Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Kee-rist On A Kee-rutch

Compare & contrast this delusional load of crap w/ what the Iranian Gawd-botherers in the item below are up to.
The only difference is the degree of delusion. How long before this theocratic fuckstick starts gassing his constituents?
Eric Adams: ‘When we took prayers out of schools, guns came into schools’  —  At an interfaith breakfast Tuesday, Mayor Eric Adams seemed to regret the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that banned school-sponsored prayer in 1962.  —  “When we took prayers out of schools, guns came into schools …
Another First Amendment ignoramus who's been suckered into the biggest lie of all. Retired police officers should be disqualified from any political offices. And anyone running for office should have to take & pass a civics course that clearly explains the Constitution (among other things) to him or her.

I found this, while looking for this:

Don't Give DeSantis Any Ideas, You Murderous Iranian Thugs

Jesus fucking Christ, what the hell?
Maryam Afshang / BBC:
Iran investigates poisoning of hundreds of schoolgirls with toxic gas  —  Almost 700 girls have been poisoned by toxic gas in Iran since November, in what many believe is a deliberate attempt to force their schools to shut.  —  No girls have died, but dozens have suffered respiratory problems, nausea, dizziness and fatigue.

Number Two

Monday's was relatively easy. This load was like pulling teeth. Has no one anything left in their tanks? Get to work, damnit!

Here's the image, so you may enjoy it in the resolution it deserves.

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Friday, February 24, 2023

F.O.A.D., Dilrod

Chris Quinn / Plain Dealer:
We are dropping the Dilbert comic strip because of creator Scott Adams' racist rant: Letter from the Editor  —  Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip, went on a racist rant this week on his Coffee with Scott Adams online video show, and we will no longer carry his comic strip in The Plain Dealer.

Friday Finger

No, FUCK YOU, Mercedes driver. Image: Jose Carbajal.

Friday Freak Out

Kids today. Large international cast:
Produced by Regina Crisosto Jequier (Chile) Arranger, Musical Director, Riccardo Niar Belletti (Italy) String section Coordinator: Luis Celis (Venezuela) Horns/ Woodwinds Coordinator: Caludia Medina Quispe (Perù) Rhythm Section: Lead Vocals: Regina Crisosto Jequier (Chile) Piano/Keys: Riccardo Niar Belletti (Italy) Electric Guitar 1: Alessandro Meynardi (Italy) Electric Guitar 2: Angel Irizarry Almonte (Santo Domingo) Keyboard: Donghwan Ethan Seo (South Korea) Electric Bass: Jack Schwenke (Australia) Drums: Euan Leslee (UK) Horns/Woodwind Section: Flute: Kristalis Sotomayor (Puerto Rico) Trumpet 1: Andrija Gavrilovic (Serbia) Trumpet 2: Matteo Cutello (Italy) Trumpet 3: Maclin Tucker (USA) Trumpet 4: Bastien Rieser (Germany) Alto Sax 1/Clarinet: Jose Ignacio Santos Aquino (Santo Domingo) Alto Sax 2: Ognjen Gotovcevic (Serbia) Tenor Sax: Tristan Boyadjiev Mitchell (USA) Trombone: Leo Fish (USA) Baritone Sax/ Soprano Sax: Claudia Medina Quispe (Perù) Background Vocalists: Marina Vinogradova (Russia), Vasya Popova (Bulgaria), David Yuhico (Philippines), Fernando Zárate González (Argentina) Percussion Section Marimba/Vibraphone: Samuel Cerra (Italy) Hand Percussions: Alexis Soto (Venezuela) Timpani: Denizcan Aktas (Turkey) String Section: Violin I: Jesus Saenz (Perù), Bengisu Gokce (Turkey), Giulia Duchi (Italy), Nisa Taufik (Malaysia) Violin II: Gioia Gedicks (USA), Lia Davies (USA) Viola: Gerson Eguiguren (Equador), Dylan Fafard (USA) Cello: Brianna Tagliaferro (USA), Łukasz Pawlikowski (Poland) Double Bass: Luis Celis (Venezuela)

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Weather Report

White, Fluffy & Cold

Cold enough at higher altitude I was hailed on, even 'though the sun was shining. Small hailstones (one to two millimeters) most of which had melted, but I took a few that were solid.

