Friday, August 31, 2018

You've Been Made Redundant

Blow it out your asses, losers, there's no place for you at the table. No place under the table begging for scraps, either.

Why Technology Favors Tyranny

Artificial intelligence could erase many practical advantages of democracy, and erode the ideals of liberty and equality. It will further concentrate power among a small elite if we don’t take steps to stop it.
Step one should be the conviction & execution of said "small elite", shouldn't it?

Seen at Attention to the Unseen, where it's described thusly:

As technology makes billions of people economically irrelevant, their political power is likely to shrink

So the powerless will have any vestigal power taken from them. No shit?

As if you exploited moron wage-slaves ever had any political power.
"Slaving" - Lloyd Parks
"No More Slavery" - Glen Brown (As God Son)
(You know it's hot shit when the 'phone # on the label only has five digits.)

Strictly Pacific

TUE 31 AUG 1943
TBFs, SBDs, and F6Fs from TF 15 (Rear Admiral Charles A. Pownall), consisting of two carriers, one small carrier, one battleship, two light cruisers, and 11 destroyers, supported by an oiler, bomb Marcus Island in the prototype fast carrier strike. TBFs from small carrier Independence (CVL 22) sink three Japanese small craft. Submarine Snook (SS-279) operates in support of TF 15.

Tank landing craft LCT-154 is lost during amphibious operations, 37°8'N, 10°58'E.

Submarine Seawolf (SS-197) damages Japanese torpedo boat Sagi and sinks army cargo ship Shoto Maru and merchant cargo ship Kokko Maru, 28°30'N, 123°05'E.

U.S. tanker W.S. Rheem is torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-20 near Espiritu Santo, 15°51'S, 167°02'E, but reaches port under her own power; there are no casualties to either the 49-man merchant complement or the 25-man Armed Guard.

USAAF aircraft sink small Japanese coastal vessel Shirogane Maru off coast of south China between Amoy and Hong Kong, 22°13'N, 114°10'E.

Friday Freak-Out

Rich School, Why Fake It?

"Brown Shoes Don't Make It" - F.V. Zappa - Munich 1979
Whoever typed the Wiki entry would have us believe that
The title of "Brown Shoes Don't Make It" was inspired by an event covered by Time reporter Hugh Sidey in 1966. The reporter correctly guessed something was wrong when the fastidiously dressed President Lyndon B. Johnson made the fashion faux pas of wearing brown shoes with a gray suit. LBJ flew to Vietnam for a surprise public relations visit later that day.

Hey, How's That Invasion &
Occupation Of Iraq Going?

Like this:
Exclusive: Iran moves missiles to Iraq in warning to enemies
Heck of a job, Bushies!

Millions For Fencing,
Not A Penny For Housing

The least among you.

O.C. Officials Announcing Fencing Plan to Block Homeless Camps

All of Orange County should be rendered homeless/dead, by burning the entire shithole county to the fucking ground,
w/ all the asshole morons who live there trapped inside.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Science Gone Too Far!

A drooler attacks science & the determination of objective truth, 'cause they're diametrically opposed to Jesus-based obscurantism.
  • End Times pastor Paul Begley worries that scientists working at CERN are trying to open a portal to hell.
Why would anyone arse themselves? This forsaken shithole of a planet is the theological place of eternal damnation.
(Or, at the very least, an interplanetary madhouse.)
Scientific Dub - Scientist
[Rancid Weasel Watch]

Halibut Attacks!

MON 30 AUG 1943
Submarine Halibut (SS-232) sinks Japanese cargo ship Taibun Maru, 41°50'N, 141°13'E.

MURDER in Modesto

It's started: Now they're outright killing the least of us.
A 33-year-old woman sleeping in cardboard box in a homeless camp died this month after she was struck by machinery used by a California Department of Transportation crew to bulldoze the area.

Shannon Marie Bigley’s last known address was in Stockton, but police said prior to her death on Aug. 1, she had set up camp in a grassy field where homeless people frequently sleep alongside Highway 99 south of Kansas Avenue. A Caltrans crew operating a front loader was clearing the area that day.
My suggestion? Next time your drive is slowed by a CalTrans crew, give 'em a taste of their own medicine & run one of them right the fuck down!

Thurs. Think Piece

The Desert Review.
Seeing all the boring idiocy of the empty McCain rituals has me wondering what (And when, Jah Rastafari, when will we be delivered?) Trump's funeral will be like. Open casket?

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Trouble In Denmark

SUN 29 AUG 1943
During turmoil in Denmark following the Danish government's refusal to yield to German demand for the death penalty for saboteurs, the Danish government resigns and the Danish army is disarmed. The Danish fleet (coast defense ship, nine submarines, a tender, three minesweepers, five patrol boats, five small minesweepers, and four minelayers) is scuttled at Copenhagen; one coast defense ship is scuttled at Isefjord. Germans capture three minesweepers, and two patrol boats, but one patrol boat, three motor minesweepers and nine small auxiliary vessels escape to Sweden.

