Wednesday, August 31, 2022

On Beyond Pathetic

Via memeorandum, w/ emphasis on the dum(b, as a fucking post) a perfect example of "None so blind as those who will not see, but instead invent paranoid narratives."
The "problem", apparently, is that the top secret documents cover pages are right there in plain view, & you can see the classification codes on them. To be fair in assigning blame, a sizable chunk of this substack of shit was inspired by a Turley Tweet.

The Biden DOJ Attaches Photo of 'Top Secret' Mar-a-Lago Docs — Then People Instantly Spot the Problem with It

One other problem. We note that young Kyle has fully bought into the "one weird trick" school of iNternet clickbaiting, to wit: "Then People Instantly Spot the Problem with It". Cretin. Or Russian. Anyway, once in a while you just can't resist, so I left this golden nugget, preserved for eternity here, as I suspect it may not live long there.
You cultists are so deliberately dense. Do you not remember typing "white cover sheets neatly layed [sic] on top of them"? No one can see anything that risks national security. You quote Turley, "It is curious that the DOJ would release this particular picture. The point is to state a fact that hardly needs an optical confirmation: the possession of documents with classified cover sheets", yet your opening sentence calls them "alleged 'top secret' documents". You'll all be crying "fake" & "planted" no matter the evidence. And the point of the TIME cover is that the alleged documents were in the same box as the magazine covers, not that that cover of TIME is a "veiled threat". How could it be a "threat" if Trump had it framed?

I could go on, but your minds are made up & none of you want to be confused w/ facts or logic.

Stairway To The Stars?

Sheesh. Not as if it hasn't been done before. Some helpful 1947 hints from the U.S. Army:And from Irwin Allen, October 1997.
How far out can you get?

Fuck All Y'All!

Slept for more than nine hrs., still wanted to slit the throats of every humanoid in this world of shit & pain on awakening. Can anyone explain to me what the fucking hell is wrong w/ your idiot species that makes me want to kill all of you the second I remember you exist?

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

On This Date: 2nd iow festival of music

So you needn't pause the video. Sat. was certainly the best line-up.

The Rage Has Become Uncontrollable

Four words: Angry loner w/ problems.
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The 20-year-old who opened fire in a Bend, Oregon, supermarket, killing two before he turned the gun on himself, was a loner who was passionate about mixed martial arts and was known for getting into fights at the high school where he graduated in 2020.

The shooter, identified Monday by police as Ethan Blair Miller, of Bend, “tried to fight quite literally everybody” at Mountain View High School, former classmate Isaac Thomas told The Associated Press. Thomas said the gunman once threatened to shoot him after a fight at their school.

Police confirmed Monday they are investigating the “shooter’s writings” but declined to comment further on postings on several online platforms that appear to have been written by him in recent months.

In posts on several sites, someone who appears to be the gunman says he’s struggled to recover from the isolation and loneliness of the pandemic, expresses hatred for himself and indicates he planned to attack his alma mater next week, but couldn’t wait until then because “the Rage has become uncontrollable.”


The gunman lived in an apartment complex behind The Forum Shopping Center. Witnesses said he began shooting Sunday evening as soon as he left the complex and continued firing as he entered the shopping complex’s parking lot and then went into the Safeway.

Bennett was killed at the store’s entrance, police said, and the shooter then moved through the aisles “spraying shots” from the assault rifle until Surrett confronted him. The entire incident — from the first 911 calls to officers discovering the suspect dead in the store — unfolded in four minutes, Miller said.

Searching uncontrollable rage results in "Intermittent Explosive Disorder".

Monday, August 29, 2022

Today's Toxic Republican Rhetoric

"Oh Larry, I'm sorry you gotta head like a potato. I really am."

Today In Sick Fucks

“On the FBI’s list of documents seized from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, item 1a is listed solely as ‘info re: President of France.’ For Trump, that has been a subject of intense — and tawdry — interest for years,” Rolling Stone reports.

“Specifically, Trump has bragged to some of his closest associates — both during and after his time in the White House — that he knew illicit details about the love life of French President Emmanuel Macron … And the former president even claimed that he learned about some of this dirt through ‘intelligence’ he had seen or been briefed on, these sources say.”

 "Tawdry". Pathetic jagoff works too. Please, riot in the streets for this sickening jerkwad.

