Monday, August 31, 2015

Slavery Really Begins

SAT 31 AUG 1940
President Roosevelt calls 60,000 National Guardsmen into federal service.
Only took four days.

Obama Gov't. Continues War On
White American Patriots

Jury finds white supremacist guilty on all counts in 2014 murders of 3 people at Kansas City-area Jewish centers - @AP
The savior of the white race, who killed three people who weren't Jewish. (Still showed the Jooos, I guess.)
F. Glenn Miller Jr., charged with killing three people at two Jewish sites in Kansas in April 2014,
speaks during the closing arguments Monday, Aug. 31, 2015, during his capital murder trial
at Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe, Kan. Miller Jr. is acting as his own attorney.
(Monty Davis/The Kansas City Star via AP, Pool)

Property Is Murder

Los Angeles Police at the crime scene in Venice. Courtesy of OnScene.TV Stolen from mynewsLA.
Here is a horrifying if it happened as described event from the edge of the continent.
Authorities have not released information about what caused the fight, though witnesses told police that the shooting stemmed from people telling homeless people to not sleep in front of the Cadillac Hotel, and resulted in a man shooting at the transients outside.

One witness, Ras Whitelion, told CBS Los Angeles that the owner of Cadillac Hotel was with the gunman, and instructed him to shoot at the homeless people. "He pulled out the gun and the guy that owns the Cadillac Hotel told him ‘Kill that n----r,'" Whitelion said.


Authorities told CBS Los Angeles that the owner of Cadillac Hotel was also injured. A witness said that homeless men roughed up the owner after the shooting, and as a result, he suffered from head injuries.
I mean you know blah blah blah like every spermhuman life is sacred so of course murder is horrifying, but murder in defense of property is ++horrifying. And we'll just note that the alleged shot-caller is a dirty filthy nasty immigrant or foreigner or something.
... local residents told City News Service the suspect is 54-year-old Sris Sinnathamby, the Cadillac Hotel owner from Sri Lanka.
It won't be long before someone asks Donald Trump about this & he condemns his fellow hotelier will it?


They call it monomania: 243x.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Shopping List

Thai police find fertilizer, gun powder, digital clocks and remote-controlled cars whose parts can be used for detonation, among other items, during raid on 2nd Bangkok apartment - @AP

Surrender Monkeys

FRI 30 AUG 1940
Rear Admiral Charles S. Freeman relieves Rear Admiral Edward B. Fenner as Commandant Thirteenth Naval District and Commandant Puget Sound Navy Yard.

Vichy France consents to Japanese military occupation of ports, airfields, and railroads in northern Indochina.

Daily Dose


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Too Many Admirals

THU 29 AUG 1940
Heavy cruisers Wichita (CA-45) (Rear Admiral Andrew C. Pickens) and Quincy (CA-39) reach Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Rear Admiral John Downes relieves Rear Admiral William C. Watts as Commandant, Ninth Naval District, and Commanding Officer, Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois.

It's Not The Heat, It's The Unrelieved Boredom, Incessant Ennui & Existential Agony. Also The Repetitive Idiots & Impending Entropy.

"Bleached by the sun ..."
Most interesting thing to this reporter today (other than watching the temperature rise)? Canadian adverts during the Blue Jays game.

Hey Honkies! Scared Yet?

No? Then take a look at this, but have a change of underwear ready.
Hey, people are really passionate, you know?

This huge lynch mob of angry Black Activists is maybe two loony provocateurs/trolls (One & the same now?) w/ an iNternet radio program & at least one equally passionate caller. Who are succeeding admirably in terrorizing Breitbart's audience of easily-gulled & fearful freaks.

Friday, August 28, 2015

American Legion Returns

WED 28 AUG 1940
Destroyers Biddle (DD-151) and Blakeley (DD-150) escort U.S. Army transport American Legion on the final leg of her voyage from Petsamo, Finland, to New York City. The 40-millimeter Bofors gun she carries is subsequently shipped to the Naval Proving Ground at Dahlgren, Virginia.

Heavy cruisers Wichita (CA-45) (Rear Admiral Andrew C. Pickens) and Quincy (CA-39) depart Montevideo, Uruguay, for Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Make America Great Again!

