Wednesday, October 27, 2021

When Do We Get To Use The Guns?

My patience is at an end; I can't fucking wait to start shooting back.
NB: Image taken about 40 yrs. ago. My aim has only improved since.

Just Another "Antifa" False Flag Crisis Actor, Or Something ...

Violent convicted felon thugs like this MAGA maggot live among you:
A 50-year-old felon facing charges of attacking two people at a “Stop the Steal” rally and counterprotest outside Santa Ana College last year is now charged with participating in attempts to breach the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection, according to court records obtained Wednesday.

Kim Michael Sorgente was named in a complaint Oct. 21 in federal court in Washington, D.C., charging him with civil disorder and being in a restricted building or grounds. The federal investigation began March 15, just two days before he was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon related to the Dec. 6 protest at 17th and Bristol streets in Santa Ana, according to court records.

Sorgente is charged with two felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon in the Santa Ana protest case. He is accused of attacking two people with a megaphone, according to the criminal complaint.


Sorgente was convicted of carjacking May 7, 1996, in San Bernardino County Superior Court, according to court records.


Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley released a statement Wednesday saying Sorgente is an “active anti-mask and anti-vaccine movement organizer in Orange County.”

Foley said he is a “dangerous individual,” who protested outside of her house when she was Costa Mesa mayor.

“He again joined others to protest at my home earlier this year and verbally harassed my family, interrupted my remarks at an event in Huntington Beach to remember the victims of the 9/11 tragedy, which required a police escort to my vehicle to safely leave the event, and most recently attempted to disrupt an event related to the oil spill” that was held in Laguna Beach, Foley said.

This seditious s.o.b. is an obvious danger to society. Lock him up & throw away the key.

Good Ol' Rape U. Whips It Out

Jesus Fucking Christ. They are who they tell us they are. Dare we suggest the torch?
“Liberty University’s new president, Jerry Prevo, told a top university official this year that he wanted the large Christian school to become a more effective political player with the goal of helping to influence elections,” Politico reports.

“The comments by Prevo, a Liberty trustee who took over as president following the resignation last year of Jerry Falwell Jr., raise new questions about the blurred line between education and politics at the university, which as a 501(c)(3) charity is not supposed to participate directly in political campaigns.”

Said Prevo: “I have a 50c3 church. For 30 years, I’ve known how to handle that and not get into trouble. The homosexual community has tried to take me down for at least 30 years, and they have not been successful because I know how to work the 50c3.”

Funny, we hear the rapist community has been backing you for at least 30 yrs.

Round-Up Cont'd.

Don't try to understand 'em
Just rope and throw and brand 'em
Soon we'll be living high and wide.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Real World Horror For Hallowe'en

Witches Sabbath of intellectual scum to convene on Hallowe'en:
Today, the conservative intellectuals who first came together in defense of Trumpism and under the banner of National Conservatism are preparing the ideological terrain for a post-liberal America. Not to take them seriously betrays a historical naïveté and a fetishization of the intellect—as if intelligence has never walked alongside moral and political horror—as well as a dreadful overconfidence in the immediate appeal of the liberal democratic worldview.
Laura Field / New Republic:
Pro-Trump Professors Are Plotting an Authoritarian Comeback  —  On Halloween, the second National Conservatism conference, or NatCon II, will kick off in Orlando, Florida.  It is hard to know quite what to make of the lineup for the three-day fest, which boasts a few household names …
Adam Ellwanger / The American Mind:   Preparing the Way Ahead  — In the summer of 2019, just a few months before the onset of the pandemic, a few dozen right-leaning intellectuals met in Washington, D.C. They came together because they shared a feeling that America was at a dangerous impasse—one in which liberal ideology, approaching its sociocultural endgame, threatened to destroy the traditions and conceptual foundations of western democracies. This conference, dubbed “National Conservatism,” made news across the world. Organized by the Edmund Burke Foundation, the conference is now viewed by some as the beginning of the intellectual effort to galvanize a new coalition of political tribes that might be equipped to resist the looming threats to western life—both at home and abroad.
Whoa there, cowpoke. Who exactly is threatening "to destroy the traditions and conceptual foundations of western democracies"? Sissy liberals? Or the kind of shitheel who wants "western democracy" to mean oligarchy, rule by the elites, a limited franchise & so on? These vast intellects are living in Bizarro World, & the AT&T/Warner Bros./DC Comics industrial complex should evict them directly to lunatic asylums.

