Saturday, August 31, 2013

Demonic Bible Science

Thanks for the "just for us" recommendation, YouTube. (We think you're special too.):Git out of mah country w/ them furrin accents, furriners!

No Sign Of

More "no," as noted.
More fun w/ the illiterate.

Whatever this sign may or may not state/demand/order, DO NOT leave defecation on the trails. The horse poop is enough.


Friday, August 30, 2013

City Summer

For once didn't intend to bother w/ whining & moaning, but a look at our local yokel bog-roll shows plenty of complaining:
Why let them have all the fun; we're piling on: 87℉/30.5℃. At 2120PDT. Been that way all daysince we got up after noon.

Help: Melting.

Mixed W/ Your Food Dep't.

From Slate, so, naturally, we guess.
For more foreign correspondence mixed with food, war, travel, and photography, visit their online magazine or follow @roadskingdoms on Twitter.

Sport Report

One of the many reasons San Francisco's (baseball) Giants suck so hard this yr. (59 & 74, bottom of the barrel in the NL West through games of 29 August 2013): The karmic result of fucking workers.
The Department of Labor found that major and minor league clubhouse workers in the Giants organization worked longer hours than were recorded and made less than minimum wage. The employment agreement for clubhouse workers stipulated that they would make $55 for working 5.5 hours a day, but they were actually working 12 to 15 hours, according to the investigation. They also were not paid overtime. The club also improperly classified some employees in a way that allowed them to avoid paying overtime. And they failed to pay overtime, or paid too little overtime to some administrative staffer.
We've shouted it before, we'll shout it again: "Stupid wage-slaves/
Your bosses will work you 'til you're in your graves!"

Employer abuse has never been stopped by fines & payment of owed wages alone; steps must be taken. Everyone in the Giants organization responsible for this outrage, right up the chain to where the buck stops, ownership, should be fired, their chattel should be taken to pay the screwed employees & the severe fines that need to be imposed, & all responsible should be publicly torturedput in the stocks where, for a small fee, the people themselves could heave rotten foodstuffs & small (Really, not kidding about this people.) rocks or pebbles at them. Real democracy in action. May the streets run orange w/ their blood!

Fly Report

Best shot we could get. Sad, really.
Assuming it to be a damselfly, & a narrow-winged one; not, however, narrowing it past Coenagrionidae.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Long Shots Of A Chump-Ass Punk
Rent-A-Cop Who Is About To Be Fired

Seriously dude, don't tell us not to take pictures & then leave your post while taking off your ABM Security shirt & SECURITY cap so no one would know you're an ABM Security security guard when you were trying to threaten us into erasing the pictures we took of you. Now we're going to snap off an e-mail w/ attached files to the clown managing the Hollywood Food4Less & ABM Security & you're going to be fired.
Note well, little Hitler: If you hadn't gotten pissy when we took your picture (from the sidewalk, just as you advised we could)* & then followed us across the street to threaten us, nothing other than the insults we're directing at you here would have happened. Instead, you had to pretend to be a big man while being the tiniest of humans, a rent-a-cop. (Can't get a TSA job? Looo-zer!) Hope you've learned a little lesson. And we hope you starve to death after they throw you out on the street, fuckhead.
NSA nothing, what's happened to [sob, take a beat] America when citizens (& legal resident aliens) need a hog-leg (& a concealed carry permit, maybe?) to defend themselves from wanna-bes because they're taking photographs?
*You bet we shot him to see if he was the kind of cretin who gets pissy when he gets in our shots. Surprise, he was.


We do not get the hysteria attached to chemical weapons. Killing is right or it's wrong; the method should make no difference. How many Syrians are dead of explosive-powered projectiles as opposed to gas attacks? Yet someone lets out the gas and shitfits are thrown.

Gas was once considered a humane way of killing those the state disliked, right here in the State of California. Why the change in attitude? (Ironic news flash: Weapons that use explosives are just as "chemical" as any poison gas.) We'd as soon go quickly in a gas attack as be fatally wounded by a projectile or collapsing building & suffer for hrs. before the sweet relief of non-existence. SO WHAT'S THE BIG FUCKING DEAL? Why is sarin or whatever such a "red line?" Was there no red line when the body count hit 60,000?

Gas all the hypocrites, from the Prez on down.
There was a time when such determinations appeared to hold geopolitical significance. The Obama administration repeatedly called the use of chemical weapons a “red line.” But that line has now been crossed repeatedly, with little consequence. And that’s led U.S. intelligence officials to confront another question: How massive would the chemical strike have to be in order to prompt America and its allies to intervene in Syria in a major way?

“As long as they keep body count at a certain level, we won’t do anything,” an American intelligence official admits.
No better than Assad, any of them.