 [Political Wire]

Not This American

Jessica Dickler / CNBC:
Fewer Americans say they are living paycheck to paycheck as inflation begins to ease  — More than half of all U.S. consumers currently live paycheck to paycheck, according to a recent report.  — However, the number of Americans who say they are stretched thin has started to fall as inflation pressures ease.
Nope, this reporter is still taking it up the economic ass from greedy corporate pigs. And since he doesn't put gasoline in a car to pollute what's left of the atmosphere, in his case the greedy corporate pigs in question are Kroger & Albertsons. Be a damn shame if any houses, vacation houses, boats & the like belonging to any executives/stockholders of those corporate entities were to disappear from the earth, wouldn't it? Let justice be done!!

GTFO & STFU On The Way Out!

Good Riddance!

Slagging Off “Ridiculous” U.S., Ozzy Osbourne Announces Move Back to Blighty

”I’m fed up with people getting killed every day,” the metal icon said, adding that ”everything’s ridiculous” in America
Here we learn that anti-semitism is exclusively a left-wing campus phenomenon.

My Post-Graduation Plan? I’m Immigrating to Israel.

For me and other young Jews, the future is no longer in America. What we experienced on campus has a lot to do with it.

[L.A. Mag/A ninny's substack]

Also in America-hating:

Police Chief Three

"Appeared to be firing at people randomly over a roughly two-hr. period earlier in the day." Hey, why not, right?

Two Killed In Oregon Supermarket Shooting

More footage of a police chief describing a shooting rampage.This one strikes close to Ten Bears. May be near you next.

Two Killed, Five Injured In Phoenix Shooting Rampage

Hear it's going to be hot hot hot over the upcoming Work Is Slavery wknd. How many "shooting rampages" can we expect?

Western Movie

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Wknd. Police Blotter

[web site]

Another Mormon Atrocity: This Time It's Police Murder

Srealing beer & jaywalking in his underwear, unarmed. Certainly deserved to be wrestled to the ground & beaten to death.Let's go, Brandon! 

Note well, honkies: Your skin tone is no longer a guarantee that you're safe from the police.

Today In L.D.S. Scum

Fucking Mormons Still Angry About Losing Their Harems & Chattel Slaves?

David Shepardson / Reuters:
Duke volleyball game in Utah moved after racist abuse hurled at Black player  —  Duke University women's volleyball match on Saturday was moved to an alternate location in Provo, Utah, after racial slurs were hurled at a Black player from the crowd during Friday's match with BYU, school officials said.
Fuck you & your gutter religion, B.Y.U.

No 'Bout Adout It

I am personally insulted.
This reporter is most assuredly not awake* & watching the Dodger game from Meeya Meefla which started at 0905PDT on fucking Peacock Premium.
*Nor will he be awake for any reason other than earthquake, fire or flood.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Telebision: Done, Finished Or Over?

Not sure it's a good idea to lease tee vee time from a guy w/ a personal Hotmail acc't. who calls himself "Pismo Dennis". At least make up a corporate name, Dennis.

Also in telebision today yesterday:

NBC Eyes Cutting an Hour of Primetime

The network has discussed turning the 10 o'clock hour back over to its affiliates.
This reporter remembers when owning a telebision station was virtually a license to print money. Yuck foo, Big Media.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Friday's Fuckhead

Best Thing To Do This (& Every) Wknd.? Stay The Fuck Home!

Fuck this crap. Not interested, couldn't afford it were I interested.

Fuck all this crap too.

Mötley Crüe, Diana Ross, Echo & The Bunnyman and The Strokes: What to Do This Weekend

(Typo, or is there but one surviving Bunnyperson? At least they got the diareses/umlauts.)
Don't waste any electricity or water while you're sitting around.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

See The Hypocrites

The "full conversation on Twitter" is the White House noting all the other loud-mouthed Congressional hypocrites who had PPP loans forgiven.
Sometimes one has to believe these fucking cretins are just too damn stupid to remember anything they've done or said.

Trouble On The Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway

Today In Hypocrisy

From No Body Cares News.

In Arizona, Blake Masters backtracks on abortion, scrubs campaign website

Masters, the GOP Senate nominee in Arizona, said on his campaign website he supported a "a federal personhood law" — until Thursday.
One of the most irritating pop songs ever, but not nearly as irritating as a two-faced shit like Masters.

