Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Left-Wing Operatives"

[Executive Summary: "Hey loudmouthed asshole, I'll give you a reason to be paranoid!"]

Most recent in the long line of reactionary conservative scum to deny the truth & blame anyone else,
Canadian cretin, Texas turkey & Washington weasel Ted "Droopy" Cruz is currently number one on the M. Bouffant "List of Schmucks Who Need Their Faces PunchedSlapping But Good".

If I thought I could reason w/ him I would, but come on, he's delusional to the point of commitment to a mental health facility, & in my medical opinion, electro-shockconvulsive therapy, uh, fists to the facea few solid slaps would do him more good than any drug regimen. Talk therapy is not suggested either, as the patient simply will not shut his festering gob.

Wit-Chezz Season

Masked Marauders - Season of the Witch

Hallowe'en-y Morbidity Report

Remember kids, when you're on the right shoulder of the freeway speeding by the chumps in the slow lane, wear your seatbelt. (Late for work, therefore another victim of capitalism? Second choice is "fleeing the Armenian Mafia".)

Ghost Dancers In The Sky

Name-checked in above tune: Nyah Keith.

Today In Today's Theme Of The Day

This Modern World

A good start, but population control efforts really should be increased exponentially. DIE YOU FUCKERS, DIE!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Fuck The Head-Candling Shrinks

The lies & the drugs didn't help this reporter one fucking bit in this world of shit & pain; now we know why:
Charles Schulz is dead, so fuck copyright too!
America's mental health practitioners are little different from those of the Soviet Union, apparently interested only in squashing dissent & preserving the status quo.

Just one of ten:
9. Medicating Noncompliance and Marginalizing Anti-Authoritarians
Mental health professionals pathologize noncompliance. Rebellious children and teenagers, for example, are routinely diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), the symptoms include “often actively defies or refuses to comply with adult requests or rules” and “often argues with adults.” ODD is one of several “disruptive behavior disorders,” and a 2012 study reported that disruptive behavior disorders were the most common diagnoses in children medicated with antipsychotic drugs, accounting for 63% of those medicated.

Many people diagnosed with anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorders, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder are essentially anti-authoritarians who fear that their contempt for illegitimate authorities will make it difficult for them to survive. A potentially large army of anti-authoritarian activists are being kept off democracy battlefields by mental health professionals who prevent the development of political consciousness by pathologizing—and thus depoliticizing—normal defiant reactions.
For our second (& mercifully final) "j'accuse", we present "NYC Bespoke Psychiatry". Compare & contrast w/ Lucy above.
Now can we start killing the aristocrats & their enablers? And if not now, when?

Un-Holiday Wknd. Starts Now!

Reminds me of someone earthly. Artist: Ma-Thé
Via a Person (via) Catherine L. Moore reads her classic "Shambleau".

Reporter Of The Day (Three Wks. Ago)

Closing iNternet-ancient crap (11 October 2015) in the news reader we encountered this laughable load
of Breitbartian codswallop
, via memeorandum.


Matthew Boyle is, as they say at the Wonkette, A Idiot.
We were about to look for an aircraft falling apart on the runway but noticed Trey Gowdy there
behind now-Speaker Ryan & decided to share. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Do the deluded yobs who peruse & comment at Breitbart actually buy this stuff, or are they grasping at straws? Bet they're really ticked off Boehner (& his associates) sold out to the godless/Satanic Communists/Cultural Marxists.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

You're In For Something Fresh.™

Sad to those concerned but not worth notice by urbane sophisticates; in a vain attempt to stimulate our interest in anything (death, esp. someone else's, is a good start) we've grabbed onto the mere fact that we've foraged at this Albertsons as a reason to copy & paste this morbid content.

[TRIGGER WARNING: morbid content]

A man's body was found in a car parked at the Los Feliz Albertsons today.

LAPD officer Matthew Ludwig told LAist that around 1:15 p.m., Thursday afternoon, officers were called to the parking lot of the supermarket on the 2000 block of Hillhurst Avenue. The cause of death is undetermined, and Ludwig said it is currently not a homicide investigation.

There is no description of the body at this time aside from the fact that it was a male's.

Rage To Live

"... scab of a nation, driven insane" part yada yada yada.
DALLAS – In a rare, after-hours news conference Thursday evening, police announced they arrested a 12-year-old "Latin male" for threatening to shoot up his charter school in North Oak Cliff.

The Trinity Basin Preparatory campus is located at 955 E. 8th Street, at the corner of Jefferson Blvd.

Dallas Police Assistant Chief Randall Blankenbaker said they got a 911 call from the school at 12:50 p.m. Thursday.

