Sunday, July 31, 2022

Republican Platform Up-Date

Chickenshits Offering Chickenfeed

Today being Sunday, the local House of Cracker Chickenshit should be closed, & I could wander up Western Ave. to break a few windows, or light some fires. That is, if I weren't chickenshit myself, a lazy sod, & thwarted by the surveillance society. Any location that makes it well known they're closed every Sunday is bound to be filthy w/ cameras, so no pouring a flammable liquid & trying to get & keep it lit. Molotov cocktails or a flamethrower might make it easier/faster. Hell, if I exercise my urban warfare imagination, I s'pose an RPG launched from across the street would be the best possible option. Although there may be more possibilities than I first thought.You'd think ammo for this puppy wouldn't be easy to find, but our host hands 'em out pretty freely. Not certain that's an actual explosive round, however. And you'd want an incendiary for the Chick-fil-A anyway.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Only In L.A.?

Image from Lorraine Golosow, MD, who offers more than you may want to know on the subject.
Try to help someone & what does one get?

Woman Blames Hotel Guard’s Hand Swipe for Breast Implant Deflation

A woman is suing the owner of a downtown Los Angeles hotel, alleging a security guard caused her left saline breast implant to deflate after he accidentally brushed her with one hand while the plaintiff was trying to help someone with a medical problem in March.

Grace Paeck’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit against The Freehand Hotel Co., owner of the Freehand Los Angeles hotel, alleges negligence and premises liability. She seeks unspecified damages.

A representative for the hotel on West 8th Street did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Paeck was sitting in the hotel lobby on March 7 when she went to the aid of a patron who needed medical help, the suit states. Security guards approached the ill guest and Paeck and one of them waved his arms in the air to get the plaintiff to back away, according to the suit.

“As the security guard waved his hands/arms, plaintiff’s left breast was hit and she immediately felt a jolting pain,” the suit states. “Later the same day, plaintiff realized that her left saline breast implant had deflated as a result of the security guard hitting her.”

The guard’s “careless and ignorant behavior” at the hotel created an “unreasonable risk of harm,” according to the suit, which further states that Paeck had to see doctors and undergo medical examinations because of her injuries.

This woman doesn't seem very good at choosing professionals. She let some croaker give her a Brand X breast implant, then she found a lawyer who didn't go after the implant manufacturer or surgeon, but sued the hotel where it happened & a guard for an "accidental brushing"? ('Though it's not impossible the att'y. started w/ the manufacturer & doctor but that didn't make the papers.)

Either way, that's certainly not much of an implant. Cursory research indicates saline implants are less expensive than silicone, so you get what you pay for. At least the plaintiff wasn't fooling around w/ anyone when her breast gave way. That would freak me right out.

Kill The People, Not The Cats

Cuter than you.
Today's International Tiger Day.

International Tiger Day: As tiger populations increase, so do conflicts with humans

The number of tigers in Nepal has increased 290% since 2009, officials said.
Good news, now bugger off & leave nature alone. How much longer must we wait until we can send the excess humanoid population to the off-world colonies?

Crash A 'Plane (Or Two) Into It!

Remember "NO MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO!!!"? Where's the outrage now, hypocritical right-wingers?Golf & golfers are scum. As is Saudi Arabia. And the vast majority of the human species.

G.Q.P. Platform Up-Date: "Rapekrieg"


Marine Vet Who Was Allegedly Part of Neo-Nazi Group That Called for Mass Murder Arrested on Gun Charges

That effort came while the veteran was still serving, with court records also alleging that the Marine was a leading member of a neo-Nazi group known as "Rapekrieg" whose idealogy focused on the conviction that rape would be "an extremely effective tool against our many foes."

Today In Corporate Greed

"It's All Biden's Fault!"

On the backs of the American people would be more like it, tool.

Friday Freak Out

Sounds the same as the released version, save the yip-yap at the beginning & the screech at the end.
In a similar vein.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Andrew Yang: Bugger Off, You Twit!

True colors of the Forward Party revealed:
Andrew Yang is scheduled to speak at a rally for Republican controller candidate Lanhee Chen Thursday in Industry, one day after the candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination announced the merger of three groups to form a new third party.

Chen announced his candidacy July 6, 2021, pledging to be “a fighter in the state controller’s office who will be a check on the one-party monopoly in Sacramento, expose fraud and waste in government, and ensure that we can account for every penny that our state spends.”

Chen finished first in the June primary with 37.2% of the vote. He was the lone Republican in a six-candidate field that also consisted of four Democrats and a Green Party candidate. Chen will face Board of Equalization Chair Malia M. Cohen in the November general election. The Democrat was second with 22.7%.

