Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dog Bites Man, Again, Part Whatever

Beaten Like A Rented Mule

By the way, we do not hold w/ beating animals, rented or otherwise.

More Projection

Islamists Know a Western Civilization Secret: ‘Progress’ Makes Religion Decline
The motive to reform Islam from within is weaker than the motive of those like Martin Luther, as Islamists can point to the decline of Christian belief and assume the same would happen to Islam.
Doesn't take much intellectual curiosity to figure where this is going to be projected.
Conversely, to dig in, kill the critics, raise the walls higher, try to shut out (or severely constrain) modernity, and demagogically stoke the fires of jihad really is a logical response for those who want to preserve their religion and society as it has existed for centuries.
Remind us of which medieval ninnies this buffoon is talking about again.

Brain Dead

Another pile of projection we didn't have the intellectual curiosity to wade through, but this paragraph is worth sharing. (The part in the parentheses.)
Intellectual curiosity appears to be rather ephemeral. It defies easy definition. Certainly one can cobble together a definition from a dictionary, and those who imagine themselves to be possessed of metric tons of it (and they’d surely prefer the metric system to the more red statish American system) are generally more than happy to identify those who do not possess it. Still, intellectual curiosity seems to be something that is understood and/or bestowed rather than earned. It seems to be a state of grace awarded by those who already exist in that exalted state rather than something one can attain through long-standing effort and merit.
The typist goes on to reveal that because G.W. Bush allegedly received better grades at Yale than John Kerry, we all know who's the more intellectually curious. No question, really, as regurgitating conventional & accepted wisdom to the Yale professor who silver-spooned it to a proudly average legacy admission is the surest sign of intellect & curiosity.

Malignant Narcissist

Yes, we're literally Malignant, & as narcissistic as anyone (Deservedly so, as we are a wonderful & caring human beingentityconsciousness.) but ...

(Added narcissism note: Over 400,000 suckers roped in, in less than four yrs. of spewing hate. And running pix of mostly female celebs on their b-days, which of course has brought us most of our traffic, & wasn't even an intentional sucker-attracting move.)

Obvious Title Of The Wk.

I Took a Vacation to Iraq. I Don't Recommend It.

Movies Are Better Than Ever

Zach Campbell was one of the students in the class at Marinette High School. He says the situation began when the student pulled out a handgun and shot a film projector. He then held the 23 students and a teacher hostage for five hours.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Damn It, Gawd

If we'd known, we would have gotten in touch w/ the FBI & asked them for some help in exploding the living shit out of this heinous violation of the First Amendment.

Off The Fucking Fence, Mugwump!!

Jonathan Chait equivocates:
There's been a debate about epistemic closure on the right, and this is a prominent example. Conservatives repeat Obama's single sentence over and over, seemingly unaware that the context of his remarks leads to a conclusion very nearly the opposite of the one they claim. You could wade through this discussion in the right-wing media for hours and hours without ever coming across any excerpt of Obama's remark that goes beyond the one cherished sentence. It's pure epistemic closure. The other possibility, I suppose, is that all these people are dishonest hacks.
You fucking wimp, call them out as dishonest & brain-dead hacks!

Almost As If We Were "Normal"

Other than breakfast occurring about 1630PT.

Happening NOW!

Worst Monday night football game ever: San Francisco (3-7) at Arizona (3-7).
Oh Lord, we praise your ass 24/7 & you give us this shit?

You Can Not Petition The Lord
W/ Twitter, Either

It wasn't his own hands or the Pittsburgh secondary Sunday that foiled Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson from hauling in what should have been the game-winning TD catch in the end zone.

It was God.

"I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!!" the 24-year-old tweeted from his iPad at around 5:15 Sunday after the Steelers' 19-16 overtime victory. "AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN FROM THIS??? HOW???!!! ILL NEVER FORGET THIS!! EVER!!! THX THO..."
Fucking loser, in every sense of the word. Kisses non-existent sky fairy ass, & can't catch shit. As they say, praise in one hand, crap in the other, then see which piles up first. No, wait, he couldn't keep the crap in his hand anyway. Wouldn't be a fair test.


Hillary Clinton: Why Wikileaks Leak Is A Good Thing

From The AP:
“This disclosure is not just an attack on America’s foreign policy interests,” Clinton said. “It is an attack on the international community: the alliances and partnerships, the conversations and negotiations that safeguard global security and advance economic prosperity.”

