Sunday, August 31, 2014

Scratch I

400 FT

Pier Parking

OMG!! Thug Flashing Gang Signs! Shoot To Kill!!

Because it was all Michael Brown deserved, right America?

Made From American Shit
In Shitty America

Rumor has it something called a "Made in America" music-fest or some such crap is occurring locally, now we see that there's one by the same name in Philadelphia. Apparently non-existent Gawd hates America, as he was threatening America-lovers w/ death by lightning, which is the only reason we even heard of this other festival.

Is "Made in America" something to do w/ Labor Day? (No. Something to do w/ Budweiser, apparently. I am about to vomit. Bud*: America's best. Says it all, dunnit?) Because most of the music being recycled/remade today (Invent some new notes or chords or something; have heard every last one of the currently existing ones enough already!) is as lousy as the rest of whatever shit is still manufactured in America. Actually, what do we still manufacture here? Ah: Food. Which is no longer cooked or baked, but indeed manufactured. How's that working out for you, sheep of Obesity Nation?
*America & Budweiser. peas in a pod? Not fucking quite:
Anheuser-Busch InBev is a Belgian-Brazilian multinational beverage and brewing company headquartered in Leuven, Belgium.
What do they know about "America"?

Hitler Annexes Sudetenland!

Sorry, headline not entirely accurate:
Jerusalem (AFP) - Israel announced Sunday it will expropriate 400 hectares (988 acres) of Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, angering the Palestinians and alarming Israeli peace campaigners.

A Plea From Kali

Ha ha is joke. Beg Jah in one hand & shit in the other; which piles up faster?


Those fat fucks at the Onion are snooping on me:
Suggestions that DaemonX could simply be a crazed vagrant using the internet at a public library have largely been dismissed, with Twitter users noting that his needlessly vulgar and aggressive tweets personally attacking “fat fuck” celebrities and other people he has never met often occur as late as 2 a.m.


Sources have also confirmed that DaemonXwhoever, whose comments on a recent Slate story headlined “The Hard Truth About Obesity” included “Obesity makes ME hard lol” and “Fuk Obama, take your camels back 2 Africa,” must at least possess the mental faculties necessary to have registered with the news website and have kept track of his username and password for each subsequent login.
Pen or pencil & a Post-it®. Not that hard.
As a result, sources added, the man who has claimed on numerous occasions to be the “only 1 who makes any fucking sense, fuck u if ur 2 stupid to take it” presumably interacts freely with dozens of citizens per day without any monitoring whatsoever.

“The scariest thing is knowing that DaemonX isn’t the only one out there,” an anonymous internet user told reporters in an email statement. “There r so many crazy fucking nutsoz in this world that it makes me want to shoot everyone. Those faggots can go die.”

“Fucking faggits,” he added.

Everything You (Think) You Know
Is Wrong

In the world of how-many-angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin theorizing by saps desperate for "meaning" or desperate to understand a random meaningless universe, some wising up may be about to happen:
We observe this particular bubble, the reasoning goes, not because its properties make sense, but because its peculiar Higgs boson is conducive to the formation of atoms and, thus, the rise of life. More typical bubbles, with their Planck-size Higgs bosons, are uninhabitable.

“It’s not a very satisfying explanation, but there’s not a lot out there,”
said someone whose name doesn't matter.

See? No damn sense to be made of the entire ugly mess.
As the logical conclusion of prevailing assumptions, the multiverse hypothesis has surged in begrudging popularity in recent years. But the argument feels like a cop-out to many, or at least a huge letdown. A universe shaped by chance cancellations eludes understanding, and the existence of unreachable, alien universes may be impossible to prove.
Fuck these egg-heads. Next thing they'll turn to religion for explanation & understanding. Feh. Why can't they face a random meaningless universe? I stare it in the face every day.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Roots Of The Junior Birdmen

It only took US$300.00 (approx. US$4,130.00 in today's moolah) to take off:
The Curtiss JN-4, built by the Curtiss Aeroplane Company in Buffalo, New York, became a mainstay of the US Army Air Service, which bought thousands of them to train pilots. It was a rudimentary plane, even then, with one seat for a student and another for the instructor. It had two fixed wheels and a wooden tail skid. Fitted with a 90-horsepower Curtiss OX–5 V8 engine, the biplane could hit 75 mph and fly as high as 11,000 feet. It had a wingspan of 43 feet, weighed less than a ton fully loaded, and could stay airborne for just over two hours. Most of them carried no weapons and were used solely for training.

