Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fast Food Ration

The Beantown bozo who thinks "Woo Woo" is funny is the sort of schmuck who's impressed w/ Trump & his plane
flying palace of vulgarity.
It was fun being on the Boeing 757 with Trump. Before the flight from Boston to Bangor, he’d ordered lunch for the crew — McDonald’s all the way. Not an affectation like Hillary at Chipotle — he tore off the buns (“Do you know how many calories you save that way?”) and then doused the patties with ketchup before gobbling them down.

He travels in an easy chair in front of a large TV screen turned to Fox. He reads until his name is mentioned by one of the anchors. Given how he dominates the coverage, this doesn’t leave him much time for reading.
A dissenting smart-ass:
Third, McDonald's is not a treat. McDonald's is what parents get their kids because, look, it was a long day at work, this the fastest option on the way home, and the words "dollar menu" have a certain frugal appeal. McDonald's is the food equivalent of a Snoopy bandage. It’s cute. It’s available. It’s not a long-term solution.

Follow-up: As someone who is mildly afraid of the miracle of flight, I would buy my pilots and crew something nice. Like a steak, a fresh salad, or if I’m feeling like a conduit of the people, Chipotle.

Fourth, you can’t talk about Donald Trump’s love for McDonald's as a signifier of an everyman, then, in the same paragraph, compliment the guy for cutting calories by scrapping the bun.

Fifth, if your buddy eats McDonald's by bare palming a naked beef patty slathered in ketchup, you do not share that with the world. And if you do, you most certainly don’t use the verb "gobble."

Sixth, "given how he dominates the coverage, this doesn’t leave him much time for reading." Just imagine: we could one day turn to a President who doesn’t read, because he’s a modern Narcissus, hopelessly caught in his own cable news reflection.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Caption Contest

Our continent's three national leaders sporting their native dress, the subdued corporate tones of the rent-seeking parasite, while being saluted by armed thugs in jackboots amused me (as it does when it doesn't fill me w/ an unquenchable rage to kill); I decided to find the best possible image, entered the URL & it returned "suit". No shit.
How about, "Tojo, Mussolini & Hitler walk out of a bar after selling the futures of the working peoples of their respective nations to corporate entities for whatever they could get on the 'free' market." (The corollary to which is: "Burn everything the hell down. Immediately!"

Today In "Fuck The Ignorant Masses"

Plow 'em under & salt their graves!!

It’s Time for the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses

The Brexit has laid bare the political schism of our time. It’s not about the left vs. the right; it’s about the sane vs. the mindlessly angry.
The schism we see opening before us is not just about policies, but about reality. The Brexit forces won because cynical leaders were prepared to cater to voters’ paranoia, lying to them about the dangers of immigration and the costs of membership in the EU. Some of those leaders have already begun to admit that they were lying. Donald Trump has, of course, set a new standard for disingenuousness and catering to voters’ fears, whether over immigration or foreign trade or anything else he can think of. The Republican Party, already rife with science-deniers and economic reality-deniers, has thrown itself into the embrace of a man who fabricates realities that ignorant people like to inhabit.

Did I say “ignorant”? Yes, I did. It is necessary to say that people are deluded and that the task of leadership is to un-delude them. Is that “elitist”? Maybe it is; maybe we have become so inclined to celebrate the authenticity of all personal conviction that it is now elitist to believe in reason, expertise, and the lessons of history. If so, the party of accepting reality must be prepared to take on the party of denying reality, and its enablers among those who know better. If that is the coming realignment, we should embrace it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"Scotty" Moore Released
From Mortal Jailhouse

Lived long beyond Elvis. Legal name: Winfield Scott Moore III.
Real music, you little punks. Now get off my patch of dirt w/ the dog-shit all over it a-fore I fills y'all w/ rock salt!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

IKEA Killings: Dresser Deadly
To Three Children

From IKEA's Malm page. Too little, too late.
NBC News:
After 3 Deaths, Ikea Recalls Millions of Dangerous Dressers  —  Ikea Recalling Tens of Millions of Dressers Over Tipping Concerns 1:52  —  Ikea has issued a recall for 29 million chests and dressers that can easily tip over onto children, injuring or killing them, NBC News confirmed.
Fuck this shit. I'm off to Burbank to loot the local IKEA before it burns to the ground. Anyone w/ me?

