Friday, November 30, 2018

Stupid, Stupid Police Again 180° Wrong

I cannot say "FUCK YOU" loudly enough or long enough, because it never fucking stops, does it?

As noted yesterday or sometime, the police are total idiots, & seem to be on the side of the criminals rather than the victims every time.This little 14-yr. old bastard should have the living shit beaten out of him again, & his asshole parents should probably be whipped w/in an inch ot two of their no doubt empty, hate-filled lives as well. Nature or nurture, it's always Mom & Dad's fault. Breeder scum.

Unlike the fucking pigs, the students still seem able to determine right from wrong:
The student was taken to a hospital where he was treated for moderate injuries and released, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

On social media, scores of people defended Riley, saying that he was pushed to the brink and that the student was out of line for using racial epithets.

A GoFundMe page for him had raised more than $187,000.
Maywood, for those not up on geography, is one of many indistinguishable hellholes in Los Angeles County (88 of them, for some reason.) where the capitalists warehouse their minimum-wage wage-slaves. It wouldn't be missed if it dried up & blew away, which it, like everything the hell else here, would indeed do if the water we steal from everywhere else were cut off. (Just hinting.)

And lest we forget: WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE???


VC 19 Tries Again

TUE 30 NOV 1943
U.S. destroyers bombard Japanese positions on Empress Augusta Bay, Bougainville, Solomons.

Submarine Gato (SS-212) sinks Japanese army transport Columbia Maru, 01°54'N, 143°26'E; and escapes counterattacks by escorting submarine chaser Ch 24.

Submarine Skate (SS-305) attacks Japanese carrier Zuiho, 09°10'N, 151°30'E, which, along with carrier Un'yo and escort carrier Chuyo and escort vessels is proceeding back to Japan from Truk. Although Skate claims one damaging hit, none of her four torpedoes strikes home (see 4 December 1943).

PBY sinks Palau-bound Japanese cargo ship Himalaya Maru six nautical miles south of New Hanover.

Aircraft (VC 19) from escort carrier Bogue (CVE-9) damage German submarine U-238 east of the Azores, 41°21'N, 18°19'W.

Utter & Absolute Contempt

None of you have the slightest fucking idea.

Friday Freak-Out

We bid good-bye & fuck off & die to the work wk. (Chumps!) & the month.
Bow wow wow!



Thursday, November 29, 2018

On A Twitter Tear

Action, Entropy Increase

MON 29 NOV 1943
1st Marine Parachute Battalion is landed before dawn about six miles east of Cape Torokina from LCVPs and LCMs, covered by two LCI(G) and a motor torpedo boat; heavy Japanese opposition at daybreak, however, compels evacuation of the leathernecks. Destroyer Fullam (DD-474) aided by F4U, silences enemy artillery, mortar and sniper fire, and thus allows the successful extraction of the beleaguered marines.

TG 74.2 (Captain Frank R. Walker), two U.S. destroyers and two Australian (HMAS Arunta and HMAS Warramunga), shell Japanese positions on Gasmata.

Destroyer Perkins (DD-377) is sunk in collision with Australian troop ship Duntroon off eastern New Guinea, 09°39'S, 150°04'E.

Submarine Bonefish (SS-223) sinks Surabaya-bound Japanese army cargo ship Suez Maru off Kangean Island, north of Bali, 06°57'S, 115°42'E. Unbeknown to the submariners, Suez Maru has on board 546 British POWs. Minesweeper W.12 rescues survivors.

Submarine Paddle (SS-263) attacks Japanese fleet tanker Nippon Maru 19 miles off Brown Island, 11°30'N, 162°15'E.

Submarines Pargo (SS-264) and Snook (SS-279) continue attacks against Japanese transport convoy northwest of the Marianas; Pargo torpedoes and sinks Manju Maru, 18°36'N, 140°04'E; Snook torpedoes and sinks Shiganoura Maru, 18°38'N, 139°35'E. Destroyer Oite and auxiliary submarine chaser Choan Maru counterattack to no avail.

Submarine Snapper (SS-185) sinks Japanese transport Kenryu Maru off Hachijo Jima, 33°16'N, 139°35'E.

