Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bozo The President

Ronald Reagan: Feet of clay, mind of mush. Almost as startling as discovering ol' Cliven Bundy is a racist. Here is every schadenfreude-ulous word, some of which we have emphasized for added pleasure.
Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were often portrayed as geo-political soul mates, but government files declassified in London on Wednesday expose a deep British disdain for the president who was described in official papers as homophobic, uninformed, disinterested and, not to put too fine a point on it, “a Bozo.

The British Foreign Office files seen by The Daily Beast show that Prime Minister Thatcher was warned President Reagan had little interest in world affairs and was unable to sustain a serious conversation about contemporary politics.

The damning critiques, which expressed sheer incredulity that this man could occupy the White House, were shared at the highest levels of government before and after Reagan’s first State Visit to Britain in 1982.

Despite the hostility of her advisors, Thatcher appeared to strike up a close relationship with Reagan based on their shared values. They loudly battled Communism together and were determined to vanquish the post-war economic consensus, which had been based on the work of John Maynard Keynes, in favor of trickle-down economics and low taxes.

Successive British ambassadors in Washington were deeply unimpressed with the former California governor, however. Sir Nicholas Henderson, who was in the job when Reagan was elected, described him as a dogmatic and simplistic man. “He has clear-cut opinions, not to say prejudices, as was apparent to me when he told me à propos Keynes that it must not be forgotten that he was a homosexual,” Henderson wrote in his United States Annual Review of 1981.

Sir Oliver Wright replaced Henderson in Washington the following year but the dispatches he sent back to London were no more encouraging. “We have self-evidently a President—how shall I put it?—whom it is difficult to engage in a serious discussion on any subject of contemporary politics,” he wrote in October 1982.

Wright was aghast to find that smart and serious political operatives in D.C. appeared happy to work under Reagan’s leadership. “No one in Washington smirks when they are expounding the President’s views or communicating his policies,” he said. “No one in official and hardly anyone in non-official Washington decries his want of powers of analysis or his inability to argue a closely reasoned case.”

Wright’s summation of the twin threads of the Administration’s policy objectives was equally damning. He described Reaganomics as “unsophisticated… it’s component parts self-contradictory” and his foreign policy as cartoonish and based on Reagan’s Wild West heritage. “California is on the look out for baddies and Public Baddie No 1 is the Soviet Union… baddies, as we all know, have only one proper fate: to bite the dust.”

The Wright briefing from 1982, entitled The Reagan Administration or How the West Was Won. Second Impressions of the United States, concludes that the 1984 election still looked a long way off. “This then is the guy with whom we have to deal and with whose instincts we have to live, God willing, for at least the next two years. From a European point of view it is not an ideal prospect.”

It was such a hit when it arrived back at the Foreign Office in London that copies were produced and circulated throughout Whitehall and Downing Street. “We greatly enjoyed reading your ‘Second Impressions’ dispatch,” replied a senior diplomat. “While I do not expect anyone to take issue with your main themes, no doubt your observations will draw reactions.”

Indeed, on Wednesday the observations drew a reaction from Senator John McCain. He told The Daily Beast that he was sure Thatcher and the British public liked Reagan no matter what her senior staff thought. “I’m sure that there were many elitist Britishers, just like Americans, who called him a cowboy and all that stuff. I’m not surprised. The key to it is Margaret Thatcher said in the open and repeatedly that Ronald Reagan won the cold war without firing a shot,” he said. “All I know is that they were not totally in lockstep on everything. There are always people who will take shots at any leader but there’s also no doubt that Ronald Reagan remains the most popular president in recent history with the British people and that matters.”*

Within the grand halls of the Foreign Office on King Charles Street in Central London, it seems he was far from popular. In a dispatch from Washington dated March 18, 1982 Stephen Wall, an embassy official who would later work for numerous foreign secretaries and prime ministers, suggested that even Reagan’s closest staff were worried about his reputation. “The White House are certainly concerned that the President could acquire a national image as a bumbler which, like Ford’s image as a stumbler, could not be eradicated once firmly established in the public mind. The same thing happened to President [Jimmy] Carter.”

The missive was received back in London by David Barrie, a senior diplomat, who appended his own note. “My guess is that it’ll take some time before Reagan gets labeled as a Bozo by Middle America,” he wrote.

Another note added to a Washington dispatch, this time by Sir Derek Malcolm Day, Deputy Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in January 1982, bemoaned the Reagan White House’s unwillingness to cooperate with its allies. “There is still a disturbing tendency, if consultation does not produce an early and desired result as far as the Americans are concerned, for the Administration to go their own way virtually regardless of the consequences,” he wrote. “I fear that this may be a feature of life that we shall have to get used to with the Reagan Administration. Patience is not a strong suit in Washington these days.”

One can imagine that patience with the British envoys was in particularly short supply.

*TwoFour words on John McCain as a judge of character: Sarah "Terrorist Baptism" Palin.