“It puts people’s lives in danger, threatens our national security and undermines our efforts to work with other countries to solve shared problems,” she told reporters at the State Department.
We can not think of anything more deserving of attack than a bunch of wretched fascists/corporatists who "safeguard global security & advance economic prosperity." Especially when the global security & economic prosperity (Is there another kind of "prosperity," to which Sec. Clinton is, perhaps, opposed?) in question is anti-democratic, pro-corporate & just plain evil.

And certainly nothing that Sec. Clinton & the other ghouls that run things have done has ever put anyone's lives in danger or threatened our national security, has it?

Actually Amusing

Product Works Charlie Brown's Artificial Christmas Tree

On line or in store. A mere $9.99.

Why "Create?" Theft Works Too.

If you want crap that moves, that is. We're hoping for epileptic fits. (Not for us. We're so dulled out we doubt electricity could make us move.)
From Adult Swim.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chicken Boy Visuals

Following up something we posted that we just don't feel like looking for now.What's w/ this space above? What crummy embedding. The clowns at NBC are no better than the losers of CBS.


Not being a cretinous moron, we've never seen "My Cousin Vinny" (We'll admit it: Italian-Americans make us queasy, & that one quarter wop-a-dago in our blood-line is a perpetual embarrassment to us. Jersey Shore, anyone?*) but we would like to know if the line was "fucked-up" or "bullshit."

The PuffHo claims:
"You keep asking these presentist questions Bob. As the immortal Marisa Tomei said in My Cousin Vinny, 'that's a bullshit question!' because you cannot pluck people out of the past and expect them to comment on what's happening today."
Yet when we grabbed it from POLITICO, the quote was presented thus:
“You keep asking these presentist questions,” said the Kenyan-born, British-accented historian. “As the immortal Marisa Tomei said in 'My Cousin Vinny,' ‘That’s a f----- up question!'” Morris said, relishing over the word as network censors bleeped him out.
(Is "relishing over" to make it clear he wasn't relishing the word under, sad-ass hack & crummy POLITICO writer Marin Cogan? And a note to the unnamed HuffPo hack: Neither "fucked up" nor "bullshit" are swearing, damn you all to hell!)

Let's go to the videotape & find out. Fun allegedly starts around (10:16).(Blame CBS for the non-performance here. How is it that the adverts always run just fine, but the actual programming is stop & go? Stupid fucking incompetent jerks. May gawd damn CBS's Internet fucks for eternity.)

OK, Morris said "bullshit." Was that the line from the movie? Do we care at this point?

*Could be worse. At least there's no bog-monkey in us.

Neighborhood Up-Date

L. A. Times, getting it wrong again.
Just behind it is a small shopping plaza with a Salvadoran restaurant, a pizza joint, a former Korean cigarette shop and a restaurant that serves teriyaki chicken, burritos and boba drinks. Across the street are more Korean- and Mexican-themed businesses.
We can tell you now that the former Korean cigarette shop has already become a salon de belleza. Also across the street are California Donuts, a laundromat & a Hawai'ian BBQ. (Lovely Spam®, wonderful Spam®.)
The nearest store with a clear connection to Bangladesh, Bengal Liquors, is a block away. All told, there are fewer than a dozen shops owned by or catering to Bangladeshis along this working-class commercial strip flanked by apartment buildings.
Well, the other liquor store on the four-block stretch is also operated by Bangladeshis. As is the Chevron station that's just west of the four blocks.

Suffering & Indignities

BRRR!! Forced to wear socks & shoes when forced to go outside in miserable, 54°F (12.222222°C. Now what do you say?) temperature. Our next post will be from an undisclosed location, possibly somewhere in the Caribbean.

A Question

Scott Johnson asks:


One thing we've learned is that Mr. Johnson makes no reference at all, whatsoever, to the role of the FBI.
The facts of the case make out a motif, and questions come naturally to mind. Yet beyond the facts of the case a polite silence ensues.
Certainly Johnson has been politely silent.

