Monday, September 21, 2020


Paging Dr. Freud ...
Are you totally owned, libdart?

Hmm ...


Not instant, however. Took over a month for this skeptic to croak.

Former Nashville Council Member Tony Tenpenny, a Trump-loving Republican who posted anti-face mask memes on Facebook, has died from complications resulting from being infected from COVID-19.

The Tennessean reports that Tenpenny “was hospitalized for more than a month at one of the St. Thomas hospitals and was placed on a ventilator earlier in September” before he died over the weekend.

Another lemming on the pile of corpses. Where's the outrage?

The Time Machine Author Is Born

History Never Stops ...

... even if inspiration has ground to a crashing halt.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Exclusive: First Release of "1776 Commission" Materials

Frontiers Of Freedom

Soon to be required viewing for every American, a look at how great the America of Donald Trump's ragged synapses is, & how it got to be that way, before everything went to hell around 1950 or so.The goofy synthesizer muzak adds to the general weirdness, but one must assume there was music & quite possibly narration for this lovely little pageant. Save your imagination, we found it:This version has title cards, irritating time code & a different male narrator.Neither professional version has the Plymouth Rock shtik & other stuff in the first five mins. of the home flicks. And for the hell of it (Or the complete documentary experience.) the Santa Fe "Indian village" & other stuff. Like a Powell & Market cable car, which was surprising.The whole mess apparently was an inspiration for effing Disneyland.

U.N. Offensive

"War Between The Sexes" Held

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Summer's Almost Gone

In 1953, Malignant Bouffant was born. He hasn't made history yet, but he's planning on taking as many of you rat bastards w/ him as he can before he goes.

Friday, September 18, 2020


That I felt.

Hendrix Dies, Fugitive Slave Act Passed, Anthrax Letters

Fifty yrs. ago today, this reporter was in London as well. I lived, to get on the S.S. France that day & return to the United Snakes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Presidential Herd Mentality

Undeterred by mounting criticism over his repeated dismissals of the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump doubled down on his claim that the virus will “go away” on Tuesday. Even if it doesn’t, he said, “herd mentality” will take over and save us all. The president made the remarks during a 90-minute town hall event hosted by ABC News late Tuesday in which he repeated many of the same rosy predictions that have previously been proven wrong. Apparently conflating “herd mentality” with “herd immunity”—which occurs when a large enough proportion of the population has built up immunity to an infectious disease, often through vaccination—the president insisted the country will recover from the pandemic even without a vaccine.

“It would go away without the vaccine … but it’s going to go away a lot faster with it,” Trump said, adding that “with time, it goes away.” “And many deaths,” ABC’s George Stephanopoulos noted. The president continued on as if he had not heard the remark, explaining that “you’ll develop like a herd mentality. It’s going to be herd-developed, and that’s going to happen, that will all happen …. But I really believe we’re rounding the corner.” When Stephanopoulos reminded him that even one of the lead members of the White House’s own coronavirus task force, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has disagreed with that assessment, Trump said: “But you know a lot of people do agree with me.”
[Wake up, sheeple!!]

Play Ball!

Alex Scarborough / ESPN:
LSU coach Ed Orgeron: ‘Most’ of team has contracted coronavirus  —  LSU coach Ed Orgeron said on Tuesday that most of his team has contracted COVID-19.  —  "Not all of our players, but most of our players have caught it," Orgeron told reporters. "I think that hopefully they won't catch it again, and hopefully they're not out for games."
Asked later for further clarification, Orgeron said he didn't know the exact percentage of players who have had the coronavirus.
"Hopefully that once you catch it, you don't get it again," he said. "I'm not a doctor. I think they have that 90-day window, so most of the players that have caught it, we do feel like they'll be eligible for games."

++Schadenfreude: Yuck Foo, Fred

From Oregon:

GOP Senator Who Walked Out To Stop Climate Vote Loses House To Wildfire

Nazis & A Church Bombing

The four girls killed in the bombing were Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, and Carol Denise McNair.

