Friday, January 31, 2014

SUPER Friday Factoid

Being a commie & all, never took U.S. American History in what little high school I attended, & didn't attend many classes when I did take a course in college, so the attempted (first American Presidential) assassination of Andrew Jackson by a two-gun loon (or was he a tool of Jackson's enemies, hmm?) almost 180 yrs. ago (Should we hold this for next yr.? No, the real point's coming up.) mentioned here came as a surprise.

But is this
Researchers at the Smithsonian Institution studied Lawrence’s derringers a century after the assassination attempt. Both fired on the first try.
supposed to mean anything or be significant? Because, dumb John Dickerson, as you note w/ a link & everything, 'twas the ammo, not the gun.
The percussion cap had detonated, but the gunpowder failed to ignite.
Bonus factoid: Delusions are remarkably consistent over the centuries.
He had attacked the seventh president because he believed that the U.S. government owed him a large sum of money. Jackson, who was engaged in a brutal struggle with the Whigs over the National Bank, was nevertheless not in control of it or any other bank. Still, Lawrence would not be deterred from his belief that if he killed Jackson the funds would be released and he would take his place as the rightful King of England and Rome.

SUPER Friday: TalmudVision

You think you've heard it all, but there's always something new.

Here, the very existence of White Men was threatened when someone noted there sure are a lot of them on what I know as telebision, but this delusional paranoid thinks of as TalmudVision, because Jooos! Heh indeed.
Re "Obama's sons are out on the streets knocking out women, children, and old people to show how tough they are, with all their gold teeth and baggy pants." : But shouldn't the voices of these young gentlemen be heard? The Jews who control American media should give them access to studios, broadcasting, movies, TalmudVision, etc. We never hear the voice of young Negro gentlemen on the radio or TV.

Never Been Prouder

Was it something I typed?
At last, an admission I'm actively blocked rather than "not authorized" or whatever the phrase was.

Bite me, Tucker!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Common Sense Conservative

Or, more commonly, a cretin.
Q. E. fuggin' D., huh?

SUPER Thursday

You still can't force me to give one fucking shit about (or listen to/read anything concerning) Christopher Christie until he is (literally) rendered in public. Wouldn't he pretty much fill a vat of waste, Magic Christian-style?Those ingredients & amounts sound about right, minus the gross amounts of lard, flab & blubber.

O.K., Gov. Finished, you hated yourself because you were a fat pig, & that's why you were an asshole/bully/jerk/loud-mouth/fuck-head to everybody. Are we supposed to care?

Bouffant's L.A.

It's About Time

The NYT sez:
Mr. Waxman, 74, joins the growing list of House members who are calling it quits, many in disappointment over the partisanship and ineffectiveness of a Congress that may end up as the least productive in history.
Mr. Waxman sucks up to Hollywood.
Right & also maybe you're seventy-fucking-four, have been in Congress for forty yrs., yet still have not placed capitalism in the dustbin o' history. Get out you fucking loser!!

The Frolic Room: Hollywood's Home
Away From Home

Bottoms up, losers!
A relatively nice, if cramped, place, & now certainly the longest extant bar on the "Hollywood Blvd." (it's just east of Vine) part of Hollywood Boulevard. Only celeb I've ever seen there was the blonde sidekick from The Drew Carey Show (I was loose enough to tell him him to get out, this was a decent neighborhood bar & we didn't need his kind in here.) Also, a guy once identified to me as Shelley Duvall's (younger) brother was a regular, if that counts as a celebrity sighting or Brush w/ Greatness.

Review: I haven't darkened their door in yrs., but I don't remember the drinks being esp. strong or inexpensive (one must, of course, pay for the location).

Previously: No idea how (or if) this turned out. Fine following up, eh?

Flash & Friends

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1,000 Wordsworth*

Rand Paul is a sniveling sack of shit. His father's no prize, but gee-ziz!
You can imagine what sort of woman would marry ol' Ron; judging from Rand she didn't bring any more than expected to the Paul genetic pool, did she?

Also Too, Equal Time

Political dynasties should have stopped w/ the Adamses. It's in the Constitution: No titles of nobility. In American: No fucking nepotism!!
Favorite Sons: For example, why was the Constitution's age rule necessary? In the framers' world, who could ever have enjoyed enough name recognition to be elected president at the age of, say, 32?

