Saturday, January 31, 2015

Coke Hazard

Th' hell they put in that fizzy crap, anyway?

Today In Self-Delusion/Deception

How w/o thought is this Reagan wanna-be? Were he an Elvis impersonator no one would think he was Vegas bound. Republicans aren't quite as perceptive as the typical connoisseur of Elvis Impersonation, however, so no bets on how far L.G. will go in the race to lose to Mme. Senator Secretary Clinton.

How much contempt does the chicken-hawk/desk-jockey Colonel/Senator have for potential donors &/or voters? Read to see just how much boiler plate & contradiction he believes he can shove down the voters' gullets. (We emphasized a few lines.)
Lindsey Graham has earned a reputation as a conservative problem-solver and one of the strongest proponents of a robust national defense.

A frequent visitor to American troops stationed overseas for on-the-ground assessments, Graham has consistently pushed for outcomes in the War on Terror which protect our long-term national security interests. One leading conservative recently wrote that when it comes to defending America, "[Lindsey] Graham has been right about more things on foreign policy for longer than just about anyone…if anyone has bragging rights on foreign policy, it is Graham."*

Graham is also a leader in cutting spending, reforming entitlements, and getting government out of the way so businesses can create jobs. One national conservative organization called him a Taxpayer Hero who puts "the interests of the taxpayer ahead of politics by consistently voting to cut wasteful spending, reduce the tax burden, and make government more accountable to taxpayers."

Graham was elected to the United States Senate in 2002 and was re-elected in 2008 and 2014. He became - and remains today - the top vote-getter in South Carolina history by garnering over one million votes in the 2008 general election

Prior to serving in the Senate, Graham was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994 as the first Republican from the Third Congressional District of South Carolina since 1877.

Before being elected to Congress, Graham compiled a distinguished record in the United States Air Force as he logged six-and-a-half years of service on active duty as an Air Force lawyer. From 1984-1988, he was assigned overseas and served at Rhein-Main Air Force Base in Germany. Upon leaving active duty Air Force in 1989, Graham joined the South Carolina Air National Guard where he served until 1995. During the first Gulf War in the early 90's, Graham was called to active duty and served state-side at McEntire Air National Guard Base as Staff Judge Advocate where he prepared members for deployment to the Gulf region.

Even today while serving as a United States Senator, Graham continues to serve his country in the United States Air Force Reserves. He is one of only three senators currently serving in the Guard or Reserves. Graham has earned the rank of Colonel and is assigned as a Senior Instructor at the Air Force JAG School.

A native South Carolinian, Graham grew up in a blue collar family in the small town of Central where his parents ran a restaurant and pool hall. The first member of his family to go to college, Graham earned his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of South Carolina. He lives in Seneca and is a member of Corinth Baptist Church.
Did his parents run the pool hall for someone else? Or is owning/"running" a restaurant now "blue collar"?
*What a fucking load. Compare & contrast. No wonder "one leading conservative" wasn't named. Might well have sued.

It Never Stops

WED 31 JAN 1940
U.S. passenger liner Washington is detained for several hours at Gibraltar by British authorities, but is allowed to proceed the same day; freighter Jomar is also detained there (see 1 February).


“Sanchez & Chiappetta of Tonka Truck 124 4th alarm.”

More Pix Of Destruction

Burn BabylonBrooklyn burn!
Gary He

Not To Worry, Threat Level Down

Announcement from the Imperial Republic of Bouffant:
We are currently holding our suitcase nuclear weapons & atomic blimps until Super Bowl L50
next yr. at Santa Clara's Levi's Stadium.
Imperial Bouffant Storm Troopers w/ a smaller nuclear device.
(Humanoids have a yr. to stop being pig assholes, or say goodbye to the tech scum of Silicon Valley: BOOM!!!)
Oops, there goes Sunnyvale!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Stop It Already

TUE 30 JAN 1940
U.S. freighters Examelia (detained at Gibraltar since 20 January) and Cold Harbor (detained there since 27 January) are released by British authorities.

