Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Well, Trump Does Like To Pay His Hoors W/ A Check

I think I've been asked for identification (when using a credit or debit card) once in the last 20 or 30 yrs.
I haven't even had checks in this milennium.
Trump says Americans need ID to buy groceries while making case for voter ID  —  President Trump, telling his supporters why he wanted Americans to be required to show identification before casting their votes, claimed that they needed their I.Ds “to buy groceries.”  —  He did not elaborate.
Sophie Weiner / Splinter:   Trump's Tampa Rally Was Full of Insane Conspiracy Theorists
Note to CNN: Lumpy did not "make a case" in any way, shape or form, you dimbulbed morons.

Subs & Planes, Again

SAT 31 JUL 1943
Submarine Finback (SS-230) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Ryuzan Maru, 06°30'S, 111°30'E.

Submarine Grayling (SS-209) lands supplies and equipment at Pucio Point, Panay.

Submarine Guardfish (SS-217) lands survey party on west coast of Bougainville, Solomons.

Submarine Pogy (SS-266) sinks Japanese aircraft transport Mogamigawa Maru northwest of Truk, 11°08'N, 153°18'E.

Submarine Saury (SS-189), at periscope depth, is rammed by Japanese destroyer and damaged, Philippine Sea, 27°03'N, 135°27'E; consequently, Saury terminates her patrol.

PBM (VP 74) and Brazilian A-28 and Catalina
A Brazilian Catalina attacked and sank U-199 in Brazilian waters on 31 July 1943. Later, the aircraft was baptized as “Arará”, in memory of the merchant ship of that name which was sunk by another U-boat.
sink German submarine U-199 off Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23°45'S, 42°57'W. Small seaplane tender Barnegat (AVP-10) rescues German survivors.

What Not To Eat, From The NYT

How fucking stupid are those who peruse The New York Times?

No One Is Safe From The L.A.P.D.,
Not Even The Innocent

Second Victim Of Shitty Police Shooting In Six Wks.

Last Tuesday, [new L.A.P.D. Chief] Moore revealed it was police who shot and killed a Trader Joe's store manager in Silver Lake during a shootout with an attemped murder suspect following a pursuit.

On Tuesday morning, police released video footage of a shooting that took place June 16 in Van Nuys, when police killed a homeless woman being held hostage by a man with a knife. The man was also fatally shot.

Moore identified the female victim as Elizabeth Tollison and said he had reached out to her family following her tragic death.

"It's my understanding she was homeless," he said.


Moore said three officers fired a total of 18 rounds, two of which hit Tollison.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Local Action:
Everywhere I Hear The Sound ...

Provoked by Trumpholes, by the way.
 Avi Selk / Washington Post:
A bloody brawl erupted over Trump's Hollywood star hours after it was destroyed with a pickax  —  A politically-fueled brawl took place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last week on the site of President Trump's recently vandalized star.  Although a man was kicked in the head and another left bleeding …
 CBS Los Angeles:
More Drama, A Bloody Nose And Another Brawl At Donald Trump's Walk Of Fame Star  —  HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — President Donald Trump brings out those feelings in people — they love him or they hate him.  —  And his fans and his ... well, not fans have been clashing more and more at places like the former …
I am tempted to take a big damn stick w/ me & visit Lumpy's star one of these days to mete out some street justice.

Two-Faced Shitheel Of The Day

It's Chief Cracker Jerry Jones, who owns the plantation on which the Dallas Cowboys play. Note well how the hypocrite honors the Anthem.
Commentary: Dale Hansen on Jerry Jones' anthem policy
Dale Eugene Hansen is an American sportscaster, currently the weeknight sports anchor for the 6 p.m.1800 and 10 p.m.2200 newscasts on ABC's Dallas affiliate WFAA.

Destroyers Waste Ammo

FRI 30 JUL 1943
Destroyers Farragut (DD-348) and Hull (DD-350), unaware that the Japanese garrison has been evacuated, bombard the Gertrude Cove and main camp areas on Kiska Island.

German submarine U-230 lays mines off entrance to Chesapeake Bay.

PV-1 (VB 127) providing coverage for convoy TJ-2 sinks German submarine U-591 off Pernambuco, Brazil, 08°36'S, 34°34'W.