Innocent Fun At The Thingplatz

Whadda ya know.
The Waldbühne is an amphitheatre at Olympiapark Berlin in Berlin, Germany. It was designed by German architect Werner March in emulation of a Greek theatre and built between 1934 and 1936 as the Dietrich-Eckart-Freilichtbühne, a Nazi Thingplatz, and opened in association with the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday Freak-Out (W/ Frye Boots)

That's All, Folks!

Between the signing of the capitulation documents on board the battleship Missouri (BB-63) and the end of the year, Japanese garrisons on the Asiatic mainland and on by-passed islands scattered throughout the western Pacific surrender. Occupation of Japan progresses and the administrative organization of the U.S. naval forces in the area is adjusted where necessary to enable the Navy to carry out occupation and demilitarization duties. Naval combat strength shrinks as demobilization procedures are set in motion. On 10 October 1945 Headquarters of the Commander in Chief U.S. Fleet (Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King) is disestablished.

Goin' Home II

TUE 11 SEP 1945
Operation MAGIC CARPET begins.

"Now You've Covered Your Ass":
When Babylon Burned, Thanks To Bush

Fuck you jingoistic bastards in the mouth. Phony patriotism is for suckers & losers, as you may have heard recently. This country got what it deserved in 2001, just as it's getting it good & hard now under Trump. 200,000 dead any day now!
Truth & Fact & Correct:  Babylon Deh Pon Fire
Does it ever occur to you fucking sheep there may be actual reasons these kinds of things continue to happen to this shithole nation beyond "they hate us for our freedumbs" & the selection (despite the actual vote) of incompetent Republicans as President? Like, even deeper problems?

P.S.: Did we note 200,000 plague dead? That's 66.66666666666667 September Elevenths. So far. Enjoy autumn.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Sign Of The Times:
"Crime Against Human"

Remember when you had to track down a mimeograph machine to copy your multi-thousand-word screeds before you could tack them to a telephone pole? Ha! Now you can't even find a wooden 'phone pole to which you could attach your screeds, but you can crank them out on your $50.00 printer and tape them to metal poles. Also in your nasty stupid post-literate world, colorful pictures & moronic memes can be used, rather than typing your individual paranoias in elaborate detail. Nice world of shit & pain you've made for yourselves, you fucking jerks.

Kind Of A Big Fucking Day

More important news from the past: In 1850, California joined the union. 170 yrs. on, we're getting sick of your damn non-stop shit & we may be leaving at any fucking moment. Assholes.

And on this day in 1969 this reporter's father died near Yakima, Wash., when he ran into someone while driving drunk & trying to pass on a curve. Asshole.

Admission Day Fi-Yuh!

The Coast is the most 'cause the — HEY!! That's hot!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Fuck These People & Their Pathetic Superstitions

Ewan Palmer / Newsweek:
Church Leader Who Blamed Coronavirus on Gay Marriage Contracts COVID-19

A leading church figure in Ukraine who previously described the coronavirus outbreak as “God's punishment” against gay marriage has contracted COVID-19.  —  Patriarch Filaret, leader of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate, is in a stable condition in hospital after it was announced on September 4 that he had contracted the virus.

"We inform you that His Holiness Patriarch Filaret of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine tested positive for COVID-19 during planned testing," the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate said in a statement.

"Now His Holiness Patriarch is undergoing treatment at a hospital. The Patriarch's state of health is satisfactory. We ask for holy prayers for the health and recovery of Patriarch Filaret."
I have some thoughts & prayers for this rancid, hateful 91-yr. old bastard.

Police Start Clearing Out The Weak & Helpless, No Matter Their Skin Tone

You're next, white people. Fuck you, coppers!!

Tim Elfrink / Washington Post:
'He's a small child': Utah police shot a 13-year-old autistic boy after his mother called 911 for help  —  When Golda Barton dialed 911 on Friday, she hoped emergency responders could help hospitalize her 13-year-old son, who has Asperger syndrome and was having a mental crisis.

Idiot Ford Pardons Crook Nixon, Galveston Hurricane, Dutch Leave Nieuw Amsterdam, Leningrad Besieged

Monday, September 7, 2020

Whoops! It Was Right Here Just A Minute Ago ...

