Monday, February 17, 2020

Two Medals Of Honor,
One Posthumous

SAT 17 FEB 1945
Fire support ships, minesweeping units, and underwater demolition teams (UDT) arrive off Iwo Jima and encounter fire from shore batteries. UDT reconnaissance discloses that no underwater obstacles exist, and that the surf and beach conditions are suitable for landings. Infantry landing craft (gunboat) LCI(G)-474 is sunk by shore battery, while supporting UDT operations. Japanese guns also account for damage to battleship Tennessee (BB-43), 24°44'N, 141°19'E; heavy cruiser Pensacola (CA-24) and destroyer Leutze (DD-481), 24°46'N, 141°19'E; as well as to infantry landing craft (gunboats) LCI(G)-346, LCI(G)-348, LCI(G)-438, LCI(G)-441, LCI(G)-449, LCI(G)-450, LCI(G)-457, LCI(G)-466, LCI(G)-469, LCI(G)-471, and LCI(G)-473. On board the damaged LCI(G)-449, her commanding officer, Lieutenant Rufus G. Herring, although badly wounded, cons his crippled ship himself, maintaining her position in support of the unfolding UDT operations until she is able to move to safety. For his heroism, Herring is awarded the Medal of Honor.

Light cruisers Phoenix (CL-46) and Boise (CL-47), along with three destroyers, provide call-fire support for continuing operations on Corregidor. Light cruiser Cleveland (CL-55) and destroyers O'Bannon (DD-450) and Taylor (DD-468) bombard the Ternate area, south shore of Manila Bay. Fleet tug Hidatsa (ATF-102) is damaged by mine in Mariveles harbor, Luzon, 14°25'N, 120°30'E.

Destroyer Haynesworth (DD-700) sinks Japanese guardboat No.36 Nanshin Maru southwest of Mikimoto light and auxiliary submarine chaser Wafu Maru off Omaezaki Light.

Submarine Bowfin (SS-287) sinks Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.56 five miles east of Mikura Jima, central Honshu, 33°53'N, 139°43'E. Bowfin and aircraft sink guardboat No.26 Nanshin Maru southwest of Mikimoto light, 30°05'N, 135°15'E.

British submarine HMS Statesman attacks Japanese convoy off Ujong Tamiang, 04°26'N, 98°16E, sinking motor sailships No.3 Matsujima Maru and 19 Nippon Maru and 17 Nanyo Maru and No. 14 Nippon Maru.

Minesweeper Champion (AM-314) is damaged by horizontal bomber, 26°00'N, 128°00'E.

Coast Guard cutter Atalanta (WPC-102), en route to assist lighthouse tender Bramble (WAGL-389) (damaged by grounding the previous day) collides with and damages mail boat Neptune near Steamer Point Light, Aleutians. District patrol craft YP-251 escorts the damaged Neptune to Naval Section Base, Ketchikan, while Atalanta, undamaged, continues on her mission.

District patrol craft YP-94, returning from landing supplies on Chirikof Island runs aground at the southern end of Tugidak and Sitkinak Islands; rescue tug ATR-68 is dispatched from Kodiak, Alaska, to render assistance, while air-sea rescue coordination succeeds in rescuing all hands (see 23 February).

USAAF B-24s (5th Air Force), on an antishipping sweep over the South China Sea, sink Japanese landing ship T.114 off southern coast of Formosa, 23°04'N, 120°30'E.

Japanese army cargo vessel Yamashio Maru is sunk by aircraft, Yokohama harbor.

Japanese merchant tanker No.28 Nanshin Maru is sunk by aircraft, 30°00'N, 138°30'E.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Daibi Maru is sunk, by aircraft, off Chichi Jima.

Japanese submarine chaser Ch 47 is damaged by aircraft, 32°45'N, 111°56'E.

During diving operations in West Loch, Pearl Harbor, on the wreckage of tank landing ships sunk in the ammunition explosions in that area in 1944, Boatswain's Mate Second Class Owen F. P. Hammerberg risks his own life to save two fellow divers trapped while tunnelling under a wrecked LST. Although Hammerberg's efforts are successful, he suffers mortal injuries in a cave-in, to which he succumbs 18 hours later. For his heroism, Hammerberg is awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously.

Motor torpedo boat PT-605 is sunk by striking submerged object off Ostend, Belgium.

U.S. freighter Michael J. Stone, in convoy UGS 72, is torpedoed by German submarine U-300 27 miles from Gibraltar, 35°55'N, 05°53'W. There are no casualties on board and the damaged freighter reaches her destination under her own power.

Southland Warning: Lock & Load!

Trump Set to Make Rare Visit to Los Angeles Area

[Grab a gun, grab a noose!]

Presidents Day Proclamation

If this wk. is anything like the last one, this reporter is getting hold of a car & driving it up & down well-populated sidewalks at a high rate of speed. You've been warned.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Patuxent (AO-44) Gets Vapors

FRI 16 FEB 1945
TF 58 (Vice Admiral Marc A. Mitscher) planes bomb airfields, aircraft factories, and shipping in the Tokyo area, Japan; attack is repeated on 17 February.

Fire support vessels and carrier-based aircraft begin three-day pre-landing bombardment and bombing of Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands. Destroyers Ingraham (DD-694) and Barton (DD-722) are damaged in collision off Iwo, 31°45'N, 141°54'E.

TF 92 (Rear Admiral John L. McCrea) bombards Japanese installations at Kurabu Zaki, Paramushiro, Kurils.

Army forces, preceded by naval bombardment and attack by army aircraft, land on Corregidor, Luzon; 503d Parachute Infantry are air-dropped onto the main plateau while the 3d Battalion, 24th RCT is lifted to the island in navy medium landing craft (LCM). Support landing craft (large) [LCS(L)] and infantry landing craft (rocket) [LCI(R)] provide covering fire close-in. Motor torpedo boats also support the operation, at one point rescuing stranded army paratroopers. Submarine chaser PC-1119 is damaged by shore battery, off Luzon, 14°23'N, 120°35'E.

Special gunfire support unit of six destroyers (Captain Robert W. Cavenaugh) is formed to provide naval gunfire support for the conquest of Corregidor. Between 16 and 28 February, this unit will deliver pin-point fire that proves a considerable help to the final elimination of Japanese troops on the island.

Support landing craft LCS(L)-7 is sunk by Japanese assault demolition boats off entrance to Mariveles harbor.

Submarine Sennet (SS-408) sinks Japanese minelayer Naryu southeast of Honshu, 32°10'N, 135°54'E, but is damaged by depth bombs from enemy aircraft.

Oiler Patuxent (AO-44) is damaged by internal explosion from gasoline vapors.

Coast Guard lighthouse tender Bramble (WAGL-392) is damaged by grounding on Lockwood Rock, Wrangell Narrows, Aleutians (see 17 February).

Japanese army cargo ship No.23 Ryoyu Maru is sunk by aircraft, 14°36'N, 109°06'E.

