Sunday, January 31, 2016

Six Decades Rotten

Mr. The Bastard advises us J.R. hits the big Six-Oh today. Our more or less fave PiL number, because we think one of our names is being invoked.
Hit me two times, ein zwei!!

Money Grubbers In The Temple

Piss Christ, Andres Serrano, 1987.
12:30 p.m.

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump is looking to close the deal with Iowa's evangelical Christian voters on the last day before they caucus.

Trump attended services at the First Christian Orchard Campus, a nondenominational church in Council Bluffs.

He, his wife, Melania, and two staffers took communion when it was passed. But Trump, momentarily confused, mistook the silver plates circulated around the auditorium and dug several bills out of his pocket.

"I thought it was for offering," he said with a laugh to his staff.

He contributed several minutes later when the offering plates were passed.

As Trump was leaving, one of the church pastors put his hand on Trump's shoulder and offered a prayer, "That Jesus would guide his decisions and that only Christ could guide his decisions," the pastor later said.

Trump gladly accepted, bowing his head.

"Thank you, I need that," he said.
I'm sure his utter ignorance of the perverse cannibalistic rituals in which these rubes engage won't hurt his standing w/ them in the least.

Oblig. Scheduled Item

The localclosest library branch is closed today, but we give & give here. In advance. No charge.

O Canada

Man found dead in Vancouver apartment
first murder of 2016

Is there a city in these United Snakes w/ a population over 600,000 that took almost a month to record a murder? I doubt it. A wk. at best. We can also note that this was not a random lunatic, a robbery, road rage or domestic violence but possibly (Trust no one!!) a dispute involving drugs.

And would it be too fucking much for the police & press to provide a little clarity on the subject of "drugs" & "drug-related charges"? There is a significant difference between smoking a reefer outside near a cop, say, & holding 10 kilos of smack or meth in the trunk of your car. Inquiring minds want to know.

First World Problems

In Which We Follow The News And Discover Only The Innocent Die

Previously, a 12-yr. old girl was murdered by a pig enforcing landlord law. Now the State of Pennsylvania has decided to charge not the shooter but the murdered innocent's father, who does seem equally culpable.

It is the expert & considered legal opinion of this web-log that the father, the "constable" (an elected legal-bullshit position apparently allowing the resources of the state to be used on behalf of greedy assholes*) & the landlord should be tortured before they are executed.

At best, 'though, we can hope that killer Constable Clark Steele has enough humanity left that he eventually realizes that murdering a 12-yr. old to secure more profit for a landlord was neither right nor moral & he will descend into a hell of addictive self-medication before he kills himself. Granted, someone who ran for the job of being a landlord's enforcer can't be expected to be much beyond a violent, armed & murderous thug w/o intelligence, simple humanity & decency, or even self-awareness.

In other landlord news, "even the liberal" City & County of San Francisco has turned into a post-Constitutional tech-glibertarian/corporate/N.F.L.-run nightmare for the proverbial least among us. Fourth Amendment: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated ..." Not owning a house does not preclude anyone from being secure in their persons, papers & effects. Arm the homeless for Second Amendment defense against Fourth Amendment violators!!
*Pennsylvania constables are not police officers but elected officials. They may be tasked with certain aspects of law enforcement in the duty of the courts, according to the Pennsylvania court system.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Death, Dearth & Derp Of The Media

Poor ol' Republican consultant John Feehery thinks it's still 2005, gets a rude surprise:
I was meeting with some D.C. press secretaries about a complicated legislative issue when it became clear to me that everything has changed since I left Capitol Hill in 2005.

We were talking about strategies to get our messages out back home. I asked about placing op-eds and letters to the editor in the local newspapers and talking to the reporters who cover the delegation about our issue.

There are no papers back home and there are no reporters who cover our delegation, the press people responded.

Where do people get their information about Washington, I asked?

Fox News, they replied.
File under "No shit, Sherlock!" & "Have you been living under a rock for the last 10 yrs.?"

Do Not Actually Hate This Vehicle

Ironic, in comparison w/ the item just below (which was scheduled from the library whenever the iNternet was out).

Yes, it's the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, 2009 edition, per the marketing intern sitting inside. Somewhere on this web-log are photos of an earlier model seen at a different Ralphs parking lot two or three yrs. ago, but we were so clever in our text we didn't bother to use the words weiner, weinermobile or Oscar Meyer, so we can't find it. It didn't have as many windows as this'n.

I Hate Gas-Powered Vehicles

And even more so the asswipes driving them. Who in fucking hell invited this jag-off's fucking van into my shot?
It would have been perfect!
Not that I'm a big fan of vehicles that run on anything other than gas. Get off your lard asses, Yankee pigs!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Obligatory (Scheduled) Daily Post

Blue skies, white clouds, everything is just fucking wonderful.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Turns Out Carly Fiorina Did What
Bill Clinton Did, But Worse

What a truly awful person. When she isn't being a hypocrite, she's simply flat-out lying &/or delusional.
Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina may seem like a happy family woman, married to her devoted husband Frank for 30 years — but her smiling exterior hides a dark, and at times devious past!