Worst People In The Sports World, Previous Decade Edition

Steve M. examines some RELIABLE SOURCES! Breitbart used while attempting to refute that Atlantic article about Trump's thoughts on the troops. Of special interest to Dodger fans is the research into one-time Dodger owners/power couple scumbuckets Jamie & Frank McCourt. Current U.S. Ambassador to France & Monaco Jamie may be the worst of the two, as she latched right on to Trump like the bottle-blonde remora she is, while Frank has taken his ill-gotten gains & pretty much avoided the public eye since the ugliness.

Labor Day "Fuck You" To A Nation Of Unemployed Losers All Of Whom Are Going To Die Of The Plague

So fucking hot I barely had the strength to conceive & type the above. (Doesn't mean it won't happen, jobless losers.)

1921: Roaring Twenties T&A Debuts

Blitz, ESPN Begin; Tupac Shakur Shot

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Goin' Home

THU 6 SEP 1945
Japanese surrender Maleolap Atoll in ceremony on board destroyer escort Wingfield (DE-194).

U.S. troops begin return to United States as TF 11 (Vice Admiral Frederick C. Sherman) sails from Tokyo Bay for the west coast.

McKinley Gets His; First Piggly-Wiggly Opens

Saturday, September 5, 2020

How Hot Is it?

Sadly, this hot:

Hiker Dies, Others Overcome by Heat; Santa Monica Mountain Trails Closed

Allegedly "feels like" 102°F when I was wandering the streets of Hollywood today.

Yap Surrendered

WED 5 SEP 1945
Japanese surrender Yap Island in ceremony on board destroyer Tillman (DD-641).

Fuck You & Your Stupid Boat Too!!

Multiple boats in distress, sinking at Trump Boat Parade on Lake Travis  —  Multiple 911 calls have been made regarding boats being in distress, some sinking at the ‘Trump Boat Parade’ scheduled for Saturday afternoon on Lake Travis, according to the Travis County Sheriff's Office.
‘Many boats in distress,’ several have sunk during ‘Trump Boat Parade’ on Lake Travis, TSCO says  —  Reports of sinking boats on Lake Travis began coming in on the Citizen app at around 1:20 p.m. Saturday.  —  TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas — The Travis County Sheriff's Office (TCSO) has responded to …
Karen Ruiz / Daily Mail:
Multiple vessels sink during a Trump Boat Parade on Lake Travis in Texas and people are rescued from the water - as nationwide MAGA celebrations kick off for the Labor Day weekend  — Travis County Sheriff's Office said it's responding to ‘many boats in distress’ on Lake Travis, Texas
Bob Brigham / Raw Story:
Trump boat parade ends in disaster after multiple vessels sink in Texas lake  —  Texas Republicans endangered themselves on Saturday by failing to safely hold a boat parade.  —  “Multiple 911 calls have been made regarding boats being in distress, some sinking at the ‘Trump Boat Parade’ scheduled …
Fucking assholes, swamping their fellow Boating Turds for Trump because none of them have even the slightest concern for others. Too damn bad none of these bloated obese oafs sank like stones & drowned.

Massacre & Assassination, On The Road Published

And fuck "Mother" Teresa.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Today In Postal Service

Pension check arrived, a day late. Postmarked from 28269 (Charlotte, N.C.) 26 August. Last Weds. Arrived today, eight days later. In the two yrs. (this month) I've been receiving it, it's only been late last month & this one. Earlier in the yr. I had freaking Priority Mail packages from the East Coast that arrived in three days.

And fuck this moron in his ugly lying mouth.

Trump-Nominated Postal Service Board Member Pushed Black Lives Matter Conspiracy Theories

John Barger called the movement “violent” and said it had nothing to do with race in exchanges on LinkedIn.

