Friday, July 31, 2015

Churchill Begging

WED 31 JUL 1940
Heavy cruisers Wichita (CA-45) (Rear Admiral Andrew C. Pickens) and Quincy (CA-39) reach Bahia, Brazil.

British Prime Minister Churchill, in telegram sent from the U.S. Ambassador to the Court of St. James (Joseph P. Kennedy) to Secretary of State Hull, again asks President Roosevelt for the loan of destroyers. In the previous ten days, the Royal Navy has suffered the loss of four of its destroyers and damage to seven. "If we cannot get reinforcement," Churchill states, "the whole fate of the war may be decided by this minor and easily remediable factor.

Fri. Foto Fest & Frolic

Our theme, as always, is "This world is ugly & it wants to die."

Although there are nice puffy clouds in many of these shots.
The Professions:
Get some pants, dude!

Piper's Pit: Now Probably From Hell

That's right, merely a commodity.
Today In "No One Here Gets Out Alive" Part II:
Rowdy Roddy Piper, one hell of a foamer. One positive aspect, at least for this reporter: Roddy (legal name: Roderick George Toombs, & Canadian) was born après moi & died avant moi, even were I to keel over & die right this moment. (Hey, let a total failure feel slightly good about himself for a few moments.)

The Times They Are A-Changin':
Thirty-five yrs. ago I doubt a dead wrassler would've made Variety & The Reporter.

Bets on a/the proverbial third notable corpse?

Gratuitous TMZ link to see if this'll hit memeoranDUMB.

And, an anecdote.

Who's The Shallowest Person
In The World Today?

Pretty vacant: A DK commenter agrees.
It's Jennifer Rubin
Jennifer Rubin writes the Right Turn blog for The Post, offering reported opinion from a conservative perspective.

[Has anyone parsed that for actual meaning beyond "libs are doo-doo heads" yet?]
who, via THUNDER, slapped together a listicle from the canyons of her mind to fill space while she gets even more vacant on vacation.

Not that normal people could possibly care what her take on anything overtly political is, but here's the winning entry in this yr.'s George F. Will "End of Civilization: We Can No Longer Tell Who's a Plebe & Who Is One Of Us" competition:
Worst trend: Presidential candidates’ dressing down is not a new phenomenon, but it is gotten so bad many won’t put on a suit to announce they are running for president. If they dressed that way for an interview for a mid-level bank position, they’d get dirty looks. Unfortunately, contrived familiarity and faux populism appear to be here to stay.

Excuse Me, But ...

Lynn Anderson, singer of "(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden," offers Little Jimmy Dickens
a rose at the dedication of the Nashville Music Garden in Hall of Fame Park, Sept. 29, 2009.

Dipti Vaidya/The Tennessean
Dirt (Why not speak ill of the departed?):
In recent years Ms. Anderson had multiple arrests for driving under the influence. Following her September 2014 arrest in Nashville, Ms. Anderson apologized to her fans in a statement and affirmed that she was committed to her recovery. In June of 2015, she released the inspirational gospel album "Bridges."
Stuff you don't know until they're dead:
Lynn Rene Anderson was born Sept. 26, 1947 in Grand Forks, N.D., and raised in California. She came from a musical family: Her parents Casey and Liz Anderson were both songwriters; the latter penned the Merle Haggard hits “(My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers” and “I’m a Lonesome Fugitive.”

Ms. Anderson’s debut single, a duet with Jerry Lane called “For Better or for Worse,” was released in 1966, when she was just 19 years old. It failed to chart. However, later that year her single “Ride, Ride, Ride,” cracked the country charts, and its successor, “If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away)” was a Top 5 hit.

For two years during the late 1960s, Ms. Anderson was a regular on the popular “Lawrence Welk Show,” an outlet which exposed her to a nationwide audience. "It was appointment viewing," said WSM DJ and Grand Ole Opry announcer Eddie Stubbs. "Lynn Anderson really helped expand the boundaries of country music because there wasn't a lot of (it) on network television at that time."
Ms. Anderson herself weighed in on this one.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gladly, The Cross-Eyed Bear

Get a job & pay taxes instead of standing around on the sidewalk all day bothering decent people w/ your megaphone, fucking immigrant parasite! Are the Koreans sending us all their unemployable losers, Mexican-style? Elect me President & I'll have this lazy bastard & every one like him swimming back to Seoul on Inauguration Day!!

