’t really see much of Islam being peaceful at all,” he said. “Don’t come into this country, infiltrating this country with your terrorist activities and terrorist agendas and call it a ‘holy war.”

He also explained to the StarTribune that he doesn’t believe Muslims deserve First Amendment rights.

“Your association with those in your religion who have those terrorist activities, and your unwillingness to call them on the carpet for it? No, you no longer have the right to practice that religion if it infringes on the peace and the tranquility of this nation and the people around you. That nullifies your constitutional right to practice your freedom of religion.”

On his Facebook page, Whitley has expressed concern about witchcraft and Satanism.

“An oversized government will always be an immoral government, creating entities where none are needed, to virtually control every aspect of the lives of its citizens, for the ‘greater good’, thereby creating rebels of the ones who will not bow to these corrupt entities. This is also known as witchcraft.”

He said that Hollywood, the NFL, the NBA, televangelists, the Christian music industry, the health industry, and academics were all part of the “government of Satan,” which he claimed had infiltrated the Christian church.

“American Christians or should I say ‘Westernized Christians’ are absolutely caught in the trap that satan has laid for them, and they dont even know it because it feels so good,” he said in another post about the movie Noah.

Whitley also expressed his opposition to the “feminization and homosexualization of the church” in his Facebook writings, and said he didn’t donate money to missionaries “unless they prove to me they stand against abortion and homo’s.”
Looks to us as if Reagan wanted the mental asylums emptied so Republicans could replace sane American citizens w/ paranoid Jesus loons, as reverse projected by Kris Kobach cretinous Xian & Kansas Secretary of State:
Kobach, a vocal advocate of the anti-immigrant movement, claimed during his radio talk show that there was a strategy to replace American voters with Hispanic ones who favored socialism.

"The long term strategy of, first of all, replacing American voters with illegal aliens, recently legalized, who then become U.S. citizens ..."
The enemy's w/in alright. Would all the money now pumped into the military-industrial-Congressional complex be enough to provide mental health care for 27% of the population of these United Snakes?

"School Lockdown"

A graphic artist somewhere (No credit given whence it was copied.) decided this was necessary:
"Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?"

Advice For Anarchists

In my day we had to 'phone them in. (And those were the days: A crank call from a 'phone booth was virtually anonymous; even calls from one's own number were safe as long as one didn't annoy someone to the point of calling Telco or the police, who'd then have Telco put a mechanical trace on the annoyed's line, yada ...) But tin cans w/ string or iNternet, when making a bomb threat ('Though it appears threats to shoot your fucking school up are more popular these days; explosives can be work-intensive.) or a threat of whatever nature, at school, work or just to a beloved relative or irksome neighbor
remember that the more information you provide, the more likely you are to be taken seriously. A specific time & location, if nothing else, gives them a place for a lockdown. (Obviously, if you're really locked, loaded & ready to kill, don't give them any warning. Your chief weapon is surprise!)

Nostalgia Corner: Remember when "lockdowns" only occurred in prisons? Now every place everywhere is a prison. You want to understand the militarized society, look at the view from my cell:
Someone above me likes to heave things out the window.
Those are tortillas, admittedly an improvement over the
cans & bottles that used to drop from the sky, but c'mon,
how could a jury convict me?


MON 20 NOV 1939
U.S. freighter Excambion is detained at Gibraltar by British authorities (see 27 November).

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Never Read The Comments

It's to be expected, the chorus of congratulatory comments for telling the terrible truth & not being politically correct & all that sort of thing when it's a "not a racist, but ..." type doing the hate-&-fear typing at Free Republic, Red State or wherever, but when a neo-mugwump like Matt K. Lewis types a compare & contrast (using NYT columnists Kristof & Brooks, ha ha ha) noting some vague similarities between what Communism did to Eastern Euros or their societies & cultures blah-di-de-yada & what a few centuries of slavery did to the people now known as African-Americans, is he prepared for the many-minute hate that, his piece being in the Daily Caller, followed like birds follow spring?

Probably so; you can't say he doesn't know the audience Tucker Carlson & his backers have gathered for their little operation from survivalist camps, gated enclaves, hick communities & snake-handling cults across this great nation. Lewis made a half-hearted attempt at pre-empting them,
Like Brooks, Kristof acknowledges the need for future generations to take personal responsibility
as one part of this story.
but he was just waving something in front of a load of bullshit that could not wait to express itself.