Officially Over

SUN 2 SEP 1945
Japanese surrender documents are signed on board battleship Missouri (BB-63) at anchor in Tokyo Bay. General of the Army Douglas MacArthur signs for the Allied Powers; Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz signs for the U.S.
TF 33 (Rear Admiral John L. Hall) lands army forces at Yokohama. 
Japanese surrender Palau Islands in ceremony on board destroyer escort Amick (DE-168).
Japanese surrender Truk in ceremony on board heavy cruiser Portland (CA-33).
Japanese surrender Pagan Island northern Marianas, on board destroyer Rhind (DD-404).
Japanese surrender Rota, Marianas, in ceremony on board destroyer escort Heyliger (DE-510).
In this Sept. 5, 1945, file photo, some of the 2,600 Japanese POWs who comprised the enemy garrison on the island of Rota are lined up in a prisoner of war stockade on Guam, in the Marianas Islands. They were brought from their island holdout 50 miles away. (Pool Photo via AP)
In this Sept. 5, 1945, file photo, some of the 2,600 Japanese POWs who comprised the enemy garrison on the island of Rota are lined up in a prisoner of war stockade on Guam, in the Marianas Islands. They were brought from their island holdout 50 miles away. Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020, is the anniversary of the formal Sept. 2, 1945, surrender of Japan to the United States. (Pool Photo via AP)

5 Things to Know About Japan's World War II Surrender

Beat On The Brat! Beat On The Brat!

Ha ha ha fuck you you little bastard.

Good Day For America: Japan Surrenders, Sherman Takes Atlanta

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Internment Camps Located


    SAT 1 SEP 1945
    Two civilian internment camps are located in Tokyo area; internees are evacuated in hospital ship Benevolence (AH-13).

    Let's Have A War!

    Monday, August 31, 2020

    Another Month Done

    FRI 31 AUG 1945
    Rear Admiral Francis E. M. Whiting accepts surrender of Marcus Island on board destroyer Bagley (DD-386).

    Marines (Company "L," Third Battalion, Fourth Marines) land at Tateyama Naval Base, Honshu, on the northeast shore of Sagami Wan, and accept its surrender. They will reconnoiter the beach approaches and cover the landing of Army's 112th Cavalry.

    Japanese submarine I 401 surrenders to submarine Segundo (SS-398) at entrance to Tokyo Bay.

    U.S. freighter Joseph Carrigan is damaged by mine in Brunei Bay, Borneo.

    Japanese merchant vessels sunk/damaged during August 1945 (exact dates indeterminate): refrigerated cargo ship Banshu Maru, agent unknown, location unspecified. Cargo ship Eito Maru, by aircraft, off Murozu. Cargo ship No.1 Taikai Maru, by aircraft, location unspecified.

    Japanese merchant vessel damaged during August 1945 (exact date indeterminate): cargo ship Shincho Maru, by mine, off Ube.

    Jack The Ripper Makes Debut; Rocky Marciano Dies In Plane Crash

    Sunday, August 30, 2020

    Landings Begin

    THU 30 AUG 1945
    Landings by the occupation forces begin in the Tokyo Bay area under cover of guns of the Third Fleet plus Naval and USAAF aircraft.

    Rear Admiral Robert B. Carney and Rear Admiral Oscar C. Badger accept surrender of Yokosuka Naval Base. Headquarters of Commander Third Fleet is established there.

    Conference is held on board destroyer Stack (DD-406) at Truk to discuss the surrender of that Japanese base. Brigadier General Leo D. Hermle, USMC, is the leader of U.S. representatives.

    Four motor torpedo boats transport 50 Japanese troops from Miti Island to Morotai, to contact scattered units there to effect a complete surrender.

    U.S. freighter Peter White is damaged by mine 50 miles from Mauban, Luzon, 14°37'N, 122°26'E; only four men of the ship's total complement (52 merchant sailors, one passenger, and 17 Armed Guards) are injured, and the ship reaches Leyte.

    Another Wk. Passes Like Nothing

    Biting The Hand That Doesn't Feed Me

    Last go-round for me on the round-up, until the next time my labor (As much as two hrs. a day!) is exploited. Must be nice to get chumps to finance your Pacific Palisades lifestyle for nothing, huh?

    Everything sucks, horribly. No fucking wonder I wake up pig-biting mad every single damn day.

