Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fork In Your Mind Will Drive You Insane

How many times have we told suckers to quit the jobs they hate, cut the soles out of their shoes & go live in a tree? It's possible we've never put it quite that way, but we've certainly tried to bring the system to a grinding halt.
Severe, disabling mental illness has dramatically increased in the Untied States. Marcia Angell, in her 2011 New York Review of Books piece, summarizes: “The tally of those who are so disabled by mental disorders that they qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) increased nearly two and a half times between 1987 and 2007—from 1 in 184 Americans to 1 in 76. For children, the rise is even more startling—a thirty-five-fold increase in the same two decades.”

Angell also reports that a large survey of adults conducted between 2001 and 2003 sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health found that at some point in their lives, 46% of Americans met the criteria established by the American Psychiatric Association for at least one mental illness.

In 1998, Martin Seligman, then president of the American Psychological Association, spoke to the National Press Club about an American depression epidemic: “We discovered two astonishing things about the rate of depression across the century. The first was there is now between ten and twenty times as much of it as there was fifty years ago. And the second is that it has become a young person’s problem. When I first started working in depression thirty years ago. . . the average age of which the first onset of depression occurred was 29.5. . . .Now the average age is between 14 and 15.”
Nope, they'd rather keep working at jobs they hate that drive them mad.
A June 2013 Gallup poll revealed that 70% of Americans hate their jobs or have “checked out” of them. Life may or may not suck any more than it did a generation ago, but our belief in “progress” has increased expectations that life should be more satisfying, resulting in mass disappointment. For many of us, society has become increasingly alienating, isolating and insane, and earning a buck means more degrees, compliance, ass-kissing, shit-eating, and inauthenticity. So, we want to rebel. However, many of us feel hopeless about the possibility of either our own escape from societal oppression or that political activism can create societal change. So, many of us, especially young Americans, rebel by what is commonly called mental illness.
Keep internalizing, chumps. Right to the point where you're about to explode, then let a conformist whose humanity has been excised by yrs. in the left-wing sewer of education diagnose you. Guess what will happen?
Those with extended schooling have lived for many years in a world where all pay attention to much that is unstimulating. In this world, one routinely complies with the demands of authorities. Thus for many M.D.s and Ph.D.s, people who rebel against this attentional and behavioral compliance appear to be from another world—a diagnosable one.
Fuck you, Doc. Who's crazy now?

Overthrow The Government!

Then kill all the people in gov't. (& all the contractors too)!! No damn death by voting either: Use bullets, guns, bombs, poison gas, biologic agents, weapons of mass destruction & whatever other search keywords it takes to get the commie Jew Nazi bastard Nigra socialist gummint off our backs. Jihad!! Death to the Great Satan!! George W. Bush is an idiot. A bomb has been placed in an undisclosed location. J. Edgar Hoover was a fag. Washington, D.C. needs nuclear urban renewal. Kill the fucking President already! (Is nobody reading this?)

Don't take these revelations (as if you didn't fucking know they do what they will, when they will, & w/ the complete & absolute coöperation of Google, Yahoo!, AT&T & all other such corporate entities) as a suggestion that you shut up & go away. Laws aren't for people like us.

New Snowden leak: NSA program collects all online activity

The latest revelation shows vast extent of government's online user data hoarding

No, look at this latest horror as a reason to exercise First & Second Amendment rights & remedies against the chump-ass punks who think they're running things, &, despite the Constitution, believe that Americans' privacy is as big a joke as all your other non-rights.

Just because we're justifiably paranoid doesn't mean the forces of repression aren't after us. (9-1-1 is a fucking joke. How many times must we call for the violent overthrow of the illegitimate Zionist gov't. in Washington before said gov't. notices us & tries something? Bring. It. On. Also Suck. On. This. And here's something to pry from our cold dead hands.)

Another Stable, Law-Abiding Citizen ...

This wk.'s stable citizen got six before they got him.
Pedro Vargas went on a shooting rampage
throughout his apartment building, killing six people
before being shot to death by police,
Saturday 27 July 2013. Photo released by
the Hialeah Police Department. AP
Witchcraft to blame in this one; why won't the sorcerers leave the decent gun-owners alone? (Public Notice: Stop casting spells on us, brujas!)
“I’m being threatened, and I’m a victim,” he said. “Could you run a license plate?”

No, the unidentified female operator answered. But who’s following you?

“People,” he said, later adding: “Sorcery and stuff that is being done on me.”