I Am The (Cartoon) Editor

The above was submitted to us w/ the title "Clippers Fans," but we didn't think that was fair (Leave the Clippers alone!!) so we retitled it. And suggested the Cloven-Hoofed Bundy caricature wasn't nearly wrinkled enough (probably should be armed, too)  but Pulitzer Prize-winning Ms. Wilkinson wasn't having any of that.


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N. Fucking B.: I am not now, have never been & will never be a member of Slate Plus.

However, I do have something you can hold. Right here.

The Blind "Facilitating" The Idiotic

Or any number of variations on the old "the unqualified for much of anything leading the equally deluded" saw. Sweet Blood of Jesus, imagine the waves of ignorance & foolishness radiating from the Cruz's office, like the stench from a beached & decomposing whale*.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) "gathered a group of House conservatives in his office Tuesday night, talking about immigration and House GOP leadership elections slated for after the midterm elections," Roll Call reports.

"Cruz's office would not give further details, calling the pow-wow a 'private meeting.' And members were reluctant to spill the beans on just who attended the session, or to gab about what was discussed."

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) described Cruz as a "facilitator" while the group "talked about a variety of different public policy issues."
Directly from Political Wire.

*Excluding either of those scenarios, the decaying whales pose a stinky problem as tourist season nears.
A second blue whale carcass is in Rocky Harbour, where Mayor Walter Nicolle said the smell is getting worse by the day.
"It's only going to be a matter of time before it warms up and the smell becomes unbearable," she told Global News.

G-d Exists!

Aerosmith see "almost no reason" to ever make another album.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why There Is An "Advertsing" Label

We've mentioned them recently (& may even go look for the links, if not, whatever, scroll down or don't) but here are more of Donald T. Sterling's hideous adverts, at Franklin Avenue, via MoJo. It's difficult to make a total buffoon (not in a good way) like The First Donald (Trump the birther) look good, but our local boy has done it!

The L.A Times may (or not, check this story) have taken some of Mr. Sterling's slumlord money to run this last Sunday:
A "gold colored plaque." Shit.
U.C.L.A.'s reaction? Rejection:
UCLA issued the following public statement concerning a recent $3 million pledge to the university by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who today was banned for life from the NBA following racist statements he made on audio recordings.

Mr. Sterling’s divisive and hurtful comments demonstrate that he does not share UCLA’s core values as a public university that fosters diversity, inclusion and respect. For those reasons, UCLA has decided to return Mr. Sterling’s initial payment of $425,000 and reject the remainder of a $3 million pledge he recently made to support basic kidney research by the UCLA Division of Nephrology. UCLA has received numerous inquiries about an advertisement in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times falsely suggesting that it was UCLA publicly thanking him for the gift. The ad was placed by Mr. Sterling, not the university.
(Our emphasis.) Lynched by the über-liberal Westside Medical Establishment just for creating an entirely false impression.

Fuck David Stern Too II

Zirin of the Nation is ticked off:

Assrocket From The Crypt

Ooo-wee! "Race-baiters," & of course, the "dementia defense."
"A billionaire asks his African-American mistress not to post certain pictures on Instagram: is that what the 'legacy of race and slavery and segregation' has come down to?" Hinderaker wrote. "Are the 'vestiges of discrimination' so slight that this lovers’ spat is the subject of a presidential news conference?"
Good job ignoring everything else involved, Hinder. The "subject of a Presidential press conference?" Hardly. One question was asked at an already scheduled joint event w/ the P.M. of Malaysia. Does the tee vee lawyer phrase "facts not in evidence" mean anything to this alleged legal eagle?

Later, we see the "subject" in the atty.'s own words:
The story caught up with President Obama in Malaysia, where he was asked about it. (Note how strange this is: If dozens of bodies had been discovered in Sterling’s back yard and he had been discovered to be a serial killer, it never would have occurred to a reporter to bring it up.) Obama naturally used the opportunity to make a political point ...
Strange indeed. Politicians making political points. I'm pretty damn sure if no one had asked about it Lawyer Heinie would've made that his political point. Odd that Mr. Hinderaker seems, like his hero Sterling, to be color-blind & hasn't noticed that our President is "of color." (I also suspect there's jealousy involved, as the only point HInderaker seems able to make is the one on his head. [RIMSHOT!!!])

The carrousel of clichés continues: If you're not actively lynching anyone you can't be a racist,
What makes this bizarre is that Stiviano herself if [sic] black and Mexican, a fact that she reminds Sterling of during their argument. The situation is otherworldly, in that Sterling seems not to have noticed that his own girlfriend is black.
which only reveals Hinderaker's deep if not calculated ignorance of racial, sexual, economic & power dynamics in these United Snakes. To wit:
Sterling tells his mixed-race girlfriend that he has a problem with her associating with black people because she’s “supposed to be a delicate white or a delicate Latina girl.” Uhm, what?
Legal mind reading:
The political motive to make Donald Sterling the poster boy for 21st century racism is obvious, but is he actually a racist? I have never met the man, but it doesn’t seem probable.
Is this moron trying out for a drag presentation of the Helen Keller story, w/ him as the heroine?