Inquiring minds inquire: How exactly does one "Make America Great Again!"? One might start by Second Amendment-remedying these two rat bastards at their upcoming joint fright-fest/campaign event.
Douche-y & Douche-ier. Or is that backwards?
When it was announced that 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and Donald Trump would be teaming up next month to host a joint rally opposing the Iran nuclear deal, it seemed things couldn’t get more outlandish. Until it was revealed that the Center for Security Policy would be sponsoring it.
Or, I could use my anticipated birthday flamethrower!

In all seriousness [TAKE BEAT (OR TWO) FOR LAFFS] this won't be an American election to remember until some citizen (Or not, it's still a free country, damnit!) has taken a could've-hit-him shot at one of the candidates, Sara Jane Moore-style:
She was using a gun she bought in haste that same morning and did not know the sights were six inches off the point-of-impact at that distance (about 40 feet away) and she narrowly missed.
'Though I'll settle for Squeaky-style theater, even.
Although Fromme stood a little more than an arm's length from Ford that Friday morning and pointed an M1911 pistol at him in the public grounds of the California State Capitol building, her gun failed to fire and no one was injured.
Hell of a September for Calif. & Pres. Ford forty yrs. ago.

Slavery Begins

TUE 27 AUG 1940
President Roosevelt signs joint resolution authorizing him to call Army Reserve components and National Guard into federal service for one year.

Legislation is enacted authorizing the appointment of naval aviators of the Navy and Marine Corps reserve to the line of the regular Navy and Marine Corps, in order to augment the Naval Academy as a source of regular aviators.

President Roosevelt confers with Secretary of the Navy Knox, Secretary of War Stimson and Secretary of State Hull concerning a compromise to resolve the impasse that has arisen over the proposed destroyers-for-bases agreement. Subsequently, Roosevelt meets with Admiral Harold R. Stark, Chief of Naval Operations, Secretary of the Navy Knox and Secretary of State Hull, and British Ambassador Lord Lothian; these men review the proposal arrived at earlier that day. Admiral Stark certifies that the destroyers involved are no longer essential to the defense of the United States, thus clearing the way for their transfer.

Attorney General Robert H. Jackson delivers to President Roosevelt a ruling in which the legal framework for the transfer of destroyers to the British can be accomplished.

Burn In Hell Forever!!

I'll only type it once: My birthday is less than a month away, & there is nothing in the known universe I more fervently desire than a mother-fucking FLAMETHROWER!!!
The Ion product, known as the XM42, can shoot fire over 25 feet and has more than 35 seconds of burn time per tank of fuel. With a full tank of fuel, it weighs just 10 pounds.

Another company—XMatter, based in Cleveland, Ohio — sells a similar device for $1,600 each, but it weighs 50 pounds. However, this device has approximately double the range of the XM42.


Shockingly, there are no current federal regulations on the possession, manufacture, sale, or use of flamethrowers.

"These devices are not regulated as they do not qualify as firearms under the National Firearms Act," Corey Ray, a spokesman with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, told Ars by e-mail.

At the state level, California requires a permit while Maryland outright bans them—Ars is not aware of any other state-level regulation. The Inhumane Weapons Convention, which the United States signed in 1981, forbids "incendiary weapons," including flamethrowers. However, this document is only an agreement between nation-states and their militaries, and it did not foresee individual possession.
What the hell's so "shocking"? These are the United Snakes, what the fuck do you expect? Whichever one I get I promise I'll only use it to send bad people to the hell where they belong, not to burn weeds. And I'll post the pix to social media like all today's modern murderers.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Awwww. Isn't That Cute?

Actually, I feel just a little sorry for this inane-appearing Breitbart item, sitting all alone in memeorandum for close to two days w/ nary a "Discussion" or "RELATED" anywhere near it.
Will no one read this & mock it?