PB4Y-1 (VPB-117) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Iida Maru in Cape St. Jacques harbor, French Indochina, 10°20'N, 107°06'E.; Japanese merchant cargo ships sunk on this date: No.3 Seikai Maru, by aircraft, Central Pacific (exact location unspecified); Kaian No.10, by aircraft, Yangtze River, Wuhu, China; and No.2 Nagaoka Maru, by aircraft, off Hachijo Jima. Japanese naval vessels damaged on this date: Coast Defense Vessel No.47, by aircraft, Yokohama, Japan; escort destroyer Amakusa, by aircraft, east of Izu Oshima; auxiliary submarine chasers Cha 211, Cha 225, and Cha 236, by aircraft, Shimoda, Japan; and auxiliary minesweeper Hagoromo Maru, by aircraft, 10 miles south of Miyake Jima. USAAF B-24 damages small Japanese cargo vessel No.23 Yoshitomo Maru off Qui Nhon, French Indochina.

USAAF P-51s sink Japanese auxiliary powered sailing vessel Minsui Maru in Yangtze between Wuhu and Hankow.

Motor torpedo boat PT-303 and two British motor torpedo boats, operating out of Leghorn, Italy, engage two southbound enemy barges off Vernazza with doubtful results.

Destroyer Edison (DD-439) is damaged when accidentally rammed by British merchant tanker Benedick in New York harbor.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Back To Bataan!

THU 15 FEB 1945
TG 78.3 (Rear Admiral Arthur D. Struble) lands army forces (151st Infantry RCT and 3d Battalion, 34th RCT) in the Mariveles Harbor area of Bataan Peninsula, Luzon; the troops encounter only light opposition and quickly secure the town and the nearby airfield. Medium landing ship LSM-169 is damaged by mine off Mariveles; motor minesweeper YMS-46 is damaged by shore battery, 14°23'N, 120°36'E.

TF 58 planes sink Japanese guardboats No.3 Choyo Maru and No.2 Santoku Maru off southern Japan, 30°00'N, 141°00'E, and 30°00'N, 143°00'E, respectively.

Aircraft damage Japanese fast transport T.16 off Iwo Jima.

Japanese auxiliary minesweeper No.3 Taihei Maru is damaged by aircraft off Yonaguni Island.

Taking A Stand

We may be about to see exactly how tough Republican "tough guys" are. (NB: Web of Evil [& Ennui] neither condemns nor condones such behavior. We encourage it!)*
Dan Scanlan / USA Today:
Florida man charged with driving van into GOP voter tent said he dislikes Trump, felt he had to ‘take a stand,’ police say  —  A Jacksonville, Florida, man jailed after crashing a minivan through a tent of Republican volunteers in a Walmart parking lot told investigators he does …
Stephen Sorace / Fox News:   Florida man who drove van into GOP tent didn't like Trump, says ‘someone had to take a stand’: arrest report
Justin Wise / The Hill:   Florida man who drove van into GOP voter tent said it was because he ‘does not like’ Trump
Hannah Bleau / Breitbart:   Police Report: Man Who Drove into GOP Tent Motivated by Disdain for President Trump
Associated Press:   Report Says Man Who Drove Into GOP Tent Didn't Like Trump
Greg Pollowitz / Twitchy:   The Bulwark's Charlie Sykes scolds conservatives over the anti-Trump Florida van driver story
Ooops! Hey, sometimes (to mix a metaphor) one must draw some blood to make an omelet.
Tracy Kornet / WSMV-TV:
Woman punches man in Broadway bar over MAGA-style birthday hat  —  NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A man's surprise birthday gift led to a surprise attack at a Broadway bar.  —  Daniel Sprague was at The Stage bar on Broadway sporting a gift his wife gave him for his 50th birthday bash—a hat that says “Make 50 Great Again.”
Tina Moore / New York Post:   Ex-NYPD cop punched at his Nashville birthday party after red cap mistaken for MAGA hat
Hannah Bleau / Breitbart:   Woman Allegedly Punches Former NYPD Officer over ‘Make Fifty Great Again’ Hat
Debra Heine / American Greatness:   Nashville Woman Punches Retired Cop for Wearing MAGA-Style Hat, Draws Blood
Logan Hall / The Daily Caller:   Woman Punches Ex-Cop At His 50th Birthday Party After She Mistook His Red Hat For A MAGA Hat
Full Feed:   Woman Punches Retired Cop in Bar Over ‘Make Fifty Great Again’ Hat
Sarah D. / Twitchy:   Former NYPD cop says woman yelled at him and punched him the face because his birthday cap resembled a MAGA hat [pics]
California, Florida, Tennessee & New Hampshire. Quiver in fear, Trumptards, it's nationwide!!
*Or not.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Posthumous Valentine Medal of Honor

WED 14 FEB 1945
Japanese shore batteries sink motor minesweeper YMS-48 north of Corregidor, 14°24'N, 120°33'E, and damage destroyers Fletcher (DD-445) and Hopewell (DD-681) as they support the sweeping of those waters, 14°25'N, 120°30'E and 14°24'N, 120°33'E, respectively. On board Fletcher, Watertender First Class Elmer C. Bigelow, time not permitting his donning a rescue-breathing apparatus, plunges into the acrid powder smoke to extinguish the blaze that had resulted from shell fragments penetrating the number one gun magazine and setting fire to powder cases. Bigelow succumbs to smoke inhalation the following day; for his heroism, he is awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously.

Japanese shore batteries also sink support landing craft LCS-26 and LCS-49 off Luzon.

Mines damage destroyers Radford (DD-446) and LaVallette (DD-448) as they support the sweeping of a channel into Mariveles harbor, 14°25'N, 120°30'E.

Destroyer Halford (DD-480) is damaged in collision with U.S. merchant vessel H.E. Stephenson.

Submarine Gato (SS-212) sinks Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.9 in Yellow Sea, 34°48'N, 125°28'E.

Submarines Haddock (SS-231), Lagarto (SS-371), and Sennet (SS-408) damage Japanese guardboat No.3 Kanno Maru south of Japan, 29°50'N, 135°31'E.

Submarine Hawkbill (SS-366) sinks Japanese auxiliary submarine chasers Cha 4 and Cha 114 (ex-Dutch B-1 class patrol boat) in Java Sea, 08°28'S, 115°45'E.

Japanese army cargo ship No.1 Yamanami Maru is sunk by mine west of Kyushu; hospital ship Hikawa Maru is damaged by mine in Singapore Strait.

Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Tatsui Maru is damaged by aircraft, 27°35'N, 121°16'E.

Arctic Convoys
U.S. freighter Horace Gray is torpedoed by German submarine U-711 at the entrance to Kola Inlet, 69°21'N, 33°43'W. Beached the following day, Horace Gray will subsequently be determined a total loss. There are no casualties to either the merchant complement or the 28-man Armed Guard.

A Valentine From The Who

Performed & recorded (taped, even) 50 yrs. ago today ...

Law & Order & Trump

Description of a murderer by a witness: "Mean looking, fancy suit, like Donald Trump."
—"The Torrents of Greed, Part One" (Season 1, Episode 15) first aired 12 Feb 1991.

Thursday, February 13, 2020


Welcome to the post-acquittal Trump Presidency.

Survivors Rescued

TUE 13 FEB 1945
Indian Ocean
Frigate Corpus Christi (PF-44) rescues 102 survivors of U.S. freighter Peter Silvester, sunk on 6 February 1945 in the Indian Ocean by German submarine U-862 (see 9 March).