Administrators wanted to turn in a seventh-grade boy who, a classmate said, had recently talked about shooting up the school. Then, on Thursday morning, the suspect showed his friend a detailed map of how he would carry out his attack, according to police.

Dallas police said officers did not find a weapon, or know if the boy had access to guns. But, investigators explained, since he made the threat and appeared to be preparing to carry out his plan, they charged the child with Exhibition of Firearms - a third-degree felony.

The suspect did not have to display a weapon to meet the threshold for the criminal statute, police explained.

The 12-year-old is locked up at the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center. The boy's living situation was unclear Thursday night.

Police praised the suspect's classmate for having the courage to report something suspicious.
The part in bold sounds very Constitutional.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Real Catholics To Ross Douthat:
Shut Up, Ignorant Lying Liar!

O Schadenfreude, O Schadenfreude!

Few more deserving than New York Times opposite-the-editorial-page typist Ross Douthat.
Mr. Douthat projects: "I am not a poorly-informed partisan buffoon.
You, however, are a heretic!!"
On Monday, a group of Catholic theologians published an open letter directly challenging Douthat, who reportedly has little if any formal training in theology or Church history. The signers took particular umbrage with his most recent article, but also appeared to decry Douthat’s larger body of work on Catholicism — especially his tendency to bat about accusations of heresy, often at Catholic theologians.

The text of the letter is below:
On Sunday, October 18, the Times published Ross Douthat’s piece “The Plot to Change Catholicism.” Aside from the fact that Mr. Douthat has no professional qualifications for writing on the subject, the problem with his article and other recent statements is his view of Catholicism as unapologetically subject to a politically partisan narrative that has very little to do with what Catholicism really is. Moreover, accusing other members of the Catholic church of heresy, sometimes subtly, sometimes openly, is serious business that can have serious consequences for those so accused. This is not what we expect of The New York Times.
Also: How many pinheads can dance on an angel? Open Twit for an approximate number.

Bringing The War Back Home:
U.S. Army Airship Attacks
Civilian Power Lines

American power lines, not some dirty foreigner's electricity!

Your Tax Dollars KEEPING US SAFE: The Blimp!

An "aerostat", technically.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Federal Buffoonery Initiative

Are these world-class cretins fucking kidding?
Can't wait to find out more about the ten-yr. old smart-ass who managed to scare the living hell out of the pants-pissers at the F.B.I. (An agency still trying to live down its failures to detect or deter the attacks on these United Snakes of 11 September 2001 while George W. Bush was keeping "us" "safe".) w/ a few judicious messages on social media or something. (Is it still possible to make crank calls w/o the Geheime Staatspolizei/L.A.P.D. showing up at one's front door w/in mins.? Asking for a friend.)

On the other hand, false flag operation? Cannonfire reports exactlyabout what I would have typed had I reported or researched anything.
We know about these plans because the FBI has delivered a warning. Oddly, The New York Post was given the scoop before any other news outlet.


Fire up Google and you'll soon discover that the soi-disant National Liberation Militia has no internet presence, except for
this Facebook Page -- which, you will notice, is empty. If it suddenly becomes active, you'll know that you're dealing with an entirely bogus entity.
Then again, had I "reported" I would have reported this on the Fbook page:
This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in,
and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.
Fucking robots.

Also notable is the name of this horrible threat to the thin blue line of liars. "Militias" aren't interested in "national liberation", they want "freedom" or "liberty" or a White Gawd-fearing America. Now! "National liberation", being leftish & all would be a front or movement, not a militia composed of squirrel-eaters from the hills. This pretty well confirms my theory this was made up by a ten-yr. old or an equally clueless F.B.I. agent.

By the fuck-tuck-tucking way, Feds: Is increasing police trigger-happiness toward anyone sporting a costume this wknd. precisely what you want to accomplish? You seriously want every ossifer responding to a Hallowee'en disturbance jacked up & ready to draw down? The blood will be on your hands, coppers.


So many yrs. ago no one wishes to remember exact dates, in the mists of time when these United Snakes were only a crypto-fascist nation, the chant of "PIGS OFF CAMPUS" meant university students didn't want the military-industrial complex & other murderous corporate entities recruiting on their campuses.
Ossifer Fields disciplines a student at Spring Valley High for using a mobile 'phone.
Yrs. later, the Age of Irony is over & this is a fully fascist nation where real fascist pigs are all over America's junior & senior high schools, terrorizing the students & transforming what once were disciplinary issues (to be handled by that little Hitler, the vice-principal) to criminality to be handled by the much bigger Hitlers of the criminal justice system.