    Second Battle Of Bull Run, M.W. Shelley Born

    Saturday, August 29, 2020

    Nimitz Arrives

    WED 29 AUG 1945
    Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Commander-in-Chief Pacific Fleet, arrives in Tokyo Bay on board PB2Y, and breaks his flag in battleship South Dakota (BB-57).

    Submarine Segundo (SS-398) encounters Japanese submarine I 401 off northeast coast of Honshu, and "after considerable negotiation," places prize crew on board.

    TG 30.6 (Commodore Rodger W. Simpson) arrives in Tokyo Bay to undertake emergency evacuation of Allied POWs in waterfront areas. Guided by TBMs from small carrier Cowpens (CVL-25) and taken to the scene by LCVPs from high speed transport Gosselin (APD-126), Commodore Simpson carries out his orders. The appearance of the LCVPs off the camp at Omori (the first liberated) triggers "an indescribable scene of jubilation and emotion" by the former captives, some of whom swim out to the approaching landing craft.

    Japanese garrisons on Halmahera and Morotai surrender.


    Buttermilk Sky let us know today is the 100th anniv. of the birth of Great American Charlie Parker.

    Here's some NPR crap to which you could listen 'cause I'm too lazy to arse myself looking for more stuff.
    No, wait. We'll default to more public media.And greatest hits.Hey bop-a-ree-bop!!

    Round-Up Time


    Friday, August 28, 2020

    First American Troops Land In Japan

    TUE 28 AUG 1945
    USAAF technicians land at Atsugi Airdrome, near Tokyo; these are the first American troops to land in Japan.

    Administrative and operational control of the Seventh Fleet (Admiral Thomas C. Kinkaid) passes from Commander in Chief, Southwest Pacific Area (General of the Army Douglas MacArthur) to Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet (Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz).

    Link To Links

    All the latest horror from yesterday.

    Anthony Huber, Murdered Kenosha Protester: "He was a hero."

    The two men killed and a third wounded in Kenosha all directly engaged with the accused 17-year-old gunman. Anthony Huber, who died after running toward the shooter in an attempt to disarm him, is remembered as an avid skateboarder and hero.

    Friday Freak-Out:
    On The Roads Again

    Random recommendation from YouTube. Cut your hair, hippie furriners!Also from the YouTube sidebar.Three in a row, '70s F.M. Dee Jay between the adverts style!

    He Had A Dream; So Did Emmett Till

    Thursday, August 27, 2020

    Submarine Surrender

    MON 27 AUG 1945
    Third Fleet (Admiral William F. Halsey Jr.) stands into Sagami Wan, the outer bay to Tokyo, Japan.

    Japanese submarine I 14 surrenders to destroyers Murray (DD-576) and Dashiell (DD-659) east of northern Honshu. Prize crew from destroyer escort Bangust (DE-739) boards I 14 about 450 miles east of Nojima Zaki.

    Japanese submarine I 400 surrenders to destroyers Blue (DD-744) and Mansfield (DD-728) east of northern Honshu; destroyer escort Weaver (DE-741) places boarding party on board I 400.

    PB4Y (FAW 18) lands at Atsugi Airdrome, 14 miles from Tokyo, because of mechanical difficulties. No Japanese approach the plane, which returns to Iwo Jima the same day.

    Blame It On Becki?

    Brandon Ambrosino / Politico:
    ‘She was the aggressor’: Former Liberty student alleges sexual encounter with Becki Falwell  —  A former student at the evangelical university opens up about a 2008 incident with the wife of the school's president.  —  A former Liberty University student says Becki Falwell, the wife of the university’s then-President Jerry Falwell Jr., jumped into bed with him and …
    Is Mrs. Falwell about to be hurled beneath a transit vehicle? Buckle up.

    Krakatoa Blows, I.R.A. Gets Lord Mountbatten, Oil!!

    Show Biz One & A Third Mins.

    Get It While It's Hot

    The usual.

