Sunday, September 23, 2007

Attempted Intimidation by Libertarians & "Liberal" Hawks

Almost two weeks ago the editor here started another non-paying gig @ Fire Megan McArdle. ("Omigod, you guys! It seems to me I'm, like, totally ruining the Atlantic!") She's responded, in an obvious attempt to intimidate us:Well, we're made of sterner stuff than that. "The present day web logger refuses to die," to paraphrase someone paraphrasing someone else. Blogger army, our ass! Not even as frightening as the KISS™ Army. Keyboard Kommandos. Feh. And why the butt-curtain, McMegan? You don't have anything to hide back there.
Also: "Liberal" hawk/warmonger Matt Yglesias, another member of the D. C. Blogger Clique Army (The Atlantic Division):Note: This is too stupid & juvenile to post @ FMMcA (Really, we're semi-serious there.) & one of our co-bloggers already did a better job w/ Ms. McArdle's picture anyway.

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Larry Harmon said...

Hey Bouff,
I checked out your posts at "Fire Meg McA" and I'm glad to see that you're expanding your social horizons, if only online. Go man go!