Thursday, April 30, 2020

Hitler Takes A Powder

MON 30 APR 1945
Grossadmiral Karl Doenitz proclaims himself head of the German state by Hitler's appointment.

Sometime during April 1945 (exact dates indeterminate), USAAF and British aircraft sink German submarines U-3525 in the Baltic; U-1131 and U-1227 at Kiel, Germany; and U-677, U-982, and U-2516 at Hamburg, Germany.

Destroyer escorts Thomas (DE-102), Bostwick (DE-103), Coffman (DE-191), and frigate Natchez (PF-2) sink German submarine U-548 off Virginia, 36°34'N, 74°00'W.

PBY (VP 63) sinks German submarine U-1055 west of France, 48°00'N, 06°30'W.

Off Okinawa, kamikazes damage destroyer Bennion (DD-662), 27°26'N, 127°51'E, and minelayer Terror (CM-5), 26°10'N, 127°18'E. One suicide plane damages U.S. freighter S. Hall Young in Nago Bay; there are no fatalities among the crew, passengers, and 12-man Armed Guard.

Destroyer Jenkins (DD-447) is damaged by mine off Tarakan, Borneo, 03°12'N, 117°37'E.

Submarine Trepang (SS-412), despite proximity of three escorting coast defense ships, attacks Japanese convoy MOSI-05, sinking transport Miho Maru in Yellow Sea, 34°27'N, 123°48'E.

Japanese army tanker Yuno Maru is sunk by mine [laid by submarine Guitarro (SS-363) on 20 April 1945 or Dutch submarine O-19 on 13 April 1945] off east coast of Sumatra, 01°00'S, 104°30'E.

Japanese auxiliary minelayer Nuwashima is damaged by aircraft southeast of Dainyu-Jima, Saeki.

Japanese merchant cargo ship No.18 Yamabishi Maru is damaged by mine, off Wakamatsu light.

USAAF B-24s (13th Air Force) sink Japanese transport (ex-seaplane carrier) Kunikawa Maru (previously damaged by Australian mine) in Balikpapan Bay, 01°15'S, 116°50'E.

Hot Rats

Caity Weaver / New York Times:
Time to Check Your Pandemic-Abandoned Car for Rats  —  There might be a nest in the engine.  —  You might want to make sure there's not a rat living (or recently dead) in your car's engine.  —  Why are you still reading?  Check your car for a rat, I said.  That's the tip.

Trump, Here's Your Cue

Hitler shot himself 75 years ago, ending an era of war, genocide and destruction

The Führer was defiant and drug-addled at the end. His wife was by his side as she took cyanide.


Hang 'Em High

Larger than life.

Old West Gallows with Criminal and Officers 1:87 HO Scale Outland Models Scenery Structure

Regular price
This item includes: Gallows, hanged criminal, officer x2
Dimensions: 83 mm x 70 mm x 48 mm(H)
Can't wait 'til it arrives. Talk about a centerpiece for one's layout.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


SUN 29 APR 1945
Off Okinawa, kamikazes damage destroyers Hazelwood (DD-531), 27°02'N, 129°59'E, and Haggard (DD-555), 27°01'N, 129°40'E; and light minelayers Shannon (DM-25), 26°00'N, 127°00'E, and Harry F. Bauer (DM-26), 26°47'N, 128°42'E.

Motor minesweeper YMS-51 is damaged by mine off Tarakan, Borneo, 03°18'N, 117°33'E.

Japanese carrier attack planes (KATEs) flying from Truk attack Naval Base, Manus, Admiralty Islands, torpedoing the advance base section docks ABSD-2 and ABSD-4 in the belief that the shapes they perceive in the nocturnal strike are aircraft carriers.

TBM (VC 92) from escort carrier Tulagi (CVE-72) sinks Japanese submarine I 44, 220 miles southeast of Okinawa, 24°15'N, 131°16'E.

Submarine Besugo (SS-321) sinks Japanese guardboat Otome Maru southeast of Borneo, 05°45'S, 107°30'E.

Submarine Bream (SS-243) sinks German minesweeper depot ship Quito off Tanjong Puting, Borneo, N.E.I., 04°11'S, 111°17'E.*

Submarine Cero (SS-225) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Taishu Maru off Kamaishi, Japan, 39°15'N, 141°58'E.

USAAF B-24s on anti-shipping sweep of Makassar Strait sink Japanese cargo vessel No.5 Hirata Maru in Pamukan Bay, 02°30'S, 116°25'E.

