Sunday, June 30, 2024

More Mortality To Report

The self-described "Conference of Champions" is no more. Th' hell? How'd that happen?
Can't wait to find out what the reduction in the monthly cable bill will be. Or the rebate for the recent outage. Perhaps we'll get seven new channels to replace the departed ones. (Still waiting for MeTV Toons to appear. It's been on the air a week already.) 

One of the voices in my head informs me I'm deluding myself, all that will happen is that more channels will disappear, the price will increase again next yr. & Spectrum will tell its customers to keep fucking themselves.

More Martin Mull

Must admit, post America 2 Night this reporter didn't follow Martin Mull's telebision/movie actor career that closely. Always thought of him as a musical/visual artist. Anyway, the AP & m.e..Only McKean is still w/ us. (And maybe some band members.)

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Orlando Cepeda, 1937-2024

Orlando Cepeda, the slugging Hall of Fame first baseman nicknamed ‘Baby Bull,’ dies at 86

Extra sad when people about whom I feel obligated to type something on the occasion of their death die, because I seldom have anything to add. Now Orlando Cepeda, one of the first baseball stars from Puerto Rico, has passed to the Candlestick in the sky, where he, Willie Mays & Willie McCovey are probably freezing in the wind. The Giant sluggers of my youth (& perhaps my youth itself) are history.

MLB's take, w/video.

Words Of Prophets No Longer
Written On Subway Walls

Check The Sidewalks

Corporate America Says "Fuck You!"

No Free Water!!

No idea why these corporate parking garage Nazis felt it was necessary to use these things; they couldn't just turn the water off? Just a matter of time before the public toilets there are closed as well, I suppose. Then they can complain about unhoused people relieving themselves & start shooting them, as the Supreme Court has decided the homeless have no rights.

Greatest Hits

Does not constitute an endorsement of current policies of the Israeli government.

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Gentrification Propaganda

Will Tel Aviv get the same treatment as the Russians and Chinese? Likely not.
Didn't their pig gawd (or Moses) tell the Judeo-Xian-Islamo sacks of shit not to lie & murder? Why hasn't that message gotten through to any of them after several thousand yrs.?

Goddamnit, when do I get to lie & murder w/ impunity? I'm just as special as anyone else, if not more so.


Compare & Contrast

Thurs. Night Blues

Yet Another Reason To Kill

Not that any sane person needs more reasons, but ...
At least I have the sense not to get iNternet service from the greedy, incompetent bastards.

Appears to have been out for several hrs. already; it's going to be another four? What the hell?

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

"Double-Haters" Hoping For Guy Fawkes-Style Debate Explosion

Enough w/ the empty speculation.
I'm an eight-billion hater; Atlanta can (& probably should) be nuked from orbit, just to be damn sure.

How Dare They?

Multi-ethnic collection of witches (Jehovah's Witnesses?) knocked (& knocked & knocked) on my door, awakening me at 1040 to try to lie to me about the supernatural. Should've waggled my weenie at the damn hoors, as I was in a T-shirt & briefs, but I just told them to fuck off, that everything they said about Jesus was a filthy lie & not to wake decent people at an ungawdly hr.

Be amusing if scum trying to sell me Jesus were the trigger for the killing spree I'm planning, wouldn't it? Exactly how much gawddam shit am I expected to put up w/?

Cloud Ring

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Yesterday's Demo Today

Koreatown Or Palestine, Gentrification Is Genocide: Kill All The Landlords Now!

The police, at the ready to break up the demonstration or to ignore landlord counterprotestors brutalizing demonstrators, depending on what the landlords have told the L.A.P.D. to do.
There was another oinker sitting in the second of these two cars. Defund the police & make them get real jobs!

One-Hit Album Wonder

Records I've owned, one in a series.
Unfortunately for The Devil's Anvil, their one and only album, Hard Rock from the Middle East, was released during escalating tensions between Israel and neighboring Arab countries and the subsequent Arab–Israeli War.
Think I bought it 'cause it was on sale, & I knew who Felix Pappalardi was.

And it turns out I still have it. Here's the rear.