The mother, 83-year-old Esperanza Patterson, asked the operator not to dispatch officers to the apartment she shared with Vargas because, she explained, she had already slipped two Xanax pills in his food.
Sorcery, Xanax, either way they were screwing w/ him. Not paranoid at all, & pardon us for trying to raise a stink about it. Now it's crystal clear this is a case of a man standing his ground against witches. Remember Salem!!Also, lawyers. We'd be mad too.
Three days after the deposition, Vargas showed up at Castillo’s office again, unannounced and in casual attire. He told an administrative assistant that he wanted to speak to Castillo about his deposition. When he learned the attorney was out of the office, Vargas left, without leaving contact or any other information. It’s unclear if he carried the Glock 9mm semiautomatic pistol he legally purchased in 2010.
Legal!! And sane:
After trying to find Castillo, Vargas returned home at 1485 W. 46th St. He set fire to $10,000 in cash — which his mother tried to put out with her feet, the relative said. His building managers, who saw the smoke, knocked on his door. Vargas shot them dead. Then he killed four more people.
We would not have let our Xanax-dosing mother off unscathed.

Qualified Song

In times of morbidity & mortality this number has occasionally made us feel slightly better.

A Day In The Park


Internet personages we have known & been amused by (or worse) suddenly dropping like flies. Now we are short James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley, one hell of a typist, gone much too early at a mere 59. (59? Much too early to go anywhere. Much, much too early.)

Per World Of Crap & Thrilling Days of Yesteryear.

He Shoots, He Scores, He Dies

This is a thing, we guess.Or not exactly. (Facts? Ha. No one is to be trusted.)
[T]he historic bucket [...] might not have come in an NBA game, per se — Schectman's New York Knicks were playing (and would beat) the Toronto Huskies in the inaugural game of the Basketball Association of America, which would become the NBA in 1949 after absorbing the National Basketball League
Very inclusive to beat Canadians in the opener.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Took Someone Long Enough

You may have heard this sort of thing before:
The birth of Prince George creates a problem for liberals. They love the idea of royalty because it validates their vision of an anointed elite with a divine right to the obedience of their subjects. However, this wonderful couple has created a traditional nuclear family that provides a powerful counterpoint to the kind of freak show dysfunction that liberalism requires to survive.

If families actually stayed together and raised their children, well, who would need the liberal elite?
Ow! Stop it, Kurt Schlichter, you're killing us. This was the coup de grâce:
He was personally recruited by Andrew Breitbart and since 2009 his work has been frequently published on the web sites.
Imagine what you will from the quality of the typical Townhall typist (that they've gotten away w/ that stable for so long is proof their readers are the real fools) Townhall is nobody's fool, & won't be ceding the N.R.A.'s blood money to TheDC's money-siphoning "Guns and Gear" section.

No, Townhall went Tucker one better, & started a whole new site dedicated to putting as much of that sweet (yet salty) blood money in the Townhall wallet. Can a Ted Nugent-hosted "God Gays & Guns" show on FOXBusinessNews be far off?

UPDATE (30 July 2013 2222PDT): Damnit!

Untitled (Steel Plates)

Negative Sign Space

We said someone would be sorry for suggesting signs.

Signs From May

Local M.F. Memories

Via L.A. Observed, we learn that Mick Farren spent close to three decades locally. From Dangerous Minds we learn that not just L.A. but the entire United Snakes were right out as far as where Mick would prefer to die.
Mick told me that he didn’t want to die in America and who could blame him? [...] In earth years he was 69, but if you take into account all of the life lived that was crammed into those decades—and all the pounds of drugs and thousands of gallons of alcohol that have coursed through his liver and bloodstream—he was probably twice that old in real terms. [...] The last time I saw Mick, right before he left Los Angeles in 2010, he could barely breathe. Walking even a short distance completely winded him.
Rock rock rock & roll ...

And for those who don't believe Just Another Blog (From L.A.)™ is the place for news, an eyewitness account of the events.

Much Too Easy

This wk.'s photo theme from Carmi (of written inc.) Signs of the times is right in our whelkhouse [sic], thanks to our medieval obsession w/ text. From just one day wandering the streets & ferns:
Venturing into postcard territory.
This isn't the half. Mucho mas on the way.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Dep't. Of Investigations

Or Maybe You Needn't Bother

No more seeking; on iNternet it finds you:Recommended for youMay supercede the item almost immediately below.

Time For A Lens Cleaning Kit?

Could be.

Mr. Bitchin'

No, he's not complainin'.Via. Discussion (w/ the filmmakers, not the artist) on the front page of Monday at 5pm. We assume La Figa means 1700 PDT. If not, you're late already.

A Point Not To Be Missed

Why we are completely screwed.
This is another point about the modern Republican Party that some people miss: With some exceptions, Republican politicians aren’t “pandering” to their base, or even scared of their base. They are their base. They consume the same media and believe the same crazy things. The only major difference between Senator Mike Lee and a random RedState diarist is occupation.