Incumbent Betty T. Yee is barred from seeking re-election because of term limits.

Chen is seeking to be the first Republican elected to statewide office in California since 2006 when Arnold Schwarzenegger was re-elected governor and Steve Poizner was elected insurance commissioner.

Chen is director of domestic policy studies of Stanford University’s Public Policy Program and a fellow in American public policy studies at the university’s Hoover Institution, its public policy think tank.

Chen was policy director for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, serving as Romney’s chief policy adviser, a senior strategist on the campaign and the person responsible for developing the campaign’s domestic and foreign policy, according to his Stanford University biography.

Chen was a senior appointee at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services during the George W. Bush Administration. Chen was appointed to the Social Security Advisory Board by then-President Barack Obama in 2013, serving until 2018.

Chen received bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and law degrees from Harvard University.

The controller is the state’s chief fiscal officer, responsible for accountability and disbursement of the state’s financial resources, independently audits government agencies that spend state funds, and administers the payroll system for state government employees and California State University employees.

The controller serves on 70 boards and commissions with authority ranging from state public land management to crime victim compensation and a member of numerous financing authorities, and fiscal and financial oversight entities including the Franchise Tax Board and Board of Equalization.

Yang finished sixth in the Iowa caucuses and suspended his campaign after an eighth-place finish in the New Hampshire primary. He finished fourth in the 2021 New York City Democratic mayoral primary.

Yang announced on Oct. 4, 2021, he had changed his voter registration from Democrat to independent, writing in his blog that “breaking up with the Democratic Party feels like the right thing to do because I believe I can have a greater impact this way.”

Yang announced the formation of the Forward Party the following day. The merger of the Forward Party with the Serve America Movement and Renew America Movement was announced Wednesday. The merged organization will be known as Forward, with Yang serving as a co-chair, along with Christine Todd Whitman, a former Republican governor of New Jersey.

The Serve America Movement was founded in 2017 by former George W. Bush staffers and was chaired by former Rep. David Jolly, R-Florida. It sought to “build a new political party for a new American majority,” and supported increasing spending on health care, education and infrastructure. It also supported ending mass incarceration and championed free markets, free trade and fiscal responsibility.

The Renew America Movement was formed in 2021 “to either reimagine a Republican Party dedicated to our founding ideals, or else hasten the creation of such an alternative.”

According to Forward’s website,, “three overarching priorities will unite the broad coalition we are building”:

— Free People: Revitalize a culture that celebrates difference and individual choice, rejects hate and removes barriers so that each of us can rise to our full potential.

— Thriving Communities: Reinvigorate a fair, flourishing economy and open society where everyone can live a good life and is safe in the places where we learn, work and live.

— Vibrant Democracy: Reform our republic to give Americans more choices in elections, more confidence in a government that works and more say in our future.

Forward’s focus will be on electing mayors and city council and school board members.

“While we won’t shy away from big national races, our focus is on winning seats like these to change the course of our country,” according to the website. “This is not an effort to run a presidential candidate in 2024, and no one on the Forward team is currently planning to run for president. This is an effort to build a viable, credible and durable national political party.”

My immediate guess would be that Bush money is behind this. These fuckers have many Bush connections, & crap like this has the stench of "compassionate conservatism". Poor Jeb, or one of the next generation Bushes, needs a gig. Or Russian money. Either way, whoever's behind this bullshit hopes to fuck w/ what passes for democracy in this country.

And stay the hell outta the middle of the road. It's dangerous.
Stay outta Malibu Heights, too. 

ADDED: You want to see more stenography? Check the later version of the story. They have no shame.

G.O.P. Picks Another Winner

Dana Blanton / Fox News:
Fox News Poll: Oz supporters lack enthusiasm in Pennsylvania Senate race  —  The GOP is struggling to gain a foothold in Pennsylvania  —  Majority of Pennsylvania voters disapprove of Biden, poll says  —  Democrats hold the advantage in battleground Pennsylvania, as GOP candidates haven't closed the sale with Republican voters.
Tara Palmeri / Puck:
Oz's Great Escape  —  Republican Party insiders are increasingly frustrated with what they perceive as a certain laissez-faire attitude from the poorly-polling G.O.P. Senate candidate, who has spent nearly as much time on vacation as on the campaign trail.
See also: Walker, Herschel, & Vance, J.D. And that fuckhead running for PA Gov. What a fucking joke of a party.

Fuck You & The Constitution Too!

Andrew Morgan / The Federalist:
Democrats Are Dangerously Close To Changing Laws So Our President Is Elected By Popular Vote  —  The left's push for a popular vote for the presidency directly undermines the electoral system established by our Constitution.  —  The left is at it again, and conservatives need to be on high alert.
Excuse me, cretinous Nazi, but the electoral system established by the Constitution directly undermines majority rule.