In addition to losing her stepdaughter, Lori, to drug and alcohol addiction in 2009, Carly, now 61, was the “Other Woman” in her husband’s former marriage!

According to Virginia’s Prince William County Court documents obtained by, Frank filed for divorce from his wife Patricia on December 10, 1981.

However, Carly has proudly declared she fell in love with Frank when Lori was just six years old, meaning she started dating her fellow former AT&T exec in 1980 — roughly one year BEFORE his split from the little girl’s mother.

Carly’s divorce from her first husband, Todd Bartlem, seems just as messy. According to Maryland’s Montgomery County Circuit Court documents, she filed papers on May 31, 1984.


But it seems that she was already shacking up with Frank! In the documents, the politician listed her home address as being in Manassas, Virginia, where the now 65-year-old was living at the time.

Carly and Frank eventually tied the knot in 1985.

More than 30 years later, Bartlem is still bitter about the nasty breakup from the former Hewlett Packard CEO, who critics say lead to the tech company’s decline. (She was fired in 2005.)

“The same thing that happened to HP will happen to the United States,” Bartlem exclusively tells

“You’ll figure out the kind of person she is!”
Breathless (!) prose from RadarOnline. And we pile on w/ a thorough litany of disgust from the Daily Mail. She's another Ted Cruz: Nobody likes her.

Jefferson Airplane's Paul Kantner Flies Away Forever

W/ his Rickey, in better times.
They really are dropping like flies.
His death was confirmed by longtime publicist and friend, Cynthia Bowman, who said he died of multiple organ failure and septic shock.

Mr. Kantner had a string of health problems in recent years, including a heart attack in March.
The Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow was the first record I purchased for myself, probably w/ money I'd stolen from a parental unit's wallet or purse. Summer of '67 & all, & almost 49 yrs. ago.

Now I can only wonder what next Jan.'s death toll of the heroes of my adolescence will be.

I Was Happy To Be Confused

Much ado about nothing in the item below, as my original instincts (& fervent hopes) were correct: If the DVR still works, they haven't cut the bunker off yet. The "network problems" announcement rather than a "This deadbeat ain't paid us nothin' lately" message when I called the landline might have been a clue as well. And when I left the library & tried myself a few hrs. later my rude message answered, so life was bright again on my way back.

The problem may have been here in the bldg., as there were a couple of maintenance weasels fooling around in the hall near the cable box when I left for the library. Maybe some ninny cut the power to the box.

Here's a picture from the branch lie-berry. Wasn't a complete waste of time:
Words by which to live.

Not That It Makes A Helluva
Lotta Difference To Ya

Either TimeWarnerCable is completely dead, telebision, telephone & iNternet, or this reporter owes them too much money. (Second theory more likely, as, now that I've dragged myself to the library, there's nothing about TWC problems.) Therefore, expect little activity from here (or anywhere else) until ...

If nothing else, I may be able to get some meatspace work done w/o the distraction of iNternet/tee vee addiction. Or irritating 'phone calls. Although the DVR still works, which is why I'd hoped it wasn't my delinquency that had stopped the must-be-on-line services.

Whatever. If it isn't one thing, it's a million & one other things. Guess this proves free speech really isn't.

And damn that guy who didn't have his Wi-Fi secured for moving out of the bldg.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Note To Outside Agitators In Oregon: How Professionals Do It

Suspected Maoist rebels have detonated a land mine, killing seven policemen and injuring six others in eastern India, a top police official said Thursday.

The policemen were returning from a search operation in Palamau district of Jharkhand state when the land mine blew up their vehicle late Wednesday.

Four policemen died instantly while three others died in a local hospital, said S. N. Pradhan, the police official.

The rebels have been fighting for more than three decades in central and eastern India to demand a greater share of the region's natural resources for its indigenous peoples. They have been relatively quiet over the past six months.

The rebels say they are inspired by Chinese revolutionary leader Mao Zedong. The Indian government says the rebels are the country's most serious internal security threat. India's home ministry says the rebels are active in 20 of India's 29 states.
[AssPress/Straight Outta Cracker Central]

Today In Responsible Gun Ownership

The same Keystone Kops outfit that took 16 hrs. to realize that three dangerous criminals were no longer in their county jail just keeps losing things. What'd they lose now?
The Orange County Sheriff’s Department revealed Wednesday that efforts are underway to locate an AR-15 rifle that was lost by a deputy.

The deputy realized the rifle was missing about 3:15 a.m., according to Orange County sheriff’s Lt. Jeff Hallock. He had placed it on the trunk of his patrol car as he was preparing for work about 7 p.m. Tuesday, got distracted, and then drove off, Hallock said.

Deputies have been scouring the streets he traveled in Aliso Viejo and Laguna Hills, but have been unable to find the gun, Hallock said. Reserve deputies and bloodhounds have joined the search, he said.
"Please help us find our lost toy." How embarrassing:
[City News Service]

CONTEXT: SoCal Sheriffin' is pretty much a pathetic joke:
Michael S. "Mike" Carona (born May 23, 1955) is a convicted felon and former Sheriff-Coroner of Orange County, California. The Sheriff was the elected head of the Orange County Sheriff's Department. He gained national prominence during the hunt for the killer of Samantha Runnion. After the quick capture of her murderer, Alejandro Avila, late night television host Larry King dubbed him "America's Sheriff" during an interview.

