Monday, November 30, 2015

Crap City, Late 2015

Today In Denial

O.K., let's blame the Junior Anti-Sex League, anti-abortion terrorists & forced-birthers rather than so-called "Pro-Lifers".

Lousy Asshole Sheriff's Dep't.

The system has failed the police:
Two former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies were sentenced to prison Monday for beating a handcuffed visitor at Men's Central Jail in 2011 and trying to cover it up.

Fernando Luviano was sentenced to seven years in federal prison, and Sussie Ayala received a six-year sentence.

Both were taken into custody to immediately begin serving their sentences.

Ayala, Luviana and former Sgt. Eric Gonzalez were found guilty in June of deprivation of civil rights and falsification of records in the beating of Gabriel Carrillo, who was beaten up and pepper sprayed while in handcuffs.

Carrillo was then was framed by the deputies who claimed that he had beaten them.

Earlier in November, Gonzalez was sentenced to eight years for his role in the beating and cover-up.

The case stems from a federal investigation of civil rights abuses and corruption at the nation's largest sheriff's department.

Nearly two dozen members of the department, including the former second-in-command, have been charged with crimes ranging from beatings to obstruction of justice.

The Associated Press and City News Service contributed to this report.

Stop Cyber-Consuming, Cyber-Cretins!
Buying cheap plastic shit from fascist corporations at a huge mark-up only encourages them: Therefore, don't!

You should be spending your Cyber Monday trying to destroy the iNternet & capitalism, not buying crap. If you don't believe me, ask Jesus; he'll tell you about getting the money-changers/lenders out of the temple. W/ guns!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

When Do The Second Amendment Remedies Begin?

Killing these criminal "families" would be noble acts against tyranny, like killing Al Capone, Hitler or your fucking boss. Why do you wait until they've already won to kill tyrants? It's too late then.
In the months since, Mr. Griffin and a small group of rich supporters — not just from Chicago, but also from New York City and Los Angeles, southern Florida and Texas — have poured tens of millions of dollars into the state, a concentration of political money without precedent in Illinois history.

Their wealth has forcefully shifted the state’s balance of power. Last year, the families helped elect as governor Bruce Rauner, a Griffin friend and former private equity executive from the Chicago suburbs, who estimates his own fortune at more than $500 million. Now they are rallying behind Mr. Rauner’s agenda: to cut spending and overhaul the state’s pension system, impose term limits and weaken public employee unions.

“It was clear that they wanted to change the power structure, change the way business was conducted and change the status quo,” said Andy Shaw, an acquaintance of Mr. Rauner’s and the president of the Better Government Association, a nonpartisan state watchdog group that received donations from Mr. Rauner before he ran.

The rich families remaking Illinois are among a small group around the country who have channeled their extraordinary wealth into political power, taking advantage of regulatory, legal and cultural shifts that have carved new paths for infusing money into campaigns. Economic winners in an age of rising inequality, operating largely out of public view, they are reshaping government with fortunes so large as to defy the ordinary financial scale of politics. In the 2016 presidential race, a New York Times analysis found last month, just 158 families had provided nearly half of the early campaign money.
Hope you fucking working-class losers have a lot of lubricant ready; you'll need it!

Sunset On Western

Friday, November 27, 2015

Jim Hoft Remains Stupidest Man
On The iNternet

COLORADO SPRINGS POLICE: Mall Shooting IS NOT CONNECTED to Local Planned Parenthood

A screenshot made at 1640PST:
Don't let any facts get in the way of your deluded hopes, numbnutz.

The Price Of Freedom

No one's taking this patriot's "rights" away!!
A woman working the overnight shift at a Biloxi Waffle House was shot and killed early Friday morning, and police say it was all over a cigarette.

Investigators say an argument erupted when a waitress told a customer he couldn't smoke inside the restaurant. Johnny Mount, 45, refused to put out his cigarette, pulled out a handgun he had concealed under his shirt, and shot the woman once in the head.

Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove said the 52-year-old woman was taken to Merit Health Biloxi where she later died from her injuries.

Mount was arrested as he was leaving the restaurant, and charged with 1st degree murder. He's now being held at the Harrison County Adult Detention Center on a $2 million bond.