Again, A Gorgon

Thursday, January 29, 2015

No Diversions; Shakedown Cruise

MON 29 JAN 1940
British Admiralty orders that no American ships should, under any circumstances, be diverted into the war zone delineated by President Roosevelt in the provisions of the Neutrality Act.

Light cruiser Helena (CL-50) steams from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Montevideo, Uruguay, on her shakedown cruise (see 2 February).

U.S. freighter Exochorda is detained at Gibraltar by British authorities (see 1 February).

Bank of Amer

Just Being Silly Now

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Worst Freighter Name Ever?

SUN 28 JAN 1940
U.S. freighter Sarcoxic is detained temporarily at Gibraltar for several hours by British authorities; freighter Waban, bound for Italy and Greece, is also held there briefly but is allowed to proceed after one item of cargo is seized as contraband and 34 detained for investigation.

And whether pigs have ...

Angel Pig, Angel Youth

Today In Cynicism: Can He Collect?

Via B.C. at B.J. (because of previous presentation on Web of Evil) court awards Sly Stone U.S.$5,000,000.00 from nasty managers/lawyers.
A Los Angeles Superior Court jury ruled for the 71-year-old performer in his action against his ex-manager Gerald Goldstein, attorney Glenn Stone and Even St. Productions Ltd.

"It's a good day for Sly, it's a good day for entertainers in general," said one of his attorneys, Nicholas Hornberger. "This was an important verdict for people that are artists, entertainers, music composers, etc."

Nausea - X

Bent over
Doubled up
I did the vom
In a blindo's cup


We have a category for these people.

Today In Industrial Base

DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ) — It was one of the largest industrial structures on the East Coast, but now it’s gone.

American Sniper II:
Bringing The War Home

Credit cards in the post.
More than enough to purchase something w/ which to go out & kill some "damn savages," to coin a phrase.
And if I've been off-grid so long corporate algorithms are again issuing me credit, surely I'm off the list of loons ready-to-killwho shouldn't have gubs [sic, joke]. (Is there no longer a Second Amendment? How am I to protect myself from the endless blather w/o an equalizer? I've tried earplugs.)

Potential targets? Glad you asked. 90+% of the names appearing on memeorandum qualify as damn savages (& damned idiots) whether subjects or typists.
Meta: Are the F.B.I. & its fellow voyeuristic agencies still snooping blogger/, or should this sort of threat-experiment be carried out on Facebook?


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stand By For Outrage

Looks like a load of codswallop (As if there is anything human that isn't, ha!)but expect the usual quarters to have a fit, 'cause it looks as if this re-boot's Thing will have once been of the colored persuasion. One might also question the black guy being the one who's transmogrified into the lumpy orange-skinned freak (who isn't John Boehner).

And on the third hand, one might just not give a crap either way & actually prefer to be lobotomized w/ knitting needles mercifully plunged through one's eyes to prevent even uncomprehending vision. I know I would.

El Toro

I'll just bet I've run a shot of this before. You can bet I don't give a damn either.

Today In Humanity

And the husband/father? He gets away w/ breeding?

"detained at Gibraltar by British authorities"

SAT 27 JAN 1940
U.S. freighter Cold Harbor bound for Odessa, is detained at Gibraltar by British authorities (see 30 January).

Monday, January 26, 2015


FRI 26 JAN 1940
United States-Japanese Trade Treaty of 1911 expires.

Minesweeper Quail (AM-15) arrives at Palmyra Island with first construction party to begin building a naval air station there.