What made the plane so special, and so popular, was the fact that it was mass-produced. The JN-4D, the most popular model, came out in 1917, and four other companies joined Curtiss in producing enough of them to meet wartime demand. All told, nearly 7,000 Jennies were built, most of them JN–4Ds produced during the 12 months before the end of the war.

As popular as the plane was with the Army, the Jenny came into her own after the war. The government sold hundreds of surplus JN-4s, some of them still in their shipping containers, to anyone with $300 (about $4,130 today), says Jeffery S. Underwood, a historian at the United States Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. The plane proved especially adept at barnstorming, becoming the most popular aircraft used in that daring sport. Thousands of pilots learned to fly in a Jenny, including Amelia Earhart.

The Two Towers

Darwin Is Somehow Involved Here

A woman says that her husband, who died of a heart attack on a Southwest flight, could not have a defibrillator used right away because flight attendants told her his chest was too hairy.
Try your luck, avast! claims there's malware at ABC7.

I Hope The Fucking Sheep Have To "Wear" This Personal Digi-Bullshit Shoved Up Their Flabby American Asses

Greatest Regret: If I'd had the slightest inkling of what the Silicon Valley would become when I lived in Atherton I would've ridden my bike south to Sunnyvale, arsonized the Sperry-Rand Corp.'s Sperry Gyroscope Division, circled around to burn NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View to the ground & then whipped through Palo Alto, getting Hewlett-Packard & Stanford on the way home, those being the worst offenders/roots of the problem in those dark days.

Then, had I gotten to Paul Allen & Bill Gates at The Lakeside School our present world might be tolerable, even if self-expression required typing this sort of shit on my S-CM electric, copying it at Kinkos & wheat-pasting the rants on 'phone poles & traffic control boxes throughout Southern Calif.

But no. I blew it & we got this:
Report: Apple executives have discussed charging $400 for new wearable device; sources say consumers should expect range of prices - @Recode
More intolerable bullshit from the same source:
Could you fucking fascists stop "reimagining" the digital boot stamping on a human face — forever, that is the only apparent result of all your previous imagining? That would be a start.

"Hey Baby, Bend Over &
I'll Drive You Home!"

Today in "having it all": Four paragraphs aimed at The Corner's readers, neither long nor difficult, simply indescribably inane, & rather sad too.
Most women who are young or halfway attractive will at some point experience rude and occasionally frightening behavior from men. So what? I’ve had some of the same kinds of unhappy experiences that Christine Sisto describes. Once, at the age of 18, while on a train in France, a derelict man — the only other passenger in the car — pleasured himself to the point of satisfaction while leering and grunting at me. Gross and scary. But you know what? I’m fine. I felt sorry for him. What a sad, lonely wreck of a man. He didn’t hurt me, though, except by giving me an unpleasant window into human nature.

Despite this disgusting experience (and a few others like it, including when I was much younger than 18), I’ll second the views of the lovely ladies of Fox News’s Outnumbered: Catcalls can be flattering, so long as they don’t cross the line into physical groping, intimidation, or assault.
"Occasionally frightening behavior from men? So what?" John Lennon must have been wrong: We are here to live in pain & fear.

In another context (You can imagine a few scenarios, can't you?) it would be "I was frightened, I had to shoot him. He might have had a gun, I didn't know but I was sooo scared ... Self-defense! Second Amendment!! Stand your ground!!!"

Others have criticized:
The thing is, the article is nothing compared to the comments.
What is these days?

Seldom Have I Been So Proud

First Amendment fan Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the iNternet.

Incessant Real-Life Violence

Nihilist's Corner: Panic In Babylon

I'm ready!Now the news:

EU's Barroso warns Ukraine crisis
near 'point of no return'

It is the fact that Russia is in a war state against Ukraine. That means it is in a state of war against a country which would like to be closely integrated with the EU. Practically Russia is in a state of war against Europe. That means we need to help Ukraine to ... defend its territory and its people and to help militarily, especially with the military materials to help Ukraine to defend itself because today Ukraine is fighting a war on behalf of all Europe.

War in Europe is not a hysterical idea

Two tunes from one band neatly encapsulate this world of shit & pain.
Wimps (Those who prefer the piano to the sound of liberation.) can get the same message from this.