Monsoonal Flow

Act Of Havana Signed

TUE 30 JUL 1940
Act of Havana, providing for the emergency establishment of a regime of provisional administration under specified conditions "when islands or regions in the Americas now under the possession of non-American nations are in danger of becoming the subject of barter of territory or change of sovereignty" is signed by 21 nations at the Conference of Foreign Ministers of the American Republics.

Presidential yacht Potomac (AG-25), accompanied by auxiliary Cuyahoga (AG-26), returns to Washington Navy Yard with President Roosevelt embarked.

Destroyers Walke (DD-416) and Wainwright (DD-420) reach Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Another big red thing w/ wheels.

Please don't go to Hell

Across the blvd., more Jesus, commerce & protest.


Taken inside public transit. Good job on the windows, L.A.C.M.T.A. workers!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer's Almost Gone ...



Inspection Cruise Continues

MON 29 JUL 1940
Presidential yacht Potomac (AG-25), with President Roosevelt, Secretary of the Navy Knox and House Naval Affairs Committee chairman Carl Vinson embarked, reaches Norfolk Navy Yard, accompanied by auxiliary Cuyahoga (AG-26). Roosevelt and his guests inspect the yard and Naval Operating Base before reëmbarking in Potomac and travelling to Fortress Monroe, which the President inspects, as well as the USAAC Langley Field and the Newport News Ship Building and Drydock Company (see 30 July).

Destroyers Walke (DD-416) and Wainwright (DD-420) depart Rio Grande du Sol, Brazil, for Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Rental Plane

Much easier than taking pictures of birds & trying to determine the species on the iNterwebz.

The Grim Reaper

Booking photo: Ex-University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing after he turned himself in on murder charges
in connection with the shooting death of motorist
Sam DuBose - @GriffinFrank

Today In Trailer Trash

Wow, got to use this twice this mo.
Bloated divorceé & Gov. of Oklahoma Mary Fallin busted.
A mobile home belonging to the daughter of Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin will be removed from its parking spot on the grounds of the governor’s mansion after it was found to be in violation of zoning laws, the governor said on Wednesday.

Christina Fallin, 28, has been living in the travel trailer near the state capitol since April and will vacate the property by Sunday.

The governor said her daughter would be welcome to live inside the mansion while she looks for a more permanent arrangement.

"It has been a blessing to have her close by and, like any parent, I love her, am proud of her and am happy to have her stay with her family," Fallin said.

Local broadcaster KFOR took aerial photos of the trailer, which was hooked up to utility connections on the mansion grounds. Fallin discounted suggestions that her daughter's utilities were being paid by taxpayers.
Really? I'd love to see a copy of the daughter's utility bills.
"Yesterday, after we received a question about regulations, I asked my staff to double check if there might be any codes or zoning rules concerning personal trailers," Fallin said.

"We found that the Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning Commission rules prohibits living in trailers, even temporarily, on state property."

Fallin lives in the mansion with her husband and stepson. Another stepson lives in a garage apartment at the mansion.

Christina Fallin, a musician and artist, is the governor's daughter from her first marriage.
Damn, can't any of her descendants get or hold a fucking job? Or pay rent anywhere? Resentful Republican losers, all of them.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Art Round-Up From The Streets

They're rounding up more & more artists every day.
Boredom leads to degeneration.

No, Really

Kids today, w/ the demon-worship, & the sarcasm, & the baggy pants.

What's Wrong W/ This Nation?

The "real American" humanoids we've bolded are what's wrong:
According to the poll, white Evangelicals, older voters, people who did not attend college, Republicans, and voters who live in rural areas tended to be more supportive of deportation compared to granting legal status to the undocumented population.
You know, hateful ignorant crackers living in fear. And too tax-averse to pay for deportation anyway, making it an even sadder joke.

Seventy Yrs. Ago Today In Aviation

Rule Of Thirds

Monday, July 27, 2015

More Of The Same

Bet They Do Good Work

Working Cruise

SAT 27 JUL 1940
Presidential yacht Potomac (AG-25), with President Roosevelt, Secretary of the Navy Knox and House Naval Affairs Committee chairman Carl Vinson embarked, departs Washington Navy Yard for Norfolk Navy Yard, accompanied by auxiliary Cuyahoga (AG-26) (see 29 July).

How To Cook Good: Burn Baby Burn!

Autonomous Driving: It's Later
(Or Sooner) Than You Think

Much better version of the image RAND used for its big deal report.
By 2050 all vehicles on the road will be self-driving, according to a new report. Don't believe it? Unsure how you feel about it? Laci explains how these autonomous cars are coming sooner than you think.
Already done, actually. From a lengthy wrap-up of what manufacturers are doing.