Why "western" democracies? Perhaps western ones are special simply because they're, you know, "western", which, I must suspect, means "whiteEuropean" to Ellwanger. Not unlike current white Xian paradise Hungary.

Second In A Series

Should be here. Get over there now or I'll crawl through the bleeding iNternet & slap you sillier than you already are. 

Or not; really, why arse myself?

The Thrashing Tornadoes

Monday, October 25, 2021

Manatee Morbidity Report

Are the shelves empty in Manatee-land? Nope, it's damn dirty apes filthying the water again.

Monday At The Mall

It's the telebision news.Swimming in denial:It just happened right there in Boise, lady. These are the United States of America, not some loser country where disputes are peacefully resolved by demasculated wimps.

Whoa ...

... showed early.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Day Before The Riot

Other results for the title.

And man oh Manischewitz,
Marge was projecting like one of her Rothschild space-lasers, wasn't she?"Self-absorbed"? How delusional about oneself can one be?

And she's worried about people "rotting in jail"? Oh, not poor people & people of color convicted of trumped-up charges filed under bullshit laws, just her insurrectionist pals? Silly me.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

And Now, A Better Reason To

Shouldn't this ambulatory piece of furniture & his "Mother" been "canceled" some time ago?
Tom LoBianco / Vanity Fair:
“He's Making Real Money for the First Time in His Life”: Mike Pence Is Already Cashing In on His Potential 2024 Run  —  The former veep and his wife are living their best lives: traveling widely, making bank on the speaking circuit, and residing in one of Indiana's toniest suburbs.
Just as their hero Jesus lived. Modest, cloth-coat Republicans. Hah! Not hard to imagine "Mother" asking, "Miiiike, why don't we ever have any money?" over & over, is it?And who is fool enough to pay a legalized bribe to any one-term Vice-President, let alone a bribe that involves listening to such a world-renowned dullard & stiff? People hedging their bets on the possibility Trump will be mouldering in his grave/prison by 2024? (S'pose he could run from prison. Electing a convicted seditionist & tax-evading crook really would own the libs, wouldn't it? "Vote The Crook In!" would be quite a switcheroo.)

Lock Him Up, String Him Up!

Off w/ his head!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Can't Get A Job, Can't Get A Job

The bosses are lying again.
  • Businesses across the US say they are struggling to find employees, especially for hourly work.
  • Joey Holz decided to test their claims, submitting two applications a day in September.
  • Holz got one interview, and his summary of the experiment went viral on multiple platforms.
Joey Holz recalled first hearing complaints about a labor shortage last year when he called to donate convalescent plasma at a clinic near Fort Myers, Florida.

"The guy went on this rant about how he can't find help and he can't keep anybody in his medical facility because they all quit over the stimulus checks," Holz told Insider. "And I'm like, 'Your medical professionals quit over $1,200 checks? That's weird.'"


Holz isn't alone. Others have also spoken out about their troubles finding work, despite the seemingly tight labor market.

In a Facebook post on September 29, which went viral on Twitter and Reddit as well, Holz said, "58 applications says y'all aren't desperate for workers, you just miss your slaves."

It is the firm editorial position of this web-log that all bosses should have their lying tongues cut from their lying mouths. Let's see the useless pricks give orders w/o tongues.

Monday, October 18, 2021

How Many Strangers Did Typhoid Prager Murder W/ His Hugging?

