Friday, May 31, 2024

Can't Wait Until The Message Is Out

Will he have the guts to suggest: "Big protest in N.Y.C. on July 11th. Be there, will be wild!"? Doubt it, & even less likely enough chumps would show. But he could be desperate enough. And I know I'd enjoy seeing the streets of New York slick w/ the comingled blood of Nazi freaks & NYPD ossifers. And Nazi freak NYPD ossifers.

Lawless Republicans

Jonathan Nicholson / HuffPost:
8 GOP Senators Say They'll Slow Senate Even Further Because Of Trump Verdict  —  The threat could have an impact on the fall spending showdown and White House nominations ahead.  —  LOADING  —  Donald Trump's “guilty” verdict on 34 counts of falsifying business records in his hush money trial …
Andrew Gumbel / The Guardian:
Neighbors say Alitos used security detail car to intimidate them after sign dispute  —  Emily Baden says after a disagreement over political lawn signs with the US supreme court justice's wife, a black car began parking at her mother's home  —  Neighbors of Samuel Alito and his wife described how a disagreement over political lawn signs put up in the wake of the 2020 presidential election quickly devolved into “unhinged behavior towards a complete stranger” by the supreme court justice’s wife.

Emily Baden says she never intended to get into a fight with Alito and his wife, Martha-Ann, her powerful neighbors who live on the same suburban cul-de-sac as her mother outside Washington DC.
Owen Lavine / The Daily Beast:
Neighbor Claims Alito's Security Detail Was Used to Threaten Her  —  A MESSAGE  —  Emily Baden, who used to live in the same suburban D.C. cul-de-sac as Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, has claimed in an interview with the Guardian that the justice's security detail was used to intimidate Baden and her family on multiple occasions.

Shirt Of The Anti-Colonialist Future

Temperature's rising; jackets & ties as formalwear will be going the way of the icecaps. Beat the heat w/ a guayabera.
Michael Manley, populist Jamaican prime minister, specifically advocated for the guayabera as an anti-colonialist mode of dress,[20]. Conversely, the shirt was later banned in Parliament by the conservative Jamaica Labour Party[21].
Used to sport one myself, possibly a Mexican variation, which I purchased at the Goodwill.

Friday Freak Out

Friday Finger

From Oz to you.

Really, Don't Bother

All day-before-yesterday's news today, so mostly post- (Or pre-?) relevant.

Doubt If This Dope Could Arrest A Fly

Big talk from a little freak.
Balding four-eyed Nazi pinhead there has at least two faces; fuller hypocrisy report at Mediaite.
“If you are a state AG/prosecutor with original criminal jurisdiction, you had better be drafting up charges, indictments, and warrants for every Democrat official involved in this insane, treasonous attack on our entire constitutional republic,” he mused in another post.
No matter how amusing it is that the right wing all have these junior high mean girl personalities, many of them are paranoid, serious & dangerous.
“Some of them are psychopathic cases and would ordinarily be receiving treatment somewhere.”
"Revenge & Deportation" would probably be more strictly accurate, but this is close enough.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Verdict Reached!

Now we wait for half-an-hr. Will the drooling MAGA ninnies do anything? If Lumpy isn't sent to prison, will leftists be rightfully outraged enough to deal some justice?

Another Back-Breaking Straw

Technical difficulties. Only 21 views so far? Something's wrong. As a matter of fact, nothing works any more.

Firepower On The Move

Never suggest that we don't provide both sides of the story, coming & going.A greater variety of vehicles.Street running. Not much firepower, but note the mine-resistant dune buggies between the Strykers from (4:45)-(5:10) & (5:55)-(6:15).Heavy artillery.

We Are Amused

Also interesting that three of the four railfans appear to be of the female persuasion. I'm no expert, but I think that would be fairly uncommon in these United Snakes. Canada, who knows?

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

A Nation Lives In Fear

Also Childish Stupidity & Ignorance

Children indeed. Scared of a housecat.
Neighbors of the Los Padres trail in Ventura County were convinced they’d spotted a baby mountain lion on their security cameras this month.

But it was not a small cougar. It was a big house cat, California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials told The Times on Tuesday.

The McGee family of Thousand Oaks told KTLA they’d spotted a cougar cub on their property after reviewing security footage from motion-activated cameras. Other neighbors were fearful for their pets, the news channel reported.

But Tim Daly, public information officer for Fish and Wildlife’s South Coast and Inland Desert regions, said the agency investigated the claim and found that the animal in question was in fact a large domestic cat.

“One of our biologists saw the story after it appeared and made sure this morning the rest of us were aware,” he said.