Congrats to Columbine, Colorado killers Kleebold & Harris for helping to make the schools & society that drove them to madness & murder even more likely to alienate & destroy our young people. Yes, the youth who would indeed be our & your future IF WE WEREN'T GOING TO BE DEAD BEFORE THEIR FUTURE ARRIVES!!! (So what do we care? Après nous le déluge!!)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Buck Stops Over There Where Stuff Is Happening, Bla Bla Bla

Sunday Psychiatric Wrap-Up

It's been this reporter's opinion at least since he lost his own mind that only those who haven't been lulled into
an ovine state of submission, to use a favorite comparison, can possibly live in this world of shit & pain that surrounds us w/o further numbing/forgetting, often through chemistry. Generally starting w/ the chemicals in booze or pills, btw.

Apparently the idea came to us from Dr. Joel Fort, who was permanently 86'd from our sorry society almost two months ago at the age of 86.
Courtesy Of The Family per SFGATE.
A skeptic about standard mental health treatment, Fort liked to call himself a "sociatrist" — an activist who tried to help troubled individuals by effecting social change.


Traditional ideas of disease were subjected to Fort's skeptical eye. He was outraged at the then-popular notion that homosexuality required a "cure." And he saw addiction not as a character failing but as a symptom of deep societal malaise.


"... he was the first to advance the heretical thesis that youthful drug-takers could not be viewed apart from an entire society conditioned to seek a chemical solution for every problem.

"He pointed out that young people who saw the law being violated by both individuals and government every day were not likely to get deterred by arguments that drug use was illegal."

Humanizing Factoids:

Fort's survivors include Maria, his wife of 64 years; sister Elodee Portigal; son Titan; daughters Parcae Lockman and Gita Paquette; and three grandchildren.

In his later years, he took classes at the Graduate Theological Union and helped run salon-style discussion groups in Berkeley. He was a lover of chess, opera and Marx Brothers movies.
A representation of Dr. Fort speaking w/ one of the pioneers of confrontational tee vee hosting, Joe Pyne:

Sunday Brunch W/ M. Bouffant


& fluorescent.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

Worst Play-Off Result Ever?

Of eight possible teams*, we get last yr.'s K.C. Royal losers & New York's Johnny-come-lately Dodger/Giant imitators, the Mets, who moved National League baseball in Noo Yawk City to Queens, fer cryin' out loud. It is almost impossible to care any less; WEB of EVIL wishes a pox on both their stadia.
*Only worse possibility: St. Louis/Texas. Dodged a bullet there.

Fuck The Police, Again & Again

[Another attempt to determine if the national security apparatus is still watching web-logs. Not that I'm not righteously angry as hell or that I wouldn't take a swing at this "gut-feeling" moron of an F.B.I. Director. And of course the F.B.I. agents will shoot me seven times during the "interview" for typing naughty things.]

Thanks for appointing this oversized J. Edgar Hoover, Obama, you consensus-seeking buffoon.
Director Comey & murderous friends. He's tall enough for someone about my height to knee him right in the scrod.
Lookit this garbage:
With his remarks, Mr. Comey lent the prestige of the F.B.I., the nation’s most prominent law enforcement agency, to a theory that is far from settled: that the increased attention on the police has made officers less aggressive and emboldened criminals. But he acknowledged that there is so far no data to back up his assertion and that it may be just one of many factors that are contributing to the rise in crime, like cheaper drugs and an increase in criminals who are being released from prison.

“I don’t know whether that explains it entirely, but I do have a strong sense that some part of the explanation is a chill wind that has blown through American law enforcement over the last year,” Mr. Comey said in a speech at the University of Chicago Law School.

Mr. Comey’s remarks caught officials by surprise at the Justice Department, where his views are not shared at the top levels. Holding the police accountable for civil rights violations has been a top priority at the department in recent years, and some senior officials do not believe that scrutiny of police officers has led to an increase in crime. While the department had no immediate comment on Friday, several officials privately fumed at Mr. Comey’s suggestion.
How simple is this cretinous sub-human? Maybe people shouldn't go w/ crap like "I do have a strong sense". These United Snakes do not need another George W. "Gut Feeling" Bush*, but should instead be dealing in reality & facts, not fascist fantasies & victim bullshit.

Maybe, even, the fucking police should just stop murdering their fellow citizens. Then they won't have to bitch & moan that people are being mean to them.

Oh, the "chill wind that has blown through American law enforcement"? It is the ghosts of the victims of police murder, Oinker-in-Chief!!
*What came up while looking for the ugliest possible image of this sad jerk-off:
He was the United States Deputy Attorney General, serving in President George W. Bush's administration.
Why Obama? Why?