Aircraft (VC 19) from escort carrier Bogue (CVE-9) (from convoy UGS 24 or 27) sink German submarine U-86 about 385 miles east of Terceira, Azores, 39°33'N, 19°01'W; U-238 and U-764 survive the air attacks.

Tweet Of The Week

If I do say so myself.

I Said It & I Mean It!

The Customer Is Always Right; The Police Are Always, Inevitably, Wrong

Who should have been arrested: The righteously angered & aggrieved customer, or the idiot franchise manager who doesn't understand customer service?
A woman who allegedly attacked a manager at a McDonald’s restaurant in Santa Ana last month after demanding ketchup packets pleaded not guilty Thursday to misdemeanor charges of battery and obstructing or intimidating a business or customers.

Mayra Berenice Gallo, 24, of Santa Ana, who had been held in lieu of $15,000 bail since her arrest on Tuesday, was released on her own recognizance after entering her plea. She is due back in court on Dec. 7 for a pretrial hearing.

Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said Gallo ordered food through the drive-thru lane of the restaurant at 1439 N. Bristol St. about 11 p.m. on Oct. 27. Apparently upset about her order, she allegedly confronted the 22-year-old female manager after getting inside through a back door that had been inadvertently left open by another employee.

“She didn’t get her ketchup or enough ketchup so she takes it on herself to go through the employee entrance and confronts the manager and the manager says, `Hey, you have to go outside,”’ Bertagna said last month.

At that point, Gallo allegedly “became physically combative” and “pushed and choked” the manager, who reported pain in her elbow, back and neck, as well as a 4-inch scrape on her back, according to a Santa Ana police report.

The suspect, clad in a pink shirt and gray sweatpants, allegedly choked the employee until a man — later determined to be her boyfriend or husband — walked into the restaurant, “intervenes and takes the (suspect) out of there,” Bertagna said.

Police received a “ton” of tips from the public when surveillance footage of the attack was released, Bertagna said, and four tipsters supplied a name. When Gallo was arrested, she was about to get in a car with the man who was seen in the surveillance footage ushering her out of the restaurant, police said.

The manager, who did not want to be identified, told NBC4 last month that she was shaken by the attack. She said the customer was cursing and repeatedly asking for ketchup.

“It happened all so fast. One of the girls (co-workers) did help me. The rest, I don’t know, I wasn’t really aware of what was going on,” she said.
See? See? Stupid woman didn't even know what was going on, w/ reference to adequate ketchup or when she's getting what she deserves. How is she managing even a Mickey D.'s franchise?

Our conclusion? Every American should be armed at all times, so that the next time a greedy pig capitalist cheats you of your catsup you can plug him or her on the spot. Why wait to sue?

Another Entry


Throw It Out Thurs.

Comedy music ... comedy music ...

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Yakety-Yak & Sub Attacks

SUN 28 NOV 1943
Teheran (EUREKA) Conference begins in Teheran, Iran, between President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and Premier Stalin.

Submarine Bowfin (SS-287) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Sydney Maru and merchant cargo ship Tonan Maru off central Philippines, 12°45'N, 109°41'E, but is damaged by Japanese gunfire and is forced to terminate her patrol.

Submarines Pargo (SS-264) and Snook (SS-279) attack Japanese transport convoy escorted by destroyer Oite and auxiliary submarine chaser Choan Maru northwest of the Marianas (see 29 November 1943). Snook sinks Yamafuku Maru, 18°21'N, 140°08'E.

Submarine Raton (SS-270) sinks Japanese army cargo ships Hokko Maru and Yuri Maru, 01°40'N, 141°25'E.

Weds. Wig-Out (W/ Fox Trot)

I can't be the only underperson who thought of large Australian sheep (in outer space) when I saw this.
Jason Bittel / Washington Post:
Meet Knickers, the giant cow that is neither a cow nor a giant  —  This week, a Holstein by the name of Knickers captured the heart of the Internet by standing horns and shoulders above a herd of cattle on a farm in Australia.  —  And there's no arguing that the lad is large.
The NYT: "All the News That's Fit to Print."
And since it isn't a cow ...

Today In Corrupt Bourgeois Institutions (The Family)

Every family is the Manson Family.

Mom Who Drowned Infant Daughter Avoids Prison Sentence

More like the family destroys itself.

18-year-old accused of stomping his father to death on Laguna Niguel
walking trail

Proud of yourselves for making a world of shit & pain that drives people to madness & murder? I bet you are, just as long as you're making some money on the deal.

