Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let's Have A War!!

Shaving Ryan's Privates again on TNT (Turkey Neck Telebision) which reminds us of something we saw, intended to mention & then forgot in the press of events & whatnot. (Probably somewhere in our bookmarks.) We were reminded of it by an e-mail from another militarist.

Pictures of WWII. War lovers will have seen some but not all of these. We're going to look at Pearl Harbor right now.
Our father is aboard USS Tangier (AV-8) & shooting back. The Tangier is the farthest right of the four ships, left center, moored next to the island. USS Utah (AG-16) just forward of the Tangier, is already listing.
The sensitive are advised there are pix of corpses, but the ickiest ones have a "Click for ick button" so don't be too nervous.

Audio Video


Fearful Synchronicity

Follow this (if you can):

We saw this Tweet, so we watched the clip here, then went to YouTube (out of curiosity as to the flick it was from,but there was no indication). "Up next" at YouTube was this,which we'd seen via our DVR w/in the last 24 hrs! It did stick in the mind; we knew just what it was when we saw the image of George Burns & "Vibrator Joke." So we shared!

Herman Cain's Pizza Plantation

Worth a peep.

We wonder if Herman Cain agrees w/ the founder of the anti-Shariah movement, whose blather includes:
It is not the first time Mr. Yerushalmi has engaged in polemics. In a 2006 essay, he wrote that “most of the fundamental differences between the races are genetic,” and asked why “people find it so difficult to confront the facts that some races perform better in sports, some better in mathematical problem-solving, some better in language, some better in Western societies and some better in tribal ones?” He has also railed against what he sees as a politically correct culture that avoids open discussion of why “the founding fathers did not give women or black slaves the right to vote.”
We anxiously await another "Democrat plantation" reference from Mr. Cain.

We Have Labels For It

"The Militarized Society," among others. So we'll link to it. Nothing we don't know, really, & long.

(We tried, but there wasn't anything startlingly excerptable. So read, or don't.)

This Is Us

Except we won't be using that weapon for bullshit "voting."

Saturday, July 30, 2011

40/75 Yrs. Ago

1971: Apollo 15 astronauts David R. Scott and James B. Irwin landed on the moon. They became the first humanoids to drive on Luna, as well. (Americans. Sheesh.)
Photo by NASA, David R. Scott
1936: Buddy Guy, blues guitarist, turns 75.

Bearing The Cross

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Hint About The New Direction

Constitution nothing, back to the Articles of Confederation!

WND Writer Blames The Constitution, Founding Fathers For Looming "Communist Dictatorship"

Oh yes he did!

One must wonder why these clowns never worry about state gov'ts. having any sort of power.

Demanding Default

Not to be believed, yet here it is in "print."
Whether Boehner’s team can survive such a public failure will be of interest to political gossips. But the thwarting of the Boehner Plan also displayed how ungovernable the House Republican majority is. With the nation just days from a default, the chamber is at the mercy of a handful of people who believe they are on a mission from God.

“Where’s the chapel?” Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) asked as he emerged from an arm-twisting session with Majority Leader Eric Cantor Thursday night. The freshman lawmaker explained that he wanted to “go to the divine source.”

In a room off the Capitol Rotunda, Scott joined a prayer session with fellow South Carolinian lawmakers. “I hope the Lord. . . gives men wisdom when they desperately need it,” Scott explained.

As it happens, the Lord gave Scott the wisdom to oppose Boehner. “I think divine inspiration already happened,” Scott said. “I was a ‘lean no’ and now I’m a ‘no.’” And he’s not much worried about default, saying: “I hope the Lord blesses our nation in a way that is measurable.”

The Lord will surely bless the nation with higher interest rates, if not outright economic collapse, in a default. But Thursday night’s debacle proved that there are enough House Republicans who would prefer that to raising the debt limit – even if they bring down their speaker in the process.
Christ on a crutch.
A few tipsy GOP lawmakers, returning from dinner, pretended to give tours of the statues in the Capitol. They, and the leadership, continued to insist a vote was imminent. But just before 10:30 p.m., McCarthy emerged from the speaker’s office to call it off for the night.

Lawmakers got to work on the Sisyphean task of retooling the Boehner Plan into a more conservative proposal that was also certain to be rejected by the Senate. Regardless, damage had been done – both to Boehner’s speakership and to the House, now under the control of people who think God demands default.
Bring it on. If we don't get August's Social Security payment & find ourselves on the street again, NO ONE WILL BE SAFE!!

Best Advice Of The Wk.

Early Robert Williams, too.
A tip of the chapeau to Mr. Door Tree.

Après Nous ...