Musical Study Guide for Previous Item

We'll just fucking see who's Babylon in this scenario, Zombie Death Cultists! You're not the only ones who can prophesy Biblical bullshit from scratchings made thousands of yrs. ago by sun-baked desert nomads, & mebbe some reefer. (Talk about Trump-style "losers": The Good Book was written by homeless scum who could neither find nor afford a huge & classy place to live.)
Steel Pulse - Not King James Version
Junior Byles - King Of Babylon
Trinity - Babylon Them Sick in a Dem Head
Max Romeo - Babylon Burning
Junior Byles - Fade Away b/w Skin, Flesh and Bones - Fadeing Dub
Also these righteous rather than self-righteous fantasies have danceable beats to which you can rock.
MON 26 AUG 1940
Permanent Joint Board on Defense, United States and Canada, set up by President Roosevelt and Canadian Prime Minister W.L. MacKenzie King on 18 August 1940, convenes in Ottawa, Canada. U.S. representatives are: Fiorello H. LaGuardia (President, U.S. Conference of Mayors), Lieutenant General Stanley D. Embick, USA, (Commanding Fourth Corps Area), Captain Harry W. Hill and Commander Forrest P. Sherman (War Plans Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations), Lieutenant Colonel Joseph T. McNarney, USAAC, and John D. Hickerson (Assistant Chief, Division of European Affairs, Department of State).

Republican Gay Zombie Apocalypse
On The Way!!

If you believe Ted Cruz, that is:
On his knees as the body of X rises.
Cruz told AFA President Tim Wildmon that mobilizing evangelical Christian voters is the key to saving America, saying, “Nothing is more important in the next 18 months than that the body of Christ rise up and that Christians stand up, that pastors stand up and lead.”
Difficult to stand up & lead when you're on your knees Rafael:
Byron York reports that at a GOP candidate event last Monday in South Carolina featuring Cruz, Ben Carson and Scott Walker, Cruz received the most thunderous ovation. His speech wasn’t solely focused on the Christian persecution angle but he delivered what York called “an almost martial address” beating his chest about Iran and railing against sanctuary cities with the same fervor he delivered his put-away line: “No man who doesn’t begin every day on his knees is fit to stand in the Oval Office!”
These people are sick sick sick sick in every sense of the word; mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually & spiritually, except there's no such thing as spirituality.

Example two of Bible Fascism: Ever hear of the First Amendment, you ignorant wanna-be theocrat/Whore of Babylon?The above anti-American & anti-Constitutional abomination via MPS.

Item Improvement

This item, improved by Yastreblyansky w/ the proper tune (Not X!) & "special material".

More on the hat.
REUTERS/Jim YoungDonald Trump eats a pork chop at the Iowa State Fair.
But the fuss was in large part about the hat qua hat. Its text, “Make America Great Again” — a shameless rip-off of Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign slogan “Let’s Make America Great Again.” (Note how Trump tweaks it to be both less inclusive and more bossy.)

The hat’s foamy front — apparently made from a repurposed beer koozie. The double divots framing the central peak. And of course the braided rope that elegantly stretched across its brim.

Consider This A Threat, World!

Those Won’t Be the Last Murder Videos
You’ll See on Twitter and Facebook

Damn right they won't! I think my first targets should be the people behind sites that autoplay videos.
A Human Powder Keg Just Waiting to "go BOOM!!!!"

Moar Gunz, More Murder, Less Media!

Carl Wiens for Entertainment Wkly.
Sounds good all around. Now can we get to work on the politicians?

Also: Amused by the amount of attention devoted to the murders of a mere two humanoids. (How many others will die by the gun today in America?) If they hadn't been in the media we would never have heard about this, but now it's all there is on the telebision news channels. We see right through you media people! Watch it, you could (should?) be next!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Exclusive Video Footage*

Anchor Jorge Ramos Thrown Out of Trump Event,
Told to 'Go Back to Univision'

[Disney News]
*Oh brave new world: It really isn't "footage" if it's a digital file, is it?

“It’s on his hat."

When do we start deporting these people? (Preferably to the surface of the sun.)
“We know his goal is to make America great again,” a woman said. “It’s on his hat.
And we see it every time it’s on TV."
Other jaws drop.

Errol Scorcher & The Revolutionaries - Rockers Hat

Outlook: Dismal

Previously on Web of Evil. Now, more images that move, w/ sound.