The shooting happened around 1am at the restaurant on Hwy 90, near the Coast Coliseum. Within hours, the crime scene tape had been removed and the location was back open for business. A senior Waffle House manager was moved to the location to offer additional support, and a corporate spokesperson told WLOX News free counseling was being offered to any associates who might need someone to talk to.

Officials have not yet identified the victim, but a Waffle House spokesperson gave her name as Julie, and said she had worked for the chain as a salesperson for eight years. Julie worked in several Waffle House locations in the Biloxi market, but had spent the last two years at this location.

Today In "Law-Abiding" Citizens

SANTA MONICA ( — Authorities said a disgruntled cab passenger shot himself in the head after being dropped off at his residence in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Police said the man also fired several rounds at the taxi driver after he was let out of the cab following a dispute between the two.

The incident took place in the 800 block of Bay Street about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, Santa Monica police Sgt. Cody Green said.

“Apparently there was some kind of dispute over payment for the cab ride,” Green said.

The unidentified passenger got out of the cab, went inside his residence and then came back out and fired several rounds at the cab, Green said. He then went back inside his home and shot himself in the head.

It’s unclear why he shot himself, Green added.

The passenger was rushed to the hospital and remains in critical condition Thanksgiving morning, Green said. The cab driver was not hurt.
Note that the heroic standing-his-ground-loser & previously "law-abiding citizen" was unable to hit the cabbie but was able to hit himself in the head. Fucking shame the cabbie wasn't armed too; maybe he could have shot himself in the head as well, & then Moloch would have had two humanoids sacrificed to him.

Angry? You Fucking Bet I'm Angry!

And if you aren't angry you must be blind deaf & stupid.
I am ready to destroy anything, any time, anywhere. Here's the shitpile I kicked over, in front of the University of Vermont.
You useless fucks have transformed this entire planet into a fucking toilet, then you pretend it's some kind of fucking paradise & I'm not supposed to be angry?

Well, too fucking late. Nothing scares me anymore, because I am finally free of bourgeois bullshit. First your biffies, then your office towers, chumps. See if your fucking gun laws stop me from taking you out! Your concealed carry bullshit won't stop me, because I'll be ready to shoot you dead before you get your pseudo-prick outta your shouloder holster, loser. (Assuming you don't shoot your pindick off trying to get your rod out.) Self-defense my ass, you're all meat before my Second Amendment scythe! Rat-a-tat-tat!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

#TBT: Thanksgiving '35, '39, '40 & '45

History shows Macy's annual martial embrace of Mammon, again & again. 80 yrs. ago:Bonus from the '60s: Dig the Munster Koach close-ups.

Canine Emotion Iventory

Some say gratitude's an emotion for dogs, & this dog will bite anyone's hand on any pretense anyway, but I will admit that as little as I have (Not even a fucking dishwasher, humanoid or mechanical, & in a supposedly civilized nation!) at least there are washing machines & dryers in the compound here, & I needn't bundle my rags, take them down to the river & beat them w/ rocks (saving the rocks for different targets) or even go to Laundrywood.

Why Bother?

I'm not going to tell you to have a happy holiday, because (unlike everyone else) I'm not a bullying asshole,
but do enjoy yourselves if you can.

Thanks For Nothin', World
(Of Shit & Pain)

Zero hour, zero everything.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Here Come The Brownshirts!

Their pants are brown too, from involuntary cowardice-related sphincter release.A still from the above. He seems nice, doesn't he?
And now, let's go to an imaginary person at the Imaginary News Desk for the all-too-real headlines:

Today In "Christian" Sharia

Multiple religionist & rocker of a comb-over Marco Rubio has many, many faces, doesn't he?
Srsly, he'll be Trumping that mess before you know it.
Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said in a video posted Tuesday that he believes people of faith should ignore laws that violate their religion.

Rubio told the Christian Broadcasting Network that no law is "settled," making reference to Supreme Court decisions that legalized same-sex marriage.

“In essence, if we are ever ordered by a government authority to personally violate and sin — violate God’s law and sin — if we’re ordered to stop preaching the Gospel, if we’re ordered to perform a same-sex marriage as someone presiding over it, we are called to ignore that," Rubio said. "We cannot to abide by that because government is compelling us to sin."

“So when those two come into conflict, God’s rules always win,” he added.

