Sunday, April 11, 2021

Nappy, MacArthur, Idi Amin Deposed, Buchenwald Liberated

Kill The Plague Germs By Burning This Sad Shack To The Ground

A Fence Is Not Enough

Dump this size having three people inside is a super-spreader event.
Burbank erects fence around restaurant that has repeatedly defied health orders during COVID-19 pandemic
Image (by Dania Maxwell) & headline from the L.A. Times (No shots of the actual fence?); don't arse yourself getting around the paywall, all the meat's here.
Tinhorn Flats owner Baret Lepejian, who lives in Thailand while his children operate the restaurant ...
You may draw your own disgusting conclusions as to why an American of Armenian extraction who owns a bar would live in Thailand.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

I Will Cut You, & Your Crummy Battery!!

Earlier this eve. I blew 10% of my Biden Bux on a new 'phone, as frustration at my maybe-two-yrs.-old piece of Motorola crap's refusal to recognize the SD card or even fucking realize the headphones are plugged in took over.

Good thing I did, too, as I decided to make another attempt at re-seating the SD card. Took the case off the 'phone & noticed the damn thing was bulging. (Apparently cheap piece-of-shit lithium-ion polymer batteries manufactured by Chinese slaves in the thrall of Ningde Amperex Technology Limited expand when they're effed up.)
Started to remove the back of the 'phone & it almost flew off by itself. And of course the fucking thing won't work w/o a battery, even when plugged into the AC.

Swear to fuck, I will chop this damned piece of plastic shit into smaller pieces & insert every last particle painfully into the keister of the shithead motherfucker who is in charge of this Lenovo® Corporation, also responsible for the gawddam Lenovo® IdeaCentre A340 I own that needed a new hard drive nine months after purchase. Fuck your mouth too, YANG Yuanqing, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. I'm sure none of these pricks, nor the three bitches among them, are innocent either, so they're all on my list. 

Fuck every one of you shitheels to hell. Any of you have the guts to leave China & face me one-on-one to explain your corporate shittiness? Didn't think so. FUCK. YOU!!

War w/ China? I've heard worse ideas. Free the slaves, even if it kills them!!

Titanic Sails, The Great Gatsby Is Published, Kinison Killed

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Two Great Minds, One Hungry Thought

Guy interviewed in the Local Times had the same thing on his mind post-poke as this reporter.
Mike Carson, 39, battled traffic for 2½ hours to get from Long Beach to the campus. He persisted, he said, because he didn’t want to catch “The Rona.”

“When they announced on the news yesterday that this was opening up and they have these open spots, I was like, I’m just gonna go and try to get it done early,” Carson said. His only plan after was to go to In-N-Out.

It's Always Something

Had to spend 10 or so mins. "chatting" w/ a moron "virtual agent" & then a not much smarter humanoid agent about the idiots at Spectrum not showing the Clipper game on TNT because they were under the impression the local Clipper outlet was showing it as well. Cretins.

On More Positive Notes ...

Have most people who wanted it been jabbed already?Perhaps not; however, "increased media coverage overnight" jacked up demand, & they've stopped accepting unscheduled walk-ups.

Today also marks 28 days since this reporter rec'd. his J&J poke; may just voyage to Burbank & spend some of those sweet Biden Bucks to stimulate the local economy Train Shack one of these wks.

Other good & unexpected news: Ordered something early yesterday, & was advised not to expect it for two wks. An e-mail rec'd. at 0901 which I didn't see until about 1440 led me to this,
& before I knew it this:
so it'd been sitting at the door for an hr. & a half. Srsly, FedEx, would it fucking kill you to knock before you run away?

Today's American Scene: More Murder

Good thing the plague is almost done. Now we can resume shooting each other safely.

Troubling Long-Term Trends

Big Picture? No Future For You!

Shane Harris / Washington Post:
Intelligence forecast sees a post-coronavirus world upended by climate change and splintering societies  —  U.S. intelligence officials have little comfort to offer a pandemic-weary planet about where the world is heading in the next 20 years.  Short answer: It looks pretty bleak.
Julian E. Barnes / New York Times:
U.S. Intelligence Report Warns of Global Consequences of Social Fragmentation
Ha ha. Everything's made of shit & you're all dying. I realized & admitted it yrs. ago; time for the rest of you dipsticks to turn the lights on in your heads.