On the other hand, giving stupid children enough rope is not a bad move in the direction of population control &/or reduction. Nor are parents w/o blame. (Are they ever?) Another quandary where nihilism seems the only answer.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Days Of Confused

Up at 0930 to watch baseball, which makes me think today is Sunday. Now I'll be a day behind all wk., not that it matters to the gainfully unemployed.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Delete Your Religion

Apologies are not enough, Popey.
"I think the church must not only apologize ... to a gay person it offended, but we must apologize to the poor, to women who have been exploited, to children forced into labor, apologize for having blessed so many weapons" and for having failed to accompany families who faced divorces or experienced other problems.

Lady Gun Nut Shoots & Kills Own Daughters; Is Plugged By Police

Two Weeks Post-Orlando Already?

New York Daily News:
Texas mother killed by police after fatally shooting her two daughters during ‘family argument’  —  The woman who was killed by police after she fatally shot her two daughters at their Texas home has been identified as an outspoken gun advocate.  —  Christy Sheats, 42, shot and killed …
Family values, baby!
According to Christy Sheats' Facebook page, she was a gun owner and vocal advocate for the second amendment.

"It would be horribly tragic if my ability to protect myself or my family were to be taken away," Sheats wrote in March on her Facebook page, "but that's exactly what Democrats are determined to do by banning semi-automatic handguns."
What the fucking hell is wrong w/ people? Truly, America is the worst!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Courtroom Theatre Of The Ridiculous

El Duce lives! (Gawker has transcripts w/ added amusement. Aaaand, the xscript itself.)
A Georgia judge could face disciplinary action after losing his cool with a defendant who threatened to kill and dismember his children during a courtroom argument.

Denver Fenton Allen appeared last week before Judge Bryant Durham Jr. to face charges that he beat a fellow inmate to death in August at the Floyd County Jail, reported the Rome News-Tribune.

The 31-year-old Allen, who is charged with killing Stephen Rudolph Nalley, lobbed threats and insults at the judge during an 11-minute hearing on June 17.

Allen told the judge he would murder his family and cut his “children up into little pieces.”

“I’ll knock their brains out with a fucking hammer and feed them to you,” Allen said. “The babies will be going, ‘Daddy, daddy, help me.’”

Durham told the man he didn’t have children, and Allen said he’d do the same thing to the judge’s nieces, nephews and sisters.

The judge told Allen he didn’t have any sisters, nieces or nephews, and he threatened to put him in “jail so long you won’t have a chance.”

The argument continued to escalate, with Allen repeatedly saying, “fuck you,” as the judge added additional days to his penalty for contempt of court.

Allen asked for a new attorney, saying his public defender had requested oral sex in exchange for his defense, and then the defendant invited Durham to do the same.

“This is going to be an interesting trial,” Durham said.

Allen then asked to introduce his “big old donkey dick” as evidence, and the judge began yelling at him as the pair traded insults.
Let's pause for just a moment & enjoy some music.
That was refreshing, wasn't it? Now back to our story.
The defendant claimed he had sex with boys, and the judge said he wasn’t surprised — but then he made comments that could land him before the state judicial ethics agency.

“Oh, of course,” Durham said. “You know, you look like a queer.”

Allen asked if the judge was “calling (him) a queer in the courtroom.”

“I didn’t call you one,” Durham said. “I said you looked like one.”

The judge then told Allen he was “cute,” and that he was sure other inmates “love you to death.”

“I’ll bet everybody enjoys fucking your ass,” Durham said.

Allen then claimed he would masturbate in court, and Durham dared him to do so.

The hearing finally ended after Allen called Durham “judge fuckman,” and the judge called the defendant “stupid.”

“I’ve enjoyed this,” Durham said. “I hope you have. I know everybody else in the courtroom has enjoyed it, but you can go now.”
I do enjoy the murderous apes comprising the dominant primate species of this world of shit & pain dropping the civility & expressing themselves aloud in public venues like rabid zoo animals flinging feces in their cages.

Friday, June 24, 2016

"Must These Englishmen Live ..."

Couldn't (possibly) care (any) less about English gits & their pathetic fear of wogs driving them from the E.U., but there is hope the punters have returned the world's economy to the dumper as "Asian shares sink" in reaction.