That rhetoric deviates a bit from when Rubio weighed in on defiant Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who was jailed because she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, earlier this year. Rubio said in September that the clerk's office had the "governmental duty to carry out the law," but that there should be religious freedom protections for individuals working in the office.
Still fascinated wondering if these clowns realize they're rank hypocrites, just don't care, think it's O.K. if it promulgates their ridiculous fairy tales (Milk before meat, right Mormons?) or what-the-hell. Not to mention the absolute & utter contempt they must have for their audience.

Thanks For Your Help The Other
364/5 Days Of The Year,
You Hypocritical Bastards!

Were I still urban camping I'd show up at one of these bullshit celebrity events & shove a free drumstick right up one of these celebrity asshole's assholes!

See if your guilt is assuaged after that, phonies!

Also fuck this housing-homeless-veterans-before-decent-people bullshit. If you volunteered to kill babies for the U.S. Gov't. you are a chump & deserve to suffer for perpetuating fascism & continuing the very society that has, ironically, treated you like the pieces of shit you are. How does that work out? It's almost as if everything said about our noble baby-killers by politicians & other brain-dead talking heads is a fucking lie & they don't mean a word of it.

A fucking shame that instant karma is only applied to people who work (or worked) for a living, rather than the parasites who run this world of shit & pain & make it so painful & shitty for others.

Not to mention drunken assholes driving around in their shitmobiles funding ISIS & running people over. When will something be done about this form of random terrorism?

And, having worked retail (where one Thanksgiving I was forced to work Thanksgiving morning, from 2200 Weds. night until six that morning) fuck every exempt employee, supervisor (Literally "overseer", ring any bells?) middle manager, corporate executive & shareholder. W/ bullets, since apparently the Holy Jesus-inspired wonder that is democracy doesn't apply to the world of money-grubbing assholery, & we can't just vote the parasites out.

So ask yourselves why exactly you should be thankful & to whom. Hint: Damn sure not an imaginary fairy in the sky that has sentenced you to three-score & ten yrs. of misery.

Gobstopping Jawdropper Of The Wk.
Or Worst Thing Ever?

Madness! And why isn't the entire iNternet laughing uproariously at this hot mess of animated corpses?Suggested antidote:
Blame Wonkette.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

U.S.$214.99 + U.S.$28.50 Handling Fee: Revolution Ain't Cheap

We need a revolution in traffic around here; I figure enough I.E.D. attacks at local intersections should thin out the fucking commuters & get things moving again, but it will not be inexpensive.
Fortunately, pressure cookers are much more reasonable.
Now I just have to figure out how many quarts I can fill w/ eight lbs. of powderturkey.

(Actually, having searched gunpowder & pressure cookers w/in mins. of each other I probably needn't make this sort of semi-veiled threat to invoke the wrath of the pissy-pants cowards of the National Security Apparatus. Or are they only watching all the drones on AOLFacebook & "social" media now?)

Ugly Mustachioed Chicago Police Superintendant Opens Fat Yap

"I'm incredibly confident in the professionalism of my department ..."
Confident in their "professional" ability to pump 16 rounds into an unarmed African-American teen-ager as fast as they could squeeze the fucking trigger? And about to reload & continue? Eat shit you obscene toad. I'd be happy to pump 16 rounds into your fat Irish face any day, Superintendant McCarthy.

Meanwhile, Mayor Emanuel can't get his fucking pigs to be peaceful, or just not trigger-happy, but he's more than willing to spout platitudes & clichés, isn't he? Frankly, if you can't control your police, you should just shut your festering gob/fucking mouth & go away, Mr. Mayor!
And here's the murderer himself. Bet he thinks he's a real bad-ass w/ his "Infidel" shirt, but it just reveals him to be a pathetic frightened moron like the rest of you.

Today In Domestic Christian Terrorism

Jeb! BUSH wants to let murdering Christians into my country? No way! Send these brutal savages back to wherever the hell they came from!
Oh yeah? What are you going to do? Sue me? Eat shit & die already. Information must be free, capitalist douchewads!

Fifty Yrs. Ago In FIRE!!

