Friday, September 7, 2007

Where's The Video?

No actual video yet. No one has the guts to provide the URL of the Jihadi website where this thing is alleged to be.
CBS2 New York reports no new threats from the"lion sheik."
Here's one of MSNBC analyzing it.
This is the first MSNBC report.
And the NBC Nightly News report, available here before you can see it (locally) on KNBC tonight @ 1830.


Larry Harmon said...

Aw gee, I was watching the CBS evening news @ 1830. Of course, they didn't run the actual video cuz they're afraid that OBL will be giving "secret signals" to jihadists who want to blow us up. However, I'm sure that in the Arab world it got aired..... isn't that where most of the jihadists are? Oh well.... Katie Couric had a sickening series of reports from Iraq this week mostly talking about how well the surge is going. Really disgusting. Why do I watch this stuff? I should stick to Turner Classic Movies and get propaganda from a bygone age......

M. Bouffant said...

The Editor Pontificates:
We did quite a bit of searching for the actual item, but couldn't locate it. Read on some site somewhere that all the jihadi web sites had gone down, whoever wrote it suspected that it was done by whoever's in charge because they were ticked off the vid had been leaked earlier than they wanted it released. And speculation that it was all a U. S. plot in advance of the Big Report, especially since so much of what Obi-wan Laden played right into Bush's usual crap about Iraq being the "front-line" in the "war of terror."
But at least everything's going well in Iraq, per perky Katie. The Army & Marines are acting as police, not soldiers, using the U. S. model of inner-city policing: an occupying, colonializing force. And this because the Iraqis can't/won't police themselves. We fear this won't end in our lifetimes.