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Testing, Testing, One Two ...

Thursday, July 9, 2020

475 B-29s Firebomb Cities

MON 9 JUL 1945
USAAF B-29s (475 strong) firebomb Sendai, Sakai, Gifu, and Wakayama, concluding the raid early the following morning; 61 B-29s bomb the oil refinery at Yokkaichi.

Phase V of Operation STARVATION, aimed at the total blockade of the Japanese home islands, begins as 30 USAAF B-29s mine Shimonoseki Straits and the waters off Niigata and Nanao. Mines sink cargo ship Nippu Maru outside Wakamatsu harbor, damage cargo ship Kamishima Maru off Wakamatsu, and damage army cargo ship Gakujo Maru at 33°57'N, 130°43'E, merchant cargo ships Shinto Maru outside Wakamatsu harbor, and Sanzen Maru, five kilometers southeast of Genkai Jima light, and merchant tanker Mitsu Maru in Kobe harbor.

Motor minesweeper YMS-84 is sunk by mine off Balikpapan, Borneo, 01°19'S, 116°48'E.

Submarine Bluefish (SS-222) sinks Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 50 off east coast of Malaya, 02°13'N, 105°03'E.

Japanese gunboat Choun Maru is damaged by aircraft, 36°13'N, 140°42'E.

Japanese merchant tanker Tenwa Maru is damaged by marine casualty in Kobe harbor, Japan.



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Snap Shot

The Latest

"Submarine Cod rescues officers and men of Dutch submarine O 19"

SUN 8 JUL 1945
Submarine Cod rescues officers and men of Dutch submarine O 19 that had been stranded on Ladd Reef, in South China Sea, 300 miles northwest of Brunei Bay. O 19 is then scuttled by torpedoes and gunfire.

Submarine Sea Robin (SS-407) sinks Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 85 off Quelpart Island 33°50'N, 126°42'E.

Submarine Tirante (SS-420) sinks Japanese merchant passenger/cargo ship Saitsu Maru near Dairen, Korea, 38°48'N, 121°25'E.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Mikunisan Maru is sunk by aircraft at mouth of Mokpo harbor, Korea.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Sumera Maru is damaged by aircraft near Sakitozaki.

Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.95 is damaged by mine inside Yokosuka harbor.

Japanese army cargo ship Tensho Maru and merchant cargo ship Koshin Maru are damaged by collision at 40°14'N, 131°42'E.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Road To Potsdam

SAT 7 JUL 1945
President Truman, Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, and Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy embark in heavy cruiser Augusta (CA-31) for Antwerp, Belgium, on the first leg of their trip that will ultimately take them to Potsdam.

Submarine Trepang (SS-412) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship No.2 Koun Maru, 42°21'N, 141°28'E.

Mines sink Japanese merchant cargo ships Meizan Maru at mouth of Mokpo harbor, and Nachizan Maru in Kammon Strait, and damage merchant tanker No.10 Kinyu Maru, Osaka harbor, and cargo ships Tairi Maru off Hime Jima, and Taiju Maru and No.5 Tokai Maru (location unspecified).

Monday, July 6, 2020

Mines, Marine Casualty

FRI 6 JUL 1945
Mines sink Japanese merchant cable ship Toyo Maru, 73 miles northeast of Tobigasuhana, merchant cargo ship Shori Maru off Ogushi, and merchant cargo ships No.5 Tokai Maru off Mutsure Light, 33°59'N, 130°52'E, and Shinei Maru near Shimonoseki, 33°54'N, 131°01'E; and damage auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 153 off Niigata harbor; army cargo ships Ujina Maru, 120 meters north of Niigata light, and Nissho Maru, at mouth of Senzaki Bay*, and merchant cargo ship Sakaki Maru, 3.1 kilometers south of Motoyama light.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Mitsuminesan Maru is damaged by marine casualty near Chinhae, Korea.
*Japanese Monograph No. 116 lists two army vessels (unspecified as to type) identified only by number (No. 94 and No. 1491) that are damaged by aircraft off Quelpart Island.

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Lizardfish & Puffer Bombard Bali

THU 5 JUL 1945
General of the Army Douglas MacArthur announces the liberation of the Philippines.

TF 39 (Rear Admiral Alexander Sharp) composed of 7 light minelayers (DM), 52 minesweepers (AM), 6 high speed minesweepers (DMS), 49 motor minesweepers (YMS) and 7 netlayers, begins minesweeping operations in the East China Sea.

Destroyer Smith (DD-378) is accidentally damaged by depth charge off Balikpapan, Borneo, 01°00'S, 117°00'E.

Submarine Barb (SS-220) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship No.11 Sapporo Maru outside Odomari harbor, southwest of Sakhalin, 46°04'N, 142°14'E.

Submarines Lizardfish (SS-373) and Puffer (SS-268) bombard Japanese port facilities and shipping at Chelukan Buwang, on north coast of Bali; Lizardfish sinks auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 37 and No.153 Shuttle Vessel, in addition to barges and landing craft, 08°10'S, 114°50'E. Fires started by the shelling destroys small cargo vessel Hino Maru. Puffer destroys cargo vessels Heiyo Maru and Nihon Maru in Bulelong Roads, 08°04'S, 115°05'E.

Mines sink Japanese transport Toyokawa Maru near Mutsure Jima, 33°56'N, 130°53'E, and merchant tanker No.1 Tosei Maru, 1.7 kilometers off Niigata harbor, and damage merchant cargo ships Miurasan Maru at 34°47'N, 128°49'E, Enho Maru at 33°29'N, 130°15'E, and Take Maru near Moji, Japan.

Japanese landing ship T.147 is damaged by aircraft off Hachijo Jima.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Awa Maru is damaged by aircraft, 20 miles off Katsuura light.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Hirano Maru is damaged by aircraft, 41°11'N, 140°04'E.

USAAF planes sink Japanese cargo vessel Tone Maru at 03°20'S, 114°35'E.

Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.95 is damaged by marine casualty, Tsurumi harbor.