Spectators divide their attention as the Mount Hermon High School football team in Massachusetts hosts
Deerfield Academy during a structure fire in the Mount Hermon science building on November 24, 1965.
The science building was destroyed, and Mount Hermon lost the football game,
ending a two-year-long winning streak.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Lying Dimbulb Doctor Almost
Admits He's A Lying Dimbulb

GOP candidate Ben Carson's campaign says Carson was thinking of Middle East protests when he said he 'saw the film' of American Muslims cheering on Sept. 11; he apologizes for mistake - @KFaulders

Yes, the schaden types itself.
(WASHINGTON) -- In a press conference following a rally in Nevada on Monday, presidential candidate Ben Carson told reporters that he saw a video of American Muslims cheering on Sept. 11, 2001, in New Jersey when the World Trade Center's twin towers fell.

When asked by ABC News if American Muslims were cheering on 9/11, Carson said “Yes.”

When asked if he specifically saw it happening he said, “I saw the film of it, yeah.”

Later in the press conference he clarified he saw it from “the newsreels” from the 9/11 coverage at the time.

Communications Director Doug Watts told ABC News later on Monday that Dr. Carson did not stand by the comments.

"He doesn't stand behind his comments to New Jersey and American Muslims," Watts told ABC News. "He was rather thinking of the protests going on in the Middle East and some of the demonstrations that we're going on in celebration of the towers going down."

Watts continued: "He doesn't stand behind his references and apologizes for the mistaken references. It was a mistake on his part and he clearly wasn't really thinking about New Jersey, he was thinking about the Middle East."

Over the weekend, fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump said he saw New Jersey residents celebrating the 9/11 terrorist attacks -- a claim that has been challenged by fact checkers.

“I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down,” he said in a speech on Saturday. “Thousands of people were cheering.”

Trump repeated the assertion to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on This Week.

“It was well covered at the time, George,” Trump said Sunday. “There were people over in New Jersey that were watching it, a heavy Arab population, that were cheering as the buildings came down.”

The Washington Post called the claim “outrageous” and the independent fact-checking website, PolitiFact, concluded that Trump’s statement “flies in the face of all the evidence we could find. We rate this statement 'Pants on Fire.'”

On Monday, Trump tweeted a link to a Sept. 18, 2001, Washington Post story:But The Post's fact-checker refuted the notion that the reported allegations in the story back up Trump’s claim.

Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reversed.
And now, the rest of the story:
The Washington Post spoke to Jerry Speziale, the police commissioner of Paterson, N.J., for his response to Trump’s claims and he said: “That is totally false. That is patently false. That never happened. There were no flags burning, no one was dancing. That is bullshit.”

Speziale’s statement might not be completely accurate because as Jim Galloway, a journalist at the Atlanta Journal Constitution, noted yesterday: “As the towers came down, some people indeed saw a group of five — not thousands, but five — Middle Eastern men clowning around and photographing themselves in front of the burning towers from the New Jersey waterfront. They weren’t Arabs, and they weren’t Muslims.”

At that time, an FBI bulletin was issued warning law enforcement officers across the New York-New Jersey area to watch for a “vehicle possibly related to New York terrorist attack”:
White, 2000 Chevrolet van with ‘Urban Moving Systems’ sign on back seen at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ, at the time of first impact of jetliner into World Trade Center Three individuals with van were seen celebrating after initial impact and subsequent explosion. FBI Newark Field Office requests that, if the van is located, hold for prints and detain individuals.
Twenty-five minutes after the alert had been sent out, the van was stopped by officers with the East Rutherford Police Department who arrested its five occupants who all turned out to be Israelis.

Bitter Clingers Circle Wagons
Around G.O.P. & Jesus

This may not end well.
A woman prays at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles during "A Night of Hope,"
an event hosted by Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen. | AP Photo
White Christians now make up less than half of the U.S. population, largely receding from the majorities of most demographic groups, with one notable exception: the Republican Party.

According to the latest results from Pew Research Center's Religious Landscape survey published Monday by National Journal's Next America project, just 46 percent of American adults are white Christians, down from 55 percent in 2007.

At the same time, according to the report, the share of white Christians identifying as Republican has remained steady, even equal with the share of the party that carried President Ronald Reagan to his 1984 reelection. Nearly seven in 10 white Christians — 69 percent — identify with or lean toward the GOP, while just 31 percent do the same with Democrats

Among nonwhite Christians, meanwhile, 32 percent identify with or lean toward Democrats, and just 13 percent do the same with Republicans.

