Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Abso-fugging-lutely Final Solution To Mystery LSO Brouhaha.

On the right, a real LSO, Lt. Dick Tripp, USN, doing his job.
Another Daily Kos Diarist seems to have picked apart the Mystery LSO story. Turns out Diarist "Maccabee" removed the item. Is it a good idea to let just anybody w/ a valid e-mail acc't. start diaries, "web logs," whatever, under your name &/or masthead? No one publishes here except The Editor. And you're quite right, no one else wants to. (Hell, The Editor's getting a little bored w/ it. It's probably just the heat, though.)


Larry Harmon said...

I'm glad you finally admitted the bias of the left-wing blog-o-sphere. Phony LSOs indeed. Thank god for Fox News.

M. Bouffant said...

Mr. Ed. sez:
Yes, we've learned our lesson. It's nothing but Free Republic, Fox News & Pajamas Media approved sites for us now. No more hate-filled "liebural" Daily Kos crap. (Not that we spent much time @ Kos anyway.) And we'll only be posting cheesecake pix & cute kitten videos in the future. We're back to our Goldwater Republican upbringing. Praise Jeebus & nuke the sandniggers!!
And Gawd bless that fine, non-gay (& never been gay) American, Idaho Senator Larry Craig, in his battle w/ the Gawdless Senate Ethics Committee!