The Sex Pistols - I'm A Lazy Sod - 1/14/1978 - Winterland

Guess too many sodding Limeys voted.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bitter Intra-Province Rivalry

Travel day for the Dodgers, so it's the C.F.L. opener, Tiger-Cats at Argonauts, on ESPNews. Looks as if the Argos beat the Ti-Cats in an exhibition earlier this mo., & they have a new(ly renovated) stadium/football pitch!
(Canadian Press/Michelle Siu)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Musical Triple-Shot Study Guide & Sourcing For Previous Item

It Must Be A Camel

Sam Bramwell - It A Go Dread Ina Babylon (& Dub)

The Germs - No God

Cheap shot: W.T.F. is all that behind Trump's ear? Hairspray not holding as promised?

Buzzin' In The Babylon Bee

A flannelgraph. Does that look more like Adam & Bambi than Adam & Eve?
From The Babylon Bee (apparently an Xian attempt at The Onion).
NEW YORK, NY—As Donald Trump prepared to meet with hundreds of top Evangelical leaders Tuesday morning, his aides were given the daunting task of trying to get the Republican presidential candidate up to speed on some basic biblical history. Turning to a method they knew would connect with Trump on his level, they reportedly dusted off an old flannelgraph found in the basement of a local church to give the real estate mogul a “quick primer” on key Bible stories.

“This guy right here? He’s Moses, who parted the Red Sea*,” an aide is said to have slowly explained, putting up a felt likeness of the prophet as Trump blasted a liberal on Twitter on his phone. “Mr. Trump? Are you listening?”

“Yeah, Moab. Got it. Great guy, Moab. One of my favorites in the New Testament,” Trump declared while still looking at his phone, according to sources. The aide then reportedly moved on to other well-known Bible stories, such as Jonah and the great fish, David and Goliath, and several of Jesus’s famous miracles, carefully telling the stories while illustrating the narratives on the colorful, attractive flannel board designed to keep the attention of even the youngest children.

“Got it. Jonah swallowed a fish, there was a giant shepherd boy, and Jesus went around Iraq yelling at people,” Trump reportedly said. “There’s really not much to this theology stuff. I’m great at theology—the best, really. Don’t know why people think it’s so hard.”

At publishing time, Trump declared he was ready to address the gathering of Evangelical leaders, prompting aides to join hands in a prayer circle and beg God for mercy.

*Wasn't it actually (in the entirely bogus & fictional myth) YHWH/Elohim/Adonai (one of 'em for sure) who parted the Red Sea while Moses just stood there, agape & stuttering?

Hotter Than Hell

Lee 'Scratch' Perry - City Too Hot

Latest hot rumor:

L.A. Is Going To Have More Days Of 'Extreme Heat,' Says Study

As if that isn't harrowing enough, the study also warns that L.A. could lose what little vestiges of "winter" we have now. The weather models predicted that the Decembers and Januarys of the future will feel more like the Aprils of the past.


There is some hope, though. The dire predictions listed above will only come true in the event of unmitigated climate change. In the event humans band together and somehow drastically reduce our collective global carbon emissions, we should only see a modest increase in "extreme heat."

Assuming we do, and hold ourselves to the standards set at Paris Climate Accord last year, downtown L.A. would see only 15 "extreme" heat days instead of 54.
Assume in one hand & keep burning shit in the other. See which piles up first, ash or assumptions!

