Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Let's Have A War Pt. V (Or So) (UPDATED Link)

War plans may have already been drawn up. Bombs away! Check it out, dudes & dudettes!! Links plus àu-go-go!! It's one-stop shopping here. We'll start w/ a PDF of an ivory tower paper entitled: "Considering a war with Iran: A discussion paper on WMD in the Middle East." Don't feel obligated to read all (or any) of its 70 pp. (!) plus 10 pp. of footnotes. Do be aware of two sections: U. S. PREPARATIONS TO DESTROY THE IRANIAN STATE AS A REGIONAL POWER, & STRATEGIC COMMAND: GLOBAL STRIKE WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Scared yet? therawstory summarizes it. Just Another Blog™ makes living in fear easier for you & yours.

A retired colonel w/ intel & special forces experience (according to his "About Me," anyway, we don't trust anyone any more) expresses the common sense opinion that the Grand Air Power Scheme won't be successful, but that won't stop them from trying it. Good comments there, too.

Meanwhile, at the American Enterprise Institute, they're having themselves a festival of fantasy & alternate history next Monday, September 10th:

What if the American people and free people everywhere had come to recognize that since 9/11 the United States and its allies are engaged in a world war that pits civilization against terrorists and their state sponsors who wish to impose a new dark age? What would the world look like today? This speech will explore the development of, and describe, a war-winning strategy. This event is the beginning of a conversation to which everyone concerned about defending civilization and defeating evil is invited to contribute their ideas over the coming year.*

The speaker is the King of Alternate History, Newt Gingrich. Hey Newt, how 'bout an alternate history where you don't dump your cancer-stricken wife while she's in her hospital bed?

The fun doesn't stop there, however. Newt's on from 1000 to 1100. From 1400-1530 you can catch the vile & poorly informed Michael Ledeen pimping his new book:
Iran has now taken its rightful place at the center of our debate on the war. Hardly a day goes by without new revelations about Iran’s penetration of Iraq either by supplying weapons, money, guidance, and intelligence to both Sunni and Shiite terrorists, or, in some cases, sending soldiers from the Quds Force--an elite unit within Iran’s Revolutionary Guard--to confront American and Iraqi forces. And in the background we hear the leitmotif of the Iranian nuclear program, which continues apace despite international sanctions and negotiations.
Are you quivering yet? Maybe this inside info will get you going. And from April (so long ago it's pre-Just Another Blog™) The Sunday Telegraph asks the question as well. Also from the Telegraph, the Bush speech to the VFW somewhere threatening "nuclear holocaust." Oh, not us, they're the threateners. Well, that's different.

And we just heard Joe Scarborough on Mighty Sorry No Body Cares rattling the anti-Iranian saber: "They'll have nuclear weapons in a year & will use them to decimate Americans &, uh Israel." Not an exact quote, but a close paraphrase. Joe really is just a piece of sub-human redneck shit, and, while an opportunistic dilrod, really too stupid to have any original thoughts, let alone reject the conventional wisdom.

Personally, The Editor can barely type any more, his hands are so shaky from fear of Iranian Al-Qaeda Muzzies who want to slaughter cute little bunnies. At last, America speaks w/ one voice: "Get the nukes out, our skivvies are wet!!!"

*UPDATE (11 September 2007 @ 0420 PDT): TNR reports on Gingrich's speech. As do we.

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