Saturday, June 30, 2018

Today's Big Lie

Hey, maybe Big Chief Forked-Tongue's Twitter acc't. was hacked. It could happen.
 Brent D. Griffiths / Politico:
Trump falsely claims he never told House Republicans to vote for immigration bill  —  President Donald Trump falsely claimed on Saturday that he never encouraged House Republicans to vote for an immigration bill, despite tweeting such an encouragement three days earlier.
Alternate facts: "Fake news! Fake news!"

Operation TOENAILS

WED 30 JUN 1943
Naval vessels and craft on hand (all types)--18,493. Personnel: Navy--1,741,750; Marine Corps--310,994; Coast Guard--154,976. Total Personnel--2,207,720.

Beginning shortly before midnight on 29 June, four cruisers and four destroyers of TU 36.2.1 (Rear Admiral Aaron S. Merrill) bombard Vila-Stanmore on Kolombangara and Buin-Shortland, Bougainville, Solomons; TU 36.2.2--light minelayers Preble (DM-20), Gamble (DM-15), and Breese (DM-18)--sow mines off Shortland Harbor, Bougainville, between Alu and Munda Islands. Gamble lays mines off New Georgia.

In Operation TOENAILS, Third Fleet Amphibious Force (Rear Admiral Richmond K. Turner) supported by land-based aircraft (Vice Admiral Aubrey W. Fitch) lands Marines and Army troops on Rendova and other islands in the New Georgia area, Solomons. Destroyer Gwin (DD-433) is damaged off Munda, New Georgia, by Japanese shore battery.

Attack transport McCawley (APA-4), damaged by Japanese aerial torpedoes is torpedoed by what is most likely U.S. motor torpedo boat off New Georgia, Solomons, 08°25'S, 157°28'W.

High speed minesweeper Zane (DMS-14) is damaged by grounding, Solomons, 08°30'S, 157°25'E.

Seaplane tender (destroyer) Hulbert (AVD-6) is damaged by grounding off Alexai Point, Massacre Bay, Aleutians.

Indian Ocean
Last survivors of U.S. freighter Henry Knox torpedoed and sunk by Japanese submarine I-37 on 19 June 1943, reaches the Maldives. From Henry Knox's complement, 13 of 42-man merchant sailors perish, as do 13 of the 25-man Armed Guard.

Coast Guard Cutter No. 83421 is sunk in collision with submarine chaser SC-1330 en route to Miami, Florida. Submarine chaser SC-1330 is damaged.

Last Round-Up

(Until August.)

Friday, June 29, 2018

Civility Up-Date:

Don't just look; click, read & listen. Then tell me conservatism, or Trumpism, or whatever the fuck this crap is,
isn't a mental illness.
 Hamilton Nolan / Splinter:
We Get Voicemails  —  This week I wrote something that got widely circulated among angry right-wing people on the internet, which caused my personal contact information to be published online, which allowed me to hear voicemails from many new friends.  Let's listen to a few.
Say, funny none of the alt-right fake news sites have published equivalent items, isn't it? You don't suppose both sides don't do it, do you? (Or that one side is sane, & one is very, very disturbed.)

Tengrain's already driven us to drinking w/ this very disturbed person, but it bears repetition, so I'll provide the entire R.W.W. text; being literate, I needn't listen to these hideous beings ramble on. Nor have I the time to waste listening.
Earlier this week, right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein appeared on “The NutriMedical Report Show,” a radio program hosted by nutritional supplement proprietor Dr. Bill Deagle, during which Deagle repeatedly threatened to kill anyone who dares to harass him, President Trump, or any other conservative politician in America.

Outraged about recent incidents such as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders being asked to leave a restaurant, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi being confronted by protesters, and Rep. Maxine Waters’ call for more such confrontations, Deagle declared that “these people need to understand, they’re not going to have a bad day, they’re going to die.”

Deagle said that if he had been on hand during the confrontation between Bondi and protesters, he would not only have pepper sprayed the protesters but “would have whipped out my concealed carry permit gun and I would have blown them away and put them in a box.”

“They need to understand the right is not going to be shouted down,” he said. “[If] they continue to think they are going to harass the right, these people need to understand they’re not going to have a bad day, they’re going to die.”

After Bernstein declared that Waters “is an absolute psychopath” who is “just insane” and needs to be put in prison for inciting violence, Deagle returned to the Bondi incident in order to again assert that if anyone were to physically attack him, he would “haul out a weapon and I would blow him away, hit him in the center of the body to make sure he didn’t have time to go to the I.C.U. or have a trauma surgeon [save him], he’d be dead on the spot.'”