PV-1 (VB 129) attacks German submarine U-604, South Atlantic (see 3 and 11 August 1943).

Aircraft (VC 29) from escort carrier Santee (CVE-29) sink German submarine U-43 in mid-Atlantic, 34°57'N, 35°11'W, breaking up a rendezvous between U-43 and U-403 and preventing U-43 from sowing mines in waters off Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa.

Submarine chaser PC-624 sinks German submarine U-375 off Tunisia, 36°40'N, 12°28'E.

Indian Ocean
U.S. freighter William Ellery, en route from Basra, Iraq, to Durban, South Africa, is torpedoed by German submarine U-197 some 300 miles from her destination, 32°00'S, 36°00'E, but reaches it under her own power; there are no casualties among the 39-man merchant complement and the 27-man Armed Guard.

Fourth and last group of survivors from U.S. freighter Alice F. Palmer torpedoed, shelled and sunk by German submarine U-177 on 10 July 1943, reaches safety at Mozambique. All hands survive the ordeal of the loss of the ship and the ensuing open boat voyages.

If It Isn't Mental Illness,
Is It Senile Dementia?

A psychologist types at USA Today that Trump isn't mentally ill. He has another theory or two:
The small time window and sympathetic audience control also explain why Trump always seems to be creating foreign policy on the fly, why his meetings with world leaders rarely produce tangible results, why he can’t get congressional deals, and why he is almost certainly incapable of negotiating those famous bilateral agreements that were supposed to replace the multinational treaties he has swept aside.

If I’m right, and I’m pretty sure I am, Trump is capable of only a minimal level of analytical or critical thinking. Perhaps more alarming, our president — the putative leader of the free world — doesn’t believe in anything and he rarely, if ever, means anything he says. The impulsive tweets, the conservative court appointments, the unfunded tax cuts, the obsession with a wall, the swipes at immigrants — all are byproducts (dross, if you will) of sympathetic audience control operating in small time windows. There are no principles operating here, just gusts of wind.

And if I’m right, Trump will continue to function this way — blindly, erratically and reactively, without principle or direction — for the rest of his life.

Robert Epstein, senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, is a former editor in chief of Psychology Today and the author of 15 books. 
We should note that the shrink compares Trump to the shrink's 92-yr. old mother, who also works in this small time window. Too bad the shrink can't explain why Trump is this way, or why it's not mental illness. If Trump's behavior ain't mental, it must be physical, right? A calcified brain should lead directly to the 25th Amendment, shouldn't it?

A bit later: Deeper analysis from Booman.
At a minimum, this argument is terribly incomplete. Trump may have a tendency to make up with people with whom he has quarreled, but he also is a legendary grudge holder. He did not forget how President Obama humiliated him at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011. In fact, there’s a good chance that one of his main motivations for making a run for president was so he could trash Obama from coast to coast.

Facebook's Fucksticks

John Oliver - Facebook
Tip o' le chapeau to the burned over district.

Chump W/ A Lip-Lock On Trump's Ass

Must-See Tee Vee

It is most certainly not a cult. Where would you get an idea like that?

The Truth Hurts

 Lukas Mikelionis / Fox News:
Top Tennessee Dem Party official snubs ‘reaching out’ to Trump voters, calls them ‘idiots’  —  A top Tennessee Democratic Party's communications official made disparaging comments about President Donald Trump and lashed out against a suggestion to reach out to his voters, describing them as “idiots.”

The Scum Of The Earth

Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Red Badge Of Wage-Slavery

Every day, tens of thousands of people stream into Google offices wearing red name badges. They eat in Google’s cafeterias, ride its commuter shuttles and work alongside its celebrated geeks. But they can’t access all of the company’s celebrated perks. They aren’t entitled to stock and can’t enter certain offices. Many don’t have health insurance.

Before each weekly Google all-hands meeting, trays of hors-d'oeuvres and, sometimes, kegs of beer are carted into an auditorium and satellite offices around the globe for employees, who wear white badges. Those without white badges are asked to return to their desks.

