Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blackwater in Moving Pictures

Two videos (found @ ghost light; Added Bonus: scroll down for links to a couple of Lester Bangs pieces) concerning Blackwater. Stay tuned, later in the day Just Another Blog (From L. A.)™ will feature more data on Blackwater founder Erik Prince's beliefs & pre-mercenary career. Teaser: Prince left his internship in the George Herbert W. Bush administration, possibly because of the homos all over the place:
According to The News & Observer, Prince was among the first interns at the Family Research Council and interned for President George H.W. Bush for six months. (It is reasonable to suggest that, through his father's Reagan-era connections, he was able to get the position.) He campaigned for Patrick Buchanan's Republican primary challenge to Bush in 1992, possibly because he "saw a lot of things I didn't agree with -- homosexual groups being invited in, the budget agreement, the Clean Air Act, those kind of bills. I think the administration has been indifferent to a lot of conservative concerns," he told the Grand Rapids Press in early 1992.

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