Enough. Savor more straight up delusion & evasion from one of America's finest legal minds here.

Fuck David Stern Too

So, when will former N.B.A. commissioner David Stern agree to an interview in which he will be asked why in the name of hell he let his no doubt close friend Donald Sterling get away w/ being the worst owner in the N.B.A. for 30 yrs.? Not even to mention the racism & sexism. Assholes, both of them.

It is the fervent hope of Just Another Blog (From L.A.)™ that Mr. Sterling's unfortunate life-time ban doesn't inconvenience him too damn long. Like, drop dead tomorrow, you fucking wretch!

"If It's Good, It's A Miracle"

Other haters:

Of all Catholic rituals, canonisation is nonsense

So former popes John XXIII and John Paul II are saints for their 'miracles'.
At such times I sympathise with intelligent Catholics
Clutch them pearls, it only gets more vile. Relax though, Bible-thumpers, just keep telling yourselves they're all going to hell, fingers crossed knock on wood.

These popes are not saints: Time for the media to stop believing in “miracles”

Miracles are bunk, the Vatican remains dangerous.

Why does the media give the church's phony PR stunt a free pass?

Bang Followed By Whimpering
& Eventually Blessed Silence

Willing the apocalypse:
[watches video, declaims Archie Bunker style] "Oh geeeze, don't." Don't send these grifters a penny. "Save the planet," hell! Sending me some moolah to design & build an asteroid attractor is a much better investment. Maybe this history lesson will cheer me up.
This has appeared here before; I don't think I realized then
it's the view northwest from the Eiffel tower.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh Look, We're Right Again!
[Now Up-Dated W/ Longer Video!]

No sooner do we mention national joke Donald Trump in relation to alleged billionaire racist & confirmed creep (Other than Trump not being anywhere near a billionaire, the two Donalds are remarkably similar, aren't they?) then Trump arrives & gives the rich guy's view of life on FOX & Friends, as reported by POLITICO, which was about one rung on the ladder of shit above said girlfriend until she started afflicting rather than comforting the comfortable parasite class. Right on, sister V. Stiviano!
“He got set up by a very, very bad girlfriend, let’s face it,” Trump said on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” of Clippers owner Donald Sterling.
Then the affluenza defense, wealthy eccentric-style:
Trump also questioned the mental state of Sterling and how he could be led on by someone “so obviously looking to do harm to him,” saying “he seems close to incompetent.”

“I think he could be out of it, frankly, based on his actions,” Trump said. “He could be pretty much out of it in terms of his whole mentality.”
Takes one to know one dunnit, birther bozo?

Also sporty: Something's gonna give in the televised sports industry.
[Shorter version of video replaced 1 May 2014.]

Yet Another In A Seemingly Infinite Series Of "Why Bother?" Moments & Posts

Twitter is evilsomething alright. One goes to pimp oneself or be rude & get out, but if one's eyes stray from the path, the horror can be seductive:
If I gave a shit I'd see what prior complaints McArdle has made about "US gov't. data" (If I gave a shit. Ha ha.) but I'll credit Mme. McA. as too intelligent to claim "book cooking" aloud, so it's unlikely to be worth additional (even minimal) effort.

So why bother?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Back Three Racist Incidents Ago

Seems like yesterday, doesn't it? Here is F. Glenn Miller Jr., "who also goes by Frazier Glenn Cross Jr.," who was looking for Jews in all the right places but still couldn't kill any & had to settle for three Gentiles:
The white supremacist accused of shooting to death three people outside Jewish centers in Overland Park was caught in the mid-1980s in a car with a black male prostitute dressed as a woman, a former federal prosecutor said Thursday.
Please, you hating bastards, don't take this the wrong way:
Heidi Beirich spoke with Miller about the issue in a recorded phone conversation last fall. Miller didn't deny the incident, saying he had lured the prostitute to a meeting in order to beat him up.

"If you will check that particular police report," he told Beirich, "you'll find I had a blackjack, a night stick and a .38 loaded pistol."
Before or after?
"It was a male prostitute in a vehicle, and it was a Raleigh Police Department incident report," said McCullough, now a judge on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. He told The Kansas City Star that the details in the report were "salacious" and that the male prostitute was known to police.
F.G. speaks.
At the time, Miller was running for US Senate as an independent in his home state of Missouri with the slogan "It's the Jews, Stupid" ...


