Friday, April 19, 2024

Sawing Wood

Spent the afternoon & evening watching the Angels & Dodgers lose while sawing wood (Literally, not, unfortunately, snoring the day away.) after drawing & re-drawing lines.
I considered renting a powered saw (don't saw esp. straight, but gaps are covered by fake grass & real sand) or taking two days to do it all, but once I started I eventually got all I needed cut, w/ time off to watch the telly & what not. Still have 17.25" to saw (lower right) & a corner or two to round off but that can wait until my arm is reattached.

I Do Want To Set The World On Fire ...

... Starting w/ YOU, Your House, & All Your Damn Shit! Enough Already!!

Pyromania, baby!

Untitled Friday

Friday Fingers

Here we see both styles of the finger.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Bring. It. On!

This reporter's had his Biblically-allotted three-score & ten, & is beyond caring. Fuck it all.
If there's anyone left, will it be called the "Passover War"?

Compare & Contrast

Uncorrected (or once-corrected).
Corrected to a crisp.

I'll Spit On Your Grave

Bear that in mind while enjoying this image.
If you don't enjoy the image, I'll be spitting on your grave even sooner, Philistine!

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

2,000 Light-Yrs. Away

Wading through the wealth of data from ESA’s Gaia mission, scientists have uncovered a ‘sleeping giant’. A large black hole, with a mass of nearly 33 times the mass of the Sun, was hiding in the constellation Aquila, less than 2000 light-years from Earth.
[The European Space Agency]

Tuesday Turkey

Tuesday's Torpor

Been So Busy Lately I Just Haven't Been Able To Keep Up

You know how it is. Work, family, & friends can all take precedence over hobbies.
I'm sure I'll have more time next month.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Nothing New Under The Sun

Five yrs. ago, per a message from Microsoft. I wish the sky were actually burning.
Same shit, same date, different yr.
If we're re-running images because of a reminder from a corporate robot we should probably admit this whole web-log thing is over & go back to standing on street corners screaming at cars, pedestrians & traffic signs.

Chickenshit Nation

Lemme tell ya: Had I been selected for the Trump jury pool, I'd have done my best to get close enough to Trump to spit on him, certainly would've been giving him the finger from the moment I entered the courtroom, would've said from the stand that I thought he should be locked up & the key thrown away, & advised the judge I held him in absolute & utter contempt for being a candy-ass who should've jailed Trump for contempt long ago. Yet all the sheep meekly shuffle into & out of the courtroom w/o a bleat. Not even a fraud, merely a pathetic joke.

Don't Pay Taxes, Chumps!!

Resist for once in your empty meaningless lives, you beaten animals. The blood of millions is on your tax-paying hands.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Inbred State

Is cousin-fucking the most popular pornography genre in Tenn.?
Daniel Smithson / WSMV-TV:
Bill to make marrying your first cousin illegal in Tennessee passes but not without a fight  —  Two Republican lawmakers voted against making marriage between first cousins illegal in Tennessee.  —  NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The Tennessee House passed a bill on Thursday that would make it illegal …

Ghost Plane

Wednesday, April 10, 2024


Skyline W/ Palms

What an inane, stupid cliché. Is there nothing new, interesting or original?*

*No. No, there is not. It's all been done. Everything has been used up & played out. The human experiment is over.
So long, suckers!

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Any Day Now

Ed Pilkington / The Guardian:
Many Americans who recently bought guns open to political violence, survey finds  —  Study of 13,000 Americans finds particular risk among certain types of gun owners, including those who carry weapons in public  —  Large numbers of Americans who have bought guns over the past four years …
Why else would one buy a gun? The best defense is a good offense, & your civilized human world of guns is no different than the natural world of tooth, claw & venom: It's kill or be killed.

Outside World

Went walking in sunlight. Allegedly good for one's health. Did it until my hip started to hurt. How is that healthy?

No improvement in mental health either, as I am still confronted w/ humanity & its incessant bullshit. (DOES. IT. EVER. STOP?

If I were you people, I'd kill myself. Twice. Violently.

Monday, April 8, 2024

Hammerin' Hank Enters History

Fifty yrs. ago this reporter was seated on a couch at 8497 Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, ten yrs. before it was a city, watching on a 12-inch portable black & white telebision set. No memory of which over-the-air channel Dodger games were on at the time. 

Am I better off than I was fifty yrs. ago?

Eff You, Celestial Mechanics

I got up before 1100 on a Monday for this?
I was hoping to see at least a sliver of the sun obliterated, but no.