In late 2007, a federal grand jury indicted Carona, his wife, and his alleged longtime mistress on corruption charges. He resigned effective January 14, 2008, and was convicted on one count of witness tampering a year later. He was sentenced to 66 months in prison and on January 25, 2011, turned himself in to a federal prison in Colorado to start serving time on the conviction. In May 2015, he was released to his Orange, California home for home confinement after being released from Federal Medical Center, Lexington and spending time at a halfway house in Los Angeles County.
(Was he detoxing at Lexington?)
Leroy David "Lee" Baca (born May 27, 1942) is a former Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California.

He was re-elected to a fourth term in 2010. He has been criticized for proposing a half-percent sales tax increase in 2004 to hire more deputy sheriffs, placing friends on the payroll, taking of gifts and for releasing inmates from the Los Angeles County Jail.

On January 7, 2014 Baca announced that he would retire at the end of January 2014 before the expiration of his term.
Smart enough to get out before they could charge him, at least.

Category: Gaming

Really. "Gaming". Click through to confirm, or just watch as the schaden writes itself. "I'm scared, mommy."Brought to our attention at B.J.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Today In The Drunken Murder Fantasies Of "Patriots"

Too damn bad this chump-ass drunk, who
... said he wished to be the personal bodyguard for the Bundy family, which orchestrated the takeover of the refuge in early January
didn't get there in time to keep the Feds from getting Bundy. 'Cause you can bet he would've made the difference. Or been pumped full of lead.

WARNING: Green Beret Colonel Patriot has a foul mouth.And, good job on the time & date stamp, Oregon State Police. Or "son-of-a-bitch Homeland Security bastards".


If thin-skinned pansy Donald J. Drumpf doesn't show for this next FOXNews-sponsored debate because "blood coming out of her eyes"* Megyn Kelly might ask him a question he thinks "isn't fair, wah wah wah", we might actually be in for some fun if the other clown candidates take the opportunity to rake the comb-overed Cheeto over some coals. And if The Lump isn't there to refute them w/ his juvenile insults, they may even show the intestinal fortitude needed. Or not, because they are all clowns. Deeeeep bench you have there, G.O.P.
*Am I the only one to have noted that the idiom is "blood in one's eye" not "coming out" of it? What more does that say about ol' Trump?

"Armed & Despondent"

What happened to "armed & dangerous"?

Target For Terror


Shame on the America-haters if they haven't been planning to blow this 50th Anniv. shitpile sky-high for yrs. now.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Another Classic In The
Human Centipede Vein?

Ooo wee! From Sundance, this looks like a classic.

Film Featuring Daniel Radcliffe As A Farting Corpse
Inspires Walkouts

iNternet Advertising Prick

Lookit this blot on the human escutcheon, the Chief Shitheel of the Interactive Advertising Bureau:
Rothenberg blasted Adblock Plus' depiction of the situation and called the group "an unethical, immoral, mendacious coven of techie wannabes."

"We had never invited them in the first place," he said in his keynote. "They registered for this event online. When we found out, we canceled the registration and reversed their credit card billing."

Eyeo GmbH-owned Adblock Plus' ticket was pulled, Rothenberg said, "for the simple reason that they are stealing from publishers, subverting freedom of the press, operating a business model predicated on censorship of content, and ultimately forcing consumers to pay more money for less—and less diverse—information. AdBlock Plus claims it wants to engage in dialogue. But its form of dialogue is an incessant monologue."
Note well: Advertising is not speech or content. It's lies, & pimping shit to cretins, & has nothing to do w/ the First Amendment or "press freedom". Of which there is precious little in this nation of sheep precisely because of advertising scum who dictate what is & isn't covered by the press.

For an advertising whoremonger like Randall Rothenberg to claim that someone else is a money-grubber, or to act as if advertising isn't an extortion racket is almost funny.
"Of course, none of this surprises me," he said. "This is what happens when your only motivation, your only metric, is money. For that is what AdBlock-Plus is: an old-fashioned extortion racket, gussied up in the flowery but false language of contemporary consumerism."
What language is that? Maybe consumers can decide if this language is false or not, rather than the Mad Men who fetishize consumption.

And now we've reached the go fuck yourself portion of our screed. (Really Randy Rothenberg's screed. And he can go fuck himself.)
"But in fact, they are engaged in the techniques of The Big Lie," he said, "declaring themselves the friends of those whose livelihoods they would destroy, and allies to those whose freedoms they would subvert."
Yes, someone in the ad game accused someone else of using "the techniques of The Big Lie". Irony's corpse has now officially dissolved into its component atoms. If only Mr. Rothenberg & his fellow advertisers would do that too.

President Prick

Raffi Cruz, least liked shit-sack on the planet, or just in these United Snakes?
Did Ted's wife once admit that Ted "can be a bit of a jackass sometimes, but at least you know where he's coming from"?
So we know he comes from Asshole City. Doesn't actually make it any better, at least not to "normal" people. And we can certainly assume that Mrs. Cruz is far from normal.

