Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chalk on a Blackboard

If you find Sen. Clinton's voice & mid-western accent irritating, imagine racist Ron Paul squawking at you for four yrs.

Just So You Know

A paraphrase of Mittens Romney, blathering at the Reagan Library Q&A last night, as heard over the radio while waiting for 90 minutes in the cold wind to enter the Armory where we currently lay our head:
No, the Republican Party is not in great shape, but it's not George W. Bush's fault (!) the problem is that "Washington is broken."
Yes, he actually said that. And (paraphrasing again) he wants America to be the strongest nation in the world, militarily, financially & spiritually or in the spirit of the American people or some such. How's he going to do this? Fire everyone in Washington & ship their jobs overseas? That's how he & Bain Capital have "saved" the companies they've "bought," no reason to think it wouldn't work for government as well. Other than the fact that government & business are NOT the same things, & can't be run the same way, &, &... It's just maddening. And we were mad/disturbed to begin w/.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Curses, Foiled Again!

Not since June, 1980, when Just Another Blog™ found itself sharing a ballroom at the Century Plaza Hotel w/ Ronald Reagan, who was celebrating his victory in the California Republican primary, has The Editor been so close to a preznit, & so sorry he was unarmed, as earlier this afternoon (about 1240) when Marine One & Marine Two crossed Santa Monica Blvd. @ Federal Avenue @ an altitude of about 350 ft. Oh to have had a shoulder-launched anti-aircraft weapon of some sort! Alas, it would have taken two, as we had no idea which of the choppers the bastard was in. In 1980, there was absolutely no security at the Century Plaza ballroom. No metal detectors, no one even looking at people entering the ballroom. Seriously, had we been armed we probably could have weaseled our way right up to the stage & podium & plugged Reagan. And then, as we were leaving the Century Plaza he came right by us in his limo (Cadillac, if memory serves) literally no more than ten ft. away, though the limo & windows might have been armored. Today, we had just heard on the radio that Dear Leader had been speechifyin' in Torrance (Go to for his inane speech & pix of Marine One. We can't get this stupid Windows 2000 library supplied crap to link anything.) when a 'copter came overhead, going north at quite a low altitude. We looked up & there it was, two-tone, white on the top, OD on the bottom, w/ "United States of America" in gold on the rotor boom. Well, we thought to ourselves, but then, seeing no escort, wondered if the Crawford Chickenshit was aboard. Bingo, the second one appeared. Really, one should always be carrying a brace of anti-aircraft missiles, if only to deal w/ the police. At this point, all we can do is hope it's not another 28 yrs. before our next chance to off a politician, in office or not.

Street "Justice"

A gaggle of LAPD motorcycle officers (& their motorcycles) in front of the local 7-11 this a. m. on our way to the library. Haven't observed a non-mobile police bike (pig hog?) in some time, & noticed that most of them now carry a pistol-grip shotgun over the saddlebags. Yikes! Wonder how easy it'd be to grab one while Ossifer Oinker is in the 7-11 or the doughnut shoppe. One wouldn't think the shotguns would be locked down, 'cause they''d want to be able to get at them quickly, but one never knows.

The Kiss of Death

We dipped our toes in the electoral water a few days ago (item immediately below) not even endorsing, merely "recommending" (Is there a difference?) John Edwards, & now it appears he's out of the horse race. On the other hand, we were as mean as possible to Rudy "Benito" Giuliani, & he seems to be history as well, leaving corporatist Mittens the Mormon & warmonger McCain to duke it out on the Republican side. Apparently there is a Republican debateQ&A session tonight from the Reagan Library. (Wasn't the very first Republican Q&A held there, lo these many months ago? Don't go to the well of Alzheimer's too many times, white boys!) We'll see if the two front-runners come to blows. One little question: How does having your aircraft shot out from under you & allowing yourself to be captured by the enemy make you any kind of "war hero?" Makes you an incompetent loser in our book. Top that off by dumping the wife who stayed home & raised your children while you were avoiding further combat. Dumping said wife for a woman 18 yrs. your junior, who just happened to be the heiress to one of the largest beer distributors in the nation. Family values: Do as we say, not as we do!! All abuse aside, it seems McCain is merely lucky. Hope his luck doesn't run out soon, 'cause when a charmed life goes bad... Though Mittens would be as good a candidate as any for the Republican Party. That is, he's sure to get his ass whipped by Clinton or Obama.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crap from Morons: It Never Stops

We won't go into details, but this was in one of our inboxes recently. After a certain amount of unremarkable money-grubbing boilerplate, we got to the end:
Sincerely, Linda Boyd Chairman Republican Party of Los Angeles County P.S. We have to start NOW to stop Hillary Clinton from taking America down the road to defeatism and socialism. Your contribution in any amount will help us defeat her this year. Please take a moment and help us now by contributing at [Link redacted for the sake of human decency.]
If we thought for thirty seconds that a vote for Sen. Clinton was a vote for socialism, she'd have it. Considering what a corporate, "triangulating" tool the Senator is, & how far to the right of any other Democratic candidate she is, it still kills us that Republican orthodoxy is that she's "Hugo Chavez in a dress," as some inane drone (Sucker of prostitute toes & former Clinton adviser Dick Morris? We really can't remember.) recently referred to her. And if they think Sen. C. is a "defeatist" (We think that means "has a rational foreign policy & doesn't suffer from bladder control problems every time a furriner is mentioned.") they are again deluding themselves. Sen. C. will be so anxious to prove that she's "tough" & whatnot she'll probably start a war the first chance she gets. Our recommendation is Senator John Edwards, though he'd probably be assassinated by GE, GM, ADM or an equally awful corporate entity (Blackwater?) before he could take office.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hello, World...

One of the two or three who read this thing on a regular basis when it was on a regular basis has asked for an e-mail, so here it is: Due to my own inability to deal w/ reality (depression) I failed to make any serious attempts to get my sorry ass on long-term Social Security disability, & was finally evicted from my lovely rent-controlled West Hollywood dump (where I probably could have lived out the rest of my unnatural life in relative comfort) on 8 January 2008. I'm now in a homeless shelter @ the California National Guard Armory @ Federal & Wilshire in West Los Angeles. As a ward of the L. A. County Mental Health Department there are allegedly people attempting to secure housing of a sort for me, I'm also in a homeless program, which may be able to put me up as I'm a a mental case, blah blah blah... So I'm not dead yet. I check my e-mail each day about 1000, @ the West L. A. Library, before settling in for a day of reading before returning to the shelter. I have gotten help from friends, but none of them (birds of a feather sad sack losers like myself) have money, space or time to spare...