Friday, September 28, 2007

The CIA, Jesuits, The Pope, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
(& Castro)

As Buffalo Springfield (that's "B. S." for short) sang so long ago: "Paranoia strikes deep/Into each heart it will creep." Our recent inquiries into Blackwater, its founder, & some of the affiliations of some of its executives have lead us to the somewhat overwrought Aftermath News, where we found this:
The CIA is controlled by the Knights of Malta. Castro and his dictator protegé Chavez are both controlled by the Jesuit Knights of Malta. Are you getting the picture?

Hence, like Hitler, Stalin and Osama bin Ladin, Castro is just another controlled-opposition asset of the Vatican whose mission, should they decide to accept it (and they have) is to destroy the United States of America by orchestrating massive global opposition to the US from both within and from the world at large.
Not sure if there's a difference between the "Knights of Malta" & the "Jesuit Knights of Malta," but we may just be picking nits there.

But really, we just wanted to share this photo of Pope Hitlerjugend I & the Grandmaster and Prince of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie, in full drag. There's another one of the harmless sounding Prince Bertie, who is, according to Aftermath News, Queen Elizabeth II's cousin (any LaRouche fans out there?) shaking hands w/ Castro @ the linked site.Grand Master Ninian Bertie (R) sitting in full Fascist military regalia with Pope Benedict. (Caption & photo from Aftermath News.)

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