And the "facts" of the case? A real lawyer notes:
But it may also just as easily be the case that the FBI -- as they've done many times in the past -- found some very young, impressionable, disaffected, hapless, aimless, inept loner; created a plot it then persuaded/manipulated/entrapped him to join, essentially turning him into a Terrorist; and then patted itself on the back once it arrested him for having thwarted a "Terrorist plot" which, from start to finish, was entirely the FBI's own concoction.  Having stopped a plot which it itself manufactured, the FBI then publicly touts -- and an uncritical media amplifies -- its "success" to the world, thus proving both that domestic Terrorism from Muslims is a serious threat and the Government's vast surveillance powers -- current and future new ones -- are necessary.

Why We Hate America

It's the stupid people, stupid:
On CBS's "Face the Nation," host Bob Schieffer, anchoring an authors roundtable discussion with the likes of Bob Woodward and Arianna Huffington, kept engaging the panelists in discussion about how America’s Founding Fathers would have felt about today’s political climate.

“What would Teddy Roosevelt think of today’s politics, Edmund?”

“You keep asking these presentist questions,” said the Kenyan-born, British-accented historian. “As the immortal Marisa Tomei said in 'My Cousin Vinny,' ‘That’s a f----- up question!'” Morris said, relishing over the word as network censors bleeped him out.

“You cannot pluck people out of the past and expect them to comment on what’s happening today,” he continued. “I can only say that what he represented in his time is what we hope for in our presidents now, what we look for in our presidents now and what we’re increasingly disappointed by. He understood foreign culture, recognized the dignity of the United States. He was forceful yet dignified. And what I really feel these days is, we’ve become such an insular people.”

Morris went on to criticize the American people, who he said “are insensitive to foreign sensibilities, who are lazy, obese, complacent and increasingly perplexed as to why we are losing our place in the world to people who are more dynamic than us and more disciplined.”
Fucking sheep. We couldn't agree more. (If this weren't so true, we wouldn't run it so often, you fucking sheep! Also, observing the recent 32nd anniv. of  Jonestown. Now pretend you aren't sheep.)And fuck Huffington, Schieffer & Woodward too, while we're on the subject of the brain-dead.

Dullness Objectified

But it had nothing on April 11, 1954, according to a Cambridge scientist.

Computer programmer William Tunstall-Pedoe has calculated that to be the most objectively dull day since 1900.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Good Radio Gone Bad

Mark & Howard, when radio was good (A joke: Radio has never been good.), & KMET was the place to be.

Listen here, w/ all the songs. (Hundreds in two hrs. How did they do it?) Allegedly from August 1974.

Where Do They Find These People?

First, the "convert the lezzoes by raping them while they're in the military" guy, now Tucker Carlson offers us a guy who's as sure as the day is long that the mystery contrail that recently appeared off the Southern Calif. coast was a submarine-launched Chinese rocket. Because it will prove the un-cleverness of the Obama White House.
A Los Angeles woman, traveling by air the day before Thanksgiving, did not want radiation from an airport full-body scanner; she also did not want TSA goons to grope her. So she wore a revealing bikini and avoided both radiation and groping. The Obama White House is not nearly so clever. China groped the missile defenses of our homeland and President Obama said and did nothing. No one noticed. Well, almost no one.
That made a lot of sense, if you read it backward. We're half-way not-convinced already. Are the Chinese the TSA goons in this little tale? Or do they not want to be groped or otherwise detected, as they sneak a missile into U.S. waters? So our military are the TSA goons then? Or is the U.S. military wearing a bikini so the Chinese goons don't grope them? Maybe this is like George W. Bush groping Angela Merkel. Or not.

A bit of research (Never have we been so arsed!) for the contrail facts (Or at least a non-politicized assessment of whatever it was.) accidentally located an equally well-researched item from WorldNetDaily, which may be the source/inspiration for Naval Academy grad Nagle's fear-mongering. It all comes from the kiester of retired USAF Brig. Gen. Jim Cash, who presents this classic in stuffing ten lbs. of pig entrails into a five-lb. sausage casing:
"We must question the timing of this shot across our bow. The president was abroad being diplomatic, which means trying to placate China which is becoming overly concerned with our handling a totally out-of-control deficit in spending."
A "deficit in spending?" What, we're not spending enough? We're quite sure the General (ret'd.) is as informed & up to date on economics & trade w/ China as we are, so we'll accept his premise that China is "overly" concerned about whatever they're concerned about.