We're Losing

By LEE 3 years, 4 months ago THE KEEP CALM-O-MATIC

The War on Stupid People

Do not be deceived, it is, alas, some whiner bitching & moaning about the plight of the morons in today's smart society, rather than admitting what a drag the cretins are on everything & everyone else.
Those who consider themselves bright openly mock others for being less so. Even in this age of rampant concern over microaggressions and victimization, we maintain open season on the nonsmart. People who’d swerve off a cliff rather than use a pejorative for race, religion, physical appearance, or disability are all too happy to drop the s‑bomb: Indeed, degrading others for being “stupid” has become nearly automatic in all forms of disagreement.
Cue the sad trombones. It's the 21st century, bleeding heart. Catch up or fade away.
We must stop glorifying intelligence and treating our society as a playground for the smart minority. We should instead begin shaping our economy, our schools, even our culture with an eye to the abilities and needs of the majority, and to the full range of human capacity. The government could, for example, provide incentives to companies that resist automation, thereby preserving jobs for the less brainy. It could also discourage hiring practices that arbitrarily and counterproductively weed out the less-well-IQ’ed. This might even redound to employers’ benefit: Whatever advantages high intelligence confers on employees, it doesn’t necessarily make for more effective, better employees. Among other things, the less brainy are, according to studies and some business experts, less likely to be oblivious of their own biases and flaws, to mistakenly assume that recent trends will continue into the future, to be anxiety-ridden, and to be arrogant.
This dunce-loving traitor-to-intelligence is being really racist against smart people, & wants Idiocracy realized.
When Michael Young, a British sociologist, coined the term meritocracy in 1958, it was in a dystopian satire. At the time, the world he imagined, in which intelligence fully determined who thrived and who languished, was understood to be predatory, pathological, far-fetched. Today, however, we’ve almost finished installing such a system, and we have embraced the idea of a meritocracy with few reservations, even treating it as virtuous. That can’t be right. Smart people should feel entitled to make the most of their gift. But they should not be permitted to reshape society so as to instate giftedness as a universal yardstick of human worth.
There are over seven billion of you. Every one of you can be quickly & easily replaced, by someone younger & willing to work for less. No human is "worth" a damn thing on the open market. Give up already.

Can You Stand It?

Only a month until the G.O.P. conflagration is over.

Monday, June 20, 2016

As The Planet Orbits

Summer now officially on its way out.

"Feels Like 95°F"

Very disappointed that 100°F (37.7778°C) only feels like 95°F (35°C). A dry heat, however.
And still an hr. until summer.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Obligatory Bear In Pool
Heat Wave Video

We're led to understand bears indeed defecate in woodlands & forests; do they urinate in pools?

Today At The Intersection Of
Music & Sports

Not Quite Getting It:

Dodger Stadium organist Nancy Bea Hefley playing "House of The Rising Sun" as Dodger hurler Kenta Maeda
(b. Tadaoka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan) leaves the mound after six innings of (one-run) ball.

The House of The Rising Sun - Libby Holman

Worth a listen; Libby can wail it out.

Further In California's
Financial Affairs

Dick and Sharon's LA Progressive
Noted earlier that WE'RE NUMBER SIX!! Now The Washington Post digs deeply to discover how it's done:
In 2012, voters in California approved a measure to raise taxes on millionaires, bringing their top state income tax rate to 13.3 percent, the highest in the nation. Conservative economists predicted calamity, or at least a big slowdown in growth. Also that year, the governor of Kansas signed a series of changes to the state's tax code, including reducing income and sales tax rates. Conservative economists predicted a boom.

Neither of those predictions came true. Not right away -- California grew just fine in the year the tax hikes took effect -- and especially not in the medium term, as new economic data showed this week.

Now, correlation does not, as they say, equal causation, and two examples are but a small sample. But the divergent experiences of California and Kansas run counter to a popular view, particularly among conservative economists, that tax cuts tend to supercharge growth and tax increases chill it.
Once again we see that one side (the left) is correct & one side (the right) is wrong. Man bites dog. And delusional conservative economists can bite my ass!

Should you like to hear our state song, to which I & millions of others have been subjected, esp. during baseball games (Indeed, it just ran on the Dodger game as I was searching YouTube for it!) for the last four yrs., now is your chance to suffer as well.

The "M." Is For Misery

No imagination.
Noted, it's whichever Sun. in June becomes Father's Day.

This reporter was abandoned by his father at the age of 15 (me, not him) when he, driving drunk enough to cheat me of U.S.$1,000.00 (big money at the time) in insurance profitsmoney tried to pass someone on a curve near Yakima & encountered a vehicle headed in the opposite direction. While returning to Washington from his mother's funeral in Texas.

Christ, what an asshole.

(Not that "Mom's" side of the family is blameless.)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Police Terror Situation, Oaktown

Great Gobs of Goo:
James Queally / Los Angeles Times:
Oakland loses third police chief in nine days, will operate under civilian control  —  Acting Oakland Police Chief Paul Figueroa, talking to reporters earlier in the week, has left the post.  His departure marks the third time in eight days the city has seen its top police official depart.
Srsly, whatcha gonna do?