Thurs. Turkey Trot

Couldn't resist.
It was a more innocent (or self-censoring) time.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Damn SONY & its crummy auto-focus to hell!

Always Something Happening

Flying objects & raging ambulances.

Mass Murder, Inc.

Gun manufacturers have made more than $1 billion from selling AR-15-style guns over the past decade, and for two companies those revenues have tripled over the past three years, according to a House investigation unveiled Wednesday.
We seem to be fumbling around for answers: Is it racism and radicalization, or untreated mental illness, or toxic video games, or too-easy access to guns? All of these may be parts of the problem, but equally none of them makes complete sense outside of the larger context: The gun industry’s modern marketing effort did not just arm these shooters; in a very real sense, it created them.
[The Atlantic]

Wednesday's Worm Is Full Of Whoa!

But He Is Funky

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

2028 G.Q.P. Platform

You might say, don't be ridiculous, that's a comic book. Is it?
Exclusive: Neo-Nazi Marine Plotted Mass Murder, Rape Campaigns with Group, Feds Say  —  While tasked with protecting the nation, Matthew Belanger was plotting a killing spree against minorities and to rape “white women to increase the production of white children,” according to federal prosecutors
Matthew Chapman / Raw Story:   

Gun Play Report



Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Five Yrs. Later, How'd The "War On Dictators" Go?

Were the secret orders so secret no one bothered to carry them out? Only "Dead Man Walking" there is Lumpy himself.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Burn The Suburbs!

How fucking stupid are these morons? At this rate they'll burn themselves out of their suburban shitholes.


Frank Heinz / NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth:
Woman Shot After Opening Fire Inside Dallas Love Field Airport: Dallas Police  —  Flight operations are suspended at Love Field; passengers asked to avoid the airport for now  —  What to Know  — Gunfire was reported inside Dallas Love Field Airport just after 11 a.m.
Someone's going to be seriously injured or die in one of these shooting stampedes, even if no one is actually shot.
Wouldn't that be ironic?

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Sex Crimes

On July 25, 1972, Associated Press investigative reporter Jean Heller shocked the world with a story of what is now known as the “Tuskegee Study.” Heller and a daughter of a study participant, Lillie Tyson Head, reflect on the study's legacy.
Never forget that this nation is a murderous shithole, & every last one of you is going to hell.


Then Off W/ Their Heads!!

A few executions should put an end to this crap once & for all.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Anarchy In The L.A.

Apparently we just can't have nice things.
A car crash, followed by a street takeover, Friday night were just the latest shenanigans to temporarily close the new 6th Street Viaduct, Los Angeles police said.

The crash occurred about 9:55 p.m., forcing officers to block access to the bridge, LAPD Officer Matthew Cruz said.

The $588-million bridge, connecting downtown to the city’s historic Eastside, opened to traffic two weeks ago and has been plagued by taggers, street racers and vehicle crashes.

After a two-hour closure Friday, an estimated 200 people descended on the bridge for a “street takeover, fireworks and vandalism,” the LAPD’s Central Division reported in a tweet.

Central Division officials tweeted that there would be “maximum enforcement” over the weekend and that vehicles parked on the bridge will be cited or towed. Anyone present at a bridge takeover will be cited, they said.

Meanwhile, city and transit officials are looking at installing cameras, higher fencing and a traffic median on the bridge to stem future problems.

[L.A. Paywall. If you really give a crap, see what CNS has typed.]


Police said a 6-year-old girl was among three Iowa family members fatally shot while camping in a state park, apparently killed by a man from Nebraska who later turned the gun on himself.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Repent, Jews!

Anti-Semitic sign that reads Juden sind hier unerwünscht (Jews Are Unwanted Here).
Eric Hananoki / Media Matters for America:
Doug Mastriano consultant and Gab CEO: Jewish conservatives like Ben Shapiro aren't welcome in our movement  —  Doug Mastriano consultant and Gab CEO Andrew Torba has a message for right-wing Jewish commentators including Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin: You're not welcome in our movement unless you “repent” and renounce your Jewish faith.
Oh, I think we have a pretty good idea why.

Friday Freak Out

225,000 people descended on a former Air Force Base in Rome, New York, for Woodstock '99, which started out as a music festival but descended into chaos and violence.
Serious wailing.

Friday Finger

This guy again?

Tee Vee Eye

Guys in suits saying "dork".

En attendant Godot, édition D.O.J.

Any fucking day now, right?