We find it entirely fitting that most life on this planet will barely outlive us.
The panel of 27 scientists, who considered the latest research from all areas of marine science, concluded that a "combination of stressors is creating the conditions associated with every previous major extinction of species in Earth's history". They also concluded:

* The speed and rate of degeneration of the oceans is far faster than anyone has predicted;
* Many of the negative impacts identified are greater than the worst predictions;
* The first steps to globally significant extinction may have already begun.
Goodbye, losers born too late.

You Can Not Petition The Lord W/ Prayer

Talking to you, Rick "Prayin'" Perry.
Tropical Storm Don began to fizzle Friday night as it made landfall in Texas, bringing rain and scattered showers but not nearly enough to make a dent in the state's prolonged drought.

Also Jerry

Speaking of Dino, might as well cop another link from Mark Evanier & see what Jerry's up to. Bitching & moaning? Cool.
Asked about what a young comedian needs to do to break into the business today, he instead launched into a long monologue about "The Biggest Loser" ("Who gives a shit?"), "American Idol" ("The kids who are on 'American Idol,' they're all McDonald's wipeouts... and of course, they're all playing guitar, which takes the place of music"), the lack of appointment TV (in his day, "We ran home to see (Milton) Berle on a Tuesday night. Now, nobody wants to run home and see anything. They come home and hope there's something."), the woes of the movie business ("They put all of their product on the goddamn stupid phone. You're gonna put 'Lawrence of Arabia' on that stupid sonuvabitch? That gets me crazy, pal"), and more. He even objected to the use of pop music to score movie and TV scenes, insisting, "You're putting this vocal at the top of a film's big moment, because they don't want to spend what I spend on an 80-piece orchestra to score it."
Heading into Rickles territory:
The session should have been over at that point, but Lewis the old pro apparently realized he should end on a joke, rather than his tense interaction with the reporter asking about the telethon. (At one point, he said his future with the telethon was "none of your business.") So he told the story of the time he took his daughter for a ride on the New York subway, and a punk in a leather suit with multi-colored, spiked hair caught Lewis staring at him and asked, "What's the matter, old man? Didn't you ever do anything extraordinary in your whole life?"

Lewis told him, "Yes, 25 years ago I had sex with a parrot. I thought you were my son!"
So funny we forgot to laff.

Wallowing In It

Nostalgia, that is. When we first dragged our sorry & even then sagging ass to the center of the known (media) universe in 1973, the first dump on which we signed a lease was at 8497 Sunset Blvd., just across from Dino's Lodge, remembered here.
Dean "Dino" Martin & Ed "Kookie" Byrnes
Here, Connie "Connie" Stevens & Ed "Kookie" Byrnes: "I just want you to stop combing your hair & kiss me."(Plas Johnson on sax, allegedly.)

Odd that it's never sunk into our head that the place was torn down in 1985, but as we noted there, we usually look at where we used to live rather than where Dino's used to be.

Fuck Tha (Fullerton) Police!

We haven't looked, because we (generally) like quick & cold-blooded murder that leaves a nice-looking corpse, but this story & images are alleged to be horrifying.
This is heartbreaking. I don’t know any other word for it. We need a better mechanism in place to prevent police from using this kind of force. A taser is designed to subdue someone after one hit. Tasing someone multiple times while beating them so severely that they go into a coma and later die…that’s not police work. That’s murder.
The fucking pigs in Fullerton (a shit-hole, like every other place in this sad fucking world) beat a homeless schizophrenic (possibly off medication) to death. Let the punishment fit the crime.

Nausea induced by Balloon Juice.

Lazy Links (Friday Music Round-Up)

From the Twits of @nsavalas: The FUNK:The BLUES:The Doors:Thanks, Nick!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quick Movie Review

Gunfight at the E.T. Corral.
— A. Canuck.

Behind The Times

This wk.'s lay-offs caused by "Hollywood:"
"Film advertising is down — 25% under the projections for this time of year. Display advertising generally is way down at the paper, but the movie ads have declined the most and that's important because film is the LA Times's largest advertising category," an insider tells me.
And common taters are unhappy that theater chains no longer provide show times in the paper. We agree.

Pink Elephants At War

As seen here.

Jesus Fucking Fuck

No secret that the USAF is filthy w/ fundamentalist evangelical Xians. And the sorts of cowards that bomb people from 30,000 ft., or from the safety of a drone command & control center in these United Snakes. Christians & chickenshits, a marriage made in heaven.