Trump World President 2016

Japanese Donald Trump Commercialトランプ2016

[Via a commenter somewhere at LG&M; can't be bothered now.]

Again W/ The Hats: "White, Red, Camo, Black, All Of These Hats"

Listen, read & weep. (Or grab a gun. Or not, jes' sayin', y'know.)Astoundingly narcissistic fantasy mashed up w/ off-the-cuff/top-of-his-head boiler-plate for the bitter clingers,
from an (the?) all-time bullshitter.
"I really mean it." "I really, really believe." Clap hard enough & we'll have a 70-yr. old Peter Pan presidentin'.

Never Forget, Never Again

Nice picture, innit?
Weapons and Nazi paraphernalia were among the items seized from the Mount Sinai, N.Y.,
home of Edward and Sean Perkowski on Thursday.
Suffolk County Police Department
[The NYT]

Anti-Anglo-American Bandstand

There's no business like ...
Cher, Tina Turner & Kate Smith "Beatles Medley"

Friday, June 17, 2016

No Animal Jokes

Most exciting (You can't really call it that; interesting, maybe.) event of the day in my experience (Whatever you may have seen is of interest only to you, pal!) was four horses (w/ troopers) from the L.A.P.D. Metro Squad's Mounted Unit using the crosswalks at Sunset Bl. & Western Ave.
Photo: LAPD mounted unit officers keep an eye on crowds and traffic
at the corner of 4th and Spring streets during Art Walk.
Credit: Brian van der Brug/Los Angeles Times
West on Sunset then south on Western if you give a whatever at a rolling dough-nut. No idea what they were up to; acclimating the horses to vehicle traffic? No more sidewalk hostesses to move from one prostitution hotspot to another in these days of social media, not that the mounted unit has ever (to my knowledge) done that.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Among The Hateful Stupid Idiots

Trumptards "telling it like it is" about this T-shirt:
The T-shirt of an attendee at a Donald Trump rally in Pittsburgh in April.
(Photo by Jenna Johnson/The Washington Post)

As tastefully cropped by The WaPo.
“I’m a pretty blunt person, so it’s kind of how I feel about things,” said Amanda Feather, a 35-year-old mother of six who is a property manager in Asheboro, N.C., and bought one of the T-shirts before attending the rally with her husband and two young daughters. “I think coming from Trump it would probably be inappropriate. From a voter’s point of view, I think we have the right. . . . If that’s how we feel, we should have the right to say it. And I would tell it to her face if she walked up. That’s how I feel about her.”
Would you like to know this voter's point of view, "pretty blunt" landlady scum? No? Then hush & get back to collecting money for your boss, witch.
William Redwine, a 29-year-old truck driver who lives outside of Greensboro, bought one of the shirts at the Tuesday night rally here after seeing the design online.

“I’ve been wanting one,” said Redwine, a former Democrat who said he became a Republican when Obama was running for office. “It’s kind of funny. . . . I’m not politically correct on a lot of things anyway. . . . There are better words to describe Hillary, but — why not?”

Redwine said he thinks that Trump will stabilize the job market, which has been difficult for him in recent years, and that he doesn’t like Clinton because of Benghazi, donations she and her husband accepted for their foundation and conspiracy theories about her connections to the Islamic State terrorists.

“It may be true, it may not,” he said. “The dots kind of connect.”

Another T-shirt buyer on Tuesday night was Travis Beasley, 36, who lives in Greensboro and works an assortment of jobs.

“It’s politically incorrect,” Beasley said of the shirt. “She’s crooked — I think I was calling her crooked before I heard him say it. He took the words right out of my mouth. You can just tell by looking at her, you know? You can just tell by the way she acts. You know how sometimes you just get gut feelings about things?”
Sure, Travis. All the time. You know what gut feelings I get about things like you & Trump?

Neither the "became a Republican when Obama was running for office", "Trump will stabilize the job market" (Whuh?) truck driver nor the "assortment of jobs" guy (Can you sense the condescension dripping from the keyboard?) can top the breeder scum parasite"mother of six who is a property manager" for emotional disturbance, however.
A discussion of the b-word and Clinton often leads to Trump supporters saying that their attacks on her have nothing to do with her being a woman. But Feather — the mother of six wearing the “TRUMP THAT BITCH!” shirt in Greensboro on Tuesday night — said the country would suffer with a woman in the White House.