Google’s Alphabet Inc. employs hordes of these red-badged contract workers in addition to its full-fledged staff. They serve meals and clean offices. They write code, handle sales calls, recruit staff, screen YouTube videos, test self-driving cars and even manage entire teams – a sea of skilled laborers that fuel the $795 billion company but reap few of the benefits and opportunities available to direct employees. Earlier this year, those contractors outnumbered direct employees for the first time in the company’s twenty-year history, according to a person who viewed the numbers on an internal company database. It's unclear if that is still the case. Alphabet reported 89,058 direct employees at the end of the second quarter. The company declined to comment on the number of contract workers.
A damn shame that the woman who shot up YouTube (after they screwed her over) a few months ago didn't take more of these parasites w/ her.

[Bloomberg, via Attention to the Unseen.]

Who. Gives. A. Shit?

Really, who fucking cares? Everybody in this world of shit & pain is a total fraud. (It's the only way to survive in said world.) As is literature itself. If you haven't noticed yet, it's all made up! Climb off your high horse, L.A.T.
 Los Angeles Times:
Investigation reveals Anna March, whose byline appeared on Salon and NYT, is an alleged fraud who became a part of the literary communities in LA and San Diego  —  She threw a welcome party for herself at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, a beautiful old building with black and white marble, Alice-in-Wonderland floors.

What Would One Expect From A Nation Of Criminals?

Sunday Night claims links between Australian banks and Russian criminals LINKS between the major Aussie banks and Russian mobsters involved with money laundering — and murder — have been revealed.  —  Aussie banks linked to 'Russian mafia'  —  SUNDAY Night has made explosive claims …
Need we add, a nation of white criminals who fucked the indigenous population to hell.

Two criminal nations if Russia is included. When do we nuke them from the face of the earth? Zero-tolerance, baby!

Nature Wants You Dead (So Do I)

Green Eagle sees a silver lining in the Yellowstone caldera: When it blows, it oughta kill some crackers. Maybe even more of them than us. Hurry, planet, before it's too late! I want them all dead & I just can't wait!

Aussies Attack Tuna

THU 29 JUL 1943
Submarine Tuna (SS-203) is mistakenly damaged by RAAF Catalina off Woodlark Island, 08°02'S, 152°07'E, and is forced to terminate her patrol.

USAAF B-25s and P-38s bomb the already damaged Japanese destroyer Mikazuki (see 28 July 1943) aground off Cape Gloucester.

USAAF B-24s damage Japanese guardboat No.1 Kyo Maru off Ross Island, Andamans.

U.S. Advanced Amphibious Training Base, Appledore, England, is established.

Motor torpedo boat PT-218 is damaged by Italian MAS boat.

Billy Graham: "Hitler Was Right"

Today In Fuck Jesus & All His Hate-Filled Fans

Mike Pence, Holy Terror  —  Are you sure you want to get rid of Donald Trump?  —  There are problems with impeaching Donald Trump.  A big one is the holy terror waiting in the wings.  —  That would be Mike Pence, who mirrors the boss more than you realize.  He's also self-infatuated.  Also a bigot.
Mike Hertenstein:
Billy Graham & the Synagogue of Satan  —  Lost Passage of Infamous Nixon Tape Makes a Bad Story Worse  —  EVANGELIST BILLY GRAHAM can be heard defending anti-Jewish conspiracies and admitting Hitler was right about some things to President Richard Nixon on a newly-released portion of an infamous Oval Office tape.
Further evidence that religion is mental illness, w/ a big dose of paranoia.
During “the Latter Days,” Graham is heard to say, Jews will be divided into the “Remnant of God’s People” and “the Synagogue of Satan.” The second group consists of those Jews in league with the devil, Graham says, who “have a strange brilliance about them” and are behind “all your religious deceptions.”