Wednesday In Law-Abiding Citizens
Drunken Pigs

A drunken federal agent was arrested in Burbank after allegedly pulling out a handgun and telling someone to follow him early Wednesday.

Officers responded to a report of a person brandishing a gun around 12:30 a.m. in the 300 block of East Santa Anita Avenue, according to a news release from the Burbank Police Department.

The victim told police that they were ordered by a “very” intoxicated man armed with a gun to follow him. After following the man for a short period, the victim ran away and was able to escape, officials said.

Police searched the area and found Andrew Leconte around 1 a.m. near San Fernando Boulevard and Angeleno Avenue, less than one mile away.

Investigators later learned that Leconte is an agent with the United States Marshals Service.

Leconte was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and brandishing a firearm, police said. Burbank police were investigating the incident.
How much time will Marshal Dillon there have to do? It better be plenty. No probation for gun-slinging drunks, damnit! Law enforcement officers who violate America's laws should be locked up & the key thrown away. Maximum sentence, no parole. There are no excuses for these bastards.

Part II (mins. later):

A man who’d been in charge of upholding the law for three decades is now accused of breaking it. Richmond police arrested an off-duty Walnut Creek Police Officer for allegedly donning a mask and beating a woman with a baseball bat on August 16. The attack happened around 2 a.m., in a residential neighborhood on Clinton and San Pablo avenues in Richmond.

53-year-old Gregory Thompson has been with the Walnut Creek Police Department for 30 years. He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and felony vandalism after the attack.

Neighbors on Clinton Avenue recalled the commotion they heard the morning of the attack, around 2 a.m..

“We'd already gone to bed, kept hearing a banging, thumping noise,” neighbor Carus Culver, said.

Richmond police came to the area after getting several calls from neighbors about a woman screaming

“Police came knocking on our doors,” neighbor Jason Peneyra, said. “They were looking for a suspect.”

That suspect turned out to be Thompson.

“A woman came down the street yelling that he had tried to attack her and another woman,” Culver recalled.

Richmond police found Thompson sitting in his car nearby and said he identified himself as a law enforcement officer. Investigators found a mask on the floor of his car and a baseball bat in the trunk.

“It's alarming for a police officer to do that,” Peneyra said. “That's weird. That's really weird.”

Richmond police said the victim didn't know Thompson. She just happened to wander into the neighborhood after her car ran out of gas.

“We don't have a motive in this case, but we're looking at the possibility this was mistaken identity, or someone else was supposed to be targeted. We just don't know,” Richmond Police Capt. Bisa French, said.

Neighbors told us a vacant home near where the attack happened belonged to Thompson's parents. Neighbors had noticed minor vandalism, like broken windows, in the home in the past couple months.

Culver wondered if Thompson had been on the lookout for vandals the night of the attack, but said even if that had been the case, “You call the police, you don't take matters into your own hands and act violently.”
But that is exactly what the police do, virtually every time. Even if it's in another dep't.'s jurisdiction. Mr. Culver must live in a very sheltered environment, or else he is an ignorant & gullible moron like the rest of America's sheep. Fuck him & fuck the police.
No one answered the door at a home listed in Thompson's name in Martinez. Thompson was released on bail earlier this month. Walnut Creek police said Thompson has been taken off patrol and will remain on paid administrative leave during a criminal and internal investigation.

Richmond police said there was another woman who tried to intervene in the attack and may have also been injured by the baseball bat, but they haven't been able to find her. The only known victim went to the hospital for treatment of her injuries after the attack that night, but French said the woman's injuries were non-life-threatening and she is expected to fully recover.
Thirty yrs. of being a pig, thirty yrs. in prison for being a pig. Sounds fair to this reporter.

Lest we forget:

Today In Aviation

What the hell? (Not the wardrobe malfunction thumbnailed, you old perv. Click to see!)Can that have been real, & if so can the pilots still be employed? Or not in jail?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Can't Wait!

Now take all that, and imagine what the atmosphere will be like if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee in 2016. There will be a tsunami of misogynistic hate directed at Clinton, which we know because she's always generated a particularly ugly brand of male sexual panic in conservatives. If she's actually threatening to become president, it'll be worse than ever. In the face of that, the Republicans who try to argue that their party has something to offer women voters are going to get laughed right out of the voting booth.
Too damn bad, really, because I have no desire to be sympathetic to Mme. Republican-Lite.


So much for the big surf.

Secret History

Very informative. WeHo's signage dimbulbs got the accent wrong while they were not telling us anything.
Blah & also blah et here, 19XX.