Fences ... Neighbors ... Something

Horizontal slats like these recently went up (over the existing fence of wrought iron bars) not far from the bunker from which we type.
Cabildo snapped the photo of the wood fence – one of those with horizontal slats that have become common in Echo Park, Highland Park and other gentrifying Eastside neighborhoods – during one of her frequent visits to her father’s home. Cabildo posted the photo to her Instagram account with the following remarks:
The gentrification fence is very horizontal, ubiquitous in Echo Park, but a new comer to #boyleheights I believe that this is the first such fence in #boyleheights. As luck would have it, I drive past it every single day as I travel down … to see my ailing Pops. This fence says, ‘i like the housing stock here but my neighbors are not people I want to interact with.’ Fences in Boyle Heights are porous.”

Stop Light In The Sky

Smash The Nanny State

Hitler! Hitler! Hitler! Stalin! Hitler!

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says if drivers violate travel ban, which starts at 11 pm ET, it's a possible misdemeanor, fine of $300

Real freedom-loving Americans will not take this Assault on their Liberties lying down, but will hit the snow-covered streets & roads to do dough-nuts on the neighbor's lawn, frozen lakes or near cliff edges in manly fossil-fueled defiance of Nanny Andy. And they won't ask for help from collectivist gov't. ambulances or emergency crews either!

Don't let a Democrat nanny-stater tell you what you can or can't do; The Time for True Patriots to Strike a Blow for Freedumb (Show us your balls, Patriots!!) is Now! Whose car is it, anyway?

Also "Screw the Hollywood Left!" too.

In Every Orifice, Damnit!

Fuck these people:

Ride service Uber tells NYC customers prices will not exceed 2.8 times normal fare during snow emergency - @NBCNews


Reminding Eastern elitists that all is relative; enough about your potentially historic little snowstorm, it's about to rain here, & for several hrs.!

P.S.: Earthquakes give no warning; you've had days to prepare for a few flakes.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

If I Cared ...

...I would have become a good enough typist to express how little I actually do care.

Good News For Once!!

British PM Cameron says Greece election results will increase economic uncertainty across Europe - @CBCAlerts

Democracies getting just what they want, good & hard!! Couldn't happen to a more deserving continent.

"deepest penetration ... into the ... region"

THU 25 JAN 1940
Auxiliary Bear (AG-29) (U.S. Antarctic Service) reaches 77°43'S, 143°52'W; it marks the deepest penetration by any ship into the Antarctic region.

ICYMI: Palincoherence

We are led to understand that ex-Gov. Palin's Freedumb Summit extrusion is even goofier than her standard shuck & jive; as The Web Log of Record we feel obligated to post it, 'though not to watch or listen.


Sun (Day & Set)

Day is done already, go the hell back to sleep, nothing to see here.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Antarctic Action (Not Really)

WED 24 JAN 1940
Interior Department motorship North Star (U.S. Antarctic Service) departs Bay of Whales, Antarctica for Valparaiso, Chile, for additional supplies and equipment to establish East Base. Construction of West Base commences immediately at the site chosen that lies at 78°29'06"S, 163°50'10"W, two miles from the edge of the ice barrier and five miles northeast of the site of Little America I and Little America II, the previous Byrd expedition bases. Until the main building is completed for habitation, the men live in regulation army tents (see 11 February).

Gunboat Erie (PG-50) joins destroyer J. Fred Talbott (DD-247) at Wreck Bay, Galapagos Islands, to assist U.S. tuna boat City of San Diego. The gunboat takes on board the craft's chief engineer (pneumonia) and sails the following day for Balboa, where the man will be transferred ashore for medical attention.

Brits Take Manhattan

SAT 6 JAN 1940
Admiral James O. Richardson relieves Admiral Claude C. Bloch as Commander in Chief U.S. Fleet on board battleship Pennsylvania (BB-38) at Pearl Harbor, T.H. Admiral Charles P. Snyder hoists flag as Commander Battle Force on board battleship California (BB-44).

U.S. passenger liner Manhattan is detained at Gibraltar by British authorities (see 7 January).

Good Riddance To Another
"World Leader"

Presidents just ♥ him.