Nixon’s ranting against Jewish “domination” of media is by now old news, so also Graham’s fervent assent, and the evangelist’s already-disturbing contributions to this discussion. Graham has been long known to have warned Nixon to break the “stranglehold” of Jewish influence. But that comment takes on even darker tones in context with the new material, a bizarre speech that climaxes with references to Nazi Germany. “You see,” the evangelist explains to Nixon, summing up their exchange about Jewish influence,
Hitler of course… they had a stranglehold on Germany. On the banking of Germany, on everything in Germany. And the media. They have the whole thing, you see. But he went about it wrong…
In addition to this qualified endorsement of Hitler’s antisemitic beliefs and policies that led to the genocide of European Jews, Graham anchors his assertion about Satan-inspired Jews in his interpretation of Scripture:
This is what the Bible teaches. Whether you believe it or don’t believe it. This is the biblical teaching. This is what I believe. And I believe that they have a strange brilliance about them. They’re smart. And they are energized, in my judgment, by supernatural power.
The remarks about the “stranglehold” of Jews in pre-Nazi Germany in the formerly-censored portion are now seen to set-up to Graham’s warning that the contemporary “stranglehold” of Jewish influence “has got to be broken.”
Nixon: You believe that?
Graham: Yes, sir.
Nixon: I can’t ever say it. But I believe it.
Graham: But if you’ve been elected a second time, you might be able to do something…
Well, maybe Trump or Pence can "do something" about the Satanic Jews.

Shit-Eating Surrender Monkey

Same Old Shit, Slightly Different Day

 New York Times: 
Newest U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan Mirrors Past Plans for Retreat
The British Empire, the Soviets, Bush, Obama, Trump, the pathetic U.S. military; they never learn, do they?

B.Ö.C. Lyrics: Quarry Of Evil?

From L.A.R.B.,

Careers of Evil: On the Migration of a Three-Word Phrase from Lautréamont to
J. K. Rowling, with Stops at Patti Smith and the Blue Öyster Cult

Debunking in the comments.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Kiska Evacuated

WED 28 JUL 1943
Japanese complete evacuation of Kiska Island, Aleutians (Vice Admiral Kawase Shiro), undetected by U.S. forces; among the materiel wrecked by the evacuating enemy are three midget submarines.

Destroyer Farragut (DD-348) on Kiska blockade patrol sinks an empty Japanese landing craft (perhaps cast adrift by the evacuating enemy garrison) four miles east of Sobaka Rock, off the south coast of Kiska.

Japanese submarine RO 103 is last reported on this date; subsequent attempts to contact her are unsuccessful and she never returns to her base at Rabaul. Her fate is uncertain; she may have been mined.

USAAF B-25s sink Japanese destroyers Ariake and Mikazuki off Cape Gloucester, New Britain.

USAAF B-24s sink Japanese army cargo vessel Tamishima Maru off Tavoy Island, 13°53'N, 097°40'E.

Indian Ocean
Fourth group of survivors from U.S. freighter Robert Bacon, torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-178 on 14 July 1943 off Mozambique Light, reaches safety after two weeks at sea (see 3 and 27 August 1943).

PBY (VP 32) sinks German submarine U-359, West Indies area, 15°57'N, 68°30'W.

USAAF and British aircraft sink German submarine U-404, Bay of Biscay, 45°53'N, 09°23'W.

U.S. freighter John A. Poor, straggling from convoy BX 65 in a heavy fog, fouls mine laid by German submarine U-119 at 42°51'N, 64°55'W, but reaches port under tow; there are no casualties among the 42-man merchant complement or the 28-man Armed Guard.

U.S. Naval Operating Base, Palermo, Sicily, is established.

Mexican-American Bandstand

More than that Morrissey goofball.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Today In Religious Institutions:
Catholic Clergy Rape Children.
Why Would They Stop At Nuns?

Associated Press:
After decades of silence, nuns talk about abuse by priests  —  VATICAN CITY (AP) — The nun no longer goes to confession regularly, after an Italian priest forced himself on her while she was at her most vulnerable: recounting her sins to him in a university classroom nearly 20 years ago.

Survivor Stories

TUE 27 JUL 1943
Submarine Sawfish (SS-276) damages Japanese minelayer Hirashima off Kyushu, Japan, 32°32'N, 127°41'E.

Submarine Scamp (SS-277) sinks Japanese submarine I-168, 02°50'S, 149°01'E, and damages oiler Kazahaya, 02°38'S, 149°20'E.

Submarine Seadragon (SS-194) inflicts further damage on the previously damaged Japanese transport Suwa Maru off Wake Island, 19°15'N, 166°30'E.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Teikin Maru is sunk by mine (laid by submarine Tambor (SS-198) on 2 November 1942) off Hainan Island, 19°57'N, 109°05'E.

