Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Submarine War

SAT 11 DEC 1943
Submarine Bonefish (SS-223) damages small Japanese cargo vessel Toyohime Maru, 04°03'N, 118°22'E.

German U-boats U-223, U-593 (see 13 December 1943) and U-73 (see 16 December 1943) attack convoy KMS 34 in the Mediterranean.

Strasbourg Slayings Start
Seasonal Celebrations!

Huddle in abject & pathetic fear in your mud-daubed straw huts, peasants: It's clear the sun is going away, & no amount of obligatory consumption & enforced merriment will make it come back!
Hope Santa has some grenades in his bag for me.

Leave Babylon

Gallup: More Than 750 Million Worldwide Would Migrate If They Could
No, really? As if this reporter wouldn't leave this entire putrid planet in a heartbeat.
WEB OF EVIL (& ENNUI): The web-log where the listener almost inevitably gets the original & the version.

Bloomberg 2020!

Might one infer that the entire Bloomberg "empire" is as rotten & corrupt as Trump's? Of course one might.
Charles V. Bagli / New York Times:
Former Bloomberg Executives to Be Charged in Construction Fraud Scheme
Starting to think the island of Manhattan & all its élite denizens should go the way of Atlantis. Glub glub glub, you greedy fucking pigs.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Audio Visual Amplification
For Previous Lesson

Apparently the podcast-consuming YouTube-viewing barely functional semi-literates in this world of shit, pain, rampant boredom & inertia don't like reading, as having to mouth every syllable strains their lips; who are we to question the will of the unwashed masses?While we're amplifying: Pence has to go too. He's no more legitimate than Trump. President Pelosi!!

Lock. Him. Up!
And Throw Away The Key!

Fuck some bullshit DoJ policy. No Nixon crap this time, either. I want Trump in prison for the rest of his hideous life.

75 Yrs. Ago Today In Seamanship

FRI 10 DEC 1943
Destroyer Sigourney (DD-643) is damaged by grounding, Solomons, 06°21'S, 155°10'E.

Child-Rape: 'Tain't Just The Mackerel-Snappers

Suffer the little children ...
For decades, women and children have faced rampant sexual abuse while worshiping at independent fundamental Baptist churches around the country. The network of churches and schools has often covered up the crimes and helped relocate the offenders, an eight-month Star-Telegram investigation has found.

More than 200 people — current or former church members, across generations — shared their stories of rape, assault, humiliation and fear in churches where male leadership cannot be questioned.