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Th' Hell's Wrong W/ People?

Actor Peter Dante has been sued by a man who alleges that Dante called him an “old Jew” and a sissy and chased him around a Santa Monica restaurant earlier this month.

Plaintiff Scott Burns’ Santa Monica Superior Court lawsuit alleges assault, defamation-slander and both intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Burns seeks $1.5 million in damages in the suit brought Thursday.

A representative for the 53-year-old “Grandma’s Boy” actor could not be immediately reached for comment.

On Jan. 3 at about 5:15 p.m., Burns went to Lares, a Mexican food restaurant on Pico Boulevard where he regularly dines, the suit states. Burns, who is elderly and has heart disease, entered through the back door due to management’s COVID-19 safety protocols and was directed to his table after his temperature was taken and he showed his vaccination card, the suit states.

Dante was “purposefully blocking” the area Burns needed to pass through and although the plaintiff excused himself, a visibly drunk Dante began “verbally assaulting” him, according to the suit.

Dante then began asking Burns invasive and personal questions in a menacing tone, and called the plaintiff’s answers “stupid,” the suit states.

“Plaintiff was humiliated in the small space in front of the staff whom he knows well and the other diners,” the suit states.

Dante, who allegedly ignored Burns’ requests to stop talking to him, called the plaintiff a “sissy” and asked if he was going to do anything about it, but Burns responded that he did not want to fight, according to the suit.

Dante made antisemitic remarks about Burns’ appearance, saying he was an “old Jew” with a “Jew nose,” the suit alleges.

Dante later approached Burns’ table and stood over the plaintiff in a threatening manner, leaving Burns feeling he was about to be attacked, the suit states. When Burns told a waiter he was leaving, Dante yelled, “See sissy running away,” according to the suit.

Dante chased Burns around a large table and the plaintiff was able to call the police, telling the operator to stay on the phone with him because he feared for his safety, the suit states.

The restaurant owner’s daughter approached and kept Dante away from Burns, then told the actor, “Pay your bill and get out. You’re out of here,” the suit states.

And in another "liberal coastal bastion":
Despicable video showed Christina Darling screaming at a group of children ‘Hitler should have killed you all’ and then spitting on them.
Nice Catholic girl, it appears.

Kill Your Fucking Landlord Before He Or She Kills You

Why are the mentally ill (Republicans) allowed to own property & guns?
A Connecticut government official gunned down her tenant this week over a rent payment dispute, police say.

Ellen Wink, 61, was arrested Thursday after she allegedly shot and killed a tenant in her building, 54-year-old Kurt Lametta. Police say it was Wink herself who called the police about the shooting at her Norwalk building, where they arrived to find Lametta suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Wink—a local landlord and the city’s deputy Republican registrar of voters—allegedly copped to the shooting, telling them that Lametta was chronically behind on his rent, according to documents obtained by local news station ABC7,

“He’s been my tenant and [expletive] driving me nuts,” she said, according to the court documents.

Wink’s boyfriend was at one of her properties nearby and heard the gunshots, according to court documents obtained by The Hour. He told police she was “afraid” of Lametta, and that she shot him because he “got in her face or something.”

A friend of Lametta’s, Joey DiMeglio, told News12 he believed the dispute was over an eviction. “He wasn’t leaving, she wanted him out of there and this is the end result," he said. (The police report says Wink was attempting to sell the building.)

Wink was previously arrested for locking Lametta out of the house, and allegedly told police that she had also stolen his belongings and taken them to the dump. She has been charged with murder and is being held on a $1 million bond. Wink’s attorney did not immediately respond to a call seeking comment.

In addition to serving as an election administrator, Wink previously served as the city clerk and also mounted a bid for state representative, according to the Hartford Current. She owns five properties in town, according to local news station News12.

Wink has posted multiple pro-police messages on Facebook in the past, including one she shared just one day before the shooting, which reads: “The current cry is hold police accountable. I truly believe police would do a far better job if COURTS would hold CRIMINALS accountable.”

Let's hope this violent criminal is held accountable. Do note the justifications of the killer & the piece of shit that has
S-E-X w/ her: “He’s been my tenant and [expletive] driving me nuts,” & "she shot him because he 'got in her face or something.'” Well then. As long as it's not committed by a policeman or an aristocrat, right?

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Bouffant To Earthlings

Cheap Shot

Plague News

Blather to which one needn't listen, but an excuse to mention me, Me, ME & my suffering.48+ hrs. post-injection the muscle (the deltoid, I'm guessing) is less painful when extended, & the meat isn't as tender to the touch as it was. Did not affect my quality of life (If you can call this living.) at all, so, like, whatever.