This one isn't new but we don't really hear as much of it as we should. Bet Rand Paul kinda likes it.
What the author ALSO forgets is the lasting damage wrought by a vindictive federal government on the south and those states which seceded. If we are going to blame the plight of blacks in the south on slavery lets fill in all of the factors in that formula!
Of course, you know who's doing the real whining & excuse-mongering. (Hint: Not those still bitching about Reconstruction 140 yrs. later.):
Obama is a liar as we all know, and his "hurt" is fake as his ties to slavery--and are non existent--unless of course he wants to admit he is Frank Marshall Davis's son.

I have no guilt about something I had anything to do with, nor something that no one in my entire family ever had to do with. I am beyond sick of hearing excuses from blacks because they are abject failures at life.

It's time to separate them from modern civilization and reintegrate them back into an environment where they can be happy and function at their level. It's called the back to Africa idea that has been tried before and must be completed now.
And what to do about it!

P.S.: Did you know? Racism in America stopped the very day the slaves were freed.

P.P.S.: Sorry about your faith in humanity. One less illusion to bear, really.

Study Guide

To the item two down. (No, two. The one w/ the rat picture. Now do you see it?)

Piling On Texas

More from that thing we mentioned:
- Republican support grew deeper in 2014, not broader. For example, new Texas Governor Greg Abbott won a whopping victory in the Republic of Baptistan. That’s great, but that’s a race no one ever thought would be competitive and hardly anyone showed up to vote in. Texas not only had the lowest voter turnout in the country (less than 30%), a position it has consistently held across decades, but that electorate is more militantly out of step with every national trend then any other major Republican bloc. Texas now holds a tenth of the GOP majority in the House.

- Keep an eye on oil prices. Texas, which is at the core of GOP dysfunction, is a petro-state with an economy roughly as diverse and modern as Nigeria, Iran or Venezuela. It was relatively untouched by the economic collapse because it is relatively dislocated from the US economy in general. Watch what happens if the decline in oil prices lasts more than a year.
Heh in-fucking-deed. Remember, typed by a Texan. (Who apparently had to move to Chicago for work. Bitter, pal? Bitterly cold up there, innit?) Just can't wait for the miracle industries of fracking & elderly care to fall apart.

Rats In A Cage Report

Daily life in contemporary North America.

Americans 64 Times More Likely to
Be Murdered than to Die by Terrorism

I'll be out walking a deadline &/or writing an inane book that'll be bought in bulk & given away as an enticement for cretins to subscribe to right-wing disinformation sites; might a reader break the above stat down & determine the likelihood of a Yankee being plugged by a sworn ossifer of the law (as opposed to the typical American death by armed relative/friend) instead of having his head chopped off by D.J. Johnny Jihad?

Fifty+ Yrs. Ago In Show Biz

Spotted this myself, but probably a mere 20 or so yrs. back in a re-run, rather than as a pre-pubescent militarist. Actually, I couldn't have seen it on first run; there was no telebision in the Bouffant household in March '64.
However, the eagle eyes did spot this deliberate oddity 50-ish yrs. ago.

Bitter Clinger Swan Song

Via all over the iNterfestation, a "G.O.P. Lifer" spells out the Elephant split so that even bitter clingers ("a declining electoral bloc of aging, white, rural voters") might get it:
This is an age built for Republican solutions. The global economy is undergoing a massive, accelerating transformation that promises massive new wealth and staggering challenges. We need heads-up, intelligent adaptations to capitalize on those challenges. Republicans, with their traditional leadership on commercial issues should be at the leading edge of planning to capitalize on this emerging environment.
Ha ha, funny huh? "Traditional leadership on commercial issues" is esp. good; note that business becomes "commercial interests" as they realize business is a filthy (Literally: Have you "done your business"? Did you wipe?) word & reframe it. "Commerce" just sounds so much more Main Street-y, doesn't it?

Noting the details of Newspeak is fun (& were it not for digression nothing new would ever be conceived) but wandering to the point, the illustration here is that even a glibertarian tax-fearer spouting the greed agenda knows better than to swallow the codswallop.
What are we getting from Republicans? Climate denial, theocracy, thinly veiled racism, paranoia, and Benghazi hearings. Lots and lots of hearings on Benghazi.

It is almost too late for Republicans to participate in shaping the next wave of our economic and political transformation. The opportunities we inherited coming out of the Reagan Era are blinking out of existence one by one while we chase so-called “issues” so stupid, so blindingly disconnected from our emerging needs that our grandchildren will look back on our performance in much the same way that we see the failures of the generation that fought desegregation.

Something, some force, some gathering of sane, rational, authentically concerned human beings generally at peace with reality must emerge in the next four to six years from the right, or our opportunity will be lost for a long generation. Needless to say, Greg Abbott and Jodi Ernst are not that force.