Pablo Picasso, Ryan White, Kurt Cobain Are History; So Is Hammerin' Hank

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

No Help At All

Apparently these idiots can't use my Lifeline phone to confirm my identity so I can find/receive that alleged US$600.00. What kind of bullshit is that?

An IRS online services profile has been created per your request.

The IRS is sending an activation code to your address of record via US Mail. You will need the activation code to complete the online registration process. The letter should arrive within 5-10 calendar days and explains how to activate your user profile.

If you did not create this profile, please contact us at 888-841-4648.

This is an automated email. Please do not reply.

The IRS will never initiate contact through email asking taxpayers for personal or financial information.

When I explode on these people it won't be pretty.

Long Distance Telebision Debuts, Henry Ford Dies, Rwanda Starts Civil War

Now Where's My Goddamn US$600.00, You Rat Bastards?

This turns out to be true:
If you receive VA disability pay, Social Security or SSI and you haven't received your third stimulus check, your wait is almost over. The IRS just announced that payments to those receiving VA disability could be made in mid-April, while most payments for people who receive other federal benefits and aren't required to file a tax return will be made Wednesday, April 7.
Still waiting for that second one. Good job making vets wait until mid-April, too, you heartless scum. 

Almost makes me wish I lived in or near the District of Columbia so I could administer some justice w/ my bare hands, or at least a bare (& itching) trigger finger.

Today I Learned ...

... A Case Of A Disease When Fully Vaccinated Against It Is A "Breakthrough" Case

246 fully vaccinated Michiganders got COVID-19 between January and March, state reports

Not encouraging. On the other hand, I'd as soon be masked all the time I'm not relatively safe in the bunker.

[Detroit Free Press]

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Today's Stupid Lying Jerk

Ashton Pittman / Mississippi Free Press:
Mississippi Elections Chief Warns Biden May Register ‘Uninformed,’ ‘Woke’ College Voters  —  Mississippi's top election official says he is worried that the nation will suffer if more “woke” and “uninformed” college students become registered voters.  Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson made that remark in a televised interview while describing President Joe Biden’s March 6 executive order on “promoting access to voting.” 

 Among other things, the president’s executive order directs the heads of federal agencies to develop strategic plans to “promote voter registration and participation,” possibly including “distributing voter registration and vote-by-mail ballot applications in the course of regular services.” 

On March 26, Watson claimed during an interview with WLOX that Biden was “basically employing all the federal agencies, universities and colleges to register as many folks as they can via this automatic voter registration.” Biden’s order does not mention colleges, universities or automatic registration. 

“So think about all those woke college and university students now who will automatically be registered to vote whether they wanted to or not. Again, if they didn’t know to opt-out, they’re going to be automatically registered to vote and then they receive this mail-in ballot that they probably didn’t know was coming because they didn’t know they were registered to vote,” the Mississippi Republican said. 

“You’ve got an uninformed citizen who may not be prepared and ready to vote. Automatically, it’s forced on them: ‘Hey, go make a choice.’ And our country’s going to pay for those choices.”
Helluva lot more idiocy & buffoonery at the link. These people are permanently brain damaged & must be removed from public life before they can fulfill their dreams of "cancelling" us.

Houdini Escapes Womb, Wilson Enters WWI, Hag Born, Tammy Wynette Dies


And someone decided to animate a video just a couple of months ago.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

My Kingdom Is Not Of This Earth

What Would Jesus Do?

Had he existed, he'd doubtless have wiped you all from the face of this world for being eternally stupid. And ignorant.

Last Waltz

Ça y est!

Murder Most Foul In Memphis

No, No, No, No ... Joan Crawford Has Risen From The Grave

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Ennui À-Go-Go, Detroit-Stylee

Saturday's Shit

"Volunteer" work. The fucking nerve.

Too Much To Ask?

Why won't members of your rotten species treat me decently, so I don't awawken in a state of murderous rage every fucking day? People I've never even met abuse & use me, & for no good reason. Overheated & violent rhetoric aside, I'm a fucking pussycat. Maybe that's the problem. I'm just not enough of an asshole to compete in your world of shit, pain & money-grubbing greed.

Pony Express Begins, Jesse James Murdered, Marshall Plan Signed

Friday, April 2, 2021

Round-Up Time!

Friday Among The Liberal Blogs

Ponce Finds Florida, Wilson Wants War, Argies Seize Falklands

Good News For Modern Man!