Having now cranked out two multi-image & one single-image photographic items & one video item (Two of them w/ text; what more do you want of us?) already, we're out for a walk.
(Unless we're sitting in the dark, shotgun in our lap, waiting for someone we've fooled into thinking we're out trying to get in. You never fucking know until it's too fucking late.)

Hey, Colombo! Up Yours!

No idea why there is a (poorly maintained) bust of Leif Erikson
in Griffith Park.
Maybe it really is a poke in the peeper to the Eye-ties.

Los Feliz (Western & Franklin)

Injun Country

We'll Start W/ The Papists

The probable serial killer/pedophile type w/ the ball cap & chin fuzz at (5:30) is the must-see in this one.Let us know when your megachurches are being demolished by Obama's Corps of Engineers; then we'll speak up for your First Amendment rights.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


And a take of some sort or another on today's anniv. & "freedom."

Ooops (over an hr. later) forgot the part w/ one-time Rep. & current nobody Illinois Joe Walsh & his "dream" plus links to other bullshit from reactionaries.

You know what our dream is?

Yesterday's Blimp Today

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pseudo Post-Neo Classicism

Medical Notes From All Over

We're glad this has been cleared up.

Federal Appeals Court: Police
Can’t Paralyze You To Search
Your Body For Drugs

Course for this to be in court, someone had to have been paralyzed & probed by order of the police. (Or aliens.) Let's take a closer look at the story ... Nope, no mention of what the Tennessee Dep't. of Health's Board of Medical Examiners thinks of the moral equivalent of Dr. Mengele busily violating the Hippocratic Oath right there in Oak Ridge. (Cheap shot to ask if these people's parents suffered Manhattan Project-related chromosome damage? Or if their brains have been fried by radioactivity?)
Ultimately, a doctor found a rock of crack cocaine weighing about 5 grams that was used to convict Booker and sentence him to five years in prison. The court found that the police had taken suspects to this same doctor when they suspected drugs in the anal cavity, and that they “effectively used Dr. LaPaglia as a tool to perform a search on Booker’s person.”
Physician, heal thyselfthink about what your life has become: You're the guy the pigs come to when they want in someone's ass. Really, "Dr." LaPaglia, poopie-doodie? How pathetically Freudian.

Someone CUT OFF This Old Fool, Now!

Although it would be an excellent idea, we do not refer to cutting sick fuck Pat Robertson's microphone. We explicitly mean using a blade to cut off Robertson's tongue (at the least) & other anatomical features.

Are there no laws? Does the First Amendment now guarantee freedom to lie like a rug? How does this twisted old fuck get away w/ such bizarre bullshit?
Despite Meeuwsen’s best attempts to steer the conversation away from Robertson’s anti-gay paranoia, Robertson insisted that gay people use special rings to transmit the virus. [Guess which virus. — Ed.]

“You know what they do in San Francisco, some in the gay community there they want to get people so if they got the stuff they’ll have a ring, you shake hands, and the ring’s got a little thing where you cut your finger,” Robertson said. “Really. It’s that kind of vicious stuff, which would be the equivalent of murder.”
Actually would be murder if it had ever happened. Anywhere, even once.

And "San Francisco?" Really? Proud as we are that the city of our birth is the embodiment of all that is evil in the rabid fantasies of the actually evil, can't they come up w/ a new locale to demonize after forty yrs.? (Gee-ziz, attribute gay evil to Fire Island once in a while, for variety.)

Most interesting question: Is wretch Robertson crazy/stupid enough to imagine this crap himself, or is there a source for this sort of thing?
At the 39:00 mark, you can see that CBN clearly edited out Robertson’s comments.
Confirm that here.

Untitled (Cloud Series I)

Monday, August 26, 2013

U.F.O. U-Turn

Martian Sky

Corrected Spider

Two Birds, One Spider

[Photo added & title changed 35 mins. after the original post. — M.B.]

Kiddie Killer Korner

Revolution beginning?
An 8-year-old Louisiana boy intentionally shot and killed his elderly caregiver after playing a violent video game, authorities say.

Marie Smothers was pronounced dead at the scene with a gunshot wound to the head in a mobile home park in Slaughter, Louisiana, the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff's Department said in a prepared statement. Slaughter is about 20 miles north of Baton Rouge.

Authorities identified the woman as the boy's "caregiver," without stating whether she is a relative. But CNN affiliate WBRZ reported that the woman was the boy's grandmother.

Smothers was 87, public records show.

"By accounts of relatives of the victim, as well as friends of the family, the victim and the juvenile had a normal, loving, relationship and even shared the same bedroom," the sheriff's department said.
Wait a min., where'd this happen?