As they drafted and debated the Constitution, the founders knew that the sitting English prime minister was William Pitt, the younger, whose father (William Pitt, the elder) had headed the ministry before the American Revolution. Young Pitt had entered Parliament at age 21 and had become prime minister at age 24. America's Constitution aimed to prevent something similar from happening here. By 35, a favorite son of a famous father would have his own record on which he could be judged. Conversely, meritorious low-born men would have time to rise through the ranks. George Washington was the first electoral college's unanimous choice not only because of his model military service but also because he embodied an anti-dynastic ideal. Washington became father of his country precisely because he was not father to any child who might seek to succeed him.

Of the first five men entrusted with the presidency, only one had any (acknowledged) sons. That was John Adams, and his namesake, John Quincy Adams, himself became America's sixth president—but only after proving his own mettle and winning the top slot long after his 35 th birthday and a quarter-century after his father's tenure. Q's presidential résumé included an eight-year stint as America's top diplomat under a president (Monroe) wholly unconnected to the elder Adams. With Q and A, we can see the sensible limits of the framers' anti-dynastic ideology and the nice balance they struck. A permanent disqualification of favorite sons would have gone too far, forever preventing Americans from tapping someone whom they reasonably viewed as the nation's ablest leader, such as a mature Q. Beyond the rule of 35, the Constitution trusted the political process to resist dynastic overreach, and early presidential discourse sharply focused the public's attention on dynastic issues. So have various father-son moments over the centuries.
Typed 2008-ish; comparing J.Q. Adams to G.W. Bush or that fucking Paul doofus w/ the curly locks toupée, do you trust an at best amorphous "political process" now?


*Had not intended to drag in many a word from Slate 2008 when we re-used that title (again).

Yesterday, Today & ...

Collegiate friend (let's see if he's Googling himself) Dave Wendel said of L.A. after his first visit, "It's like being on television" & he was right. 30+ yrs. later, he's even righter.

Local now & not are often clearly compared & contrasted in said medium & the parent it subsumed, cinema/film/movies. The following exercise has a new-to-us twist in desert parts where we see what nature & the filthy parasites that pollute this planet (YOU!!) have wrought in 50 yrs. of, if nothing else, irrigation. (Here we mention the West & water & shake our head knowingly. The party's over, cowpokes.)Self-promotion.

Not So Lazy After All

Turns out no <span> allowed in the blog description. Must've tried it before (& so long ago I'd forgotten) or how would I have known bolding & italics do work? What-fuggin'-ever, less is more.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nor Is It --30, Damnit!!

Great, stopped clocks that are correct 24x daily.
One has to wonder how Jun's business is doing.

Art Box

This box (N.W. corner of Franklin & Western, 90068) gets a lot of use as an outdoor gallery. It suddenly occurred to us (not to cast aspersions or point fingers of blame) that its proximity to Immaculate Heart H.S. & the Corita Art Center could have something to do w/ its popularity.
West side.
Close up.
South side.

East Side X3

Previously on the east side (25 July 2013):

Kill Them All & Bugger Any Sorting Out

The "them?" Every piece of crap currently in the House Chamber of Horrors, President Consensus-Seeking-Chickenshit on down.

Is Speaker Boner already drunk, or is his non-brain just so fucking pickled by now that he always sounds drunk?

WHERE ARE YOUR METEORS, G-D? END IT NOW! MAKE THEM ALL SHUT UP,& soon, because it won't be pretty if this reporter has to do something about the horror.

It Is NOT 0925!!

Stop lying to me. (More like 1301.)
Health food nuts: Don't even know what time it is. Why, then, should we take their "nutrition" advice? Honest to nothing, if there were any loose rocks or paving stones around ...

Fax Blast Special!!!