Wear & Tear

Five yrs. thereof.


Missed it by that much.

Close To The End

Also "weird," too.

Mick Farren in what was possibly the weirdest interview ...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Three Faces Of Evil

Groundswell ground rules:
Growth needs to be strategic; it should be made up of senior level people willing to collaborate. It is important to keep a balance of social conservatives, national security conservatives, and constitutional conservatives. Outreach has occurred to incorporate groups with extensive reach: Heritage, Heritage Action, FreedomWorks, AFP [Americans for Prosperity], FRC [Family Research Council] and the NRA, among others…Our country is in peril. This is a critical moment needing critical leadership. We want to protect the strategic collaboration occurring at Groundswell and build on it. Please be careful about bringing guests and clear them ahead of time.
Nothing says groundswelling & grass roots like "senior level people," guest-clearing & Virginia Thomas w/ Lady Liberty headwear.
(Rex Curry/Zuma)


It's made very clear in the captured documents:
All of conservatism is divided into three parts.
  • Theocratic panty-sniffers &/or homophobic closet cases ("social conservatives")
  • War profiteers, those afraid to be seen as weak, ("national security conservatives")
  • People still angry that great3-grandpappy lost the war & all his slaves united w/ glibertarians in hating government ("constitutional conservatives")
Added tidbit:
The Groundswellers feel that they too often lose the political narrative to their progressive rivals. One memo that circulated among members declared, "We must reclaim the language and put 'a face' on our messages; tell stories. Write articles on 4th grade level!"


Both sides doing it, just not very well:
I have to commend Corn for getting these documents, but unfortunately, Groundswell isn't exactly the right-wing A-Team. It's more like the C-Team. Members include Ginny Thomas, wife of Clarence Thomas; anti-Muslim zealot Frank Gaffney; religious nutball and former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell; and some reporters from the Washington Examiner and Nevertheless, despite their lack of actual influence, it's interesting just to see what these kinds of folks do when they get together and try to conspire.
Did we hear "Ginni Thomas?" How coincidental.Rather hypocritical of these two to be doing anything but jockeying a mop & fixing dinner, isn't it? But we digress.
And the answer is, pretty much exactly what liberals do when they try the same thing. They complain about their enemies. Everyone offers their own brilliant messaging ideas, few of which anyone ever uses. They say, "If I were making a 30-second ad, this is how it would go ..." They begin with a sense of urgency that gradually fades. And eventually, attendance at the meetings declines, people stop bothering to contribute as much to the email lists, and it just peters out.
All is futile. Except the stuff that's pointless.

W/ His Boots On

Sad & sorry to repeat the report that writer/Deviant rocker Mick Farren dropped the mic for the last time last night in London, while on stage w/ new model Deviants. As good (No better?) a way & time to go, aged 69. Details.
Influenced by the likes of the Mothers Of Invention and the Doors, the Deviants were part of a small but powerful UK underground music scene in the late ’60s that also included the likes of the Pink Fairies and Hawkwind.
Can't beat those influences. Look what they've done for us. Mick had had to flee Southern California for his native Britain a couple of yrs. ago to insure himself of health care. Maybe it extended things a bit.

And so begins the erosion of the Just Another Blog (From L.A.)™ blog-roll. Mick's web log.


Waiting for the real The Birds.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Drinking Establishments

Hello Demon

Hello Kitty Scooter
Hello Kitty Automobile
Demon Vee Dub

Saturday Filler Suckfest

DTLA from N. St. Andrew's Pl. & W. Sunset Bl. w/ FedEx Vehicle
The above is looking southeastish. Here is a shot looking north. If the description (Early view of Sunset Boulevard just west of Western Ave, looking north. In the foreground is a woman selling melons from a table) is accurate, the melon-hawker was probably close to the FedEx truck in our shot, or a few metres to the left of it.

Friday, July 26, 2013

As Beautiful As A Foot

From a Twitversation (or whatever your moron kids call it) as to just when magic angelic dolphin imaginer Peggy Noonan became completely unhinged. (Assuming Mme. Noonan was ever truly hinged: We suspect her nibs suffers what we 10¢ psychiatrists know as "daddy issues." And/or Irish-American Catholicism.) comes this wonderful, amazing, jaw-dropping quote:
I first saw President Reagan as a foot, highly polished brown cordovan wagging merrily on a hassock. I spied it through the door. It was a beautiful foot, sleek. Such casual elegance and clean lines! But not a big foot, not formidable, maybe a little ... frail. I imagined cradling it in my arms, protecting it from unsmooth roads.
Peggy Noonan, speechwriter for the Reagan administration
US speechwriter for George Bush (1950 - )

We Kid You Not

It has occurred to the editorial staff that just as it is alleged that virtually every New Yorker cartoon could be captioned "Christ, what an asshole," the concluding paragraph of virtually every item posted at Just Another Blog (From L.A.)™ could be "Therefore, DIE, SCUM!"