Although submarine Sennet (SS-408) is damaged by gunfire of Japanese guardboat [No.8 Kotoshiro Maru or No.3 Showa Maru], south of Japan, she administers the coup de grace to No.8 Kotoshiro Maru after the enemy patrol craft had already been damaged by Lagarto (SS-371) and Haddock (SS-231), 30°00'N, 136°30'E. Haddock then sinks No.3 Showa Maru, which had already been damaged by Lagarto and Sennet, 30°00'N, 136°30'E.

Submarine Batfish (SS-310) sinks Japanese submarine RO 113 off Babuyan Islands, P.I., 19°10'N, 121°23'E.

RAAF Liberator sinks Japanese motor sailship No.24 Sakura Maru in Lesser Sundas.

Lies, All Lies

Two or so hrs. after the estimated delivery time (2000) we were advised:
Bloody hell it's "in transit". It's not transiting anywhere, it's sitting in the Nat King Cole Station overnight. How dare they lie like that?

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Hoping For An Earthquake ...

... that opens Rancho Mirage so wide that Trump, that other shitheel Ellison & his entire fucking estate are swallowed by the earth, never to be seen again. Meteor strikes would be fine too.
Sam Metz / Desert Sun:
Trump to visit Palm Springs area next week for fundraising event at Oracle chairman Larry Ellison's estate  —  President Donald Trump will attend a campaign fundraising event at Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison's Rancho Mirage, Calif., estate on Feb. 19, less than two weeks before California's Super Tuesday primary election.
Theodore Schleifer / Vox:   Larry Ellison is doing an unthinkable thing for a tech titan: Hosting a fundraiser for Donald Trump
Just wish I could be there w/, to coin a phrase, some stuff that blows up real good.
A shame these never caught on.Do double check your windage.

War Not Going Well For Japan

MON 12 FEB 1945
Submarine Hawkbill (SS-366) sinks small Japanese cargo vessel Kisaragi Maru and the two large landing barges she was towing at the time, Lombok Strait.

Japanese merchant ship Shinko Maru is sunk by aircraft, 26°57'N, 120°25'E.
How'd they sink all those marus? Code Girls!

Really, U.S.P.S.?

This reporter actually had something to do today, but was advised by a gov't. agency to remain at home.
So this load of plastic crap made in China by slave labor has been sitting a 10-min. walk from the bunker for exactly 12 gawddamn hrs. now? Letter carrier didn't show until post the meridian, they couldn't get it in the truck? Stupid jerks, I'd have walked/bussed the six or eight blks. & picked it up myself if I'd known it would be sitting there all fucking day.

US$9.99 for "Priority Mail", my sweet honky ass!

Sex Crimes Cover-Up Up-Date

The party of "family values", morality & personal responsibility:
Andrew J. Tobias / Plain Dealer:
Jim Jordan's name comes up during Statehouse testimony on OSU abuse victims bill  —  COLUMBUS, Ohio — ​U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan's name came up Tuesday during a Statehouse hearing on a bill that would pave the way for victims of former Ohio State University doctor Richard Strauss to sue the university for damages.
Cristina Cabrera / Talking Points Memo:   Ex-OSU Wrestling Captain Says Jordan Begged Him To Deny Claims He Knew Of Sexual Abuse
Jason Easley / POLITICUSUSA:   Jim Jordon Cried And Begged Ohio State Wrestler To Lie About Sexual Abuse Scandal
Justin Wise / The Hill:   Ex-Ohio State wrestler claims Jim Jordan asked him to deny abuse allegations
Hunter / Daily Kos:   Testimony to Ohio lawmakers again describes Rep. Jim Jordan's cover-up of sexual abuse
Matthew Chapman / Raw Story:   Trump-loving GOP candidate accused of stalking ambassador now cooperating with Congress: report
Oliver Willis / The American Independent:   Jim Jordan ripped by former wrestling captain for ignoring sex abuse
Liz Roscher / Yahoo Sports:
Rep. Jim Jordan accused of participating in OSU sexual abuse cover-up by ex-wrestler  —  Ohio congressman and former Ohio State assistant wrestling coach Jim Jordan has been accused of participating in the cover up of widespread sexual abuse in OSU's wrestling program.
Joe Jervis / Joe.My.God.:   Jim Jordan Accused In Ohio State Sex Abuse Coverup
Brad Reed / Raw Story:   Former OSU wrestler: ‘Jim Jordan called me crying, groveling’ to help him with sex abuse scandal ‘coverup’
Busted again, Jim.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Yalta (ARGONAUT) Conference Ends

SUN 11 FEB 1945
Yalta (ARGONAUT) Conference attended by President Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Churchill, and Russian Premier Stalin ends.

TF 92 (Rear Admiral John F. McCrea), comprising three light cruisers and seven destroyers, arrives off Matsuwa Island, Kurils, to conduct bombardment, but encounters heavy weather that would make high-speed retirement impossible; the operation is accordingly cancelled and the ships return to Attu on 14 February.

Marianas-based USAAF B-29s carry out extended search missions to look for Japanese guardboats in the path of TF 58 as it steams toward Japan, augmented by Tinian- based PB4Ys and planes from the carriers. These searches will be repeated on 12 and 14 February.

Tank landing ship LST-577, torpedoed by Japanese submarine RO 50 while in a reinforcement convoy proceeding from Hollandia to Leyte, 08°05'N, 126°17'E, is scuttled by destroyer Isherwood (DD-520). RO 50 is damaged by gunfire in the encounter with U.S. ships.

Fleet tug Takelma (ATF-113) is damaged by collision east of Leyte, P.I., 10°50'N, 125°25'E.

Submarine Batfish (SS-310) sinks Japanese submarine RO 112 off Camiguin, P.I., 18°53'N, 121°50'E.

Submarine Burrfish (SS-312) is damaged by depth charges and aerial bombs off Bonins, 27°51'N, 141°55'N, but remains on patrol.

Japanese escort destroyer Miyake is damaged by aircraft, 19°08'N, 108°15'E.

Japanese fast transport T.13 is damaged by aircraft, Bonins.

USAAF aircraft sink Japanese cargo vessel Shoto Maru, Saigon, French Indochina.

Destroyer McLanahan (DD-615), while withdrawing from bombardment mission off Italian Riviera, is damaged by near-misses from German shore battery at San Remo, Gulf of Genoa.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Suicide Swimmers Attempt Attack

SAT 10 FEB 1945
Japanese suicide swimmers attempt attack upon surveying ship Hydrographer (AGS-2) in Schonian Harbor, Palaus.

Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.33 and escort destroyer Mikura are damaged in collision in Formosa Straits, 23°51'N, 117°52'E.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Planes & A Mine

FRI 9 FEB 1945
Navy aircraft sink Japanese army cargo ship Hekisui Maru off Mako, Formosa, 23°28'N, 119°40'E.

PV-1 sinks small Japanese cargo vessel No.177 Nanshin Maru in Flores Sea west of Maumere.

Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.61 is damaged by mine [laid by submarine Ray (SS-271) on 22 February 1944°], 10 miles off Cape St. Jacques, French Indochina, 10°10'N, 106°55'E.*

Indian Ocean
U.S. freighter Cape Edmont rescues one boatload of survivors from sunken freighter Peter Silvester, sunk on 6 February by German submarine U-862 (see 27 February).
*She is towed to Saigon, but is never repaired, and is ultimately broken up there.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Reverse Joker

Damn but that boy's mighty white under that bronzer orange concealer. "Spackle the hag" indeed.
P.S.: The image doesn't look very modified to this photographer. Autocorrected once, maybe. The (pasty) hands are useful for comparison.

J'En Ai Vraiment Marre De Tout

Bring. It. On.

Death On The Riviera

THU 8 FEB 1945
Destroyer McLanahan (DD-615) bombards German outpost on Italian Riviera, shelling troop concentration.

Motor torpedo boat PT-308, in company with two British motor torpedo boats, operating from Leghorn, Italy, attack three northbound flak lighters off Point Moneglia. The MTBs draw fire while PT-308 scores damage on one flak lighter. A second allied attack is unsuccessful.

TF 92 (Rear Admiral John F. McCrea), comprising three light cruisers and seven destroyers, sorties from Attu, bound for Matsuwa Island.

Submarine Pampanito (SS-383) attacks Japanese convoy in Gulf of Siam, sinking gunboat Eifuku Maru off Cape Camau, French Indochina, 07°05'N, 104°50'E.

Japanese landing ship T.143 is run aground and abandoned southeast of the Pescadores Islands, 23°30'N, 119°40'E.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Night Reconnaissance

WED 7 FEB 1945
Motor torpedo boats PT-373 and PT-356 enter Manila Bay for night reconnaissance; these are the first U.S. naval units to enter that body of water since the surrender of Corregidor in 1942.

Destroyer escort Thomason (DE-203) sinks Japanese submarine RO 55 off Iba, Luzon, 15°27'N, 119°25'E.

Submarine Bergall (SS-320), attacking Japanese convoy off east coast of French Indochina, sinks Coast Defense Vessel No.53 and damages merchant tanker Toho Maru near Cam Ranh Bay, 11°56'N, 109°18'E.

Submarine Guavina (SS-362), attacking a Japanese convoy, sinks merchant tanker Taigyo Maru 250 miles south of Saigon, French Indochina, 06°45'N, 106°00'E.

Submarine Parche (SS-384) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Okinoyama Maru, 29°09'N, 129°45'E.

Submarine Ronquil (SS-396) damages Japanese army cargo ship Kuretake Maru 31°46'N, 140°17'E.

British submarine HMS Subtle sinks small Japanese cargo vessel Nanei Maru, 07°28'N, 94°56'E.

Motor torpedo boats PT-303 and PT-304, and British MTB 422, patrolling from Golfe Juan, France, engage southbound enemy convoy off Savona, Italy, sinking at least two vessels.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

U-Boats Still At It

TUE 6 FEB 1945
Submarine Pampanito (SS-383), attacking Japanese convoy, sinks merchant tanker Engen Maru about 200 miles northeast of Singapore, 06°22'N, 106°00'E.

Submarine Spadefish (SS-411) sinks Japanese merchant passenger/cargo ship Shohei Maru off Port Arthur, Korea, 38°46'N, 121°28'E.

Navy PB4Ys attack Japanese convoy in the Sakishima-Okinawa area, sinking small cargo ship No.77 Ume Maru.

USAAF planes sink Japanese cargo ship No.3 Kinyu Maru at 12°50'N, 109°23'E.

Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.12 is damaged by aircraft, 36 miles northwest of Chichi Jima.

Japanese tanker Obi Maru is sunk by mine laid by USAAF B-29 (20th Bomber Command) on 25 January in Johore Strait, 01°09'N, 103°36'E.

Japanese battleship/carrier Ise is damaged by mine, Singapore.

Indian Ocean
U.S. freighter Peter Silvester is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-862 in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Australia, 34°19'S, 99°37'E; 7 of the 26-man Armed Guard perish with the ship.

U.S. freighter Henry B. Plant, in Antwerp-bound convoy TAM 71, is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-245 at 51°19'24"N, 01°42'30"W; 7 of the 28-man Armed Guard perish in the abandonment. British minesweeper HMS Hazard and HM Trawler Sir Lancelot rescue survivors.

Instant Kobe Karma

Alisha Ebrahimji / CNN:
A high school principal was put on leave for saying Kobe Bryant's death was ‘deserved’  —  (CNN)A Washington state high school principal has been placed on administrative leave over a Facebook comment following Kobe Bryant's death in a helicopter crash.  —  After the January 26 crash …
John Bowden / The Hill:   Washington high school principal put on leave for attributing Kobe Bryant crash to ‘karma’
Anne Branigin / The Root:   Gayle King Asked Lisa Leslie About Kobe Bryant's Rape Case.  The Response Revealed How Much Further We Need to Go
Nihar Kabinittal / ABC News:   High school principal apologizes for suggesting Kobe Bryant deserved to die
Bob Heye / KATU-TV:   Camas High principal apologizes for Facebook post after Kobe Bryant's death

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


MON 5 FEB 1995
Destroyer Bearss (DD-654) suffers minor damage from ammunition hangfire while on exercises in the Aleutians.

Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.6 is damaged by marine casualty; and minesweeper W.29 is damaged by mine off Chichi Jima.

Motor torpedo boats PT-308 and PT-313, on a routine patrol from Leghorn, Italy, sight two south-bound KT ships and one escort and engage them a half mile northwest of the swept channel off Portovenere, claiming at least one KT ship sunk.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Yalta (ARGONAUT) Conference Begins

SUN 4 FEB 1945
Yalta (ARGONAUT) Conference attended by President Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Churchill, and Russian Premier Stalin, begins. Matters discussed include the timing of the Russian entry into the war against Japan, and three postwar issues: the division of Germany, the extent of the Soviet sphere of influence in Europe, and the status of Poland. [This is when & where the Democrat Party began selling Amurka out to the Commies, were you unaware. — M.B.]

Submarine Barbel (SS-316) is sunk by Japanese naval aircraft in South China Sea, between Borneo and Palawan, 07°49.5'N, 116°47.5'E.*

Submarine Pargo (SS-264) bombards Woody Island east of Tourane, French Indochina, destroying Japanese weather station and radio equipment, administration building, a jetty, and several fishing boats.

Submarine Spadefish (SS-411) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Tairai Maru in the Yellow Sea off the west coast of Korea, 37°18'N, 125°22'E.

*She is reported as overdue, presumed lost, on 16 February 1945.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Submarine Sea Robin

SAT 3 FEB 1945
Submarine Sea Robin (SS-407) damages Japanese transport Suiten Maru off Bawean Island N.E.I.

Japanese river gunboat Karatsu [ex-Luzon (PR-7)] is scuttled as blockship at Manila.

Minesweeper W.102 (ex-HMS Waglan) is damaged (cause unspecified) north of Haitan Island 25°40'N, 119°50'E.

Merchant tanker No.3 Nanryu Maru is sunk by aircraft off Takao, Formosa.

Hoorin' It Up W/ Mel T.