German auxiliary cruiser Michel (Schiffe 28) eludes light cruiser Trenton (CL-11) off the coast of Chile.

1968 Yada

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Damage Claimed

SAT 28 AUG 1943
Marines (7th Defense battalion) occupy Nanumea, Ellice Islands.

Submarine Tarpon (SS-175) damages Japanese stores ship Shinsei Maru, 33°39'N, 138°28'E.

Navy PBY aircraft attacks Japanese minelayer Hoko off Buka; although the Catalina crew claims damage, the enemy auxiliary escapes unscathed.

USAAF B-25 and P-38 aircraft bomb Japanese installations in Hansa Bay region, sinking fishing vessels Owaru Maru and Seio Maru.

Lyric Writing 101

The contemporary lyricist can often draw from current events:
They're going after Google
They're coming for the Pope
something something something
Gonna smoke a lotta dope ...
Third line in this form is usually the most difficult. Do remember that "Google" is difficult to rhyme. And that David Peel was the first professional to rhyme "Pope" w/ "dope".

Vanity Filmmaking

A cinematic experience you may have missed*:
AmeriGeddon adapts to film a major conspiracy theory that has vibrated in the fringe right wing for over half a century: the vulnerable US power grid will be hit by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse), and the country will be left without electricity. In the national chaos that follows, martial law will be imposed. American citizens will have their guns confiscated, be rounded up and imprisoned in FEMA concentration camps, and suffer there until they submit to the New World Order. In AmeriGeddon, it’s left to a small group of patriots with “strong survival skills” and “the remains of the Second Amendment” to resist this New World Order and save the nation.
*And in the immortal words of Sam Goldwyn, "Miss it if you can."


Mental Health In These United Snakes

What's wrong w/ these people?


Monday, August 27, 2018

Sea, Air & Land Action

FRI 27 AUG 1943
Marines (2d Airdrome Battalion) and Seabees (16th Construction Battalion) complete occupation of Nukufetau, Ellice Islands. Army troops (RCT 172 of 43d Infantry Division) are landed on Arundel Island, Solomons.
43rd Infantry Division: "Winged Victory on Foot"
Tank landing craft LCT-319 sinks after running aground, Kiska, Aleutians.

Submarine Drum (SS-228) damages Japanese transport Yamagiri Maru, 01°31'S, 148°41'E.

Submarine Grayling (SS-209) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Meizan Maru, 13°35'N, 120°45'E.

Submarine Pollock (SS-180) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Taifuku Maru, 32°28'N, 132°23'E, although minesweeper W.17 arrives on the scene in time to open fire on Pollock, the submarine escapes.

Submarine Snapper (SS-185) inflicts further damage on the previously damaged Japanese transport Tokai Maru (see 26 January and 5 May 1943), Apra Harbor, Guam, 13°31'N, 144°37'E.

USAAF B-17s and B-24s, escorted by P-38s, bomb Japanese installations in the Hansa Bay area, damaging small cargo vessel No.8 Manryu Maru.

USAAF B-24s bomb Japanese shipping off western tip of New Hanover, damaging army cargo ship No.18 Shinsei Maru.

USAAF B-25s bomb Japanese shipping and installations at Choiseul, damaging fishing vessel Kokusei Maru.

Indian Ocean
Last group of survivors from U.S. freighter Robert Bacon, torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-178 on 14 July 1943 off Mozambique Light, reaches safety after 44 days at sea. Only one survivor perishes from exposure.

Aircraft (VC 1) from escort carrier Card (CVE-11) attack German submarines U-508, but the enemy escapes; other VC-1 aircraft sink U-847, mid-Atlantic area, 28°19'N, 37°58'W.

Brides Of Christ Killed Orphans?

Guess knuckle-whacking w/ a straight-edge wasn't enough for these muderous bitches. Burn the gawd-damned churches already, gawd-damn it!
 Christine Kenneally / BuzzFeed News:
Nuns Killed Children, Say Former Residents Of St. Joseph's Catholic Orphanage  —  Millions of American children were placed in orphanages.  Some didn't make it out alive.  —  It was a late summer afternoon, Sally Dale recalled, when the boy was thrown through the fourth-floor window.
But for all these revelations — including this month’s Pennsylvania grand jury report on how the church hid the crimes of hundreds of priests — a darker history, the one to which Sally’s story belongs, remains all but unknown. It is the history of unrelenting physical and psychological abuse of captive children. Across thousands of miles, across decades, the abuse took eerily similar forms: People who grew up in orphanages said they were made to kneel or stand for hours, sometimes with their arms straight out, sometimes holding their boots or some other item. They were forced to eat their own vomit. They were dangled upside down out windows, over wells, or in laundry chutes. Children were locked in cabinets, in closets, in attics, sometimes for days, sometimes so long they were forgotten. They were told their relatives didn’t want them, or they were permanently separated from their siblings. They were sexually abused. They were mutilated.