The McGees did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

It’s not the first time California residents have mistaken a tame tabby for a ferocious wildcat.

In March, the South San Francisco Police Department posted Ring camera footage of a purported mountain lion to its Facebook page, following reports that the animal was prowling a residential neighborhood.

An update from the department clarified that the animal was in fact a domestic cat. One resident replied to the post with a picture of the pussycat asleep on a wicker chair between two smiling children.

Fucking sheep w/ their stupid cameras. Easily self-deluded chumps like this are easily convinced that swarthy hordes are spilling over the border to replace them, & all the other idiotic right-wing crap that's shoveled into their empty heads.
Being chased around by the neighbor's cat ...
[By Sonja Sharp, L.A. Times Staff Writer]

The Coast Is The Most!

Former Bums o' Brooklyn whip their successors, the Mets, twice today in a double-header, & Autry's Angels beat the Yankees. Take that, effete Easterners!
Pretty sucky take on it; you needn't listen.

2024 A.D.?

First they promised flying cars, here "underground cities" are promised, w/ a firm date. This yr.! Yet not seeing either.
Another Edgar G. Ulmer classic.However, this might be closer to the truth:
In 1960, a military test pilot (Robert Clarke) is caught in a time warp that propels him to the year 2024, where he finds a plague has sterilized most of the world's population.
We can only hope.

Mission Accomplished!

Two loads of laundry done, & you get a picture of a tree against the sky! Never seen anything like that before, have you?
At least it's not another fucking palm tree, right?

Links & Excerpts

Pendleton Round-Up. Probably Yakima Canutt in the middle.
Rounded-up here. Link works now, but apparently no one (myself included) gives a flying fuck at a rolling dough-nut one way or the other.


I Like The Cut Of This Man's Jib

Police: Man Shoots Five People in San Fernando, Fires on LAPD Copter

Guess the poor bastard just couldn't take it anymore, whatever it was. I know the feeling.
Rodriguez was booked on seven counts of attempted murder, one charge of criminal threats, one charge of shooting at an inhabited dwelling and one charge of shooting at an aircraft.

His bail was set at $9.8 million.

[Lt. Walter Dominguez of the San Fernando Police Department]

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Dry Heaves

[No more content.]

Saturday, May 25, 2024

This Really Is Stupid

But Funny

Caturday The First

On The Hunt

Hatin' On America

From the "No Shit?" Dep't.:

What If Trump Is Right About America?

It's time to ask some hard questions about ourselves.

Can't take the conservative racial attitudes out of the Not-a-Trumper or whatever they call themselves at The Bulwark, can you? I'd guess Trump endorsers Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow aren't registered voters, and probably have more in mind than a generalized brotherhood of crime; money or legal services from the Trump campaign, for starters. How you like that, donors? That aside, the enumerated points made here seem entirely & unfortunately correct, 'though the first two especially are the same sudden revelation that the G.O.P. hasn't been what it's claimed to be since they ran that shitheel Nixon in 1960. If it took y'all 50+ yrs. to come to that realization you really aren't very bright, are you? One of six:
(5) COVID. You really aren’t going to like this, but Trump was right about the politics of COVID. At the end of the day, people cared more about the economy than the deaths.

It amazes me that today when people complain about what went wrong during COVID, they talk about business closures, travel restrictions, remote schooling, and sometimes having to wear masks in public parks.

They never talk about the 1 million Americans who died from COVID during the pandemic.

Trump understood that the living do not care about the dead.2

And care little more for the living. Probably also why nothing is done about guns.

Friday, May 24, 2024

A.I. Paints The Sky

Nice coppery effect at the bottom.

Robert "Bob" Zimmerman, 83 Today

Alright, I understand he messed w/ lyrics & went beyond "Moon/June/croon/spoon", but c'mon. Acoustic guitar folk music? Is it still 1863?

I can tolerate this one.
Soon I, too, will be running the streets, pooping where I will. 

 Set me free why don't you babe?
Helps if one can actually, you know, sing.

Friday Freak Out

Thursday, May 23, 2024

We Sell Shoes ...

... In Hollywood.

Chain-Link Sun

This Is Abuse

Sending Our Regrets ...

Iran prepares to bury late president, foreign minister and others killed in helicopter crash


That Other Thing In The Sky

Dragon Swallowing The Sun

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Weary Wednesday

Robot's Rules Of Order

This seems to be hitting a chord.

OpenAI Just Gave Away the Entire Game

The Scarlett Johansson debacle is a microcosm of AI’s raw deal: It’s happening, and you can’t stop it.