[ Times]

Another One Published!

Right here!

Still only takes a min. to read.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Death From Below, Death From Above

SAT 27 NOV 1943
Submarine Bowfin (SS-287) sinks Vichy French cargo ship Van Vollenhoven off coast of French Indochina, 13°13'N, 109°27'E.

Submarine Seahorse (SS-304) sinks Japanese fleet tanker San Ramon Maru in East China Sea, 33°36'N, 128°57'E.

USAAF B-24s sink Japanese army hospital ship Buenos Aires Maru in Steffen Strait, 02°40'S, 149°20'E. [Damn Air Force war criminals!]

USAAF B-25s attack Japanese convoy, sinking transport Hakone Maru and damaging torpedo boat Tomodzuru, 25°20'N, 120°00'E.

Removing Parasites From The Body Of The People

Death To Landlords, Part The Infinite

Tenants Awarded Millions More in Suit Against Landlords

Residents of a North Long Beach mobile home park were collectively awarded $34.1 million in punitive damages Tuesday, bringing their total recovery to about $40 million in a lawsuit alleging the owners did little after they complained of squalid conditions.

The same Los Angeles Superior Court jury awarded the 31 families more than $5.5 million in compensatory damages on Nov. 19. Their allegations against Friendly Village included negligence, elder abuse, nuisance and breach of the warranty of habitability, plaintiff’s attorney Brian Kabateck said.

Friendly Village lawyer Philip Woog could not be immediately reached for comment.

The awards stemmed from the first in a series of trials involving lawsuits brought by residents of the 182-unit RV park, located south of Davenport Park on Paramount Boulevard.

Kabateck said the verdicts should teach Friendly Village’s owners ”a valuable lesson.” He described the landlords as “incredibly wealthy people who should know better,” and said he is unsure if the park can ever be made habitable.

Milldred Bejarano, a 68-year-old retired Long Beach Unified employee who has lived at Friendly Village for 12 years, said the land keeps sinking because the park sits atop a former landfill. She said there are large rats roaming the park.

“I’m going to get sick if I don’t get out of there,” Bejarano told reporters at a news conference outside a downtown Los Angeles courthouse.

Another resident, Linda Colvin, said she “almost had a nervous breakdown” dealing with the vermin infestation. She said she plans to leave the park after living there for five years.

“I do feel that justice has been made today,” Colvin said.
Nice: I'm 65 now, so I can sue for elder abuse on top of all of the other crimes against humanity & habitability the landlord here has committed. (No rats yet, but otherwise ...) Can't wait!


They Made Him A Moron

Her Majesty's Foreign Secretary, B.J.
Spotted at Hullabaloo.

Bonus moron track: Your dog's a cretin too.
David Z. Hambrick / Scientific American:
Your Dog May Not Be a Genius, After All  —  New study finds that canines are not exceptional in the animal world  —  If you are convinced your dog is a genius, you may be disappointed in the conclusions of a study just published in the journal Learning and Behavior. The study finds that dogs …

It's Only Tues.?

One could confirm it here, if one gave a crap.

Read time: 1 minute

Monday, November 26, 2018

Stairway To The Stars

Elon Musk considers move to Mars despite 'good chance of death'

  • SpaceX founder says he could fly to red planet in seven years
  • Mars probe faces daunting challenge to land safely
  • Don't let any of those earth-bound peasants stop you, dickwad.

    Conference Ends

    FRI 26 NOV 1943
    First Cairo (SEXTANT) Conference between President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek ends.

    PV-1 (VP 138) attacks what is most likely Japanese submarine I-177, which is engaged in rescuing survivors of the Battle of Cape St. George (see 25 November). I-177 rescues some 200 Japanese sailors in the aftermath of the battle.

    USAAF B-25s sink Japanese auxiliary minesweeper Genchi Maru off Canton, China, 21°33'N, 112°00'E.

    Submarine Bowfin (SS-287) sinks Japanese army tanker Ogurasan Maru and merchant cargo ship Tainan Maru, 13°00'N, 109°30'E.

    Submarine Raton (SS-270) damages Japanese ammunition ship Onoe Maru 00°40'N, 148°20'E; submarine chaser Ch 40 counterattacks but is damaged by the explosion of her own depth charges.