He May Be Most Angry About The Way His Mother Dresses Him

Today In Racism These United States

David Moye / HuffPost:
GOP Politician Uses Polish Slur In Speech Claiming Party Isn't Bigoted  —  “Doesn't matter what your race, your color, your creed, Norwegian, Polack, Somalian, you name it,” said Minnesota state Sen. Mark Johnson (R) Wednesday.  —  A Minnesota state senator is getting criticized after a speech …
Justin Baragona / The Daily Beast:
Fully Unhinged ‘Dilbert’ Guy Tells White People to ‘Get the Fuck Away’ From Black People  —  “I don't think it makes any sense as a white citizen of America to try to help Black citizens anymore,” the pro-Trump cartoonist said, adding: “This can't be fixed.”
Martha Ross / Mercury News:   'Dilbert's' Scott Adams: ‘White people should get the hell away from Black people’
Dilrod has it backwards. Black people should probably be doing the best they can to get the hell away from honky jerkwads like Adams.

Thursday Twat Or Not?

We make no judgements, merely pass on information. This guy may not be a twat. Perhaps the person who went to the trouble of (literally) posting this is the twat. Wouldn't surprise us if all involved were twats.
On the other paw, the alleged twat looks enough like Donald Trump Jr. to qualify as a ++twat.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

"Two-Faced People, How Wicked You Are ..."

You fucking hypocrites have anything to say about the abuses of your imperialist regime or that fascist bastard Salazar while you're at it?
You may recognize this highly appropriate melody.
Watch out!
Late addition:
Reduce, reuse & recycle: How many sets of lyrics did Max write for this riddim?

Waxing Crescent Moon Over Mickey D's, W/ Venus & Jupiter

Made the effort, unlike here: It is Jupiter.

Unfocused, Auto-Corrected

What happens when you let the robots do the work.

Go Home Beatles!

Party Of Murder & Child Abuse

++Dickwad Of The Day: David Eastman

What are the odds this piece of Republican shit is firmly anti-abortion?
Sean Maguire / Anchorage Daily News:
Rep. Eastman sparks outrage after asking about the potential economic benefits of the deaths of abused Alaska children  —  JUNEAU - Wasilla Republican Rep. David Eastman sparked outrage online after asking whether there could be economic benefits from the death of abused children.
Wasilla? Is that Sarah Palin's old seat? Those people really are nuts.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

The Actual "Deep State"/Shadow Government Is Sued For Murder

Nikki Haley Wants A Divorce Too

Andrew Kaczynski / CNN:
Nikki Haley defended right to secession, Confederate History Month and the Confederate flag in 2010 talk  —  Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley defended states' rights to secede from the United States, South Carolina's Confederate History Month and the Confederate flag in a 2010 interview with a local activist group that “fights attacks against Southern Culture.”
Do you remember?

This Space Available

The comedy potential is almost unlimited. Or only limited by the space available.

Not A Palm Tree

Urban Action

Monday, February 20, 2023

On Eternal Patrol, Now Located

Wreck of WWII Submarine USS Albacore Discovered off Japan
Prior to her loss, Albacore had been a very successful submarine, especially in her engagements with Japanese combat vessels. Her record of enemy combatant ships sunk is the best of any United States submarine.
[USNI News/U.S. Submarine Losses]

How'd I Forget This?

Fine By Us, But No Alimony For The Cracker States

Try Paying Your Own Way For Once, Parasites

Steve Benen / MSNBC:
Despite her role, Marjorie Taylor Greene backs ‘national divorce’  —  As Marjorie Taylor Greene endorses the dissolution of the United States, the question is whether House GOP leaders will bother to care.  —  In late 2021, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene briefly referenced “a National Divorce scenario” …
Shannon Pettypiece / NBC News:
Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for a ‘national divorce’ between liberal and conservative states  —  WASHINGTON — Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called for the U.S. to be separated by red and blue states and for a shrinking of the federal government in a tweet on President's Day …
If she hates America & Ukraine so much, why doesn't she move to Russia? A babushka would be just the look for her.