Godlessness on the loose!

In assigning culpability for this trend, one could assemble a long list of plausible co-conspirators. The ascendance of the Evangelical right likely damaged Christianity’s brand with social liberals by associating the faith with theocratic politics, while pedophilic priests and their enablers surely drove no small number of American Catholics from the pews. In Gallup’s polling, the decline in church membership has been especially steep among self-identified Catholics, falling 18 points since 2000, compared to 9 points among Protestants.
Tell 'em, Darby*!Not merely a tonic for the human spirit, but a political positive as well.
This reality helps explain some curious aspects of contemporary politics. For example, many pundits have puzzled over the divergent political trajectories of Wisconsin and Ohio. Although both states have shifted right since the Obama era, the former has remained competitive while the latter has gone solid red. If one focuses on race and education, this split is hard to explain. Both states are heavily working-class, with nearly identical percentages of Ohioans and Wisconsinites holding college degrees, while African Americans comprise roughly twice as large a share of Ohio’s population as they do of Wisconsin’s. Thus, if you only looked at these two variables, you’d assume that the Buckeye State was the bluer battleground. But religiosity presents a countervailing distinction. In Pew’s polling, 58 percent of Ohioans say they are “highly religious,” which makes their state the 17th-most religious in the country. By contrast, only 45 percent of Wisconsinites identify as highly religious; only five states demonstrate lower levels of religiosity, and all of them are blue.
Liberal analyses of the GOP’s war on voting rights tend to characterize it as a reaction against the nation’s burgeoning racial diversity. And this is surely one driver of the phenomenon. But it’s worth noting that the eclipse of conservative Christian America is real, while that of majority-white America is a paranoid delusion. According to Census Bureau projections, white Americans will still comprise over 68 percent of the U.S. population in 2060, so long as one includes Hispanic Americans who identify as white in that category. The complexion of America’s white majority may shift, as it has many times before. But it’s not actually disappearing. White conservative Christians, by contrast, are already a minority of the U.S. electorate. 
The Republican Party can still compete for political supremacy within America’s existing institutions. But its moral traditionalists cannot regain cultural hegemony absent some kind of a counterrevolution. If such a project is practically implausible, it is increasingly ideologically permissible on the right side of the aisle. Thus, the coming decade of U.S. politics may be defined, in part, by the struggle to prevent conservative Christianity from taking democracy down with it.
See also,

The conservative movement is rejecting America

A recent essay in a prominent right-wing outlet gives an unusually clear window into the modern right’s anti-democratic worldview.

Cannot for the life of me imagine why this sort of display of lunatic idiocy doesn't impress the yout' more.
*Dead these forty yrs. & almost four months now.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

So Now It's Freemasons Vs. Flat-Earthers In Canada?

Elizabeth Simons / Canadian Anti-Hate Network:
EXCLUSIVE: Suspect In Three Vancouver Masonic Lodge Fires Shared Antisemitic, QAnon-Related Content On Facebook  —  Social media posts highlight a deep belief in flat earth, QAnon related conspiracy theories, and claims that Freemasonry is a form of Judaism.

A Vancouver man has been arrested in relation to one of three fires reported at Freemason Lodges throughout the city.

The Vancouver Police Department has charged Benjamin Kohlman, 42, of Vancouver with one count of arson and one count of assault against a police officer. The investigation into the other two fires is still ongoing. 

“The two arsons that occurred in North Vancouver yesterday are still under investigation,” said VPD Constable Tania Visintin, in a press release. “We anticipate recommending more charges to Crown counsel in the coming weeks related to the North Vancouver files.”

A review of Kohlman’s social media reveals that the suspect’s views toward Freemasons is rooted in antisemitism. 

In an exchange in 2018 with someone on his social media, Kohlman asked “Earlier you mentioned your family has a history in Freemasonry. This is a form of Judaism is it not? Is this why you defend the globe so passionately? Is it right in your name? Jew Ball.”

Kohlman goes on to claim that while not all Jews are part of a global conspiracy, Freemasons are Jewish.

“These Elite people are Jewish Freemasons who belong to groups such as the Illuminati, Builderburg, Skull and Bones, Bohiemian [sic] Grove, and other secret societies.”