Text break from the imagery:
General proposes to unite tea parties
(Tea Party) – Tea Partiers are calling it the Obama’s worst nightmare and this is one nightmare that is about come true.
Retired Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely just unveiled a plan to unite the tea party into one consolidated army, vast in size, in order to turn America back to its Constitutional foundation.  Vallely is chairman of Stand Up America.
Speaking at the South Carolina Tea Party Convention, Vallely said:
“We’re in a battle for America. We must save America and today we’re going to do it.”  “America is at a crossroads, and it’s up to us to take the right road and get this country back again. We’ve got to do it. We’ve got to stand up.”
Vallely has been calling for the removal of those who usurp the Constitution from office. In recent weeks he has also called for a parliamentary-style vote of “no-confidence” in the Obama administration.
Although a vote of “no-confidence” is not legally binding, it sends a clear warning shot to Obama and his administration by stating that Congress believes Obama as [sic] violated his oath of office.
As copied. No idea if it's deliberate, though reading said text might lead one to question the brainpower involved in How could we possibly make this legible? Ummm ... remove the background color?
General proposes to unite tea parties

(Tea Party) – Tea Partiers are calling it the Obama’s worst nightmare and this is one nightmare that is about come true.

Retired Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely just unveiled a plan to unite the tea party into one consolidated army, vast in size, in order to turn America back to its Constitutional foundation.  Vallely is chairman of Stand Up America.

Speaking at the South Carolina Tea Party Convention, Vallely said:


“We’re in a battle for America. We must save America and today we’re going to do it.”  “America is at a crossroads, and it’s up to us to take the right road and get this country back again. We’ve got to do it. We’ve got to stand up.”

Vallely has been calling for the removal of those who usurp the Constitution from office. In recent weeks he has also called for a parliamentary-style vote of “no-confidence” in the Obama administration.

Although a vote of “no-confidence” is not legally binding, it sends a clear warning shot to Obama and his administration by stating that Congress believes Obama as violated his oath of office.
"one consolidated army, vast in size" on their mobility scooters waving misspelled signs on cardboard? Oh I am sooooo holding my breath for that. And this:
Under the plan the there would be at least 8 people who possess “common sense wisdom” sitting on the council. These people would come from all walks of life—seniors, military officers, corporate executives and others.
No fascism-lite here; these are serious, old & white men. We steal directly from T.P.:
Vallely suggested that a new George Washington be discovered amid the ranks of retired military personnel to take a stand against the “tyranny of a corrupt government.” Only they, in Vallely’s view, have the right education, background, and experience to combat current politicians who only have “legislation experience, not leadership experience.” He also suggested that action against the current government was necessary as not even the upcoming midterm congressional elections will be able to solve the problems posed as a result of President Obama’s presence in the White House.
There are reasons those personnel are retired. Dementia is but one of them.

And back to for a classic of semi-functional illiteracy:
Vallely saw the need for more solidified leadership and sought out feedback from the many tea party groups nationwide. His goal is to unite all of the tea parties by integrating them into what would be a highly coordinated and focused plan of attack. Their goal is to take back America from the far left ideology so strongly touted by Obama.
Really, how fucking ignernt do tea partiers have to be? Who in hell has been "strongly touting far left ideology" around here? And if anyone were, when did touting something become worthy of armed revolution? Moron.

Musical break from all this text:Woould've played the Screamin' Sirens or Ringling Sisters version(s) but they were never recorded or if so, haven't been YouTubed. Vimeo?

Government Art

TerrorThreat Level today:
30 July 2013 it was only amber:
Notice how Smokey's eyes follow you no matter where the photog stands.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sidewalk Art

NB: Not necessarily approving of this, specifically (in case any think we are getting soft in our dotage) fuck all that Ed Hardy curlicue crap. In 20 yrs. — oh who gives a fuck what'll happen (or not) in 20 yrs.? Obviously no one who's wearing &/or drawing that shit now.


This big dog crossed the (Ferndell to the Observatory, for local yokels into specificity) trail we were on about 20-30 ft. (that's several metres, ausländern) in front of us & wandered up a hill. We assumed he or she was lost, & tried to follow so we could read the tag on its collar, but we couldn't get any closer than these mostly unfocused images.
To think that a few mins. previous I was disappointed at not seeing deer at A.F.I.

High Noon

Except not high, & a few mins. post-noon. Awake & forced to leave the bunker pre-noon due to confirmed reports of Soviet troops in the eastern suburbsbedbug genocide. (Note: Get used to them. They aren't going anywhere. Soviet troops, not so much.) We tried to get these pre-noon, but when you get right down to it, what's the rush? Hey, it isn't another polluted fucking sunset, is it? (Those come later.)
Does this society value beauty (or anything)?
Also: Went to the library hoping to have these on the iNternet prior to 1300 ... Library Wi-Fi worth every penny.