Tangled Web Woven, Snaps Back

Oh, ho ho ho ho ho. Justice, irony & the schaden freude-ing itself:
A Harris County grand jury probe into Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast ended Monday with the indictments of two anti-abortion activists.

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were both indicted for tampering with a governmental record. An additional indictment for prohibition of the purchase and sale of human organs was issued for Daleiden, according to a release from the Harris County District Attorneys Office.

"We were called upon to investigate allegations of criminal conduct by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast," said Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson. "As I stated at the outset of this investigation, we must go where the evidence leads us. All the evidence uncovered in the course of this investigation was presented to the grand jury. I respect their decision on this difficult case."

Daleiden and Merritt were involved in undercover videos that surfaced last year appearing to show a Planned Parenthood official discussing reimbursement fees associated with fetal tissue procurement and donation.

The videos prompted Gov. Greg Abbott to call for an investigation into the organization.

Planned Parenthood, in a letter to Congress said Daleiden was involved in secretly recording Planned Parenthood staff and patients at least 65 times over the last eight years.

The national organization of Planned Parenthood has alleged that Daleiden and others used aliases, obtained fake government I.D.s, and formed a fake tissue procurement company in an effort to gain access to private medical conferences and health care centers.
The organization has said they also illegally taped private professional conversations of doctors and other medical providers and spliced together shards of long conversations to create short videos in order to spread false claims.
Ah, ha ha ha ha ha. Maybe Carly Fiorina & the other lying sacks of the forced birth party will stop lying about this crap now.

In One Tube & Out The Other

[Daily Beast]


There's video evidence. Why isn't the driver of this Audi in jail right now? Fucking Klandale. (Frankly, I'd find out just where 7FZL229 lives &, you know ... render a little justice.)I've had it w/ guns & cars. No more penis-extenders, you pin-dicked punk-ass losers. I'm getting one of each, & then I'm going to run over anyone w/ a gun, & shoot everyone polluting my atmosphere w/ their shitmobiles.

These People Live Among You

Asshole vs. Bag o' Douche. You get to decide who is which.
O’Reilly asked Trump if he meant it when he said that he would “take out” the family members of terrorists. He didn’t believe that Trump would “put out hits on women and children” if he were elected. Trump replied, “I would do pretty severe stuff.” The Mesa crowd erupted in applause. “Yeah, baby!” a man near me yelled. I had never previously been to a political event at which people cheered for the murder of women and children.
Better get used to it.

Nice people, too.
On January 2nd, Trump staged a rally at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, in Biloxi, a gambling and resort town on the Gulf. The venue was adjacent to Beauvoir, the estate where Jefferson Davis lived after the Civil War. At Trump events, the press is confined to a section that is surrounded by metal barriers, preventing journalists from mingling with the crowd. To avoid that, I waited in line for almost three hours with Trump supporters. Popular buttons and stickers included ones that say, “If she can’t please her husband, she can’t please the country,” “Bomb the hell out of ISIS,” “Up Yours Hillary,” and “Trump That Bitch.” A middle-aged man in front of me joked to his friend, “If they turn the entire Middle East into a parking lot, are we still going to have to take our shoes off at the airport?”
Truly concerned about the economy & their crummy employment situations, aren't they?

Last & stupidest, religious hypocrites:
After Trump’s rally in Biloxi, I talked to Joanna Patterson, who is forty-four years old. She said that she and her husband, Paul, who is forty-five and used to watch Trump on “The Apprentice,” are deeply religious Pentecostal Christians who follow the teachings of Christ’s Twelve Apostles. “We don’t believe that a woman should cut her hair. We’re like Kim—”

“The one that wouldn’t do the marriage licenses,” her husband interjected.

“Kim Davis?” I asked, referring to the Kentucky official who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses last year.

“Yes,” Patterson said. “We’re the same thing as her.” Patterson said she can pick out other Apostolics, especially women, by the way they dress—long skirts, no makeup—and she was pleasantly surprised to see that there were many at the Trump event. She conceded that Trump was not religious and hadn’t shown a commitment to any of the social issues she cared about. But she liked him because he showed “strength” and says “whatever he wants to say without having someone buffer it for him.” She explained that forthrightness, more than any particular issue, was at the foundation of her own religion.
"Forthrightness". How the hell did shooting off one's fat, ignorant & superstitious mouth become a religion?

That Which Is Wrong W/ Liberals

Imagining babbling David Brooks subjecting the innocent to his bullshit at a dinner party, Wonkette's snipy sez:
[Brooks would] be so certain that everyone was enraptured with his Big Thoughts when instead everyone was plotting how to get to the kitchen, smash open a wine bottle, and open their wrists so they didn’t have to listen to him any longer.
NO NO NO NO NO! NO!! As long as you chicken-butt middle-class liberals are more willing to hurt yourselves rather than those hurting you, you are fucked. If a babbling idiot makes you want to slit your wrists, the correct reaction is to get that bottle & beat the babbler about the head until he shuts his festering gob. Then stuff a nice linen dinner-party napkin in his effing mouth so he can't start again the bullshit again (if he wakes up).