Shorter: Everything's Made Out Of Shit & We're All Dying

What Truthdig pulled for its feed:
By Henry A. Giroux, CounterPunch
When our inner worlds work under the death-haunted dictates of casino capitalism, the Apocalypse is embraced as if it functioned exclusively as a form of entertainment, rather than providing a warning about the rise of militarism, the killing of civilians, and religious and political fundamentalisms.
What we pulled for blather:
Democracy is under assault and appears to have fallen over the edge into what Hannah Arendt once called “dark times”, but as Catherine Clement has noted “every culture has an imaginary zone for what it excludes, and it is that zone that we must remember today.” I believe that such a zone is crucial to remember because it makes visible the long history of struggle by labor, unions, workers, young people, feminists, civil rights advocates, gay activists, progressive educators, and others who believed in the promise of a radical democracy along with the necessity to struggle with a renewed sense of urgency and collective strength. It is time for that struggle to deepen so as to shake off the authoritarian nightmare now engulfing American society.
Keep remembering & deepening the struggle from the McMaster University Chair for Scholarship in the Public Interest in the English and Cultural Studies Department and a Distinguished Visiting Professorship at Ryerson University, ivory tower jagoff. Typing a few more books going to fix everything?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Not Legal Yet*

[TRIGGER WARNING: Ignernt redneck crackers fulfilling a stereotype.]
Christopher Buckner, 20, of Guyton, and her brother, Timothy Savoy, 25, of Jackson, Ga., were arrested and charged with incest, aggravated sodomy and prowling, according to Sheriff’s Office spokesman David Ehsanipoor.

The spokesman said deputies answered a call at about 4:30 a.m. about a prowler in the area of Hester Road and Ga. 30.

As deputies were checking the area, they saw a man and woman walking down the road. The male said he was walking the female back to her house.

Deputies determined that the pair were brother and sister and that they had just had sex in a Kenworth tractor trailer, which was parked at Countryside Baptist Church, Ehsanipoor said.

He said they admitted having sex three times after watching the movie, “The Notebook.”

They were being held in the Effingham County jail.
Not getting the amount of detail & brand-naming. The cop-typist just discover "new journalism"? I suppose learning that watching The Notebook can have that sort of effect on people is a good, if creepy, thing. Just bear that in mind any time a relative suggests watching it.
*Ahead of ourself.

Puppetry, Pigs & Sheep

If a person of a darker hue is merely holding a toy gun in a Wal★Mart (Those who "called the police" to scream "NIGGER W/ A GUN!!" are accessories to police murder. Where are the charges & the outrage?) it's shoot-on-sight time, but when white gamers are "SWATted" w/ an active shooter report, the police don't shoot. Correct so far?
A Twitter user with the handle @ScrewPain appears to be taking the blame for the "swatting" call. His first message from Wednesday was sent at 11:02 a.m. and includes a link to The Creatures' account on video game streaming site

The next message at 11:04 a.m. says, "get owned @Kootra."

Police said their first 911 call about the active shooter was around 11:30 a.m.

Other messages from @ScrewPain say "#BlameComcast" and "#ISISGang." Some even include replies to other members of The Creatures.

One message, addressed to our @DenverChannel account and the City of Littleton, says "your pd" and shows a picture of a marionette puppet.
The heat's media response to their massive law enforcement response that wastes resources & so on:
"Law enforcement in the South Metro Area and throughout the country are all too familiar with active shooter situations. In the wake of these incidents, Littleton Police and other law enforcement agencies train for rapid response to quickly rescue victims and neutralize the situation," police said. "Fortunately there were no injuries today, but a massive law enforcement response wastes resources and greatly increases the chances of innocent people being injured or killed."
So, police puppets, why do you waste your resources and increase the chances of innocent (NO ONE, BY THE FUCKING WAY, IS INNOCENT, OR ANYTHING RESEMBLING IT.) people being injured or killed (probably by the poorly trained trigger-happy thugs that are American police)? Am I missing something here?

Note To Self

On the likelihood I'll have absorbed so much iNternet informationcrap since being directed to this Mon. I'll have forgotten it, a reminder:

Cynicism Wrong (Just This Once)

Typed too soon; these are good-sized. "The Wedge" is southwest-facing, & miles south of the center of the known universe (You know, me.)No idea what the music's like (Now I do: Insufferable, & in less than three secs.) here's an alternative:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Greasy Neon

We suspect (from the URL) that this was in the late & unlamented L.A. Times magazine & there was a photo or photos w/ it, but the images never made it to the iNternet Times, so we had to get some.