American Exceptionalism Up-Date

From the dawn of time or almost two wks. ago, further proof that these United Snakes are indeed a nation of sick fucks. Literally:
Behaviors such as diet, physical activity, and even how fast we drive all have profound effects. So do the environments that expose us to health risks or discourage healthy living, as well as social determinants of health, such as education, income, and poverty.

The United States fares poorly in almost all of these. In addition to many millions of people lacking health insurance, financial barriers to care, and a lack of primary care providers compared with other rich countries, people in the United States consume more calories, are more sedentary, abuse more drugs, and shoot one another more often. The United States also lags behind on many measures of education, has higher child poverty and income inequality, and lower social mobility than most other advanced democracies.

The breadth of these causal factors, and the scope of the U.S. health disadvantage they produce, raises some fundamental questions about U.S. society. As the NRC/IOM report noted, solutions exist for many of these health problems, but there is "limited political support among both the public and policymakers to enact the policies and commit the necessary resources."
The conclusion is based in the unfounded optimism so common to those who have no sense of history or current events. Or a fucking clue.
Moving beyond the dismal headlines generated by the NRC/IOM report, we can hope that the evidence of a health disadvantage in the United States is now so compelling that the terms of the conversation and even the political calculus will begin to change. Then, perhaps, we can start addressing that disadvantage and stop paying for it with our lives.
Ha ha ha. That passage will soon be found in the dictionary in the naïveté entry. Nagonna happen, because Num! Ber! One! & don't you dare raise fundamental questions, pinko!

Note also that globalist internationalist Bilderberg Illuminati conspirators the Council on Foreign Relations were amused (Because they hate us for our freedoms?) by this anti-American science. In January of this yr. Good thing for America's self-image the media kept it under wraps. (Unless there was a big stink we missed. Or completely forgot. New Scientist didn't notice until this month either.)

Not to worry, patriots: Even less attention than the usual none-at-all will be paid in July ("It's hot! I can't think!!") these United Snakes will still lead the "developed" world in blissful ignorance & nothing will change beyond increases in illness & early mortality. Death as early as possible being precisely what people deserve when they stick their fingers in their ears (or elsewhere, & not just their noses) and chant "We're number one!" over any dissenting voices.

Friday Sucks Too

DTLA from N. St. Andrew's Pl. & W. Sunset Bl.

Last Wk.'s Bear Of The Wk.

Cut up good by Just Another Blog (From L.A.)™.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Urban Bambi

Show biz deer on the American Film Institute campus. (Auditioning for a student remake of Bambi?)

Today's Business Report

Just past 1500 on a Thurs.

They Call It Mung

Swingin' Local Action

For once, via, we learn about something beforehand: The Central Avenue Jazz Festival.

Free, too. But will we make it? Will we forget the whole thing by Saturday? That's two damn days from now. Anything could happen or distract us, including inertia. We'll see, maybe, or not.

Weiner Item Of The Day

How A. Huffington makes her millions. Hope she's proud of herself.We do wish video titles didn't reveal the punchline so often.

Nature Report

The Birds again. Karmic reward at (1:00).

Arm Yourselves Against Police Terror Before It's Too Late!!!

The thundering sound of a snail drum being expended, a cloud of stupidity & a hearty "fuck you!" It's the Pin-Dicked Chief, Mark Kessler!The chief, for all his talk about "libtards manning up" (Chief, everyone knows people who talk like that are pin-dicks, overt gun fetishists or not.) somehow isn't man enough to allow comments on his YouTube channel.

What he "apologized" for:Fear of "gun-grabbers," U.N. paranoia: The 1963 John Birch Society manifesto. At least he managed to work John Kerry ("Traitor!") in; no one can accuse him of being stuck in the past.

The mayor of what is undoubtedly a festering shithole of pain & suffering is all about personal responsibility & accountability:
Gilberton Mayor Mary Lou Hannon said Monday night that she could not comment on the video because she hadn't seen it yet.

She said she learned of the posting Sunday and plans to view it today along with the borough secretary and borough council members.

"I'll go from there," Hannon said.

She said that what Kessler does when he is off duty is not governed by Gilberton while he is not representing the borough. "What he does in his private life, we have no control of," Hannon said.
New concept in policing: Like, whatever. Do your own thing, man.

How is he not representing when he bills himself as Chief Kessler on his drooler website & YouTube channel? Not to mention what he does in "duty uniform," described & in the video below.