“People need to start realizing they’re going to get a lot more than they bargained for if they want to harass us, supporters of Donald Trump and conservatism,” Deagle stated. “They’re not going to get just a little helter skelter and yelling, they’re going to get death.”

Deagle also issued a warning to Democratic candidates and lawmakers who are calling for the abolishment of the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) branch.

“We’ll ice them, how’s that?” he said. “We’ll put them on ice.”

“I’ve reached my limit now,” Deagle fumed. “They want to bring it on? You’re going to get a lot more than you bargained for, believe me. The destroyer is not the devil, it’s God and we’re his proxy. You want to bring it on? You’re going to bring on your own devastation and destruction. Don’t push it.”
(Note that Dr. Deagle, if not Bernstein, actually is "civil", at least as quoted above. Not an insult or mean word directed at anyone, other than "these people". Just graphic threats of murder should anyone disagree w/ him or Trump, & a reminder that Gaed is w/ them.)

Someone say "a little helter-skelter and yelling"?
"Helter-Skelter" - Siouxsie & The Banshees

Maxine Waters Cancels Weekend Events After Threats

Unsuccessful Attack

TUE 29 JUN 1943
Naval Auxiliary Air Facility, Shemya, Alaska, is established.

Submarine Gurnard (SS-254) unsuccessfully attacks Japanese convoy, 07°34'N, 134°26'E.

Japanese cargo vessel No.8 Mikage Maru is sunk in collision with Nikko Maru 30 miles west of Iwanni, northern coast of Hokkaido, 45°04'N, 142°03'E.

Almost Over

This blog-wrangling stuff is work. Read & enjoy, or else.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

U.S. War On Science Begins!

MON 28 JUN 1943
Submarine Peto (SS-265) sinks Japanese hydrographic-meteorological research ship Tenkai, 01°47'N, 151°46'E.

Submarine Tunny (SS-282) sinks Japanese gunboat Shotoku Maru off west coast of Rota, Marianas, 14°10'N, 145°03'E.

Indian Ocean
Second group of survivors of U.S. freighter Henry Knox, torpedoed and sunk by Japanese submarine I-37 on 19 June 1943, reaches the Maldives (see 30 June 1943).

Today In The Ancient Art Of Thuggee

If anything starts a civil war, it'll be Geheime Staatspolizei thuggee tactics. For example:
 CBS News:
CBS News interview with ICE whistleblower interrupted by surprise visit from government agents  —  In his first television interview, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson James Schwab opens up about why he abruptly resigned in March.  Schwab admits both the Obama …
Or, as Digby put it, Stasi tactics. (Love those Krauts. They're just so organized!)

We Zen Rastafarians call them Babylonians.
The Officials - "Babylonians"

Culture Wars: Gov't. About To "Modernize" Music?

As music continues sucking more than ever, the gov't. has been forced to step in. So much for a free cultural market.
 Amy X. Wang / Rolling Stone:
Music Modernization Act advances out of committee to full Senate  —  Bill unanimously passes Senate Judiciary Committee and now goes to Senate for full vote


Doin' It Old Skool:

Doden door schietpartij op redactie krant in Amerikaanse staat Maryland

Volgens politie is man die vuur zou hebben geopend gepakt

Update: zeker vier dodelijke slachtoffers
Update: freaky tweet is freaky.
Update: de dader zou hebben geschoten met een shotgun.
[The Post Online]

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Survivors Reach Maldives

SUN 27 JUN 1943
Salvage vessel Redwing (ARS-4) is sunk by underwater explosion (possibly an enemy mine) off coast of North Africa, 37°19'N, 09°56'E.

Indian Ocean
U.S. freighter Sebastian Cermeno, en route from Mombasa, Kenya, to Bahia, Brazil, is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-511 at 29°00'S, 50°10'E; after U-511 surfaces to question the survivors, the enemy submarine submerges and retires from the area (see 8, 13, 14, 23 and 27 July 1943).

First group of survivors of U.S. freighter Henry Knox, torpedoed and sunk by Japanese submarine I-37 on 19 June 1943, reaches the Maldives (see 28 and 30 June 1943).

Pure Consciousness Comes
To The Tuned-Out Mind

Is this sort of thing a good idea? I've a vague memory from a wk. or two ago (Or was it three? Everything's a blur.) of reactionary elements warning The Left (monolith that it is) that if it didn't stop accusing right-wingers of being racists & Nazis noting that many things said by some on the right could very easily be interpreted as fascist & racist, conservatives would therefore (by some very odd logic) be driven into the arms of the Nazis, which would really show the libs or something, so there!!