If you're wondering why they kill:

School is a prison — and damaging our kids

Longer school years aren't the answer. The problem is school itself. Compulsory teach-and-test simply doesn't work.
No, America has not stopped eating its young, & won't until the youth are armed. Youth, check the drawers & closets for weapons now!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Helping Those Who Help Themselves

The head croaker in charge of the N.I.H. is being a worry-wart about "sequestration."
"If you want to convert this into real meaningful numbers, that means people are going to die of influenza five years from now because we don't yet have the universal vaccine," he said. "And God help us if we get a worldwide pandemic that emerges in the next five years, which takes a long time to prepare a vaccine for. If we had the universal vaccine, it would work for that too.
Common sense tells us a pandemic is Gawd's way of helping all of us.


We've patiently watched & listened to one hell of a lot of irritating crapexpecting that it would eventually amuse us or at least that something would happen, because something has to happen, eventually (Doesn't it?) but none of the above was even irritating, let alone painful; how are we expected to feel anything, up to & including relief if something does happen? (PROTIP: The human voice is excruciating; try it next time.)

Friday, August 23, 2013

New Toy

Staring into the abyss.
No waste involved; a demonstration of low water use.
Still a dump, but new toilets can only mean mass evictions.
Yeah yeah, only in America would someone bitch about getting a new toilet. Free. Well, you know where you can put that, don't you?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Dunce Cap

At Tucker Carlson's Daily Teacher-Sex Crime Blotter ("Filthy fifth-grade teacher busted for showing porn to six-year-old boy; This summer’s hottest teachers who allegedly got busy with students; Shock claim: 40,000 public school teachers moonlight on sugar-daddy website") & Parade Magazine of Lame Gotchas:

Eliot Spitzer appears with racist anti-Semite

Final paragraph:
“The campaign did not invite him and Eliot did not know who he was. Eliot disagrees with the comments in question and we repudiate his endorsement,” Spitzer spokeswoman and former Obama campaign staffer Lis Smith said in a statement after the campaign of Spitzer’s rival for comptroller, Scott Stringer, criticized the event.
Just a bit of the intellectual freedom rampant at Tucker's pixel-rag.

One could (as an exercise in intellectual freedom, maybe) compare & contrast:
Beyond the obvious, what do a far-right Italian politician, the president of the John Birch Society and former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul have in common?

In early September, the men are all scheduled to speak – along with a lengthy list of archconservative clergy, lawyers and academics – at a conference in Canada sponsored by the Fatima Center, part of the “radical traditionalist Catholic” movement, perhaps the single largest group of hard-core anti-Semites in North America.

Paul, the former Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate, is the keynote speaker of the weeklong conference slated for Sept. 8-13 in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
Ron Paul Appears W/ Tucker Carlson!!

TheDC is what we imagine Playboy for Kids would look like; bikini T&A & humor for witty, urbane eight-yr. olds. (When Tucker follows Rupert Murdoch's lead & goes Page 3 of The Sun is anybody's guess, but he's on a steep slope w/ treacherous footing now; the slightest decrease in viewership could send him sliding.)
What, then is different? What sacred cow of liberalism was so effectively mocked &/or insulted that we were compelled to type?

Columnist Matt K. Lewis seeing parallels between the denizens of Tucker's Frat House of Legacies & the "old" Oakland Raiders is what. The Raiders are the sports entertainment corporation best at marketing itself to would-be trouble-making bad-asses, which Matt may think he is. More like a wanna-be would-be, if he could-be; Matt's the kind of guy who is "fond" of things, not someone who'd get a "Born to Raise Hell" tattoo*. "Quite fond" of some things.
Some of Klosterman’s villains are serious (Hitler and O.J.); others are less serious (The Eagles). But my favorite chapter is on the Oakland Raiders. In reading it, I began to see some parallels with another organization I’m quite fond of.
That was the what, this is the why. (You may not be ready for this; fasten your seat belt or hold on to something.)
My favorite part: “The Raiders were not villains because everyone on the team was a reprobate; the Raiders were villains because everyone on the team was intellectually free.” (bold mine).

Maybe this explains why — when it comes to press accounts, at least — we so often wear the black hat?
"Intellectually free" (riotous laughter ours). Yes, look only at giants of the intellect Jim "Sean Medlock" Treacher, Mickey "You know the meme" Kaus or Neil "Hey Boy" Munro to understand why the press is fitting them for a black Stetson: All hat, no cattle.Nothing, & we mean nothing skrees intellectual freedom louder than Carlson's smorgasbord of jagoffs, who vary from conservative through libertarian/libertarian populist (riotous laughter ours again, sorry) Tea Partiers & all the way to the regular Republican jagoffs on the other side of the steam trays, then around again for seconds.