Justin Rohrlich / The Daily Beast:
Dennis Prager Announces He Has COVID After Hugging ‘Thousands’ to Get It  —  The right-wing personality offered dangerous advice to his audience about achieving natural immunity, which can kill a person in the process.  —  Right-wing personality and talk radio host Dennis Prager, who once “proved” COVID was nothing to worry about by describing his habit of eating with dirty utensils in restaurants, has now contracted COVID.

But, this wasn’t a bad thing, Prager insisted. In fact, getting sick with the virus was his plan all along, he announced Monday during his show, which streams daily on YouTube.

“It is infinitely preferable to have natural immunity than vaccine immunity and that is what I have hoped for the entire time,” Prager told listeners from his home, where he is quarantining. “Hence... I have engaged with strangers, constantly hugging them, taking photos with them knowing that I was making myself very susceptible to getting COVID… [It is] what I wanted, in the hope I would achieve natural immunity and be taken care of by therapeutics. That is exactly what has happened.”
Hey Carlos Garcia, turn green & die, O.K.?

Audio Visual Study Guide

Eat shit you tiresome fools.

Life & Death In The Southland:
If It Bleeds ...

You people are sick. Sick sick sick!!!
Spotted while checking this out:
Dozens of parents, teachers and some children took part in a series of protests outside various Southland school campuses as part of a statewide “sit-out” or “walk-out” effort to denounce a mandate requiring all K-12 students in California to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Outside Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, protesters marched along the sidewalk outside the school, carrying signs reading “My Body, My Choice,” “Our kids are not lab rats” and “Stop the mandate LAUSD.” A young student held a sign saying “Don’t kick me out of my school.”

Key word? DOZENS. Dozens & dozens. In a county estimated to have 9,969,510 humanoids. Dozens, do you hear me? DOZENS!!

Stop Pretending!!

Shut your whining mouths about losing your alleged democracy & your anti-democratic Constitution. No nation w/ a Senate, a filibuster & an Electoral College has any claim to being a democracy, or even a democratic republic, yet none of you idiots noticed until about a yr. ago? Anyone w/ even a vague comprehension of what words mean knew this long ago, & the election of 2000 should have made it frighteningly clear to anyone whose head wasn't permanently lodged in their ass. Which, of course, lets most of the planet out. 

Few gave a shit then, & for all the yakking no one's doing a damn thing now. Lying hypocrites & chicken-shit assholes, every one. Except those who are so bestially stupid & ignorant they can't handle enough information to be hypocrites.

Indeed, is there another nation on the face of this planet that has an Electoral College or a filibuster? What is this bullshit? Stop it, you fucking cretins!!!

Speaking Ill Of The Dead:
Fuck Colin Powell

Usually when a piece of shit dies they've been off the radar for a while & we weren't piling on them. So when they hit the news again, it's only right to remind the ignorant masses of what pieces of shit the dead were while alive. 

We mean you, war-mongering & My Lai massacre-covering-up corpse Colin Powell.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

How The Automobile, Fossil Fuel & Prohibition Fueled Fascism

More on why everything sucks.
Traffic stops are by far the most common reason that police officers initiate contact with members of the public; they account for 84 percent of encounters, according to data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. In fact, before cars, ordinary citizens rarely came in contact with law enforcement. As we rebuilt cities around the automobile, historians contend, drivers came to expect to be policed. And communities of color have paid the highest price.


... a new threat was emerging on American streets. America’s first drivers––overwhelmingly well-to-do white men––were wreaking havoc, refusing to slow down for horses or pedestrians. Ordinary citizens were endangering one another’s lives, and police time was more and more pulled to the roadside.

“Cars profoundly altered the relationship between citizens and the police,” the legal historian Sarah Seo wrote in her 2019 book, Policing the Open Road. “Because so many people drove, a vast and mostly ‘law-abiding’ population suddenly became subject to policing.”

City governments, once reluctant to invest in law enforcement, changed course as cars were widely adopted in the 1910s. Suddenly, Vollmer’s dream of an entirely “motor-mounted” force no longer felt far-fetched. In 1925, traffic violations entered the criminal code. Fines and citations soon buttressed department budgets––funding more police on the ground, with more guns, and more cars to police other cars.