Note very well that this is the Republican National Committee, the official Grand Old Party, not just a right-wing Nervous Nellie typing on the iNternet. I certainly hope this sort of crap "unhinges" The American Left & drives it into the arms of the glorious Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Revolution (Too many cooks spoiling the broth?) if not to something even more radical, like voting.
You gonna make me stop? 'Cause if you aren't, maybe you should just bugger off, aging honkies. Oh, yeah, we're still waiting for a statement about Iowa Congresscreep King re-Tweeting neo-Nazis, R.N.C.

Hey, let's compare & contrast:Again, who's hinged & who isn't?

But if nothing else, it gave us a laugh, & an excuse to embed this perennial.

Jesus Regrets, Bouffant Tweets!

Patti Smith Makin' A.G.A., one factory job at a time.
Recorded 5 June 1974. It's fookin' middle-aged!

Today's Entry

Bad news edition.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Trumpy Junkies

Now We Know What's Wrong W/ These People

Regions With Highest Opioid Use Strongly Backed Trump In 2016, Study Finds

Trump won about 60 percent of the vote in these areas, far exceeding his overall count.
See? You had to be as high as the proverbial kite to vote for that shitheel.


Keepin' It Civil

Compare & contrast, the civility edition:
Sarah Sanders to receive Secret Service protection  —  (CNN)White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is expected to receive Secret Service protection as soon as Wednesday, two sources familiar with the decision tell CNN, but they did not specify how long it will last.
One of these days I am going to administer actual violence to one of these sensitive snowflakes, rather than a mere piece of my mind; then they will have something about which to whine & moan, rather than screaming about "violence" & "abuse" after their widdle feewings are hurt merely by being informed precisely how full of shit they are.
 Davis Richardson / The New York Observer:
Milo Yiannopoulos Encourages Vigilantes to Start ‘Gunning Journalists Down’  —  Milo Yiannopoulos has started issuing reporters threatening messages when asked to comment for stories.  —  “I can't wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight,” …
A matter of time before the S.S. is ensuring Sanders & her Klavern/fambly are seated at the very best table, whoever else is there be damned (reservations be damned as well) followed by a dine & dash covered by the armed S.S. agents. Once they get away w/ that they can start plugging anyone who dares question anything, anywhere.

The Anti-President Trump Fake News Psy-Op Meme*

Remember the American Thinker? A degenerate fringe element in its heyday, & the degeneration hasn't lessened any in the Age of Shit & Trump, as this paranoid headline indicates.

Insurrection is Here; How Long do We have Until Civil War 2.0 Starts?

Yes, "insurrection" means somebody didn't kiss Kirstjen Nielsen's &/or Sarah Huckabee Sanders' asses sufficiently for typist Peter Barry Chowka's taste.
These ominous uprisings are taking various forms but the most visible and aggressive ones involve Antifa-style “occupy” socialist and anarchist street mobs dedicated to taking down ICE – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal government policing agency that is part of the Department of Homeland Security. The impetus for these actions has been the anti-President Trump Fake News psy-op meme that claims minor children of illegal immigrants arrested for crashing the U.S./Mexico border are being separated from their parents, sent to “Nazi”-like “concentration camps,” and systematically mistreated.

Far left groups whose rag tag appearance belies their sophisticated networking skills, including Direct Action Network and Democratic Socialists of America, are behind the actions. The Hill analyzed the radicals’ agendas after a group of DSA activists loudly confronted DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen while she was having dinner at a restaurant in Washington, D.C.
I mean, listen to this idiot:
The shocking and obscene radical banner above about an ongoing occupy action in New York City is featured on the Portland Abolish I.C.E. PDX Twitter page. It calls for “no prisons no ICE no borders” and adds “chinga la migra” which translates as “f—k migra.” The word migra is a derogatory Spanish language slur for U.S. immigration officers often used by illegal immigrants.
Shocking & obscene!! "Derogatory", even! "Often used by illegal immigrants"! How dare they? Make room for me on the fainting couch while I clutch my pearls!

And in conclusion:
In recent years, law-breaking from the streets to the political suites no longer carries consequences for the preferred classes – Democrat politicians, high-level Deep State bureaucrats, professional leftist and anarchist agitators and their fellow travelers, and now illegal alien invaders.
Yeah, whatever. The Editorial Board here is guessing the American Thinkers are just a little teeny tiny bit scared as hell that Trump is bringing about a turning of the tables, & not in the direction that they'd hoped for. Remember who the "preferred classes" really are; neither "professional" leftist and anarchist agitators and their fellow travelers, nor "illegal alien invaders".