Thought Trump was so rich he was going to pay for the whole thing himself. Has he even loaned any money to his campaign? No, 'cause he doesn't have any money.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Submarine Hardhead

FRI 2 FEB 1945
Submarine Besugo (SS-321), attacking Japanese convoy off Malay Peninsula, sinks Coast Defense Vessel No.144 off Cape Laguan, 04°32'N, 104°30'E.

Submarine Hardhead (SS-365) sinks Japanese merchant tanker No.19 Nanshin Maru, 05°40'N, 103°17'E.

USAAF B-24 attacks Japanese tanker Yashima Maru and forces her aground, damaged, off Flores Island.

Japanese merchant tanker No.3 Kinyu Maru is sunk by aircraft off Phantiet, French Indochina.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Speaking Of Bill Gates ...

... what's up w/ Microsoft Calendar?
Should you choose to believe it, the Super Bowl started 45 mins. ago, at 2200 (Odd when the teams are yet to be determined.) & will only last two hrs.

Not even listed on the actual Microsoft Calendar, 'though the NFC All-Pros vs. the AFC All-Pros (?) game last Sunday was.
Here's a clue, Gates, you cheap fucking four-eyed geek bastard: Hire Americans who understand these things, not a bunch of cricket or footie fans on the other side of the world. "Florida, Miami Gardens, United States". Th' fuck is that? Does no one check their (or anyone else's) work any more? Billion dollar corporation, owned & operated by cheapskate ignorant/don't-wanna-know morons.

Auspicious Beginning To Yr. Of Rat, Month Of Feb. Or Not.

Found four quarters (Laundry time!) & a working Bic lighter on the street, rec'd. a letter advising that my share of the rent will be raised a mere U.S.$5.00/mo., & have recently outlived (born post-moi, dead pre-moi) two celebrities, Andy Gill of Gang of Four, & a local guy you may not have heard about. I win again!!
Did not notice the spooky reflection when I shot this one.
Now if I can get my seven-month old devil-box ("BAD SYS CONFIG INFO") repaired (Do not buy Lenovo products; my hand-held "Motorola" devil-box is crapping out too.) maybe I can post more crap to disturb more people more often. (Here's a scam: Best Buy's Geek Squad told me it'd be five or six days to repair the ideacentre, but if I wanted it sooner I could buy a hard drive to which they could save data, as they apparently don't have enough hard drives to provide reasonable turnaround. I was so fucking angry w/ their fucking bullshit they had to call in two separate supervisory Geeks, both of whom wanted to sell me a US$200.00/yr. service deal. So they sell defective merchandise & clean up on service contracts. Fuck them, & the manufacturers of said defective merch. Indeed, I am more than ready to shove a Windows installation disc right up Bill Gates's candy-ass. And whoever the Chinese slave-labor exploiter who runs Lenovo is should expect at least the rod that supports the A340 ideacentre up his fucking ass too. Pig sons of bitches!) This 11-yr. old craptop I'm back to using is showing the same "not responding" symptoms as the new one did as it lay dying (Why I fucking bought a new one!) & it takes hrs. to compose even crap like this.

Aaagh, [hocks giant glob of contemptuous sputum] existence is still bullshit. Only my righteous anger keeps me alive.
๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃYet another indication of entropy: The shits at Google have removed the revolver emoji that would show when one typed "gun"; now all one gets is this sissy squirt-gun: ๐Ÿ”ซ. At least when one types "weapon" a representation of a kitchen knife ๐Ÿ”ช shows. The Santa Anas will be back soon enough.

Another Gawddamn Month

And They Have The Fucking Nerve To Add Another Interminable Day To It


THU 1 FEB 1945
Destroyers Jenkins (DD-447), O'Bannon (DD-450), and Bell (DD-587), and destroyer escort Ulvert M. Moore (DE-442) sink submarine RO 115, 125 miles southwest of Manila, 13°20'N, 119°20'E.

USAAF B-24s (14th Air Force), directed to the scene by Boarfish (SS-327), complete the destruction of grounded Japanese cargo ship Taietsu Maru (damaged by Boarfish and run aground the previous day), off the coast of French Indochina, 14°56'N, 109°00'E.

Motor torpedo boats PT-77 and PT-79 are damaged by friendly fire west of Mindoro, 13°55'N, 120°36'E. [Binghamton after McHale again? — M.B.]

USAAF P-51s sink Japanese landing ship T.115 in Luzon Straits, 20°00'N, 121°00'E, and damage escorting submarine chaser Ch 28.

Japanese netlayer No.16 Nissho Maru is sunk by mine west northwest of Mokpo, Korea, 35°00'N, 125°00'E.

USAAF B-29s (20th Bomber Command) bomb Japanese shipping and harbor facilities at Singapore, damaging oiler Shiretoko, 01°20'N, 103°50'E.

British submarine HMS Spark sinks Japanese towboat No.203 Katsura Maru and damages motor sailboats Nanyo Maru, Nampo Maru and No.80 Tachibana Maru off Jabara, 06°41'S, 110°32'E.

Japanese tanker No.26 Nanshin Maru is sunk by mine, 30°05'N, 135°15'E.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Operation MIKE SIX Continues

WED 31 JAN 1945
TG 78.2 (Rear Admiral William M. Fechteler) lands Army troops (two RCTs of the 11th Airborne Division) at Nasugbu, south of the entrance to Manila Bay in Operation MIKE SIX; TG 77.4 (Rear Admiral William D. Sample) provides cover. A third RCT of the 11th Airborne is airdropped at Tagtaytay Ridge, 14 miles inland and the three RCTs link up on 3 February. This operation, designed to outflank the enemy forces defending Manila, meets little resistance at the outset; Japanese assault demolition boats attack the screen, however, and sink submarine chaser PC-1129, the flagship for the control unit, TU 78.2.7, 14°05'N, 120°30'E.

Submarine Boarfish (SS-327) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Enki Maru 50 miles southeast of Tourane, French Indochina, 14°55'N, 109°01'E, and damages cargo ship Taietsu Maru, which is run aground (see 1 February) 14°56'N, 109°00'E.

Submarine Pargo (SS-264) damages Japanese escort vessel Manju, 11°51'N, 109°12'E.

Submarine Spadefish (SS-411) unsuccessfully attacks Japanese ship Nanshin Maru in Yellow Sea west of Ch'uja Kundo, Korea, 34°14'N, 122°36'E.

Motor torpedo boat PT-338 irreparably damaged by grounding (see 27 January) is destroyed by demolition squad off Semimara Island Luzon, 12°06'N, 121°23'E.

USAAF B-25s (Far Eastern Air Force) sink Japanese escort destroyer Ume and damage destroyer Shiokaze and escort destroyer Kaede west of Takao, Formosa, 22°30'N, 12°00'E.

Japanese small cargo vessel No.4 Kiri Maru is sunk by mine off Cape Tavoy, Burma, 13°32'N, 98°10'E.
Another month nearer the end!

Today In Show Biz Lice: No Balls

A sadly suitable end to the first month of the new decade.
File under: Things I didn't really need to know.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

"no enemy opposition"

TUE 30 JAN 1944
TG 78.3 (Rear Admiral Arthur D. Struble) lands army troops (38th Infantry) on Grande Island Subic Bay, in Operation MIKE SEVEN; they encounter no enemy opposition. Light cruiser Denver (CL-58) and destroyers Fletcher (DD-445) and Radford (DD-446) provide gunfire support. TG 77.4 (Rear Admiral William D. Sample), consisting of six escort carriers and their screen, provide direct air cover. Attack transport Cavalier (APA-37) is torpedoed by Japanese submarine RO 46 off Subic Bay, 14°48'N, 119°18'E.