Darkest of all, it is a history of children who entered orphanages but did not leave them alive.
Totally pro-life.

Dissin' The Dead

Can't even get the easiest of platitudes right.


From McCain to Charlottesville to Puerto Rico, Trump Keeps Disrespecting the Dead

Sen. John McCain’s death is just one of the many times President Trump has ‘fumbled’ and failed to honor the deceased—and hurt grieving families.

Proposing The Kill The Landlords
Act Of 2018

Where are the leaders of the Jewish community? Why won't they step up & condemn their parasitic co-religionists?
 Charles V. Bagli / New York Times:
Kushner Companies and Michael Cohen Accused of Falsifying Building Permits to Push Out Tenants  —  Charles Kushner, the developer whose son Jared Kushner is a senior adviser to President Trump, and Michael Cohen, the president's former personal lawyer, face scrutiny in New York for claims that they falsified construction permits in an attempt to remove rent-regulated tenants from buildings scattered across the city.
Merely the icing on this urinal cake:

Study finds rampant discrimination by landlords against people who get housing help

Keep it up, landlord. I know where your office is.

Mins. later, hot off the laist "presses":

Santa Monica Is Offering Cash To Seniors Struggling To Pay Their Rent

"We had one household where the participant was eating every other day," said Lisa Varon, senior analyst with the city of Santa Monica. "We had another household where the participant was trading her parking space for protein powder. We had people who were forgoing medical or dental care that they needed and making really difficult choices. They were all managing to hang on by just a tiny thread, and they were doing it with a lot of dignity the last quarter of their lives."

Aging in California is becoming less about cruises, the pursuit of hobbies and time with the grandkids under the sun and more about survival. One in five seniors in the state lives in poverty, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Half of the state's single seniors don't have enough money to cover basic expenses. And regions like Los Angeles County are seeing a spike in homelessness among seniors.

Guess This Explains That

 Simone Stolzoff / Quartz:
Amazon is giving employees $50 gift cards to tweet nice things about the company
And that:
 Dan Tynan / The Guardian:
Amazon's ‘ambassador’ workers assure Twitter: we can go to the toilet any time  —  Army of fulfillment center employees jump to company's defense online when it faces a barrage of bad press  —  Anxious consumers worried about the welfare of Amazon's thousands of warehouse employees …
As we noted just a few days ago.

Full Animus Disclosure: I have never purchased anything from Amazon, & when I installed their crummy Kindle reader it effed up all the font sizings on the devil-box. Bastards.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

An Earworm ...

... tunneling through time since 1972.
"Don't Get Me Wrong" - Bonzo Dog Band

Violence, Horror, Explosions, Death

WED 26 AUG 1943
Submarine Tunny (SS-282) attacks Japanese convoy consisting of transport Amagisan Maru and oiler (ex-seaplane carrier) Tsurumi, escorted by submarine chaser Ch 4, off Palaus, 07°30'N, 134°20'E; Tunny's attack is unsuccessful but Ch 4 damages the submarine and forces her to terminate her patrol.

USAAF B-24s bomb Japanese destroyers attempting to reach Buin, 45 miles from Buka, damaging Hamakaze and forcing her to put into Rabaul for repairs.

German submarine U-410 attacks convoy UGS 14 off the coast of Algeria, torpedoing U.S. freighters John Bell 37°11'30"N, 08°21'E, and Richard Henderson 37°12'N, 08°21'E; one of the 43-man merchant complement perishes on board the former while there are no casualties on board the latter. Both ships, irreparably damaged, sink the next morning. British motor minesweeper HMS BYMS 23 and South African armed whaler Southern Maid rescue John Bell's survivors; Southern Maid also participates in rescuing Richard Henderson's survivors as well.

The Personal & The Political

Fifty yrs. ago this wk., during the 1968 Democratic Party Convention in Chicago, I was taken into police custody for the first time. Granted, this didn't take place in Chicago, but in Seattle, & it was a curfew bust. A friend & I had been at a house run by some church ("Hallelujah House", honest!) on Capitol Hill, watching the Chicago P.D. preserving disorder, & when we left to return to our middle-class homes in Madison Park we encountered a prowl car whose occupants decided, it being after 2200, to haul us downtown & make our parents come to pick us up. Believe it or shove it, this reporter had a little baggie o' reefer in his possession, which the police didn't discover until we received a more thorough going-over downtown. (Those were the days. Back of a police car, no 'cuffs, a cursory pat-down, neither screen nor bulletproof glass between the seats ... coulda plugged those coppers if I'd just had a small hand-gun on me. Second time in custody was another story; 20+ arrestees in the back of a Ford Econoline, w/ screens. Anyway ...)