Today In Punditry

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Read more:
Mr. Sabia Jr. must have banged his head on that rasslin' mat a few times too many:

High School Bans Pro-Trump Stuff and American Flags!
Except No, It Absolutely Did Not

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tonight In Places To Avoid In America

Especially Albuquerque.

When The Dinosaurs Died

It was fifty yrs. ago today.
Riggers work at the New York World’s Fair in New York on October 21, 1965, to dismantle the Brontosaurus
which has been on exhibit at the Sinclair Pavilion. The pre-historic animal replica will be reassembled
and is scheduled to go on tour. John Rooney/AP

Nice One, Netanyahu

Premature anti-fascism, if the date is correct.
Speaking of Hitler & the Holocaust, Israeli P.M. Bibi Netanyahu added his two shekels to the discussion w/ all the historical accuracy we've come to expect from the forces of repression:
This reporter has seen the entire docudrama (The Wansee something?*) & I'm pretty damn sure this Haj Amin al-Husseini didn't make even a cameo appearance; the Krauts needed no outside advice.
*(Added later) Wannsee Conference. Also, bugger Salon's effin' video embeds which embed themselves where they will, HTML be damned.

The First Amendment Under
Carson's Imaginary Constitution

Makes one wonder when how why & what he "chose", dunnit?
For someone who compares everything he doesn't like to Hitler &/or the Holocaust, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has quite the Gestapo mindset, doesn't he? This reporrter can only assume the good doctor wants to keep an eye on biology classes that teach the Satanic theory of evolution.
Ben Carson says he would not get rid of the Department of Education, a position contrary to several of his Republican White House primary rivals.

Instead, the retired neurosurgeon said the agency should be used to monitor America’s colleges and universities for “extreme political bias.”

“I actually have something I would use the Department of Education to do,” Carson said on Glenn Beck’s radio show on Wednesday.

“Would it be pack boxes for the State Department? The IRS?” Beck joked.

“No, it would be to monitor our institutions of higher education for extreme political bias and deny federal funding if it exists,” he responded.

“I like that,” Beck rejoined.

Republican primary hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has advocated abolishing the department, while front-runner Donald Trump said it should be significantly cut to empower local districts.

Carson also said he would "intensify" the war on drugs and send a "stabilizing" military force back into Iraq if elected.
There's your "pro-life" candidate: Let's have a war on our fellow citizens who've been driven mad & then forced to self-medicate by this world of shit & pain, & then let's get that whole Armageddon thing restarted in the Unholiest of lands.

Makin' A List, Checkin' It Twice ...

... The list of people who must be murdered before they can be elected or rëelected to office, that is! Now looking as if we won't have pseudo-liberal Delaware-corporation drone Joe Biden to kick around anymore. Good!

Note to schmucks of Irish descent on the telly going on about what an Irish-American pol Biden is: If you morons want to wallow in your Irishness & your awful music, go the hell back to the bogs of Ireland! Why are you still here? Inertia?

In conclusion, what is wrong w/ these people? Do they know nothing? STOP REPRODUCING! You're killing the fucking planet under the weight of millions of smiling/smirking morons.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Beat The Press. Daily.

The Conservative Mentality: Jennifer Rubin & Ramesh Ponnuru.

Go, Canada!

TORONTO (AP) — Justin Trudeau, the son of one of Canada's most charismatic politicians, will be Canada's next prime minister, according to projections Monday by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

The projection, made even before the final polls had closed in western Canada, came as early vote tallies indicated a resounding victory for Trudeau's Liberal Party over the Conservative Party led by Stephen Harper, the prime minister for almost a decade.

If the results are confirmed, they would signal a sharp change in Canada's politics. Trudeau marks a return to Canada's liberal tradition, with its emphasis on social welfare — and one that Harper was intent on changing.
Idiot Joe Buck, announcing the game, claims our neighbours "elect a Prime Minister". Little more complicated than that, ninny. Nonetheless, Toronto Blue Jays 11, Kansas City Royals 8, at Rogers Centre, formerly Toronto's SkyDome.

The Price Of Freedom

Time to water the tree of liberty w/ someone's blood Second Amendment Remedying before the Gov't. interjects itself between these two would-be tyrants & the righteous anger of the American people?
Speaking of judicial activism, tyranny, yada yada, let's plug "remedy" these tyrants as well:
Is there no Constitution? Are there no Patriots?

I try to remain in the nostalgic (& cool) mud around here, occasionally entering the contemporary world w/ images of everything turning to shit (all pleasant in comparison to American politics) but my patience for mind-numbing idiocy repeated incessantly & w/o change (my own included) wears thin.