A video has been made as well, possibly to convince those who prefer the news read to them.
Experts: Two ret'd. military clowns, & a consultant. Alex Pareene, at the first link:
I think when you start up a conservative opinion outlet, the vast right-wing conspiracy just assigns you a couple of clueless old people who've been faxing pages about the honor of Oliver North into Regnery publications for 30 years, and you have to publish them. That is the only explanation for why Tucker Carlson's silly internet magazine ever put this up to begin with.
And at least one of the clueless is usually someone who retired from the military sooner than he expected to (for which there are reasons, like lunacy) giving him all the time in the world to prove that he knows more than the entire nat'l. security establishment, some/most of whom are commies anyway!

Also amusing in the cluelessness dep't. is "Daily," as in WorldNetDaily & Daily Caller. As if they only "go to press" once a day. And as if daily printing would really put them one up on TIME® or whatever the hell. Less amusing & much more irksome is the refusal to link to any sources, as if neither Joseph Farah nor Tucker Carlson have any idea of how the 21st century works. (Although there are plenty of those incredibly irritating green links that pop up w/ an ad for nothing that has anything to do w/ the underlined/linked word on both sites. NRO is another prime offender in the links to bullshit dep't. How much longer can that shit go on?)

Two Great Republicans

On Nov. 27, 1973, the Senate voted 92-3 to confirm Gerald R. Ford as vice president, succeeding Spiro T. Agnew, who'd resigned.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Menu For The Modern

Followed by pumpkin pie.

Gratitude Is An Emotion For Dogs

We're very fucking thankful we're an orphan ("Free at last! Free at last!") & are socially unencumbered for the hideous day.

Be sure to get all the way down on your knees when you're thanking nobody for nothing, crackers.
The family is a corrupt, bourgeois institution.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

War On Thanksgiving

Is nothing sacred?
"Thanksgiving is not as sanctified a day as it was even a few years ago," says Thomas Hine, who wrote I Want That! How We All Became Shoppers. "This is an experiment by retailers to see how we will behave."


For the first time, Sears will open on Thanksgiving Day from 7 a.m. to noon local time. Its sibling, Kmart, will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time. The move was in response to customer desire "to have an extra day to shop," says Sears' David Friedman.

Toys R Us stores nationwide will open at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving.
Get in line, consumers!
While the National Retail Federation forecasts a 2.3% rise this year to $447 billion, 81% of consumers the trade group surveyed said they will spend less this holiday because of the economy. So retailers are going all-out this Thanksgiving, "to get people away from the dessert table," says Kathy Grannis, an NRF spokeswoman.
People who will be leaving the dessert table just as soon as possible.

Local Comedy

We post this only because we have had beer & schnitzel at the location (The Red Lion) more than once, although never while speed dating. Or outside, even.Held our limited attention for almost five mins.

Would You Two Punk-Ass Nations
Stop Dancing & Start Fighting?

24 November 2010 @ 2339:
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — NKorea warns of further “retaliation” if SKorea carries out more military provocations.

25 November 2010 @ 0003:
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — SKorean president orders officials to beef up security, warns of NKorea provocation.

Something for which we would be thankful.

Get Stuffed, Yanks!

Other bullshit (i.e., traditional) holiday imagery where we found this, if one wanted to wallow in that sort of crap.
Americans were pigs in 1959, too. (From Mad, Jan. 1960)

Clean Sweep Completed

All Dems, all the time in state offices. (As if that made a dime's worth of difference. Strictly bragging rights.) Only drawback is that Cooley remains L.A. County D.A. Oink!

From his concession:
I take great pride in the fact that I received the endorsement of every law enforcement organization in this race as well as that of every major daily newspaper in California but one. I was particularly gratified to receive the support of so many fellow district attorneys.
A stinging defeat for both the forces of overt repression (Fuck the police!) & the daily papers.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sex & Violence

Talk about the feminization of your military. These Air Force metrosexuals (Call signs: Drag names?) might as well be housewives playing some Wii game as real fighting men.In the second part we are assured that it's OK to hit Iran, because these boys & their planes will get the job done.
Part three, but why suffer through an L.A. Times-length piece when moving pctures will save the trouble of reading or questioning?Wrong again. Other than refueling, the dull actuality of the videos is like Greyhounding through America's Desert South West (Redundant?) on a hellish vacation, except from a few thousand ft.