Legal result of the big bust? A visit to the office of Juvenile Control Officer (That's what it said on his business card.) Yumul, whose first question to me was "Did the arresting officer inform you of your rights?" My response was "I didn't even know I'd been 'arrested'", which took a lot of wind out of Off. Yumul's sails, & about all he could do was give me the standard lecture, the one detail of which I remember was that speed freaks would live on a box of Wheaties for a wk. I of course claimed it was my first time & some hippie on the street I'd never seen before or since had sold it to me.

The MC5's Wayne Kramer was there.

And it never stops.

America’s Never-Ending Culture War

The issues that drove protesters to Chicago in 1968 are still motivating our partisan divide, 50 years later.

Get The "Thoughts & Prayers" Ready

Idle thoughts, if not prayers:
"Tin soldiers & Nixon's coming, four dead in Jacksonville!"

This scab of a nation is nothing more than alienated video-gamers shooting up the temples of commodity fetishism.

Four-word shorter: Rats in a cage!!

If the U.S. individual record is the 59 set in Las Vegas last yr., can we really call the death of a mere four a "mass" killing?
Some, of course, will be more disturbed by the sound of the word "fuck" than by the sounds of murder.

Ultimate Round-Up

No more for a while.

I Tweet!

It Begins


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Damaged In Collision

WED 25 AUG 1943
Rear Admiral Marc A. Mitscher is relieved as Commander Aircraft, Solomons, by Major General Nathan F. Twining, USA.

TG 34.4, covered by four destroyers, sows mines off Wilson Cove, western Kolombongara; light minelayers Montgomery (DM-17) and Preble (DM-20) are damaged in collision as they retire from the area, 09°01'S, 159°50'E.

Destroyer Patterson (DD-392) sinks Japanese submarine RO 35 170 miles southeast of San Cristobal Island, Solomons, 12°57'S, 164°23'E.

USAAF B-24 damages Japanese vessel Mito Maru 60 miles west-northwest of Mussau Island.

Action In The North Atlantic?
Second Fleet Returns

Action in the North Atlantic - Trailer
NORFOLK, Va. — The U.S. Navy formally re-established its 2nd Fleet on Friday, intensifying its focus on the North Atlantic Ocean where the Russian military is operating at a pace not seen since the end of the Cold War.

The change is mostly organizational. It revives an Admiral-level command dedicated to overseeing American warships as they deploy between the U.S. East Coast and the Barents Sea, off of the coasts of Norway and Russia.

The revived fleet also reflects a broader change in U.S. military strategy. The nation's primary concern is shifting from terrorism in the Middle East to America's growing competition with Russia and China.

"We're not looking for a fight," Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson said aboard the U.S.S. George H. W. Bush aircraft carrier in Norfolk, Virginia. "But the best way to avoid a fight is develop the most powerful and deadly and competitive Navy possible," he said.

Richardson added that if called upon, the Norfolk-based 2nd Fleet "will conduct decisive combat operations to defeat any enemy."
N.F.B.: This is now, & real. Do not confuse w/ the interminable 75 yrs. ago in (mostly) submarine warfare series that appears daily in this space. (At last, we'll be at war w/ real wanna-be expansionists, rather than "terrorists" defending their homes & loved ones against invading occupiers.)



Today-ish in web-log activity.

Friday, August 24, 2018

For The Record

Rushed Edition.

Nagonna Vote For Anyone Whose
Name Sounds Like "Schicklgruber"

Speaking at an Axios event in Denver on Friday, Democratic governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper said that he has talked to a lot of "old friends" this summer about a potential 2020 run.
Hickenlooper is currently 66, which is too damn old; we/the left/The Left/The (let's face it) Democratic Party need someone under 50. See: Clinton & Obama. Do not see Gore, Kerry (See two items below, however; they're wise to
him & his energy beams.) or the loser Clinton. "Talked to a lot of old friends" is of course a euphemism for "tried
to determine how receptive the money people will be to my shameless begging". Up yours, Hickenlooper.

(We need a damn "WH2020" label now? 50+ yrs. of mere political awareness, if not involvement, is about enough. Probably need a "Fuck Everything To Hell For All Eternity" label too, if we're to bother at all. As if.)

DeGaulle Recognized

TUE 24 AUG 1943
QUADRANT Conference ends. President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill agree to intensify the war against Japan without relaxing the effort against Germany in Europe, and to intensify the war against Italy. Additionally, steps will be taken to include the Russians to a greater degree in the western Allies and to recognize General Charles DeGaulle's French Committee of National Liberation as representative of the Free French.