“There are too many countries who demean their women that I think if we have a woman in office, it’s really going to hurt our country more than anything, because they have no respect for women,” Feather said as her two young daughters listened. “And then I think our attacks in our country and our issues in our country are going to become even greater, because those countries are not going to have that respect for us. And we’re already starting to lose it. And I don’t think we need a woman to make us lose it even more.”
The mind boggles, the jaw drops, &c. In all fairness, is all this an exceptionally arcane form of performance art (No question these jag-offs jack their fears up to 11 for the evil librul yada from The Washington Post, but c'mon.) rather than psychological issues & willful ignorance?

NB: "Schlong That Bitch"©™® & "Schlong The Bitch"©™® are already copyrighted, so don't even think about it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Today In Secession News

The original, 55 yrs. old this winter.
Reminder to pathetic remainder of the United Snakes: You need us, losers, we don't need you. Better be nice!

California Overtakes France to Become Sixth-Largest Economy

California has overtaken France as the world’s sixth-largest economy, fueled by strong growth and the U.S. dollar’s gains against foreign currencies, state data released Tuesday show.

The most-populous U.S. state, with a gross domestic product of $2.5 trillion, has also eclipsed recession-plagued Brazil.

“This is the result of both good growth in California and exchange-rate movements of the U.S. dollar versus other currencies,” said Irena Asmundson, chief economist in the California Department of Finance.

Governor Jerry Brown, 78, is running the state during an economic turnaround driven by technology companies including Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc., along with agricultural and manufacturing industries that lead the U.S. Since taking office in 2011, Brown steered the state away from fiscal turmoil and persistent deficits to budget surpluses.
In comparison, the fly-blown fly-over state of Kansas:
There's a green one and a pink one/And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they're all made out of ticky tacky/And they all look just the same.
In recent years, Kansas has become a battleground for conservative ideals. Traditionally, Kansas was a moderate state, with the governorship switching every other election between Democratic and Republican governors. But the election of hyper-conservative Sam Brownback as governor heralded a new age of far right wing ideology.

It wasn’t just that Brownback was conservative; it was that he is seen as a tool of the Koch brothers and ALEC, a conservative think tank and lobbying organization. Brownback used his influence and funding to eliminate “moderate” republicans from the Kansas legislature and install his hand-picked conservative cronies.  He couldn’t do the same with the Kansas Supreme Court, which has ruled a number of the conservative legislature’s laws as unconstitutional, so Brownback’s administration decided to threaten to cut off funding to the court system and is actively pursuing legislation to impeach the Supreme Court.

Kansas has become a test center of “trickle down” economics, espoused by economist Arthur Laffer during the Reagan years. Nowhere has there been as thorough an implementation of Laffer’s policy recommendations… and nowhere has there been as dramatic a failure of government.

Under Brownback’s direction, Kansas implemented an unprecedented tax cut in 2012, eliminating taxes for LLCs and professional firms (for full disclosure, PHI is a C Corporation) and making the largest cuts in the highest tax brackets. He shifted taxes to create a heavier burden on property and sales taxes, which typically represent a larger burden on lower income brackets. Brownback declared that this tax cut would be a “shot of adrenaline” for the Kansas economy, but the reality is that the tax cuts have had the opposite effect. Kansas lags neighboring states in job growth. For 11 of the last 12 months, Kansas has dramatically missed revenue targets, falling deeper in debt and facing another round of degraded bond ratings.

The worst part is that the burdens for the shortfalls rest on the shoulders of those who can least afford it – children and the developmentally disabled.
From the keyboard of a C.E.O. who's moving his corporate entity from Kansas to Missouri because Kansas is becoming hell on earth. L.A., in contrast, is hell on the oceanSanta Monica Bay.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Must Read

Interesting iNternet-dictated form.via efgoldman, sharing at LG&M.

Local Action: Everything Will Burn

Good I didn't arse myself w/ the pants; no mail yesterday. (None so far today either, but I had to put on pants anyway.)

In other locally important news that (like all else in your world of shit & pain) is actually w/o any meaning or import, we are all about to burn to (& in) HELL!!

Will This Be The 'Worst' Fire Season Ever Or Are We Just Obsessed With Our Own Doom?