In less than a decade, the gap in Christian identification between Democrats and Republicans has increased by 50 percent. According to the data presented, in 2007, 88 percent of white Republicans and 70 percent of white Democrats identified as Christian, an 18-point disparity. By 2014, 84 percent of white Republicans identified as Christian, but the share of white Democrats identifying as Christian fell by 13 points, to 57 percent, a 27-point gap.

Pew conducted the massive survey by telephone between June 4 and Sept. 30, 2014, interviewing 35,071 Americans, with an overall margin of error of plus or minus 0.6 percentage points.
Clearer recognition of the bitter clinging from National Journal, which has done some of that reading & interpreting/reporting stuff, unlike POLITICO or WEB of EVIL:
Long the dom­in­ant group in Amer­ic­an re­li­gious life, White Chris­ti­ans have fallen be­low a ma­jor­ity of the U.S. pop­u­la­tion—and they are mov­ing to the right polit­ic­ally as they re­cede.


“After 2004, when George W. Bush was reelec­ted, there was a lot of dis­cus­sion about the Demo­crats’ ‘God prob­lem,’ and the think­ing was Demo­crats needed to close the re­li­gion gap,” says Gregory Smith, as­so­ci­ate dir­ect­or of re­search at Pew. “But at the same time, we were watch­ing this group of ‘nones’—un­af­fili­ated with any re­li­gion—who were both grow­ing in the pop­u­la­tion as a whole and vot­ing very strongly Demo­crat­ic. There has been less dis­cus­sion of the Demo­crats’ re­li­gion prob­lem since then.”

Television Skies

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fingers Crossed

1978, baby! (The fight against the reign of the wicked continues.)
Eek-A-Mouse, born under the above name on this date in 1957.

Property Remains Theft, & Working People Can Just Fuck Off

Or so we conclude as rent-seeking parasites increase the suck on Sunset Blvd.:
ECHO PARK — A stroll down Sunset Boulevard through the heart of Echo Park finds many storefronts shuttered behind metal roll down doors. Banners and signs reading “For Lease” and “Available” are draped over several buildings. What’s going on? It’s the most recent phase of Echo Park’s ongoing commercial gentrification, as discount stores, checking cashing outlets and pawn shops give way to tenants catering to a more affluent clientele.

Rents have been climbing and are approaching $4 a square-foot in some choice spots, say real estate brokers. Potential tenants, ranging from Orange County barbershops to local restaurateurs and apparel stores, have been checking out the new available spaces, some of which have been renovated to show off exposed brick walls and soaring bow-truss ceilings. The opening of Lassen’s, a pricey organic foods store, has not only attracted more upscale shoppers to Sunset Boulevard but has also attracted more potential tenants to the area, too.

“Lassen’s is not a cheap market,” said Michael Pakravan with Kennedy Wilson, the brokerage firm that is seeking a tenant for the former Jumbo Bargain discount store. “It says something about the area. It shows that people in the area have money and are willing to spend it [Too damn much of it. - M.B.] for daily needs.”
Michael Pakravan with Kennedy Wilson; mentally challenged, or just another platitudinous asshole? Is there somewhere people have money but are unwilling to spend it on daily needs? (And weekly/monthly needs?) And what about the people who don't have enough money for their daily needs? Huh? What about them, fucking parasite?

A related musical interlude you may enjoy while this reporter steps out for just a moment to toss Molotov cocktails through certain Sunset Blvd. storefronts. No profits for parasites! Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the people!
File under: "Online Threat of the Day".

White Male American Here ...

The urge to kill:
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) told WAKR that most terrorist attacks in the United States since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks have been committed by “generally white males.”

Said Brown: “Since the beginning of the Bush administration when we were attacked, September 11th, we’ve not had any major terrorist attacks in this country. We’ve had individual crazy people, of normally, they look more like me than they look like Middle Easterners. They are generally white males, who have shot up people in movie theaters and schools. Those are terrorist attacks, they’re just different kinds of terrorists.”
Just sayin'.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Time Machine

Reminds me of Madrid in 1970 (under Franco; Google it, ignoramuses) where it seemed one in four men on the street were in a uniform, & a quarter of those uniformed were armed w/ submachine guns:
Enjoy living the rest of your lives in Francoland, sucker-ass chumps!

Resistance Continues Worldwide

Burn Baby Burn!


NYC's Head-Pig-In-Charge:
"We Will Keep You Safe"

Unless of course you're a non-white person selling loose cigarettes; then New York's Swine-est will keep the city safe from you, & your unarmed "reaching for their waistband" friends, & anyone who looks cross-eyed at the police.