And, An Obligatory Cover

Friday Freak Out

Another Beeefheart cover ('cept this is one the Cap't. covered):

This One's Easy

Republicans can't stop making offensive comments about Jewish people

What part of "The Jooos killed Jesus!" don't the libtards at the "American" Independent get?

Sic Semper Tyrannis!!

First the Sun King, then the Slum King. Off w/ Trump's head too!!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Here's Another WASF & The Media's Just Making It Worse Rant

Not from me.
By The King's Necktie
Dispatches from the American twilight. A progressive view on politics, culture, yada yada yada, from a former US military officer.
In saying that both Republicans and Democrats are “playing to their political base,” Rohde makes no distinction between the former, who are spreading outright lies in the interest of electoral subversion, and the latter, who are calling that effort out and the risks it poses for our democracy. (He literally uses the words “both sides.”)

It’s as if a group of armed robbers burst into a bank and took hostages, and when a SWAT team assaulted the building and arrested them, the headline read, “Cops and Robbers Both Break Into Bank, Take Prisoners.”

Forgot The Clash covered the titular track.
Junior Murvin on the Beeb.

Kee-Rist, What An Asshole

Th' fucking hell is wrong w/ people like this?
This schmuck & his entire family deserve to die in agonizing pain, & frankly I don't care if it's the plague or by any other natural means, including a hideous automobile accident, a house fire or armed robbery.

Global Warming, 65 Yrs. Ago

I'm sure this has been noted before, but ...

Both Sides Don't, Dimbulb!

Has Editor/(former) prison guard Jeffy Goldberg told all the typists at The Atlantic they have to bofesides everything?
Many American liberals live in political bubbles. Some people in overwhelmingly blue parts of the country, for example, were shocked to find that Trump got so many votes in 2016. (“I live in a rather special world. I only know one person who voted for [Richard] Nixon,” the film critic Pauline Kael famously said of the former president, acknowledging her own political bubble just weeks after Nixon smashed George McGovern in 1972.) Some of those same blue-area Democrats were just as confident that Senator Elizabeth Warren would be the party nominee. But Republicans also live in bubbles.
Here's a fucking clue, dimbulb: The "bubbled" libs who were confident Warren would be the nominee did not turn into a mob of feces-slinging howler monkeys claiming the primaries were rigged, nor did they storm the Democratic Convention in tactical gear & other colorful costumes, armed w/ bear spray & Warren flags.

[The Atlantic. Good luck w/ the paywall. Ed Kilgore also examines the delusion of majority among the scum in their bubbles, & does a much better job. Again, a possible paywall.]

Injection Results

Guess it "took"; about six hrs. post-injection the area below the injection became tender, w/ a muscle ache which becomes painful when the arm is extended upward. (So, as the doctor in the joke* advised, I won't do that.) Now, 26+ hrs. post-poke, it's still as tender & aching.

W/ the J&J the muscle was sore from site to elbow, again starting about six hrs. after, & it was fine in the morning early p.m. Skin wasn't tender, however. Haven't removed the bandage yet to check the actual site.

Odd (Or gravity?) that there's no reaction above the site & the tenderness & ache stop about three inches below it. Maybe that arm's my only immunized part.
Pharaonic bonus, also applies to item just below.

*Rodney Dangerfield? Henny Youngman? Pre-dates either one?

You Never Had A Democracy, You Sucker-Ass Chumps

Fucking sheep. You've been chumped for 240+ yrs., & you're too fucking blind to realize it.
Politicalprof notes it's getting worse:
The 52 senators who voted to protect the filibuster and prevent voting rights reform represent 34,000,000 fewer Americans than do the 48 senators who voted for reform. It’s not just the filibuster that’s minoritarian. It’s the Senate as such. And as America’s rural regions grow ever more empty, it’s only going to get more so.
Also spotted at Hullabaloo. And we can look at the Congressional vote.
Somewhere I can't find are the grim statistics that compared to the percentage of votes cast for the party nation-wide Democrats are always under-represented in Congress. Fraud system.

Enough Already!

Had it w/ the breeder scum. Can't you people resist the urge to reproduce? Fucking sheep.

Parents Of Young Children Are Worn Out From Constant Decision-Making During The Pandemic

Gee-ziz, you fools are all whining like your brat children. Put it back in your pants & keep it there, you're killing the planet. 