Not surprisingly, Miller denigrated most American politicians, but cited one positively: "If I had my way [all US senators] would be in jail right now for treason, if not hung from a sturdy oak tree…Ron Paul is the only independent politician, representative in Washington." He also spoke highly of another conservative: "Patrick Buchanan, he's a great man, he's a great historian, he's one of the very few journalists who has the courage to speak out against Jewish domination in the country." Miller called Howard Stern "a Jew liar." When asked whether he supported the tea party, Miller replied, "The school's still out on them. They're a new movement. I'm watching them closely. I suspect, however, they'll be infiltrated by the Jews and therefore led into defeat."
I can't understand why Sean Hannity never had this American Patriot & Hero on his program.
"I'm a convicted felon and I'm proud of it," Miller boasted, noting that he "was convicted of declaring war on the federal government and possession of illegal weapons." He added that Jews "were responsible for my conviction that prompted me to go underground and declare war…
A bit more extreme, maybe, than Cliven Bundy before he let his little secret out, but not by much.

One More Thing I'd Like to Know

Who are racist Donald Sterling's racist friends who call & complain to Sterling that his girlfriend/mistress/whatever is "walking w/ Negroes?" (We'd guess Donald Trump, birds of a racist feather & all.)
The man alleged to be Sterling takes particular exception to a photo she posted to Instagram with Johnson.

"In your lousy f**ing Instagrams, you don't have to have yourself with -- walking with black people," the man says.


"Admire him, bring him here, feed him, fuck him, but don't put (Magic) on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me. And don't bring him to my games."
Now, on to tooting our own horn. Donald T. Sterling has long been one of the largest sacks of parasitical rent-seeking crap in the Los Angeles area, as we've noted previously in this space.

Actual crimes committed: Let's not forget that the reprehensible bastard used "influence" to prevent his now-dead-of-a-drug-overdose (Good parenting, asswipe.) son from being charged w/ shooting a childhood friend in 1999.
"I, you know, am very close to the police chief in Beverly Hills . . . . So I'm very close to the Police Department, and I want to cooperate as much as possible."


"One day you will meet me in the course of things," Sterling said. "I'm so active in the community."

"Oh, I'm sure I will," Hopkins replied.

"You know Baca [Lee Baca, sheriff of Los Angeles County]?" Sterling asks. "I went with Baca to dinner the other night, and I'm close to Parks [Los Angeles Police Chief Bernard Parks]. I'm just very involved with the Police Department."

Sterling continued: "I wish that you'd give me a little advice. One day in life you're gonna be passing through, and you may need a lawyer to give you good, honest advice."

"Yeah, well . . . ." Hopkins responded.

"And I'm that lawyer," Sterling said. "Donald Sterling, on the corner of Wilshire and Beverly Drive."
No, the younger Sterling didn't face any charges for his shooting, and, no, the elder Sterling didn't face charges for influence-peddling with the cops.
And of course Mr. Sterling's taste is exclusive to his mouth.
If advertising be a window to the soul ...

Last but not least, Dickhead Don has probably managed to screw his team out of further advancement in the play-offs. Sterling's been the worst owner in major professional sports & the Clippers a laughingstock for decades; w/o going into what might be terminal sports boredom for Philistines, the Clippers (partly due to the Lakers' recent suckfest) were on the cusp of gaining traction* (i.e., WINNING!) w/ the local Laker-fixated hoops audience. (Distraction 118, Clips 97 earlier this p.m.)
*Is that mixing metaphors or merely stringing clichés together? Now ask if I care.

Jivin' Cliven Bundy:
This Land Is My Land (Not!)

And the original occupants? Well, sure, they were screwed, & now the paranoid playing at soldier (2:45) thinks history is repeating itself: Westerners are being "driven off of [sic] our lands" & "forced into reservations known as cities." As if his ancestors were defending the Paiute tribe's property rights 150 yrs. ago. Karma: Live it, or live with it.
Day before day before yesterday's news? At least, & eff you for asking. We missed the specifics on Mr. Bundy's crap land claim ("Beneficial use?" We all know who's benefiting here, you old wretch.) in all the hullabaloo, & we wanted to immortalize Oathkeeper Justin Giles' inane delusions: No way in hell do urbanites want his ilk near us.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

It's Not All Palm Trees In L.A.

West on Third Street from La Cienega Boulevard, 20 April 2014 (Easter)

Bombs Away!! Follow Up Follow-Up

Seven (almost) yrs. ago. Follow Up. Weds.

RAF fighter jets intercept Russian bombers
off coast of Scotland

Ministry of Defence plays down incident in which Typhoons scramble
to head off two Tu-95s in international airspace
An RAF Typhoon jet
An RAF Typhoon jet. Two of the fighters were scrambled from RAF Leuchars on Wednesday afternoon.
Photograph: Sgt Ralph Merry/Ministry of Defence/EPA
RAF fighter jets were scrambled on Wednesday afternoon to head off two Russian bombers heading for British airspace.

The Typhoons, based at Leuchars in Fife, intercepted the two Tupolev Tu-95s off the north coast of Scotland.

The incident is not regarded as being related to the Ukraine crisis but a relatively routine one. Russian military planes test British responses every few months.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said the planes could not be identified and so the Typhoons were launched.

"The aircraft were subsequently identified as Russian military aircraft. The Russian military aircraft remained in international airspace at all times as they are perfectly entitled to do so. Russian military flights have never entered UK sovereign airspace without authorisation," he said.