Monday, June 24, 2024

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Holocaust Humor

Tom Boggioni / Raw Story:
Trump taunted Jewish employees with jokes about Nazi ovens: Ex-Trump Org VP  —  During an appearance on MSNBC on Sunday morning, a former executive vice president of the Trump Organization revealed that her former boss thought it was funny to make jokes about the Nazi ovens around Jewish employees.
Corbin Bolies / The Daily Beast:
Trump Made ‘Nazi Ovens’ Joke Around Jewish Execs: Ex-Trump Org VP  —  CRUEL AND UNUSUAL  —  “Everybody was shocked,” the former Trump Organization employee said on Sunday.  —  Donald Trump has claimed he's better for Jewish Americans than Democrats, but according to a former senior Trump …
"Hey Jewboy, why aren't you laughing?"

Cricket's Revenge

Kristi Noem: 'Any Mom' Would Have Killed Cricket The Puppy

Alexander also pressed Noem on the claim that she met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

"There was no evidence that that meeting happened," Alexander noted. "So how did it make it into your book, Governor?"

"I'm not going to talk about that," Noem insisted. "I took that line out of my book, and I'm not going to talk about it."

She isn't even trying any more.

Sunday Sunday

I wake up, everything sucks & is stupid & I want to die 
Everything sucks & is stupid & I want to die
Everything sucks & is stupid & I want to die
Everything sucks & is stupid & I want to kill someone, anyone.
The dead don't have to suck or be stupid. 
In a democracy, all are responsible, none are innocent, stupid suckwads or not. 
This isn't a democracy, but there are still more of you than of them. You should've done something. 
This is a world of shit & pain because of you, typical humanoid. 
Your very existence makes this planet a death trap.
Go away, all of you. 


Saturday, June 22, 2024

Clean Up Your Mess Already,
Lazy Irish Drunks

Over 48 hrs. later there was still debris on the sidewalk. Have you no civic pride, bog-monkeys?
Exciting pix of the actual conflagration. More blah blah yada, if you want to open a private incognito window.
Never been to this dump in the 51 yrs. I've been in town, 'though it's been local to me virtually all that time.

Of course, drinking in bars of any kind is a chump's game, & this reporter is the world's greatest non-fan of the
banshee-screeching the Irish call music.

Signs & Portents

Surfin' Saturday

Five Yrs. Ago Today

The whole gig, from Facebook.

Worst Person Piece Of Crap In The World, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Mme. Murati speaks. 

Information Superhighway Robbery

People are angry (Read 'em all.) but few are willing to defend themselves physically until it's too damn late.
Beyond fucking belief, innit? None of this can end well. Even if the robots manage to make all the humanoids redundant they'll probably destroy everything else on the planet as well.

Friday, June 21, 2024

Today's Forecast

Actually warm today; felt the sun.
Not sure this was worth the money, as the text dissipated quickly & you could have gone blind staring at said sun.

Soft-On-Crime D.A. Wimps Out Again

Pro-Palestinian protestors defend themselves against a pro-Israeli supporter
at an encampment at UCLA early on the morning of May 1.
(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)
L.A. County D.A. Gascón gets his money from the landlords like all the politicians, then he does their bidding.
On was identified as a counterprotester at an April 30 pro-Palestinian demonstration at the UCLA campus. In widely shared videos, a masked man in a white hoodie can be seen repeatedly striking protesters with a pole. Law enforcement sources identified the man as On and video of his actions were first aired by CNN.

The UCLA Police Department interviewed witnesses and victims in connection to the violence that erupted at the encampment, reviewed security camera footage of the masked man and later identified him as On. Pro-Israeli counterprotesters armed with fireworks, gas irritants, and blunt objects violently attacked students and faculty in the encampment for hours as private security guards and campus police watched from a distance.

Why haven't the UCLA police all been suspended/fired/charged for negligence & incompetence? And why hasn't the very concept of "private security guards" been completely debunked? What the Limeys call "Little Hitlers" should be criminalized, not paid, especially when they do absolutely nothing.

You might need incognito mode to read it all, & the links. If the pigs aren't rioting, they let their little friends do it. Real shame there wasn't a Kyle Rittenhouse type to stir things up. Well, they start w/ sticks, gas & fireworks, who knows where they'll finish?

Friday Finger

Do not let "Huey" fool you w/ its large "eyes", designed to make you feel as if it's a human baby, in hopes of preventing you from taking a sledge-hammer to it like the job-stealing robot it is. Or one could use a crowbar & help oneself to whatever greasy fried slop is inside.
The actual fun, of course, is standing in front of it, which paralyzes it. I wonder what the legal ramifications of accidentally overturning one of these things might be? Or what might happen if "Huey" showed up at its destination w/ the Charles Schwab advert covered by a pile of steaming crap w/ a needle sticking out of it? Or biohazard stickers all over it?