    Tuesday, August 25, 2020

    Chumps Begging For A Yacht Tax

    Dozens of boats flying flags and banners supporting US President Donald Trump's reelection campaign paraded in Newburyport, Massachusetts on Saturday. (Aug. 22)
    The next day, in Narragansett.
    One attendee — who carried a handgun on his waist, in violation of state park rules — allegedly accosted another guest for wearing a mask. Another park-goer, who had a rainbow pride pin on their bag, was called a homophobic slur. Some attendees also threatened to tip over a park ranger’s truck.

    Healey said they received maybe one or two 911 calls during the event, but they were mostly about verbal incidents. He said the targeting of on-duty park rangers who are predominately teens and young adults is a trend the department has observed throughout the summer.

    “It stinks because basically our summertime employees are all like, you know, kids,” he said. “I think that if that happened today and they were targeting rangers, that’s really regrettable. But I would kind of chalk that up to the general level of ugliness that COVID has sort of brought out.”


    SAT 25 AUG 1945
    Aircraft from carrier task groups begin daily flights over Japan to patrol airfields, shipping movements, and to locate and supply prisoner of war camps; operation continues until 2 September.

    TG 95.4 (Captain Henry J. Armstrong, Jr.) returns to Buckner Bay having completed its mine clearance work in the East China Sea and destroyed 578 mines during eleven days of sweeping.

    Carrier Wasp (CV-18) and destroyer Chauncey (DD-667) are damaged by typhoon.

    Chief of Naval Operations accords Navy Petroleum Reserve 4 Expedition a "well done" for accomplishing its mission "in an expeditious and seamanlike manner in spite of fog and ice."

    Tonight: Tiffany Trump!

    Imagine waking up one day & realizing that not only is your father Donald J. Trump, but your mother is the kind of gold-digger who would marry Donald J. Trump. One might almost feel sorry for you. Almost.

    Paris Liberated, People Born, Incessant Bruce Springsteen B.S. Never Ends

    Read time: 1 minute

    Links. The image, in higher resolution.

    Monday, August 24, 2020

    Better In The Original Deutsch?

    In The '30s It Was "Kinder, Küche, Kirche"

    When was the last time two-faced animal-murdering sack of decayed genetic material DJTJ & his shrilly howling mistress were even near a damn church?"Kirche, Arbeit, Schule": Who writes this fucking horseshit?

    Serious Super-Schadenfreude

    Fuck California to hell. The whole damn state abandoned me & many others to homelessness; now they'll know it.Sorry your dog died; maybe if you hadn't been so worried about your firearms, you piece of shit, you could have saved Rover. Fuck you in the mouth. Double for Governor Greasy Hair. In the teeth. Maybe if he hadn't lied about free delivered meals for wretched old people like me this wouldn't have happened. Karma, you lying shit. I'll make it real.

    Fossil Fuel

    FRI 24 AUG 1945
    U.S. freighters Jonathan Harrington and Enos A. Mills, of the Navy Petroleum Reserve 4 Expedition, are damaged by ice floes off Point Barrow, Alaska (see 25 August).

    1814: Washington Burns (Will It Happen Again Tonight?); Rose Banned; Earhart Crosses Country

    Show Biz Minute W/ Stevie Wonder

    Round-Up Time!

    Liberal blogs.

    Sunday, August 23, 2020

    No Violations

    THU 23 AUG 1945
    Planes from TG 38.4 (Rear Admiral Arthur W. Radford) search for Japanese shipping between Hachijo Jima and the Bonins. Such movement would have been contrary to surrender instructions, but the searching aircraft report no violations.

    Morbidity Report

    Saturday, August 22, 2020


    WED 22 AUG 1945
    Captain Harold B. Grow, Atoll Commander, Majuro, accepts surrender of Mille Atoll, Marshalls (the first Japanese garrison to capitulate in the Pacific) on board destroyer escort Levy (DE-162).

    Navy Petroleum Reserve 4 Expedition, formed around cargo ship Spica (AK-16) and U.S. freighters Jonathan Harrington and Enos A. Mills, discharges remainder of tonnage at Point Barrow (see 24 and 25 August).

    Japanese antiaircraft batteries near Hong Kong fire upon navy patrol planes over China Coast.

