Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why Max Boot Sucks, From Someone Who Really Sucks

In the last few days another hideous website has come to our attention. Its alleged purpose is stopping the immigrant hordes because, you know, they'll never assimilate, their cultures being so different & all. They might make an exception for Brits, possibly. One of their leading lights is a Limey expatriate, Peter Brimelow, referenced in this selection:

While Max Boot and Peter Brimelow are both immigrants, there is a big difference. Brimelow hails from Britain, from whence most of our political and cultural institutions were inherited. This allowed him to assimilate easily—as evidenced by his support of an immigration and foreign policy that puts America before his own ethnic and ideological preoccupations. Boot, in contrast came from an ideological state—one that had a real claim to be called “the first universal nation”—and he apparently wishes to turn America into a [sic] ideological state, one that wages war around the world without hesitation.

Essentially, these people can & then can't tell the difference between culture & "race," depending on what angle they're working. "Oh no, we're not racists," but, you know, culture is so strong that no one can ever change their outlook or attitude.

The assertion that Brimelow supports immigration & foreign policies that put America before his "ethnic & ideological preoccupations" is idiotic on it's face, both because few of us can get past our ideological "preoccupations" (we'll just let that slide) & these weenies couldn't get past their ethnic preoccupations if they were given a planet of their own w/ an anti-"ethnic" force field surrounding it to keep the boogiemen out. So of course their ethno-ideologies are what determines their idea of "America." We here in the Southland have certainly missed Max Boot since the L. A. Times stopped running his weekly column, or whatever happened to it. VDARE is kind enough to give us an idea of what Max is up to these days:

Max Boot's Illegal Army By Marcus Epstein Council on Foreign Relations “Senior Fellow” Max Boot [email him], who epitomizes the "Invade The World/Invite The World" mentality of the neoconservatives, has objected to my objections to the DREAM Act in the Commentary Magazine blog Contentions.( Dream A Little DREAM Max Boot, September 20, 2007) The DREAM act will give amnesty to illegal aliens who (among other things) sign up for the military. I accurately described such an institution as an "illegal alien legion". Boot has argued for this policy for years. Now he has gone a step further in proposing a "freedom legion" that will allow not just illegal aliens but all foreigners to achieve American citizenship in exchange for military service. Significantly, although Boot objects to my objections, he carefully avoids mentioning me by name. I am merely a “blogger” for “the anti-immigrant web site Vdare”. This is certainly because my obviously Jewish name would impede his attempt to stampede Commentary’s heavily Jewish readership. But Boot shows some [sic] his own xenophobia by implying that immigrants like VDARE.COM’s editor Peter Brimelow have no right to criticize U.S. immigration policy. Hypocritically, Boot does not mention that he himself is an immigrant, from the Soviet Union.
Hmm. You'd think "Army of Illegals" would be a better (i. e., more frightening) title than "Illegal Army," which just makes us think of Blackwater USA. And do you think Boot is not a senior fellow @ the CFR because Epstein put quotation marks around the phrase? Very nice of Epstein to provide Boot's e-mail for the VDARE readers, so they can share their opinions w/ Boot. Just Another Blog™ is no fan of Max's, but we'd hate to see his inbox, let alone the contents. There probably aren't too many VDARE readers, but you can bet they're passionate about their rabid views. Aww, Max didn't mention Marcus's name. Because all those Jewish people who read "Contentions" would automatically side w/ Marcus. You know how ethnicity is. (Is this an example of one of those self-hating Jews we're always hearing about?) And Boot, who isn't begging that the U. S. be surrounded w/ a wall as soon as the last Tory Englishman is in, may not be such a hypocrite.
Although I am (partly) descended from 1840s German immigrants who fought for the Union, I am somewhat sympathetic to the Confederate cause in the War Between the States. Boot is correct that German immigrants did in fact fight in the American Civil War. Yet the story is larger than that. Immigrants who fled after the failed Revolution for consolidated power in Germany were immediately attracted to the radical abolitionist and centralist cause of the Union. This did not make them appreciate the American ideas of constitutional liberty. In Missouri, for example, the secessionists argued that the Constitution was on their side and wished to secede through the legislative process. The failed German revolutionaries saw no need to invoke the Constitution and simply stormed the Statehouse. This is no doubt to Max Boot’s liking. But for someone who supports the rule of law and the Constitution, it is a bad precedent for the “freedom legion”.
Well, Just Another Blog™ happens to be (partly) descended from 1840s German immigrants who settled in Texas and fought for the losing side in the "War of Northern Aggression," and we have no sympathy for the Confederate cause. (Shut up you fucking losers, you were wrong, your ass was handed to you 142 yrs. ago, & it's over!!) But you can't let dirty revolutionary foreigners in the country, they might want to give people rights & stuff. As far as those failed revolutionaries storming the Missouri statehouse, let's take a break from Epstein for just a second & look at a letter from VDARE's "Saturday Forum:"
A Chicago Minute Man Wonders Why America Keeps Electing the Same Traitors From: Mike Mozart [...] One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but hoping for different results. American voters must truly be insane. [...] How can we ever get a handle on this insidious invasion if we the people continue to re-elect those who allow it to happen? Almost 80 percent of Americans want the invasion stopped and our borders secured. But we continue to elect Ted Kennedy, Richard Durbin, Diane Feinstein all the rest of the traitors. It's utter madness. We will never get our borders under control and the invaders expelled or a return to sovereignty and the rule of law until we the people vote out 90 percent of our Congress and elect Americans that will put our nation’s interests first. If there was a wholesale purge of open borders and pandering politicians, we'd see those remaining trying to outdo each other when it comes to cracking down. But instead of throwing the bad guys out, we vote them right back in. Why should our politicians do the right thing if there are no consequences for doing the wrong thing? They have the best of both worlds. I have seen the enemy and he is us. Mozart lives in what he describes as "the Democratic-controlled sanctuary city of Chicago." He is a Minuteman and, with others, protested in front of Elvira Arellano's hideout. Read his previous letter about Arellano here
Say, if they're "traitors" who deserve a "wholesale purge," maybe we should be storming the Capitol. One more lump of Epstein on Boot & it's over:
One can be sure that the main motives for members of a freedom legion will be money, the promise of the material benefits of living in America, and, if a war should arise, the possibility of being able to fight their national and ethnic enemies. Unlike Lafayette, you can be sure that these mercenaries will not be fighting for the ideals of the American Revolution. [...] If this is what he wants, then maybe the “freedom legion” is a good idea. But please don’t call it American.
"One can be sure" that Marcus Epstein has developed the ability to read the minds of people who haven't enlisted yet, but of course because they're illegal aliens & just plain foreigners he fully understands their foreign motivations. And he's probably right. How often have you stopped into the corner bar & had a stirring discussion of the "ideals of the American Revolution," rather than how you'd like to be making more money. Remember the time you announced to all at the barbecue that you'd take a vow of poverty before you gave up your precious right to free speech & republican government? Not to forget how many Americans have already volunteered for the military to fight their "national & ethnic enemies." Huh? Oh, that's why Max Boot thinks we need a "freedom legion," 'cause we "have a "lack of uniformed manpower," in Iraq and need to enlist illegal aliens and foreigners into our imperial army." Here's an idea Max, try a draft first, & see how your neo-con "national greatness" project goes over w/ the people you expect to die & bleed for it. As for Marcus Epstein, the xenophobic isolationist, take your racialist ideas & amazing ability to read the minds of non-Anglo-Saxons & go hide in your bunker. We'll let you know when the alien hordes have all been deported & it's safe to come out. Really.

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