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Abandon Hope ...

... you are on your own.

We Don't Care Until You're Dead

But as soon as you're history we'll drag out the flags & hypocrisy.

"You're born alone, you die alone."
— Richard Meltzer.

Soft-On-Crime D.A. Lets Vicious Vigilante Murderer Skate

In America, Rich Peoples' Property Is More Valued Than Poor Peoples' Lives

The message the D.A. is sending is: Threaten a frat boy's car & he has the right to stab you multiple times. Wouldn't having a knife w/ you make it premeditated? Are there no fucking laws?
“After careful consideration and a thorough review of all available evidence, we have decided not to pursue charges against USC student Ivan Gallegos,” District Attorney George Gascón [sic] said in a statement. “We believe that Mr. Gallegos’ actions were driven by a genuine fear for his life and the lives of others. Our heart goes out to the deceased’s family, friends and everyone impacted by this tragic incident.”
Jesus you rat bastard, this reporter is in genuine fear for his life & the lives of others every time he sees a police car. Does that give him the right to pump a few RPGs into the next black-&-white he sees?

Summer: Already Over

Don't believe the seasonal hype; periods of daylight will now be shorter each day for another six months. Wonderful.

Third On Thurs.

I hadn't been aware that there was a "Canterbury Scene".

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

It's TV Girl!

Whoever the eff they are, other than sell-outs. My question is, does TV Girl have a "T.V. Eye"?

"Say Hey!"

The nickname

This looks good (& short).
In 1959, when Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev visited San Francisco and members of the International Longshoreman’s Union greeted him with cheers, newspaperman Frank Coniff quipped: “This is the damnedest city. They cheer Khruschev and boo Willie Mays.”

Up At The Crack Of Noon ...

... To Tell All Humanoids To Shut Their Mouths, Stop Moving, & Stop Breathing!

Tired of the incessant crap, & the flap of your ugly gums.

Bring It On, Butcher!

As I've noted previously in this space, I. Will. Slit. Your. Fucking. Throat.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Committing Murder To Protect The Holy & Sacred Automobile


A 19-year-old USC student was in custody Tuesday for allegedly fatally stabbing a man he apparently witnessed breaking into cars near the university’s Greek Row.

Ivan Gallegos was booked on suspicion of murder and was being held in lieu of $2 million bail, according to the Los Angeles Police Department and jail records.

The victim, who police said was in his 30s, was pronounced dead at the scene, LAPD Officer Tony Im told City News Service. His name was not immediately released.

The stabbing was reported around 8:15 p.m. Monday in the 700 block of West 28th Street, east of University Avenue.

LAPD Interim Chief Dominic Choi told the Police Commission Tuesday morning that the student confronted the man who was breaking into vehicles. That man allegedly told the student he had a gun, resulting in the student stabbing him, Choi said.

The victim of the stabbing tried to flee through an alley, where responding officers eventually found him suffering from multiple stab wounds, according to Choi.

Witnesses described seeing a pool of blood near the fraternity.

What kind of vigilante bullshit are they teaching at U.S.C.? Killer frat-boy Gallegos doesn't seem to have gotten the lesson right. Or has he gotten it exactly right, in that property is infinitely more valuable than mere people?

I suppose property owners on a jury of bourgeois pigs will let him off w/ a "well done", although he is a vicious murdering thug who deserves the gas chamber. Carrying a knife makes it premeditated, dunnit?

Tee Vee Toy Time Tuesday

Why Is This A Nation Of Gun-Crazed Murderers?

"Not A Flying Toy"Remember when adverts on the telly were all 58 seconds long?A young Kurt Russell, & the voice of William Cannon.Dig the car wash at the end. Certainly wouldn't have amused me, even at a very young age.

Monday, June 17, 2024

Clean Green Camaro

Blood On The Tracks

(I'm Only Bleeding)

Not actual tracks; aging capillaries. I wonder how 83-yr. old Bobby Zimmerman's capillaries are holding up.

Sunday, June 16, 2024


Image may be subject to copyright.
Channel surfing from local baseball to the Sunday night game I chanced across the CFL, which I had believed started its season in August. Nope:
As of 2024, it features a 21-week regular season in which each team plays 18 games with three bye weeks. This season traditionally runs from mid-June to early November. Following the regular season, six teams compete in the league's three-week playoffs.
Hope the No Fun League doesn't hear about that schedule.