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Future Of Discourse?

Meaningless soundbites for the post-literate, of course. And this buffon trying to look very serious.

Depression- be careful of China!

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Trump, who made most of his money in real estate rather than investing, argued that markets are crashing because the United States has planned poorly and allowed China and Asia to dictate the global agenda.

The remarks represent a shift in Mr. Trump’s focus from immigration to China. In an Instagram video, he warned, “Be careful, they’ll bring us down.”

Music For A Morbid Muggy Monday

Dawg daze of August. Ennui Level: Terminal.
Lunacy: "The Sirius Transmission and the Multi-Dimensional Light Body Upgrade : Star Seed Transmissions 2015"
Has the market/Western Civilization crashed yet?
Damnit. Could've scheduled one a day for the rest of the wk. & then slept 'til the wknd.!

Also, the Trump phenom explained:
So, when the Eye of Horus or Pineal Gland is powerfully activated by Light transmissions from the Star system of Sirius, it means that a powerful energy of Creation and manifestation is under way.  The Earth Councils are receiving New Templates for Higher Forms of LIfe and Consciousness on Earth.

So, you will understand that the more powerfully you are feeling the effects, the more you are a part of this wave of New Earth Reality creation.  Those who are not receiving the transmissions will continue with their lives in the Reality framework that they know, until they are ready to graduate to the Multi-Dimensional framework that is being implemented right now.

There are many Guardians and Spirit Helpers busy right now, the primary one being the Archangels and the Dolphin/Cetacean Angels.

The Dolphin Angels are Beings of Light that come from the Andromeda Galaxy via Sirius to work with the Earth. They carry the Golden Light Frequency of the Christ Consciousness, as well as the Diamond Light Frequency that is needed for Multi-Dimensional travel. They are Guardians and Masters of the Time Loops and Time Spirals that are the basis for a Mastery of Time Travel and Creation in the HIgher Frequencies. Their Loving energy is assisting Humanity to begin the Mastery of Time Travel and Higher consciousness.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Naval Imperialism Continues Unabated

FRI 23 AUG 1940
Heavy cruisers Wichita (CA-45) (Rear Admiral Andrew C. Pickens) (Commander, Cruiser Division 7, embarked) and Quincy (CA-39) arrive at Montevideo, Uruguay.

Destroyers Walke (DD-416) and Wainwright (DD-420) wind up their shakedown/goodwill cruise in Latin American waters, departing Pará for Guantanamo Bay.

Today In The Urge To Kill

I get wanting to kill, but I'm still pretending it's more than mere bloodlust w/ me, & that I will be justified no matter whom I attack so no jury will convict me. On the other hand, two guys who drove from Iowa to Beantown w/ weapons & ammo, after apparently/allegedly social-media-threatening to shoot up the Pokemon World Championship. Yes, you read it correctly: The Pokemon World Championship in Boston. Shaking my head, as the kids today abbreviate.

Courtesy Boston P.D., what they came w/:
A release from the Boston Police Department says they were notified of the social media threats on Thursday and were able to stop the two suspects as they attempted to enter the event a few hours later. The men were not arrested at that time.

Detectives discovered that the two men had driven from Iowa with several guns in their vehicle that they did not have licenses for.

After obtaining a search warrant for the vehicle, police found a 12-gauge shotgun, an AR-15, several hundred rounds of ammunition and a hunting knife.

On Friday, arrest warrants were issued for 18-year-old Kevin Norton and 27-year-old James Stumbo and the men were taken into custody at their hotel in Saugus.


In a statement, the Pokemon Company said they were made aware of the threat after attendees notified them of posts on social media.

"Prior to the event this weekend, our community of players made us aware of a security issue. We gathered information and gave it as soon as possible to the authorities at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center who acted swiftly and spearheaded communication with the Boston Police Department. Due to quick action, the potential threat was resolved. The Pokémon Company International takes the safety of our fans seriously and will continue to ensure proper security measures are a priority."
Draw your own conclusions; this reporter thinks (unless those are B.P.D. evidence boxes) the guns above look newly purchased, & the rifle is short on ammo (only one mag?) if you're serious about an afternoon's plinking, let alone mass Pikachu murder.