Indian Ocean
Last group of survivors of freighter Sebastian Cermeno, torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-511 on 27 June 1943, reaches Durban, South Africa, on board a British destroyer. From the 42-man merchant complement, five passengers and 27-man Armed Guard, five of the crew perish in either the initial attack, die of their wounds or from exposure in the lifeboats.

Second and third groups of survivors from U.S. freighter Robert Bacon, torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-178 on 14 July 1943 off Mozambique Light, are rescued from their boats, one by British steamship English Prince the other by British tanker Steaua Romana. Three rafts with survivors are still at sea (see 28 July, 3 and 27 August 1943).

When Will Be The End?

Ethiopian - "When Will Be The End"
Possibly when Pito Putin decides Lumpy is still an idiot, but no longer useful. As Newsweek runs the shittiest, least-responsive & most browser-seizing site on the iNternet, I've stolen the entire speculative item for your reading ease. Won't tell you how long it took to copy & paste all 15 paragraphs. (Not that it isn't possible that Spectrum's iNternet service is not what it's cracked up to be, or that there's something wrong w/ the browser or the 10-yr. old crap-top devil-box. If the devil-box is going, soon you won't have me or Dick Nixon to kick around anymore.)
Signs are that Vladimir Putin may already be hedging his bets on Donald Trump as a reliable tool for advancing several of Russia’s key goals, including his drive to get U.S. sanctions lifted, sow chaos in America’s elections and undermine NATO and the European Union, experts say.

Following the controversial Helsinki summit between the Russian and American presidents, Moscow’s media commentators greeted Trump’s deference toward Putin with a mix of concernpity and ridicule, none of which could have been uttered without the Kremlin’s approval, says Ukrainian-born Julia Davis, an expert on Russian propaganda.

“They usually get a printout of some kind, about which topics they're supposed to discuss and what their position is supposed to be,” said Davis, a featured expert at the Atlantic Council’s Disinfo Portal. The state-controlled commentary “is very closely monitored, and they would not take a chance on stepping outside of the line,” she told Newsweek.

The Kremlin, she continued, is “growing very frustrated because there's [sic] so many controls that are being placed on” Trump by Congress, starting with Russian sanctions, upgrades to the U.S. nuclear arsenal and beefed-up military aid to Ukraine, which is under assault by Moscow-backed forces in its eastern Donbas region. And then there are the ongoing investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 elections by special counsel Robert Mueller and the Senate Intelligence Committee, independent actions that would be unthinkable in Putin’s Russia.

Anonymously sourced reports Wednesday that Trump signed off on his son’s meeting with Russian emissaries offering “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, according to his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, have the potential to weaken him further.

“They like to talk about him as weak and incompetent and just pretty much a clown,” Davis said of the Moscow analysts before the Cohen disclosure. “They still think he might prove himself to do what he promised him to do. But if he goes down, I expect they would not skip a beat. They would jump in to help finish him off.”

Measures at Putin’s disposal include leaking a mix of real and fabricated details on Trump’s suspected debts to Russian bankers and oligarchs, said Milton Bearden, a legendary former CIA officer who worked against the Soviet target and later co-authored a book, The Main Enemy, with the cooperation of several former KGB officials.

“Putin can continue to plug along with his best friend and watch how tribalism and divisions within American society continue to tear it apart,” Bearden told Newsweek. “However, if things start to quiet down here, Putin can begin to release whatever it is he might have on the president. It can be real information dealing with the money flow from Deutsche Bank, or it can be carefully fabricated information that looks genuine.”

“I can imagine a wide variety of scenarios,” John Sipher, another top former CIA Russia hand, wrote in March, including the Kremlin injecting “stolen or otherwise unverified” or “well-crafted forgeries” into the U.S. media to take down Trump or just fan political chaos in the U.S. Former CIA director John Brennan suspects that the Russians have “something on him personally.”

Such suspicions have gained wider currency in recent weeks, mostly from Democrats. But last year a Russian opposition politician, Vladimir Milov, alleged in an interview with a Russian exile journalist that Moscow’s secret services had been “closely ‘following’ Trump for over 30 years and the dossier they have on him certainly comprises many, many volumes.” In the 1980s, Milov told Russian exile journalist Kseniya Kirillova, “Trump was married to a Czechoslovak woman who spoke Russian, which also offers good conditions for recruitment.”