President Obama has called Saudi King Salman to express sympathies for passing of King Abdullah, White House says - @Reuters, @NBCNews

No sympathies to express here. And may the nation/oil reserve now-King Salman & the late Abdullah's family of parasites claim to "own" soon perish from the face of the earth as well. Enough w/ these people already. Enough w/ all people already. And more than enough w/ the United States Gov't./fossil-fuel industry that has enabled & subsidized these vicious desert nomads in their export of evil in the guise of religion & the theocratic tyrannization of their "own" people for 80-some yrs.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Secede Or S.T. Proverbial F.U.

Buzzfeed, blah blah blah ...
This story has been updated with additional information about the scope of the ruling and a response from the Alabama Attorney General’s Office. 

The speaker of the Alabama House, Mike Hubbard, called the ruling “outrageous” on Friday night. 
It's over. Just go.

Wreck Bay? Sounds Good.

TUE 23 JAN 1940
Great Britain and France announce they will attack any German vessels encountered in Pan-American Safety Zone.

Destroyer J. Fred Talbott (DD-247) arrives at Wreck Bay, Galapagos Islands, to assist U.S. tuna boat
City of San Diego (see 24 January).

U.S. freighter Excambion, detained at Gibraltar by British authorities since 17 January, is released to proceed on her voyage to Genoa, Italy, but not before 470 sacks of mail (bound for Germany and Italy) are seized; freighter Excellency detained at Gibraltar the previous day, is released.

Border Wall

Where have we heard this before? Why, the usual gang of idiots.
The Saudis are building a 600-mile-long “Great Wall” — a combined fence and ditch —
to separate the country from Iraq to the north.
The future is now: High-technology in the service of feudalism. And the future future will be even worse.

Now We've Established What You Are, It's Just Negotiation

Corporate Pigs Daily advises:
As he lines up support for a likely presidential bid, Republican Jeb Bush is offering donors the chance to join his “national executive committee” – if they raise $500,000 by March 31.

A pledge form for Mr. Bush’s newly formed Right to Rise political committee offers other levels of membership: donors who collect $250,000 by March 31 can join the “national committee,”$100,000 to join the “state executive committee” and $50,000 for the “state committee.”

The pledge form reflects the former Florida governor’s “shock and awe” strategy, aimed at demonstrating a fundraising prowess unlikely to be matched by any potential rivals. Many of the big donors pursued by Mr. Bush supported 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, who is also weighing a 2016 bid.
Does the escort service provide a rate card?


Dodger Stadium lights & a bit of the pavilion roof. ("Bleachers" entirely too déclassé.)
A lunar cycle or less until the proverbial pitchers & catchers "report".

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Joint Exercise Concludes

MON 22 JAN 1940
Joint amphibious exercise concludes in the Monterey, California, area, having afforded the Fleet profitable experience in joint planning. It also demonstrates interservice cooperation.

Light cruiser Helena (CL-50) arrives at Buenos Aires, Argentina, on her shakedown cruise (see 29 January).

Rear Admiral Adolphus E. Watson becomes Commandant Fourth Naval District and Commandant Philadelphia Navy Yard in the wake of the death of Rear Admiral Julius C. Townsend on 28 December 1939.

U.S. freighter Excellency is detained at Gibraltar by British authorities (see 23 January); freighter Nishmaha, detained there the previous day, is released.

Accidental Bird

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Big Bird, Big Net

Weds. Night In The Wild West

Fucking cowboys. Didn't the frontier close in 1890?
Also: Why were the police in North St. Louis in a stolen car?

Apparently The "Edsel Ford" Mountains Are A Thing; A Correction

SUN 21 JAN 1940
Auxiliary Bear (AG-29) follows leads in the ice spotted on the 19th; the ship's Barkley-Grow floatplane flies over the northern limits of the Edsel Ford Mountains.

Minesweeper Penguin (AM-33) transfers 24 survivors of Japanese fishing schooner No. 1 Seiho Maru, stranded off the southeast coast of Guam, M.I., on 15 January, to Japanese freighter Saipan Maru.