But Hokey Smokes, looky here:
One of the most disturbing slides quotes Wernher Von Braun, a former member of the Nazi Party and SS officer. Von Braun is not being cited in the PowerPoint as an authority on a liquid hydrogen turbopumps or a launch vehicle's pogo oscillations, rather he's specifically being referenced as a moral authority, which is remarkable considering that the Nazi scientist used Jews imprisoned in concentration camps, captured French anti-Nazi partisans and civilians, and others, to help build the V-2, a weapon responsible for the death of thousands of British civilians.

"We knew that we had created a new means of warfare and the question as to what nation, to what victorious nation we were willing to entrust this brainchild of ours was a moral decision[emphasis in document] more than anything else," Von Braun said upon surrendering to American forces in May 1945. "We wanted to see the world spared another conflict such as Germany had just been through and we felt that only by surrendering such a weapon to people who are guided by the Bible could such an assurance to the world be best secured."[emphasis in document]
The hypocrisy just doesn't stop, does it?

Is There "Reparative Therapy"
For Hypocrites?

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) says that questions about her husband's controversial Christian counseling center, as well as her husband's controversial views on homosexuality, are not pertinent to her presidential campaign.

Asked about the so-called "reparative therapy" techniques performed at Marcus Bachmann's clinic, Bachmann told an audience today that her husband was off-limits as far as her run for the White House goes.

"I am extremely proud of my husband, I have tremendous respect for for him," Bachmann said. "I am running for the presidency of the United States. My husband is not running for the presidency. Neither are my children, neither is our business, neither is [sic] our foster children."

"I am more than happy to stand for questions about running for the presidency of the United States," she added.
Well, then. Shut your fucking yap about The First Lady, you contemptible hypocrite.

More Not A Christian, Or Even A Scotsman

Professional buffoon & wing-nut welfare recipient/beggar R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. is spinning (sadly, not in his grave) to keep the filth of Norway from corrupting R.'s bigoted bullshit.
Both were meticulous planners, though I dare say Breivik was Hitler's superior. He would not delay an invasion of Russia. Both harbored grudges against threats to their culture from the foreign-born, and what Breivik called the "cultural Marxists." I can well imagine the Führer admiring Breivik's taste in uniforms, his Aryan features, and his longing for his Viking past. Both were mama's boys.
So they were both fags, but Breivik was actually smarter than Hitler! (Whose only unredeeming quality was not invading Russia sooner.)
I actually doubt Breivik is any kind of Christian, but rather a fanatical pagan, a Viking. On that, he and Hitler might congratulate themselves. Both were pre-Christian savages.
Savages! Barbarians!! Waiting for Marcus Bachmann to weigh in on this one.

Also, the Bill O'Reilly approach: Murder Boy wasn't an officially enrolled member of a church, so ... something. And a chance to rail at "Liberals," who don't go to church either!!
Breivik hated Muslims and other immigrants' entering into Norway, and now the amazing Liberals are linking him to almost any critic of immigration or of Islam, even critics of illegal immigration and of militant Islam -- terrorists, for instance. I find these Liberals amazing because most have never shown any sympathy for any of the West's organized religions, at least not religions that demand anything from their believers. I suppose a religion that suggested yoga or Pilates from adherents or perhaps vegetarianism might appeal to these Liberals. Yet I cannot see them respecting an obligation to attend Sunday church or honor a celibate priesthood or defend female-male marriage, or any other requirement associated with an established religion of the West.
Of course, railing at "Liberals" is what The American Spectator is all about. (When their politics are bullshit & every reasoning being knows it, baiting one's opponents is all that dead-enders have left.)
AmSpec advert.

Dinesh D'Douchebag

Sad sack of shit, isn't he? And suffers a bad case of colonized Stockholm Syndrome.
An austere young man asks, “Doesn’t the villainy of deception sort of pale in comparison to Obama’s moral villainies, such as supporting the abortion agenda or even the redistribution of wealth, stealing from the rich to give to the poor?”

“In a sense, yes,” D’Souza concedes, and later says, “Frankly, I don’t think Obama cares that much about the poor. What he cares about is bringing down the people at the top … In my opinion, Obama’s animating energies are negative.” By now the two potential donors have left the room looking ashen. Chris Ross, an employee of the college who is “facilitating” my visit by never leaving my side, winces slightly every time I write something down. As he escorts me out of the building, he says, “Remember that President D’Souza speaks for himself, not for the school.”
Inside DD's mind it's still the 18th century:
“We don’t avoid tough issues; we plunge into them,” D’Souza said in his first speech as president of King’s. “We engage [our opponents] in a civil way, seeking to convince not only with the clarity of our reason but also by our winsome manner.” By handing the reins to D’Souza—rather than a theologian or pastor—the trustees have placed their faith in worldly punditry.