In other social media posts, Kohlman expresses a deep belief in flat earth theories, 5G conspiracies, and a new world order -- all stemming from his certainty in a global conspiracy by the elites and Freemasons.

Kohlman also spread antisemitic theories connecting Jewish people to Lucifer, and the Illuminati. In one post from 2018 he writes, “The flag for my province represents the British monarchy ruling, and it is a monarchy. Not only are the Knights Templar and the Jewish colours represented but the sun represents Lucifer, the light bringer. At one point the good people of the world managed to disband the order of the knights, but it was short lived and they reformed as the Illuminati. The keepers of light (knowledge). Gold can covertly represent the sun, Lucifer or Satan.”

Kohlman also shares content consistent with QAnon -- posts about adrenochrome, satanic rituals involving children, and pedophilia are found on his profiles. 

“The world is ran [sic] by Satanic paedophiles. They like to torture and traumatise their victims so that there is a lot of adrenaline in the blood which makes them high when they drink it,” Kohlman wrote in 2019.

Peppered throughout his social media is the idea that opposition to flat earth theory is satanic and controlled by “the elite.”

“Flat Earth believers generally agree that Satanic paedophiles control the population and must be stopped while most globe believers are unaware.”

The first blaze began on Thursday, according to police. At around 6:45 am on Thursday, North Vancouver RCMP were notified of a structure fire at the Lynn Valley Lodge near Lynn Valley Road and Harold Road.

Before it could reach the hour, a second structure fire was reported at Duke of Connaught Lodge No. 64, home of the North Vancouver Masonic Centre.

“The building was fully engulfed while the City of North Vancouver Fire Rescue Services fought the fire,” the VPD said in a press release.

The third fire was reported at the Masonic Temple near Rupert Street and East 29th Avenue in Vancouver just before 7:30 am.

This sucker-ass chump & all like him must be removed from the anti-social media & the streets that sane people walk.


Why do I bother?

Hope Springs Eternal: It's Opening Day

Nazis Boycott Jews, Okinawa Invaded, Marvin Gaye Murdered By His Father

No joke: Hate, war & death.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Arrangements ...

... Of A Treatise On Republican Sexuality

Sunset Sound, March 1966 (remixed 2016):
Munich, February 1979:
Hammersmith Odeon, March 1979:

Still Waiting ...

... for money from the gov't., & pay from these crooks & liars. You can bet your ass I'm not holding my breath, as it is obviously my fate to suffer nothing but the slings & arrows of outrageous fortune.

Keep it up you rat bastards. Justice will be rendered.

Oklahoma Debuts, L.B.J. Chickens Out

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Angela Davis Still Causing Trouble

Letter to the Editor: Students demand answers, action  —  Angela Davis, a renowned activist and author.  Her event at Butler was cancelled without student input.  Photo courtesy of Trident Booksellers and Cafe.  —  On March 29, without warning or discussion, Butler University administration canceled an event titled “Joint Struggle and Collective Liberation,” which featured a conversation with the revolutionary author, abolitionist and anti-racist activist Angela Davis. The administration abruptly and unilaterally canceled the event without the input of – and without even notifying – the student leaders who spent four months of tireless planning, coordination and collaboration on the event.

Tuesday's Turkey

It's here.

U.S. Reaches Deal W/ Russia For Alaska, Reagan Almost Gets His, Clapton Born, Cagney Dies

Compare & contrast:
March 30: President Ronald Reagan shot; William Seward reaches deal to buy Alaska from Russia; Actor James Cagney dies; Musician Eric Clapton born.
Highlights of this day in history: President Ronald Reagan is wounded in an assassination attempt; The U.S. reaches a deal with Russia to buy Alaska Territory; Actor James Cagney dies; Musician Eric Clapton born. (March 30)
Guess ol' Seward got hisse'f cancelled.

And all the Clapton one could stand or need.

Spot The Loony Dep't.

Religion Is A Mental Illness

According to West, the dream involved a stairway to Heaven made up of living multicolored stones on which the word “TRUMP” appeared in gold, “in ascending order, starting from the bottom of the stairway—touching the nations—to the highest of heights in heavenly places.” As West tells it, each letter of Trump’s name appeared with a corresponding word: Truth, Righteousness, Unity, Mercy, and Peace.

The dream involved visions of a rotting oak tree, a healing rainbow-colored whirlwind emerging from a door in the tree, a great eagle, a snake-devouring owl, the roar of a lion, the face of a lamb, and a “snow white dove” appearing “within the fiery orange winds of the mighty whirlwind,” West said.