British light cruiser HMS Liverpool stops Japanese passenger liner Asama Maru 35 miles off Nozaki, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, and removes 21 Germans from the ship. All but nine are naval reservists, survivors of the scuttled passenger liner Columbus; the nine civilians are released. The incident further strains relations between Great Britain and Japan.
[The following information was submitted by Shirley Weiss, daughter of one of the German seamen stranded in America (mentioned below) -- HyperWar]:
"Unfortunately, there are a number of errors in the entry. I have documents from the German, English, and Japanese archives which dispute the information. The 21 Germans who were removed from the Asama Maru were all civilian seaman who shipped on oil tankers for the Panama Transit Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Standard Oil Company. None were in the military rather they were just of military age. None of the men aboard the Asama Maru were from the scuttled Columbus. The men were initially interned in Hong Kong at LaSalle College. On 2/29/1940 nine of the men were transported via the Australian Cruiser Canibula to Japan and released. In May of 1940 a telegram was sent to the Hague informing the Dutch that the remaining civilian seamen were to be transferred from internment in Hong Kong to Ceylon. These same men were subsequently interned in Singapore and Alberta, Canada. According to a daughter of one of the seaman removed from the Asama Maru, her father was not returned to Germany until 1946.

What's important about this event is that hundreds of civilian seaman of Axis nations were stranded in American ports in 1939. The Asama Maru incident justified not repatriating any of the seaman. Basically, Standard Oil retained the men's passports starting in August of 1939 until they were interned in May of 1941 (7 months before Pearl Harbor). However, by confiscating the passports the seamen could not leave the country anyway. The government could not intern them legally in 1939 since the US was a neutral nation. (Britain and it's protectorates & colonies, Canada, and Australia did intern the men that were caught in ports across the western hemisphere).

The men always wondered why they were allowed freedom until May of 1941 and then rounded up for internment. After reviewing the archival documents, my conclusion is that the presidential election made it politically inconvenient to intern the men until 1941. Only 3% of the public favored involvement in the European war in 1939. Although Roosevelt received much pressure from England to enter the war in 1939 he had to influence public opinion first. If he had interned the men in 1939 it might have influenced his re-election bid. Almost immediately after the Asama Maru incident Standard Oil announced that they would scuttle all plans to repatriate the seaman. By stopping the Asama Maru and seizing the seaman the Allies removed all axis national seaman from oil tankers and stopped all repatriation on the basis that the "Atlantic was too dangerous to repatriate the Standard Oil seaman." Almost all of the seaman stranded in US ports were sent to Ft. Lincoln, North Dakota for internment.

List of the 21 men removed from the Asama Maru and their ages. (The last 9 on the list were released in Japan on 2/29/40):
Bohnsack, Rudolf -- 29
Gnirs, Karl -- 31
Grimm, Fritz -- 31
Gottke, Walter -- 29
Heino, Xaverius -- 30
Jachowski, Walter -- 30
Kempfer, Kurt -- 26
Hartmann, Oswald -- 34
Oesterle, Karl -- 33
Schleyer, Karl -- 19
Schroder, Hermann -- 39
Wesselhofft, Johnny -- 36
Herman Groth -- 40
Arthur Kruger -- 36
Willy Plucas -- 29
Hans Hartwig -- 19
Rudolf Kaselau -- 30
Paul Rupprecht -- 18
Otto Wantke -- 59
Eduard Lege -- 34
Albert Dankowski -- 36
For a fuller write-up, see: The Asama Maru Incident of January 21, 1940 by Chester G. Dunham
U.S. freighter Nishmaha is detained at Gibraltar by British authorities (see 22 January).
Ultimate villain in this mess? Standard Oil Company, natch.

Last Ever

You fucking sissy, you couldn't manhandle your bag into a fucking dumpster?

