Wednesday, September 5, 2007

On The Road Again

The protagonists of On The Road, Neal Cassady & Jack Kerouac. Laziness is its own reward. Just Another Blog™ can't remember if it ever read On The Road (pretty sure we started it once...) & now it's been 50 yrs. since its publication. The real laziness is not in not finishing it (or not) it's in linking to the Literary Giant of the Pacific Southwest, our own Los Angeles Times.

And something you probably won't find in the Times:

Kerouac Never Drove, So He Never Drove Alone

you're born alone, you die alone, you pull into a truck-stop in Gallup alone where every trucker looks like the devil. like pictures of the devil. like they'd kill you worse than cops or buy you a beer, two beers, if they knew what you were thinking. about their looking like the devil or killing you or buying you beers. but there's no beer at this stop, so it's only devil, killing...

—Richard Meltzer

(Typesetting not necessarily as intended by the author, but that's what happens w/ internet devil-boxes. —The Editor)

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