New Georgia, Solomons, campaign ends as U.S. Army troops occupy Bairoko Harbor.

Motor torpedo boats PT-175, PT-176, and PT-164, operating from Rendova, are damaged by Japanese floatplanes, Gizo Strait.

Submarine Whale (SS-239) damages Japanese fleet tanker San Diego Maru, 31°30'N, 128°35'E.

Small reconnaissance seaplane from Japanese submarine I-25 reconnoiters Espiritu Santo.

Aircraft (VC 13) from escort carrier Core (CVE-13) sink German submarines U-84 at 27°09'N, 37°03'W, and U-185 at 27°00'N, 37°06'W, southwest of the Azores.

German planes bomb U.S. tanker Esso Providence off Port Augusta, Sicily; there are no fatalities among the ship's merchant and Armed Guard complement.

"... and then you have energy beams coming out of Antarctica splitting hurricanes?"

"I Lost My Mind" - RAMONES

Infowars host: Hurricane threatening Hawaii has been split in two by energy beam shot from Antarctica, possibly by John Kerry

Owen Shroyer: “Why is John Kerry going down to Antarctica just a week after the election to discuss climate change and then you have energy beams coming out of Antarctica splitting hurricanes?”

Yeah, why is that, anyway?
PROF. DARRELL HAMAMOTO: Owen, that’s an amazing graphic. I think we’ve seen a number of the channels on YouTube that show us a different bizarre weather that’s been occurring across the world and in the United States that are listed in YouTube. But in watching that graphic, I’m remembering all of a sudden that didn’t John “Skull and Bones” Kerry, the former presidential candidate against George W. Bush, another Skull and Bonesman, didn’t he go -- he made a quick trip to Antarctica not too long ago, did he not?

SHROYER: No, you’re 100 percent accurate. John Kerry was in Antarctica, I think it was two years ago or less.

HAMAMOTO: I don’t know, was he checking out the hardware or the facility? There are all kinds of different rumors and speculation and I think they need to be checked out. Maybe John Kerry should be visited by some of our intelligence people. Maybe this would be a good use of the FBI instead of trying to indict President Trump on these crazy charges. But maybe the FBI can be interview John Kerry and ask him what he was doing down there and what he found out.

SHROYER: Yeah, why is John Kerry going down to Antarctica just a week after the election to discuss climate change and then you have energy beams coming out of Antarctica spilling hurricanes? What is John Kerry doing down there? That’s awfully suspicious to me.

HAMAMOTO: You know there might be a direct line that connects that facility down in Antarctica to the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington D.C., where the Obama Foundation is housed in a 8,400 square foot home that I believe is in part subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer. Kalorama, ladies and gentlemen. K-A-L-A-O-R-A-M-A (sic). The Obama foundation.
Oooh. Well then. John Kerry has a lot of 'splaining to do, doesn't he?
"Science Gone Too Far!" - Dictators
"I Lost (My Mind)" - Angry Samoans

Bring It On, Bigmouth!

Remind me again who won the popular (or "people's") vote, Rudy, you wretched shitheel.
 Sky News:
Rudy Giuliani: Impeaching Trump would mean 'people's revolt'  —  Donald Trump's lawyer has said “the American people would revolt” if the president was impeached.  —  In an interview with Sky News Rudy Giuliani claimed there was “no reason” for an impeachment and called Mr Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen “a liar”.
Rudy's right; if any of them make it from the couch to the Hoveround® or golf cart there could be trouble.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Same Old Different Day

Here's today's, which I had to complete at the local library branch, due to idiots trying to determine which apartments are on which circuit breakers. This is achieved by turning each breaker off & then on, over & over, which is hell on saving one's work.

Today From The Amazon Cult

Just kidding. Not a "cult" in the least, but a full-fledged fascist entity, complete w/ employee apologists.
 Dan Tynan / The Guardian:
Amazon's ‘ambassador’ workers assure Twitter: we can go to the toilet any time  —  Army of fulfillment center employees jump to company's defense online when it faces a barrage of bad press  —  Anxious consumers worried about the welfare of Amazon's thousands of warehouse employees …
"Your bosses will work you 'til you're in your graves!", as I've been noting since 'bout 1982.
Patti Smith recites "Piss Factory"
Johnny Paycheck - "Take This Job And Shove It"

Friendly Torpedo

MON 23 AUG 1943
Coastal minesweeper Crow (AMc-20) is sunk by erratic running friendly aircraft torpedo, Puget Sound, Washington.

Submarine Grayling (SS-209) delivers supplies to Filipino guerrilla forces on Panay.

Submarine Paddle (SS-263) sinks Italian merchant passenger/cargo ship Ada off Hamamatsu, Japan, 34°37'N, 137°53'E.