Weds. Free Fire Zone

"You have one minute to move that car before we reduce it to scrap metal w/ a BGM-71 TOW!"

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And In The Med ...

SAT 20 JAN 1940
United States protests British treatment of American shipping in the Mediterranean.

U.S. freighter Examelia is detained at Gibraltar by British authorities (see 31 January); passenger liner Washington, bound for Genoa, is detained only a few hours before being allowed to proceed.

From Around The Pacific Rim

Real purty, innit? Apparently you'll pay through the nose (minimum) for it.
They're the coasts w/ the most!
The Canadian Press
Published Tuesday, January 20, 2015 10:19AM PST
TORONTO -- Vancouver has the second most unaffordable housing market in the world after Hong Kong, according to a new study of major property markets.

The annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey ranks real estate markets in Canada, the United States, Australia, China, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom.
Mmmm; more a slice than a sample, Demographia International.
Vancouver's affordability ranking in 2015 is the worst it has ever been in the survey's 11-year history.

Although Vancouver was the only Canadian city that made it to the top 10, housing markets in Toronto, Victoria, Kelowna, B.C., and the Fraser Valley in B.C. were also ranked as unaffordable.
Life on the streets, coming soon to a no-go zone near you.

Flying Squirrel

Literally. A Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil (Squirrel). The L.A.P.D. can't buy American?

Stick To Typing, & Thank Your Editors

You know ...

The Idiots On Tee Vee
Are Putting You To Sleep

Gunpowder Plot, baby!!

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., to broadcast his own State of the Union response at 10 pm ET on his YouTube channel - @frankthorpNBC, @BrettLoGiurato

On reading the above, my reaction is to wish every occupant of the Capitol during the S.O.T.U. this evening be put to sleep forever. Or die in a huge & cataclysmic explosion & fire. TerroristsFreedom fighters, why have you forsaken us?


We're nothing at Web of Evil if not deadly serious (emphasis on the "deadly") but we do encounter the funny in real life; this time we arsed ourself to record it.
Back to greater evils.

Today's Most Fortunate Truck Driver

Your crumbling infrastructure: An overpass scheduled for demolition decides to beat the dynamite.
A second person -- a semi-tractor trailer driver -- was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center with minor injuries.

"I can tell you that the big rig driver -- the semi driver is very lucky," said Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell. "In a matter of seconds his fate would have probably been different."
Seconds & inches. Just like football.
Unfortunately, a construction worker is under the collapsed section.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Floatplane Aloft!

FRI 19 JAN 1940
Auxiliary Bear (AG-29) steams eastward to begin flight operations in the vicinity of Biscoe Bay; the ship's embarked Barkley-Grow floatplane (Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, navigator) reconnoiters Sulzberger Bay to determine leads in the ice to permit Bear's movement further to the east.

Nature Points Out The Folly Of Men

This was fun, esp. on the big(ger) screen. Burn baby burn!!
The tree lit up like a tall matchstick after it struck power lines at the intersection of Venice Boulevard and South Mansfield Avenue in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles. Several gusts during a night of powerful winds sent a storm of embers into the street and across nearby properties, sparking a few rubbish fires.

Ghost Zeppelin

Hazy day.
I can't leave the damn bunker w/o this thing being overhead & compelling me to shoot it, even when I know the image will be a blur:
Fri. the 16th.
Thurs. the 15th.

If We Mention It,
It Will Appear In Feedly

No sooner do we call attention to the prison-industrial complex then:
No other country comes close. Put another way, on any day of your choice, the United States, with 5% of the world’s population, has close to 25% of the people imprisoned on this planet. That population, by the way, has risen by 700% since 1970, a tidal movement for incarceration that only in recent years has shown small signs of finally ebbing. In short, state by state or as a country, the U.S. leaves the rest of the world in the dust. (USA! USA!)