Atomic Dog Whistles In
The Yr. Of The Plague

More on Sarah Palin's latest, from her first groupie.
Sarah Palin includes in her new book, America By Heart, a full-throated defense of Dan Quayle, calling his Murphy Brown speech “prophetic.” And she does so candidly:
Two-parent families do matter when it comes to raising kids to be happy and productive citizens. Does that mean we turn our backs on girls and women who find themselves pregnant with no man in their lives? Of course not. I would be the last person to advocate that. I know the pain and challenges that accompany your wonderful, smart, “it-could-never-happen-to-her” seventeen-year-old daughter telling you she is pregnant.”
Palin writes that “I’m biased, of course, but given a choice of role models between Bristol and Murphy Brown, I choose Bristol.”

The mom who was in the Dancing with the Stars audience last night cheering on Bristol, writes: “We’ve welcomed Bristol’s son Tripp into our lives with open arms. He is beautiful, and things are working out. But Bristol has paid a price — a high price. Her adolescence ended long before it should have. Her days of carefree hanging out with friends, playing sports, and studying leisurely are over — and she’s making sure other girls know it. That’s why she’s out there, speaking up about her experience and telling other young girls, ‘Don’t do what I did.’”

I’ve heard America by the Heart described today as “dog whistle politics.” It’s actually a lot more straightforward than that.
Candid & straightforward. Bow wow wow.

The Mindless Dead, Quantified

Reagan gets 33 mentions, which Palin accomplishes by deploying his name at every possible opportunity (eg: "Ronald Reagan once quoted Abraham Lincoln as saying ... "). Here's a look at some of the other common terms in the book [...] :
God -- 100 times
"freedom" -- 100 times
Ronald Reagan -- 33 times
Barack Obama -- 32 times
"abortion" -- 28 times
"slavery" -- 25 times
"feminism" -- 18 times
Iraq -- 11 times
"flag" -- 11 times
"mainstream media" -- 10 times
John McCain -- 9 times
Martin Luther King Jr. -- 9 times
George W. Bush -- 8 times
"Tea Party" -- 8 times
Calvin Coolidge -- 6 times (she calls him "one of our most overlooked presidents")
John Kerry -- 6 times
"city on a hill" -- 6 times
Jesus -- 5 times
"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" -- 5 times
Hillary Clinton -- 4 times
Afghanistan -- 4 times
"freedom isn't free" -- 3 times
Booker T. Washington -- 2 times
"lame stream media" -- 1 time
Levi Johnston -- 1 time
Katie Couric -- 0 times

K-Lo "Edits" A Lay-Out

This is truly sad*, & we didn't grab all the examples of sadness we could.
The resemblance is striking.
Playing pocket pool more than walking.
Now you liberal coddlers of minorities have seen meritocracy in action!

*The incorrect captions, reuse of images, & so on. No complaint at all w/ the illustrations. (Just the subjects.) Had no idea one could do this w/ one's Pad. (And still don't care.)

Tabula Rasa

Being the inquiring sort, we wanted to see what would happen were the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to receive a present from above, as suggested by this colossus of the legal instruction profession. But no.
Down the memory hole?

Bonus poster, lest we forget.

We The (Older, Whiter, Maler, Richer) People

The AP says:
Exit polls of voters in this month’s congressional elections reveal similar gulfs. Most tea party supporters — 86 percent — want less government intrusion on people and businesses, but only 35 percent of other voters said so. Tea party backers were about five times likelier to blame Obama for the country’s economic ills, three times likelier to say Obama’s policies will be harmful and twice as apt to see the country on the wrong track.

These aren’t subtle shadings between tea party backers and the majority of Americans, who don’t support the movement; they’re Grand Canyon-size chasms.
Not enough of them to "take their country back," & not enough of them in any kind of shape to hold on to it if they could "take it back."

Don't believe for a moment that all "independents" are a bunch of drooling old fools, either. Only 30% of the mugwumps are T.P. fans.
The poll also shows sharp differences between the tea party and the 7 in 10 independents who don’t support the tea party, a group both parties will target in 2012. Tea party backers take a far more negative view of Obama and his agenda than those independents do and are far likelier to think favorably of the GOP and unfavorably of Democrats.