Whoa, as "As We Type" case in point,, speaking of the Democratic Socialists of America:
P.S.: Dig the typist's bio: Besides being a rank hypocrite & specialist in paranoid delusion, he's an alternative medicine pimp. Quelle surprise!
*Album Title of the Wk.

Runner, Perhaps

SAT 26 JUN 1943
Submarine Jack (SS-259) attacks Japanese convoy, sinking transports Shozan Maru and Toyo Maru off Hachijo Jima, southern Honshu, Japan, 33°22'N, 138°56'E. Although damaged by a Japanese aerial bomb during enemy countermeasures, Jack continues on patrol.

Submarine Runner (SS-275) perhaps sinks Japanese army cargo ship Shinryu Maru off Matsuwa Island, Kuriles, 48°06'N, 153°15'E (see 28 May 1943).

Third Time's The Charm?

More aggregation.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Lucky Eagle

FRI 25 JUN 1943
Submarine Sailfish (SS-192) attacks Japanese convoy, sinking army collier Iburi Maru off northeast coast of Honshu, 39°00'N, 142°00'E.

U.S. tanker Eagle, en route to Bahia, is torpedoed by German submarine U-513 about eight miles southeast of Cape Frio, Brazil, at 31°02'N, 79°15'E; Armed Guard gunfire keeps the U-boat submerged while the ship returns to Rio de Janeiro for repairs. There are no casualties among the 41 merchant sailors or the 12-man Armed Guard.

'Round & 'Round We Go ...

... Down & Down We Go

Again w/ the web-log rounding up at Crooks And Liars. Check the M.I.T. Tech Review link, if you want to know what the real robot threat is. Hint: Tain't "A.I."

(And again w/ the gratuitous self-referential items.)

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Stop Seeking Saviors, Suckers

 Gabriel Debenedetti / New York Magazine:
Where Is Barack Obama?  —  Barack Obama was six months into his post-White House life when Donald Trump found a new way to grab his attention. It was a Tuesday morning deep in the mid-Atlantic summer, and, feeling a world away from the Pennsylvania Avenue grind, the former president was reading the New York Times on his iPad.
We needn't read further, thank you. The last line says it all.

Submarine Snook

THU 24 JUN 1943
Submarine Snook (SS-279) damages Japanese oiler Ose west of Amami Oshima, 28°50'N, 126°56'E.

Harbor tug YT-211 is damaged by storm, North African area, 33°38'N, 07°32'W.

PBY (VP 84) sinks German submarine U-200, North Atlantic area, 59°00'N, 26°18'W.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Cargo Ships Sunk & Scuttled

WED 23 JUN 1943
Japanese submarine RO 103 torpedoes and sinks cargo ship Aludra (AK-72) and torpedoes cargo ship Deimos (AK-78) while both are in convoy en route to Guadalcanal, 11°26'S, 162°01'E. Deimos, irreparably damaged, is scuttled by destroyer O'Bannon (DD-450), 11°26'S, 162°01'E.

Submarine Harder (SS-257) damages Japanese seaplane carrier Sagara Maru off southern Honshu, 33°45'N, 138°10'E (see 4 July 1943).

U.S. aircraft sink Japanese guardboat Nikka Maru north of Bougainville, 05°34'N, 155°07'E.

Mature Management Style

The very definition of total buffoonery: "You better jump on any off-the-cuff bullshit I spew, or I'll have a Trumpy-fit!!"
Amazing Stories®.
President Trump’s surprise decision to order the creation of a U.S. “Space Force” came because he was frustrated with Pentagon officials for not taking up his initial suggestion, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Trump directed the Defense Department on Monday to create the country’s sixth military service branch, a move that shocked Pentagon officials and lawmakers.

People familiar with the decision told the Journal that Trump often throws out ideas in public but then expects his aides and Cabinet officials to create follow-through plans.

Trump gets frustrated and makes demands when he feels like his appointees haven’t jumped into action, the newspaper reported.

“He doesn’t forget, and ultimately erupts when he feels slighted,” a former high-level industry and government official* said.

The White House did not respond to the Journal’s requests for comment.

Trump first tossed out the idea of a Space Force in March.