Another student who wishes to remain anonymous says of D’Souza, “He’d rather shout at his opponents than listen to them. That kind of aggressive rhetoric gives us no credibility and is not what I thought King’s was supposed to be all about.”
There's your civility. And winsome? Like this, maybe.
There is no King’s meal plan, Smith explains, so “the wealthier kids go out a lot, and the rest of us eat ramen and paninis.” (A female ­student later tells me that some young men at King’s have a different strategy: They gather in the women’s dorm and ask the ladies to cook for them.)
It's obvious to us that this is a Hitler Jugend camp, & should be dealt w/ in the same firm way that Norwegians have recently dealt w/ infiltrators in their midst.

Gawd Damn America

We've mentioned somewhere that we're sick of talentless hacks (Many of them, FOX Sports West being where most Dodger games we watch are shown, from whichever FOX singing competition is most in need of a ratings boost.) singingmurdering "Gawd Bless America" during the seventh inning stretch at Dodger Stadium. Especially because the crowd singing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" is never shown, but we have to put up w/ "GBA" before the same four adverts are run for about the fifteenth time in the game.

A deeper examination of fascist ball park bullshit, from Andrew Bacevich.

Via War in Context.

Hey, plus which (1505PDT): The Nation is having a Sports Issue.

The Two Faces Of Shit

Keep it going, pants-pissing reactionary scaredy-cats. Let's see both those faces.
We would gladly beat the shit out of any of the clowns on display here. Cutting out their tongues would be a good idea too. And their fingers so they can't type any more crap.

Yes, that's a threat. Whatcha gonna do about it, send FOX News Security after us? Chump-ass punks.


On July 28, 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. World War I began as declarations of war by other European nations quickly followed.
97 yrs. since Western Civilization began its final descent. Hurry it up already!!

Remember Me This Way

Suggested by a friend.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello, Sailor II

Big demand to see the ships. Just as well we didn't go.

Where not to go if you're a squidly-diddly:
They've served in war-ravaged countries around the world, but Navy crews were warned this week to stay clear of downtown San Pedro while they were in port.

Maps issued by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service were handed to ship crew members after the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier arrived at the Port of Los Angeles on Monday warning them of areas that could be dangerous to visit. The Lincoln is one of four ships participating in the weeklong Navy Week event, with public ship tours offered through the weekend.

On the maps given to crew members at shoreside, several areas - including San Pedro's downtown shopping district - were outlined in red and identified as "high drug use/distribution area."

The back of the map, meanwhile, extols all the amenities that can be found in downtown Long Beach.

Community boosters were furious when information about the maps leaked out, with a Facebook thread quickly filling up with angry, frustrated comments.
Let's be honest: Pedro is the pits.

Dropping Like Flies

Thers had the sense to get out of the Firedoglake pit of purity, now we see that actual meatspace acquaintance Brick Wahl has left the L.A. Weekly's jazz column.

We're sure it all means something, & we'll let you know if we bother to figure anything out.

Riot Going On

July 27, 2011 9:06 PM

HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Police have been unable to control an unruly crowd of hundreds of people in Hollywood, Los Angeles Police Department Officer Karen Rayner said.

The crowd gathered at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre for the premiere of a documentary on the Electric Daisy Carnival, an electronic music festival that’s notorious for how many attendees use recreational drugs.

People have refused to disperse and began throwing bottles at officers. Police have proceeded to shoot at the crowds with bean bags.

The crowds have vandalized police cars and set fires, Rayner said.

Officials have closed Hollywood Boulevard between Highland and Orange Avenue, Rayner says.

The Hollywood and Highland Metro Red Line station has been closed and Hollywood Boulevard buses are being detoured to Highland and La Brea avenues and Sunset Boulevard, Metro announced.

(©2011 CBS Local Media, a division of CBS Radio Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Wire services contributed to this report.)

The Times, They Are A Sucking

From the Bankrupt Times' Top of the Ticket web log, which is run by Laura Bush's former press secretary, Andrew Malcolm:
Although many have dismissed Palin for not being smart or sharp, watch how she smoothly echoes the never-ending right-wing theme that the president is a stranger in a strange land, alien to the principles that this nation was built on.

“A lot of this has to do with his background, him having not been a part of the private sector and running a business or having to rely on making profit. That seems to be foreign to our President. His background and those he’s appointing don’t understand what America was built upon. His ideas are the antithesis of those things that created the prosperity in America,” Palin said.
Note that this was typed by one Tony Pierce, not Malcolm. Nonetheless, how "smoothly echoes the never-ending right-wing theme" translates into proof of smartness or sharpness is beyond us. Unless you think mynah birds & parrots are the ultimate in evolutionintelligent design.