Bradbury Mattress

Local Text

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Forrestal Becomes First Undersecretary Of The Navy

THU 22 AUG 1940
James V. Forrestal, former Administrative Assistant to the President and Wall Street broker, becomes first Undersecretary of the Navy. His office will become the most important coordinating agency for procurement and materiel in the Navy Department.

Fifty Yrs. Ago Today In
Candlestick Park

A day that will forever live in infamy.
Thug Juan Marichal (27) about to beat on Dodger catcher John Roseboro w/ a bat as Sandy Koufax tries to stop him.
Roseboro & Marichal eventually became friends. Let that be a lesson, young punks.
Marichal, who was suspended nine days and fined $1,750 for his attack, was contrite, and he and Roseboro later became friends. Years later, Marichal, who actually ended his career with the Dodgers, was denied admission to the Hall of Fame on the first two ballots. However, in part because Roseboro publicly stumped for him, he was voted in on the third try.

More poignantly, Marichal was also an honorary pallbearer and speaker at Roseboro's funeral in 2002. Gwen Knapp of the San Francisco Chronicle shared this exchange, which surely snuffed out any lingering ugliness:
According to an account written by [Fred] Claire, the emotional high point came when Marichal told the congregation: "I wish I could have had John Roseboro as my catcher."

Koufax spoke later and turned to Marichal to say, "You would have loved pitching to John Roseboro."
This is not a re-run.

Friday, August 21, 2015

American Idjits, Part The Whatever: “There is no more California”

Now go home!

Beyond Trumperdome

Posted on August 22, 2015 by Michael Froomkin
This kind of talk, from a WashPo piece quoting supporters at yesterday’s rally, is what powers the Trump machine:
Cheryl Burns, 60, was on a road trip from California when she heard that Trump would be in Alabama. She turned her car around and got in line, warning people of what happened to states when liberals took them over.

“There is no more California,” Burns said. “It’s now international, lawless territory. Everything is up for grabs. Illegal aliens are murdering people there. People are being raped. Trump isn’t lying about anything — the rest of the country just hasn’t found out yet.”

As a big fan of It Can’t Happen Here, I’m always alert for those brown [shirt?] signals, but I didn’t find nearly as strong signal in the actions of a couple of thugs (so long as it remains just a couple…) as I do in quotes like the one above. If large numbers of voters are living a reality-distortion zone in which California is now Mad Max land, anything is possible.
Yep, California is a living hell, & no one wants to live here anymore.

An Escape From Mindless Escapism

Yui Mok/PA Wire
Banksy at it again. Looks like fun to me.
Contains uneven floor surfaces, extensive use of strobe lighting, imagery unsuitable for small children and swearing.

The following are strictly prohibited in the Park – spray paint, marker pens, knives and legal representatives of the Walt Disney Corporation.
First seen here.

Pará Reached

WED 21 AUG 1940
Destroyers Walke (DD-416) and Wainwright (DD-420) reach Pará, Brazil.


Not a moment's relief anywhere from assholes shouting boring consumption idiocy at one, is there?
Really, how much longer am I expected to tolerate this shit? And how little do I care about expectations?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Are There No Comb-Over Eagles?

10¢ Psychology Dep't.: Patient shows no apparent affect. (WARNING: Autoplay from TIME Inc.'s asshole morons. Eff 'em, & eff Henry Luce's corpse.)
“He’s very difficult to photograph,” says Schoeller. “If you ask him to look up a little bit, he says no or he just doesn’t do it. He literally has one angle. If I ask him to smile, he puts on a big grin and then he goes back to his Zoolander ‘blue steel’ look. And the ‘blue steel’ stays for as ever long as it takes to get the photograph.”
Earlier in American Idiots w/ comb-overs, the late Wally George:

Water Finds Own Level Again

Let's Have A WAR!!