A look into what passes for the chief's mind. Was there not a written test for the position? His crime reports must be a joy to read. CSA$500 say he moves his lips on the few occasions he reads.
please help support Chief Mark Kessler's police department with much needed funding to secure A new police vehicle, for those who don't know about chief Kessler he was the VERY FIRST law enforcment officer in the nation to write legislation and ask his local elected officials to pass protecting the second amendment, virtually nullifying ALL unconstitutional gun laws! and as you may know every law on the books that regulate firearms, ammunition or firearm accessories are 100% unconstitutional and no one has the right to pass any laws regulating any arms , PERIOD!, Chief Kessler's actions caused a nation wide movement! many more towns, cities, boroughs , even entire states passed identical or similar legislation, but all of it started by one simple man, one small police department , one small borough, just goes to showone person can make a HUGE difference! please help support Chief kessler's police department , any amount helps, even if you can only afford 5.00 every bit helps. Chief Kessler stood up for your second amendment right, he is asking to help support his department. Please consider donating to a good cause!


Chief Kessler
(Entire sad mess is sic.) Yes, he wants people to pony up for a new police car. Kee-rist, his dick must actually be concave if he's so desperate for gun & car extensions for his unit. This video is at the top of the chief's money-grubbing page. Around (1:30) he shows us a picture of "Nancy Pelosi" & shoots it up (3:55). While wearing his "duty uniform" & his badge (0:30). We're sure this is entirely on his own time & doesn't represent anything, right Mayor Hannon?We do wonder about possible reactions if the Borough of Gilberton "mans up" & fires this dog-murdering (What a fucking sissy.) danger to the community. (And to himself: Mr. Tactical shot himself in the hand w/ his own rod while involved in a bar fight two yrs. ago, when he was off-duty.) Dan White time is our guess, & it'd be no great loss if he did plug some or all of the council members. They'd be getting just what they deserve for having hired him. Blowback, bit-chezz!!

We also wonder when a "libtard"* has made a video in which a right-wing figure or politician was murdered in effigy again & again & again & again? Both sides do it, so it must have happened. Once. Somewhere. Or the left is not so stupid that it'd be made public.
*Is this wonderful coinage O.K. w/ Sarah Palin? Why not? She's a fucking hypocrite like the rest of 'em.

60 Yrs. Ago

“Junky.” By William S. Burroughs.
$15; Grove Press; 256 pages.
Now available from Grove Press for about what a day's supply o' junk would have run you in 1953, when the book came out.
The main reason the junkie does heroin, despite its horrors and despair, is because it’s better than the alternative: not doing heroin. It is better to be a junkie than to end up what Burroughs might have been, had he followed in his family’s line. The life of an “American business man,” he writes, “is a one-way process. When his organism reaches maturity it can only start dying.”

"Calves The Size Of Cantaloupes"

We assume 1967 though 1970, when he was dropping out of Podunk State Normal SchoolNorthwest Missouri State Teacher's College were the best time of Republican Congressional ignoramus from Iowa Steve King's doubtless dull & inane existence; he sho' nuff seems to be living in those halcyon days, because he thinks Yanks & Canucks are still buying Mexican reefer. Not since the mid-80s wethey haven't, doofus.
It's true in some cases, but they aren't all valedictorians. They weren't all brought in by their parents.

"For everyone [sic] who's a valedictorian, there's another 100 out there who weigh 130 pounds — and they've got calves the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert," King tells Newsmax.
BONUS: We help w/ confusing Kings. Hack typist Stephen King (Maine) should not be confused w/ idjit Congress cracker Steve King of Iowa. (Iowa was a part of the French colony of New France.) Nor should Congress creep & terrorist-loving hypocrite Peter T. King of the middle of Long Island be confused w/ typist Peter King of Sports Illustrated. Are we clear on Kings now?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

No Longer A Free Country

Never really was free. As always, they lied to all of us; we're very fucking sorry anyone was so stupid/ignorant as to believe it.

Look at this dose of robo-fascism:
Thank you for your contribution! Please watch your language and post only truthful information.
After reading "watch your language" (The hell does that mean anyway? "Watch" your "language?" Be sure we aren't speaking anything but English in these United Snakes?) we removed all the "fucks" & "fuckings," but left "whores." (They may as well be on a street corner asking people if they want a "date" as selling cut-rate & surely bogus car insurance on the damned telephone. People selling anything are the fucking lowest of a low species.)

Then a fucking robot censored our statement of fact. ("Hell" just fine, "whores" not? "Whores" is nothing but truthful info. Whatever. Consistency never a strong suit of the phonily[stricken as redundant] moralistic.)