In her interpretation of the dream, West wrote that she believes “it speaks to what God is now building and establishing in and through His Ekklesia”—a term used by Pentecostal dominionists to refer to the church as an assembly with governing authority on Earth.

[Right Wing Weirdo Watch]

Friday, March 26, 2021

Four Ptomaine Palaces That Should Be Burned To The Ground

Also Sonic.

Fast Food Giant Claims Credit For Killing $15 Minimum Wage

In internal company documents, a private-equity owned conglomerate is bragging to its employees about successfully blocking a boost in pay for low-wage workers.

“Our Name Signifies Our Admiration For The Qualities Embodied By Howard Roark”

Inspire Brands is majority owned by Roark Capital — a $23 billion private equity giant named after the self-centered protagonist of Ayn Rand novel The Fountainhead, which is considered a foundational conservative text for the defense of billionaires and economic inequality.

“Our name signifies our admiration for the qualities embodied by Howard Roark,” the firm says on its website. “We are committed to being a good partner in good times, and an even better partner in bad times.”

[The Daily Poster]

Still Waiting, You Rat Bastards

Now it's up to the fucking I.R.S. Nazis?
Alexander Sammon / American Prospect:
Republicans want your scared elderly racist vote, but couldn't care less if you die. Starvation, unmanaged plague, whatever. Every one of them is a criminal; lock 'em all up before I slit their throats!

Cancun Republican Senator Rafael "Ted" Cruz's Telebision Of The Ridiculous

"... waving flashlights, yelling & taunting Americans!!"

Heaven's Gate Happens, Seattle Wins Stanley Cup

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Texas Republican Senator Rafael "Ted" Cruz's Theatre Of The Ridiculous

So, wait until they murder & then get the murderers, "Ted"?One min. & 16 secs. of prime Texas bullshit. No one's "taking away your guns", unless you're a crazed serial killer.
Occupy Democrats via montag's the burned over district.

No, Really?

Behind a paywall, so don't arse yourself.

Mental Illness Runs Rampant In QAnon Crowd


One in five Americans have a mental health diagnosis. The rate is three times that among Capitol rioters.

Fucking nut-jobs. Get some help or just kill yourselves, drooling cretins.

Big Talk From A Little Man

Allowed To Die: The Blood Is On Trump's Hands

 Howard Schneider / Reuters:
U.S. COVID response could have avoided hundreds of thousands of deaths - research  —  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States squandered both money and lives in its response to the coronavirus pandemic, and it could have avoided nearly 400,000 deaths with a more effective health strategy …
Philip Bump / Washington Post:
A better pandemic response might have saved hundreds of thousands of lives — and Trump's presidency

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Kills 146, 25,000 March In Montgomery


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Mediterranean Snow

Not a cute drug name. Still think the climate isn't changing? Last month:Yesterday, by the time you read this:

Where's The Fucking Money?

I obviously couldn't possibly care any less about your stupid money, really I'm just inquiring about the whereabouts of MY damn money.
Screw the rat bastard shitheel responsible for this, apparently one Andrew Saul, Trump-appointee, in every orifice. Then cut him a few new orifices for further painful penetration.
Arthur Delaney / HuffPost:
Democrats Say Agency Run By Trump Holdover Is Delaying Stimulus Checks  —  The IRS hasn't received the payment information it requested to send checks to Social Security recipients.  —  Millions of disabled and retired Americans are still waiting for their $1,400 stimulus payments …
Cristina Marcos / The Hill:   House Democrats express alarm over slow stimulus checks
No shit? This reporter has yet to see the US$600.00 Economic Impact Payment alleged to have been issued at the end of 2020.

How much longer am I expected to wait? How long, how long?
When I do get the money I'll use my Biden Bucks to arm myself & track down Andrew Saul or whoever's most responsible & give 'em the ol' Second Amendment anti-gov't. remedy. Pow! Pow! Pow!

Elvis Inducted, Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Clinton Attacks Yugoslavia

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Cheeky Bastids

Beverly Blvd. 2021

Windy today.
We're Number One!
Temporarily Closed.