[Breeder Safari from totebaggers. Fucking liberal wimps.]

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

"Shut Up & Shove It In"

Fred Parris, Five Satins Singer Who Composed Rock Hit While Serving in the Army, Dead at 85

One of the five greatest doo-wop tunes.No idea when they acquired the fifth Satin.
[, of all places.]

Missed At Least A Couple

The shot heard around the world: The best songs about murderers and serial killers


Plague News

Note professional's "face-diaper".For once, ahead of events, & by over a wk.


Two hrs.+, no side effects, nor am I dead. Apparently takes a couple of wks. for the anti-bodies to start really churning through the system, so I s'pose I'm not really safe.
Added bonus: Saved US$1.81. That's a whole mess of supermarkets there.

How's That "Natural Immunity" Workin' Out For Ya?


Ben Tobias / BBC:
Hana Horka: Czech singer dies after catching Covid intentionally  —  A folk singer from the Czech Republic has died after deliberately catching Covid, her son has told the BBC.  —  Hana Horka, 57, was unvaccinated and had posted on social media that she was recovering after testing positive, but died two days later.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Lemmings Ready To Leap?

Or just big-mouthed chickenshits yappin'? Either way, I'm numb as I can be while still breathing, & perhaps watching non-playing characters on the other side of the world kill themselves & destroy their societies will pique my jaded sensibilities.
A convoy of Russian armored vehicles moves along a highway in Crimea, Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022.
Russia has concentrated an estimated 100,000 troops with tanks and other heavy weapons
near Ukraine in what the West fears could be a prelude to an invasion. (AP Photo)
Shannon Pettypiece / NBC News:
White House warns Russian invasion of Ukraine may be imminent  —  WASHINGTON — The White House believes Russia could launch an invasion of Ukraine at any moment, press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday, warning that an “extremely dangerous situation” is building along the Ukrainian border.
Looks like lots of fun, dunnit?

Where's The Global Outrage?

Sensing a theme.
Sara Fischer / Axios:
Distrust in political, media and business leaders sweeps the globe  —  Trust in government is collapsing, especially in democracies, according to a new global survey.  —  Why it matters: People also don't think media or business leaders are telling them the truth, and this suspicion …
Sarah K. Burris / Raw Story:
Wife of Justice Clarence Thomas signed off on letter saying Capitol attackers ‘have done nothing wrong’  —  It has been less than a week since 11 Oath Keepers were arrested with seditious conspiracy, but the spouse of Justice Clarence Thomas believes that they “have done nothing wrong.”
Ginni Thomas, very serious person.

Public Health Update

Finally arsed myself to book an app't. for a plague booster injection tomorrow at the pharmacy of a local supermarket chain.

Tunes For Tuesday

What the hell, we'll send side two, cut three out to Desirée Sumarra.

Sunday, January 16, 2022


Political Wire sums it up:
NBC News: “Since it arrived in the United States, the Covid-19 virus has been a national story that is felt at the local level. Different communities have experienced the worst of the pandemic at different times. The pandemic started as a coastal story back in 2020, but it wasn’t long until it moved into the country as the virus spread.”

“Now, the omicron variant could take those local differences to new heights, driven by discrepancies in vaccination rates and hospital availability, and the data suggests that rural communities, in particular, could be headed for some hard weeks ahead.”

New York Times: U.S. surgeon general warns that Omicron has not yet peaked.

Dog Breath, In The Year Of The Plague (Yr. III)

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Don't Believe The Hype!

All bullcrap. Nothing destructive will happen. I am sooo disappointed. I do hope Tonga's O.K. They haven't done anything deserving punishment, have they?

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Complacency, "Fatigue", Yada

I was going to link to this rant about another idiotic item in The Atlantic even before I saw the musical selection.
“No, Mr. Churchill, This Is Not Our Finest Hour. No More Hiding Underground,” by Helen Lewis, is the sort of thing that is not hard to imagine The Atlantic running. “I Want to Bake 20 Loaves of Bread to Give to My Friends. The Government Says I Can’t” is another. “I will most certainly NOT turn off all my lights, if I want to turn them all on I will and no air raid drill warden thug will tell me otherwise!!!!!” Tweets @FreedomLoverGuy443932.

That’s not even including hot takes by the Smartest Boys and Girls on Substack asking why we’re fighting Hitler in the first place, and GOP lawmakers demanding we support the Nazis, but that’s another post for another time.