This abuse of our rights did not decrease our white-hot anger one fucking iota. Nor did a functionally illiterate witch having a damn robot call us & then say if you want cheap insurance stay on the line or press one or whatever it was makes us any less enraged. For fuck's* sake!! Having a robot initiate a call & then asking someone to press whatever to hear more is fairly equivalent to people about to be killed in cold blood by Nazis being forced to dig their own mass grave/pit. (Not exactly equivalent, but centimeters close.)
*For a change, a question rather than a prescription from the Grammar Nazi: Should "for fuck's sake" have an apostrophe? Looks better w/, but we will entertain suggestions.

We Give Up

Feedly blows, bites, sucks, chews, & eats it raw. DIAF, feedly assholes. Whichever iNternet shithead (a Slate shithead, we believe) sucked us in w/ a chart/tree that claimed feedly was the best Reader replacement for our purposes can die in the same fire, & we hope his ugly mother dies in it too. (Does everyone everywhere have to be incompetent jerks?)

The other shitpile where we transferred our feeds currently offers this:
Nice picture, but does it keep us from
wanting to commit wholesale murder? Hell no!!
Enough is enough. Do not expect anything current, topical or relevant in this space in the future. (And why should you expect a damn thing, really?) This space is going to degenerate into an expression of rage which may or may not keep our simmering rage from boiling over into meatspace where a man can cut a bitch.


Sorry Kinks fans, not the song, it's Ladies of Liberty Alliance. (Future escort service?) Now that you've salved your disappointment, the meat:

Thers' new (METAPHOR ALERT!!) punching bag (Not really a punching bag! No slapping, even*.) K.T. KaffirKatie Kieffer or something like that, is quite the go-getter. Really knows how to market herself.

Indeed, she's so good at whoring herself-marketing you need only watch about the first 18 secs. of this. (It's a smidge under three mins.; you probably should listen to the laundry list of reactionary clichés to get the full derp [for lack of a better word] out of K.T.) Eighteen secs. was about the time we ran screaming from the room.

Unfortunately, she could still be heard in the only place where we could run, the kitchen, not a good destination as most of the knives (esp. the large sharpened ones) are there. Might've cut ourself or the audio cable. Or stabbed the devil-box dead.Also, what's w/ the voice? Can't figure if it's whatever her regional dialect is or if she needs to have her adenoids out. Needs a voice coach if she expects to use her ordinary non-Hollywood appearance to get on the wingnut welfare gravy train, or just a paying telebision gig.

*Were we to see her head on a pike, say, it wouldn't kill us one bit.

Weds. As Dull As Mon.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gentrification Up-Date

It's as if they've done to Hollywood what was done to Times Square except on a much larger scale & w/o any Disney involvement we're aware of. The St. Francis Hotel (not San Fran's Westin St. Francis) gone, converted to apartments. Leased apts., yet. How veddy up-scale.
Something we didn't know until we looked: James Earl Ray started thinking of assassinating Martin Luther King, Jr. while staying at the St. Francis. And he frequented the Sultan Room on the first floor. (Now we're almost sorry that in the 40 yrs. we've been in town we never stopped in for a shot & a beer. And now the bar is a yoga dump. Not calling it a studio. What the hell is that about?)

Also didn't know it was re-named the Gershwin in 2000. Out of the loop. Here's a closer shot from the evil-doing douchebags at Google.
Note that the grassy lot in the next block (at one time it had a round bldg. that housed a crummy restaurant, can't remember its original round purpose) is now apts. as well.
But what of the non-gentry? Where did they go?

From 13 yrs. ago:
From outside, the hotel appears to be a nondescript, five-story apartment building, but inside, an unusual mix of hipsters, artists, drug addicts, Satanists, drag queens, at least one “resident crack whore” (and, yes, pirates) live in perfect harmony — or as close to it as possible under the circumstances. 
Now we're almost sorry we read that story, because honor & justice require the death of squealers, finks, stoolies & informers, & the owner (at least in 2000) fits that bill.
Still, Jakob did his best to clean up his demi-hood. He fired what he refers to as the former drug-dealing/whore-pimping general manager and cleared out some of the building’s most unsavory characters, albeit in a slightly unorthodox manner. Local police were supplied with a list of residents and their room numbers, and determined which hotel dwellers had outstanding arrest warrants. “On a Sunday morning around 6 a.m., they raided the place, tore down doors and pulled people out,” remembers Jakob.
Now we see the face of gentrification. It has a toothbrush mustache under its nose, & a comb-over. Full name: Urs Jakob. An absolute pig.

Where's The Outrage?

There's plenty of outrage right fucking here. We are absolutely outraged by Ross Douchehat of the liberal Douche York Times.

