Friday, November 27, 2020

Eat My Fuck, Earthlings!

I've had just about enough of this crap. Fuck you in the mouth, Twitlers!
You've made a big mistake, & no jury will convict me. Scared? Call the police, weaklings.

Friday, Black

An odd juxtaposition to put us in the consumption mood.[Scheduled 15/II/2020. How'd that election turn out? — M.B.]

[15/III/2020 (Guess I should check in every ides, while I'm still breathing): Election hell, how'd that plague thing work out? — M.B.]

Twinkie® Murders, Ford Made Veep

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Ha Ha, Fuck You Kentucky Coffee Shop

Joseph Choi / The Hill:
That's how to do it. Eff these people. Cancel them, if you will.

Take Him Out Back & Shoot Him. Twice.

New York Tims:
Stock Trades by Senator Perdue Said to Have Prompted Justice Dept. Inquiry  —  Investigators focused on a sale of at least $1 million of stock in Cardlytics, a financial firm whose board the senator once sat on.  They closed the case this summer without charges.


Associated Press:
With US in COVID-19 panic, Sen. Perdue saw stock opportunity  —  WASHINGTON (AP) — As the ravages of the novel coronavirus forced millions of people out of work, shuttered businesses and shrank the value of retirement accounts, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged to a three-year low.  



Sam Brodey / The Daily Beast:Sen. Perdue Insisted He Had No Input At All On Stock Buys.  New Evidence Shows He Did.  —  A new report shows the Senator reaching out directly to his investment advisor at Goldman Sachs directing him to make a massive stock sale.  —  Earlier this year, Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) …Matthew Chapman / Raw Story:   New evidence shows GOP's David Perdue might have lied about his knowledge of stock trades: reportPema Levy / Mother Jones:   Perdue and Loeffler's Well-Timed Stock Trades Give Georgia Democrats an Opening

Fuck You & Your Stupid Bars, Restaurants & Night Clubs

I hope every last gawddamn enterepeneur in this disease-plagued nation of brain-dead morons ends up on the streets, starving. Fucking overpriced "hospitality" shitholes deserve to go out of business, especially w/ the way the bosses treat the employees. Fuck you all in your mouths, you money-grubbing disease-spreading sacks of sub-human garbage. I'm more than ready to shoot anyone simply for not correctly wearing a facial covering; restaurants that re-open are just begging for arson, & I'm just the pyro to do it. Listen to this whiny bitch:
On Wednesday, standing in front of his restaurant, The Abbey owner David Cooley fought back tears as he looked ahead, fearing the three-week dining ban could stretch into New Year’s Day, which “will probably put me out of business.” Cooley said he closed his business early in the pandemic but was able to reopen after making substantial investments in safety measures. 

“We learned more about the virus and how to operate our business safely without contributing to its spread,” he said. “As the state and county constantly changed the safety protocols and regulations, we adopted to every one of them. And believe me it was extremely costly for small businesses to keep up with these guidelines.” 

But now, he said, “all that investment is wasted.” 

“These new closures place blame on the hospitality industry and small businesses …,” he said. “We are good operators who go beyond the minimum guidelines to make sure our guests and our staff are safe.”
Really? Are you & your exploited fucking staff all doctors or epidemiologists? If not, FUCK YOU & your whining fucking feelings too!! Cry some more bitch, then I'll give you something about which to cry. Like a broken jaw.

Facist supervisors Barger & Hahn can go fuck themselves too. What is the matter w/ these people, & why are they allowed to live?

Limeys Go Home, Kennedy Begins Eternal Dirt Nap, Reagan's Lying Bullshit Further Revealed

Sunday, November 22, 2020

You'll Be Dead For Xmas

We stole a couple of paragraphs from Off the Kuff's wknd. link dump:

“One of the things happening in South Dakota is an infection rate that’s among the worst in the nation, at about 8,000 cases per 100,000 people. In Vermont, another small, rural state with a Republican governor, Gov. Phil Scott has embraced safety measures, and the differences are pretty stark. Like South Dakota, Vermont has fewer than 1 million residents, most of whom don’t live in cities. It has about 500 cases per 100,000 people. That’s the lowest rate in the nation.”

“But COVID-19 works slowly. It takes several days for infected people to show symptoms, a dozen more for newly diagnosed cases to wend their way to hospitals, and even more for the sickest of patients to die. These lags mean that the pandemic’s near-term future is always set, baked in by the choices of the past. It means that Ricketts is already too late to stop whatever UNMC will face in the coming weeks (but not too late to spare the hospital further grief next month). It means that some of the people who get infected over Thanksgiving will struggle to enter packed hospitals by the middle of December, and be in the ground by Christmas.”

Happy Holidays, you rat bastards. SoDakGuv Kristi Noem cannot get The Trump Plague & die too soon for me. As well as the other seven billion of you. Sayonara, suckers!

It Happened Today: Political Murder