STREET BEAT: Old McDonald's

January 14, 1996
The winsome Speedee, McDonald's original mascot, is doing the retro thing at the recently opened McDonald's at Highland Avenue and Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. The frenetic chef-boy, was last seen hereabouts perched atop the signage at the landmark McDonald's in Downey, closed in 1994 to howls of protests from preservationists. Speedee got his reprieve by way of the Hollywood Sentinels, a neighborhood crime-watch group that consulted with the company on the new restaurant's design. "We wanted something different than the usual McDonald's sign," says Sentinels founder Virginia Charon. The company, she says, investigated resurrecting the Downey restaurant's sign but opted instead for a reborn Speedee. Charon approves. "I think it's very neat. We've lost so much of our history in L.A."
How wonderful, then, we didn't lose the 1996 reproduction when that Mickey D's closed, but can still see it on La Brea north of Santa Monica, where a different store adopted it.

Today In Televised Sport Up-Date

Very first collegiate game of the season.
At the half: Abilene Christian 16, Georgia State Univ. 21.

Blow Struck For Religious Freedom: Polygamy Now O.K. In Utah

BROKEN NEWS: Right Wing Guesses Correctly About Something, For Once! Polygamy legalized by activist judge in Utah!

Will non-Mormon Xians call this a win in the War On Christianity that's being waged in their heads?
SALT LAKE CITY — A federal judge declared a portion of Utah’s polygamy ban unconstitutional late Wednesday, essentially decriminalizing polygamy in the state.

U.S. District Court Judge Clark Waddoups ruled the phrase in the law “‘or cohabits with another person’ is a violation of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is without a rational basis under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.”
No, they probably won't. First "protective services," then it's the U.N. interfering w/ parental property & home-schooling. So not really a blow for (their) freedom.
In a statement, Brown family attorney Jonathan Turley said he hoped Reyes would not appeal.

“After this decision, abuse of spouses and children will continue to be prosecuted regardless of whether they occur in monogamous or polygamous families. These protective services will only be strengthened now that many families can openly integrate into society and not fear prosecution merely because of their family structure,” he wrote.

“Utah is a state that was founded by citizens seeking those very rights against government abuse. Utah is better place because of the courageous decision of Judge Waddoups and the commitment of the Brown family in defense of our Constitution.”
If the trend of sexual/social reactionary correctness continues, when will Americans be able to get a legally binding marriage contract w/ a sibling or other animal?

Seriously: Bow Wow Wow Yippie &c.

Yesterday: National Dog Day(s). What. Ev-errr.Today: "Wednesday ... August ... two thirty in the afternoon ..."Tomorrow: Hysteria!

Problem Solving

More: Time Warner Cable says it has no estimated time of repair for reported Internet and cable outages; says communication on progress through its customer service Twitter account will be delayed - @TWC_Help

Happened around sack time earlier this a.m. so didn't bother to call TWC to hear a recording; all was solved by the time drywall installation a ft. from my head woke me. (No cable outage in the bunker, just "DNS server not responding.")

Current problem: No light in the bathroom. Hoping the gentrifiers forget to turn the juice back on; then I'll be legally empowered to crucify them w/ their fucking nail-guns. Somebody's dying for their sins.

Westbound, Rte. 66

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Revolting Against The Truth

This dump:
would no doubt be a ripe source of amusement & mockery were we to arse ourself. We will admit to interest in the new-to-us practice of bi-colored headlines. (Which we suppose has something to do w/ "devices.")

Arkansas Police Chief Resigns After
Calling Reporter Smelly, Left-wing Liberal

Good idea for start-ups: Don't set too high a goal. 1,000's just fine.
Credit where due: In the hr. between screengrabs, four more ninnies handed over their e-mail addresses.
Who the fuck writes like that & for whom the fuck are they writing like that?

"Accident" Up-Date: "He's Dead, Jim."

Because every nine-yr. old girl w/o a whole lotta upper-body strength needs to know how to shoot a fucking Uzi.
Vacca was working at the Bullets and Burgers outdoor range in White Hills, about 60 miles southeast of Las Vegas, when the accident occurred. The girl and her parents were at the range while on vacation, a sheriff’s spokeswoman told the Los Angeles Times.