Patrick Henry: "Give me liberty, or give me death," Hitler: "Give Me Germany & Give Me Death", Mir De-Orbited

De-Orbit, a/k/a Flame, Crash & Burn:

Comparing & Contrasting Cattle

Not to pick on the Krauts too much; compare $15.98 (saved three bones) of "Made in Federal Republic of Germany" cows ("Hand painted in Mauritius", however.)
w/ livestock from a budget American brand ("Made in China", probably by literal wage-slaves) stock pen that was $10.98 (saved $9.00).
Course I'll have to paint them (& the lumber) myself.

Monday, March 22, 2021

W.T.F. Is Next?

11 National Guard Soldiers transporting vaccines held at gunpoint in West Texas, suspect arrested  —  Idalou Police responded to the scene  —  LUBBOCK COUNTY, Texas (KCBD) - An Arizona man has been arrested after he cut off and held at gunpoint a caravan of National Guardsmen transporting COVID-19 vaccines …
LUBBOCK COUNTY, Texas (KCBD) - An Arizona man has been arrested after he cut off and held at gunpoint a caravan of National Guardsmen transporting COVID-19 vaccines to Matador, Texas around 7 a.m. this morning [Sic, you redundant fuck!], according to Idalou Police.

Larry Harris, of Willcox, Arizona, is accused of following three National Guard vans from Love’s Travel Station on East Regis Street in Lubbock to about two miles east of Idalou. Police say Harris attempted multiple times to run the vans off of the roadway. He then turned his vehicle into oncoming traffic on Hwy. 62/82 and stopped the vans. He then pointed a gun at an unarmed National Guardsman, identified himself as a detective, and demanded to search the vehicles and ordered the rest of the unarmed guardsmen out of their vehicles at gunpoint.11 National Guardsmen held at gunpoint while transporting COVID-19 vaccines to Matador, Texas on Monday, March 22, 2021.
11 National Guardsmen held at gunpoint while transporting COVID-19 vaccines to Matador, Texas on Monday, March 22, 2021. (Source: Idalou Police Department)
Harris told police he thought the people in the vans had kidnapped a woman and child. All 11 of the Guardsmen were in uniform.

When police arrived on the scene, Harris was in possession of a loaded Colt 1911 pistol .45 Caliber. He had an additional loaded magazine on his person and another loaded magazine in his truck, police say.

The Idalou officers took Harris into custody without further incident.

Harris was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful restraint of 11 National Guard Soldiers, unlawful carrying of a weapon, impersonating a Public Servant, and interference with Texas Military Forces. The Idalou Police Department is currently investigating this incident. The Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the investigation.

None of the Guardsmen were injured and none of them were armed.

“Mr. Harris appeared to be mentally disturbed. This was a very dangerous situation since the suspect was standing in the midst of the unarmed Guardsman with a loaded weapon when the Idalou Officers arrived on scene. We are grateful that the officers were able to take him into custody without any of the Guardsmen, the officers or the suspect getting hurt,” said Eric Williams, Idalou Police Chief.

More guns for the detective-deluded, I say!

Bodies In The Streets Of Boulder

As described in the title. And audio of shots being fired inside the King Soopers.From Ballon Juice.

Stamp Act Passed, "Garbage Barge"

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Nappy Heads For Waterloo, More Bush War, Abu Ghraib, Uncle Tom's Cabin


I didn't arse myself to listen to this because as I schedule this wks. before the equinox I couldn't effing care any less about anything. Tough shit if you (or I) don't like it.
Since they're Aussies, & on top of the world there it's the autumnal equinox, let's also listen to the first recording conducted by the composer, the original Ig, of this popular ballet.
And since you still shouldn't go anywhere, you've all the time in the world; take an hr. or so & compare & contrast w/ the 1960 Columbia take.

Friday, March 19, 2021


Effin' Krauts mocking us. Note that the police are about to shoot anything moving inside.
Their website hasn't been copyrighted since 2009, so we are stuck w/

Product Information
No additional information is available at this time.

from a functional (albeit also Kraut-named) site.

Seriously, what's w/ these people?

Product information "Sound module Bad Manners (burping and farting)"
Experience the model railway with all your senses: The stationary modules add the specific sounds to the animated world. Set complete with module and integrated loudspeaker and connection for external loudspeaker. The volume is of course adjustable. Operating voltage 14 - 24 V DC = or 10 - 16 V AC ~. Suitable for: Restrooms items 1500 and 1545, nature`s call item 1547 or seating accomodation beer-garden with men item 1525. These sounds are played alternatively.