Yes, absolutely. We all want to die!
Los Angeles has burned countless times, in both fiction and fact, to say nothing of the Bad Religion song. "It is a curious form of romantic self-aggrandizement, one familiar from untold numbers of novels, short stories, films and songs that has now spread to video games," according to New York Times film critic Manohla Dargis.

"No other city" as Mike Davis wrote in Ecology of Fear "seems to excite such dark rapture." According the Davis, the destruction of the city has been a theme in at least 138 novels and films since 1909, and many of them were created right here in the dream factory. We are more than a little obsessed with what Davis called "the conflagrationist potential of Los Angeles."
This looks like a more immediate danger/pain in the poopchute:
The National Weather Service (NWS) says that we're in for a 'kiln-like' heat wave into the upcoming weekend, peaking sometime on Monday, when temperatures across the Southland are, almost universally, predicted to cross the 100-degree threshold.

As the NWS says in their long-term forecast, "there is a very real chance that this heat wave will be one for the record books, and it almost certainly will produce hazardous heat-related conditions."
Figured the three-four days of anticipation would kill me, but no; WeatherBug® predicts a mere 93°F in the Koreatown-adjacent environment next Mon. Talk about a life of disappointment.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Should I Bother ...

... to put on pants & see if there's anything interesting in the mail?

An Open Letter To Americans
& Other Assholes

Stop flapping your gums & flailing your fingers, assholes & dullards. Mass murder has been going on in this shithole of a nation since Charles Whitman wheeled his trunk of guns & ammo to the top of that tower & started on the sheep in 1966the first massacre of native people on this continent, whenever that was; if nothing's changed in the 500 yrs. since (or the 50 since the Texas Tower) nothing will change now.

Stop the pointless hand-wringing; it only reveals what stupid jerks you are, & it bores me!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Good Shootin', Killer!

Dragging out the wounded.When this reporter hit the sack earlier news had just broken & the body count was an estimated 20; now it turns out to be the greatest shooting massacre (by a civilian) in U.S. history. 50 for one seems worth the effort. Moar gunz, damnit, especially for me!

CriminalPolitical Activity

How much confidence does anyone have listening to bottle-blonde bribe-taking Republican Florida A.G. Pam Bondi talk about the terror in Orlando?
Florida AG sought donation before nixing Trump University fraud case
Not much? None at all?

And after hearing the Federal Bureau of Incompetents admit they blew it three times w/ the alleged shooter, we are again reminded that it's all a fucking joke (except the straight-up lying) & there's no reason to believe anything you're told by anyone, ever.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

You Were Warned

And don't say we weren't the one who warned you.
Crucified on a hoop of gold. Must credit w/ "visible source link"!
Reach for your revolvers, here comes the corporate double-speak rationalization of greed & vulgarity.
The Philadelphia 76ers have become the first team in the four major U.S. sports to sell an ad on a jersey.

The 76ers announced Monday morning that ticket company StubHub will have its logo on the team's jerseys beginning in the 2017-18 season, when the NBA's three-year pilot program will start.

Sources with knowledge of the deal say the team has sold all three seasons at $5 million a year, with the option to extend the contract with StubHub should the league continue to allow the 2½-by-2½-inch logo patch to be on the jerseys in the future.

"We are about being first, being different, being innovative and getting to market at quickly as we can," 76ers CEO Scott O'Neil said. "We're thrilled that the NBA has decided to be an innovator among the major sports leagues in this country, we're happy that we will be the beneficiaries, and we know that being first here will drive value for our partner."
Figures the puh-thetic 'Sixers would be first to jump on this ugliness.

Pimping & prostitution aside, shouldn't the N.B.A. be giving serious thought to contracting at least the two worst-performing teams into the dustbin of history, as well as shortening the season by six or eight games? Enough already.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Funeral Filler

As Muhammad Ali is being laid to rest (there's a fucking euphemism) today, I'll recount my brush w/ greatness as personified by the man once known as Cassius Clay.

Late 1970s or early 1980s & this reporter was walking along Sunset Blvd. when a Rolls-Royce turned south onto Fuller Ave., just in front of me. Following standard So Cal procedure I took a good look at the driver as the Rolls passed before my eyes, & there he was, The Champ himself, at the wheel & accompanied by an attractive young woman in the passenger seat. His daughter Laila? Who knows?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fuck These People & Their Pathetic Democracy Bullshit

Orange County, California. It's just one big trailermobile home park:
A judge who was censured for having sex with two women in his chambers has handily won reelection in Orange County.