He was standing next to the girl, instructing her how to use the Uzi, when she pulled the gun’s trigger and the recoil sent the weapon over her head, causing him to be shot, the sheriff’s office said.

“This is a rarity for something like this to happen,” the spokeswoman said.
Tell that to the nine-yr. old girl whose parents made her a murderer, "spokeswoman." Will you be paying her therapy expenses? How about a few yrs. in jail for your role as an accessory in this crime?

"Bullets & Burgers?" What the fucking hell happened to Burgers & Brew? Look at these fucking morons: What is wrong w/ this country?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fry & Shake (Neon)

Again, There Are NO Accidents

Today in Open Carry Kids:
LAS VEGAS -- A 39-year-old shooting instructor was accidentally shot in the head Monday morning by a 9-year-old student, according to the Mohave County Sheriff's Office.

The office says deputies responded to the shooting range at the 20600 block of North Highway 93 in Dolan Springs at around 10 a.m. on a report of someone being shot. Investigators found that a 9-year-old girl accidentally shot her instructor. Her parents were at the shooting range when the incident happened.

The victim was airlifted to a medical center in Las Vegas. His condition is not immediately known.
And now, the rest of the story:
    Dolan Springs is a census-designated place (CDP) in Mohave County, Arizona, United States. The population was 1,867 at the 2000 census.
What, the Census bureau missed it in 2010?

Out Of The Bunker

He's seventy-fucking-eight, & it's not The Upsetters or whoever w/ him, but were there ever a reason to leave the bunker it's "Scratch" Perry free at the Santa Monica Pier Thurs.
"I’m an artist, a musician, a magician, a writer, a singer; I’m everything. My name is Lee from the African jungle, originally from West Africa. I’m a man from somewhere else, but my origin is from Africa, straight to Jamaica through reincarnation; reborn in Jamaica..." Lee "Scratch" Perry (born Rainford Hugh Perry, on March 20, 1936, in Kendal, Jamaica) is a Grammy award-winning reggae and dub artist, who has been highly influential in the development and acceptance of reggae and dub music in Jamaica and overseas. He employs numerous pseudonyms, such as "Pipecock Jaxxon" and "The Upsetter". Arguably the first creatively driven "artist-producer" in modern recorded music, Lee "Scratch" Perry occupies the highest level of music making - standing comfortably next to pioneers like George Martin, Phil Spector, and Brian Wilson.
S'pose I'll need to be there well in advance to get a spot (or even a seat) on the pier rather than on the sand watching the video. The struggle never never ends, does it?

Idiot Of The Day

Fuck this creepy little twerp:
Supporters of a museum dedicated to the estimated 100 million victims of communism worldwide hope to break ground on the National Mall on the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. Why are there so few Democrats and liberals among them?
Just possibly because "The Left" are more concerned w/ the current seven billion victims of capitalism than w/ an alleged 100 million "victims" from long ago?

Where's the call for the prosecution of American war-criminals who "victimized" a million or so Iraqis? Will the junior fascists finally start worrying about that fifty yrs. from the start of Operation Iraqi Liberation?

Who Did It?

More on the 70 yrs. ago today liberation of Paris. Not as straight-forward as you may have been led to believe.

The Frogs, On The Other Hand ...

70th anniv. of the liberation of Paris.
Whitehead's dispatch describes the liberation as messy, chaotic and dangerous with shooting from Germans making their last stand.

"Machine guns and rifles cracked on all sides as the column I was with drove within a block of the Luxembourg (Gardens)," Whitehead wrote.

Riffaud saw one of her comrades fall dead from a gunshot wound at the Place de la Republique.

"Everyone was hugging and kissing," she said. "People were happy. All the while, we were picking up dead bodies."
40+ yrs. ago, during my time in the City of Light I'd occasionally encounter a plaque on the wall of a building reading "Here died" w/ a name & date, & the phrase "during the liberation of Paris." Morbidly cool as is; topped when the plaque is mounted over chips in the stone from the Nazi bullets that killed the resistance member. "Living" history.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Local Action W/ The Language Police

I get it, [sneeringly] dude, you're a "visual artist," but I'm begging you, knock off the redundant pseudo-academic speech tics, to wit:
deleted "any shots inadvertently revealing private activities or people in a place of privacy."
Not even impressed w/ the alliteration. This, however (based on reviews) is impressive. (Hope the music isn't crummy.)