*Or anything beyond a strenuous objection.

No Title; Too Early


We really should start checking the obits immediately after activating the fount of all knowledge every afternoon. From a wk. ago, Allen Lanier dead at barely 67. The smart one of the group.
Last time I spoke to him (for Classic Rock in 2012 – read it here) I knew he was in poor health. It was obvious that he had breathing difficulties. “I have good and bad days,” he laughed. “Today is a bad one because I’ve got to have most of my fuckin’ teeth taken out.” Sick as he was he never once displayed an ounce of self-pity.
At least we've quit smoking.


State University of NY at Stony Brook,
Long Island, NY, ca 1972.
And as good a quote as one could get:
Lanier was a fierce critic, that’s for sure.”Spectres,” he observes, “is another attempt at the right thing, but I think it’s a failure. We didn’t get what we wanted. Every time we go in the studio wanting to capture some very heavy rock’n'roll and we walk out with a polished production which has a lot of charm and ambience but doesn’t kick.
Wrote the music for this recent item, even.

Image by Roni Hoffman.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Comparative Religion

Father Abdou is elderly and walks with difficulty. The attackers stole $30,000 from his house, his wife’s gold, his passport, and all of the church’s possessions down to the toilet seats and air conditioning units. He is not alone. Many Coptic leaders have had to flee their parishes in the days following last week’s crackdown.

In a Catholic church in the village of Mallawi, one hour away from Minya’s capital, Father Malak Girgis Ishaaq sought refuge with his Muslim neighbors when at least four masked men with beards entered his church and set fire to it with cans of petrol. A decapitated statue of the Virgin Mary is among the few items that remain standing. Muslims and Christians from the neighborhood, some armed with guns, eventually drove the attackers out, and put out the blaze.

A church down the road was not so lucky. At noon on Aug. 17, embers still burned in the remains of Mallawi’s Evangelical Church, as young men from the local Christian community climbed over heaps of charcoal and rubble to brick up the entrances of the structure. They said the bricks were to ensure that no one filled the holy space with rubbish or turned it into a mosque, as they say happened in a nearby town.
So sorry, but our reaction is "Where is your Gawd now?" And where was Allah, when the Moron Brotherhood thugs who worship him were thrown out? We should find out which gawd the Egyptian Army sucks up to. Unlike the two losers mentioned above, & their imaginary brother the gawd of the Jews (Now that guy is a royal fuck-up. How's he still have a gig? Jewish people may not be as smart as they'd have you believe.) the Army's gawd seems competent & able to protect the interests of its supplicants.

Back a winner, people. Stop killing each other in the names of punk-ass gawds that never had your back for one damn minute. Or keep killing each other, but shut up about it; no one here can or will help you. Tiananmen Square changed everything for the Chinese people, didn't it? (And for the American people, made redundant once corporations were convinced that China would do whatever was necessary to keep labor under control.)

Are You Lookin' At Sumthin'?

History & Ignorance Repeated

In the endless & futile hyperloop of existence, America's sheep, in their over-reaction to a couple month's worth of American firearm deaths compressed into one day a long time ago (& not committed by their fellow Americans, whose Gawd-given Second Amendment right to blow shit up & people away is not to be questioned) paid scant attention to the passage of laws concerning the acquisition of information & intelligence. (What but reaction could be expected from a center-right, basically conservative nation?)

And what few who knew forgot soon enough, what w/ all the squirrels & Kardashian stories distracting them. Per this dude anyhoo.We like that the above four mins. & two secs. is open to interpretation: Was Joy Reid trying to stop Eichenwald before he could get to more facts? Was Kurt carrying water for the administration/nat'l. security establishment, as Greenwald claimed? Either way, nearly six yrs. ago we had the poop on how you are so screwed but George W. Bush was Prez which made it O.K. & no one gave a shit.

So fuck alla youse. Why. Fucking. Bother? No one listens, no one remembers, no one cares, no one could/would do anything if they did care anyway, whoever the fuck's President, but it's still disappointing. (We're not hurt as much as we're disppointed.) And it is oooh-ver. All of it.

And yes, the iNternet (at least our modem) stopped while we were typing this. Coincidence, we are sure. (Or [takes a beat] THEY ARE FUCKING W/ US ALREADY. HELP!!)

Observation Post

Relax, folks. The NSA just wants to know where you are,
when you're there, & w/ whom. Now why's that such a BFD?

Return Of The Dead Plants

Originally in these pages:
Very recently (And even more recently, say 25 mins. later, a photo in focus, just for the hell of it. No, no, it's because we care.):