The opeartion came after the MoD sanctioned a naval vessel to intercept a Russian ship as it came close to UK waters last week.

A defence spokesman confirmed on Wednesday night that as part of separate and routine activity, HMS Dragon, the Royal Navy's fleet-ready escort, sailed from Portsmouth on Good Friday to meet up with a Russian ship, the Vice Admiral Kulakov, which is transiting past the UK.

The spokesman said: "In what is a well established and standard response, the powerful Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer met its Russian counterpart and is now keeping an eye on its transit south."

Open Letter To Clippers Owner Donald Sterling

From fake rasta Snoop Dogg.
Hey, can't the N.B.A. remove Sterling from the Clippers for the good of the association or something? (Apparently not.) What the hell's new commissioner Silver waiting for?
Plus which: Your Complete Quotable Guide To Decades Of Donald Sterling's Racism

Friday, April 25, 2014

Another Target Selected

The very definition of First World Problems:

Mayor Agrees To Meet With Angry
Parking Ticket Victims Association

Priorities, priorities. Meanwhile, in the real world of shit & pain, real fucking victims, not these fucking leeches & scofflaws to whom Mayor Garcetti's pandering.
The founder of the Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative, Steven Vincent, told the L.A. Times that they want to talk to Garcetti about lowering the costs of fines, making parking signs less confusing (come on, who has time to read the parking restrictions of five different signs on one pole?) and increasing the parking hours on certain streets.
Today's Whining Jerk/Asteroid Target: Steven Vincent!

Slave To Subsidy?

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: This reporter receives a Federally-funded housing "subsidy" to the tune of hundreds of dollars a mo. (This keeps me from having to relieve myself in your front yards, behind your businesses, or in the parks where I'd be sleeping, so pay those taxes.) w/o any appreciable decrease in my freedom of typing, as readers may have noticed.
Nor have I aborted my (or anyone's) "young children." Don't even have a porch to sit on. Or a "family life," but that's no loss at all.

The Rest of The Story (You got me here, Bundy!): When I was a young man
I was "put [...] in jail" two or three times (no drunk driving crap either, real crime, like "obstructing the sidewalk" & "curfew violation"); no criminal (Or other?) convictions, however*.

Better than "slavery?" Well, agonizingly earned disability (even minus US$100.00 or so a mo. for Medicare) is more than take-home the last time I was an indentured wage-slave. You tell me, Cliven Bundy & friends.

Also plus which too: Hoping someone (Unemployed or not, n.f.w. am I looking) somewhere, is perusing these Live From the Bundy Ranch videos for more outrage & shock.
*Don't bother, coppers. No jail can hold me.

Big Cat Round-Up


Fabulous Friday Off To A Good Start

Standing Our Ground: The nano-second the threshold is crossed they'll have a hell of a time proving it wasn't burglary & I wasn't in abject fear of my life, or my sleep cycle.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday

At least 30 yrs. ago, possibly taken at The Vex, Angry Samoans Todd Homer & Gregg Turner,
& fellow wage-slave Lisa (Ann, I think, or Anne) Adams.
Photo by the late Buz.

Today In "Darkies"

Cliven Bundy's views on colored people. Sung by a (Comm-u-niss, yet!) colored person, so you know Cliven's right!

Telebision Advertising

Someone else watches MeTV, a channel I'm as likely as not to watch from the hundreds available:
No one who watches this channel needs a car or a videogame or a place to get a good hamburger or a personal grooming aid to make them look better or a vacation or a beer. I don't even see commercials for Coca-friggin'-Cola. Someone kind of presumes that if you're watching their channel, you must be ill, injured or unemployed.


So what elements make a TV show more appealing to people who are out of work? What kind of viewing attracts the incontinent? The people who need catheters? Based on watching MeTV, it seems that guest appearances by Burt Mustin and Alice Ghostley must do something.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

L.A.'s Rent-A-Mayor Program

Why does hizzonor let the cops beat & kill you? What's he care, he got his!

Photos: Mayor Garcetti's Sweet Silver Lake Pad
Up For Lease For $8,500 A Month

Gentrifying scum too.
The Garcettis plan to maintain ownership of their Silver Lake home, which was purchased in 2011 for $1.4 million according to public records. Prior to that, they lived in the Echo Park area.
I hope you low-information voters are all happy now, right until you look cross-eyed at the police.

Wallowing In It: Same Shit, Seven Yrs. Ago

Nostalgic note: The second item typed & published at Just Another Blog (From L.A.)™, nine days short of seven yrs. ago, concerned the L.A.P.D. beating people in MacArthur Park. (Bet Mac would've approved.)
On a maybe less cynical note, #MyLAPD & the other #MyLocalOinkers are probably the best we'll ever get from #HashtagActivism. #American Spring (as fucking if, you sheep).