Guessing/assuming nothing important or interesting happened in our absence; it never does (Absent or not.)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Horseshit Of The Day

Liberty Republicans.

Again I beg: A quick shot behind the ear, execution-style. Now. Please!
Liberty Republicans. They are the young, more libertarian-minded, grassroots supporters that used to be identified chiefly by their favorite Republican presidential candidate, former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas.

Now, as the Republican National Committee tries to repair relationships and increase outreach to all political groups, they are doing their best to entice more libertarian Republicans into the fold.

Some of these supporters were turned off by what was described as the "railroading" of Ron Paul supporters by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus during the 2012 convention in Tampa.
The typist (The Washington Examiner, f.f.s.) does remind us of some of the more essential qualities of the Liberty Republican:
But the RNC wants to appear welcoming to the libertarian element in their party, which more established members of the party once derided as "Paultards" after they disrupted events in favor of their candidate.
No question that adding younger-ish white males (or geeks) mostly unconcerned w/ anything but their unacknowledged privilege & tax (& spending) cuts will offset the old white goobers & their wives w/ the same concerns & really "increase outreach to all political groups." No question at all. Go for it, G.O.P.!

[Totally pointless note from the typist on this end: When this cretin Spiering typeth "RNC wants to appear welcoming to" is he padding "wants to welcome"/"desperately fuggin' needs" w/ "wants to appear" or does he actually mean the RNC is just bullshitting, & would as soon the Paultards bugger off?]

But I digress ... uh ... so, mmm, further confirmation of conservative subsumption of libertarianism (... as Performed by the Inmates of ...). (See Edroso.)

My initial suspicion on seeing "Liberty Republicans" (Do the Krauts have one of their hyphenated deals for laughing w/ just a bit o' the proverbial vomit in the mouth?) was that Teatards, rather than Paultards, were being wooed & then rebranded.

The phrase also brought to mind this rather unfortunate image which has been lurking in the hard drive.
We stress that Ms. Thomas is not in any way involved in
this story beyond having helped cheapen the word liberty
by soaking herself in it a few yrs. back.

Mickey D, Venus, Luna III

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Night Hawks At The Food Stall

Some are just waiting for the bus, but why spoil a good title?

Social Media Report

I was having a perfectly awful time reading Kathleen Parker's inane take on Lap-Band/Squirrel-Meat Huckabee's inane blather in The Washington Post when this popped up:
Can add nothing beyond "Rule 34." And musical illustration.

Mercy Killing Proclamation From His Imperial Majesty

We hereby declare this planet & all its denizens to be brain-dead; all "life" support (including oxygen) is cut off.

Mickey D, Venus, Luna II

Friday, January 24, 2014

Wide Load

Sorry it isn't focused to crystal clarity.


Insufferable Force Meets Intolerable Object

Slate's Matt Yglesias
Joining Ezra Klein Venture

Sweet Blood of Jesus, how long before Megan McArdle weasels her way out of her contract & runs over to her little friends? (Of course, she is a bit long in the tooth for the two wunderkinder of inane droning & support for the conventional un-wisdom, but her song is just about the same.)

Also just fuck everybody & everything. (I'd roll over & go back to sleep but am too energized by generalized rage & existential agony. Yet bored numb by terminal ennui at the endless repetition of the idiocies of history. Then that whole cycle of idiocy irks me to no end & it's off to the races again. Well, not those races ...)

FIle under Cheap shots heart not in it mailing it in inevitable cynicism ya da ya ...

Mickey D, Venus, Luna I

Thursday, January 23, 2014

934-8269 Andy Warhol

The building is occupied by a Thai restaurant & The Box Depot.

South On Vine

Two Birds, One RoundStone

Hey, big picture, outta-the-box thinking here (as always, need we say?): If Justin Bieber were drunk & drag racing & he ran overmanslaughtered Huckleberry Pantload (Too obscure?) we wouldn't have to hear much more from or about either of them, ever. (Once initial media madness died down, obvs.!)

Then Bieber could re-make Jailhouse Rock. From Canada, once (if) he got out.

Today In Fat Hypocrites We'd like To Murder W/ Our Bare Hands

Apparently it doesn't occur to the morbidly obese that they shouldn't throw dough-nuts at people who live in candy cane houses.
Huckabee said Democrats tell women “they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing them for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of government.”
And how about your appetite, Huckabee, you fat ass cracker? Need any gov't. help controlling that? No, just a lap-band, because you are a fat slob who can't control himself.

WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME GUNS & AMMO SO I MAY START KILLING THE HYPOCRITES NOW? Bitches can't control their libidos, fat obscenities can't control their pig appetites; how am I, a decent human being, supposed to control my urges to guarantee truth, justice & the end of hypocrisy at the barrel of a gun?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Your 'Hood Is Screwed When ...

A greasy spoon like Tom's Burgers is replaced
by this sort of smirking hipster crap.
You know you're old & probably screwed when you're not amused by WOOD. (Official w/ me then.)

Ate at Tom's (No relation to Tommy's, Tom's No. 5 or Tom's Jr.) more than once, less than, say, 20 times.
Photo by Yelper "Pancho V."

Clichéd Stereotype

Could one look any more like a bitter, cold, hard, pursed-lipped, bottle-blonde money-grubber? That attitude will not go over well in prison, honey.
No, since you asked, whore diamonds weren't enough for this witch. A list of her desires (many or all indulged by professional poisoner Johnny Williams) is enough to convict.Here w/ her official portrait. Typically Republican in its representation of actuality.
June 29, 2013*
Maureen McDonnell poses with a portrait of herself in the gown from her husband's inaugural ball.
Behind her is a portrait of former Virginia first lady Roxane Gilmore in the suit she wore for her husband's swearing-in.
And here her general awfulness is well documented in the WaPo in July 2013. (Why do such big Christians always feel they know more about what color their hair should be than their Almighty Gawd does?)

22 min. version of what these sacks of crap did that should put them away for the rest of their lives.Under torture. No more soft sentencing, it's time to get TOUGH on political crime.

P.S.: You're damn right we called her a whore.
In 1974, Maureen McDonnell was a Washington Redskins cheerleader.
Need further proof? Didn't think so.
*Perhaps the most telling detail: Virginia's First Ladies greatest accomplishments are being dressed at their husband's various events? Low, low bar. No wonder they got Maureen.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Antiques Roadshow Corner

This Democratic National Convention Guest's Ticket (St Louis, 6 July 1904. Balcony, Section M) is virtually 110 yrs. old. Should be worth at least face value. Any offers?
Not to worry, in the actual world it's in focus.
Now I have to run out & purchase a piece of plastic in which to keep it.

(Seriously, this world had just better stop making impositions on me.)

UPDATE (1825PST 21 January 2014): Typed too soon; not worth shit. Well, won't have to go anywhere or buy anything.

Who Needs Ice Floes For Granny? We Have The Streets.

Have We Mentioned Our Never-Ending Hatred For Everything & Everyone Lately?

Or why? Here's an excellent reminder: AmericaMurder, Inc. has decided that eating its young is too much work, & it's going after older people now. Figures.
Indeed, University of Pennsylvania professor Dennis Culhane showed in a study last year that the homeless population in the United States keeps getting older and older. As the San Francisco Chronicle noted, in 1990, the median age of a single homeless adult was 34; 20 years later, the median age was 53. In other words, fewer individuals in later generations have found themselves on the streets, but older generations are also finding it more difficult to get off them.

The problem is becoming increasingly dire, the Chronicle pointed out, because the average life expectancy for a homeless person is 64. (The average life expectancy in the United States as a whole is currently 79 years old.) In a decade, therefore, the United States is facing a massive surge in the number of homeless people expected to die.

Currently, there are approximately 400,000 homeless people in the United States who were born before 1964. Within 15 years, Culhane estimated, nearly every one of them will be dead.
If we allow the Millennials or Generation X or whichever cohort of jerks the idiots of my generation spawned to let us die, imagine what their children will do to them. Soylent Green, bit-chezz!!

More Eatin'

A photo of a photo of a large cat eating an avocado he stole from the neighbor's yard.
Not from climbing the tree; just fallen fruit dragged home. Lazy bastard.

Good Eatin'

Monday, January 20, 2014

Note To Self:

DO NOT slam chopping board on counter in paroxysm of rage.
DO get ahold of the asshole who pissed you off, & slam that chopping board on his head until he stops pissing you off. If it takes a while, that's his problem for pissing you off.