The urge to reform such a system should be applauded, but as with so many “reforms” in our era, the latest “alternative” forms of confinement may, in the end, only be extending and expanding the prison system into other parts of American life. It may, suggests Maya Schenwar, editor-in-chief of Truthout and author of the new book Locked Down, Locked Out: Why Prison Doesn’t Work and How We Can Do Better, ensure that new concepts of how to lock down America are coming to a neighborhood near you. Tom Engelhardt
Doubtless too depressing to read, but they aren't taking me alive, so what do I care?

Agent: "Tiger" Woods' Front Tooth Knocked Out By Videographer

Looking good Eldrick m'man, but you've a ways to go before you make the bold fashion statement this reporter does.

Smoke/Steam From Gold Line

In the background, the "Twin Towers" of the local prison-industrial complex.
A cynic might type that the school buses are also part of the local prison-industrial complex.

It's A Start

Charlie Hebdo: Niger protesters
torched 45 churches - police

Religious war now! Every religion against every other religion!! Death to the Faithful!!! Exciting details.

The Knife Cuts Both Ways

At least four Muslim villagers were killed, three of them burned to death, when their thatched huts were set on fire during a clash between Hindu and Muslim groups in eastern India, a government official said.

Security has been tightened in and around Sarayian village in Bihar state with some 500 police officers assigned to the area.

Atul Prasad, a Bihar state administrator, said the violence erupted Sunday after the body of a young Hindu boy was found in Sarayian more than a week after he went missing.

Prasad said Hindu fishermen blamed Muslims for killing the boy who was friendly with a Muslim girl from the village, 105 kilometers (65 miles) north of Patna, the capital of Bihar.

The charred bodies of three Muslims were found in the burned huts in the poor community, he said. The bullet-riddled body of a fourth man was found in a field in the village, Mishra said.

(Not So) Near Miss

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Written Protest Lodged

THU 18 JAN 1940
British commence censorship of air mail passing through Bermuda; censor there removes through-bound mail for European destinations from Lisbon-bound Pan American Airways Boeing 314 American Clipper.
A written protest is lodged and no assistance in the unloading process is offered.

Shoulda Taken It To Vegas

Not that it makes a heckuva lotta difference to ya (or to me since I did nothing w/ it) but of the eight teams that entered the footsball play-offs the two I (because of my zillion dollars a yr. gig as a footsball analyst) figured/expected (&, oddly, most wanted) to see in Superbowl XLIX are the two that will be performing therein.

Should someone tell Coach Belichick it's in Ariz., not Seattle?

Missed This Threat To My Well-Being

"This hereditarily ill person will cost our
national community 60,000 Reichmarks
over the course of his lifetime.
Citizen, this is your money."
From Weds. I will not, however, miss this rat bastard:Truth/facts rather than the fantastic lies that issue from somewhere beneath Sen. Paul's wig-hat/comb-over:
The disability insurance program, which is part of Social Security, has come under scrutiny after two media reports last year that focused on rising enrollment and implied that it was at least partly due to fraud. But the reality is different: fraud in disability programs is estimated to amount to less than 1 percent and is extremely rare, as the agency’s watchdog has found. Its inaccurate payments rate is also less than 1 percent, compared to about 8 percent for Medicaid and Medicare.

The benefits are also very hard to come by. Fewer than four in ten applications are approved even after all stages of appeal. Medical evidence from multiple medical professionals is required in most cases to determine eligibility, which means showing that an applicant suffers from a “severe, medically determinable physical or mental impairment that is expected to last 12 months or result in death.” The severity of the disabilities of those who get benefits is underscored by the fact that one in five men and nearly one in six women die within five years of being approved.

Once on the rolls, payments are far from cushy: they average $1,130 a month, just over the federal poverty line for a single person, and usually replace less than half of someone’s previous earnings. Very few beneficiaries are able to work and supplement that income: less than 17 percent worked at some point during the year in 2007, but less than 3 percent of those people made more than $10,000 annually.

