Saturday, September 30, 2023

Same Old Stuff For Saturday

D For The Dead

David McCallum, exactly 20 yrs. older than your host (19 Sep't. 1933 - 25 Sep't. 2023) held on until 90 & then exited. As Ilya Kuriakin, he was an avatar of cool for nine-yr. old boys at the time. And maybe a crush object for nine-yr. old girls.

Dianne Feinstein, on the other hand, held out for several months after her ninetieth.

Hrs. Late & Barely 300 Views

Fuck you, Crooks and Liars. If you won't pay me, at least respect the free work you get from me you cheap, rotten bastards. And it might be to your advantage if items were published when expected. Advertisers like that, not empty space. You're about 500 views short of the daily average. And the people from whom you try to grub even more money may not like this incompetence either.

Give me a reason not to go on strike for this last round-up.

Friday, September 29, 2023

A Different (Real) Round-Up

Words of warning:
More meat on the hoof (By which we mean the local news people.):Why'd they name the park after that murdering loser Custer?

Nazi Quote Of The Day

Musk introducing new Tesla models.

Elon Musk attacked German support for migrants and promoted a call to support a far-right extremist political party

Fuck you in the mouth w/ my fist, Hitler. I've had just about enough of you.


Friday Night Poetry

Trump rips Nikki Haley after debate: ‘birdbrain’

Thanks to our close iNternet acquaintances at Hackwhackers for spotting this at The Hill & jogging our memory.
Birdbrain runs the World! Birdbrain is the ultimate product of Capitalism Birdbrain chief bureaucrat of Russia, yawning, Birdbrain ran FBI 30 years appointed by F. D. Roosevelt and never chased Cosa Nostra! Birdbrain apportions wheat to be burned, keep prices up on the world market! Birdbrain lends money to Developing Nation police-states thru the International Monetary Fund! Birdbrain never gets laid on his own he depends on his office to pimp for him Birdbrain offers brain transplants in Switzerland Birdbrain wakes up in middle of night and arranges his sheets I am Birdbrain! I rule Russia Yugoslavia England Poland Argentina United States El Salvador Birdbrain multiples in China! Birdbrain inhabits Stalin's corpse inside the Kremlin wall Birdbrain dictates petrochemical agriculture in African desert regions! Birdbrain lowers North California's water table sucking it up for Orange County Agribusiness Banks Birdbrain harpoons whales and chews blubber in the tropics Birdbrain clubs baby harp seals and wears their coats to Paris Birdbrain runs the Pentagon his brother runs the CIA, Fatass Bucks! Birdbrain writes and edits Time Newsweek Wall Street Journal Pravda Izvestia Birdbrain is Pope, Premier, President, Commissar, Chairman, Senator! Birdbrain voted Reagan President of the United States! Birdbrain prepares Wonder Bread with refined white flour! Birdbrain sold slaves, sugar, tobacco, alcohol Birdbrain conquered the New World and murdered mushroom god Xochopili on Popocatepetl! Birdbrain was President when a thousand mysterious students were machinegunned at Tlatelulco Birdbrain sent 20,000,000 intellectuals and Jews to Siberia, 15,000,000 never got back to the Stray Dog Café Birdbrain wore a mustache & ran Germany on Amphetamines the last year of World War II Birdbrain conceived the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem in Europe Birdbrain carried it out in Gas Chambers Birdbrain borrowed Lucky Luciano the Mafia from jail to secure Sicily for U.S. Birdbrain against the Reds Birdbrain manufactured guns in the Holy Land and sold them to white goyim in South Birdbrain supplied helicopters to Central America generals, killed a lot of restless Indians, encouragegda favorable business climate Birdbrain began a war of terror against Israeli Jews Birdbrain sent out Zionist planes to shoot Palestinian huts outside Beirut Birdbrain outlawed Opiates on the world market Birdbrain formed the Black Market in Opium Birdbrain's father shot skag in hallways of the lower East Side Birdbrain organized Operation Condor to spray poison fumes on the marijuana fields of Sonora Birdbrain got sick in Harvard Square from smoking Mexican grass Birdbrain arrived in Europe to Conquer cockroaches with Propaganda Birdbrain became a great International Poet and went around the world praising the Glories of Birdbrain I declare Birdbrain to be victor in the Poetry Contest He built the World Trade Center on New York Harbor waters without regard where the toilets emptied— Birdbrain began chopping down the Amazon Rainforest to build a woodpulp factory on the river bank Birdbrain in Iraq attacked Birdbrain in Iran Birdbrain in Belfast throws bombs at his mother's ass Birdbrain wrote Das Kapital ! authored the Bible ! penned The Wealth of Nations ! Birdbrain's humanity, he built the Rainbow Room on top of Rockefeller Center so we could dance He invented the Theory of Relativity so Rockwell Corporation could make Neutron Bombs at Rocky Flats in Colorado Birdbrain's going to see how long he can go without coming Birdbrain thinks his dong will grow big that way Birdbrain sees a new Spy in the Market Platz in Dubrovnik outside the Eyeglass Hotel— Birdbrain wants to suck your cock in Europe, he takes life very seriously, brokenhearted you won't cooperate— Birdbrain goes to heavy duty Communist Countries so he can get KGB girlfriends while the sky thunders— Birdbrain realized he was Buddha by meditating Birdbrain's afraid he's going to blow up the planet so he wrote this poem to be immortal—