Japanese transport Heito Maru is sunk by Allied aircraft east of Car Nicobar.

Tug Narragansett (AT-88) is damaged, and submarine chasers SC-694 and SC-696 are sunk, by German JU-88s off Palermo, Sicily, 38°08'N, 13°22'E.

U.S. freighter Pierre Soule en route from Sicily to Bizerte, Tunisia, is torpedoed by German submarine U-380, 38°21'N, 12°50'E. Tug Nauset (AT-89) tows the damaged freighter to Bizerte, arriving the following morning. There are no casualties.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Sinking Ships In The Pacific

SUN 22 AUG 1943
Marines (2d Airdrome Battalion) begin occupation of Nukufetau Atoll, Ellice Islands, as efforts proceed to acquire airfields to support the projected operations in the Marshalls and Gilberts (see 27 and 28 August 1943).

Submarine Pike (SS-173) damages Japanese army cargo ship Toun Maru, 21°22'N, 137°50'E.

Submarine Plunger (SS-179) sinks Japanese merchant fishery mother ship Ryokai Maru, 42°40'N, 139°48'E.

Submarine Swordfish (SS-193) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Nishiyama Maru off Palau, 02°53'N, 136°21'E.

Submarine Tullibee (SS-284) sinks Japanese transport Kaisho Maru, 10°09'N, 147°25'E, and survives depth-charge attack by Ikazuchi.

He's Just Saying

Trump is an illegitimate president whose election is tainted by fraud

Max Boot (Good initials!) in Jeff "Pee in a bottle & get back to work!" Bezos's "Democracy Dies in Darkness" rag.

Also about Amazon: Even if it isn't your primary conduit for plastic consumer crap, if you're a tax-paying chump Amazon may be profiting from you through corporate welfare.

Amazon's cloud business leads American companies in shifting its electric cost to taxpayers

Things will get worse before they get better, w/ the caveat that things may never get better.

All About Me, Me, Me!!

There is no other but me, & no other like me, either. Which is a gawd-damned shame, really.

Ice Ice Baby

Once Again, Compare & Contrast:

Arctic’s strongest sea ice breaks up for first time on record

Usually frozen waters open up twice this year in phenomenon scientists described as scary
I do wish scientists wouldn't use juvenile words like "scary".

Scientists discover water ice on moon's surface. Here's why that's big news.

The water could provide a critical resource for future expeditions.
[Grauniad/Nasty Broadcasting Co. News]

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Purge Of Calif. Republican Legislators Continues

Out demons out!! Duncan D. Hunter, whose father, Duncan Lee Hunter, was noted previously in this space (& some time ago) is in trouble, this time for spending the peoples' money as if it were his own & he could waste it on bullshit.
Use of campaign contributions for personal benefit is forbidden by federal law to protect against undue influence by donors.

Hunter's contributions are dominated by defense contractors and transportation companies whose businesses are affected by the committees on which he serves.

Hunter has denied intentional wrongdoing but has reimbursed his campaign for more than $60,000 of purchases including video games, oral surgery, groceries, garage door repair, family vacations, surfing equipment, dance recital trips, school lunches, school tuition and school uniforms.
Whiny-Ass Titty Baby Hunter then goes on & on for paragraph after paragraph about the people in the F.B.I. & C.I.A. who are out to get him, Trump & publicity. Such wonderful, law-abiding people, corrupted by a desire for fame.

And a fond farewell & fuck-off to alleged car thief, arsonist & all-around shitheel Darrell Issa, getting out before it's too late for his sorry ass.
Note: The above is a draft, dated 11 January of this yr. (The day after Issa announced he was giving up & the Hunter Grand Jury subpoena was issued.) Just found it when searching for our two previous items on Duncan Lee Hunter. Acorn, tree, yada. We were really ahead of the curve on this one. Too bad we never bothered to publish it in Jan.
Testify, Sister Katie!!

Official Rigged Deep State release:
Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Rep. Duncan D. Hunter and Wife Indicted for Converting Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Campaign Funds and Falsifying Campaign Finance Records

Kelly Thornton, Director of Media Relations (619) 546-9726
NEWS RELEASE SUMMARY – August 21, 2018
SAN DIEGO – U.S. Rep. Duncan D. Hunter and his wife, Margaret E. Hunter, were indicted by a federal grand jury today on charges that they converted more than $250,000 in campaign funds to pay for personal expenses and filed false campaign finance records with the Federal Election Commission.   

Drifting Mine

SAT 21 AUG 1943
Motor torpedo boats PT-181 and PT-183, operating from Rendova, are damaged by strafing of Japanese floatplane, northwest of Turovilu Island.