Notwithstanding the potential for Putin to push a faltering or used-up Trump off the ledge, the former KGB officer will continue to employ covert “active measures” here that worked so well for him in 2016, said Sipher, a former Moscow station chief.

“I do not think Putin would risk changing votes in the 2018 election,” Sipher wrote for Politico. “However, he will certainly continue weaponizing social media, seeking to stoke partisan fires and hardening views on the extreme left and right. He will certainly continue to exploit crises as they arise,” like the uproar over the Parkland school massacre, “in which bots pushed inflammatory opinions on both sides of the gun divide.”

Nothing is too bold or extreme for Putin, Sipher and other Russian hands point out. “As we enter the election season, we should look closely at what Russia is up to in Europe to get a sense of what we can expect. Russian operatives are manipulating events in Ukraine, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Montenegro and elsewhere. They fund fringe groups and invest in young leaders in a long-term effort to develop Russian agents who can influence political parties and push a pro-Russian line. We should anticipate the same here,” Sipher wrote.

Russian plot to assassinate the president of Montenegro was busted last year. It’s impossible to imagine Putin risking the same here, but it’s clear, Davis said, that he’s “laying the groundwork” for dumping Trump by less murderous means if he’s mortally weakened by Congress or indictments.

“When Trump goes,” she said, “Putin certainly doesn't want to be seen as someone who's on his team."
That's right, no one likes a loser. Which is why Trump is so nervous.
"Loser" - Beck
101 days to the mid-terms. Which way will Russia go?

Flash Cards For A Fucking Cretin

As previously noted, Donald Trump is very, very stupid & completely unsophisticated. Let's note that a bit more, & then let's drive him from
office by any means necessary, up to & including ballots, bullets & rope!!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Dep't. Of Amplification

I'll damn well condescend to them until I'm blue in the face.
As noted two items below.

"Battle Of The Pips"

MON 26 JUL 1943
TG 16.7 (Rear Admiral Robert C. Giffen) and TG 16.17 (Rear Admiral Robert M. Griffin) engage radar targets 90 miles southwest of Kiska. The contacts, however, prove to be phantom echoes on the U.S. radar screens, and the engagement becomes known as the "Battle of the Pips."

Indian Ocean
Third group of survivors from U.S. freighter Alice F. Palmer, torpedoed, shelled and sunk by German submarine U-177 on 10 July 1943, reaches safety at Mozambique (see 30 July 1943).

PBM (VP 32) sinks German submarine U-759, 18°06'N, 75°00'W.

Off Palermo, Sicily, destroyer Mayrant (DD-402) is bombed and damaged by German horizontal bomber, 38°16'N, 13°20'E; minesweeper Skill (AM-115) helps tow the damaged destroyer into port where she can be repaired. Motor torpedo boat PT-202 is damaged by gunfire from German F-lighter.

Diner Dimbulbs & Droolers:
"Russia, Russia, Russia!"

These People Live Among You ...

... & there is something very wrong w/ them.
Spotted at Crooks & Liars.

Whoa! If True: Breitbart Pwns "Establishment-Backed GOP U.S. Senate Candidate"!

Why Breitbart is losing "reader"-ship.
 Matthew Boyle / Breitbart:
Exclusive — Establishment-Backed Leah Vukmir Falsely Claims She Drives ‘Ford’ on Campaign Trail; Actually Drives Toyota  —  Establishment-backed GOP U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir falsely claimed in a fundraising letter that she drives a Ford, when, in reality, she drives a Toyota, Breitbart News has learned.
What perfidy!
Johnny Clarke - "Perfidia" + Dub

How Dense Is Drumpf?
"Colorful Cue Cards"

 Wall Street Journal:
Juncker's Trade Pitch to Trump: ‘I Can Be Stupid, as Well’
Keeping it simple for stupid, as he makes the world morons in his image. It's all downhill now!
"Jocko Homo" (1982-X-30)

Tariff Thursday: Wages Stagnate,
Prices Rise

Coca-Cola says it's raising soda prices after Trump tariffs

Is that rancid son-of-a-bitch moron Trump going to bail my impoverished ass out w/ a socialistic soda subsidy?
If he doesn't, whoever assassinates him (And his little dog Pence, too.) will be the most popular person in the world.