Slightly better audio.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Toally Confuzzled

For some reason, the cover photo for the MC5's Back In The USA
was slapped on this pseudo-album cover, apparently a reissue/bootleg of this.
From a benefit show broadcast on ABC TV's In Concert. You might notice that it's not GFR at all, but their "Special Guest" Freddie King & his band. (Thought it was an excellent cover of "Going Down".)Also by Mr. King & band:
Grand Funk, 'though also from Michigan, were a power trio ('til they added a keyboard player) not a five-piece.

$29.97 Worth Of Tiny Trees ...

... On A $7.99 Lawn

Glad the U.S. helped the Vietnamese in their civil war (at the cost of 58,000+ Yankee lives & X billion dollars) so that 50 yrs. later they can sell plastic crap to American hobbyists. This reporter is ashamed to live in such a cretinous country.

Sunday Sucks

Up earlier than usual to watch the Dodgers game, which is now in a weather delay. Why the hell do I bother, ever?
Another picture of yet another fucking palm tree, so you may understand the sheer dullness.
Mind-numbing, innit?

Smoke Signals From Inside The Earth

Advisory: For no apparent reason, gawdawful piano music starts at (0:52).

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Grim Reminder

30 yrs. since Northridge. The Southland is overdue for a significant temblor. Like this:

Rainbow Over Ralphs

Rooting For Injuries, Morbidity & Mortality

Millions More Deaths & The Economy In Ruins Again? Bring. It. On!

Melissa Koenig / New York Post:
Bird flu pandemic could be ‘100 times worse’ than COVID, scientists warn  —  A bird flu pandemic with the potential to be “100 times worse than COVID” may be on the horizon after a rare human case was discovered in Texas, experts have warned.  —  The H5N1 avian flu has spread rapidly since …
No one is ready for this, because no one ever learns. So they'll all justly deserve exactly what they get: Their bodies burned in a pit w/ diseased chickens, & no one to remember them.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Sage Burning

What is it w/ beer adverts & reggae numbers? Not unless it's Red Stripe, I say.
Hope actual descendants/relatives of Mr. Dekker are being paid, not just some corporate entity.

Looks Photoshopped, Dunnit?

Yet it is as real as the day is long. For a representation, that is.

John Sinclair Dead At 82

Nancy Nall covered it well. More stuff.

Sinclair was known for "managing" these boys.
Dee-troit Motor City, bay-bee!!
They're dropping like flies now.

Ominous Cloud Bank

Recently In State Murder

Licensed To Kill, 007-Stylee?

Teen, reported kidnapped, was killed by deputies as she followed their instructions, video shows

Gotta love how the advanced & developed chickenshit asshole nations fully embrace the indiscriminate death from above/collateral damage concept. "Kill them all, Gawd will know his own", right? Also: Ukraine.

Next sumbitch I see in a uniform is a ghost. Definition of "uniform" includes polo shirts w/ corporate logos.

Monday, April 1, 2024

Stratospheric Suckfest

Wasn't in any hurry; the winds must've dissipated most of the rocket pollution by the time I hit the street.
White dot is Jupiter.

Science Fact & Fiction

Did You Know?

Or capable of "mining" cryptocurrency until the planet is a burnt-out husk.
Modern science, even w/ the latest in fast, powerful supercomputing, remains unable to calculate exactly how much humanity just plain SUCKS!!

Same Stupid Shit, Different Damn Quarter

Three months over & done w/. Do you people ever get tired of yourselves & your pointless ants-in-an-anthill activities, running around like chickens w/ their heads cut off until you keel over & die? (Could some of you start dying sooner? Your continued existence serves no purpose, unless irritating me is a purpose.) Just stop the whole damn cycle of bullshit already.

Look: You pieces of shit have covered the planet in concrete, asphalt & shit & left a garbage pit for nature.
I cannot tell you how disappointed I was in the lack of Easter eco-terrorism. Or any action over the wknd. Chickenshits.

Saturday, March 30, 2024


Today In Nihilistic "Metaphors"

Melissa Nann Burke / The Detroit News:
Michigan U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg suggested that nuclear weapons should be dropped on Gaza, which his office said was a metaphor to “support Israel’s swift elimination of Hamas.”
So when I casually mention that the throats of most people on this benighted planet should be slit immediately to support humanity’s swift elimination of excess population that's killing us my office can say it was a metaphor & nothing else will happen? Good to know. Have I mentioned my theory of excess population? No? Well ...

Solitary Palm

Infrastructure Week

Penny-wise & pound-foolish.For those who can still process text.

Friday, March 29, 2024

And Now For Something Almost Completely Different

Auto-focus didn't, so I auto-corrected about 10 times.
Could've been the cover of an '80s novel about L.A.lienation. 'Specially if the image is flipped, leaving space for title & author over the shorter trees. See? Space in the middle for the spine, too.