Stupid Hippie Idiots

You'll notice the two surviving Beatles are the rhythm section, who left early. Make of that what you will.

Today In Murder-Suicide:
At Least Eight Dead

In General, The Deader The Better

Two-faced lying sons-of-bitches, every last one of them. This shithole nation needs a Presidential Assassins Day, to honor those who would water the Tree of Liberty w/ the blood of tyrants.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Venus & Mars (Unless It's Jupiter)
Go To Trader Joe's

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars*. ('Cause we passed out face up instead of face down.)

By the fucking way, is this the Soviet fucking Union now? I went to Trader Joe's looking for fucking meatloaf & there was none!

And Kroger-owned Ralphs: Where's the Best Foods Creamy Chili Honey Sauce? In a derailed freight car somewhere? Fuck you people

And fuck the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority sideways, as they seem incapable of scheduling buses. Tired of waiting half-an-hr. (As virtually empty buses speed by in the opposite direction.) and when the bus finally arrives it is so full of plague-carrying humanoids the "operator" (He or she is a fucking bus driver, MTA morons.) won't stop. And they expect us to pay some bullshit "fare" for this. You bastards owe me, if anything!! Fuck you.

As a matter of fact, fuck everybody & everything in this hopeless world of shit & pain.
*This reporter is well aware they're planets, not stars.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

90 Yrs. Of Yoko

Florida: Laboratory Of Authoritarian Idiocy

Frances Stead Sellers / Washington Post:
Her baby has a deadly diagnosis.  Her Florida doctors refused an abortion.  —  Florida abortion ban includes exception for fatal fetal abnormalities.  But her doctors told her they could not act.  —  LAKELAND, Fla. — Deborah Dorbert is devoting the final days before her baby's birth to planning the details of the infant's death.
Ana Ceballos / Tampa Bay Times:
Florida is considering a ‘classical and Christian’ alternative to the SAT  —  Gov. DeSantis has talked about finding alternatives to the College Board, which administers the SAT and Advanced Placement classes.  — Sommer BrugalMiami Herald  —  TALLAHASSEE — As Gov. Ron DeSantis …
Laura Bassett / Jezebel:
Florida Teacher Is Fired for Posting Viral Video of Empty Classroom Bookshelves  —  The state is cracking down on books about racism and LGBTQ+ issues in schools, and teachers are now being punished for sounding the alarm.  —  Brian Covey, a substitute teacher in Jacksonville, Florida …
Jesus Florida Christ.

The Sky Above, The Shit Below

I got nothin', so here's another fucking picture of some clouds & part of a gawddam palm tree.
You think Fox News has contempt for its audience?

Friday, February 17, 2023

Friday Freak Out

Also from the '68 European tour, as seen in last Fri.'s Freak Out, in inimitable Beat Club style.

Here's Today's Murder Spree

Associated Press:
6 fatally shot in small Mississippi town, suspect in custody  —  Six people were fatally shot Friday
in a small town in rural Mississippi near the Tennessee state line, and authorities said they had taken a suspect into custody.  Mississippi Department of Public Safety spokesperson Bailey Martin confirmed …
At least this punk could shoot straight. No wounded, all dead.

Friday Finger


Thursday, February 16, 2023

El Paso Follow-Up

Whew. Good thing this happened in freedom-loving Texas. A simple fight might have been easily resolved elsewhere, but fortunately someone here was strapped & ready to prove his masculinity.

Double Dose


Guns Or Hazardous Materials,
No One Is Safe Anywhere

Not that any of us, being mortal & all, were ever "safe" anywhere, at any time. You're going to die, & a lack of regulation will send you to hell even sooner.
Crews on scene of train derailment in Van Buren Township  —  (WXYZ) — The Van Buren Township Fire Department confirms that a train derailed near Huron River Drive this morning.  —  Chopper video shows at least six cars off the track.  —  Officials say only one car in the train …