Self-Pity* Dep't.: Sunday Afternoon, Dull

A wider screen would make no difference. Trust me.
All the coffee in the worldbunker is barely enough to keep me awake, let alone interested in humanoid activities. And now I need more coffee.
*Or do I pity y'all for your pathetic dullness, punctuated only by outbursts of horrid murderous aggression? (Could be projecting myself there. It is a quandary.)


Michelle Bachelet.

Hello My name is Michelle V Bachelet I know this mail might come to you by sudden but I want you to know that some top US Finance officials have plotted against you to make sure that you do not receive what was legally entitled to you which is the 10.5 Million that is currently with the only beneficial Bank In the World which is in London.

By the grace of GOD I just came into the country today and I saw your file on my desk and I discovered that this top US officials has sworn to make you suffer in order to make you forget about your fund thinking that it never existed. This is a very top secret which you must not reveal to anyone because I want to help you get what belongs to you. Right now I am in the UN Quarters so I would want us to be communicating via text message and emails only, I will be the one to do the phoning maybe when ever I am out of cover. You can text me on (563) 223-8716. I have a solid plan that will make you receive your money back within the next 48 hours if only you will follow my instructions.

Write me text message once you receive my mail so that I can tell you the next plan.. Remember its should be kept confidential

Thanks and God bless you..

Michelle V Bachelet.
An appeal to active paranoia about suffering & mind control. Apparently from good ol' Zee U. That should work.

Today In Sport: Murder By Fan

Lose & you will be punished, even if you scored your team's only goal.
CAMEROONIAN FOOTBALL PLAYER Albert Ebosse died Saturday after he was hit by a projectile thrown from the stands following his team’s loss in the Algerian football championship, APS news agency reported.

Ebosse, who was 24, was declared dead after he was rushed to a hospital at Tizi Ouzou, east of the capital Algiers, where the match took place.

He scored the lone goal for his club JS Kabylie in the home match in what turned out to be a 2-1 defeat against USM Alger, on the second day of the tournament.

Fans had started throwing objects from the stands inside the Tizi Ouzou stadium after the match as the players were returning to their changing room.

Ebosse joined JS Kabylie in 2013, and was top scorer in the 2013-2014 championship.

The Algerian interior ministry ordered an investigation to search for the culprit.

-© AFP, 2014

Housing Porn

For Sunday lookie-loos:
Gawd Bless America!
The cynic w/in suggests the nice colors may only be camouflage for inner rot.
And no matter how nicely painted the exterior is, it doesn't mean squat when you're inside & up to literally anything other than thinking about the exterior.

Church turned residence, on its own triangular lot in South Silver Lake. (Or Silverlake.)

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Formerly a (giant) beer mug?

Dull, Gray

Y'All Kin Kiss Mah Ass, Too!

Produced to a turn:

Killing Nazis 70 Yrs. Ago

"Paris barricaded on the day the fighting was most intense [22 August 1944]."

"Surrender monkeys" my ass. Vive La France!

"Must These Englishmen Live ..."

Who doesn't want to burn the District of Columbia & all the representatives in it? 200 yrs. ago today the Limeys wanted to & did. Too bad it didn't last.
The White House burned. So did the U.S. Capital [sic], and most of the public buildings in Washington, D.C. Invading British troops burned the city in this most humiliating episode in American history 200 years ago today. Some are tempted to call the War of 1812 “the forgotten war,” but that is absurd. Out of it came the national anthem, a daring act of bravery to save the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and the most lopsided defeat of the British military in all of their conflicts.

Apocalyptic Hole In The Sky

Friday, August 22, 2014

Untitled (№ 138)

Southwest corner of New Hampshire & Sunset. Ten & eight yrs. ago.

Sex Race & The Pig

War on women:
Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, 27, a three-year veteran of the Oklahoma City Police Department, was arrested about 3 p.m. Thursday outside Gold’s Gym, 2301 W. Memorial Road, on complaints of rape, forcible oral sodomy, sexual battery and indecent exposure. He was being held in the Oklahoma County jail in lieu of $5 million bail.

The arrest was announced at a short-notice 4 p.m. news conference featuring Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty and Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater.