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Fuck The Bosses & "The Boss"

Never gave one crap about B.S. Did we ever need another or a "next" Dylan? Frankly, one seemed more than enough. And this is plenty.
It is exceedingly clear that Bruce Springsteen does not care how much a given fan spends to see him play. If he did care, the rock icon who recently sold the rights to his publishing catalog for a cool $500 million — and whose concert tours typically rake in around $200 million at the box office — would refuse to work with Ticketmaster, finance the shows himself, buy permits to use unoccupied fields across America and set a ticket price he alone could control. He’d call it Brucestock or something and pocket considerably less from the fans who’ve supported him for half a century.

But, of course, he won’t do this, because no one does. As with all A-list acts, fans expect Springsteen to play their local arena or stadium, those venues usually have binding contracts with promotional juggernaut Live Nation to operate the performances, and Live Nation merged with Ticketmaster in 2009, creating a smothering entertainment conglomerate that essentially forces artists — who in many cases must also adhere to the desires of their record labels, which in turn have deep-seated relationships with Live Nation and Ticketmaster — to use Ticketmaster to fill their shows, turning a blind eye as fans are price-gouged over and over.

The great irony is that just before the ‘09 merger, Springsteen and his longtime manager Jon Landau condemned the move in an open letter, saying it would be “returning us to a near monopoly situation in music ticketing” as they also railed against Ticketmaster directing their fans to a secondary site to purchase seats for inflated prices.

Yet 13 years later, here we are again.

We're sure Mr. Springsteen & Mr. Landau are constantly making big "charity donations". What a pair of pigs.

See You In September

Riot Up-Date

High On Her Own Supply Of Vaporware

You Don't Want to Know What It Smells Like

Gwyneth "GOOP" Paltrow explains her business model:
"... we’re able to create product out of thin air that we believe in so much.”
You'll never go broke, yada ...
Her infamous jade yoni eggs—sold for $66 and were meant to be inserted into the vagina for whatever reason—came with warnings from the medical community and got our Gwynedd fined $145,000.

More recently, as seen on The Kardashians, Paltrow collaborated with Kourtney Kardashian on a candle called “Smells Like My Pooshie.” Part of that is in reference to Kardashian’s own wellness line, Poosh. Because, synergy?

In related fare, 2020 saw Goop release a $75 candle called “This Smells Like My Vagina.” And while we’re still on the subject, there’s no telling how many housewives bought Goop’s 24k Olga Gold Dildo for $3,490. Though it’s a small price to pay if you’re down with creepy Hollywood orgasm cults.

Other objets Paltrow has peddled to the public include a toothpaste squeezer, vampire repellent spray, and a $73 wooden spoon.

Someone should shove one of those jade eggs down her throat for a few minutes.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Calling All Killers!!

Hey kids, good news! You don't have to come up w/ big bucks from your loser minimum wage job to fulfill your lifelong dreams of murder & death. 

Don't be a chump like the guy in Texas who blew around US$3,000 for two rifles. $2,000? $1,500? A thou? Not even. You can get a snappy-looking AR-15 style "Modern Sporting Rifle" w/ a 30-round magazine for around US$500.00. Play your cards right & you can shoot up the gathering of your choice before the first payment. 

Quality? Durability? Whatever. You're only using it once, right?

ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx RIA P3 AR-15, Semi-automatic, 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem., 16" Barrel, 30+1 Rounds

Buyer's Club 
or 4 interest-free payments of 118.75 with  

Indiana In The News

Tess Owen / VICE:
Indiana Mall Gunman Appears to Have Posted Plans on 4chan  —  Police have told VICE News they are familiar with the posts and are investigating.  —  TO  —  TORONTO, CA  —  Hours before a 20-year-old gunman opened fire on a food court in a suburban mall near Indianapolis on Sunday …
Oriana Gonzalez / Axios:
Doctor who treated 10-year-old rape victim moves to sue state AG for defamation  —  Caitlin Bernard, the OB-GYN who provided an abortion on a 10-year-old girl from Ohio who was raped, took the first legal step to sue Indiana's attorney general for defamation over his comments alleging medical misconduct.
Not, however, a complete shithole.
An Indiana man who ran into a burning home and saved five people, including a 6-year-old girl he jumped out of a second-floor window with, says he's no hero and that the serious injuries he suffered were “all worth it." (July 20)
Doesn't look like crisis actors.

Greek Fire

They're not even having a heat wave in the cradle of Western "civilization". They're just burning.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Temperature's Rising ...

38.7°C., or 101.7°F.

Britain shattered its record for highest temperature ever registered Tuesday amid a heat wave that has seared swaths of Europe - and the national weather forecaster predicted it would get hotter still in a country ill prepared for such extremes. (July 19)
Up-Date (even before this was published): The telebision claims the latest readings were 40.3°C., 104.5°F.