Destroyer Burns (DD-588) sinks Japanese guardboat No.2 Hokoku Maru off Ojae, 08°42'N, 167°44'E.

Submarine Bergall (SS-320) damages Japanese storeship Arasaki, 08°26'S, 115°40'E.

Submarine Threadfin (SS-410) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Issei Maru off southern Honshu, 33°30'N, 135°34'E, but although damaged by depth charges from escorts, 33°20'N, 135°30'E, remains on patrol.

British submarine HMS Tantalus sinks Japanese fishing boat No.12 Taisei Maru in northern approaches to Bangka Strait, 01°26'S, 105°01'E.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Serpens Story

MON 29 JAN 1945
TG 78.3 (Rear Admiral Arthur D. Struble) lands troops (38th Infantry and 34th RCT of 24th Infantry) near San Antonio, northwest of Subic Bay. They encounter no enemy opposition, move rapidly inland and seize all initial objectives.

Landing craft repair ship Amycus (ARL-2) and medium landing ship LSM-135 are damaged when accidentally bombed by SBD, Lingayen Gulf, 16°20'N, 120°10'E.

Cargo ship Serpens (AK-97) is sunk by explosion of undetermined origin off Guadalcanal; the blast damages submarine chasers PC-588, SC-1039, and SC-1266; motor minesweeper YMS-281; and district patrol craft YP-514.*

Destroyer Lardner (DD-487) is damaged when she runs aground off Ngesebus Island Palau.

Submarine Picuda (SS-382) attacks Japanese convoy in Formosa Strait, sinking army cargo ship Clyde Maru about 50 miles northwest of Keelung, 25°20'N, 121°06'E.

USAAF B-25s sink Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser No.10 Takunan Maru off Chichi Jima, 27°45'N, 142°00'E.

Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.47 is damaged by aircraft, 20°45'N, 142°00'E.

*The rest of the story:
Packed with 600 tons of ammo and explosives, the USS Serpens died in a flash beneath a full moon at 11:18 p.m. on Jan. 29, 1945.

The blast was so violent it rained shrapnel and debris on the island of Guadalcanal a mile away, killed a soldier onshore, knocked everyone standing within that radius off their feet, and flung one sailor into another vessel moored 650 yards away. That ship, the USS YP 514, had its bow and crow's nest demolished, and counted 14 injuries as "missiles" and "screeching shells" continued to explode and turn night into day.

Witnesses said the calamity generated an eight-foot tidal wave, and that the ground shock rippled five miles out. Some said the sky drizzled oil for up to two hours. When bystanders regained their senses, the 100-ton barge that had been transferring bombs onto the Serpens had vanished, and all that was left of the 441-foot cargo ship was its sinking bow, keel up.

Miraculously, two sailors who had been asleep in a forward hold survived. Few other bodies were recovered intact. When the counting was done, 193 Coast Guard crewmen, who had been manning the Navy ship, were gone -- along with 56 Army stevedores and an onboard civilian doctor. It was, in short, the most catastrophic single-event loss of life in the history of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Four years later, in what Arlington National Cemetery describes as "the largest group burial" ever hosted, the remains of the 250 casualties from that disaster were retrieved from Guadalcanal, placed in 52 flag-draped coffins, and laid to rest in 28 graves.

According to the Navy, which conducted the investigation, the Serpens blew up during the accidental mishandling of bombs, torpedoes and depth charges. But the son of a crew member isn't buying it.

After pressing Florida politicians and pursuing government records with Freedom of Information Act requests, Robert Breen of Venice has discovered curious gaps in the Serpens' obituary. And at 76, the retired Central Intelligence Agency senior finance officer and certified fraud investigator wonders if he's onto one of the last coverups of World War II.

Alongside 249 other names, "Gerald C. Breen F2 USCGR" is engraved into the octagonal granite marker dedicated to the USS Serpens in Arlington. As a 29-year-old reserve fireman, Gerald Breen was one of a quarter million Coast Guardsmen deployed in the Second World War. According to the letters he wrote home, the Boston native had it made.

"They ate like kings because it was a supply ship. It was like they had Thanksgiving dinner every Sunday," says Gerald Breen's only child, who has no memory of his father. "They even had bathtubs."

Commissioned in 1943, the Navy cargo ship spent much of her short life in the South Pacific ferrying supplies to Allied forces. Gerald Breen, who enlisted the same year, joined the Serpens in October 1944. In November, the ship was modified in New Zealand to carry ordnance.

When it reached the Solomon Islands in January 1945, the Serpens' load included 3,399 unfused bombs, each containing 350 pounds of high-explosive Torpex. The vessel anchored a mile off Lunga Point, on the north shore of Guadalcanal.

Two years earlier, Guadalcanal was the site of the Allies' first major land victory over Japan, a bloody affair that took six months to resolve. By early 1945, the front lines had swept more than 2,500 miles to the west. The U.S. fleet had fought its way to the Japanese doorstep, reloading and mobilizing for the invasion of Iwo Jima.

On the evening the Serpens was destroyed, eight of its crew, including Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Perry Stinson, had gone ashore. Eyewitnesses remember hearing two consecutive explosions, the second of which expelled the fireball that vaporized the ship. The Navy was responsible for perimeter security.

An only child raised by his widowed mother, Robert Breen had an aptitude for crunching numbers. After college, in 1966, he answered a Boston Globe want ad soliciting government accountants for an unnamed employer. It would be Breen's entree into the CIA, where he would climb the ladder into the Agency's Office of Logistics, its Commercial Systems Audit Division, the Office of Finance and the Office of Inspector General. Foreign assignments included posts in Paris, Rome, and Iran.

As Breen built a career pursuing efficiency and accountability, something his mother said about his Dad's death nagged him for much of his adult life.

Mom was officially notified by the USCG of her husband's death on April 9, 1945, in a letter stating that Gerald Breen was killed when "the vessel ... was torpedoed by the enemy." But she told her son she understood that none of the Serpens' crew received the Purple Heart, awarded to military personnel killed or wounded during hostilities, because the explosion had subsequently been ruled accidental.

Things got more curious in 1995, when Breen attended a 50-year anniversary memorial service in Arlington for the crew. That's where he learned that seven of those aboard the Serpens had in fact received Purple Hearts.

Furthermore, on the eve of that anniversary, one of those survivors, Kelsie Kemp, told a Virginia newspaper the ship had been torpedoed by a Japanese submarine that had been detected shadowing the Serpens prior to the explosion. And in a most puzzling twist, Kemp also remembered seeing a Japanese weather plane beforehand, and that deck gunners were ordered to hold their fire.

"That little plane came out buzzing like a skeeter and we couldn't do anything," recalled Kemp, since deceased. "There's probably a picture of me in Japan looking up with my mouth gaping open."

Both Kemp and fellow survivor George Kennedy were among the seven who received Purple Hearts.