Holtzclaw is accused of stopping women — some as they walked through neighborhoods — and threatening them with arrest, Citty said. Police said Holtzclaw forced women to expose themselves, fondled the women, and in at least one instance, had intercourse with a woman, Citty said.
Playing the race card:
Investigators have received statements from six women, and one woman is scheduled to provide a statement, Citty said. The chief said all the victims are black women between the ages of 34 and 58, and the incidents occurred from February to June in the area of Lincoln Boulevard to Interstate 35 and NE 14 to NE 50.
The chief admits there's a problem:
“Trust is something that we are constantly having to work on,” Citty said. “When something like this happens, I have to hope that most of the community realizes that our officers, 99.9 percent of them, are trustworthy, and when something like this happens, our officers take this very personally.”
If 99.9 percent of your force are so wonderful, why must you constantly work on this "trust," Chief?

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

ADDED W/IN MOMENTS (as soon as seen on the NewsOK sidebar) Oklahoma Policing/Law-Abiding Citizen Update:
Related story: Daughter hopes arrested Tulsa police officers will ‘rot in prison’ for fatal shooting of boyfriend

Charges were filed Monday against a Tulsa police officer who is accused of fatally shooting his daughter’s boyfriend while he was off duty Aug. 5.

Shannon Kepler, 54, is charged with first-degree murder and shooting with intent to kill. Kepler, who has been with the Tulsa Police Department for 24 years, is accused of killing 19-year-old Jeremey Lake and firing shots at his 18-year-old daughter, Lisa Kepler, as she tried to hide in the 200 block of North Maybelle Avenue.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Three H Club

Last time on this stretch of Melrose was about six yrs. ago; pretty sure this dump was still the tenement it'd been for many yrs. before.

Perry-Paul 2016!

Pseudo-spectacles & a tribble-toupee! The most "transparent" administration ever; the Prez & Veep would never lie to you, being too busy lying to themselves about how good they look & checking their accessories in mirrors. ("I really look good, don't I? Don't I?")

Today's, from recently indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry:
Yet, as Perry himself admitted, there is “no clear evidence” of anyone affiliated with terrorism ever crossing the US/Mexico border. Nearly every attack or failed plot over the past decade has been carried out by a US citizen—like accused Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev—or those who came on legal visas, like the Al Qaeda operatives on 9/11. And the cross-border terrorist plans that have been discovered have come from our northern border.

The US State Department’s own terrorism assessment last year noted that “there were no known operational cells of either al-Qa’ida or Hizballah in the hemisphere.” They added: “There are no known international terrorist organizations operating in Mexico, and there is no evidence that any terrorist group has targeted U.S. citizens in Mexican territory.”

But Perry continues to cite this fear as the basis for his belief that neither Congress or the President should pursue any type of immigration reform until the US Mexico border is “secured” using the Border Patrol, the National Guard, and 24-hour surveillance drones.
Perry-Paul: Theocratic glibertarianism for a stronger America!

One might think that w/ such deluded goobers leading the pack o' hyenas that alleged progressives/liberals/those-based-in-reality could field a less corporatist arriviste than Mme. Clinton to run against the skree-ing wacko birds of the G.O.P.

Grim Reminder Of Blood & Treasure Used For Oil, Not Safety

"News" 22 days ago. The situation seems unchanged, so we're running w/ it now.
Heh in-fucking-deed. Thanks to the weapons of occupation coming home & being distributed to every Mayberry in these United Snakes, Americans are also less safe from their police in their own cities & towns than 13 yrs. ago.

Potential terror hotspots identified by the Dep't. of Defense:
By Tom Giratikanon, Alicia Parlapiano and Jeremy White/Source: Department of Defense
Correction: August 20, 2014
An earlier version of this map misstated some of the quantities of military equipment that had been sent to counties around the United States. For example, Deschutes County, Ore., received one armored vehicle, not two.
Feel better, Deschutes County?

What the terrorists have:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014



Concrete Lions

Had you told me a stretch of Normandie Avenue was probably the concrete lion capital of these United Snakes I wouldn't have believed you.

Pasty Hipster

His skin should match his shirt soon.

Water Water Everywhere


California Has Given Out Rights To Five Times More Water Than It Actually Has

The analysis, published Tuesday in the journal Environmental Research Letters, found that water rights issued since 1914 add up to 370 million acre-feet of water annually, while the surface water that actually flows through the state adds up to just 70 million acre-feet in a good year for precipitation. An acre-oot [sic] of water is roughly enough to supply two households for one year, and 300 million acre-feet of water is enough to fill Lake Tahoe two-and-a-half times over.
If you thought that War Between The States was something ...

East Hollywood Domes