To continue the bird (brain) metaphor, the Times is molting as quickly as it can. Layoffs announced today: (Well-respected) NBA beat writer Mark Heisler is gone, as is columnist Tim Rutten.

Hither & yon.

Extra fucking added laughs (2110): Clown Tony Pierce, who thinks Palin is so damn smart & sharp got his ass laid off today too.

Flushed Away

A reader types (Not one of our readers, mind you) w/ a pretty good (Because it matches our prejudices.) recap of the Borders bust:
Fine if you're flush, but Borders wasn't. Speaking of flushing, that was the M.O. of shelf merchandising; all of the in-section books had to shelved so that the edges of the spines were flush with the edge of the shelf. We'd get messages during crunch times from Ann Arbor that we be lean and mean; only do what was absolutely necessary; be smart with time and tasks; concentrate on sales. But a day later we'd get a message from the district manager that they would be visiting and that the store should be fully flushed.

Wasted time. Wasted payroll. Inventory sitting in the stockroom because there is not the time or the staff to get it out.
We'd left before management got around to the pagers & walkie-talkies, but the "flushing" thing was acted out many a time. Fucking idiots.

"Behind Closed Doors"

Perry Gets Cozy with Religious Right

The Deseret News has some interesting comments about Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) by Shaun Casey, a professor of Christian ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary:

"Perry is a cheaper imitation of George Bush ... and I think Perry has really studied Bush. But Bush's brilliance with the religious right was that he did everything behind closed doors. There were no photo-ops, there were no press releases saying I met reverend so and so today. Bush did everything through intermediaries, and so there was no public trail of him reaching out to the religious right. The irony is that here comes along Perry, the dollar-general-store version of Bush, and here he is meeting with these people in public and you start looking at the line up of the people he's cozying up to in public and all he is doing is setting himself up for trouble later on if by some miracle he actually wins the nomination ... Some of these guys are really beyond the fringe -- folks who George Bush would have never been caught dead with within a hundred miles of."

Trimming The Fat

Superior Court (Pigeon)


Now it's Vaughn Bodé at Golden Age Comic Book Stories.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Note

Just because Bush or Cheney called him a "major-league asshole" is no reason to cut Adam Nagourney a fucking break.
There are 18 police helicopters — at least two are in the air at any moment — and six fire department ones. There are 17 Sheriff’s Department helicopters. There are media helicopters, traffic helicopters, tour helicopters, paparazzi and film crew helicopters, corporate helicopters and private commuter helicopters. A flight over downtown the other day found what was, in effect, a helicopter parking lot in the clouds: helipads atop nearly every skyscraper.
Yup, & at least one of the LAPD choppers seems to be orbiting our bunker most of the time. But the helipads are due to a city law requiring every bldg. over 25 stories (or some height, look it up yourself if you give a flying crap) to have a helipad for evacuation in case of fire or earthquakes.

Extending The Metaphor

But the metaphor does raise the question: If America were a family, what sort of family would we be? Let’s drop in on this family as they discuss finances around the kitchen table.
Tea-bagging teatard partiers wouldn't get the joke. Or they'd think it wasn't a joke.

Also Stupid

Whatever happened to:
Laguna Niguel attorney Orly Taitz has again been scolded by a federal judge, this time in a case related to her claims that President Barack Obama has used other people’s Social Security numbers.

“Plaintiff is either toying with the Court or displaying her own stupidity,” District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth wrote in a Monday ruling on a technical issue in a case in which Taitz is trying to acquire confidential information from the Social Security Administration.

Taitz – best known for failed lawsuits alleging Obama is not a natural-born citizen – has been told by Lamberth to redact the Social Security numbers she’s citing in her motions, leaving only the last four digits visible. Lamberth said she’s failed to do so – although in one case, she redacted the last four digits but left the rest – the opposite of Lamberth’s instructions.

Taitz had earlier apologized for forgetting to redact the numbers, saying that she followed up with a redacted version – but that the court clerk posted the wrong motion.

Lamberth wasn’t buying it.

“After making the somewhat hysterical claim in her motion for reconsideration that there may be ‘an employee in this court, who is intentionally sabotaging’ her, plaintiff engage the Court’s Courtroom Deputy Clerk in a lengthy, accusatory conversation,” Lamberth wrote in Monday’s order. “There is no logical explanation she can provide as to why she is now wasting the Court’s time, as well as staff’s time, with these improper redactions.”
Also also.