But where will it end?
South Korea responds to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's state of war order; South Korea 'will strongly retaliate against any kind of North Korean attacks and the North will have to take all the responsibility for such retaliative actions,' Defense Ministry says - @YonhapNews
While this reporter favors any & all activity that decreases the human population, & destructive acts in general (Because there's too much of your fucking shit & garbage piled on this poor old planet.) in this case I might have to hold off on full approval of returning the Korean Peninsula to the seabed, as I ab-so-fucking-lutely do not need an influx of Korean refugees seeking asylum or whatever w/ their relatives here in ALREADY-CROWDED-W/-SHITHEADS-I-WANT-TO-KILLPUT-OUT-OF-THEIR-(&-MY)-MISERY Korea Town.

Just nuke yourselves to death on your side of the world, you fucking morons. And don't just be teasing me w/ big talk & no action, either, bitches! I'll start a fucking war myself if y'all are too chickenshit!!

False Front Hollywood

This world is ugly & it wants to die. (I'm more than willing to help.)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

KILT Presents The Beatles

The Beatles as they played to a screaming crowd in Houston's Coliseum on August 19, 1965.
White spots are flashbulbs from the many fans who took pictures during the show.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hemispherical Hegemony

SUN 18 AUG 1940
President Roosevelt and Prime Minister MacKenzie King of Canada sign Ogdensburg Agreement, providing for Permanent Joint Board for the Defense of the United States and Canada (see 26 August 1940).

Burn The Amazon Warehouses Too

Another two-word phrase: shit wages.
We have always despised Amazon. Now, after no apparent change in conditions despite public exposure, it's again fashionable to note awfulness, esp. because it seems to be affecting the bourgeoisie, sensitive little flowers that they are, & we are confronted w/ dèja vu all over again. But just once let's not forget people who perform physical labor, & the hell w/ the middle-class who interact w/ screens & keyboards while in a comfy chair in a climate-controlled cubicle all day & all night & all afternoon.

Another Day In History

That's not a bulldozer, AP.
The massive job of cleaning up the black section of Los Angeles through which riots surged for five days gets
underway as a bulldozer clears debris from a fire-gutted store off the sidewalk in Watts, Los Angeles,
August 18, 1965.
 Ellis R. Bosworth/AP
L.A. Fire Dep't. images, via LAist.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Total Blockade!

SAT 17 AUG 1940
German government establishes "total blockade" of the British Isles, and warns that all ships will be sunk without warning.

Destroyers Walke (DD-416) and Wainwright (DD-420) depart Bahia, Brazil, for Pará, Brazil.

"Ever hear a comedian shit on
the American Dream at a Wal★Mart shareholders meeting?"

Nice rant on what can & can't be said in these allegedly-p. c. United Snakes, in reaction to recent horseshit typed for The Atlantic. No Atlantic link because fuck them (& pretty much everything else under the sun, moon or stars).
Which brings me back to the Lukianoff/Haidt piece and its insulting thesis that college campuses are incubators for mental illness and emotional fragility because they make students hypersensitive to oppression – ignoring that the entire rest of the world is a hypersensitive minefield ready to blow the fuck up when you so much as mention the concept of oppression.


They’re treating the oppressive culture of “political correctness” that silences dissent and enforces conformity that we have always had as normal and sane, and treating the resistance to it – the flawed attempt to come up with new social norms that comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable instead of vice versa – as though it’s the real sickness.

Pictures/Events + 50

A.Z. Smith, a victim of the Los Angeles riots, checks the damage to
his barber shop in the Watts area of Los Angeles, Aug. 17, 1965.
Business establishments owned by whites were the usual targets
of looters and arsonists. Smith was one of the few blacks
caught up in the turmoil. (AP Photo)
Postman Lee Cash makes his rounds Aug. 17, 1965 thru rubble in
the Watts area of Los Angeles where he’s been delivering the mail
all during the six-day riot. The six days of violence left 34 dead
and resulted in $40 million of property damage. (AP Photo)
Captions also by AP, we assume, & very 50 yrs. ago.

Has "B.O." Torn Your Family Apart?