Friday Finger

Another Big Load Delivered

Chanel Pile N°5.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Seven Stupid Dwarves Star In Simi Valley Shit Show

Loserpalooza Twoza occurred earlier. I wouldn't have gotten up from my own vomit to watch it, & I hope everyone who did watch or participate does drown in their own vomit, & sooner rather than later.

Senator Potatohead Speaks

Ellen Mitchell / The Hill:
Tuberville says he opposed Joint Chiefs chair over ‘equal opportunity’ push  —  Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R) said he voted against the nomination of the Pentagon's next Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman over the military officer's push to promote “woke policies.”
I think "Coach" may have played footsball w/o a helmet for a little too long. Does he think the U.S. military should be all white Xian males w/ family connections? Gonna be tough attracting cannon fodder w/ that attitude, 'though I s'pose what he's really saying is "No uppity you-know-whats in the officer corps, dadgum it." Did he not have African-Americans playing for him at Alabama? Be interesting to see what sorts of people played which positions there.


It's probably here.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Big Prancing Queen

Cassidy Hutchinson writes in her new book that Donald Trump almost never wore a mask during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic because he was worried about his makeup, The Guardian reports.

While visiting a factory, Trump tried a white mask but then asked staffers what they thought.

Writes Hutchinson: “I slowly shook my head. The president pulled the mask off and asked why I thought he should not wear it. I pointed at the straps of the N95 I was holding. When he looked at the straps of his mask, he saw they were covered in bronzer.”

Said Trump: “Why did no one else tell me that. I’m not wearing this thing.”

Deep in his closet, he is the manliest of manly men. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Wailin' Weds.

Lootin' & Shootin' To Follow

Takes One To Know One, Rupert

Most Of You Are, You Know

“He’s retarded, like most Americans.”

— Rupert Murdoch, describing Fox News host Sean Hannity in Michael Wolff’s new book, per the Daily Beast.

Australian asshole brought home plenty of bacon lying to those morons, didn't he?

[Political Wire's Bonus Quote of the Day]

This Date In Funerals

What the hell, have some culture, Philistines!!

More War, More Often

How long have these people been at each other's throats? And why can't one of them just squash the other?

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Tree W/ Moon

Still Life: Urban

Longer than it is wide, so shove it!

Sunset Sequence

Execute The Hostages & Shut It Down!!

Social Security payments will continue, gummint shutdown or not, so as far as this reporter is concerned (unconcerned, actually) bring it on & burn it all.


No shit. Th' fucking hell is wrong w/ you alleged people?

Many Happy ...

Says a lot about you Nazi pigs & your world of shit & pain
that this image sums up my attitude, doesn't it?
In less than three hrs. I will turn 70. Seventy yrs. of this interminable shit from fucking asssholes? Enough is enough; it's killing time, you bitches & the sons thereof! 

Later: Aagghh! Day completely ruined.

Monday, September 18, 2023

"First They Came For The 'Liberal' Jews ..."