More Monday Madness:
Malignant's Mountain O' Meat

Moon Day

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Two Images Titled From
Angry Samoans Tunes

Inside My Brain
Staring At The Sun

More In Sorrow Than In Anger

Sad Samoan stuff: It would appear that P.J. Galligan, guitar player for the Angry Samoans when they first came to local infamy & cut some discs so many yrs. ago, died an ugly death of cancer (After the clichéd long battle therewith? Who knows?) over a yr. ago.
Samoans sans Saunders: P.J., Gregg, Todd, Jeff Dahl, Bill the Drummer.
This sad turn of events became actual & sad for me earlier today when, dithering over embedding, linking or merely mentioning "Staring at the Sun" I noted that a comment on the video said "R.I.P., P.J." & after more searching than one might expect to determine, Schrödinger's cat-style, if he really were dead, this seemed to confirm it.
PJ Galligan (guitarist on the first two records) died of cancer while I was working on the interviews.  He wanted to participate but couldn't speak because the cancer he was suffering from affected his ability to speak clearly.  He wrote out his answers and I got an actor friend here in Japan to record his responses.  They were long, too long for the podcast, and I had to edit them down.  In his choice of words, and in the depth, I could hear a man telling a selected audience about a special part of his life for the last time.  That may sound dramatic but while reading these, even before his death, this was the feeling I had.  He came off sounding proud, humble, as strange as the rest of the band members, but ultimately he ended up sounding just like a regular man living out his life.  He died in May, with the writing unfinished.  He went on a hiking trip with Alice, his SO, (her words) and when he came back she said he sat down to upload his photos from the trip and then died.
Metal Mike explains how P.J. saved the world in an unintentional obit:
without him, our band would have disappeared/there wasn't ONE SINGLE TOP NOTCH punk rock rhythm guitar pounder left in the entire LA/OC/SFV/I-Empire circuit. all the other killer guitarists were in bands (permanently). ok, save maybe Dez Cadena who was one year away from joining Red Cross (briefly, as guitarist before Black Flag as singer).
A more than tolerable, intelligent & amusing human being, & a few yrs. younger than I am.

Addenda from search efforts (L.A. Times, 13 August 1994):
With a baseball strike (under way), The Times is sure to be deluged with irate letters from brainwashed fans. They will probably blame the players for everything from high salaries to the price of eggs.

Thanks are due to Ross Newhan, who has consistently, clearly and accurately pointed out that it's the club owners who create and drive baseball's labor disputes.

If muddled correspondents looked beyond the box scores, or learned to read, similar conclusions would be unavoidable.

All so very sad.

Here It Comes!

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."
And fully supported by wretched aging honkie idiots.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Karma On The Road

The truck then flew up an embankment on the right-hand side of the freeway and was airborne toward the dealership, dash cam video provided by driver Brian Kwong showed.

Kwong told the San Bernardino Sun the crash appeared to be a “road-rage incident.” A Ford Mustang had cut the pickup truck off, resulting in honking, Kwong said.

Then the truck tried to speed by the Mustang and crashed, he said.
The pickup landed on one vehicle at Rock Honda, and debris from the crash damaged 11 other vehicles, Officer Jesus Garcia of the California Highway Patrol’s Inland Division said.

Mystery Babylon Ghost Signal

Straight outta Big Bear Lake, CA: KZNO-LP, Channel 6. Analog, bay-bee!
So ephemeral the "no baloney" telebision doesn't recognize a signal. And it's literally radio w/ [a] pictures.

Friday, October 16, 2015

"Next Year", My Ass!

32 yrs. pass like nothing ...
The evening was topped w/ Stanford* abusing U.C.L.A. in Palo Alto; our expectations for the rudderless Univ. of Spoiled Children's DrunksMen of Troy at the Fightin' Irish Leprechaun Papists tomorrow are not high. It's almost as if Los Angeles doesn't have professional/professional-quality football teams any more. (Nor did we see the Sparks in the W.N.B.A. Finals.)
*Stop it w/ this "Harvard of the West" crap. Harvard would be lucky to be considered the Stanford of the East. Which school would win a football game/spawned Google?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Never Mind ...

Ooops. Turns out it was just a drill.
Hope no one was hurt in the panic!

Also, weaklings a-feared of living where the earth moves ("The coast is the most, because the surfing's the best!") are roundly & soundly mocked. Say what you will about your Eastern urban hellholes, merely being here (There are no "good" or "bad" neighborhoods when it comes to 'quakes.) challenges fate every effing day.