Friday, July 30, 2021

Friday Freak-Out

Pressed ham & warthog.

Chorus To Lyrics I Wrote In The 1980s

Black plague on your mother
Black plague on your brother
Black plague on all other
All other scum like you!
Took its sweet time to happen.

Americans Are Morons

Fucking dipshit. Did you believe the hype from the tourist board?

Meanwhile, South Of The Equator ...

It's cold in Brazil, & the homeless are suffering & dying.

Black Tom Island Blows Up, Indianapolis Sinks, Medicare & Medicaid Signed, Hoffa Disappears

Thursday, July 29, 2021

It's As If Someone Manufactured A Disease That Only Kills Cretins

The fantasy of every thinking person for some time; nature has at last taken matters in hand.
Ravages of COVID surge evident inside Missouri hospital  —  OSAGE BEACH, Mo. (AP) — Daryl Barker was passionately against a COVID-19 vaccination, and so were his relatives.  Then 10 of them got sick and Barker, at just 31, ended up in a Missouri intensive care unit fighting for his life.
Warms the cockles of my heart. See you all in hell.

Welcome To The Streets, Losers!

Urban Camping

Once again, the proverbial least among us can just go fuck themselves.
Another one about suffering under the oppression of assholes.
Fuck every one of you heartless rat bastards.

Junior Birdman Update

Catherina Gioino / The US Sun:
LAX ‘Jet Pack guy’ spotted AGAIN flying 15 miles from Los Angeles airport at 5,000 feet as FAA and FBI investigates  —  A MAN on a possible jet pack was spotted flying 15 miles from Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday - nearly a year since a spate of previous sightings sparked panic.
Haley Yamada / ABC News:
I don't get the hysteria. Isn't this a free country? Are there now laws forbidding us from flyng freely like the birds? 

And why isn't this an Olympic event? Can't get any faster or higher.

Buddy Guy Reflects

Mussolini Born, Van Gogh Checks Out, N.A.S.A. Created, Stupid Royal Wedding

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

A Couple Of Nazis Sit Around Talking

The intellectual right contemplates an 'American Caesar'

Jan. 6 was a badly planned rehearsal for the real deal

The indisputable fact is that a leading and long-standing conservative institute in the United States hosts a podcast by someone who served as a senior official in the presidential administration of a man who may run again for the nation's highest office in a few years. And on an episode of that podcast, this former official and his invited guest genially rehearsed arguments about why a future president would be justified in turning himself into a tyrant, and how he could set about accomplishing this task.

Which means that on the starboard side of American politics, the Overton window has now shifted far beyond the boundaries of democratic self-government to a place broadly coterminous with fascism.

Do read it all (Would've at least linked even w/o the title & tune match.) it's paranoia leading to an amusingly pathetic sci-fi fantasy. Or is it?
The trick, for Yarvin [A/K/A/ "Mencius Moldbug" — Editor], is for the would-be American Caesar to exercise emergency powers from day one. How? Caesar should run for president promising to do precisely this, and then announce the national emergency in his inaugural address, encouraging every state government to do the same. Taking advantages of "ambiguities" in the Constitution, he will immediately act to federalize the national guard around the country and welcome backup from sympathetic members of the police (who will wear armbands to signal their support for Caesar).

When federal agencies refuse to go along, Yarvin suggests, Caesar (whom he now begins referring to as "Trump") will use a "Trump app" to communicate directly with his 80 million supporters on their smart phones, using notifications to tell them that "this agency isn't following my instructions," which will prompt them to rally at the proper building, with the crowd "steered around by a joystick by Trump himself," forming a "human barricade around every federal building, supporting Trump's lawful authority." Where maybe 20,000 people stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, millions responding to the Trump app would be much more effective — a modern-day version of the paramilitary groups that ensured Lincoln's safety during the hard-fought, dangerous 1860 campaign for president that preceded the Civil War (and the president's subsequent suspension of habeas corpus and shuttering of hundreds of newspapers).

Mob rule nothing. Slob rule. By app. Can't wait.

American Scene

WWI Underway, Bonus Army Dispersed, B-25 Hits E.S.B. In Thick Fog

Sunday, July 25, 2021


Over two hrs. in the outside world of pollution & garbage & all we got was this not very exciting image & some food.

Dimbulb Of The Day

Fuck you, megachurch moron. Why didn't sweet baby Jesus help your sorry loser ass?
LA man who mocked Covid-19 vaccines dies of virus  —  A California man who mocked Covid-19 vaccines on social media has died after a month-long battle with the virus.  —  Stephen Harmon, a member of the Hillsong megachurch, had been a vocal opponent of vaccines, making a series of jokes about not having the vaccine.
Another one bites the dust. Ha fucking ha.

Andrea Doria Starts Sinking, Concorde Crashes, War Crimes Tribunal

UPDATE: Mladić & Karadžić both finally got theirs, & are imprisoned for life. Much too late. People like that who, due to their advanced age, won't do 30-40 yrs. in stir shouldn't just be deprived of their liberty; they should be tortured w/in a centimeter of their filthy murdering lives as well. I'll volunteer the second the U.N. wises up.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

You've Made Your Bed So Now Lie In It

You've Made Your Bed So Now Die In It

Maine Lawmaker Who Opposed Coronavirus Restrictions Reportedly Has COVID-19

[maine public]

‘I’m at Breaking Point’: Radio Host Who Regrets Mocking Vaccines Is ‘Fighting for His Life’

[Daily Bleat]

Fitting double play from the Flesh Eaters.

Son-Of-A-Bitch, Not Another Elite Eastern Law School Asshole Idiot!

Try to figure this circular illogic. Does Cotton just hate competent people doing their jobs?
Michael Luciano / Mediaite:
Tom Cotton Accuses ‘Public Health Bureaucrats’ of Doing ‘What They Think Is in the Interest of Public Health’  —  Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) has accused public health officials of looking after the interests of public health.  —  The shocking allegation was made on Friday's edition of America Reports …
As indicated in the item beneath, one can take the hicks & crackers out of the ungovernable tribal areas, but one can't take the mindless stupidity out of the hicks & crackers. Not even at Harvard Law & Yale Law, apparently. Probably the inbreeding.

Oh Christ, Not This Asshole Again!

Fuck you in the mouth w/ my fist, breeder scum.
Mary Kay Linge / New York Post:
GOP Senate candidate J.D. Vance blames ‘childless left’ for culture wars  —  Ohio Republican US Senate candidate J.D. Vance is taking aim at New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other leaders of the “childless left” for their lack of “physical commitment to the future of this country” …
Th' hell does any of this even mean? "You started the 'culture wars' by not getting knocked up in high school?" 
Sounds as if the party of forced birth will be coming for you.

Y'know, if fat boy there wants to make a “physical commitment to the future of this country”, he might try taking off 20-30 lbs. so he's not a burden to our health care system in the immediate future. Fucking pig.

Mormons Arrive In Utah, Nixon & Khrushchev's "Kitchen Debate"; 15 Yrs. Later, SCOTUS Effs The Nix.

Talk To Me

You'll notice this guy posted his "Don't melt the snowflakes" screed in the WaPo and Clownhall.
Gary Abernathy / Washington Post:
Stop insulting Trump voters and their concerns.  Talk to them.  —  When supporters of former president Donald Trump hear media pundits analyze them with the usual collection of belittling observations, they must be tempted to respond, “Hey, we're right here!  We can hear you!”
Missed the memeorandum cut: The Usual Gang of Idiots.

Body & Soul

Soul my ass. Fortune telling & other such bullshit were once illegal in Los Angeles.I blame liberals for decriminalizing this crap.