“Winning” this election did not help that force emerge. This was a dark week for Republicans, and for everyone who wants to see America remain the world’s most vibrant, most powerful nation.
Let this reporter know when a party official, office-holder or even a candidate or nominee of the Party of Lincoln (Hear that spinning sound?) makes any statement that reflects sanity, rationality, concern or even the vaguest connection to reality.

Many interesting (& entertainingschadenfreude-y) bullet points (& an electoral map of the hopelessness):
- Almost half of the Republican Congressional delegation now comes from the former Confederacy. Total coincidence, just pointing that out.

- In Congress, there are no more white Democrats from the South. The long flight of the Dixiecrats has concluded.

- Democrats have consolidated their power behind the sections of the country that generate the overwhelming bulk of America’s wealth outside the energy industry. That’s only ironic if you buy into far-right propaganda, but it’s interesting nonetheless.
The fossils in the fossil-fuel industry are the last hold-outs. Come 2020, President Hillarity will have outlawed guns, banned cars & taxed the carbon-polluters out of existence by executive order, right?

Two yrs. of trial & tribulation, comrades, then the New Socialist Dawn!


"Selfie" is such a childish word.

Today's Law-Abiding CitizenKiller Cop

Nice Aryan-looking fellow.
From the U.S. Marshals website: Daniel Hiers "is wanted for the gunshot murder of his wife, and the sexual molestation of a child. He is a former police officer with 11 years of experience and is proficient in police tactics and procedures."
Really. Eleven yrs. on the job but not one of the thin blue line could spot him for a murdering pervert? Fire them all for incompetence & start over!

Monday, November 17, 2014


Not that any of your sad day of the wk. conceits make the proverbial dime's worth of difference to unemployed for over eight yrs. now (But working like a two-headed dog!) me, but sonuvabitch: Mon. a.m., neither caffeinated coffee nor milk in the bunker (Had to awaken w/ tea w/ an ice cube in it.) the outside world so ugly only the sky (which may not be ugly but certainly is dull) can be observed, nothing in the least notable for hrs. & hrs. of nothing, & (added agony) "winter" is here, requiring pants or turning on the gas (Heat! No oven w/ which to ...) even in the bunker. (No, I don't know how or why I go on either.)

Then, finally, something I could sink my teeth int— uh, wrap my arms around! And a Double Musical Bonus!!
Son Allegedly Chopped 350-Pound Dad Into Pieces, Used Body as a TV Stand
Produced version:

Is That The 'Phone?

Further Mail Theft

FRI 17 NOV 1939
U.S. freighter Black Gull is detained by British authorities.

U.S. freighter Nishmaha, detained at Gibraltar since 11 November, is given option of submitting to further detention or proceeding to Barcelona and thence to Marseilles to unload items seized by British authorities. Nishmaha's's master chooses the latter (see 23 November). On the same day the British allow Nishmaha to clear Gibraltar, however, they detain U.S. freighter Examiner and seize 11 bags of first-class mail (see 4 December). Freighter Black Condor, detained by the British at Weymouth, England, since 5 November, is released after part of her cargo and 126 bags of mail are seized.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Random Radiation Notes
From All Over The Dial

Can't live w/ it, can't live w/o it.
Via LAObserved, Harvey Kubernik (Pointless disclosure: I may have been introduced to Mr. Kubernik once, or perhaps not; he knew, & may still, the rock crit faction of the Angry Samoans.) wrote a book about the radio. Local Area radio. ("Boss Radio" KHJ is no doubt mentioned therein, not that it ever broke any new acts or was worth hearing. "93 KHJ!" is now owned & operated by Roman Catholics, & programmed accordingly.)

Actual point, if there is one, is that Kubernik was interviewed (And on the radio, yet. Ironic, or wut?) recently, saving us all the trouble of buying/reading the book.

Goobers by whom we have not been unamused, what w/ only listening to the radio when out & about & seldom leaving the bunker prior to mid-afternoon. What, NPR? Radio music? The bourgeois horror of NPR music? Buy an i(diot)Phone?

One more peripherally related to radio & music item for a trifecta of tedium. Wonder how much Brazilian bus magnate Zero F. would pay for the M. Bouffant collection?

Graf Spee Doesn't Sink Ship

THU 16 NOV 1939
U.S. freighter Lafcomo is detained by British authorities at Weymouth, England; freighter West Harshaw is detained by the British at Ramsgate.

German armored ship Admiral Graf Spee stops Dutch freighter Mapia in Indian Ocean but, since the latter is a neutral ship, permits her to proceed unharmed.

Wrapped In The Flag

Past Lives

Guess what it used to be.
Once Ohrbach's cheap dep't. store, now The Petersen Automotive Museum. Watch out for that asbestos!
Then it was a restaurant. The "A" from the County Health Dep't. wasn't enough.

Big Hot Past