U.S. freighter Cape Mohican is damaged (most likely by drifting mine) while in convoy MKF 22, off coast of North Africa, 33°42'N, 16°43'E, but reaches Malta under tow. There are no fatalities among the complement of 41 merchant sailors and a 24-man Armed Guard.

Depress Yourself

Just peep inside the epistemic bubble via The Righting, which ... help[s] inform middle-of-the-road and liberal audiences about stories and viewpoints not on their radar screens that are shaping political opinion across a wide swath of America.
Or, you could "Express Yourself" - Charles Wright

Compound Word Of The Day:

"Guilty" - Ken Parker
"Guilty Conscience" - The Ethiopians
"Every day carry bucket to the well; one day the bucket bottom must drop out ..."
"Everything Crash" - The Ethiopians

Local Action

Web-log wrangling leads to lotsa crap piling up in the browser.

Probably wouldn't arse myself had I not lived at the other end of the next block from The Bourgeois Pig & the Swine-enterology Celebrity Centre International, on the Franklin Strip, from 1992 until 2002.
I'm pretty damn sure I've been to every spot illustrated.

Today's Aggregation Link

We'll try to do better tomorrow.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Shove It, Snowflakes

Fuck Your Feelings, Too

 Amber Athey / The Daily Caller:
The Full List Of Anti-Trump Attacks And Harassment This Year Is Stunning  —  Violent anti-Trump rhetoric, harassment of White House officials and attacks on the president's supporters have seemingly become the new norm since Trump took office.  —  In the latest incident on Sunday …
If you can't take the heat, get your asses out of the kitchen, pansies.

Pompano Departs (For Eternal Patrol)

FRI 20 AUG 1943
Destroyer Pringle (DD-477) is damaged by Japanese strafing and near-miss of bombs while transiting Gizo Strait, Solomons; tank landing ships LST-354 is damaged by near-misses of bombs, off Barakoma.

Submarine Gar (SS-206) sinks Japanese transport Seizan Maru, 01°00'N, 119°00'E.

Submarine Pompano (SS-181) departs Midway on her seventh war patrol. She is never heard from again.

Submarine Plunger (SS-179) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Seitai Maru off the southwest coast of Hokkaido, 42°15'N, 139°58'E.

Submarine Wahoo (SS-238) sinks Japanese merchant sampan No.1 Inari Maru, 45°50'N, 146°22'E.

Dutch submarine O 24 sinks Japanese gunboat Chosa Maru south of Penang, Malaya, 05°09'N, 100°10'E.

Naval Base, Rosneath, Scotland, is reestablished.

German submarine U-670 is accidentally rammed and sunk during night training exercises in Baltic Sea.

Non-Monsanto Round-Up

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Shoal Struck

THU 19 AUG 1943
Destroyer Warrington (DD-383) is damaged when she strikes a shoal at 09°21'S, 160°21'E.

OS2N (VS 57) sinks Japanese submarine I-17 off eastern Australia, 23°26'S, 166°50'E.

Submarine Finback (SS-230) sinks Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 109 (ex-Dutch patrol vessel Kawi) off east coast of Celebes, 03°01'S, 125°50'E.

Aircraft (VC 25) from escort carrier Croatan (CVE-25) attack German submarine U-134, northwest of the Azores, but the latter escapes.

And Counting ...

Exactly one month until I can retire. From all existence.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Ugliest American

This sick fuck doesn't even seem nice.The 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know from (Pronounced "Heave-y"?)
American missionary Jimmy Taylor was arrested by police in Uganda after going on a violent racist tirade where he attacked hotel workers and used racial epithets and slurs after he accused them of disgracing Jesus.

Taylor was in Uganda as a missionary. He had arrived recently after doing similar Christian missionary work in India.

Africa News reported that once a video of the racist American pastor emerged online showing him pursuing a hotel employee and slapping him several times on claims that he “disgraced Jesus,'” police were able to identify and locate Taylor.

He’s in a Ugandan jail charged with assault.
The missionary articulates his position:

"You Obey What I Say … Look at me! Look at Christ Who Died For You … Nigger!"

In the near 2-minute violent racist attack, Taylor jumps over the hotel lobby counter, throws and smashes items onto the floor and goes after one employee while another can be seen off to the left.

“You hate Jesus. You hate yourself. You hate me. You disgrace Jesus. Huh? Talk. Talk!” And then he punches the hotel front desk staffer in the face. The man restrains himself. Folds his arms and takes another hit. “Come on bitch. Come on, whore. You open my fucking room. I’ll fucking kill you.” And he strikes the man again. An employee, possibly a manager, in blue shirt, comes into the frame and Taylor says, “Sir, sir. He has disgraced Jesus, he has disgraced Jesus.” And then Taylor strikes the man again and again. The employee pushes back but Taylor keeps going. “I’m not gonna tolerate no more. Jesus is not gonna tolerate it … Yeah, film me,” he says when he realizes a camera is recording him.