    Submarine Ray (SS-271) carries out unsuccessful attacks on Japanese cargo vessel Sumiyoshi Maru, 02°32'N, 148°56'E, but sinks Japanese transport Nikkai Maru southwest of Truk, 04°12'N, 148°20'E.

    Submarine Tinosa (SS-283) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Shini Maru, and damages army cargo ship Taiyu Maru, 07°08'N, 134°48'E.

    Naval Air Facilities are established at Amapa, Aratu, and Belem, Brazil; Naval Air Facilities (Lighter than Air) are established at Fernando Noronha, Fortaleza, and Ipitanga, Brazil.

    Our Daily Load ...

    ... is right here.

    Local Action: Religious War!

    Emily Birnbaum / The Hill:
    Video shows driver trying to run over Jews near Los Angeles synagogue  —  Los Angeles police over the weekend arrested a man who was allegedly caught on video repeatedly trying to run over two men near a synagogue.  —  Authorities are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime, CBS Los Angeles reported.
    A) Time to outlaw cars as well as guns.
    B) Please, gutter religions (Xians included!) kill each other & yourselves. You're wasting oxygen.

    Sunday, November 25, 2018

    Battle Of Cape St. George; Thanksgiving -- 1943


    THU 25 NOV 1943
    Battle of Cape St. George is fought during the early hours as the five ships of Destroyer Squadron 23 (Captain Arleigh A. Burke) intercept five Japanese destroyers (Captain Kagawa Kiyoto) off Cape St. George, New Ireland. Charles Ausburne (DD-570), Claxton (DD-571), and Dyson (DD-572) sink Onami with torpedoes and Yugiri with gunfire; the same three U.S. ships, joined by Spence (DD-512) and Converse (DD-509), sink Makinami with torpedoes and gunfire and damage Uzuki. DESRON 23 suffers no damage.

    Destroyer Radford (DD-446) sinks Japanese submarine I-19 north of Gilberts, 03°10'N, 171°55'E.

    Submarine Albacore (SS-218) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Kenzan Maru, 00°46'N, 144°50'E.

    Submarine Searaven (SS-196) sinks Japanese fleet tanker Toa Maru north of Ponape, 08°22'N, 158°00'W.

    USAAF B-24s bomb Japanese installations at Taroa, damaging guardboat Takeura Maru.

    Japanese submarine RO 100 is sunk by mine two miles west of Omai Island, outside north channel to Buin.

    Advanced Amphibious Base, Salcombe, Devonshire, England, is established.

    PB4Y (VB 107) sinks the Indian Ocean-bound German submarine U-849, South Atlantic, 06°30'S, 05°40'W.

    Destroyer escort Harveson (DE-316) is damaged when she is accidentally rammed by Canadian fishing vessel O.K. Service off Bermuda, British West Indies.
    We'll just note that on 25 NOV 1943 Wake Island was taking on supplies at Astoria, Oregon.

    The Atomized American
    In The Age Of Anomie. AGAIN!

    Same old shit, different yet repetitive day. Steve M. has seen it before.
    Arthur C. Brooks / New York Times:
    How Loneliness Is Tearing America Apart  —  When people have a hole in their life, they often fill it with angry politics.  —  Mr. Brooks is the president of the American Enterprise Institute.  —  America is suffering an epidemic of loneliness.  —  According to a recent large-scale survey … (SURVEY SEZ! — M.B.)
    Steve M. / No More Mister Nice Blog:   FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS FOR WHITES  —  This is your semi-regular reminder that the op-ed page of The New York Times employs two insufferable columnists named Brooks who write incessantly about our national anomie and why it's never, ever the result of conservative policies. Arthur C. Brooks, like his namesake David, believes we're just lonely, and it's killing us, as well as making us kill one another ...
    In contrast, something new, at least to the staff here. Hell, wouldn't have bothered w/ any of this if not for the musical selections, & 50+ yrs. later, we found the "SPECIAL DISC JOCKEY RECORD" version, over twice as long as the album track.
    As if anyone gives a good gawddamn.

    Saturday, November 24, 2018

    On The Outside Chance ...