Japanese passenger ferry No.2 Kuroshio (ex-landing ship T.149) is damaged by mine during passage from Singapore to Batavia; transport (ex-seaplane carrier) Kumikawa Maru is damaged by mine laid by RAAF Catalina off Balikpapan, Borneo. Merchant cargo ship No.1 Aioi Maru is sunk by mine three miles off Tsunemi.
*Some sources list Bream's victim as Teishu Maru; ULTRA material, however, uses the German name, and refers to communications between Tokyo and Berlin concerning her loss.

Lest You Forget

29 April 1945

U.S. Army liberates Dachau concentration camp


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Frigate Vs. Frog Sub

SAT 28 APR 1945
Frigate Huron (PF-19) accidentally rams and damages French submarine Argo off Key West, Florida.

Off Okinawa, kamikazes damage destroyers Wadsworth (DD-516), 26°47'N, 126°38'E; Daly (DD-519), 27°12'N, 128°16'E; Twiggs (DD-591), 27°12'N, 128°16'E; and Bennion (DD-662), 27°26'N, 127°51'E; high speed minesweeper Butler (DMS-29), 26°00'N, 127°00'E; hospital ship Comfort (AH-6), 25°30'N, 127°40'E; and transport fitted for the evacuation of wounded Pinkney (APH-2), 26°00'N, 127°00'E. Destroyer Lang (DD-399) is damaged in collision with oiler Brazos (AO-4), 26°11'N, 127°20'E. Japanese assault demolition boat causes extensive damage to U.S. freighter Bozeman Victory; six men among the 59-man merchant crew, 13 stevedores and the 27-man Armed Guard suffer injuries.

Motor minesweeper YMS-329 is damaged by mine off Tarakan, Borneo, 03°14'N, 117°42'E.

Submarine Sennet (SS-408) sinks Japanese cable layer Hatsushima off Kii Suido, south-southeast of Mikizaki, 33°55'N, 136°18'E.

Submarine Springer (SS-414) sinks Japanese submarine chaser Ch 17 west of Kyushu, 32°25'N, 128°46'E, as the latter is escorting landing ship T.146; later that day, submarine Trepang (SS-412) sinks T.146 off Osezaki, Japan, 32°24'N, 128°40'E.

British submarine HMS Tradewind attacks Japanese convoy off coast of Malaya, sinking merchant tanker Takasago Maru 53 miles from Kota Bharu, 06°48'N, 101°36'E.

USAAF B-25s and P-38s (Far East Air Force) bomb Japanese shipping at Saigon, sinking tanker No.8 Takasago Maru, 10°49'N, 106°41'E, and motor sailships No.10 Shingi Maru and 9 Nittai Maru and 1 Kashima Maru, Shuttle Boat No.51, Shuttle Boat No.57, and Shuttle Boat No. 74.

Japanese escort vessel Uku and Patrol Vessel No.102 [ex-U.S. destroyer Stewart (DD-224)] are damaged by aircraft, 34°52'N, 124°23'E.

USAAF mine sinks Japanese cargo vessel Gakujo Maru at western entrance of Shimonoseki Strait, 34°00'N, 130°50'E.


Margaret Hunter Sentencing for Campaign Fund Misuse Delayed Another Month

Sentencing has been delayed another month for the wife of former Rep. Duncan Hunter, who pleaded guilty along with her husband to federal conspiracy charges for misusing campaign funds to support years of personal expenditures.

Margaret Hunter was slated to be sentenced next Monday, but the hearing was postponed to June 8, which will be nearly one year since she pleaded guilty to using campaign credit cards on family vacations, restaurant and bar tabs, clothes and other frivolous expenses over the course of several years.

Prosecutors say the couple spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, with the former congressman falsely reporting the expenses as campaign related.

Duncan Hunter pleaded guilty about six months after his wife and was sentenced earlier this year to 11 months in federal prison. He’s slated to surrender to authorities on May 29.

In a joint motion filed last week by prosecutors and Margaret Hunter’s attorneys, both parties cited COVID-19 considerations in requesting a delay. The public health crisis has pared down federal court proceedings, with many hearings suspended in the interest of slowing the spread of the virus.

U.S. District Judge Thomas J. Whelan approved the joint continuance request on Monday.

The Hunters were charged in 2018 in a 60-count indictment.

At Duncan Hunter’s sentencing hearing, he asked Whelan for leniency and sympathy when he sentences “the mother of my children,” asking the judge not to give her time in custody “if it’s possible.”

In the prosecution’s sentencing memorandum, it states the Hunters were “virtually penniless” and amid dire financial straits, resorted to using campaign credit cards to support “a profligate lifestyle leading to continual debt and an ever-increasing need to find cash to pay bills.”

Despite the family bank account not carrying a positive balance throughout any single month between 2009 and 2017, prosecutors say the family lived extravagantly, racking up thousands of dollars on expensive family trips and scores of other improper personal purchases, according to the memorandum.