Another Nazi Lawyer Speaks

These people are talking bigger & bigger, & crazier & crazier. Why do they hate their country so?
Vance contended that “elite culture” is corrupt and maintained that his success as an author and VCer had landed him in the middle of a “garbage liberal elite culture” that teaches citizens to hate America and that is dominated by woke-ism, globalism, and social progressivism—the enemies of “traditional American culture.” The country’s leaders, he added, “are actively aligned against” the notion that “we live in a great country.” In the tradition of far-right populism, he claimed the entire elite strata of the United States was a subversive and malignant entity that plots to undermine the nation. His prescription: “Rip out like a tumor the current American leadership class and then reinstall some sense of American political religion, some sense of shared values.”

Vance was calling for the reeducation or reformation of American society predicated on conservative policies and values. “Conservatism,” he declared, “has to be a counter-revolutionary force at this moment… We’re talking about replacing garbage elite culture with traditional American culture.”

You'll note none of this has to do w/ electoral politics; once they've cheated their way into office your vote won't mean a thing. Nor will your life.

When Do We Start Killing The Nazi Lawyers?

David Enrich / New York Times:
How a Corporate Law Firm Led a Political Revolution  —  The untold story of Jones Day's push to move the American government and courts to the right.  —  On a balmy Saturday night in June, Traci Lovitt hosted a 50th birthday party for her husband, Ara, at their 9,800-square-foot Westchester mansion overlooking Long Island Sound.

Whose Bright Idea Was This?

Lee Harris / American Prospect:
House Leadership Delays Social Security Expansion While Crafting Tax Breaks for Rich Retirees  —  Nancy Pelosi's office is blocking Social Security expansion, while Congress prepares to pass a windfall for rich retirees, insurance companies, and large asset managers like Vanguard and Fidelity.
Again, what is wrong w/ these people? Do they think the wealthy will protect them when the angry mob finally comes?

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

This is quite inspirational, especially from surrender-monkeys.Almost the same footage, w/ (much less) British Gaumont narration.Brits & Yanks in this one. Bonus: Neither irksome narraton nor irksome music.Note to self: Look into mortars.

This was shot by American cameramen.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Time For A Search Party At The Residences & Offices Of McConnell & Chao, Inc.?

Even the fascist Federalist ...
Jordan Boyd / The Federalist:
Thought Trump was going to drain the swamp of such creatures & really stand up to Choi-nuh. Who appointed the "crazy" person Secretary of Transportation again?

Shrinking Rivers Report

Was Herschel Walker half-right? Per the flood item below, all of China's wet air has come here.We could go on, but here's the big picture, from the people who brought you WWII:
 According to the European Commission, the current drought could be the worst "for at least 500 years."
No wonder this has been ear-worming my brain lately. So much for your rivers, Babylon!
Even more resonant as one ages.

Five 1,000-Yr. Floods

Is One 5,000-Yr. Flood Next?

Matthew Cappucci / Washington Post:
Five 1,000-year rain events have struck the U.S. in five weeks.  Why?  —  Precipitation extremes are now more feast or famine because of climate change  —  Five weeks.  Five instances of 1,000-year rain events.  If it seems like the weather across the Lower 48 as of late has been bonkers, you're not imagining things.
Fuck your paywall, Bezos. One of the richest fucks in this world of shit & pain & you have to charge for your rag? You're killing democracy & the planet.

The Best People, Continued

Ex-Interior secretary Zinke lied to investigators in casino case, watchdog finds  —  The Interior Department's inspector general detailed Zinke and his chief of staff's attempts to mislead federal officials.  —  Former Interior secretary Ryan Zinke, the leading contender to win a new House seat representing Montana in the fall …
So this sack of Trumpian crap lied for casino money, did he? Quelle surprise!

When Do We Start Killing The Aristocrats?

Real Estate CEO: Recession Could Be “Good” If “Unemployment ... Puts Employers Back in the Driver Seat” … The CEO and president of Douglas Emmett, Inc., a real estate corporation worth over $3 billion and based in Santa Monica, California, said on an August 2 corporate earnings call …
When? I'll tell you this much: Santa Monica is a bus ride away for this reporter & his urge to kill. Course making one's getaway on said bus is not the best way to do it.