Tea partiers are likelier to be white, male, older and more affluent than everyone else, the polls show — groups that tend to be more conservative. Yet even compared with the 47 percent of conservatives who don’t back the tea party, the views of conservatives who do support the movement stand out.
As ignorant idiocy.

More War

War Up-Date

Breaking News Alert Tue 23 November 2010 -- 1:58 AM ET
South Korea Scrambles Jets After North Reportedly Fires Near Border

South Korea says it has scrambled F-16 fighter jets and returned fire after North Korea shot dozens of rounds of artillery onto a populated South Korean island near the countries' western border, according to The Associated Press.

South Korea's YTN television says two people were injured, several houses were on fire and that shells were still falling on Yeonpyeong island.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Unfortunate Juxtaposition

You don't want the grim details.
Total picture. Good job, LAist.

Once Again, We Guessed It

Extensive experimentation (since around 1130 PT this date) has confirmed our prior assumption that no amount of coffee can wake us up or make us give a shit about ... about ... Well, we were vaguely pleased that the atomic oven does a fair & fast job of tater cooking. Other than that ...

Stupidest Question Of The Week,
Monday Edition (W/ Guess)

Two parasites (Charles Curran and Patrick Ennis have spent over 35 combined years as technology investors and innovators.  We live in Washington DC and Washington State, respectively.) in The Daily Caller.
A number of technology people spent time and money helping Meg Whitman’s campaign. But none of the brand name technology moguls in California played a leadership role in helping her win. Rand Paul had the Tea Party. Marco Rubio had Senator DeMint. Jerry Brown had the unions. With all due respect to Mitt Romney, Meg Whitman had herself.

Imagine instead if Meg Whitman, during the peak of her campaign struggles could have stood on stage with the CEOs of Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Cisco Systems, Intel, and Oracle and delivered a pro-jobs message.* She could have defined the narrative of the race. She would have won despite her other well-documented weaknesses as a candidate. She could have fixed the state in a way the outgoing governor could not despite years of toil.
We believe the standard question here is "What are these guys smoking?" Right?
The good news is that California, like America, is fixable. California still has universities, talent, entrepreneurial culture and weather which are the envy of the world. California still can be America’s shining city on the hill. So, who out there in Silicon Valley will step up and lead?
Uh, entire brand damaged by recent marketing attempts?

And could we have a moratorium (Followed by a permanent ban.) on the "shining city" bit already? That horse is not going to get up & trot off no matter how many more times you flog it.

*Yeah, why didn't that happen? We just can't imagine.

Fraudulent Voter Fraud

First reactions of whiny-assed losers: "Wasn't faaaaair!" often accompanied by the stamping of a tiny foot:
As Campbell stood outside Angle’s hotel room door at The Venetian hotel, the results showed the Republican nominee down by 34,000 votes in Las Vegas’s Clark County and 7,000 votes in Reno’s Washoe County, an impossible deficit to make up in the state’s less populous rural counties.

Nonetheless, Campbell and a cadre of tea party activists cornered her in a suite and tried to persuade her not to concede the race for almost an hour. They said she should demand a recount and charge voter fraud in Clark County.
We bold, you laugh. Via.

More stamping, w/ wailing:
Friday, Hillbuzz.org blogger Kevin DuJan wrote, "The real aim of Bristol's Pistols: to expose Democratic hypocrisy on voter fraud and ask why the media is so obsessed with the voting on a reality show but doesn't care about Leftist tampering with actual elections.

"The Left is angry whenever I teach conservatives the tricks the Left consistently employs against Republicans. . . . The media and the Left are engraged [sic] right now because 'Bristol's Pistols,' as they are calling us, have been creatively and energetically voting for her on a reality TV show. It's what I call 'Voting like a Democrat' . . . voting early . . . voting often . . . voting as cartoon characters . . . voting under aliases . . . ," DuJan wrote.
The Left isn't angry so much as bored w/ all this, but we'll just have to put up w/ it until the aging honkies who vote the straight reaction ticket have died or have full-blown dementia (How will we be able to determine when it's full-blown?) & the low-info vote settles to the 20% of the electorate it should be.

We Remember ...

That day in November, & how pissed we were that Art Linkletter's House Party wasn't on.
Sen. Kennedy announces he'll run in 1960. (AP Photo)
(AP Photo)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

No One On A Hoveround®?