The paranoid style in "Urban Studies", from O.C. Register "Staff Columnist" Joel Kotkin, who's been entirely too much in the news recently.
Barack Obama has always wanted to be a transformational president, and in this, at least, he has been true to his word. [Heh heh. Get it? "You lie!" Haw haw! Didja get it? Huh? Did ya?] The question is what kind of America is being created, and what future does it offer the next generation.

President Obama’s great accomplishment, arguably, has been to spur the evolution of a society that formerly rested on individual and familial aspiration, and turn it into a more regulated and centralized regime focused on broader social and environmental concerns.
Do "societies" even become "regimes"? This is the usual "That person in the White House is taking away my freedoms!" yada except articulated in larger (& accordingly vaguer) words. Still waiting for anything resembling fact behind any of these claims of impinged freedom.

Also, per O.C. Reg staff artist Chris Morris we are all hipsters or gamers or ... um ... something in B.O.'s Matrix, able only to live in a virtual reality simulacrum of the American Dream. The American Dream. Only one is allowed, if you forgot: Houses, homemakers, cars, dogs, white picket fences, babies & other property to be fetishized by white guys.
In conclusion, types Kotkin, hooray for racial resentment:
Although they have been far less able to achieve homeownership, surveys consistently show that most millennials want to own a house, get more space and seem increasingly willing to move to the suburbs, even the exurbs, to get it.

This will no doubt prove a disappointment for the highly influential cadre of generally wealthier, environmentally focused baby boomers, who celebrate millennials being satisfied as apartment renters – for life. Perhaps this is one reason that, in recent surveys, young people have been less likely to identify as “environmentalist” than previous generations.

Similarly, millennials may be very tolerant and welcoming of diversity, but one has to wonder how many – particularly those outside the protected classes – are likely to chafe at a regime that disfavors their own prospects. The fact that white millennials have been trending Republican should be seen by Democrats as something of a warning sign.
Also helpful to the cause? Uncited "surveys", & the trending (?) of "white millennials". Surprised he doesn't capitalize "white" as his nationalist brethren do? Me too.

We also wonder if Mr. Kotkin has ever invested any of the money he scams from things like the Houston-based Center for Opportunity Urbanism ( in development or real property, or if he's neither a landlord nor Trump-like Master of the Development Universe but merely a mouthpiece for the rent-seekers.

Thug Life In Cali.:
Where Are The Military Parents?

The bully acorn doesn't fall far from the hollow rotting oak of America's Warriors.
How's our warriors gonna fight them Ay-rabs 'n' Mooslimes if they can't keep their own punk loser kids in line? But "let's send all the baby-killers back to Iraq to finish the job", to paraphrase whatever idiocy Republican candidates are mouthing, while the spawn of the G.I.s terrorize us at home. An excellent idea, & well-thought as all G.O.P. ideas are.


My latest regret? That I won't live long enough to see humanity boil itself to death in its own waste.
                                                        The conclusion is inevitable: Younger people will get what they deserve, GOOD & HARD!

Gave some thought earlier to making Griffith Park a hellish inferno that will eventually consume all of Los Angeles; fortunately for the millions of idiots who live around me, it's already too damn hot to leave the bunker. (Not sure a mere nine m.p.h. [just under 14.5 klicks] is enough local wind speed to propagate the flames, either. Best-laid plans & all.)

Fuck The Police, Again & Again

Fuck CNN & its mother too.
CNN ran a segment on Monday reporting that there wasn’t violence at movie theaters during the opening weekend of the hip-hop oriented film Straight Outta Compton.

CNN host Carol Costello reported, “Some movie theaters were worried about violence whenStraight Outta Compton hit the screen. instead, it only led to longer lines, ticket lines and some big money, too.”

Costello brought on CNN law enforcement analyst Cedric Alexander to discuss the reaction to the film. “There are some police organizations that are calling on people — members and maybe even beyond their members — not to see this movie because of the message they think it sends,” said Alexander, who was a police officer in the 1980s when the group’s hits first came out. “We really have to get away from this whole ‘f the police’ to ‘support the police.'”

The film tells the story of the group N.W.A., a group from Compton, California that was highly influential in the early days of hip-hop, and included several members that are still famous today, including Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, who also produced the film.