One, it's outrageous that anyone idiotic enough to swap one Christian religion for another is in the pages of The NYT for anything beyond a report on his arrest on child molestation charges. If someone thinks the religion shoved down his throat (if you know what we mean) by his idiot parents is bullshit, but the Whore of Babylon R.C.C. has the "truth," that person probably isn't qualified to drive Thomas Friedman's imaginary taxi. (Please, when can we start sterilizing the morons? This reporter has suffered them for almost 60 yrs. of agony, let's end their reign of terror.)

Two, it is outrageous that anyone has any interest in what a chin-bearded wad like Douche-o has to type about any subject. And if the subject is inane bourgeois crap like worrying about where people meet the people from whom they'll be getting divorced w/in yrs. (or mos.) of the waste of money that is a middle-class wedding ceremony, we're outraged & nauseated.

Sweet fucking Jesus, is the prematurely balding Douthat our maternal grandmother, a horrid person (Really, we don't know how we turned out so well. Every one of our ancestors & relatives were colossal shitheads &/or assholes.) who was born just about 130 yrs. ago? Because she's the sort of person who would give fuck one about where people meet their spouses (We know we don't give a damn; why should anybody?) what this means for society (Nothing is what it means, fools. Contemporary Yankee society is not founded or based on the family, let alone the recently developed nuclear family, it's based on the whims & desires of the wealthy & the corporations*.) & on & on, bull w/o end, a-fucking-men.

In other words, Ross Douthat is a balding 130-yr. old woman w/ a chin beard. Quite the fucking curiosity, but that's no reason to pay the slightest attention to anything that escapes from above his chin-beard.
*Although the family, as a straight-up fascist institution, has many similarities w/ corporations. Assholes telling innocent children to "do their chores" or they won't eat & so on leads directly to shoving people of ethnic groups other than one's own into boxcars headed to the east. As TBogg puts it: You could look it up.

News Flash

It would make us &, we imagine, a large number of others very happy if Anthony "The Weiner" Weiner would oh, maybe choke on a picture of his pecker that's been shoved down his throat by someone who is sick & tired of him & his blah blah yada yada*. Of course the proverbial bag o' salted dicks (Why do they have to be salted?) to eat/choke on would be an appropriate punishment for such a horrid crimesocial offense.

For fuck's sake, we have our very own freakin' web log, yet we've resisted every urge we've had to run pictures of our love muscle, clothed or nekkid, throbbing or not. We'll admit we've been thinking of running a few tasteful line drawings of the love hammer, but we'll have to see.
*The next person who has done something awful (or, for that matter, done anything, period) & then stated that he or she wants to or has "put this behind us" should be taken out & have something put in their behind, by which we mean something large & spiky should be inserted in his/her rectum. And rotated.

Bonus from the Self-Administered Head-Candling Dep't.: Remembering the item just below, we're quite interested in torture as punishment recently. Wonder what brought that on. And how do we feel about that?

Let Justice Be Done. Painfully.

If murder is indeed a crime in these United Snakes (plenty of reasons to think otherwise recently) then this sick 76-yr. old fuck should probably get the chair, needle, firing squad, guillotine or be hanged. Because life inside for a 76-yr. old cold-blooded killer isn't long enough. Maybe he should be tortured as well. He could be shot in, say, each of his legs & arms, & denied medical treatment beyond keeping him from immediately bleeding to death.
Spooner testified at trial against his attorney's advice and said he killed the teen because he really wanted his guns back. He also acknowledged wanting to kill Darius' older brother when he ran to his sibling's aid as he lay dying in the street. But Spooner said he didn't shoot the brother because he didn't want to hit any of the others who had gathered around.

When prosecutor Mark Williams suggested Spooner killed Darius as revenge for having his guns stolen, Spooner replied, "I wouldn't call it revenge. I would call it justice."
As one might suspect, there's no evidence at all that victim Darius Simmons or his brother stole anything from anyone.

And now we read the old bastard has lung cancer. Withhold all medical treatment then, & make his death as painful as possible. That would be "justice."

50 Yrs. Ago

Give or take a couple months. (23 May 1963.)

Dexter Gordon Stairway to the Stars

Monday, July 22, 2013

Animal Incest Alert!!!

Eeewww, as the kids say:
CINCINNATI (AP) - With the survival of a species on the line, Cincinnati Zoo scientists are hoping to mate their lone female Sumatran rhino with her little brother.
We'll go ahead & assume this to be a liberal/scientific plot to rebel against Gawd's law or something. What next, rhino harems? Hippo on rhino S-E-X? The skin crawls.