    ... that anyone gives a flying whatever about anything or is still, at this late date in the social media devolution, typing web-logs, be advised that this reporter will again be scouring said "liberal blogs" for "great posts" to link at Crooks And Liars next wk. (M-Su.)

    As much scouring is required to find something that meets our high peculiar standards, expect even less than the usual garbage in/garbage out output here.

    And should anyone have/spot anything worthy of lowest common denominator attention notice, do let us know.

    Sinking Of Liscome Bay

    WED 24 NOV 1943
    Escort carrier Liscome Bay (CVE-56) is sunk by Japanese submarine I-175, Gilberts, 02°34'N, 172°30'E. I-175 does not escape unscathed, however, for she undergoes six hours of counterattacks by Liscome Bay's escorts; of the 34 depth charges counted, six explode close enough to damage I-175 so that she cannot "go deep."

    In successive separate attacks, USAAF B-24s and Navy PBYs damage Japanese light cruiser Yubari, 04°20'S, 150°00'E, and 03°41'S, 150°15'E, respectively, as she attempts to transport soldiers and supplies to Garove. Damage to the ship prompts cancellation of her mission.

    USAAF B-25s damage Japanese lighthouse tender Heicho Maru, Amoy, China.

    Survivors of U.S. tanker Elizabeth Kellogg, torpedoed by German submarine U-516 on 22 November 1943, are rescued by submarine chaser SC-1017 and Army tanker Y 10. Eight of the tanker's 36-man merchant complement and two of the 12-man Armed Guard perish with the ship.

    USAAF aircraft bomb Toulon harbor, sinking light cruiser Jeanne de Vienne, destroyer Aigle and sloop SG.21 (ex-second class sloop Chamois) (see 15 August 1944).

    U.S. freighter Melville E. Stone is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-516 about 100 miles northwest of Cristobal, Canal Zone, 10°29'N, 80°20'W; 12 of the 42-man merchant complement lose their lives, as do two of the 23-man Armed Guard and one of the 23 embarked passengers. Submarine chasers SC-662 and SC-1023 rescue survivors.

    Friday, November 23, 2018

    Maybe Missed Over Thanksgiving,
    & More Than Worth A Tweet

    TPM Reader MG shares a Thanksgiving experience …
    We just finished a Thanksgiving dinner between my immediate family and some old family friends. The adults are sitting around the table sharing stories, and the three college students (my nephew, who is an undergraduate at a state university in Kentucky and the son of the other family, who’s an undergraduate at a fundamentalist Christian school outside Nashville) are sitting in the living room listening to YouTube videos peddling conspiracy theories about Walmart stores being converted into concentration camps. The videos are well-produced and uses real events as evidence but preys upon the ignorance of my nephew and the other young man about the true context of those events (for instance, the truck-full of migrants who died in a Walmart parking lot). Anyway, they eat this stuff up and are being radicalized. There’s nothing more to say: rural youths are being radicalized.

    Boom Or Bust Economy: Bust Coming!

    Say, American chump moron, that "business cycle" is getting as short as the "24-hr. news cycle", innit? No sooner do you think you're about to start getting ahead than your corporate masters decide they want a little more, & the hell w/ you. Bend over, here it comes again!
    Is that moron Kudlow back on the blow?
     Derek Thompson / The Atlantic:
    Is a Recession Coming?  —  In December 2007, Larry Kudlow, then a talking head for the business network CNBC, proclaimed, “There's no recession coming.  It's not going to happen.”  That same month, the economy plunged into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

    This week, Larry Kudlow, now the director of the National Economic Council, stood on the White House lawn and struck a familiar note: “I’m reading some of the weirdest stuff [about] how a recession is right around the corner. Nonsense,” he said. “Recession is so far in the distance, I can’t see it.”

    Perhaps, as morning follows the rooster’s crow, an imminent recession looms behind Kudlow’s latest optimistic squawk. The outcome certainly seems possible if you’ve recently been torturing yourself by following the stock market. After the Dow Jones Industrial Average sank 550 points on Tuesday, the past few weeks qualify as no mere correction, but as one of the worst stock meltdowns of the past few decades. Some analysts say it could get worse.
    Sorry, sheep. More "economic anxiety", then a shearing, & then you're mutton. Reduce, reuse & recycle is the new slogan of human resources dep'ts. everywhere.