Prosecutors also say in court filings that Duncan Hunter gave his wife a campaign credit card despite her having no official role in the campaign, and later hired her as campaign manager amid protests from members of his staff.
Justice delayed is justice denied. Lock her up & throw away the key so she can get the bug & die in prison, as she should.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Monday Musicale

"Bring the weenies, I'll bring the soft drinks ... everybody's in love."
[The Grauniad]

So Much For Canada Victory

FRI 27 APR 1945
Off Okinawa, kamikazes damage destroyer Ralph Talbot (DD-390), 26°00'N, 128°00'E; destroyer escort England (DE-635), 26°40'N, 127°40'E; and high speed transport Rathburne (APD-25), 26°26'N, 127°36'E; heavy cruiser Wichita (CA-45) is damaged by shore battery, 26°14'N, 127°50'E; destroyer William D. Porter (DD-579) is damaged by friendly fire, 26°21'N, 127°43'E. A kamikaze also crashes U.S. freighter Canada Victory, killing one merchant officer and two of the 27-man Armed Guard; Canada Victory sinks, the survivors swimming to nearby attack transport Lauderdale (APA-179).

Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser No.31 Yusen Maru is sunk by aircraft off Amami-Oshima.

USAAF mine (laid on 27 March) sinks Japanese cargo vessel Kaiho Maru at western entrance of Shimonoseki Strait, 34°00'N, 130°50'E.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

HMS Solent & HMS Sleuth Sink Wa.3

THU 26 APR 1945
Destroyer Hutchins (DD-476) is damaged by depth charge, off Okinawa, 26°14'N, 127°49'E.

Submarine Perch (SS-313) is damaged by depth charges off North Borneo, 05°32'N, 116°07'E, but remains on patrol.

British submarines HMS Solent and HMS Sleuth sink Japanese auxiliary minesweeper Wa.3 in Java Sea west of Kalambau Island 04°50'S, 115°40'E.

Mines sink Japanese auxiliary minesweeper Mejima Maru off Futaoi light, 34°04'N, 130°47'E; and merchant cargo ships Sanko Maru in Chochiku channel.

Japanese guardboat No.6 Chozan Maru is sunk by aircraft east of Kammon Strait, off Shimonoseki, Japan.

Japanese merchant cargo vessel Heiyu Maru is damaged by aircraft, 34°41'N, 128°54'E.



The challenge is not confined to the developing world. In England and Wales, the number of fatalities in the week ending April 10 was the highest this century. The figure was 76 per cent higher than the average for the same week in the past 5 years, and the number of excess deaths was 58 per cent higher than the total number of reported Covid-deaths for the same period. “If we want to . . . [understand] the ways different countries have responded to the surging pandemic and how [it] has affected the health of the population, the best way is to count excess deaths,” said David Leon, professor of epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Experts have warned of serious under-reporting of Covid-19 cases in residential facilities for the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable to the virus. “Very few countries appear to be testing people in care homes, staff and residents, systematically,” said Adelina Comas-Herrera, Research Fellow at the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre of the London School of Economics.

Even the much higher numbers of deaths in the pandemic suggested by excess mortality statistics are likely to be conservative, as lockdowns mean that “mortality from numerous conditions such as traffic accidents and occupational injuries possibly went down,” said Markéta Pechholdová, assistant professor of demography at the University of Economics, Prague.
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My Heart Is Black, & My Lips Are Cold

San Francisco Chronicle:
Exclusive: Coronavirus caused heart to rupture in nation's first known victim, autopsy shows  —  The Santa Clara woman whose death from COVID-19 is the earliest so far known in the United States suffered a massive heart attack caused by coronavirus infection, signs of which were found throughout her body …
Debra Kahn / Politico:   First recorded Covid death in U.S. was from massive heart attack, autopsy says
Marty Johnson / The Hill:   First known US coronavirus death caused by massive cardiac event
Hungry little bastard, innit? When it says, "I'll eat your fucking heart," it means it.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Horace A. Bass & Cod Attack!

WED 25 APR 1945
German submarine U-1107 is sunk by naval land-based aircraft (VPB 103) in English Channel, 48°12'N, 05°42'W.

Carrier-based aircraft bomb enemy installations on Okino Daito Jima, Ryukyus.

Off Okinawa, escort carrier Steamer Bay (CVE-87) and destroyer Hale (DD-642) are damaged in collision, 24°48'N, 131°58'E.

High speed transport Horace A. Bass (APD-124) sinks Japanese submarine RO 109, 280 miles south-southeast of Okinawa, 21°58'N, 129°35'E.

Submarine Cod (SS-224) sinks Japanese minesweeper W.41 north of Keelung, Formosa, 26°10'N, 121°30'E.