In 1925’s Carroll v. United States, the Supreme Court ruled that the police could search automobiles—unlike homes and offices––without a warrant. This Prohibition-era “vehicle exception,” passed to counter an uptick in alcohol smuggling, gouged a hole in citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights. Suddenly, law enforcement had unprecedented entry into our private lives––all an officer needed was a missing license plate or a broken taillight.

Thus was born the pretextual stop.

Read it all, then go out & at least let the air out of someone's tires. Y'know, today's plasticmobiles burn pretty easily too. Hints.

Saturday Stab From The Past

They called it "dragging the gut" in 1971 too.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Freak Out Two: East Side Music

From the pages of L.A. TACO, local music action, past & present.

Friday Freak Out:
"Scab Of A Nation, Driven Insane"

A line we like so much we stole it from the Mothers, & even more terribly applicable to the present state of the union nation than when ol' F.Z. was unnerved by events of '67, what w/ school board meetings packed w/ threatening loons, medical & educational personnel being physically attacked, the edifice of alleged democracy about to be legalistically & extra-Constitutionally destroyed in the statehouses & the whole shithouse about to go up in flames, to coin another phrase*.


Lying Bag Of Crap Of The Day:
Sex Crime Enabler Jim "No Jacket" Jordan

Everything any of these people say is an absolute lie. Fuck you in your lying mouth, you sack of shit.
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) tweets: “Christmas presents were never late when President Trump was in charge.”

Headline from January 2021: “A month after the holidays, some people are still getting Christmas packages in the mail.”

[Political Wire]

Friday Fogger Fun Facts

Stuff that seems to have worked in the natural world Forever War, fingers crossed:
Saw no dead bedbugs, but there was a dead roach in the bathroom sink post-fogging. Have not seen or felt any chinches de cama since, however.

Didn't seem to work:
Granted, only for use on mattress seams, bedframes & the walls. Gave it one try, then went to the HOT SHOT®.

When the little bastards visited eight or nine yrs. ago the landlord sent Stanley Pest Control, which sent two people; one w/ a full-on gas mask & a hand-pumped spray tank, & an "inspector", who had to spot a live bug before authorizing spraying. So a good deal that something not requiring authorization & available at Target® worked, & I didn't have to deal w/ that other parasite, the landlord.

And I have two cans I may not need that might be used for other purposes.
Just sayin' ...

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Truck Drivin' Thursday

Apparently these guys are in short supply, the truck driving schools having closed during the worst of the plague.
Per an NHK tourism program on cute Japanese railroads, there was a shortage of truckers in Nippon even pre-plague, due to the population aging, which has led Japan Rail to run more freight trains.

I think you know what to do, if you want the children to have an Xmas.Huggy Boy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Bay Area Blues

A new Joint Venture Silicon Valley poll finds that 55% of the residents living in the San Francisco Bay Area say they are considering moving out of the area permanently.

Of those who were likely to leave, 84% cited the cost of living as a major reason and 62% cited the quality of life.

Gee, I'd guess that if the Bay Area were to lose over half its population it'd once again be the wonderful place it was before all the whiny out-of-state carpetbaggers invaded in search of tech fortunes. Fuck you, whichever stupid generation you interloping bastards are part of.

And wherever you decide to go, don't any of you sick San Francisco fucks even think of moving south. We're full. Try Idaho, aggrieved honkies. See how you like shit there, quitters.


Centenary Non-Celebration

If my mother hadn't been dead as a fucking door nail since February 2007 she would have hit 100 today. What's important about that is how old it makes me feel.

Wednesday's Child Is Full Of ...

This reporter doesn't actually care one way or the other, & should probably hope nothing untoward happens, not that it makes any difference, but what better way for 90-yr. old Canadian ham in a can to go than like a Roman candle? Flame crash & burn, baby!