[The Hill]

Throwback Thursday:
Just Another Birthday

Sir Michael Philip Jagger, known professionally as Mick Jagger, is 75 today, unless he's lying about his age. Here (because it's our damn web log) is our favorite Mink Jaguar tune.
"Just Another Night"

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Survivors Reach Safety

SUN 25 JUL 1943
Destroyers and aircraft strike enemy position at Munda, Solomons.

Submarine Pompon (SS-267) damages Japanese transport Kinsen Maru and sinks army cargo ship Thames Maru, 02°46'N, 148°35'E.

Indian Ocean
Second group of survivors from U.S. freighter Alice F. Palmer, torpedoed, shelled and sunk by German submarine U-177 on 10 July 1943, reaches safety at Mozambique (see 26 and 30 July 1943).

Wednesday Wig-Out: Hair-Oin

Warren Zevon - "Carmelita"
The Inquirer:
In a Philadelphia park Friday night, Rachel Freeman watched as a half-dozen people slid into overdoses, a shocking display even for the drug-torn Kensington neighborhood.

But as paramedics revived them, they began to scream and shake — much different from a typical overdose reaction. “It was almost like being in a horror movie,” Freeman said.

Nonetheless, Freeman, a slight 50-year-old with brightly painted fingernails who is known as “Mom” by drug users in the community, prepared her own bag of heroin later that night. She felt safer using a bag stamped “Santa Muerte” (literally, “Holy Death”), a variety reputed to be some of the last pure heroin available in the city, uncontaminated by fentanyl or other adulterants.

Freeman didn’t realize that Santa Muerte was what everyone else in the park had bought, too. She woke up at Temple University Hospital after overdosing.
The Booman:
I remember Donald Trump saying he was going to make addressing the opioid epidemic a priority but he spends all his time in his own self-inflicted drama. While he’s absorbed in shouting out his idiot wind of bullshit, the real world goes on and the opioid problem just gets worse.
Velvet Underground - "I'm Waiting For The Man"

Law Enforcement Priorities

Fuck. The. Police!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Slack-Jawed Yokel Up-Date

Digitally manipulated?

It Begins

 Michael Sheetz / CNBC:
Whirlpool shares plunge 14.5%, post worst day since 1987 as tariffs wreak havoc with costs and suppliers  — The U.S.-based washing machine giant was once in favor of stricter trade controls for its own industry.  — Whirpool shares plummeted Tuesday after executives blamed rising steel and aluminum costs for diminished quarterly earnings.
If history is any guide, Black Tuesday for the Trump Depression will be the 30th of October, giving those still connected to reality a wk. before the mid-terms in which to absorb their lesson. Can't fucking wait.

More Crummy Torpedo Exploders

SAT 24 JUL 1943
Destroyers bombard Bairoko Harbor, New Georgia, Solomons.

Submarine Tinosa (SS-283) torpedoes Japanese oiler No. 3 Tonan Maru, 06°56'N, 147°52'E; towed to Truk, the oiler is utilized as a floating oil tank. Tinosa,however, fires 15 torpedoes; 13 hit but only two explode! The incident highlights torpedo exploder problems that have plagued the submarine force since the beginning of the war.

Japanese army cargo ship Mie Maru is sunk by mine, Babo harbor, 02°31'S, 133°26'E.

USAAF aircraft sink German submarine U-622 off Norway, 63°27'N, 10°23'E.

Planes (VC 29) from escort carrier Santee (CVE-29) damage German submarine U-373 about 130 miles west of Madeira Islands.

USAAF B-24s damage German submarine U-466 off Cayenne, French Guiana, 07°30'N, 50°15'W.

All Too Much Tuesday:
I Can't Stand It No More

Between the oppressive, never-ending heat & the never-ending, mind-numbing vapidity of homo sapiens ...
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - "E Basta Cosi"
Cha cha cha!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Planes V. Subs

FRI 23 JUL 1943
VP 63, equipped with PBYs, the first U.S. naval aircraft squadron to operate from the United Kingdom, arrives in South Wales for antisubmarine patrol duty over the Bay of Biscay.

Destroyer George E. Badger (DD-196) sinks German submarine U-613 (en route to mine the waters off Jacksonville, Florida) south of Azores, 35°32'N, 28°36'W.