And A Happy New Year To You!

 Brett Samuels / The Hill:
Trump shares post bashing ‘liberal Jews who voted to destroy America’  —  Former President Donald Trump late Sunday shared an image on Truth Social telling “liberal Jews” to “make better choices” amid celebrations of the Jewish New Year.  —  Trump shared a photo on Sunday evening without any caption of his own.

Monday Musicale

55 Yrs. Ago Today: The Doors, Live In Copenhagen,
W/o An Audience & At An Un-Gawdly Hr.

... three days after Jim was released from the hospital after nearly overdosing in Amsterdam, this could have been an absolute disaster for the band...
[Ray Manzarek of The Doors]

Sunday, September 17, 2023

What? Catholics Lying About Something?

Say It Ain't So, Pope

Philip Pullella / Reuters:
Letter shows Pope Pius XII probably knew about Holocaust early on  —  Wartime Pope Pius XII knew details about the Nazi attempt to exterminate Jews in the Holocaust as early as 1942, according to a letter found in the Vatican archives that conflicts with the Holy See's official position … 
Elisabetta Povoledo / New York Times:
Pope Pius XII Likely Knew of Holocaust, Newly Discovered Letter Suggests  —  The newly discovered letter, written by a German Jesuit to Pope Pius XII's personal secretary, suggests that the pope knew of Hitler's atrocities but chose to remain silent.  —  A letter found among the private papers …
Zachary Rogers / The Messenger:   WWII Pope Knew About the Holocaust, Other Nazi Crimes: Vatican Archives
I'm sure ol' Pius was happy Hitler was doing his work for him. And do not forget all the children against whom the Catholics committed their Sexual Holocaust.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Friday, September 15, 2023

From The Request Line, Two Dedications For Lauren B., In Rifle

As I Said, Scared Monkeys* W/ Guns

Justine McDaniel / Washington Post:
Man helping deer cross a busy street shot, killed by ‘scared’ driver  —  A man who was trying to slow traffic in his neighborhood because deer were crossing the street was shot and killed by another man who was driving past, authorities in western Washington state said. 

"Warning Shot"

Picard told police he was "scared" when Spaeth appeared to yell at a Jeep that slowed down in front of him, so he reached for the loaded gun he kept in his car and opened fire through the open passenger window when Spaeth's wife appeared to reach into a bag.

Police said that body camera footage from witness interviews don't show any evidence that she had a bag, and Picard admitted he could have just driven around the couple instead of shooting his gun.

American way/Try to explain/Scab of a nation/Driven insane/Don't cry/Gotta go bye bye/Suddenly: die die

*I said you should kill yourselves, not the other monkeys.

The Age Of Bullshit Continues Apace

Fake news factory hard at work. Clara Bastian.
Here you see the fake news in all its glory. The simple fact is that Biden stated he wouldn't pardon his son were he to be convicted. Yet Fox News calls this "addressing the possibility" of a pardon, & the Daily Caller implies that Karine Jean-Pierre is stonewalling, as the Nixon types used to.

World Of Shit & Pain

An ugly world makes everyone in it ugly.

Crazy Korean Christian Cult Kills

An "exorcism" or the like?

Fuck The Police

No lives have value. Let's just kill everyone!!

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Science Fiction Future

Giant Cracks Emerging Across US Southwest, Scientists Warn

The United States has been pumping so much groundwater that the ground is beginning to split open across southwestern parts of the country for miles on end.

These giant cracks, aka fissures, have been spotted in states including Arizona, Utah, and California.

Groundwater is one of the main sources of freshwater on Earth – it provides almost half of all drinking water, and about 40% of global irrigation.

But humans are pumping groundwater faster than Earth can naturally replenish it.

When too much groundwater gets pumped up from the natural aquifers below the surface, it causes the land to sag and create these cracks, Joseph Cook, who researches Earth fissures at the Arizona Geological Survey, told Insider.

The fissures "are not a naturally occurring thing," Cook said. "It's something we've caused to form."

G'wan, use all the water, you fucking morons. It's not as if we need it or anything.
Can't wait for this to happen.
[Science Alert]

Victus Nox

Here's the hot poop on tonight's launch.