But Republicans still have the program in their sights. They kicked off the new Congress with a measure that bans transferring funds between disability insurance and Social Security’s retirement finances. The managers of both programs have often borrowed from one to fund the other, but now will no longer be able to do so. The disability program is strained from rising enrollment — mostly due to expected demographic changes, not the recession — which could end up forcing a nearly 20 percent [Cut? — Ed.] in disability payments.
Anxious? Sen. Paul makes me very anxious, & just maybe he should be anxious (Then he can go on disability. It's not as if he's functioning as a Senator.) that he's making me anxious. Or, in Kentucky talk Aqua-Buddha can understand:

Today In Free Speech

A footsballer on the tee vee said "fucking" & I heard it; assumed I should post it.

Text From All Over ...

... to break the photographic monotony.

Mmmm ... maybe just never mind, not as if I've anything to type, & (Believe it or shove it!) there's little idle spew here. Droningly dull & mindlessly repetitive, abso-fugging-lutely, but seldom idle.

Maybe fan mail from some floundera blockquote from some idiot:
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that he’s seriously exploring a bid for the Republican presidential nomination, Politico reports.

Graham said he is not polling yet “but we set up a testing-the-waters committee under the IRS code that will allow me to look beyond South Carolina as to whether or not a guy like Lindsey Graham has a viable path.”
It is this reporter's opinion that anyone as delusion as the sad sack Senator should not be allowed anywhere near any launch codes.

This guy shouldn't be allowed near anything but the salad bar. The culture of the South? It started continues & ends w/ slavery, not chivalry! Those two words are not synonymous, crackers!
So that's the point. If you're very concerned about what happens with your children, and the Obamas are. They're great parents. They're careful about making sure their kids get a lot of vegetables and eat right. That's terrific. But what you put in your brain is also important as well as what you put into your body and that was my point based on what the president, himself, said.

So, I think if people read the chapter they see that it's about this cultural divide, the disconnect between the three bubbles of New York, D.C. and Hollywood versus the land of God, guns, grits and gravy, that's where the title comes from.

RADDATZ: And the bubble land.

You also said, quickly, governor. You said something in a New Republic interview that caught my eye. You said I've run twice against women opponents and it's a very different kind of approach for those of us who have some chivalry left there's a level of respect to treat some things as a special treasure, you treat other things as common.

What do you mean specifically by that?

HUCKABEE: Well, I just mean that you always want to be respectful. You want to treat everyone with respect. But in the culture of the south, the culture that I grew up with, I think chivalry is still alive. There's a sense of that you pay a great deal of respect and you don't come across as a bully.

RADDATZ: So, you'd run differently against Joe Biden...

HUCKABEE: ...because it's not my nature to be a bully.

RADDATZ: So you'd run differently against a Joe Biden and a Hillary Clinton?

HUCKABEE: I don't know, it depends on what kind of campaign they were running.

It's not an issue of sexism, it's an issue of simply understanding that every opponent, whether it's a male, a female, whether they're from the northeast or from the southwest, everybody has different nuances, and you always have to -- because I've been in a lot of races. I've been in politics for 25 years. I've run a lot of races as lieutenant governor, for U.S. Senate, for governor two different times and for president.

So, in every race you have to assess what are the dynamics of this race.

RADDATZ: And it looks like you've given that a lot of thought.

Governor Huckabee, thanks so much for joining us.

HUCKABEE: Martha, thank you. Great to be with you today.
Can. Not. Wait. I hope every last one of these currently wallet teasing repugnant toads go on to throw his (Or her? Yeah, hold your breath.) Klan hood in the circus ring & do their worst to move far to the right of the other drones. Decline & falling down down down down down ...

SEAHAWKS WIN!! SEAHAWKS WIN!! Quite a game, but justice was rendered.

If I Shoot It, They Will
Take Out A Demolition Permit?

Now it may be in jeopardy. More or less in publication order: One, two, three, four & five.

Fans of Googie can enjoy this or not.