    Capelin On Eternal Patrol

    TUE 23 NOV 1943
    Betio, Tarawa Atoll, and Makin are declared secured.
    Cruiser and destroyer force (Rear Admiral Aaron S. Merrill) bombards Buka-Bonis area, Bougainville, Solomons.

    Motor torpedo boat PT-322, damaged by grounding, eastern New Guinea, 06°09'S, 147°36'E, is scuttled by U.S. forces.

    Submarine Blackfish (SS-221) sinks Japanese transport Yamato Maru between New Guinea and Palau, 02°28'N, 140°06'E.

    Submarine Capelin (SS-289) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Kizan Maru, 01°50'N, 127°55'E (see 17 November 1943). [17 November was the last time the Capelin was heard from. Ghost sub? Nov. '43's been a bad month for U. S. subs.]

    Submarine Gudgeon (SS-212) attacks Takao-bound Japanese convoy, sinking Japanese escort vessel Wakamiya and army transport Nekka Maru, East China Sea, 28°38'N, 122°00'E, and damaging fleet tankers Ichiyo Maru and Goyo Maru.

    The End Is Nigh!

    Climate change will shrink US economy and kill thousands, government report warns  —  (CNN)A new US government report delivers a dire warning about climate change and its devastating impacts, saying the economy could lose hundreds of billions of dollars — or, in the worst-case scenario …
     Zahra Hirji / BuzzFeed News:Climate Change Is Already Bad For The US Economy, A New Study Says  —  There's no doubt about it, a government report concludes, climate change is already wreaking havoc across every corner of the US.  This means more damaging wildfires in California, more storms dumping intense rain on Texas
    Matthew Robinson / CNN:
    Dimming the sun: The answer to global warming?
    Malik Earnest /   The answer to global warming? Dim the sun
    You fucking cretinous morons. G'wan, see if you can turn off the fucking sun, shitheads! The schaden freudes itself, dunnit?

    Window Box Of Eden

    Not Consuming

    ... Not Moving

    ... trying not to breathe.

    Thursday, November 22, 2018

    SEXTANT Conference

    MON 22 NOV 1943
    President Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Churchill, and Chinese Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek meet in Cairo, Egypt, for talks (SEXTANT Conference).

    Destroyer Frazier (DD-607) is damaged when she intentionally rams Japanese submarine I-35; the enemy submersible is sunk by Frazier and destroyer Meade (DD-602) off Tarawa, 01°22'N, 172°47'E.

    Submarine Drum (SS-228) is damaged by depth charges north of New Guinea, 02°53'N, 141°36'E, and is forced to terminate her patrol.

    Submarine Seahorse (SS-304) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Taish Maru, 33°41'N, 128°35'E.

    Submarine Tinosa (SS-283) sinks Japanese army cargo ships Kiso Maru and Yamato Maru off Palau, 07°09'N, 134°32'E; although damaged by depth charges, 07°09'N, 134°34'E, she remains on patrol.

    USAAF B-24 sinks Japanese cargo ship Kinyamasan Maru, 01°00'N, 149°20'E, that had escaped damage the previous day; destroyer Asanagi continues on to Truk with survivors of Nichii Maru and Kinyamasan Maru.

    Japanese army repair ship Kashima Maru is sunk by mine, laid by USAAF B-24 on 16 November 1943 off Macao.

    U.S. tanker Elizabeth Kellogg, bound for Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, is torpedoed by German submarine U-516 at 11°10'N, 80°43'W, and abandoned (see 24 November 1943). [Notice that all the action's been in the Pacific recently? Even the Nazis are there.]

    55 Yrs. Ago In Political Murder

    Nat'l. Archives
    President John F. Kennedy is presented with a turkey by an industry group on Nov. 19, 1963.
    Kennedy gives the bird a reprieve, the first recorded presidential Thanksgiving turkey pardon.
    Harvey Georges/AP
    If you think these United Snakes have been a democracy at any time in the last 55 yrs., you have another think coming.
    Not much, but one could be thankful the murdering hasn't resumed here. Yet.

    Trumpsgiving Turkey

    How'd those tax cuts for the upper-class work out for y'all, you stupid, stupid hicks?

    And now that Trump has sold these United Snakes to the murdering Saudis for imaginary "defense" contracts, there's no legal or moral reason not to hope for massive Thanksgiving terror attacks on all the silly crap you morons hold dear. What's that parade in New York City w/ the idiotic gasbags? Blow a few of those outta the sky & see what Trump's reaction is!