USAAF B-24s bomb Japanese shipping at Saigon, French Indochina, sinking transport Kaiko Maru.

USAAF B-24s on anti-shipping sweep of Makassar Strait sink Japanese Shuttle Boat No.302 off Salinguigan Island 02°19'S, 117°14'E.

Japanese cargo vessel Sano Maru is damaged by mine in Yangtze River near Nanking.

Break's Over, Back On Your Heads!

One of these may not be completely accurate.
Teran Powell / WUWM:
40 Coronavirus Cases In Milwaukee County Linked To Wisconsin Election, Health Official Says  —  Forty people in Milwaukee County may have become infected with the coronavirus as a result of participating in Wisconsin elections on April 7.  —  Milwaukee Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik says data is still being analyzed to show the connection between more people that may have contracted COVID-19 due to election activities, like being a poll worker or voting in person, earlier this month.
Michael Wilson / New York Times:
March, April, May: City's Mood Darkens as Crisis Feels Endless — W/ no clues about when the pandemic might subside, short-term discomfort is becoming long-term despair: “I feel like I have accepted this, and given up.” A walk in the park brings tense flare-ups: Back off, you're too close.
George Gilder / RealClearMarkets:
This Pandemic Is Over.  Let's Stop the Economic Suicide, and Get Back to Work  —  With the latest reports of plummeting death rates from all causes, this crisis is over.  The pandemic of doom erupted as a panic of pols and is now a comedy of Mash-minded med admins and stooges covering their ifs ands and butts with ever more morbid and distorted statistics.
Florida Politics:   Additional 306 COVID-19 cases, 9 fatalities confirmed in latest report
"Latest reports of plummeting death rates from all causes"? (No citations given; lies, damned lies & statistics.)
It's all a socialist/bat-eating Chinese Commie conspiracy, so back to wage-slaving. What do you have to lose?

Beverly Hills CopPig

Beverly Hills police chief retires after lawsuits alleging
racism, anti-Semitism, harassment

Beverly Hills Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli faced
at least two dozen claims in the last two years,
records show. Her last day will be May 15.
(City of Beverly Hills)
Beverly Hills Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli announced her retirement Saturday, marking the end of a rocky tenure that saw the city pay out millions to settle lawsuits alleging that she had made racist remarks to subordinate officers and engaged in acts of harassment.

Spagnoli’s last day will be May 15, though she will be taking vacation time between now and that date, according to an internal department e-mail reviewed by The Times.

“During the Chief’s tenure, crime was reduced while the department increased diversity, public outreach, best practices and advancements in technology,” Beverly Hills City Manager George Chavez said in a statement. “We thank Chief Spagnoli for her service to our community and her three decades of public service in law enforcement.”

Spagnoli became the first female police chief in Beverly Hills history in 2016. A board member for the International Assn. of Chiefs of Police who previously led the San Leandro and Benicia police departments in Northern California, she received praise upon her hiring and even drew a glowing write-up in Vogue. The positive press was much needed and came on the heels of the controversial retirement of the city’s former chief, David Snowden, who stepped aside amid questions that he was drawing a second salary from a private-sector job.

But starting in 2018, a torrent of litigation surfaced, accusing Spagnoli of making racist comments, retaliating against officers and showing favoritism toward subordinates she had sexual liaisons with. All told, there were at least two dozen claims lobbed at Spagnoli in the past two years alone, records show. As the lawsuits piled up, the city hired Michael Sitrick, the crisis public relations specialist whose previous clients included Harvey Weinstein.

In late 2018, the city spent $2.3 million to settle a claim from Mark Rosen, a former police captain who was the highest ranking Jewish member of the department, who had accused the chief of denying him promotional opportunities based on his religion and making anti-Semitic remarks.

Other claims against Spagnoli previously reviewed by The Times included allegations she had referred to the yarmulkes worn by observant Jews as “funny little hats,” asked if she had to “dress Mexican” when invited to dinner at a Latino employee’s home and reacted with revulsion when informed that an employee was gay. Some court documents contain allegations that Spagnoli had sex with subordinate officers who were later rewarded with promotions.

Last summer, a jury awarded more than $1 million in damages to a group of lieutenants who had accused Spagnoli of workplace harassment and retaliation for giving depositions that were favorable to Rosen’s lawsuit.

Asked if there was any connection between the mounting litigation — records show another civil claim was filed against Spagnoli on March 30 — and Spagnoli’s decision to step down, city spokesman Keith Sterling said the “Chief notified [the] City Manager of her intention to retire.”

In a 2018 interview with The Times, Spagnoli denied the allegations of improper sexual relationships, but stopped short of denying the allegations about racist remarks. Less than 24 hours after the interview, the city settled Rosen’s lawsuit.
[Stolen in its entirety.]