Last year, Douglas Campbell, a retired naval intelligence officer, military historian and author, was conducting research at on an unrelated WWII matter when he got sidetracked by the Serpens disaster. He'd never heard of it. Fascinated, he began Googling more recent developments. And he discovered the fierce tenacity of Robert Breen, who launched his quest for answers in 2012.

In the fall 2018 issue of its newsletter, "The Quarterdeck Log," the Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association revisited the greatest tragedy in USCG history with a four-page spread on the Serpens sinking and its aftermath. Specifically, it focused on documents Robert Breen had acquired through FOIA requests and with the assistance of then-U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson.

Highlights included a report filed by the Serpens' commanding officer, Perry Stinson, just two days after the explosion: "I am unable to state whether the explosion which destroyed the ship was due to enemy action and the explosion of the depth charges constituting its cargo or to the explosion of the cargo alone."

Stinson's uncertainty was challenged by a Navy report dated March 21, 1945: "It is believed that the original blast was caused by enemy action, probably by an enemy submarine, since Tokyo radio boasted of the explosion before they possibly could have learned about it from us."

That finding augmented the March 1, 1945, Navy Department Communique No. 583, which announced the Serpens "has been lost in the South Pacific Area as a result of enemy action."

And then there's an undated document emerging from the Navy Court of Inquiry hearings from 1945. It was endorsed by four U.S. commands, including three within the Pacific Fleet and another from the South Pacific Area and Force.

"There is a possibility that the explosion was due to rough handling and the court could not reach an agreement on probable cause," it states. "The majority of the court blamed it on enemy action, while a minority report blamed it on rough handling.

"There was, however, absolutely no evidence of rough handling and the minority report was obviously based on the bad reputation which Torpex has."

But by the time the Coast Guard conducted official burial ceremonies at Arlington in 1949, and for reasons unknown, the minority report had prevailed. The USCG's appeals for media coverage stated the explosion was "determined [to be] not the result of enemy action."

Why the about-face? Breen went searching for the evidence that figured into Navy Judge Advocate General's conclusions on the Serpens in 1949. He also wanted to know who those board members were.

Breen discovered the records had been checked out of the National Archives Records Administration in 2003 by the Navy JAG's office and never returned. Furthermore, Breen's appeals to JAG for the name of the ship that attempted to hunt down the Japanese submarine, as well as its logs, were unsuccessful.

Campbell was intrigued. "It cannot be explained," he says, of why only a handful of selected members of the Serpens were awarded Purple Hearts. "Based on the findings of 1945, they would've all been automatically nominated for the Purple Heart."

Alternately, if Purple Hearts were wrongly awarded, they should be revoked and returned.

Breen suspects the Navy blamed the explosion on crew failure rather than enemy activity in order to insulate itself from charges it failed to provide adequate security. Although stringing anti-torpedo netting around anchored vessels was a standard precaution during the war, they were not 100% fail-safe. But there are no records indicating whether or not those measures were taken with the Serpens.

Campbell, however, isn't sure if an intentional whitewash was in play.

"I've got to go with incompetence," he says from his home in Southern Pines, North Carolina. "I just don't totally believe they purposefully destroyed Navy records to hide anything. I think there would be a lot of other things they wouldn't have wanted out that did get out."

Campbell remembers requesting information from JAG about an American sub sunk by friendly fire in the Caribbean during the war. He received the findings of the Navy's board of investigation and its subsequent formal board of inquiry. A year later, however, Campbell was contacted by another researcher looking into the same accident, only to be informed by JAG it couldn't find the records.

"After they sent me my copies," Campbell says, "they evidently misplaced the originals."

Campbell and Breen are collaborating on a fuller accounting -- "The Long Blue Line Disrupted: USS Serpens (AK-97) and the Largest Loss of Life in U.S. Coast Guard History" -- which they intend to publish by the end of the year, and in time for January's 75th anniversary. It is incomplete, as neither were able to obtain Japanese records of relevant submarine activity.

The book will also include a cautiously crafted foreword by retired Coast Guard admiral and former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security James Loy. His statement avoids the controversy, but he declares "the Serpens story is a significant part of [the USCG] legacy and deserves to be told wide and far."

Breen is also circulating a petition encouraging the USCG to convene a new investigation for the purposes of awarding Purple Hearts to all the victims of the explosion, including his father.

Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association President Stephen Petersen has written Breen a letter expressing "our unqualified endorsement of your efforts." As Petersen told the Herald-Tribune, 75 years in limbo is long enough. "They should've gotten these medals from the very beginning. And we shouldn't have to beg for them."

The Coast Guard did not comment on Breen's lobbying campaign.

The co-authors will also travel to Guadalcanal in September, where a team of divers, including two of Breen's sons, hope to retrieve photos of what little remains of the Serpens.

"I'm not saying this was definitely a coverup," Breen says. "But it has all the indications that someone doesn't want the truth out there."

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Spadefish Sinks Ships

SUN 28 JAN 1945
Submarine Spadefish (SS-411) attacks Japanese convoy in the southern Yellow Sea and sinks escort vessel Kume, 33°50'N, 122°55'E and transport (ex-seaplane carrier) Sanuki Maru, 34°02'N, 123°00'E.

Accuracy In Miniature

Monday, January 27, 2020


SAT 27 JAN 1944
Motor torpedo boat PT-338 is damaged by grounding off Semimara Island Luzon, 12°06'N, 121°23'E.

Submarine Bergall (SS-320) sinks Japanese auxiliary minesweeper Wa.102 in Lombok Strait, 08°34'S, 115°50'E.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Ryuzan Maru is sunk by USAAF mine off Hankow, China, 29°46'N, 116°52'E; cargo ship Hsin Yang Maru is sunk by USAAF mine (laid by 14th Air Force B-24 on 19 January ) off Kiukiang, China, 29°55'N, 115°20'E.

Japanese transport Nagatsu Maru is damaged by mine off Chichi Jima.

U.S. freighter Ruben Dario is torpedoed and damaged by German submarine, most likely U-852, off Saint George's Channel, 52°27'N, 05°21'W. There are no casualties among the 27-man Armed Guard.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

"lost in amphibious operations"

FRI 26 JAN 1945
Tank landing craft LCT-1151 is lost in amphibious operations, 01°00'N, 138°36'E.

Submarine Tautog (SS-199) sinks Japanese merchant sail fishing boat No.11 Naga Maru, 30°00'N, 136°20'E.

Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Hakko Maru is sunk by aircraft off Corregidor.

Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser No.13 Kyo Maru is sunk by mine off Bengeri Point.

Japanese merchant cargo ship No.1 Tamon Maru is sunk by mine (laid by submarine Dace [SS-247] on 16 December 1944) off Gambir Island French Indochina, 13°36'N, 109°18'E.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Greenling (SS-213) Forced To Terminate Patrol

THU 25 JAN 1945
Submarine Greenling (SS-213) is damaged by depth charges off Nansei Shoto, 29°27'N, 130°09'E, and is forced to terminate her patrol.

Submarine Silversides (SS-236), despite presence of auxiliary submarine chasers Cha 90 and Cha 168, sinks Japanese army cargo ship Malay Maru, 31°18'N, 130°08'E.