SHORTER: Stop turning your anger on yourselves, cowards. Strike at those who anger you!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Is This Where It Started This Time?

Yes, Max fucking Boot, war-monger extraordinaire. I imagine that means Bloomberg may be in favor of gun control but always favors any war, anywhere, anytime. And there's no such thing as a "sane" billionaire.

The Urge To Kill

Which of these four repugnant parasites would you most like to beat to a well-deserved death w/ their own golf clubs? ("All of them, Katie", is a perfectly acceptable answer.)
Left to right: 9/11 Hump, Trumpy, Stumpy & Lumpy Chump.
Oh, alright. Is there one you wouldn't want to beat to death w/ his own clubs?

Trump Chump Brady Stumped

Ha ha. Friend/golfing buddy of Donald Trump & known disease vector Tommy "T.B." Brady had his ass handed to him in Denver today. Now we are hoping that pizza puke Peyton* Manning will, finally, be permanently evicted from professional football in a couple of wks. by whichever N.F.C. team wins its conference.
*People w/ last names for first names are irritating fucks, probably because their parents were parasites sucking up to whichever side of their inbred fambly had money, or at least a car that isn't on cinderblocks in the front yard.

Lebensraum, Israel-Style

Say, ever seen a gov't. that acted like this before?
So, to summarize: Netanyahu tried to humiliate the president of the United States by addressing Congress and urging it to overturn Obama’s Iran negotiations. Then when he was defeated he turned around and demanded extra billions in military aid. He and his friends insulted Ambassador Shapiro for daring criticize their vast land thefts and Jewish-only colonial policies in Palestinian territory. Then they barefacedly announced that they are in fact going to steal another 350 acres from Palestinian owners.

Not sure if their shoplifting that land requires that we give them yet more billions.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

O.K., Impressed Now

Another Assassination Target!

It won't be an authentic American presidential election until at least a few literal shots are taken at a candidate or ten,
so lock & load, Freedom Loving Patriots & mental basket-cases. You only have 15 mins., make the most of them!
Mr. Bloomberg, 73, has already taken concrete steps toward a possible campaign, and has indicated to friends and allies that he would be willing to spend at least $1 billion of his fortune on it, according to people briefed on his deliberations who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss his plans.
Wow, talk about New York values, money & media! Betcha Raffi "Ted" Cruz is having two shit-fits!!

Maybe Shoot-'Em-Up Trump will drop Bloomberg right there on Fifth Ave.,
 Ben Kamisar / The Hill:
Trump: I could shoot people in streets and not lose support  —  Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump thinks there's not much he could possibly do to erode his support.  —  Lauding his fans' loyalty at a campaign event in Sioux Center, Iowa, on Saturday, Trump said he could kill people and still be popular.
in the boring damn snow.
 Jeremy Diamond / CNN:
Trump says he could shoot people and still wouldn't lose voters  —  Sioux Center, Iowa (CNN)Donald Trump boasted Saturday that support for his presidential campaign would not decline even if he shot someone in the middle of a crowded street.  —  “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue …
I dunno. Is this "real life"? Oh, a quote from Bobo Wens:
If anything, it betrays the kind of temperament of a person who probably has impulse control problems, and should not be around firearms without close adult supervision.
Really? Not every citizen should be loose on the streets w/ a rod? Do tell, Bob, do tell.

State Of Excruciating Boredom Declared

That's fuckin'-A right, I am officially bored beyond limp & all the way into numbness, because WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR STUPID BLIZZARD/SNOW BEE/ESS? Fuckin shut the fuck up already, weaklings. Come to sunny SoCal for a serious fucking earthquake & you'll see how petty your media moron concerns about your coating of white (which will be gone by Tues. or Wed.) truly are. Wimps.

So huddle together in your huts for warmth, & I hope all of you die from carbon monoxide poisoning because your landlord cheaped out on the heat in "your" tenement. Permanent sleepy time, sucker-ass chumps ...

Friday, January 22, 2016

Kah-Lee-Fownia Leads The Way!

Actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger
poses with a topless model, circa 1982.
Credit: Richard Blanshard
As we always do. This time, quite possibly to hell:
Let’s go back about 12 years. California just did an impossible thing: they were recalling their governor, and pretty much anybody with a few thousand bucks could run to replace him. We called it a circus, but nobody actually goes to circuses, so let’s say it was like a gold-rush boom town in a Looney Tunes episode. It was political hedonism. There were 135 candidates, and Larry Flynt — the “smut peddler who cares” — finished seventh. Gary Coleman finished eighth. And Arnold Schwarzenegger won. Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of a state that, perhaps more than any other, is pretty much its own country.

It was unbelievable to witness. We had become an archetypal mob from a Great Depression screwball comedy. And it got understandably dismissed as California drunken depravity. This was just a re-enactment of The Day of the Locust. The death spasms of a state about to do what the mystics and statistics said it would and slide into the ocean. It was so unbelievable that we don’t really talk about it enough.
Or not, as the wide-open field was no Presidential contest. Still probably needs to be better remembered.