Liberals Are Stupid

"We make better killers!"
So let me just say that this tragedy shows that this logic may work in the opposite direction as well. Apparently ultrapolite right-wing people may also build their anger and do some shockingly horrifying things. And they may even be more efficient while killing - and the probable reason is that Breivik (or his potential counterparts) may have a higher IQ than your garden variety left-wing or Islamic terrorist. Left-wing and various anti-West politicians are no longer the only ones who may secretly build on some "attack dogs" in the background while publicly dismissing any violence.
Some Czech climate denial ninny, via TPGreen.

Burn The Stock Markets!

An excellent idea, & here are specific reasons why it should be done.

Survivors (if any) of the Businessman's Holocaust will be paraded through the streets, tied to the roofs of their luxury cars. Or dragged behind the bumpers thereof. Die, pigs!

Alarm Will Sound

Public Service Announcement

In case you don't know where entertainment (word has been loosely used) comes from, one hell of a lot of it comes from NBCU & its new corporate master Comcast.

Monday, July 25, 2011

People Make The World Go 'Round

We forget what this riddim is (Oooh! Oooh! Yellowman.) but it's peppy.Used to have this L.P. Worth it for the art alone.And 30 yrs. old this yr.Enough w/ words.


Last Gasp

Excerpts from Slow Death Funnies.

Address Bogging

Uh oh, the Prez is on the loose! We'll be watching pre-recorded programming until the ball game at 1900.

Tweety Time

WASS. (We. Are. So. Screwed.) But it's fun watching Tweety M. getting all wiggy.Fineman's "Slow-Motion Secession" line (10:00ish. They get beyond horse race chitchat about 9:00.) lines right up w/ Sullivan's take: "Cold Civil War."

Also by Andrew:
It's performance art, not politics.
Psychodrama is what it is. Bad psychodrama.

Today In Televised Teabagging

Judson Phillips.

Thirty Yrs. In Terror

We are not now, nor have we ever been, a member of the species homo sapiens.

1982 - SOUTH KOREA - Police officer Woo Bum Kong went on a drunken rampage in Sang-Namdo with rifles and hand grenades, killing 57 people and wounding 38 before blowing himself up.    
1987 - BRITAIN - Michael Ryan, a 27-year-old gun fanatic rampaged through the English town of Hungerford, killing 16 people and wounding 11 before shooting himself.    
1989 - FRANCE - A French farmer shot and killed 14 people including members of his family in the village of Luxiol, near the Swiss border. He was wounded and captured by police.    
Dec. 1989 - CANADA - A 25-year-old war movie fan with a grudge against women shot dead 14 young women at the University of Montreal, then killed himself.    
Nov. 1990 - NEW ZEALAND - A gun-mad loner killed 11 men, women and children in a 24-hour rampage in the tiny New Zealand seaside village of Aramoana. He was killed by police.    
Sept. 1995 - FRANCE - A 16-year-old youth ran amok with a rifle in the town of Cuers, killing 16 people and then himself after an argument with his parents.    
March 13, 1996 - BRITAIN - Gunman Thomas Hamilton burst into a primary school in the Scottish town of Dunblane and shot dead 16 children and their teacher before killing himself.    
April 1999 - USA - Two heavily-armed teenagers went on a rampage at Columbine High School in Littleton, Denver, shooting 13 students and staff before taking their own lives.    
July 1999 - USA - A gunman killed nine people at two brokerages in Atlanta, after apparently killing his wife and two children. He committed suicide five hours later.    
June 2001 - NEPAL - Eight members of the Nepalese Royal family were killed in a palace massacre by Crown Prince Dipendra who later turned a gun on himself and died few days later. His youngest brother also died later raising the death toll to 10.    
April 26, 2002 - GERMANY - In Erfurt, eastern Germany, 19-year-old Robert Steinhauser opened fire after saying he was not going to take a maths test. He killed 12 teachers, a secretary, two pupils and a policeman at the Gutenberg Gymnasium, before killing himself.    
Oct. 2002 - USA - John Muhammad and Lee Malvo killed 10 people in sniper-style shooting deaths that terrorized the Washington, D.C., area.    
April 16, 2007 - USA - Virginia Tech, a university in Blacksburg, Virginia, became the site of the deadliest rampage in U.S. history when a gunman killed 32 people and himself.   
Nov. 7, 2007 - FINLAND - Pekka-Eric Auvinen killed six fellow students, the school nurse and the principal and himself with a handgun at the Jokela High School near Helsinki.    
Sept. 23, 2008 - FINLAND - Student Matti Saari opened fire in a vocational school in Kauhajoki in northwest Finland, killing nine other students and one male staff member before killing himself.    
March 11, 2009 - GERMANY - A 17-year-old gunman dressed in black combat gear killed nine students and three teachers at a school near Stuttgart. He also killed one other person at a nearby clinic. He was later killed in a shoot-out with police. Two additional passers-by were killed and two policemen seriously injured, bringing the death toll to 16 including the gunman.    
June 2, 2010 - BRITAIN - Gunman Derrick Bird opened fire on people in towns across the rural county of Cumbria. Twelve people were killed and 11 injured. Bird also killed himself.   
Aug. 30, 2010 - SLOVAKIA - A gunman shot dead six members of a Roma family and another woman in the Slovak capital Bratislava before killing himself. Fourteen more people were wounded.    