There'd be extra irony in running over the CEO and president of Douglas Emmett, Inc. again & again, while shouting: "Who's in the driver's seat now, you Nazi son-of-a-bitch?"

In the meantime, let them know how you feel about fascists & their corporations.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Today In Republican Elected Officials

Carol Robinson /
Perry Hooper Jr., former Alabama lawmaker, charged with sex abuse in Montgomery  —  A former state legislator is facing a felony sex charge.  —  Perry Oliver Hooper Jr., 67, is charged with first-degree sex abuse, Montgomery police Capt. Saba Coleman confirmed Tuesday.
 U.S. Department of Justice:
Tennessee State Representative & Former Chief of Staff Indicted In Bribery & Kickback Conspiracy  —  NASHVILLE -Tennessee State Representative Glen Casada, 63, of Franklin, Tennessee, and his former Chief of Staff Cade Cothren, 35, of Nashville, were indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday …

Monday, August 22, 2022

Shouldn't A Liberty-Loving Patriot Shoot The Living Shit Out Of The Mulberry Municipal Complex?

Apparently not if the police are acting as the slave patrol & brutalizing people w/o much money. Five'll getcha ten the corporate Nzzis at the convenience store lied to the police about whatever the victim "threatened" them w/, probably scaring the poop out of the small-town weenie pigs & increasing their violent reaction.And fuck you sheriff. No more "This isn't America" shit every time something like this (or a mass shooting) happens. Because it happens over & over & over again. It's clearly & obviously the conduct of your department, & every other collection of two-bit thugs like you, from coast-to-coast & border-to-border. Just stop fucking lying.

Florida Man Opens Yap, Followed By Another Florida Yapper

Are These Not Criminal Threats?

Martin Hyde (R), who is running for Congress in Florida’s 16th congressional district, “says he would have killed the FBI agents who searched … Trump’s property if they tried to do the same thing to his home,” the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports.
Florida state House candidate Luis Miguel (R) “was suspended from Twitter after a tweet advocating that Floridians should be able to shoot federal agents on sight,” Florida Politics reports.
Typical pin-dicked Republican America-haters. Neither of them would have the intestinal fortitude to point a gun at an F.B.I. agent. Bet pointing a gun at one of them would provide hrs. of amusement, however.

[Political Wire]

Breeder Scum Up-Date

What is wrong w/ these fucking meatsacks?Bonus weird crap from breeder scum:

On Car Seats as Contraception

Or: Against Car Seat Laws At Least Beyond Age 2

It's Official!

Idle Threat? Or Deadly Serious Promise?

  Following a recent string of insults to my intelligence, dignity & well-being, I hereby announce that  I am abso-fucking-lutely going to kill every stinking parasite who works for my landlord, & every piece of shit who works for the fucking Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles. Every last one of them. Dead, doornail-style.

Just Couldn't Wait For That Insulin

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Treated Like "Disposable Pawns"? Where Would Anyone Get That Idea?

A cult leader uses up his cultists & throws them away? And you blame the leader? There's one born every 15 seconds in today's modern world of shit & pain. Don't come to this reporter looking for sympathy, you sucker-ass chumps.
Bethany Dawson / Insider:
Trump treated my family like disposable pawns and tore us apart, says daughter of convicted Jan. 6 rioter  — Guy Reffitt was sentenced to seven years in prison for his involvement in the Capitol riot.  — His daughter told Insider that “it would only be just for former President Trump to be convicted.”
You're gawddam right we look down our noses at you fucking cretins; you're ignorant fucking cretins & we despise you w/ excellent reason.

How Civilized Nations Do It

Lock! Him! Up!

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Charged Under Terrorism Act  —  The move against Imran Khan is a major escalation of the power struggle between the government and the former leader and risks renewed public unrest.  —  ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Pakistan's former prime minister, Imran Khan …
Seriously, which is more of a shithole country, these United Snakes or Pakistan?

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Prize Porker At Iowa State Fair

Why didn't any of the crackers try to string him up?

He can't possibly believe he's going to be anything but the butt of jokes for the remainder of his repressed existence. He'll never even be Vice-President again.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Consumer Report: Apple Enables Fucking You In The Mouth

Where The Customer Is Always Number One!