Today In Corporate Murder

Michigan resident dies from listeria outbreak in packaged salads; Dole and other brands recalled

(WXYZ) - A Michigan resident has died due to a listeria outbreak in Dole packaged salads, according the the Centers for Diseased Control. According to the CDC, the salads have been recalled.

Since September 2015, the CDC has been collaborating with public health officials in several states and the Food and Drug Administration to investigate the multi-state listeria outbreak.

According to the CDC, the outbreak came from packaged salads produced at the Dole processing facility in Springfield, Ohio and were sold under various brand names.

In all, 12 people have been infected with the outbreak in six states. Four people from Michigan were also infected and all 12 reported being hospitalized. According to the CDC, the ages of those infected range from 3 years old to 83 years old.

The CDC recommends that consumers do not eat, and restaurants and retailers do not sell packaged salads at the Dole facility in Springfield, Ohio.

Production of the salads has been stopped at the Springfield facility in Springfield on Jan. 21.

The salads were sold under various brand names, including Dole, Fresh Selections, Simple Truth, Marketside, The Little Salad Bar and President's Choice.

The packaged salads can be identified by the letter "A" at the beginning of the manufacturing code found on the package.

According to the CDC, there is no evidence that packaged salads produced at other Dole facilities are linked to listeria.
Copyright 2015 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reversed. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
(Note crummy usage & style. Were I Scripps Media, Inc., I wouldn't be so quick to slap a copyright on that. Could it have been generated by a robot?)


NHTSA: 5 million additional vehicles with defective Takata airbags expected to be recalled; additional death confirmed - CNBC

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Open Season Still Open:
N.Y. Pigs Cry Wolf Again [UPDATED]

Two wks. ago it was CBS's turn, today the forces of repression try to excuse & justify any (inevitable) future police violence & murder via their NBC mouthpiece.
The NYPD is on high alert Wednesday after getting a tip that a man, who may have pledged allegiance to ISIS, is looking to shoot police officers, sources told NBC 4 New York.
Nothing but blah blah blahISIS ISIS ISIS. Quaking in fear yet, scaredy-cats? I won't even bother to reproduce more of it. I will advise the N.Y. pigs to shut their festering gobs, as they are creating an atmosphere where some of the less intelligent, more emotional members of the force may harm themselves or others. Be ready to take cover at any moment, civilian New Yorkers & visitors!!

UPDATE: NBC4NewYork when we started:
Now should you click the link the headline is:

Man Named in Anonymous Cop Shooting Tip
Turns Himself In: Sources

Anonymous tip. And such a danger he turned himself in. Nothing but crap.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oscar Boycott? B.F.D.

Been not-watching that bullshit since the 19-&-70s. And double-boycotting since it was decided to make Hollywood worse by closing streets around the whatever-it's-called-this-yr. theater a wk. before the whole ugly mess. (Once the Kodak Theatre; does Kodak even exist today?)

So boycott hell, how about a blow up? Or has the spirit of Guy Fawkes truly & sadly gone from the English-speaking peoples?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Cause Of Death: Botulism
Source: Dented Can

Never one to pass a bargain, Bouff thought he'd really scored when he spotted some slightly dented & slightly discounted cans at Target.
Cheeses K. Rist, talk about pandering to the male demographic. Although it did taste just like Budweiser®.
(Not really. My extremities are numb, however.)

Dropping Like Flies Now

The Great Die-Off continues, as people who (for reasons that remain unknown to me) held to their empty meaningless existences through the hideous holidays finally give the hell up.

Mic Gillette, of legendary Tower of Power
horn section, dies

Mott The Hoople drummer Dale Griffin
dies aged 67

(Wow. On first remembered listen in 20-30-35 yrs. that is some tinny production.)

Joining the kool kids is a dude from an outfit generally agreed to be one of the three to five worst musical aggregations in the history of recorded or not music. Sounds as if nature, in its wisdom, nickel-&-dimed him to literal death, rather than the "courageous battle w/ cancer" or the heart suddenly exploding/fading out.
Glenn fought a courageous battle for the past several weeks but, sadly, succumbed to complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Ulcerative Colitis and Pneumonia.
Hey, no one here yada yada ...

(The Eagles are not hep or even hip, therefore no Eagles embed.)

[San Jose Mercury News/The Guardian]

An Open Letter To Forbes Magazine

Go Fuck Your Mothers W/ Splintered Broomsticks, Assholes!

I've got your "ad-light experience" right fucking here, bottom-feeders!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

You Are Cordially Invited To ...

Why Don't You Just Enlist,
Brave Sir Marco?

Ratbag Party presidential candidate Marco "Bored W/ The Senate" Rubio wants to dress up & play soldier/policeman. It'd be funny if it weren't so sad:
Presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said that he bought a gun on Christmas Eve and will use it to protect his family — and America — against ISIS.

“I’m a strong supporter of the second amendment. I have a right to protect my family if someone were to come after us,” Rubio said on Face the Nation. “In fact, if ISIS were to visit us, or our communities, at any moment, the last line of defense between ISIS and my family is the ability that I have to protect my family from them, or from a criminal, or anyone else who seeks to do us harm. Millions of Americans feel that way.”
Yeah, & millions of Americans believe there is a giant fairy in the sky who's watching them masturbate. Believe all you want, doesn't make it true! (And does the imaginary "Prince of Peace" really find it appropriate to purchase a weapon to celebrate his alleged birthday? Doubt it. "Swords into plowshares", baby!)