“You know, I was saying it the other day — because we’re doing a tremendous amount of work in space — I said, 'Maybe we need a new force, we’ll call it the Space Force.' And I was not really serious, and then I said, 'What a great idea, maybe we’ll have to do that. That could happen,' ” Trump said during a speech to military personnel in San Diego.
What a moronic asshole. Do click the link to see why this is a dumb idea, & unsupported by anyone in the military.
"Stairway To The Stars" (Fox Trot) - Glenn Miller & his Orchestra Vocal refrain by Ray Eberle
Not as likely to end Glenn Miller style as to burn in the heart of the local star.

*Hmmm ... Rex "Fucking Moron" Tillerson, maybe?

Deal-Maker Doesn't Get Deal

The Urge To Kill

Keep seeing prescription drug adverts that warn of suicidal urges as a possible side-effect.

Is there a prescription drug that will increase my homicidal urges? That'd be a feature rather than a bug, because as much as I'd like to get started on serious population reduction & control, it's just too damn much of an imposition.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Lies, Damned Lies & Trump's Signature

 David A. Fahrenthold / Washington Post:
The four times Trump signed tax returns for his foundation that contained incorrect information  —  For years, President Trump personally signed the tax returns for his charitable foundation, scrawling his signature just below a stern warning from the IRS: Providing false information could lead to “penalties of perjury.”
 The Daily Beast:
Trump Reaffirms North Korean Nuclear Threat After Saying It Was Gone  —  President Donald Trump told Congress in a letter on Friday that North Korea's “provocative, destabilizing, and repressive actions...continue to constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat” to the United States.
Whoops! Thought that little Korea thing was all straightened out after that summit meeting w/o a meaningful agreement. Wha' hoppen?


TUE 22 JUN 1943
Japanese submarine I-7, damaged by destroyer Monaghan (DD-354) 10 miles south of Cape Hita, runs aground, irreparably damaged, 12 miles south-southwest of Kiska, Aleutians, 51°49'N, 177°20'E.

Submarine Grayling (SS-209) damages Japanese merchant oiler Eiyo Maru, 04°03'N, 103°57'E.

Planes from escort carrier Santee (CVE-29) attack German submarine U-572, limiting the damage the latter can inflict on convoy UGS 10.

Submarine chaser SC-751 sinks after grounding, 21°56'S, 113°53'E.

Tank landing ships LST-333 and LST-387 (both carrying landing pontoons) are torpedoed by German submarine U-593 about five miles east of Dellys, Algeria, 36°59'N, 04°02'E. LST-333 is beached; LST-387 is towed to Dellys by tank landing craft LCT-294 and LCT-431. Damaging of these two ships hampers training for the forthcoming invasion of Sicily (Operation HUSKY).

Euphemism Of The Day

"unacceptably low racial awareness and sensitivity"

Say, what's the "acceptable" level? "Darkie"? "Jig-a-boo"?

The question in my tiny & diseased mind is whether Friedland has been wandering around Netfux saying this sort of thing & someone decided that, in the current climate, enough was enough, or if our hero recently decided to start w/ this kind of language, due to his interpretation of the current climate.
 Hollywood Reporter:
Netflix fires PR head Jonathan Friedland; CEO Hastings memo: his use of the N-word at least twice “showed unacceptably low racial awareness and sensitivity”  —  In lengthy internal memo, CEO Reed Hastings addressed letting go top communications executive Jonathan Friedland …
One hell of a "communications" job, you stupid P.R. phony.

Friday Freak-Out

Days getting ... shorter.

Oxygen ... running low.

Cannot hold out much longer ...

Fight Of The Century: Two Mins. & Four Secs., 80 Yrs. Ago

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Elite Of Idiots

This fucking buffoon has no idea that he sounds like a moron, or that he is a moron.As always, if it hasn't embedded (because nobody at M.S.N.B.C. cares) click to see & hear what an idiot Trump is, in his own words.
 Steve Benen / MSNBC:
Confused about his brand of populism, Trump wants to be ‘the elite’

Lyin' Hoe

MON 21 JUN 1943
Fourth Marine Raider Battalion lands at Segi Point, New Georgia, Solomons.
Allegedly from McCall's, 1943.
Submarine Harder (SS-257) damages Japanese oiler No. 3 Kyoei Maru east of Daiozaki, Japan, 34°30'N, 137°32'E.

Submarine Hoe (SS-258) attacks Japanese vessel Koyo Maru 08°58'N, 131°13'E; although Hoe claims a sinking, Koyo Maru survives the encounter with no damage.

Japanese gunboat Hong Kong Maru sinks as the result of damage inflicted by submarine Gunnel (SS-253) off Shirase, Japan, lighthouse on 19 June 1943.

German auxiliary cruiser Michel sights U.S. convoy escorted by submarine chasers SC-1042 and SC-1045 but does not attack.