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Today In The Professions, O.C. Edition

Doctor Gets Eight to Life Sentence for Attack on Lawyer in Newport Beach


Silver State Legalizes Gambling, Bob "Dylan" Ruins Music, Bush War II

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Duce Makes Biiig Mistake, Commie Walks In Space

Damn Thing Just Keeps Growing

Right tool for the job, w/ a free pack of 25 Israeli-made benzalkonium chloride antibacterial hand wipes from the Home Despot pick-up locker. Is the plague a bacteria? Didn't think so.
Problem (of not being able to access the galley except on all fours) solved!
May have to liberate more milk crates however.

Westwood Sunset II

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Montana Morbidity Report

Montana recorded more deaths than births in 2020

The state recorded 12,018 deaths to 10,791 live births

Apparently Montana is populated w/ panda people; pindicks who've forgotten how to fuck. Could be a nice place to live when all the pin-dicked hicks are worm food.

Long one (due to yip-yap at the beginning).[The Independent]

The Weed Of Crime Bears Bitter Fruit

Catalytic converter thefts continue to climb in Southern California, with one leading to the suspected thief’s death.

An employee at an Anaheim industrial building arrived to work Wednesday about 6:20 a.m. and discovered a man’s legs sticking out from underneath a company car, said Anaheim Police Sgt. Shane Carringer.

Based on the tools with him and his position under the car, first responders concluded he had been trying to detach the catalytic converter from the Toyota Prius, Carringer said.

“It appears he was attempting to steal a catalytic converter off the vehicle when the jack he used failed, and the jack failure caused the car to fall on top of him,” Carringer said.

[L.A. Times]

461 (Or 493) C.E.: St. Paddy Gets His, Bush Bullies Hussein, F.D.R. Incest

Up the drunken bog monkeys!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

30 Years Ago Today: Local Murder Too

Remembering Latasha Harlins, who was shot and killed 30 years ago by a store owner in South LA

Former LAPD Commander Michael Bostic talked about it then: “She had the money in her hand. You could see the money on the videotape. And the suspect grabbed the backpack, and there became a physical altercation over the backpack. And as our victim turned to walk away from the scene, the suspect raised a weapon and shot the victim in the back of the head.”

Latasha Harlins would have turned 45 this year on January 1. On that day, a mural featuring her portrait was unveiled. It’s on the front of the Sutton Recreation Center on Hoover Street where she used to hang out.

[Local Totebagger Radio]

It's A Massacre


Monday, March 15, 2021

Florida Anaheim Man Is Naked Pyro

Comedy/Absurdity Relief:
A 50-year-old man twice convicted of exposing himself is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday on charges of setting fire to a potato chip rack at a Subway restaurant in Anaheim while nude.

Jason William Ackroyd was charged with single counts each of arson of property, attempted arson of property of another and indecent exposure with a prior conviction of the crime, all felonies, as well as a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest, according to court records.

Ackroyd was accused of entering the fast food restaurant at 110 W. Lincoln Ave. about 6:30 p.m., March 8, without any clothes on and used a lighter to ignite a potato chip rack, according to Anaheim Police Department Sgt. Shane Carringer.

Ackroyd was also accused of setting fire to a portable credit card machine and cable at the restaurant, according to the criminal complaint.

Ackroyd was convicted of exposing himself June 17, 1993, in Orange County and again on Feb. 7, 2008, in Orange County, according to the criminal complaint.

Go Eff Yourself, Nebraska

Meat is murder, mofos!
Grant Schulte / Associated Press:
So, Gov. Ricketts of Neb., do you think the Xians & their Friday Fast, "a Christian practice of abstaining from animal meat, other than fish, as well as alcohol, on Fridays, or holding a fast on Fridays, found most frequently in the Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican and Methodist traditions", are a direct attack on your way of life there in Nebraska, per the AP above?
Ricketts said meat is a nutritious, protein-rich food source and noted that beef production is Nebraska’s largest industry.

“That is a direct attack on our way of life here in Nebraska,” Ricketts, a Republican, said at a news conference in an Omaha meat shop.

Waiting for a statement condemning Jesus's people & The Pope, Ricketts. Oh, not the kind of culture war you're willing to fight, you two-faced sack of beef offal?

Truly, the states are the laboratories of idiocy.