Fuck you Bill Bratton, & all your murdering coward pigs.

And learn how to pronounce the letter "r", Bratton, you uncultured fuck. This is America, not Japan!! Didn't they offer speech courses at Boston Tech? And how could UMass let someone graduate w/o knowledge of one of the letters of the alphabet? Doesn't speak well of the Commonwealth of Mass., does it?


Motherfucking shit!
Motherfucking shit!
God Damn!
God Damn!
Motherfucking shit!

More Fun W/ Maps

Nation of Sheep, try to explain: Scab of a nation, driven insane!
Urbane sophisticates & rootless cosmopolitans vs. the no-info gerrymandered farmers & swineherds of the vast wasteland. Stay east of The Rockies, illiterate boring crackers!

Dr. Ben Carson's New America

The theory now is that his staff just hates him or has finally realized that having Doctor Dimbulb in charge of anything at this stage in his life might not be the wisest move & are deliberately sabotaging his sorry ass. Evidence?
I thought the drooling & delusional were against Obama's transformation of America, yet look what they want to do: Move states around!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Memento Mori

And your little yappy dog too!

2016 Picture Remains Murky

Down to a Lucky 13!
Note which "respected news sources" use "suspends".
That's right, the delusional right-wing ones. They're sure he's just resting.

A bit later: Put B.J. on suicide watch, 'cause nobody cares!
Asked on Fox News whether he would endorse another candidate, Jindal said, "I haven't given that a lot of thought. The reality is...I don't think people care."

In an email to supporters, the governor outlined his future plans. "One of the things I will do is go back to work at the think tank I started a few years ago - where I will be outlining a blueprint for making this the American century," he wrote.
Too much to ask you try to fix the mess your voodoo economics have made of Louisiana?

Buh-Bye, Piyush "Bobby"

In silhouette. Is there something the campaign
would like you to forget about him?
He cannot tell us what an honor it was to run for President ... as if it takes anything more than a few thousand dinero & signatures from yokels.

From Facebook (Because it's too hard for real Americans to find a real website?):
I cannot tell you what an honor it has been to run for President of the United States of America. My parents came to this country 45 years ago searching for freedom and a chance.

When I was born, we lived in student housing at LSU, and never in their wildest dreams did they think their son would have the opportunity to serve as Governor of Louisiana or to run for President.
[graphic follows]

Meanwhile, On The Domestic Front Of The Global War On Everybody

Syrians hell, about time we keep Texans the fuck out of the rest of the states isn't it? C'mon frightened little Governors, do your duty!!
MIDLOTHIAN, Texas (AP) — The man charged in the killings of six people at an East Texas campsite had earlier befriended the victims and helped dislodge one of their vehicles from mud, a sheriff said Tuesday.

William Hudson, 33, spent time with the group Saturday and then returned hours later and killed them all, though authorities have not said how, Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor said. Taylor declined to elaborate on the attack or a motive, but said Tuesday that there were "several different crime scenes."

The victims were part of a blended family that had come from as far away as California for a weekend together to camp on wooded land that 46-year-old Thomas Kamp had purchased in August, according to Steven Woodruff, who was Kamp's uncle.

The land was adjacent to property owned by Hudson and his family about 100 miles southeast of Dallas, Taylor said.

Kamp had lived for several years in Midlothian, south of Dallas, with Hannah Johnson, 40, and her 6-year-old son Kade. They were joined last weekend by Johnson's parents, Carl and Cynthia Johnson, and Kamp's two adult sons from a previous marriage, Nathan and Austin Kamp, who were California residents. The family also was celebrating Nathan Kamp's 24th birthday.

Cynthia Johnson escaped the attack and hid in woods before calling 911 for help.

"Nothing can describe the pain and sorrow of the remaining family members," Woodruff told reporters at a news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Two of the victims were found by sheriff's deputies in a travel camper. The other bodies, including Kade's, were later pulled from a pond about a half-mile away.

One of Hannah Johnson's friends, Michael Gilbert, said she grew up and attended school in Maine and later lived in suburban Boston before moving to Texas to be closer to her parents, who had retired there.

"She loved it down there and was really happy," he said in a phone interview, adding that she found a job she liked with an insurance company in Fort Worth.