The Schaden Self-Freudes:

Gasp for breath, walking corpses: If air pollution hasn't already done the job, you're none-the-fucking-less dead.
Damian Carrington / The Guardian:
Coronavirus detected on particles of air pollution  —  Exclusive: Scientists examine whether this route enables infections at longer distances  —  Coronavirus has been detected on particles of air pollution by scientists investigating whether this could enable it to be carried over longer distances
Niamh Cavanagh / The Sun:   Coronavirus found on air pollution particles prompting fears bug can travel over long distances
Avoid the rush: Up & die right now. What's keeping you here? What do you have to lose?

Friday, April 24, 2020

Atlantic Tit For Tat

TUE 24 APR 1945
Destroyer escort Frederick C. Davis (DE-136) is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-546, 570 miles east of Cape Race, Newfoundland 43°52'N, 40°15'W; but destroyer escorts Pillsbury (DE-133), Flaherty (DE-135), Chatelain (DE-149), Neunzer (DE-150), Hubbard (DE-211), Keith (DE-241), Janssen (DE-396), and Varian (DE-798) sink U-546, 43°53'N, 40°07'W.

German submarine U-1223 is sunk by USAAF and British aircraft at Wessermunde, Germany.

USAAF B-24s sink Japanese motor sailship Shinyo Maru off coast of French Indochina.

Japanese tanker San Diego Maru is damaged by mine in swept channel of Hiroshima Bay, 34°06'N, 132°25'E.

Friday Grasping For Relevance

We can only hope Keef & the boys are paying royalties to The Specials.
I'm a ghost.
No grieving.

Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

Nice timing, F.B.I.
U.S. Department of Justice:
Ex-FBI Agent Arrested on Conspiracy Charge Alleging He Accepted Bribes Paid by Lawyer Linked to Armenian Organized Crime Figure  —  LOS ANGELES - A Bay Area man who retired from the FBI last year after 20 years as a special agent was arrested today on a federal criminal charge alleging …
Fucking Turks.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Only The Best People, Part Whatever: "Millions of Chinese Suck the Blood Out of Rabid Bats"

New HHS spokesman made racist comments about Chinese people in now-deleted tweets  —  WARNING: This story contains graphic language.  —  (CNN)The new spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services in a series of now-deleted tweets made racist and derogatory comments about Chinese people …
Carla Herreria Russo / HuffPost:   New HHS Spokesman Has Deleted Racist Tweets Published As The Coronavirus Spread
David Badash / Raw Story:   Trump's new HHS spokesperson made racist remarks and accused Democrats of wanting coronavirus to kill millions: report
Walter Einenkel / Daily Kos:   New Health and Human Services spokesman deleted some scary racist tweets about coronavirus
J. Edward Moreno / The Hill:   New spokesman at HHS made offensive comments about Chinese people in since-deleted tweets
Emma Ockerman / VICE:   'Don't You Have a Bat to Eat?'  New HHS Spokesman Made Racist Remarks About Chinese People on Twitter
Ken Meyer / Mediaite:   HHS Spox Michael Caputo Deletes Slew of Tweets Featuring Coronavirus Denial, Conspiracy Theories …
Alex Thomas / IJR:   Trump's HHS Spokesperson Said That ‘Millions of Chinese Suck the Blood Out of Rabid Bats’
Bess Levin / Vanity Fair:   Michael Caputo, Trump's New HHS Spokesman, Prepped for Job by Writing Wildly Racist Tweets
Ron Kampeas / Jewish Telegraphic Agency:
Trump administration health spokesman tweets about Soros and Rothschild family ‘control’  —  WASHINGTON (JTA) — The man President Donald Trump just named to speak for the Health Department accused George Soros and the Rothschild family of seeking to exploit the pandemic for control and to advance their agendas.
Kee-rist, what a mother-fucking moron. You think he might be in the Mafia, like all the other Italians?

White Light/White Heat

First Use Of "Bat"

MON 23 APR 1945
Eagle boat Eagle 56 (PE-56) is sunk by explosion off Portland Maine.*

Submarine Besugo (SS-321) sinks German submarine U-183 in Java Sea, 04°57'S, 112°52'E.

PB4Ys (VPB 109) employ "Bat" missiles against Japanese shipping off Balikpapan, Borneo, in the first combat use of the only automatic homing missile to be used in World War II.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Tamae Maru is sunk by accidental ammunition explosion in Sakai harbor.
*German submarine U-853 was known to have been in the vicinity at the time; whether or not she conducted an attack that sank Eagle 56, however, may never be known, since U-853 is sunk with all hands on board soon thereafter (see 6 May 1945).

"Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em"?
& Other Madness

Susan Glasser / New Yorker:
Fifty Thousand Americans Dead from the Coronavirus, and a President Who Refuses to Mourn Them  —  In just the past few days, President Trump has blamed immigrants, China, the “fake news” and, of course, “the invisible enemy” of the coronavirus for America's present troubles.
Officials probe the threat of a coronavirus bioweapon  —  The Pentagon and the intelligence community are more forcefully investigating the possibility that adversaries could use the novel coronavirus as a bioweapon, according to defense and intelligence officials, in a shift that reflects the national security apparatus’ evolving understanding of the virus and its risks.
Mary Kekatos Senior / Daily Mail:
Was Hockney RIGHT?  French researchers to give nicotine patches to coronavirus patients and frontline workers after lower rates of infection were found among smokers  — A French study found that only 4.4% of 350 coronavirus patients hospitalized were regular smokers and 5.3% of 130 homebound patients smoked
Shane Trejo / Big League Politics:   Study Indicates That Smokers are Less Likely to Contract Coronavirus Because of Nicotine's Effect on Lungs
Sarah Elzas / RFI:   French researchers suggest nicotine could protect against Covid-19
Christopher Snowdon / spiked:   Smoke fags, save lives
Lucy Jones / The Sun:   Nicotine patches given to coronavirus patients as trial treatment - but docs say it's NOT a reason to smoke
Marc Levy / Associated Press:
Swing-state Republicans pin virus fallout on Democrats  —  HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — With legions out of work, Republicans across the critical battleground states are trying to lay blame for the economic wreckage of the coronavirus outbreak on Democratic governors, ramping up a political strategy that is likely to shape the debate in the run-up to the presidential election.

In Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — all three swing states with Democrats in charge — state Republican lawmakers, after an initial detente, have grown fiercely critical of the stay-at-home orders or business shutdowns imposed by governors to limit the spread of the coronavirus, casting them as the work of overzealous, nanny-state Democrats.
Dr. Scott W. Atlas / The Hill:
The data is in — stop the panic and end the total isolation  —  The tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be entering the containment phase.  Tens of thousands of Americans have died, and Americans are now desperate for sensible policymakers who have the courage to ignore the panic and rely on facts.
Jose Nino / Big League Politics:   Stanford Doctors Calls [sic] for Ending Full-Blown Lockdowns
Greg Pollowitz / Twitchy:   Dr. Scott W. Atlas: ‘The data is in — stop the panic and end the total isolation’
Is "appears to be entering" actual data? Fuck you, Doc. Fuck you in your weasel-words mouth. What's the problem, your investment portfolio tanking?

"Just Like The Flu ..."

Ariana Eunjung Cha / Washington Post:
A mysterious blood-clotting complication is killing coronavirus patients  —  Once thought a relatively straightforward respiratory virus, Covid-19 is proving to be much more frightening  —  Craig Coopersmith was up early that morning as usual and typed his daily inquiry into his phone.
CBS Baltimore:   Doctors Try To Untangle Why They're Seeing ‘Unprecedented’ Blood Clotting Among COVID-19 Patients

Coronavirus damages kidneys and hearts as well as lungs, US doctors find

Clinicians around world have seen evidence Covid-19 is also causing heart inflammation, acute kidney disease, neurological malfunction, blood clots, intestinal damage and liver problems

Just wait until the Fall 2020 Corona Tour.[Independent]

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

U.S. Aircraft Continue Attacks On Small Japanese Craft

SUN 22 APR 1945
Destroyer escorts Carter (DE-112) and Neal A. Scott (DE-769) sink German submarine U-518, North Atlantic, 43°26'N, 38°23'W.

Submarine chaser SC-1019 sinks after running aground in Yucatan Channel, 22°28'N, 84°30'W.

U.S. freighter Benjamin H. Bristow, en route to Southend, England with convoy ATM 123, is mined off Flushing, Holland 51°24'30"N, 03°22'E. There are no fatalities among the ship's complement (42 merchant sailors, the 26-man Armed Guard and a pilot), and the ship is towed to Terneuzen, Holland for repairs.

Off Okinawa, support landing craft LCS-15 is sunk by aircraft, 27°20'N, 127°10'E; kamikazes sink minesweeper Swallow (AM-65), 26°10'N, 127°12'E, and damage destroyers Hudson (DD-475), 27°00'N, 127°00'E, and Wadsworth (DD-516), 26°10'N, 126°24'E; destroyer Isherwood (DD-520) and minesweeper Ransom (AM-283), 26°14'N, 127°28'E; and light minelayer Shea (DM-30), 26°00'N, 127°00'E; minesweeper Gladiator (AM-319) is damaged by strafing and near-miss of kamikaze, 26°21'N, 127°45'E.