    Locally, this gawd-awful mess has been fucking up traffic in Hollywood for 90 yrs. Enough!

    Also Acceptable: A real Black Friday; attacks on the temples of commodity fetishism & forced consumerism.

    (Hmmm ... space left we could fill. Let's continue the apocalyptic ranting.)

    In other local action, the rain has begun. Let the mud slide; maybe it will clear the hills of the houses that didn't burn to the ground.

    Wednesday, November 21, 2018

    "Yankee Go Home!" 2018

    Pigs Off Campus, We Used To Say

     Lauren Frayer / NPR:
    American Reportedly Killed In Flurry Of Arrows As Tribe Defends Its Island Off India  —  They are hunter-gatherers who live on a remote, forested island in the Indian Ocean.  They do not use money.  They resist contact with the outside world — and have been known to sling arrows at outsiders who approach their shores.
    These noble yet unknown people really need to be better armed to defend themselves against your "civilized" world.

    Death From Above, Limey-Style

    SUN 21 NOV 1943
    Submarine Nautilus (SS-168) lands Marine reconnaissance company on Abemama, Gilberts.

    Submarine Trigger (SS-237) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Eizan Maru, Yellow Sea, 36°40'N, 125°31'E.

    USAAF B-24s and B-25s strike Japanese shipping and installations in Aroe Islands and off Manokwari, New Guinea, sinking transport Shinwa Maru off Manokwari, 02°24'S, 134°36'E.

    USAAF B-25s and RAAF Beaufighters sink Japanese fishing vessel Shinko Maru off Taberfane, 06°11'S, 134°07'E.

    RAAF Bostons sink small Japanese cargo vessel Suisan Maru off south coast of New Britain, 06°03'S, 151°14'E.

    Tuesday, November 20, 2018

    Operation GALVANIC

    SAT 20 NOV 1943
    Pacific Theater
    U.S. Naval Base, Cairns, Australia, is established.

    Navy, Marine, and Army forces land on Tarawa and Makin, Gilberts, in Operation GALVANIC. The operation is under overall command of Commander Central Pacific Force (Vice Admiral Raymond A. Spruance). Marines (5th Amphibious Corps) landing on Tarawa encounter bitter resistance. During operations supporting GALVANIC, four ships are damaged: battleship Mississippi (BB-41) by turret explosion, 03°10'N, 172°58'E; small carrier Independence (CVL 22) by aircraft torpedo, 01°30'N, 172°40'E; destroyer Ringgold (DD-500) by Tarawa shore battery, 01°24'N, 172°58'E, and destroyer Dashiell (DD-659) by grounding, 01°00'N, 173°00'E.
    Submarine Harder (SS-257) continues stalking convoy attacked the previous day and sinks Japanese transport Nikko Maru northeast of the Marianas, 23°20'N, 147°30'E.

    PBYs sink Japanese cargo vessel Naples Maru, 03°22'S, 151°45'E; submarine chasers Ch 17 and Ch 18 rescue survivors.

    Today In (Miniature) Horse Fucking
    In (Where Else?) Florida

    Florida Man at it again:
    A Marion County man was arrested Monday afternoon after he admitted to having sex with a miniature horse — repeatedly, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

    In addition to ponying up to having sex four times in a week with the horse named Jackie G, 21-year-old Citra resident Nicholas Sardo told a detective that “he used a condom each time because he didn’t want to get a disease from the horse.”

    Sardo is charged with four counts of sexual conduct with an animal. His bond is $4,000.

    The sheriff’s office says a family member owns the horse. The sheriff’s office said Sardo told the detective that “he knew he was wrong for what he did and that he was a sick man.”

    Under a Facebook post titled “Justice for Jackie G,” the Marion County Sheriff’s Office described how Sardo got caught riding the horse.

    On Oct. 16, a woman told the Marion County Sheriff’s Office she had seen Sardo having sex with Jackie G in a pasture. Another woman told the detective the same thing and that she’d talked to Sardo about it. She said he took responsibility.

    Jackie G remains under the care of his owners.