In another example of corporate excellence, the screen on my US$100.00 'phone has separated from the bezel.

Friday Freak Out

World Humanitarian Day, Whatever The Hell That Is

Another River Story

Don't know if the Danube is especially "sacred".
Fedja Grulovic / Reuters:
Low water levels on Danube reveal sunken WW2 German warships  —  Europe's worst drought in years has pushed the mighty river Danube to one of its lowest levels in almost a century, exposing the hulks of dozens of explosives-laden German warships sunk during World War Two near Serbia's river port town of Prahovo.
Probably not if it's full of Nazi warships.

No Shortage Of Highway Hamburger


Joseph Pisani / Wall Street Journal:
Deadliest Start to the Year on U.S. Roads in Two Decades, NHTSA Says  —  From January through March, more than 9,500 people died on U.S. roads; reckless driving blamed  —  Rise in Crash Deaths Prompts Calls to Overhaul How Speed Limits Are Set


The New York Times, 24 November 1924.



How To Do It, 70 Yrs. Ago

Pacific Electric freight at (9:33).

More L.A. Many Yrs. Ago, Possibly 1962.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Paraphrasing Sergeant Friday: "I'll Bet Her Mother Had A Loud Bark"

Crazy mixed-up world when we're using Jack Webb only semi-ironically.
[Katherine] Schwab [of Texas] admitted to kicking and throwing media equipment with other members of the mob outside the Capitol.

“I went into the fucking Capitol," Schwab admitted saying in a video recording on the day of the riot, calling police “traitors,” “sheep” and “pathetic."

Ryan J. Reilly / NBC News:
Trump supporter who flew on private jet to Jan. 6 riot and threw media equipment outside the Capitol pleads guilty  —  WASHINGTON — A woman who flew on a private plane to the nation's capital ahead of the Jan. 6 riot pleaded guilty Thursday to engaging in disruptive or disorderly conduct in a restricted building.
"Economic anxiety", right? Throw two books at her, & maybe stretch her on the rack for a few mins.

Another "Sacred" River Screwed

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Another "Holy" River Desecrated

You think Jesus pissed in the River Jordan when he was being baptized? How damn stupid are these fuckers?

Dirty Water

"Holy river". What a fucking joke. Nothing is sacred, all is trash. Where's your Buddha now?Cat at (3:27) has the right idea. A great flood to wash away all the scum.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Kill Amazon Before Bezos Kills You!

23-month-old girl struck and killed by Amazon van in Irvine

150 Amazon Workers Walk Off the Job at San Bernardino Air Hub

They’re as hot as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore.

More than 150 Amazon workers walked off the job in the middle of their shift Monday at a San Bernardino air hub facility over heat safety concerns and demands for a base pay increase [sic] $5 an hour, the Washington Post reports.


In response, managers called an all-hands meeting, where they dished out helpful tips and tricks on how to save money — like carpooling, using public transportation, and working the night shift, which comes with a small pay bump — but of course is often not possible for workers with families or caretaking duties.

Next from Bezos's Boys: Hey, you don't really need three meals a day. And why pay rent? Park your car near work & live in it!

This is indeed a nation of sissified weaklings if any of the management scum who suggested that crap haven't had their throats slit w/ a rusty tin can lid. Burn the warehouses!!

[KCBS/Los Angeles Mag]

Geopolitical Tensions Rise Across The Globe

The Air Force successfully launched a long-range, nuclear-capable missile during a scheduled test out of from California on Tuesday, a show of American force as geopolitical tensions rise across the globe.

The unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile launched a little after midnight local time from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, according to the Air Force. The reentry vehicle, the part of the weapon that would carry the explosive, traveled 4,200 miles to the remote Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

"Make no mistake -- our nuclear triad is the cornerstone of the national security of our country and of our allies around the globe," Col. Chris Cruise, 576th Flight Test Squadron commander, said in a statement, referencing America's system of land, sea and air weapons that can deliver a nuclear payload. "This scheduled test launch is demonstrates ive of how our nation's ICBM fleet illustrates our readiness and the reliability of the weapon system."

Learn to type & speak correctly, clearly & w/o bullshit, you fucking warmongering cretins.