Read more:

Hello, Sailor

This cruddy CBS local vid will probably take a wk. to load, but
America's Navy, a Global Force for Good, will come home to 21 cities in 2011 as part of a nationwide series of Navy Week celebrations.
We can imagine many less interesting activities (sitting at the devil-box all day comes to mind) than going on one or all of these murder machinesweapons platforms & looking around. Indeed,
Cameras are allowed and encouraged.
But we're just not doing well imagining the going part.

MOMENTS LATER: Oh, we can throw this in here; somewhat related to L.A.'s apparent lack of previous Navy Wks. &, therefore, patriotism. (And writ by a Navy guy, Bobbo Heinlein.)
Americans are considered crazy everywhere in the world. They will usually concede a basis for the accusation, but point to California as the focus of the infection. Californians stoutly maintain that their bad reputation is derived solely from the acts of the inhabitants of Los Angeles County. Angelenos will, when pressed, admit the charge but explain hastily, “It’s Hollywood. It’s not our fault–we didn’t ask for it; Hollywood just grew.” The people in Hollywood don’t care; they glory in it.
This is true. Nyaah nyaah.

Two Beds

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trivial But Amusing

I.e., pretty much what we're shooting for, so get off our lawn! (Actually, we have to give credit for the patience to do some research. It adds to the amusement.) Especially amusing is the killer dentist.TRIGGER WARNING: Kardashians & other Hollywood debris.

"Witch Hunt Reporting"

Shorter Donald Douglas, local loon:
Norway mass murderer not a right-wing nut because:

a) I say so.

2) He didn't hate Jews & homos enough.

iii) Q. E. D.!

Best Mean Part

More horrifying images of the IE.
Taffer's first task is to reform Angel's Sport Bar, which is located in the Inland Empire, an area identified by some as "the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario metropolitan area" and by others as "the region of California that any travel agencies or colleges just don't want the rest of the world to know about."
Heh indeed. Did not bother applying any thought to the piece, but a tee vee show that boils down to: Can This Bar Be Saved? is probably not a good indication.

Not Trying Nearly Hard Enough,
Real Americans

Straight outta Truthdig:
On the heels of Friday’s tragedy in Norway, three men unassociated with one another killed five people and wounded at least 20 across the U.S. when they opened fire on weekend crowds in Washington State, Texas and Florida. One of the gunmen killed himself. The shootings took place STraight ouutat a casino, a roller rink and a house party. The attacks do not appear to have been politically motivated.—ARK
AP via The Huffington Post:

... A man went to a casino near Seattle early Sunday looking for a woman, found her on a crowded dance floor with another man, shot them both and continued firing, wounding five others before being tackled by a security guard, authorities said.

... A gunman shouted at the children to leave his son’s birthday party at a Texas roller rink before fatally shooting his estranged wife and four of her relatives and then killing himself as others panicked and some fled screaming on their skates, police and witnesses say.

... A suspect fired several shots from a handgun after fighting erupted among teenagers at a birthday party at a central Florida home, leaving nine people wounded, authorities said Sunday.

Read more herehere and here
"Kill kill kill kill kill/I got a rage to live!
Kill kill kill kill kill/I got so much to give!"

Today's 1000-Words Worth

We wanted no more to do w/ this ugliness, but Ho-lee Shit.
How many wet-suits does he have on? 'Cause that's quite a dildo.

This Island Earth

Astronauts at the International Space Station captured a breathtaking image of Atlantis ...
The shuttle ... is pictured just as it re-enters the earth's atmosphere - which appears like a yellow dome engulfing Earth.
Still stealing.

Stolen Verbatim

Republicans for Big Oil, Democrats for Big Banks

Jeffrey Sachs: "The idea that the Republicans are for the billionaires and the Democrats are for the common man is quaint but outdated. It's more accurate to say that the Republicans are for Big Oil while the Democrats are for Big Banks. That has been the case since the modern Democratic Party was re-created by Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin."