And shouldn't little compensating Marco, as a frightened Republican, already have a gun or fifty? I mean, he's not much of an American w/o a hogleg, is he? Hope he bought hiss'ef a real gun too, not just some sissy handgun. His brave & noble stand against a "visit" from ISIS won't last long if they have AK variants & he just has a squirt-gun.

And while Marco plugging himself or a family member while posing w/ his new toy would be the ultimate lesson for these idjits, you can bet that even if he really did buy a gun he probably hasn't taken it out of the box yet. Did he even buy any ammo?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stop Requested; Use Rear Exit

Neon Lies

"The Broadway" is no longer The Broadway, nor was the famous Schwab's Pharmacy located beneath that sign, which may be a reproduction. It's for a restaurant that stole the Schwab name & then went out of business. That'll learn 'em!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Recently In Nausea

Didn't know or, more likely, didn't remember ('cause I just don't care) that the cheeseburger was invented locally.

Today In Millennial Nausea

New Hollywood Bar Serves Spiked Cereal Milk Cocktails
And Late-Night Breakfast

Black Friday? Let's Hope & Pray!

Hoping the Dow goes directly down the fucking toilet & all the way to the bay, and that the massive collapse is followed by members of the parasite investment classes leaping from buildings as if it were 11 September 2001 & their house of financial cards were on fire!

Shorter: Die pigs die!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thrown WAY Back Thurs.

A grandfather of this web-log & a woman identified as "Ruth Moore Cheadle" looking at a bear cub in a humanoid campsite/dump in Yellowstone Nat'l. Park, quite possibly more than one hundred years ago!

Soulmat Specialist

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Adult Bookstore Motel

Sorry to see L.A.'s Downtown News has fallen on times so hard they're taking adverts from hourly-rate motels;
Close to 30 yrs. ago the Snooty Fox's big selling point was FM radio, so whichever station was
calling itself The Quiet Storm that yr. could provide background for one's adulterous behavior.
on the other hand we're glad to see the Snooty Fox & affiliated establishments are still in business, at least until the iNternet gets virtual sex right. And cheap.


UnionGuild Label

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Today In Crony Capitalism

When do you armed "patriot" buffoons stop posing at wildlife refuges & come to the defense of the people by killing the fucking landlords & their murderous thug enforcers?

(Funeral) Posse On Broadway

Dick, of Seattle's Dick's, has died.
A sign memorializing Dick’s co-founder Dick Spady is on the window at the Wallingford Dicks.
The Wallingford Dicks location is where it all started on January 28, 1954, when you could
buy a Dick’s hamburger for just 19 cents. (Greg Gilbert/The Seattle Times)
Dick Spady, the namesake and co-founder of beloved local burger chain Dick’s Drive-In, died early Sunday at the age of 92.

“It’s been a good life. I’m very fortunate,” Spady told The Seattle Times on his 90th birthday in October 2013 at the original Dick’s location in Wallingford. He celebrated by handing out birthday cake and signing autographs for fans grateful for decades of burgers and fries.

Mr. Spady opened the Wallingford restaurant on January 28, 1954. (He founded the company with two partners, whom he later bought out.) A hamburger cost 19 cents, and from the very beginning, Dick’s was open until 2 a.m. for those in need of late-night sustenance.

A Seattle Times story marveled at the “novel,” “new-type drive-in restaurant,” where “customers may select packaged, cooked food items to take home or arrange trayed car luncheons,” and “special kitchen equipment will enable high-volume production of a limited menu.”

Mr. Spady ultimately opened seven locations of what became a local institution. After Wallingford came Broadway (established 1955), Holman Road (1960), Lake City (1963) and Queen Anne (1974, and the only location with indoor seating).
Burgers were at least a quarter when this reporter patronized the Broadway location many, many yrs. ago. Many yrs. before Sir Mix-A-Lot shot there.

Frank Gehry's Denim Revival

Truth In Packaging

Count 'em!
Kroger® means "about". (Makes me wonder if I need a scale.)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Yep, That's What It Is Alright

Whose Nation Is It, Anyway?

You call a game between schoolsteams from Alabama & South Carolina a national championship game? If your "nation" is the late Confederacy, maybe.

These two states have been the leaders in the real Confederate competition (How un- & anti-American they can be; secession & Jim Crow, ring any bells?) for the past 155 yrs. I don't see why they should be rewarded for their behavior.

Diamond Dog Tags

He Drew Something Awful On It

Allegedly rare extended single version.
And, the entire album on which it did not appear, my fave of all the Mr. David ("Only his hairdresser knows for sure.") albums I've heard (or owned) Low [profile].
Hell of a band, Eno. And yes, I actually paid money for it!

Bigger picture: The December/January want-to-make-it-through-the-holidays-(& in the cases of Lemmy & Bowie, one's natal anniv.)-&-then-eff-it population drop-off is in full swing. So long, celebs!