Scott Steiner beat veteran prosecutor Karen Schatzle 56 percent to 44 percent in Tuesday's election, according to unofficial results from the county registrar of voters.

Steiner has been a Superior Court judge since 2011.

The Los Angeles Times says he was censured by the Commission on Judicial Performance in 2014 for having sex with two women — his intern and a practicing lawyer — in chambers. He also was reprimanded for failing to disqualify himself from a case involving a longtime friend.

Steiner ultimately acknowledged wrongdoing.
When will such scum start paying the price for their immorality, rather than being excused (& then actually rewarded) merely by "acknowledging wrongdoing"?


Poetry Corner

Humpty Trumpty built a big wall, then
all the king's horses
& all the king's men
ground his fallen eggshell ass into a fine white powder
beneath their hooves & jackboots.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Republican Party Soon To Be
Outlawed In California

Best just to put it out of its misery now.
In this Aug. 4, 1942 file photo, Detective Inspector Frank Story, right, with gun, shot this
circus elephant after its flesh was burned away in a fire at the Ringling Brothers show grounds
in Cleveland, Ohio. It took eight bullets to put down the elephant. (AP Photo)
Golden State voters to Grand (& pathetically) Old Party: Pack your crap & get the fuck out before we throw all your ugly shit on the lawn & call the police on you!! Enough is more than enough, not that they'll ever get enough votes.

Sad! Losers!! Eat it!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

Pres., in ballot order:

Willie Wilson
Roque De La Fuente
Hillary Clanton
Henry Hewes
Keith Judd
Michael Steinberg
(Currently leaning toward Keith Judd.)

U.S. Senator:

34? Thirty-effing-four? Are they kidding me? How am I to make an informed choice? (Or any choice at all? I'm already completely paralyzed by indecision.)
A brace of loons from the official guidebook. Hey, still a few Jackson Democrats left!

Monday, June 6, 2016

The Ennui Of Calif. Democracy

Yet another imposition (It never fucking stops.): It's humid, I'm moist (& not in a "good" way) & I've yet to decide which loons will get my vote tomorrow. (Always vote Loon; it sends a message.)
P.S.: I know it's late, but my vote is absolutely for sale. Make me an offer!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Opinions Of Idiots

So. Trump triumphant w/ racist jujitsu overthrow?
Steven Hayward / Power Line:
Trump's Jujitsu Overthrow of Liberalism  —  On the surface Trump's attack on the presiding judge in his civil trial over Trump University is reckless, irresponsible, menacing, and . . . just plain wacko.  Jonah Goldberg speculates that what he's really trying to do is force the judge …
Or (drum roll/ominous organ chords/fanfare) The End of America™? What's all this "aggressively closing in for the kill/resistance has been broken" stuff? Hell of a whiny reaction to electoral outcomes, & it's not even that,
Ginni Thomas / The Daily Caller: 
Author: The Left Is Aggressively ‘Breaking Down The Resistance’ To Transform America
it's one of these guys, retirement from yrs. of gov't. service & think-tank wankery apparently ruined because he is looked at askance when mumbling out loud about The Others ...
By expanding an administrative interpretation of “civil rights,” without Congress, the federal state solidifies its capacity to dictate American law – even if it’s public school bathroom policies. Most Republicans fail to step up and fight, he says, because they fear a popular culture that is against them and are exceedingly shallow.
Author, crackpot & crank Dr. Kim Holmes, while pimping his new book, would like you people & your popular culture (Can I getta "Harrummph!"?) to know damn well that if you didn't believe what you believe then you wouldn't believe it, would you, so stop acting as if you do, libs! And poo on shallow, cowardly Republicans, while he's at it.

DISCLAIMER DEP'T.: At first glance thought even Mrs. Thomas (the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, had anyone forgotten) was admitting that aptly-headlined "Author" was seeing & hearing things no one else could perceive,
Mrs. Thomas does not necessarily support or endorse the products, services or positions promoted in any advertisement contained herein, and does not have control over or receive compensation from any advertiser.
but she's just trying to put space between herself & the testosterone booster adverts & other awfulness that infests The Daily Caller. Whatta dump.