"America needs a third-party movement to break the hammerlock of the financial elites. Until that happens, the political class and the media conglomerates will continue to spew lies, American militarism will continue to destabilize a growing swath of the world, and the country will continue its economic decline."
Value added:"I did not say I was a millionaire ..." And Hubert Sumlin working it out.

Where's The POOP?

Not even a scent of ammonia. Very disappointing.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

(Racial) Purity Troll

What the right wing everywhere would like you to understand (or else):

It is always necessary to destroy the village before you save it.

This goes far beyond the dismal sphere of economics, the economy, deficits, budgets, debt ceilings, &c., about which the less typed the better.

The (alleged) Masonic Murderer of Oslo hadn't the guts to join a [EUPHEMISM ALERT] private military contractor [END ALERT] & visit the homeland of terror to cut off his imagined Islamist enemy at the roots. Nor did he bomb a mosque, or plug any of the jihadis already terrorizing the (fantasy) Norway in which he lived.

No, he attacked his own government, & shot, in the coldest of blood, the very Nordic, European, yada-yada-yada people he claimed to defend. Turned on his own when they weren't pure enough for him: They were not real Norwegians.

The phrase "Norway's Oklahoma City" has been heard; the apter comparison is to the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church.

What this may mean is, as usual, anyone's guess.


(So good we cross-posted it.)

He Had No Idea

The Doors

Art Round-Up: Antlers & Ass

All plastic, of course.

Oh Dear

Sorry about anything mean typed or any rude photos posted concerning the late Amy Winehouse.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Irony, You Say?

Half a day late, but still worth a look, from Zombie of The PJ Tatler:
Left-leaning Wonkette cites the blond Utoya Island shooter as reason enough to start mocking “wingnuts” for falsely speculating about an Islamic connection:
U.S. Wingnuts Ready To Pretend-Attack Norway Bombers/Shooters

Nobody knows what’s really going on in Oslo or at the holiday camp island in Norway where a bombing and a shooting have left many people dead, but it’s always safe for American Idiots on the Internet to jump in with a suspect (“Muslims”) and a verdict (“guilty”) and a list of co-conspirators (“Obama and the liberals”) and a punishment (“kill ‘em all”). No matter that a tall blond man of “Norwegian appearance” and wearing a police uniform is described as the shooter on Norway’s Utoya Island — thee muslins are increasingly able to appear as whatever people or things they want to appear as….
Elsewhere, for reasons I seriously can’t figure, this Tatler post, despite being nothing more than a round-up of links to other sites, is now the #4 link on the top Memeorandum thread. Not that I’m complaining, but shouldn’t the top links be reserved for sites that have first-hand information?

If this terror attack does turn out to have a confirmed Islamic connection, this detail may be in the running for an Irony of the Year award:

The Utoya victims had attended a political workshop on how to combat “xenophobia” and “Islamophobia” in Norway:

- To constantly be suspicion and rejection of a society does something to you, told Dagbladet’s Marte Michelet debate editor of a political workshop at Utøya.

Michelet opened to a packed hall on integration and immigration policy. She used her own laws as an example of how it is to be an asylum seeker to come to a new country. She expressed concern about the increasingly living pure Islamophobia that will dominate the public immigration debate.

- Previously, the majority agreed with the AUF. Majority community must adapt so that minorities feel welcome. Today it is becoming more acceptable to blame the immigrants and argue that any lack of integration is their own fault.

In her introduction she also warned against the blåbrune right parties that have gained considerable influence in European politics.

- After the Berlin Wall’s fall was Islamophobia the dominant form of European racism. The more unacceptable form of general racism, was linked to the Muslims. “They can not integrate. They lack manners. They’ll just exploit our welfare system. They are potential terrorists. ” All of this is found in the online debates in all matters relating to integration and immigration, she said.

Utøya Labour Youth summer camp
The participants had also attended lectures encouraging them to be more pro-Palestine/pro-Hamas and more anti-Israel.
Posted at 10:56 am on July 22nd, 2011 by
No, wait, here's the irony, the guy agrees w/ Zombie about that Muzzie-lovin': It'll kill you.

Genius Jim Wrong Again: It's The Masons!!

It seems as if it were only yesterday ... oh, it was? How funny, then, that Jim Hoft, The Gateways Pundit, thought the DHS was full of it, in re: the potential for reactionary white people (Could one even be whiter than a Norgie?) to commit acts of terror.

So, was today's terror in Oslo all Muslim & al-Qaeda? Nope, looks as if Anders Behring Breivik is a Mason.
Granted, we found this shot of the Masonic (alleged) Murderer at Limeyland's MailOnline, which isn't much more credible than Genius Jim.