    “Stipulations of Sardo’s future contact with the horse could be determined by a judge in the near future,” the sheriff’s office said.
    Where he at, Google/Wiki? "Marion County comprises the Ocala, FL Metropolitan Statistical Area."

    String. Her. Up!!

    Can someone do something about this horrid reduced-nose, augmented-breasts & removed-brain exemplar of Czechoslovakian-American womanhood? Now, before it's too late!

    A Message On Behalf Of Population Control Advocates & The Romaine Lettuce Marketing Board


    Could have eaten some last night. Fortunately this reporter removes all green objects from sandwiches before consumption, C.D.C. warning or no. How fucking pathetic/dead are those who don't?

    Monday, November 19, 2018

    Cap't. Cromwell Earns Posthumous Medal Of Honor

    FRI 19 NOV 1943
    Submarine chaser SC-1067 founders and sinks off Attu, Aleutians.

    Motor torpedo boat PT-147, damaged by grounding, eastern New Guinea, 05°55'S, 147°20'E, is scuttled by crew.

    Submarine Harder (SS-257) attacks Japanese convoy escorted by escort vessel Fukue and destroyer Yuzuki, sinking transports Hokko Maru and Udo Maru, 22°28'N, 147°22'E (see 20 November 1943).

    Submarine Nautilus (SS-168) is damaged by friendly fire from light cruiser Santa Fe (CL-60) and destroyer Ringgold (DD-500) off Tarawa, Gilberts, 01°05'N, 173°03'E. Nautilus remains on patrol until she accomplishes her mission of supporting the landings.

    Submarine Sculpin (SS-191), heavily damaged by Japanese destroyer Yamagumo about 154 miles north of Truk, Carolines, 00°00'N, 152°50'E, is scuttled. Captain John P. Cromwell, the embarked submarine squadron commander in Sculpin, familiar with secret details of upcoming operations, decides to go down with the ship rather than risk capture and inevitable interrogation. For his decision to accept certain death, Cromwell is awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously. [Damn.]

    Sunday, November 18, 2018

    Same Shithead, Different Day.
    Every Day.

    Like a rug & through his teeth.
    Daniel Dale / Washington Post:
    Fact-checking Trump, who tells the same lies, is easy: he invents unnamed people, claims records he hasn't broken, and inflates numbers  —  Daniel Dale is the Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star.  —  I've made it my mission to fact-check every word Donald Trump utters as president. That means trying to watch every speech, read every transcript, decipher every tweet. I’ve accidentally established a reputation for using Twitter to point out that he’s lying within seconds of him telling a lie.

    People sometimes ask in response how I can blast out these corrections so quickly. But I have no special talent. My secret is that Trump tells the same lies over and over.

    On his fifth day in office, Trump baselessly alleged widespread voter fraud. He did the same thing this past week. In his third month in office, Trump falsely claimed that the United States has a $500 billion trade deficit with China. He has said the same thing more than 80 times since.

    Listen to this president long enough, and you can almost sense when a lie is coming. If Trump tells a story in which an unnamed person calls him “sir,” it’s probably invented. If Trump claims he has set a record, he probably hasn’t. If Trump cites any number at all, the real number is usually smaller.

    Conflicting Claims

    THU 18 NOV 1943
    Carrier force TG 50.4 (Rear Admiral Frederick C. Sherman) attacks Nauru in support of the unfolding operations to capture the Gilberts.

    Submarine Bluefish (SS-222) sinks Japanese destroyer Sanae and damages oiler Ondo 90 miles south of Basilan Island, 05°00'N, 122°00'E. In return Ondo engages the submarine with gunfire.

    Submarine Crevalle (SS-291) attacks Japanese landing ship/aircraft transport Akitsu Maru escorted by torpedo boat Tomodzuru, 15°10'N, 119°40'E; although Crevalle claims destruction of her quarry, Akitsu Maru survives unscathed.

    The Sheep Look Down

    How fucking stupid are/what is wrong w/ these people?
     Eli Saslow / Washington Post:
    Profile of a “satire” site that promotes absurd pro-right posts on Facebook, and one of its readers, who shares its posts without seeing the satire  —  NORTH WATERBORO, Maine — The only light in the house came from the glow of three computer monitors, and Christopher Blair, 46, sat down at a keyboard and started to type.
    They made tham morons, now we have to live w/ the results. Or do we?