Gilbert said she enjoyed camping and about a year ago bought an Airstream travel camper that she had long coveted.

It wasn't clear if two of the bodies found Sunday morning were discovered in that camper or one owned by Johnson's parents.

Hudson is charged with one count of murder, and more are pending. Court officials said Hudson, who's being held on $2.5 million bond at the Anderson County Jail, does not yet have an attorney to comment on the allegations.

Phone messages left with Hudson family members were not returned Tuesday.

Hudson was apprehended at his mother's house, next door to his own home.
Stengle reported from Midlothian and Warren from Dallas. Associated Press writer Reese Dunklin in Dallas contributed to this report.

Doctor Derp

You Can Lead A Whore To Knowledge,
But You Can't Make Him Think

This time it's not unsourced bullshit from The New York Times; someone w/ a name has attached it to information about just what a sad sack retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is:
Faced with increasing scrutiny about whether Mr. Carson — who leads in some Republican presidential polls — was capable of leading American foreign policy, two of his top advisers said in interviews with The New York Times that he had struggled to master the intricacies of the Middle East and national security and that intense tutoring was having little effect.

“Nobody has been able to sit down with him and have him get one iota of intelligent information about the Middle East,” Duane R. Clarridge, a top adviser to Mr. Carson on terrorism and national security, said in an interview. He also said Mr. Carson needed weekly conference calls briefing him on foreign policy so “we can make him smart.”
Although this Clarridge sounds like a jerk-off himself, just as one might well imagine anyone affiliated or associated w/ Dr. Dimbulb would be. Is Carson, like, a moron magnet?

Here's what a "legitimate" (i.e., unlike Clarridge, hasn't yet been convicted & pardoned) intelligence official had to say:
Michael V. Hayden, a former C.I.A. director, described a conversation he had had with Mr. Carson to MSNBC last week. “I had one lengthy phone call with Ben Carson two months ago,” Mr. Hayden said, “and his instincts are all right, but this is a database in which he’s very unfamiliar.”
Read between those lines.

And Jonathan Chait:
Ben Carson has now topped the Republican primary polls long enough that, perhaps in combination with the recent attack in Paris, his advisers now appear genuinely terrified that he might be elected president and are doing everything in their power to stop it. Or else they hate him.
As a long-time America-hater, this reporter is on the horns of a voting dilemma: Carson, or Trump? Trump, or Carson? Which one will bring America to its knees sooner? Although driving the country into a ditch & then running away denying everything while blaming someone else might be a more accurate vision of our future under either of these idiot bastards.

Kraut Football Match Cancelled

Gee, whatever happened to the Geheime Staatspolizei? A real shame the original Nazi nation isn't what it used to be.

On a more positivecynical note, many American media weasels have won themselves a free trip to Paris this wk.

And if you'd like to see Wembley Stadium explode live, the Frog-Limey friendly is on FS1, whatever the hell that is. Fingers crossed!

Monday, November 16, 2015


The Birds

Asymmetric Warfare Works!

Wall Street Journal gets nervous:

Shares of European Transport, Luxury-Goods Companies Slide After Paris Attacks

The weekend closure of many shops and tourist attractions has raised concern about the long-term impact of the attacks

Death to luxury-goods & those who can afford them!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Local Skulls

Our favorite:


Plane Spotting W/ More Big Clouds

Plane Spotting: Emirates

Two wordsOne acronym: MANPADS. (Do not think "man-purse" or "man-bun".)

Happy Trails

When Is The Permanent Silence For The Billions Of Victims Of Capitalism?

Sad fucking joke from the world of fossil fuels, economic terrorism & exploitation:

New York Stock Exchange says it will hold minute of silence on trading floor for victims of French attacks on Monday at 9:25 am ET - @NYSE

The blood's as much on your hands as anyone's, Wall Street. When terror comes for you, I'll be there!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

P.S., I Am Not A Crank!

Courtesy of Office of the Governor/Louisiana/MGN
Delusional Louisiana man sends letter to Prez telling the Prez to "stop threatening reality":
As Americans, we embolden freedom and opportunity to the rest of the world, but by opening up our borders and refusing to collaborate or share information with states, you are threatening that reality.
His command of English equals his grasp of reality. Is there no one literate in all his gubernatorial & campaign staffs? Or are they just not emboldened enough to point out what words mean to the lame duck Louisiana Gov.?