“Fuck Uganda. I come to love Uganda. I come to help Uganda but Uganda hates Jesus through this son-of-a-bitch. You understand me. Yes, I know you do.” And then puts his hands on the hotel employee in the blue shirt’s face. The employee pulls away. Taylor then says, ““No! No! You obey what I say. I don’t obey you. Open my fucking room now!”
Odds Jimmy's credit card was rejected?
Taylor continues as the men remain calm. “You understand? You understand nigger bitch. Nigger. Look at me! Look at Christ who died for you. Look at me. Look at Christ.” The employee who Taylor repeatedly attacked is his primary target. The employee tries to walk away and Taylor cracks him on the back of his head.
Wait a minute here; who's dissing Jesus now? Someone's damn name's being used in vain.

Anyway, another nail in Yankee evangelical/missionary/fundamentalist/bullshit Christianity's coffin. Trump releasing the 'Murkin Jebus id has helped peel a few more layers from the onion of hypocrisy.

And this. (If it embeds. If not, click.) Very odd, if not creepy.
Video: American missionary Jimmy Taylor prays with kids in Uganda
American missionary Jimmy L.Taylor, filmed while praying with children in Uganda.

"... caused accidentally by own ship's force"

WED 18 AUG 1943
Task group composed of four destroyers (Captain Thomas J. Ryan) attacks Japanese convoy north of Vella Lavella, Solomons; destroyers Nicholas (DD-449), Chevalier (DD-451), O'Bannon (DD-450), and Taylor (DD-468) sink auxiliary submarine chasers Cha 5 and Cha 12.

In the first step toward acquiring airfields in the Ellice Islands to support projected operations in the Marshalls and Gilberts, an advanced survey party moves onto Nanomea atoll.

Tank landing ships LST-396 is sunk by explosion (believed to have been caused accidentally by own ship's force), en route to Barakoma, Solomons, 08°18'S, 156°55'E.

Destroyer Abner Read (DD-526) is damaged by mine off Conquer Point, Kiska Island, Aleutians, 52°01'N, 177°26'E. [The rest of the story.]

Submarine Plunger (SS-179) damages Japanese merchant cargo ship Okuni Maru, 43°30'N, 140°30'E.

Advanced Amphibious Training Base, St. Mawes, Cornwall, England, is established.

Light cruisers Philadelphia (CL-41) and Boise (CL-47) and four destroyers shell Gioia Taura and Palmi on Italian mainland.

Late American Bandstand

The unedited version, from First Draft's SATURDAY ODDS & SODS, because we somehow ran a shorter version when Ms. Franklin died on Thursday.

Guilty Guilty Guilty!

Junior Brown & Ranking Ruebin - "Jah Find Babylon Guilty" (Extended + Dub)
Josh Marshall notes the grim reality; the only question is why few are willing or even able to admit it.
Trump is guilty. Why there’s such resistance to this reality is an interesting question. My own best guess is that it is too disquieting a reality to grapple with. Someone who has deliberately betrayed his country and who is compromised by and under the thumb of a foreign despot clearly should not be President. But his supporters don’t accept that. And as long as they don’t there’s no path to removing him from power prior to 2020 and maybe even beyond. That means that for the present we are locked in a situation in which we must operate in a system in which the person with the most power is working for a foreign adversary, whether out of avarice or fear. That is a profoundly uncomfortable reality. Remaining agnostic on the big question is more comfortable.

That’s my theory. But my theory, the why, doesn’t really matter. The fact that the reality is real and that it’s too hard for many to accept is what matters.
That's why truth is so beautiful: It hurts like a son-of-a-bitch.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Sicily Campaign Over

TUE 17 AUG 1943
QUADRANT Conference at Quebec, Canada, begins with President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill and the Combined Chiefs of Staff to discuss worldwide strategy, with the principal concern to eliminate Italy from the war.

Destroyers Waller (DD-466) and Philip (DD-498) are damaged by collision off Barakoma, Solomons, 08°11'S, 156°43'E, while defending convoy against Japanese air attack.

USAAF B-24s damage Japanese cargo vessel Amagisan Maru off Balikpapan.

Portugal agrees to grant bases in the Azores to Great Britain.

Army troops enter Messina terminating the campaign in Sicily. Commander Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 15 (Lieutenant E.A. Dubose, USNR), after unopposed landings from motor torpedo boats PT-215, PT-216 and PT-217 on islands of Lipari and Stromboli, accepts the unconditional surrender of the Lipari Islands (Alicudi, Filicudi, Vulcano, Stromboli, Salina and Lipari). Destroyer Trippe (DD-403) covers the operation.

Infantry landing craft LCI-1 is sunk by aircraft off Bizerte, Tunisia.