In Which We Refrain From Threatening The Mayor (Also A Pig) & Ask One Simple Question

Of course, it's the Mayor's joke acc't., where an ass-licking toady links to press releases & spews feel-good crap, that gov't. of, by & for the cretinous & moronic shall not perish from the earth. The mayor himself is too busy meeting w/ people who actually make a difference in his campaign funds, yada.

(If I am shot, beaten w/in an inch of my life or imprisoned in the near future, you'll know who is to blame.)

#MyLAPD: Cop Kill A Creep, Pow Pow Pow!

One of the reasons they call them pigs (& mean it) is that they are so damn stupid they do things like this & expect to be perceived as Boy Scouts when normal people recognize jack-booted thugs w/ guns wheN they see them:
Or the undercover murderer seen above, probably on his 'phone telling his ugly sow wife he will be late for dinner because he has killed yet another undesirable & boy is there a lotta paperwork.

Couple Dead Guys Rasslin'

Morbid bonus: Cutaway to the equally late "Ms. Elizabeth."
More on yet another I've outlived. (I guess sometimes answered prayers yada.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Countdown To Outrage: Drei, Zwei, Ein ...

Oh no, look, look!!
Marionville, Missouri Mayor Dan Clevenger* "resigned Monday night for making anti-Semitic comments in the wake of the arrest of white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller and after aldermen voted 4-1 to start the impeachment process," the Springfield News-Leader reports.
Every time an anti-Semite is impeached merely for his deeply held & sincere belief that Jooos are scum, it is exactly like Mozilla's (former) C.E.O. Eich being run out of town on a rail by a vicious liberal-homo mobdeciding on his own to quit like the pathetic weakling he is.

Now we're waiting for Andrew Sullivan to have a couple wks. of hissy fits because the "hard left" ran Mayor C. out of town on a rail for his politically incorrect opinions.

[here we need a Schrödinger-style cat-in-the-box effect (not just harps & that blurry shit this time, please?)representing the quantum state between potential universes as Sullivan makes his decision/decides]

Now we're waiting for Andrew Sullivan to decide that this is absolutely nothing like the Mozilla kerfuffle. Or flapdoodle. In any way. Because.

*One advantage of not using one's legal name: People don't ask if you're related to idiots. (Disclosure: This reporter is actually descended from idiots.)

Piss Ryan

Two wks. ago in class warfare.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Both Sides At It

Muslims, undocumented workers, homosexuals, liberals, feminists, intellectuals and African-Americans will increasingly suffer the wrath of vigilante violence as the nation becomes more restive. Liberal institutions, their credibility shredded because of their myopic support for neoliberalism, will become irrelevant. Chauvinism, violent retribution, a perverted Christianity and the celebration of a mythic Anglo-Saxon history will sever sections of the population from reality, enticing them into an American fascism. This is what is coming. It cannot be fought with counterviolence. It can be fought only with ideas. We better prepare.
Violence 1, Ideas 0.

Have we at last found the "hard left" of Andrew Sullivan's fantasies? No wonder he's nervous; they sound well-armed, dangerously organized & not the least bit paranoid.

Today's Telebision Recaps

If nothing else, dig the mustachioed loon in the last 30 secs. of this one, at (10:00).
We also have a more than vague suspicion that if these wretched old idiots weren't wearing cowboy hats they'd be more likely to get the fiery deaths they so want & deserve.

Bush Reality Syndrome

Rancid little murdering shit. There truly is no justice.

Open Letter To iNternet Drones Everywhere About Their Stupid Telebision Recaps

Shut the fucking hell up & stop wasting space/electrons w/ recaps of tee vee shows. Jee-sus! Who cares, & why in hell would they?

A clue (GET ONE!!): People who give a shit have seen the program. (Or haven't yet & don't want spoilers.)  People who don't won't waste their time reading about shit they'll never see, & if they are wasting their time, are they really the types of eyeballs you greedy pigs need clicking on your inane site?

Subtle suggestion: If you don't have anything to type, or about which to type, just shut up & go away already. (WEB OF EVIL© being the exception that proves this rule.)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

G'wan, I Dare Ya!

A.B.C.,1,2,3 ...

Another (The same? Probably.) Bogus Car.
Here the priorities of government are clear: Protection & service for the monied & powerful & their property & interests. Were it otherwise there'd be a bogus prowl car in front of this reporter's dump keeping me & my junk safe 24 fucking hrs. a day, wouldn't there?

The sheer gall of essentially advising everyone that they are worthless scum who deserve nothing but high prices, cruddy food & ugly clothing that exemplifies entropy makes me want to liberate plenty of consumer goods from Ralphs & Ross. Minimum, slash the fucking tires on that black & white affront to equality.

Easter Sunday/Hitler's Birthday
Hippie-Dippie Reefer Report

Harmonic convergence: So Jesus, Hitler, Henry Kissinger, the Pope & a reefer-smokin' dame on a higher spiritual plane walk into a bar.