"Be Vewy Vewy Quiet ..."

Released 75 yrs. ago today:Merrie Melodies - A Wild Hare (1940) by Cartoonzof2006
From. Quibbling about dates there, too.

Piyush "Bobby" Jindal Explained?

Mmmm ... could be:

Brain Eating Amoeba Found in Louisiana Drinking Water

Doesn't have a fucking clue about anything.

Bill Cosby, Wanna-Be Corpse-Fucker?

"Is she cold yet?"
Today in reductionism: If (allegedly, haw haw) Cos the bullshit moralist & anti-sagging pants crusader liked to rape women who were, at best, "non-responsive", doesn't that essentially make him a necrophiliac who is simply too chicken to kill a woman before he has his way w/ her?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Goodwill Cruise Concludes

FRI 26 JUL 1940
President Roosevelt invokes Export Control Act and prohibits exportation, without license, of aviation gasoline and certain classes of iron and steel scrap; this legislation halts flow of those important commodities to Japan.

Light cruiser Phoenix (CL-46) departs Callao, Peru, concluding her goodwill cruise to Chilean and Peruvian waters. She reaches Balboa, C.Z., on 30 July, and returns to the fleet at San Pedro on 7 August.

The Bat-Meat

Chicago '65

Martin Luther King Jr., center foreground, walks in vanguard of a crowd estimated at more than 10,000 persons
who gathered in downtown Chicago on 26 July 26 1965 to protest segregation in the city's schools.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Luxembourg Royals Land In U.S.

THU 25 JUL 1940
Heavy cruisers Wichita (CA-45) (Rear Admiral Andrew C. Pickens) and Quincy (CA-39) depart Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for Bahia, Brazil.

Light cruiser Trenton (CL-11) arrives at Annapolis, Maryland, and disembarks members of the royal family of the Duchy of Luxembourg.

Untitled (Guy W/ Cross)

He'll Need A Hell Of A Lot Of It

Friday, July 24, 2015

Volunteers Of America

Several thousand words' worth.
I can't even.
Four citizens sat outside a Bellevue recruitment center on Wednesday, joining a national movement to guard military recruiters following a deadly rampage in Tennessee. Three men and one woman stationed themselves outside the Armed Forces Career Center near 140th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 20th Street in Bellevue for most of the day Navy veteran Don Dinsmore's son is a Marine recruiter at the Bellevue office. "They can't be armed, but I can," Dinsmore said. Dillon, who didn't give his last name, signed up for the Marines at this very office. He sat outside the center with his dog Zeus. "I shopped for boot camp on August 22, 2011," he said. He was badly injured in training and never served overseas, but knew many who did. "I failed my brothers. I didn't get to deploy. I didn't get to protect them in Afghanistan," Dillon said. "I'm going to do my best to protect my brothers at home. I can't patrol or anything, but in my chair I can at least sit here and watch over them." Not everyone outside the center was a veteran or a man. Shannon Tahja also sat in front of the office. "I'm intensely American. All my friends are military. A lot of my friends are military and I stand with them," she said. A couple walked by the group sitting outside the center and thanked them for protecting the servicemen and women inside. "It makes me feel like there may be hope for this country after all," said the man. Around the country, individuals have stood guard outside recruitment centers to protect those inside. People have been reported sitting outside centers in Cincinnati, Ohio; Cleburne, Texas; Howell, Michigan; Monroe, North Carolina; Longview, Texas; and Gallatin, Tennessee -- to name a few. The same has also happened in other locations in Washington state. On Tuesday, armed men were reportedly stationed outside an Army recruiting office in Spanaway, Washington. The two citizens took personal days from work to stand guard with their AR-15 rifles. Another man reportedly sat in front of a recruiting station in Silverdale, Washington, Tuesday. An Army recruiting spokesman said his branch would rather civilians stay alert and call in any suspicious activity instead of bringing weapon. But the military isn't taking steps to remove them as long as the guns stay outside. At the same time, some governors are calling for soldiers at recruitment centers to be armed. Following the shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which left five servicemen dead, some governors called for the arming of recruiters in their states. That included Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. On Tuesday, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin issued an executive order allowing National Guard personnel to carry firearms on duty. In Virginia, Gov. Terry McAuliffe wants to increase patrol around military recruitment centers. Federal law prohibits the possession of firearms in designated Federal buildings.