Planes (VC 9) from escort carrier Bogue (CVE-9) break up a rendezvous between German submarines U-527 and U-648 south of the Azores. U-527 is sunk at 35°25'N, 27°56'W, but U-648 escapes.

PB4Ys (VB 107) sink German submarine U-598 off Brazil, 04°05'S, 33°23'W.

Indian Ocean
Fourth group of survivors of freighter Sebastian Cermeno, torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-511 on 27 June 1943, reaches Durban, South Africa, on board a British corvette (see 27 July 1943).

Can't Move The Meate Monday

Always hungry, I'm in heat;
never, never, never enough meat!

 Jacob Bunge / Wall Street Journal:
2.5 Billion Pounds of Meat Piles Up in U.S. as Production Grows, Exports Slow  —  Profits, prices are threatened as record amounts of red meat and poultry fill U.S. warehouses  —  Meat is piling up in U.S. cold-storage warehouses, fueled by a surge in supplies and trade disputes that are eroding demand.
Captain Beefheart - "Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish"

Today In North America: MURDER!

Sick Fucks On The Loose

 Kansas City Star:
‘True definition of evil’: Alleged Shawnee murderer is white supremacist, family says  —  Those who knew Ronald Lee Kidwell were not surprised to learn he was charged with the murder of a black woman — her body discovered in the Shawnee home where he lived.  —  “This was a hate crime,” said his neighbor Kathleen Brown.
Ha ha Canada, you're no better than your deranged neighbours to the south!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Trump Tweets!

He runs the gamut from two-bit thug to toddler w/ a nanny to transcribe his tantrums to Tweets.
Bang, not a whimper? We may be really, royally screwed. Don't make me no never mind. I welcome our new & transcendant existence on a subatomic level.

Smearing The Gipper:
"No Womanizer!" "No Womanizer!"

Family Values

Looks as if they'll be fighting over Ronald Reagan's S-E-X legacy vs. Trump's S-E-X legacy. Like trying to decide which is worse to step in, crap or shit.
 Samantha J. Gross / Dallas Morning News: 
Defending Donald Trump, First Baptist's Robert Jeffress compares him to ‘known womanizer’ Ronald Reagan
On Friday night, the Reverend Robert Jeffress went on Fox News to defend, or explain, his support of Donald Trump and that of many evangelicals. In doing so, he said something passing strange.

Jeffress referred to Ronald Reagan as a “known womanizer.” He further said, “The reason we supported President Reagan was not because we supported womanizing or divorce. We supported his policies.”

To read an article about Jeffress and his Fox appearance, go here.

Reagan a womanizer? You ever heard that? Neither has anyone else who knows about the man. I e-mailed Lou Cannon, the Reagan biographer, who replied, “Reagan dated widely after his divorce before he met Nancy. I don’t think he looked at another woman after that. Neither of his wives ever accused him of infidelity. Definitely NOT a womanizer.”

I can tell you something about Reagan and divorce. It comes from WFB. (While William F. Buckley Jr. was here with us, National Review writers usually referred to him by his initials, when writing for the magazine, and I have continued the tradition.)

Once, in a private discussion, someone said to Reagan, “Well, you got divorced.” Flaring, he shot back, “I didn’t divorce anyone. She divorced me.” That was very important to him — a truthful record.
Seldom have I read such horseshit. Why did she divorce him? Isn't it usually the aggreived party who wants out? The usual Republican deflection; "I screwed up the marriage, but she divorced me, harrumph!" Not to mention "very important to him — a truthful record". My ass. How big a chump are you, Nordlinger? (See below for answer.)
Anyway, support Trump all you want, but leave Reagan out of it, I say.
Passing strange indeed. I didn't know "womanizing" was a synonym for adultery & no more. Because it isn't. Per wherever Google gets its definitions
Wom·an·ize: Verb, derogatory. Gerund or present participle: womanizing.
"(Of a man) to engage in numerous casual sexual affairs with women"
Compare & contrast the definition w/ “Reagan dated widely after his divorce before he met Nancy", & then compare & contrast Piper Laurie's experience w/
Reagan a womanizer? You ever heard that? Neither has anyone else who knows about the man.
Fuck you too, lyin' Lou Cannon.