Nope, that's it, save the more than blindingly obvious. Give it up for Friedrich Nietzsche!Slightly subtler.People still listen to entire songs all at once? Really. In the 21st century, w/ time running out & all?

Put Down That Nativism!

Meanwhile, at the National Review, V.D. Hanson is being taken to task by Blaise Pascal, who is defending the Spanish version of the Inquisition.
It is surprising Dr Hanson is ignorant of the Inquisition and it's purpose. He uses the old anti -Catholic bromides of the Church of England. The Inquisition was set up as a court to try people who were accused of heresy and religious crimes.Before the Inquisition was set -up people were at the mercy and whim of the local prince, magistrate or bishop to mete out justice. Most people who went before the Inquisition were exonerated. I suggest Dr. Hanson put down his 19th century nativism and read Dr. Thomas Madden of St. Louis University on the real Inquisition.
Totally sic, btw.

None of the Inquisitorial revisionists, however, seem to think Dr. Hanson is a nut when he types this sort of thing:
Hounding out people with different views is seen by the Left as a necessary means to achieve its supposedly noble goals — just like the Spanish Inquisitioners who claimed God was on their side as they went after religiously “incorrect” Jews, Muslims, and heretics.
Break out the thumbscrews, it's party time!!

Today In Tiresome & Trivial

Oh you awful stupid people, fer hevvin's sake, you have me standing up for a celebrity cook* now.

Nonetheless, it's bullshit on parade. Celeb Lawson has never been charged, let alone convicted, so just LEAVE NIGELLA ALONE!!
New Zealand officials have granted a special visa to Nigella Lawson, who has admitted using cocaine, in an apparent confirmation that she has been blocked from entering the United States, it was reported on Sunday

US authorities declined to specify why Lawson was stopped from flying from London to Los Angeles late last month. However, in a statement to the Herald on Sunday newspaper, Immigration New Zealand said the celebrity cook was not allowed to enter the US, which meant she required special permission to work in New Zealand.

“As Ms Lawson has been excluded from another country, namely the United States, she was ineligible to be granted a visa to enter New Zealand unless given a special direction,” Immigration New Zealand said. “A special direction was considered and granted, and subsequently her visa application was approved.”

Lawson, 54, admitted, in a court case last year, that she had used cocaine and cannabis. British newspapers have speculated that she was prevented from flying to the US, where she stars in a cooking talent show The Taste, because of her admission of drug use.

A US embassy spokeswoman in London confirmed Lawson was denied permission to fly to Los Angeles but declined to say why, citing privacy reasons. Lawson is in New Zealand to film an advertisement.
What's w/ the Kiwis here? They won't let the United Snakes bring nukes w/ them when they visit, but they'll follow the lead of the small-minded pricks at ICE?

Sod the "English-speaking peoples," & the Frogs too. What, AFP, Lawson can't be a bleeding "chef?"

Comments are enjoyable. It's nice to be one w/ the world in despising America:
Perhaps only in the world's capital of double-standards, the USA, which reportedly registers among the world's highest cocaine and marijuana use, whose jails are overflowing with recreational drug users, would entry be denied for admitting to occasional recreational drug use.
I live in Calgary, but I find the experience at US Homeland Security at the Calgary International Airport so unpleasant that I have no intention of visiting the US again. There you go, I've said it. Now I expect to be placed on a US 'no fly' list.

Funny all this, because almost invariably the American people are very pleasant and friendly. [Aw, shucks. — M.B.] Maybe they should ask their government not to visit the consequences of its paranoia on friendly innocents.
Or maybe we should smash the state.
*Celebrity cooks: Generally classified between incurable lepers & curable lepers.

10¢ Psych Dep't.:
Dr. Freud On Women & Envy

Latest right-wing nutjob-heartthrob flash-in-the-pan superstar Michele Fiore, Assemblywoman of Nevada's Fourth District, likes these pictures so much she posted both of them in her photo gallery twice.
Keeps forgetting who & what she is?
The doctor is in.
Dr. Freud says: "O.K., zure, all uff mein concepts und zeories are antiquated horseshit, but zese people are zo zimple, zo dense, zo 19th century. C'mon, you goink to look at zat und deny ze whole 'penis envy' thing? Hah! Fits zem like a gluff. Zometimes ein AR-15 iss not chust a cigar."

Dr. Freud refused any long distance (like, from the grave) diagnosis of this image of our new heroine.
Seems nice, doesn't she? Very nice. (Too nice?) Respects the law, as we already know.
In a transcript obtained by Ralston Flash, Fiore, who called herself a “conservative, Catholic, gun-toting, second amendment, strong-ass woman,”  called Wheeler her “friend” and said that she stood by him. This after she called for Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey’s resignation after he said that it would be a “great year for Republicans” since minorities and young people wouldn’t be turning out to vote in a non-presidential race.

Besides supporting Wheeler (who set off a media storm in late October by saying he would vote for slavery if his constituents supported it), Fiore said she carries her gun with her like her underwear.

