Saturday, July 20, 2024

Police Terror Situation

At Sycamore & Wilshire this p.m. Several prowl SUVs parked w/ lights blinking, couple oinkers standing on Wilshire, but the bus detoured (due to subway construction, not the police) & by the time I was able to get off & hump back to the scene of the whatever, there was no indication anything had happened.

Note also that Los Angeles has at least three colors to its sky.


Lunar Landing

Damn thing's still there, 55 yrs. later.

Friday, July 19, 2024

Palm & Moon

Good night, Moon, you bore me.

Shallowest Jackass In Town

Pantywaist Zuck thinks Trump is a "badass". I s'pose Hulk Hogan's convention appearance really gave him a boner. What is wrong w/ these fucks? Is the head of Facebook mentally & emotionally still a Harvard dweeb who likes pro wrestling & thinks posing is real? In this brave new world w/ such people in it, I can't fucking wait 'til I'm dead.
Zuckerberg Calls Trump's Response to Shooting ‘Badass’  —  Meta CEO doesn't endorse Trump or Biden for president  —  Mark Zuckerberg said that former President Donald Trump's immediate reaction after being shot was “badass” and inspiring, and helps explain his appeal to voters.
"Inspiring"? "Emotional"? Zuckerberg needs help. Apparently everyone around him is more interested in his money than his mental & emotional health. Of course, Zuck's such a stupid shit that's not terribly surprising. Like Trump, no one admires him for his mental acuity. Unlike Trump, he actually has (entirely too much) money.

The Table Turns, The Shoe Is On The Other Foot!

Death from above, Israel! How do you like that, gentrifying landlord scum?

Thursday, July 18, 2024

"Button-Down Mind" Unbuttoned

Prior to home video, The Bob Newhart Show was the original "must-see", appointment telebision. Had a VCR by the time Newhart started. 

No sitcom bee ess, per IMDb:

Newhart insisted there never be any children for his character to father in his television series. "I told the creators I didn't want any children, because I didn't want it to be a show about 'How stupid Daddy is, but we love him so much, let's get him out of the trouble he's gotten himself into.'" In the sixth year of Newhart's CBS sitcom, The Bob Newhart Show (1972), the writers wrote a script in which Emily Hartley was pregnant. When Newhart was asked his opinion of the script, he said, "It's very funny. Who are you going to get to play Bob?"

Newhart's inspirations: George Gobel & Bob & Ray. So much for amusing comedy: If they aren't dead they're too old to work.

Shut Your Festering Gobs

I've already heard more than enough.

"Whipped" Is Half A Word

A bit surprised the usual suspects aren't wallowing in woman-hatin' w/ the racism. (Racism extra funny/stupid because South Asian people are just as Aryan/Caucasian as any pale, horse-faced loser from Norway.) Their tune may change once they see who wears the pants in the "Vance" household:
Vance can’t be that extreme, after all—look at the diverse and highly educated woman he married. (He wore a bindi and a South Asian outfit for their 2014 wedding ceremony, which was officiated by a Hindu priest; during a speech Usha made Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention, she noted that the “meat and potatoes kind of guy” had adapted to her vegetarian diet and learned to cook Indian food for her mother.)
Jesus, what a woke panty-waist. (From behind the Daily Beast's fucking paywall, which doesn't stop even when the ad blocker is disabled so fuck you assholes, no link to your bullshit!) Although Mme. "Vance" seems to be a budding young fascist who saw which side her bread is buttered on.
Think JD will have the guts to deport her parents? No divorce, that's for sure.

Improving The Natural World

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

You're Next, Humanoids!

Your future as soon as the regulatory state is dismantled. See you in the boneyard, walking corpses.
While speaking to Bob Marshall on 10/22/88, Frank said that "the funny thing about [the title "Nine Types of Industrial Pollution"] is that at the time it was put on Uncle Meat, there was no such thing as a concern over industrial pollution. It hadn't even been brought up as a topic ... [I used the name as] a joke after driving through New Jersey."

On some early copies of the Uncle Meat LP (and apparently all of the 8-track copies), this song is called "400 Days of the Year" (which is a quote from Letter From Jeepers). Regardless of the title, it is the same track.

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Vance

Unlike large round object "J.D. Vance" (a/k/a James Donald Bowman a/k/a James David Hamel) this large round object has never shown us more than one face.
Obviously not a Republican.

Hypocrites & Parasites

Straight Outta Milwaukee, Day Three

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The Rent Is Too Damn High

Chickenshit Democrats don't go far enough; it is the firm position of this web-log that all the landlords must be executed & the rents cut by 75%. Talk about a boost to the economy; all that money will be burning a hole in the people's pockets!
Nine & a half mins. w/ version.

No Compromise

Another tune Frankie covered, & extensions:

Lunar Tues.

Musical inspiration spotted at Mustang Bobby's.

Personal Report From Many Yrs. Ago

Will the Seine be clean enough by the Olympics? Not even the experts know yet.

This reporter can tell you he witnessed Coney Island whitefish in the Seine in 1969 & '70.
Paris, like many old cities around the world, has a combined sewer system, which means that the city’s wastewater and stormwater flow through the same pipes. With heavy or prolonged periods of rain, the pipes’ capacity is reached, which means raw wastewater flows into the river instead of a treatment plant.
Did someone mention a world made of shit? And piss?

Sunset (Not The Blvd.)

Designed not to offend anyone, hurt any sensitive snowflake's fucking feelings, or set off one of Facebook's robots.

Monday, July 15, 2024

Monotone Monday Moon

I am trying to bore every one trapped in this world of shit & pain into the sweet release of death. Or is it sweet "relief"? Either way, avoid the rush & get out now before you're stuck here forever!

"Didn't Bother Me
'Cause I Was Still Alive"

This next romantic song is about our deep & abiding concern for each & every one of you, & your mothers.

Ugly, Wants To Die

Two Fat Slobs ...

... Both Of Them Complete Lying Phonies

People have been threatening to assassinate Donald Trump - Getty Images
Turn up the heat on these lying two-faced bullshit spewers, don't let them get away w/ anything & stop whining about unity & whatnot, you fucking losers. A failed assassination of a deeply unpopular piece of shit is no reason to lose your country to the neo-Nazis.

Remember how the right reacted to the hideous attack on Paul Pelosi? Should be exactly the same here. Think the shooter was Trump's jilted boyfriend? Or a male prostitute he didn't pay?

Nonetheless, remember the words of cracker Republican Mark Robinson: "Some folks need killin'."

And to coin a phrase, "Hang J.D. Vance!!"

The sooner you rotten bastards stop the pretending, admit you are a species of viciously violent apes & act on that basis by going after each others' throats the better. It's going to happen: Why wait?