And do we have the slightest proof that Piyush Jindal himself is not a Hindu anchor baby/sleeper terrorist? I'd like to see him thoroughly vetted. Certainly his record as governor leaves him open to charges of deliberately sabotaging much of Louisiana.

Big Untitled Clouds

No Foreign Words, Theofascists!

Note subtle swastika bas-relief above the plea for theocracy.
Quote Second Chronicles 'til you're blue in the face superstitious fools; the First Amendment trumps you every time.


This time it's a Pink Cloud Picture.

Friday, November 13, 2015

State(s) Of Emergency

STATE OF EMERGENCY - Joe Gibbs & the Professionals (1976)

STEEL PULSE - State of ... EMERGENCY (1988)

America's Assholes Crawl From Twitter's Woodwork [Link Added]

As documented by TBogg & M.J.

"Too soon!" "Don't politicize this tragedy!" Haven't heard much of that (unlike when it's Decent White Christians using the guns & grenades) but don't think that what you typed will be forgotten, jerks!

Later: Even more politicization of tragic horror. Can you imagine? This one's extra idiotic:

No One Will Ever Be Safe Again!

You never were, either. And in the long run you're also dead, so what possible difference can any of it make?

P.C.P.* Time

*Pretty Cloud Pictures. What'd you think, Philistine?

Entirely Too Sad

Almost six hrs. later the image still hasn't appeared. Thank you so fucking much Instagram. This must explain your popularity w/ the millenials: You suck, & they don't know any better.Never mind, my fault; tried to fuck w/ the code to center it. (So really it's still Instagram's fault; their shit should center when embedded, damnit.)

And we find that the photog got out, so slightly less sad.

This is evil: It's one thing for terrorist bastards to gun down squares in the streets, but don't knock the rock!

People Get Ready

If you missed this or if you are old & wretched & your memory fades, be warned. The timeline is off (can't believe it's 10 yrs. already) but some people are so anxious for anarchy to burst its chains they get ahead of themselves. And while his predictions don't match the current Mid-East situation, w/  ISISIL/whatever, Clarke does know how to think about shooting stuff up real good in an allegedly free, & definitely cheap & lazy society. Nice of him to share his ideas, too.

We might also note that any of the tactics noted 10 yrs. ago may well be used by Republicans & other reactionary elements sure that President Hillary Clinton will declare a state of emergency, close the borders, French-style, take their guns & pick-ups & educate "their" women.

It Begins ... Again

Watching France24. Rumors of hostages having been taken, AFP quotes Police saying as many as 18 may be dead.

Talk of two gunmen in a car w/ Kalashnikovs driving about shooting, deaths near the Stade de France.

Reports of a dismembered corpse* seen near the Stade de France, & that there have been three separate attacks in the same area. Live pictures from the Bataclan concert hall indicate hostages are being held there. Body count up to 26.

[France24 is on channel 219 on local TimeWarnerCable systems if you are local & give a crap.]

Shooter(s) still on loose ... Eagles of Death Metal were playing at the Bataclan, where loud explosions & gunfire were heard.

AFP puts body count at 30 ...

On M.S.N.B.C., further confirmation that Brian Williams is a fucking jerk & idiot.

As many as 60 being held hostage in Bataclan concert hall ...
*Common sense dictates this may be the remnants of a vest-sporting suicide bomber ...

Today In Superstition

'Twould appear that day & date are in an inauspicious conjunction, unless you're a wage-slave who usually gets his/her pittance the 15th; if so, today you're two days ahead of the rigged game & your owner has lost two days of float. Take your victories where you can, producing & consuming units.

There are details. And the rest of the story.

America's Chumps Now Just
Begging To Be Ripped Off

Lambs to the fucking slaughter. I suppose next they'll have a rally where they'll beg the police to beat the living shit out of them.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Secret Plans (Hack-Kaff-NIXON!!-Hoick-Ptui) & Intelligence

We see those lazy slob producers at The Rachel Maddow Show have been filching story ideas from this web log again.
We're warning you goniffs, att'ys. willing to sue for infringement of intellectual copyright are a dime a dozen out here.Why they didn't mention that Dees feller Foreign Policy was all over is beyond me: If you're going to steal, don't leave the best stuff behind!

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