“And I can tell you, as someone that carries a firearm on me like my panties and bra, I do break the law because I generally carry my gun in places where they say is a gun-free zone, because I’m not going to be a victim of a stupid law.”

She also said Republicans would “arm our teachers, K through 12.”

Fiore defended her use of swear words on the Assembly floor and said Chancellor Dan Klaich “has his head so far where it shouldn’t be.” And speaking of anatomy, Fiore told the assembled Republicans that they were due for some changes.

“We have to either grow a set of brass ovaries or a set of testicles, whichever you prefer, and if you don’t have a set I’ll borrow my brass ovaries. But we have to do it.”

Fiore reiterated that she and Wheeler are “not politicians”, but just regular people.

“We are real people, hard-working, and we don’t have a filter. So if something comes out wrong, something comes out.”
If you can put up w/ Assemblywoman Fiore for the full thing, do you think she might have had a brew or three at the big Bundy B-B-Q before going on the telly?Unsuccessful candidate for Congress in 2010, & apparently certifiable.
Suddenly I get it: Assemblywoman Fiore just wants to be right in front, guns blazing, maybe astride her four-wheeler when the shit finally comes down & that ex-sheriff puts all the women in front to die first, thereby demonstrating the evil of federal bureaucracy.

P.S.: Show bidnis too. Please shoot me now, Assemblywoman, I'm ready to go.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

When Both Sides Do It ...

The first ones our tribe will purge will be the white liberals.

See Josh Marshall (an image of whom accompanies the Just Another Blog [From L.A.]™ On-Line Dictionary definition of objective weenie, & who's recently been taking reader submissions about what awful stupid ignorant fucking racists their parents all are) hemming & hawing that just because, per a reader, "My wife and I have Republican friends and neighbors. It never takes any of our conservative friends very long in a conversation before they begin making disparaging remarks about ethnic minorities. It’s usually only a matter of minutes." it doesn't necessarily mean that "this applies to all or most conservatives". O.K., perhaps not every last damn one of them, maybe, but most for sure.

Starting to believe that "objectivity" & "objectivism" may be more closely related than previously thought.

Here's the entire submission, w/ our emphases, excellent anecdata (or a Classic Example) of what we might (because it's all so damn funny, y'know) call Exception-That-Proves-The-Rule Racism.
And wait, further confirming anecdata:
You think this may be what the hell's wrong w/ those common clay cretins in Kansas?

A Recent Dumb-Ass Statement

What the fuck-tuck-tucking hell, Courtney Love? Deaf? Drugs? Derp? Brain damage from anesthesia during all those operations?
[I]n a recent video interview Love discussed her antipathy towards the music of Bruce Springsteen, explaining that her main issue was one of instrumentation. “Saxophones,” she said, “don’t belong in rock'n’roll.”
Yes, you inane drone, I'm as antipathetic toward B.S. as anyone but it's not the instrumentation that makes B.S. a suckfest of Broadway illusions & approximations of the rock.

Mme. Hole has made her video "private". Chicken.

Probably pertinent; the late Derf on the horn was about as "rock'n'roll" as one gets.
Plus which:
But there are so many more, too: the vibrancy of Junior Walker’s playing on Shotgun, for instance [...] or what Robert Christgau called the "solitary new-thing saxophone" of Steve Mackay on the Stooges' Funhouse. Think how those Little Richard records would sound without the sax.

Two Parties, Two Classes

Two Americas & two kinds of glasses:
No wonder "compromise" is anathema to them: Useless/unaccomplished
(It’s worth noting that although Blackburn served in Congress when the GOP held the House, the Senate and the White House, the single piece of legislation I could find that she had signed into law was the Wool Suit Fabric Labeling Fairness and International Standards Conforming Act of 2006. She has also successfully sponsored resolutions renaming various Tennessee Post Office buildings as well as [to her credit] one honoring the late Issac Hayes.)
Tenn. Rep. Marsha Blackburn has a starkly dichotomic vision of our future:
The comment drew a sarcastic rebuttal from White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer, who tweeted “All class in the GOP.” Read more.
In all her respect for property rights she or her Twit-flunkie couldn't be bothered to hit the shift key for "Solo®?"

Or is "Red Solo® cup" some secret redneck horse crap?
If anyone listens to the above noise let me know what in hell it's all about.

Yellow River

New hope for the aging: Turn all that pee into electricity!

Foiled Again!

Damnit all to hell, I've been trying to win a "Dick" award here for almost seven yrs., but not even a "special citation."
The winner of the 2014 Philip K. Dick Award was announced on Friday, April 18, at Norwescon 37, in SeaTac, Washington, and the winner for the distinguished original science fiction paperback published for the first time during 2013 in the U.S.A. is:
  • Countdown City by Ben H. Winters (Quirk Books)
A special citation was given to:
  • Self-Reference Engine by Toh EnJoe, translated by Terry Gallagher (Haikasoru)
Oh, different Dick. Never fucking mind, then.