Submarine Cero (SS-225) sinks Japanese guardboat Aji Maru west of Tori Jima, 31°38'N, 139°00'E, and damages guardboat No.9 Takamiya Maru 30°04'N, 136°43'E.

Submarine Hardhead (SS-365) sinks Japanese cargo vessel Mankei Maru off Chimpon, 10°25'N, 99°06'E.

Dutch submarine O 19 torpedoes Japanese heavy cruiser Ashigara as the latter proceeds in company with destroyer Kamikaze toward Batavia, 05°37'S, 106°55'E.

Japanese guardboat Ariake Maru is sunk by U.S. aircraft in Ise Bay, 34°43'N, 136°43'E.

USAAF P-51s sink Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Chikuyu Maru south of Toshi Jima.

Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.81 is damaged by aircraft, 31°26'N, 123°30'E.

Today In Eye-Linered Idiots

Shorter Vegas Mayor Goodman: "Let 'em all die; Gawd will sort 'em out."
Timothy Bella / Washington Post:
Las Vegas mayor: Reopen casinos, let the ones with the most infections then close  —  Standing in front of an empty storefront along Main Street, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman was beaming with optimism, believing that businesses would make it through the coronavirus pandemic.
Paul LeBlanc / CNN:   Las Vegas mayor won't give businesses social distancing guidelines for reopening: 'They better figure it out.'
Justin Baragona / The Daily Beast:   Las Vegas Mayor Embarrasses Herself During Absolutely Batshit Coronavirus CNN Interview
Justin Wise / The Hill:   Las Vegas mayor doubles down on push to reopen casinos, says it's not her job to do it safely …
Walter Einenkel / Daily Kos:   Las Vegas mayor tells stunned Anderson Cooper that reopening casinos should be left to free market
David Badash / The New Civil Rights Movement:   'That's Really Ignorant': CNN's Cooper Blasts Vegas Mayor for Refusing to Take Responsibility During COVID-19 Crisis
YouTube:   Mayor Calls Las Vegas Shutdown ‘Total Insanity’ | Katy Tur | MSNBC
Contemptor:   WATCH: Las Vegas Mayor Leaves Anderson Cooper in Shock During Absolutely Insane Interview
Will she put her money where her mouth is & greet the suckers returning to the re-opened dens of iniquity, Joe Louis-style?

We will note that Mayor Goodman is 81 yrs. old, has been Mayor of Las Vegas since 2011, & succeeded her husband Oscar, mayor from 1999-2011. (Term & nepotism limits, anyone? Mandatory retirement?) You think all the make-up & hair dye have had a detrimental effect on her mental processes, such as they are/were?

It Was A 'Quake

Magnitude 3.7 earthquake hits South Los Angeles, sending light shaking across Southland

3.7 quake near Inglewood
3.8 quake registered in Los Angeles


Or something ...

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

"damaged by near-miss"

SAT 21 APR 1945
Off Okinawa, destroyer Ammen (DD-527) is damaged by near-miss of bomb, 27°13'N, 128°16'E.

Japanese guardboat Zenyo Maru is sunk by U.S. aircraft off Shionomisaki, 31°30'N, 135°40'E.

Japanese cargo vessel No.2 Toshi Maru is damaged by mine off Singapore.

I'd Be More Than Happy
To Help Him Stop Living


Why would anyone say such shit? Two words: Blood money.
Their death worship was implicit in the gun fetishism (& the "I want to die so I can be w/ Jesus in heaven" dead god Xianity) but now it's clear for all to see: Guns & money over life, 24/7/52.


Lena H. Sun / Washington Post:
CDC director warns second wave of coronavirus is likely to be even more devastating  —  Even as states move ahead with plans to reopen their economies, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Tuesday that a second wave of the novel coronavirus will be far more dire …
CNN:   CDC chief says there could be second, possibly worse coronavirus outbreak this winter
Josh Feldman / Mediaite:   CDC Director Warns Second Wave of Coronavirus in Winter Could Be Worse
Sky Palma / Raw Story:   CDC director warns why next winter's coronavirus wave could be even worse
Taegan Goddard / Political Wire:   Second Wave of Coronavirus Next Winter Could Be Worse
Bob Fredericks / New York Post:
Second coronavirus wave could be deadlier, CDC chief warns
Washington Post:   Live updates: Second wave of coronavirus will be more dire, CDC director warns; White House …
Coronavirus & flu season!! Can't wait.

Monday, April 20, 2020

4/20 Afloat

FRI 20 APR 1945
Army troops supported by naval vessels and USAAF aircraft land on Catanduanes Island, P.I.

Battleship Colorado (BB-45) is damaged by on-board explosion off Okinawa, 26°10'N, 127°20'E.