Los Angeles, city on the move. Distance has never prevented the Angeleno on the go from getting some wheels & getting what he wants.
The female officers walked along the sidewalk until customers, arriving in cars and on foot, skateboards and bicycles, stopped to make a deal to obtain a sex act.
A man is taken into custody after he rode up to an undercover cop on his bicycle and allegedly offered her money for sex. (Scott Varley/Staff Photographer)
As they strolled with their "prostitutes" through the motel's parking lot, the men quickly found themselves in handcuffs and on their way to jail.

Gov't. Interferes w/ Vigorous Free Market

An undercover officer chats with a man in a pickup who offered her money for sex. He was arrested. (Scott Varley/Staff Photographer)
The customers, police said, were all "regular" people of a variety of ages who offered $15 to $100 for a fast sex act.
Market driven efficiency.

Ha Ha Ha

And down he flops!

More Is Less

Look! Weather!

Around here, we don't necessarily have it every day.

Meet The Old Boss

Meanness from the Daily Beast.
The peerless self-importance of the class continued in the burlesque house-setting of the caucus chamber, with some of the prideful rubes still sporting their campaign paraphernalia as if this was Animal House awaiting the toga moment. The pay-off for Boehner arrived when it was time to vote by secret ballot on the leadership for the 112th Congress. The froshers settled down dutifully and, without any doubts or even questions as to why there was only one name on the ballot for each leadership position, they voted for the men and women who had twice approved the Bush administration's TARP heresy in 2008 that began the long fall of the country into bailout nationhood.

"The Tea Party kept the TARP leaders in power," scoffed an unhappy veteran Republican. "The revolution was over the first day."


Does the Tea Party class know that the earmark-ban game is already over? Does the Tea Party class understand that it is in Washington to placate Washington while it runs for re-election without a wave behind it?

"They act like they're the first people to get elected," measured a Republican veteran after several days of giddy freshmen enthusiasm. "They elected Boehner, who wept on opening day. Where are the adults?"
Prideful rubes, sho' nuff. Self-righteous pricks, if we may add.

Booze & The First Amendment

From the "What the hell?" file:
Since 2002, 14 states have joined the list of states allowing Sunday sales of distilled spirits, bringing the total to 36, says Lisa Hawkins of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.
Meaning that 14 states still violate America's rights every Sunday. Goddam Puritan assholes. What about our FREEDOMS? Boozer liberation now!

Results Of The Digital Telebision Revolution

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adrian Adonis Beefs Up

Gorilla Monsoon (One of the top five fake names ever.) & future Minn. Gov./then-&-now loon Jesse "The Body" Ventura discuss weight issues while announcing a match between Adrian Adonis (Who would die, allegedly at the hooves of a Canadian moose, almost three yrs. after this bout.) & Leapin' Lanny Poffo, bro to both Macho Man Randy Savage & Mike Savage, who sang lead for Pygmy Love Circus.

Isn't "Punk" Rock Redundant?

If we were to be anywhere tomorrow afternoon other than safely inside listening to the patter of the rain on the metal awnings, Chinese water torture style, it would absolutely be here.
Destroy All Hot Dogs!!! - The Liquid Kitty Punk Rock BBQ is rolling out a special Fall Edition Sunday afternoon. No cover, free hot dogs, $2 PBR’s, and an awesome lineup (The ExxtrasFatso Jetson, The Black Widows, Lawndale, Mike Watt & The Missingmen, and Legal Weapon) should be plenty incentive to get you to the Westside. The doors open at 1, and we recommend that you get there early to see all the bands.
Waitaminnit, did we just read free hot dogs? This may call for a change in plans. (That is an "awesome" line-up, in the sense that we've heard of some of them. Legal Weapon? Where've they been for the last 25 yrs.? We will testify as to The Black Widows being more than tolerable.) But it's highly unlikely we'll show, free dogs or no, so here's the info.
2010 Liquid Kitty "PuNk RoCk" BbQ! -Fall Edition-
Sunday, November 21, 2010 1:30 PM - 7:30 PM
11780 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064 21 and over.