None of this bullshit is making me want to live to see the brave new world.
[Allegedly a "gift link" to The Atlantic.]

And on the subject of aging, I hope I never have to be in a "home". "Things they do look awful cold, hope I die 'fore I get old", in-fucking-deed.

CyberSchmuck Inspiration

Spotted one in the wild.
Dear Substack: No idea what the point of this is, since it doesn't have a fucking link! (Excellent round-up, by the way.)

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

We Can Shoot You

Was deadly force authorized against Biden for his docs?
Considering that both Pres. Biden & former Vice-Pres. Pence (Oddly, not mentioned. Why's that?) contacted the Nat'l. Archives & handed over the classified documents they found, there was no reason for raids. Can this idiocy be blamed on steroid abuse or can we blame recessive Neanderthal genes?
Could well be both. Neanderthals in the news. They probably didn't get nuance either.

Tax Them To Death, Draw & Quarter Their Parasitical Bodies, & Burn The Remnants!!

Matt Stout / The Boston Globe:
‘Millionaires tax’ has already generated $1.8 billion this year for Massachusetts, blowing past projections  —  Massachusetts' so-called “millionaires tax” appears primed to actually deliver billions.  —  State officials said Monday that the voter-approved surtax on high earners has generated …
How much longer will you sucker-ass chumps allow the vampires to suck the life from your broken bodies?
Oh, I forgot. A boot stomping on a human face forever. Never mind.

Monday, May 20, 2024

How Many Commandments Was That?

More on legislating the biggest lie, from Slacktivist.
... [T]hat’s a problem, because there are a lot of different versions of the Ten Commandments, all of which are phrased and enumerated differently. The version of “The Ten Commandments” mandated by Horton’s bill is not taken from any of those. It is, instead, the version concocted in 1950 by the Fraternal Order of Eagles and Cecil B. DeMille.

Yes, really.

This is not “The Ten Commandments” that can be found in any Bible. It’s “The Ten Commandments” that Hollywood used to promote DeMille’s 1956 blockbuster The Ten Commandments.

Cover version by Jamaica's Top-Rated Singing Sensations.

More Mon. Monotony

Might need a "Déjà vu" category after wasting 17 yrs. w/ this shit.

Is Jesus A Nazi?

Joel Webbon Provides A Prescription
For Christian Nationalism

Webbon later insisted that nations must be governed by men who use their power to ensure that “we will serve the Lord, whether you like it or not.”

“We are going to behave as a Christian people,” Webbon proclaimed. “And what does that mean? It means we’re going to ban pornography. It means we’re going to ban no-fault divorce. It means we are going to absolutely, utterly abolish abortion, including in vitro, including the hormonal birth control pill, every single one of its forms; not just the Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas, but we’re going to go down to the local CVS and we’re going to start knocking those pills off the shelf. No more human sacrifice. So, a civil magistrate can do that. He can and should do that.”

Webbon concluded by completely agreeing when his co-host asserted that it is preferable to see the United States become a Christian nation under whatever form of government is necessary to achieve that result rather than to see it remain a republic.

“I’d rather have a Christian monarchy than our current state of affairs,” Webbon replied.

[Right Wing Watch]

Tower Of Babel & Gates Of Hell

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Nobody Home

Piss Palm

After Andres Serrano.

Untitled (Duct & Pole)

Leaves & Luna

Sky Worm

Could be an intestine or a chunk of your colon too. Hope it hurt like hell coming out.

Another Enshittifcation
Proceeds Apace

Nitish Pahwa / Slate:
How bots monopolizing DeviantArt's promotional and revenue apparatuses and the platform's unwillingness to address the issue are driving artists to abandon it  —  Once a vibrant platform for artists, DeviantArt is now buckling under the weight of bots and greed—and spurning the creative community that made it great.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

International Astronomy Day

Focus Is For Chumps

I'm guessing that's what SONY would say if asked.
I'd like to disassemble the camera & ram every individual part up the ass of the son-of-a-bitch who thinks he's running SONY now. Maybe I should save half the parts for the cretinous sub-human who designed the alleged autofocus. 

Sweet fucking Jesus, why does everything have to suck?

And how many people do I have to kill before I feel any better, let alone before anything actually improves?

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Five Yrs. Ago Today

No idea if it was used then, & Bugger has made it necessary to scroll through every gawddam published item,
so we'll never know.

Thursday's Two-Bit Threat

I will not leave this planet w/o taking as many of you lumps of undifferentiated tissue w/ me as I possibly can.

And don't think I haven't noticed that no one ever attempts to defend themselves or their horrid species.