Escort carrier Corregidor (CVE-58), while operating east of the Marianas on antisubmarine patrol in TG 12.3, is damaged in typhoon.

Submarine Guitarro (SS-363) lays mines in Berhala Strait off northeast coast of Sumatra, N.E.I.

Submarine chaser SC-737 is damaged by grounding, Sulu Sea, 09°45'N, 118°44'E.

Mines laid by USAAF B-29s (20th Air Force) sink Japanese cargo vessels Yamamitsu Maru off Nojima, 34°32'N, 128°44'E, and Sanko Maru at 33°48'N, 131°00'E, and damage cargo ship Kitsurin Maru at western entrance of Shimonoseki Strait.

USAAF P-38s and P-51s attack Japanese shipping off Rangoon, Burma, sinking motor torpedo boat Gyoraitei No.412.
In Berlin, Adolf Hitler celebrated his 56th (& final) birthday.

Do Not Consume At These
Over-Priced Shit-Holes

Hayley Peterson / Business Insider:
Amazon-owned Whole Foods is quietly tracking its employees with a heat map tool that ranks which stores are most at risk of unionizing  — Amazon-owned Whole Foods is tracking and scoring stores it deems at risk of unionizing, according to five people with knowledge of the effort and internal documents viewed by Business Insider.
Jay Peters / The Verge:   Whole Foods is reportedly using a heat map to track stores at risk of unionization
Bryan Menegus / Gizmodo:   Amazon's Union-Busting Extends to Whole Foods Because of Course It Does
Alex Henderson / Raw Story:   ‘Minority report union-busting’ tactics at Whole Foods decried following reporting on company's labor activism heat map
Nicolas Vega / New York Post:   Whole Foods reportedly ranks stores based on risk they could unionize
Rather than pay through the proverbial nose, why not toss a cobblestone through the window of the Whole Foods nearest you? If you haven't the time for arson, that is.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Cabin Fever?

Since you idjit Murkins have turned inward in shame & fear, you may have missed this:
Rob Gillies / Associated Press:
Police: At least 10 killed in shooting rampage in Canada  —  TORONTO (AP) — A 51-year-old man went on a shooting rampage across the northern part of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia Sunday, killing at least 10 people, including a policewoman.  Officials said the suspected shooter was also dead.
Catherine Garcia / The Week:   Deadliest shooting rampage in Canadian history leaves 16 dead
Meredith Deliso / ABC News:   At least 10 dead, including police officer and suspect, in Nova Scotia shooting rampage
Nova Scotia / Canadian Press:
At least 16 people dead after N.S. gunman's rampage, and police say toll could grow  —  Police confirmed gunman has died and identified RCMP officer who was killed  —  A man disguised as a police officer went on a shooting rampage in rural Nova Scotia, killing 16 people Sunday, in the deadliest such attack in Canadian history.
NBC News:   16 dead, including officer, in shooting, Canadian authorities say
Brock Simmons / The Gateway Pundit:   Mass Shooting In Gun Controlled Canada Leaves 10 Dead, Including Mounted Patrol Officer
Fionnuala O'Leary / The US Sun:   Shooter who went on run ‘in mock cop car and wearing police uniform’ after shooting ‘several victims’ caught by cops
Joe Tacopino / New York Post:   Nova Scotia shooter identified as denturist Gabriel Wortman
Gotta love an indeterminate death toll.

A House Of Cards Built On A Foundation Of Sand

Apparently erected & operated by selfish, evil & sub-human cretins.
Zachary Basu / Axios:
Boris Johnson skipped five virus briefings in early days of pandemic  —  A 5,000-word exposé by the Sunday Times of London — “38 days when Britain sleepwalked into disaster” — finds that Prime Minister Boris Johnson, distracted by personal turmoil and his Brexit victory lap …
The Sunday Times:   Coronavirus: 38 days when Britain sleepwalked into disaster
Anne Laurie / Balloon Juice:   Concerning the Pandemic : Some Longer Reads
George Parker / Financial Times:   Johnson faces cabinet split on lifting lockdown
Liz Sly / Laredo Morning News:
Stirrings of unrest could portend turmoil as economies collapse  —  BEIRUT -As more than half the people in the world hunker down under some form of enforced confinement, stirrings of political and social unrest are pointing to a new, potentially turbulent phase in the global effort to stem the coronavirus pandemic.

Bernie Sanders / New York Times:The Foundations of American Society Are Failing Us  —  The unequal impact of the pandemic and economic collapse are forcing us to rethink the assumptions of our system.  —  Mr. Sanders is a senator from Vermont and former Democratic candidate for president.
Jessica Corbett / Common Dreams:   ‘Absurdity and Cruelty’ of US Healthcare System, Says Sanders, ‘Should Now Be Apparent to All’
Any day now ...