Like Lambs To The Slaughter

No doubt the sheep will get everything they deserve. We might even be the one to give it to them, & good & hard like they want it.
The American people’s collective inability to overcome commercial illusion and confront the grim realities of the economic and environmental crises means they will remain slaves to fiction and its apocalyptic outcomes, Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges told Paul Jay on The Real News Network’s new show, “Reality Asserts Itself.”

“Of course it’s bleak,” Hedges said in response to Jay’s remark that Hedges is often called gloomy.

“I’m sorry. The climate science reports are bleak. I’m not making it up. This kind of mania for hope is really a kind of sickness because it prevents us from seeing how dire and catastrophic the situation is if we don’t radically reconfigure our relationship to each other and the ecosystem. And so of course people don’t want to hear it. You know, they want to become entranced or mesmerized with the trivia that dominates the airwaves and the sagas of soap operas. And, you know, we are fed this mantra that is really fiction. And the mantra goes that we can have everything we want, that reality is never an impediment to what we desire. And that’s given to us by Oprah, and it’s given to us by Hollywood … and it’s a lie. It’s not true. And I think we can’t even use the word hope until we confront reality and begin to resist against the real.”
The party's over. Give up already, assholes filled w/ hope. You'll all be dead before you know it, & whatever happens while you're alive is pointless bullshit no one will remember. Why isn't one American chickenshit willing to face this most basic of truths?

Cleansing The Palate Of Lime(ys)

Musical (O.K., drummer) humor from the Great Wahl of Silver Lake.

Who Fucking Cares?

Another Royal Brat/Pseudo-Human Reptiloid Hatched

Time again to suggest that the fucking wimp Limeys have a revolution & KILL THE QUEEN & ALL THE PRINCES!!!! Sweet fucking damn, the royals are nothing but a collection of nasty rich people in a decadent shithole of a country where the parasitism of the wealthy has not only been made hereditary by custom & tradition (as it is in most of the nations in this world of shit, pain & class struggle) but by law as well. Which should result in almost instant separation of heads from the bodies of the ruling & wealthy classes of chinless balding inbreds that are the top of the Limey heap. Alas, no. Fucking sheep.

And for fucking Americans to be devoting more than 15 secs. of their already limited attention spans & mental capacities to being excited about this royalist crap rather than calling for drone strikes on this anti-democratic nation of twits is just another revelation of the hypocrisy that makes homo sapiens the first known species that will knowingly destroy itself.

That many of the English are so ecstatic about the birth of yet another parasite that will suck from the body public is further indication that the sheer masochism of the humanoid species eating itself will make its end well-deserved. Even the horrid Americans managed to throw off the Anglo-parasites, & well over 200 yrs. ago. And the French. Are the English a little slow? Or so slow as to be mentally disabled? (That islander inbreeding is not, of course, limited to the parasitical classes. Fuck, it's like a nation of people from the former Confederate states. A cousin-sex lollapalooza.)

Last but actually most important, are none of these people aware of human over-population of the Earth? Every greedy screaming mouth added to this already overloaded planet is another nail in the planetary coffin.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

East Coast Asshole(s) Of The Day

There are a lot of them along the Atlantic seaboard, but today our attention goes to one Josh Marshall, money-grubber extraordinaire, who has informed his followers:
Starting early next month, TPM will no longer publish full RSS feeds for the public. We'll replace them with partial feeds. So you'll still be able to keep up on what we're publishing. You'll just need click through to read the full post.
Asshole move? Sure. What a fucking pig. The public be damned, right? S'matter, Josh, can't live in New York City on what you suck out of your little operation? Leech. Capitalist parasite.


This web log would not pay 30 fucking cents to subscribe to such an obvious rip-off. Christ on a damn crutch, most of the fucking items TPM runs are little more than two paragraphs & a link anyway. Oh, they do run AP stories once in a while. Can't find those anywhere else on the iNternet.

We'd be highly amused if Marshall & that other money-grubbing New Yorker, Andrew Sullivan, both were cutting off their noses to spite their faces & ended up bankrupt & on the streets. Eat shit, assholes.

File under: The bitter jealousy of someone who hasn't sold out for a mess of pottage. Which doesn't make either of the money-grubbing assholes mentioned any less in the asshole money-grubber dep't. Why don't the whore slobs just hit the streets & panhandle if money means so fucking much to them? And frankly, how long before their greed leads them to start cheating the rubes/mugging drunks? Not much longer, we'd guess. Neither one is getting any younger, & apparently neither one has enough money to satisfy his empty soul.

P.S.: Grub all the money in the world, boys; it won't bring your hair back.

40 Yrs. Ago Today + A Couple Wks.

7 July '73, to be exact.

Dexter Gordon Secret Love

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Matinee

Putney Swope Trailer (1969)

Putney Swope (1969)

Robert Downey Sr. and Paul Thomas Anderson on Putney Swope