Friday the 13th arrived a day early.

Robots: Threat, Or Menace?

Something to worry about if we ever reach post-plague? Try this:
Here’s a scenario to consider: a military force has purchased a million cheap, disposable flying drones each the size of a deck of cards, each capable of carrying three grams of explosives—enough to kill a single person or, in a “shaped charge,” pierce a steel wall. They’ve been programmed to seek out and “engage” (kill) certain human beings, based on specific “signature” characteristics like carrying a weapon, say, or having a particular skin color. They fit in a single shipping container and can be deployed remotely. Once launched, they will fly and kill autonomously without any further human action.

Science fiction? Not really. It could happen tomorrow. The technology already exists.

Not to worry 'though.
The continued construction and deployment of killer robots is not inevitable. Indeed, a majority of the world would like to see them prohibited, including U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres. Let’s give him the last word: “Machines with the power and discretion to take human lives without human involvement are politically unacceptable, morally repugnant, and should be prohibited by international law.”
Perfectly acceptable as long as there's human involvement, then? No wonder "international law" is a sad fucking joke. How many divisions does the Secretary General have, exactly? And how willing would s/he be to use them? Your future➡.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Smedley Butler, Great American

Patrick Iber / New Republic:
The Marine Who Turned Against U.S. Empire  —  There are some figures whose place in the story of the American past is so central that schoolchildren cannot help but know them: George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln, or Rosa Parks.  But there is also a group of people who have not passed into national legend, and perhaps whose lives are not considered fit to explain to children. They are most likely to be encountered, if they are encountered at all, in the institutions that often engage the attention of young people between the ages of 18 and 22. Among those, there is probably only a single person who will be discovered almost exclusively by two generally nonoverlapping groups: avid readers of the corpus of Noam Chomsky, and members of the Marine Corps. That man, standing lonely astride the lens-shaped center of a peculiar Venn diagram, has the unlikely name of Smedley Darlington Butler.

C'mon, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company

US$10.47 + US$0.99 tax for three of these at Home Despot isn't enough? No, apparently you bastards expect me to walk that street selling your brand like a fucking pimp, w/ 3M emblazoned over my damn philtrum.
Clean your own damn mirror.
Does fit quite nicely, straps go over the head, so the squashed ear effect seen can be remedied. Plenty of room for the nose, & a solid piece of metal w/ foam padding. Still feel like putting a piece of tape over the logo.

Yesterday's Sunset Today

Couldn't get myself to leave the bunker or I might've gotten in on this action; check LAist for some veddy nice ones.
Could've taken that myself. I'm sure I could find one w/ an antenna if I gave enough of a shit.
Wonder if it'd be worth suing Ms. D.? Probably not, so chalk it up to imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

"Wotta Maroon!"

"Jesus Christ."

Monday, January 10, 2022

National (?) Championship

I dunno, two state schools from states that share close to three hundred miles of border seems more like the Cracker Conference Championship. 

And really, the best the two "best" schools in the country can do is five fucking field goals in 30 mins. of play? No wonder DisneyCorp didn't put it on broadcast telebision. Cable only for your regional-interest game, losers.

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Hey Blogger/Booger/Bugger,
Do These Pass Approval?

Guess I should be careful what's published here. I can assure Google/Alphabet I own the copyright to both these images.

HALP!! I Am Being Censored!!
(Free At Last Up-Date)

The item "Where Have All The Honkies Gone?", which apparently received 46 views after being published at 2225 last night,
has been un-published by Blogger, Blogspot or whatever the hell GOOGLE calls it, as it "violated community" something. Wasn't especially rabid or ranty, simply a reaction to this:
 Jacob Fraden / American Thinker:Why are Caucasians Vanishing in TV Commercials?  —  Commercials take up 27% of commercial television screen time and are the main source of income for TV and radio stations.  In most cases, advertisements on all channels appear simultaneously, so don't try to change the channel, there will be commercials elsewhere, too.
Didn't call for the guy's head, didn't call him anything worse than a putz; only thing I can imagine that might offend some effing robot (unless someone was p.o.'d & decided to flag it) was a satirical use of the triple parentheses around the phrase "commercial casting agencies in Hollywood". As in I was surprised the typist didn't blame them for the sudden (& imagined) conquest of telebision adverts by the you-know-whos.

UP-DATE 2031PST: After "review", the item in question has reappeared at its original location. No idea what the original problem was. Fuck you, Bugger.

Sunday Lunacy

Last month's moon.

The End