Cheap Shot: Should have realized things were not going well when I surfed past Iman selling something on HSN a few wks. ago.

Get Out, Get Lost, Go Away!!

There's no more room at the fucking inn, damnit!
L.A. is a great big shithole (put a million down & buy a shack) which will be even more crowded w/ repellent shits if the mayor has his way. (He likes his kind.)
Garcetti has set a goal of increasing tourism to Los Angeles to 50 million people per year by 2020.

“Los Angeles is a place where the world comes together for cultural experiences and celebrated attractions that cannot be found anywhere else,” he said.
Meanwhile, in people you'd rather ignore, because they demonstrate what filthy hypocrites you & the leaders of your murderous pig society are:

Homeless woman dies on Skid Row following El Niño rains

Note well the mayor's concern:
The 2015 figure marked the fifth consecutive year of tourism growth, according to Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board officials.

Garcetti attributed the uptick to “investing billions at our airport, in mass transit, and other assets that are making L.A. more exciting and accessible than ever.”

Los Angeles International Airport, which is owned by the city of Los Angeles, is undergoing an $8.5 billion modernization project, while $5 billion in rail projects connecting to the airport are underway.
Billions for airport improvements, not one penny for human beings who've been fucked in every possible orifice by the United Snakes & its corporate masters. Sadly, this is no more news than "dog bites humanoid".

By A Waterfall ...

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Too Cold For The Cacti

Sunday Suiseki

Double-Barreled Double Barrel
Nuclear Weapon Study Guide

Stop worrying you're trapped in a nation of cretins & maniacs (see directly beneath) & dance yourself silly for Sunday.

Nuclear Weapon (Double Barrel Alternative Organ Cut)

They Made You A Moron

From an item on the decline of human itelligence.
Dumb as a doorknob nailed to a post in a box of rocks, & you want to be that way. Salon has a double-barreled death blow to your pretensions, ill-informed Yankee cretins!

Perhaps this is why the Republican Party of Texas literally wrote into its 2012 platform that, “We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs [that] have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs.” God forbid children start questioning their “fixed beliefs” about religion — or politics.
When a legislator proposed that Vermont adopt a state motto in Latin, the blog responders displayed their ignorance: “No way! This is America, not Mexico or Latin America. And they need to learn our language…” When combined with prejudice and arrogance like this, ignorance can be horrific: I think of the hundreds of cases of violence against Sikhs, including multiple murders, by Americans who mistake Sikhs for Muslims.

When the conflict in Ukraine was at its hottest, a respected survey asked Americans to locate the country on a map. On average, the responses were off by more than 1,800 miles, with some placing Ukraine in Africa, Latin America or Canada! Of even greater concern: The further off from its actual location a respondent was, the more likely that person was to advocate U.S. intervention. It’s very dangerous when the less we know, the more we want to act on that ignorance.
You could've had real democracy (eventually) but no, you had to stupefy yourselves. Well, now you'll get what you want, &, to quote the master, you'll get it good & hard, too. (The schaden freudes itself, to quote another master.)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Profiles In Leadership

How much do I hate America? Enough that I'm begging you fucking losers to elect this vicious rat bastard to the Presidency so he can put this crummy nation of shitty people out of its never-ending & stultifying misery w/ his Putin/Kim Jong-Un bullshit, that's how much I hate America! Any other idiotic questions?
Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump says North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong-un deserves “credit” for the cutthroat efficiency with which he disposes of his political foes.

“If you look at North Korea, this guy, he’s like a maniac, OK?” Trump said at a rally in Ottumwa, Iowa, on Saturday.

“And you’ve got to give him credit: How many young guys — he was like 26 or 25 when his father died — take over these tough generals and all of a sudden, you know, it’s pretty amazing when you think of it. How does he do that?” he added.

“Even though it is a culture, and it’s a culture thing, he goes in, he takes over, he’s the boss. It’s incredible.”

After North Korea’s government said it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb earlier this week, Trump called the authoritarian leader a “madman playing around with nukes” and a “total nut job.”

But he also insinuated that Kim had some admirable qualities.

“I mean, it’s amazing that a young guy would go over and take over,” Trump said Thursday on Fox News’ “On the Record.” “You know, you would have thought that these tough generals would have said no way this is gonna happen when the father died.

“So he’s gotta have something going for him, because he kept control, which is amazing for a young person to do,” he added.

Trump has previously praised other world leaders with less-than-stellar human rights records.

He called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “highly respected” man in global affairs, after the Russian strongman called Trump “bright and talented.”
How much do you hate America?

Trumpian 'Tween-speak: "[T]his guy, he’s like a maniac, OK?" I'm truly surprised he doesn't up-speak at the end of every sentence. Of course, few 'tweens could be this tasteless:
Take a look inside Donald Trump’s opulent Manhattan Penthouse. Located at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, Donald and Melania Trump live on the top three floors of this grand penthouse with breathtaking views of Central Park and Manhattan.

The Trump apartment, decorated in 24K gold and marble, was designed by Angelo Donghia in Louis XIV style.

The stunning penthouse apartment is the epitome of elegance and perfection.
And what happened to Louis XVI?