The film earned $56 million on opening weekend, a record for an R-rated film. Police reportedly patrolled theaters showing the film, but violence failed to materialize.
And fuck cop-apologist law-enforcement Nazi Cedric Alexander. Until the police cease their fascism, they don't deserve support from any community except white racists, you fucking authoritarian asshole.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

"Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Martha of Norway ..."

FRI 16 AUG 1940
President Roosevelt, in press conference, announces that the U.S. government is discussing with the British government the acquisition of naval and air bases to defend the Western Hemisphere and the Panama Canal. Secrecy, however, continues to shroud the ongoing discussions concerning the transfer of destroyers to the British.

U.S. Army Transport American Legion departs Petsamo, Finland, for New York; on board is Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Martha of Norway and her three children, who have been invited to come to the United States by President Roosevelt. The last neutral ship permitted to leave Petsamo, American Legion also carries a crated twin-mount 40-millimeter Bofors gun "with standard sights ... spare parts, and 3,000 rounds of ammunition." Shipment of the gun, an almost Herculean effort that involves trucking the weapon the entire length of Sweden, has required the cooperation of the British, Swedish, and Finnish governments.

The Telephone Is Ringing,
You Got Me On The Run

[Editor's Preamble to The Constitutional Issues: Nothing funny here, merely futher sad & pathetic examples of how sadly pathetic Americans are, w/ their gnat-like attention spans & functional illiteracy forcing them to resist progress & repeat history again & again. WILL THEY NEVER FUCKING LEARN?]
Is anyone who hasn't been livng under that proverbial rock since maybe WWII surprised that The Telephone Company & J. Edgar Hoover & his heirs are cut from the same Commie/"terrorist"-fearing cloth? Really, how is this news?
Or new, even? Because I've a more than vague memory that this was something that no one really cared or did anything about some seven yrs. ago, also too.

If the Press Corpse maintained links (None in the two Web of Evil items above are good now.) The New York Times could look it up, realize no one cared then & certainly won't now & assign the reporters to do another wacky-rich-people-in-New-York-City feature & this ennui-filled (because it's Sisyphus all the way down, over & over) reporter can be spared the suffering of retention of knowledge & having to go on about everything wrong yet again.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

HIstory Shows Again & Again ...

... but what, exactly, is it showing us? Mostly irony. Here, international historical irony: Giants fans from Tokyo at AT&T Park, San Francisco, on the 70th (allowing for the Int'l. Date Line & whatnot) anniversary of Victory over Japan Day, 15 August 2015.

Anglo-American Conspiracy Deepens

THU 15 AUG 1940
British Prime Minister Churchill responds, encouraged and grateful, to President Roosevelt's telegram of 13 August 1940; "the worth of every destroyer that you can spare to us is measured in rubies ..." The "moral value of this fresh aid from your Government and your people at this critical time will be very great and widely felt."

Assistant Chief of Naval Operations Rear Admiral Robert L. Ghormley, Major General Delos C. Emmons (USAAC), and Brigadier General George V. Strong (USA) arrive in London for informal staff conversations with British officers.

Naval Air Station, Miami, Florida, is established, Commander Gerald F. Bogan in command.

Destroyers Walke (DD-416) and Wainwright (DD-420) reach Bahia, Brazil.

Today In Big Terror Talk
(& Talk, & Talk, & ...)

North Korea threatens attack on US
with 'tremendous muscle' if Monday's joint military drills with South Korea
take place — @cnnbrk
Bin Laden's Son Calls for
Lone Wolf Attacks on US
How many times has America had to change its pants today?

Friday, August 14, 2015

M.B. Can't Wait For the Apocalypse

Marcus & Michele Bachmann, hoping to die.
Even a yr. ago not-yet-indicted campaign fraudster Michele Bachmann eagerly welcomed the end of times. Note how her tiny, tiny mind confuses the 13 victims w/ the single "attacker" at the Washington Naval Yard.Imagine hating yourself so much not only do you want to die but everyone else has to go w/ you.Or you could listen & save your imagination.Just kill yourselves & leave normal people alone already you slobbering idiots.

Palm Trail

There is no escape, sheeple!
They aren't even pretending anymore.