Destroyer McLanahan (DD-615) shells German command post and then silences shore battery on the Italian Riviera.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Good Job, Guardfish

WED 24 JAN 1945
Preceded in their approach by a barrier patrol of PB4Ys, TG 94.9 (Rear Admiral Oscar C. Badger), consisting of battleship Indiana (BB-58), three heavy cruisers, seven destroyers and a light minelayer, bombards Iwo Jima, together with USAAF B-24s (escorted by P-38s). Northeast of Iwo, destroyers Dunlap (DD-384) and Fanning (DD-385) sink transport I-Go Yoneyama Maru and auxiliary minesweepers Keinan Maru and No.7 Showa Maru, 24°50'N, 141°22'E, a small Japanese three-ship convoy that had just arrived that morning.

Navy land-based planes flying from the Philippines bomb Japanese shipping at Keelung, Formosa, sinking merchant cargo ship Beiju Maru and damaging cargo ship Taizatsu Maru, 25°09'N, 121°45'E.

Dock landing ship Shadwell (LSD-15) is damaged by aerial torpedo, P.I., 09°01'N, 123°45'E.

Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Shunyo Maru is sunk by aircraft off Corregidor.

Submarine Atule (SS-403) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship No.1 Taiman Maru in the central Yellow Sea, 36°47'N, 123°59'E.

Submarine Blackfin (SS-322) sinks Japanese destroyer Shigure 160 miles east of Khota Baru, Malaya, 06°00'N, 103°48'E, and teams with Besugo (SS-321) to damage merchant tanker Sarawak Maru off east coast of Malay Peninsula, 06°00'N, 103°45'E (see 19 March).

Submarine Guardfish (SS-217) mistakenly sinks salvage vessel Extractor (ARS-15) in Philippine Sea, 15°44'N, 133°29'E.

German planes bomb Antwerp, Belgium, damaging U.S. freighter Alcoa Banner; she is later written off as a total loss.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

F.D.R. Embarks To Malta & Yalta;
Barb (SS-220) Bullshits

TUE 23 JAN 1945
President Roosevelt embarks in heavy cruiser Quincy (CA-71) at Newport News, Virginia, on the beginning of the trip that will include his participation in ARGONAUT Conferences at Malta and Yalta.

Destroyer escort Conklin (DE-439), supported by sisterships Corbesier (DE-438) and Raby (DE-698) sinks Japanese submarine I 48 (fresh from her unsuccessful kaiten mission to Ulithi), 25 miles off Yap, 09°45'N, 138°20'E.

Submarine Barb (SS-220) enters Namkwan harbor, China, and despite her claim that she sinks three ships, "probably" sinks a fourth, and damages two more, she actually destroys only a single vessel, merchant cargo ship Taikyo Maru 27°04'N, 120°27'E.

Submarine Nautilus (SS-168) delivers supplies to east coast of Mindanao.

Submarine Sennet (SS-408) sinks Japanese guardboat No.7 Kainan Maru in Hangchow Bay, China, 30°00'N, 120°16'E.

Mines laid by RAF Liberators the previous day sink Japanese merchant tanker No.1 Hozan Maru and cargo ship Nikkaku Maru south of Sembilan Island Sumatra, 04°08'N, 98°15'E.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Adm. McCain Pounds Again

MON 22 JAN 1945
TF 38 (Vice Admiral John S. McCain) pounds Japanese shipping, airfields and other installations in the Ryukyus; TF 38 planes sink motor sailships No.1 Iroha Maru and Myooei Maru, and fishing boat No.1 Waei Maru. TF 38 planes also sink cargo vessel Suma Maru in Gima harbor, Kume Island; merchant tankers No.2 Nanko Maru and No.2 Nanshin Maru off Miyako Jima; and merchant cargo ship Hikosan Maru in Toguchi harbor, Okinawa, 26°39'N, 127°53'E. Guardboat No.6 Chitose Maru is sunk, probably by aircraft in Nansei Shoto.

Japanese submarine chaser Ch 42 is damaged by mine off Chichi Jima.

Japanese river gunboat Saga is sunk by aircraft at Hong Kong.

British submarine HMS Spirit sinks Japanese ship Ryushin Maru in Java Sea, 06°02'S, 110°41'E.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Grandpappy McCain At It Again

SUN 21 JAN 1945
TF 38 (Vice Admiral John S. McCain) attacks Japanese shipping and airfields on Formosa, and in the Pescadores, as well as in Sakashima Gunto and on Okinawa in the Ryukyus. Japanese planes make concerted counterattacks on the task force ships; kamikazes damage carrier Ticonderoga (CV-14), 22°40'N, 122°57'E and destroyer Maddox (DD-731), 23°06'N, 122°43'E; small carrier Langley (CVL-27) is damaged by bomb, 22°40'N, 122°51'E. Accidental explosion of bombs carried by TBM (VT 7) damages carrier Hancock (CV-19), 22°40'N, 122°30'E.

TF 38 planes sink fleet tankers Eiho Maru and Manjo Maru; cargo ship Kuroshio Maru; army cargo ships Enoura Maru, Asaka Maru and 2 Nichiyo Maru and Teifu Maru; army tankers Shincho Maru and 3 Hoei Maru and 5 Hoei Maru, and Yamazawa Maru; fishing boat Brunei Maru*; cargo vessels Daijo Maru and Yayoi Maru; and damage destroyers Kashi and Sugi landing ships T.114 and T.143, merchant cargo ship Yulin Maru and water supply vessel Nikko Maru off Takao, Formosa; planes from carrier Yorktown (CV-10) and small carrier Cabot (CVL-28) sink merchant tanker Munakata Maru at Keelung; TF 38 planes damage destroyer Harukaze off Mako.

USAAF B-24s (14th Air Force) sink Japanese salvage vessel Haruta Maru at Hong Kong, 22°20'N, 114°10'E.

Submarine Tautog (SS-199) sinks Japanese merchant tanker Zuiun Maru, 33°33'N, 129°33'E.

Japanese army cargo ship Shoshin Maru is sunk by gunfire, 23°48'N, 125°16'E.

Landing craft LCT-253 founders and sinks in heavy weather en route to Tarawa.

U.S. freighter George Hawley, in convoy TBC 43, is torpedoed and irreparably damaged by German submarine U-1199 off the Isle of Wight, 49°53'N, 05°44'W.

*Kinda chickenshit to attack fishing boats innit?

Monday, January 20, 2020

Hungarians Quit Like Dogs;
Operation KONGO Concludes

SAT 20 JAN 1945
Hungary surrenders to the allies.

Naval Technical Mission in Europe (Commodore Henry A. Schade) is established with headquarters in Paris, France. [Nice work if you can get it, as they say. — M.B.]

Submarine Nautilus (SS-168) lands supplies on south coast of Mindanao, P.I.

Submarine Spot (SS-413) sinks Japanese merchant fishing boat Tokiwa Maru 34°45'N, 124°10'E.

Submarine Tautog (SS-199) sinks Japanese torpedo recovery vessel Shuri Maru at southern end of Tsushima Strait, 33°37'N, 128°40'E.

Operation KONGO concludes with Japanese submarine I 48 carrying out unsuccessful Kaiten attack on U.S. shipping at Ulithi (see 23 January).