Turtle-Man To Chicken Boy

Chicken B., O.G.-style. Found here.
Courtesy of Amy Inouye
Chicken Boy on Broadway before it was moved away in 1984.
The team that saved Chicken Boy will be honored with a 2010 Governor’s Historic Preservation award, joining other projects that contribute "historic preservation endeavors” throughout the State of California.

That’s a long way from 1984 when Amy Inouye first rescued the 22-foot fiberglass man-chicken holding a bucket over Broadway between 4th and 5th. Chicken Boy was kept in storage until 2007, when Inouye had it placed on her Highland Park studio.

“I refer to this as an art installation,” says Inouye. “It is also tied in to Historic Route 66 and roadside Los Angeles.”

Another Dog Bites Turtle-Man Story

Surprise, surprise! Whiny losers whine, & more/worse.
Over the last few days, as Harris' lead has stayed around 30,000 votes, Steve Cooley's campaign has pulled out that old Republican standby, challenging the vote count.

Naturally, their deep concern is focused only on counties where Harris holds large leads. There, Cooley's campaign staff has begun attacking not only the credibility of the process, but also the professionals overseeing the process. And their narrative has actually taken hold, with stories in the Wall Street Journal and some local papers.

The real story is that their candidate is losing. But all too often, Republicans see reality as negotiable.
We're thinking the typists (Two guys to crank it out? Really?) are already being very kind to assert that Republicans can perceive reality, let alone negotiate it.
But all this exertion by the Cooley campaign is actually a good omen for Kamala Harris. Clearly Cooley's people are setting up the troubled vote count narrative for a reason: they believe they've lost. Why else try to discredit the process, unless they think it's pointing to an unfavorable outcome for their side? If it were otherwise, we can assume they would be going out of their way to praise the wisdom of the people and the miracle of democracy in action.

The Cooley campaign has received a lot of money from trickster grandee Karl Rove. We can well imagine the kind of mentoring he might throw in with it.

Luckily, the Harris Campaign appears to have been prepared for these attacks and has fought back. Meanwhile, we agree with the Fresno Bee. Although that paper endorsed Cooley, its editorial yesterday was headed "Cooley should cool it on vote count in race for AG's seat", and concludes, "Candidates have the right to monitor the count, but not interfere. Let county voting officials do their job."
Completists may check w/ the Sec. for what remains to be counted & where.

And if you were unaware, know now that Steve Cooley is one of the many Republican turtle-men bred (Possibly by an evil scientist.)  for just this sort of thing.
Untitled (Chinless w/ saggy jowls)

Late Night Telebision

Go ahead, post silly "music" videos.In comments, it is suggested that Der Bingle's rug was in peril.

And revisit the news from the Iron Range waaaay back in 1973.Bigger market, six yrs. later.

GROUP W (As In Westinghouse)

An exercise in Security Theater from the Nixon Era.

Slut-Shaming From MC Mona C.

Mona Charen thinks/types that Sarah Palin should take over for Oprah & get off the overtly political stage. We're more fascinated by the apparent non-stop shameless vulgarity of Dancing W/ The Stars, which we have so far managed to miss, other than hearing about Tom "The Hammer" Delay's turn thereon, & the stress fractures in his feet or whatever the excuse for his early departure was. And the Cuban heels. But this is not about us, it's all about Mona.
Speaking of television, sorry, this must be mentioned. Have you watched "Dancing With the Stars"? Cheesy would be several steps up for this one. Perhaps the former governor should not be blamed for the decisions of her adult daughter. Yet there in the audience we see Sarah and Todd Palin, mugging for the camera and cheering on their unwed-mother daughter as she bumps and grinds to the tune of "Mamma Told Me (Not to Come)." Her parents had advised her, the 20-year-old Bristol told an interviewer, that she had to stay "in character" if she expected to win. Being "in character" apparently meant descending to the vulgarity that "DWTS" peddles on a weekly basis. The momma grizzly was apparently unfazed by -- or, equally disturbing, unaware of -- the indignity. And this is supposed to be a conservative culture warrior?
If you're the sort of person who asks things like "Who the hell is Mona Charen?" she is "a staunch advocate of the United States and Israel." It says so right here, where we also located a photo of the staunch advocate.
WRITE ON! Breindel winner Mona Charen is flanked yesterday by Fox News Channel President Roger Ailes (left) and News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch.
Not vulgar at all, those two gentlemen. Fucking pair of princes, actually.