    Japanese destroyer Asagao is damaged by mine in Shimonoseki Straits.


    Half the fucking juice in the shithole bldg. in which this reporter is trapped went out yesterday. (Rumor is a burned-out transformer.) Meaning besides having to run wires over the deck from the outlets that were still working so the frozen slop in the fridge wouldn't thaw & I could still sit between two fans (Temperature hasn't dipped below 84°F inside for even more days & days now, by the fucking way. I am really going to fucking stab as many people as I can.) there was neither iNternet nor hot water. Everything but hot water is now restored; bet the boiler won't be re-fired until Monday.

    No, won't be making that bet: W/in five minutes of typing the previous sentence hot water was back. Expect the worst, because you'll usually get it. This exception merely proves the rule.

    That nonetheless gets us out on a positive note. Maybe even for the bigger picture.

    Friday, August 21, 2020

    Probably "last surface action of World War II"

    TUE 21 AUG 1945
    Two Chinese junks (Lieutenant Livingston Swentzel Jr., USNR) manned by 7 Americans and 20 Chinese guerrillas are attacked by Japanese junk (with a crew of 83 men) while en route from Haimen to Shanghai, China. In a 45-minute action, the Chinese craft, directed by Lieutenant Swentzel, engage the enemy with bazookas, machine guns, and grenades. Upon boarding the Japanese craft, the Allied force finds 45 dead and 35 wounded; the victory has been achieved at the cost of four Chinese killed, and one American and five Chinese wounded. For his heroism above and beyond the call of duty, Lieutenant Swentzel is awarded the Navy Cross in what probably proves to be the last surface action of World War II.

    Japanese escort vessel Miyake is damaged by mine near Moji, Japan, 33°58'N, 131°00'E.

    Tenth Army security patrols on Okinawa by this point have captured 69 Japanese and killed 218 since the island is declared secure.

    Asiatic Wing, Naval Air Transport Service, is established at Oakland California.

    This Date In Limey Show Bidnis

    Slave Rebellion: What Are You Waiting For?

    Big Score

    At last, bench work is complete.
    First time we actually went on the prowl w/ the intention of finding some of these (& escaping the hot stifling air of the bunker) we found all three we needed. Who says crime doesn't pay, or at least save you some money?

    Thursday, August 20, 2020

    Last Ditch

    MON 20 AUG 1945
    TF 31 (Rear Admiral Oscar C. Badger) is formed to assume responsibility for the occupation of Yokosuka naval base.

    Navy patrol planes reconnoiter Indochina and south China coasts; Japanese fighters attempt to intercept them.

    War Criminal Carter Brings Death From Above; Soviet Union Invades Czechoslovakia

    I Just Can't Believe ...

    Wednesday, August 19, 2020

    Mines: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    SUN 19 AUG 1945
    Formation of fleet Marine and bluejacket landing forces from officers and men afloat begins; these men are transferred, at sea, to transports for the impending occupation of Yokosuka under Commander, TF 31 (see 20 August). Japanese delegates arrive in Manila to receive surrender instructions.

    Japanese escort vessel Oki is damaged by mine off Pusan, Korea.

    Wednesday "Only In It For The Money" Wig-Out: Unpleasant Premonitions

    Philo T. Farnsworth Born, Hitler In Charge, Soviet Coup

    And In Conclusion ...

    Monday, August 17, 2020


    FRI 17 AUG 1945
    General Prince Higashikuni becomes Prime Minister of Japan and forms a new cabinet.

    Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.46 is sunk by mine off Mokpo, Korea, 34°51'N, 126°02'E.

    Too Hot To Sleep, Too Hot To Move

    Hasn't been below 84°F (28.8889°C) in the Web Of Evil COVID-19 Bunker for 72 hrs., minimum. 

    At least it's a dry heat.

    I'm going outside to stab someone. Anyone.

    Yukon Gold, Birth, Death

    Sunday, August 16, 2020

    Last Throes

    THU 16 AUG 1945
    Destroyer Healy (DD-672) makes sonar contact with underwater object about 100 miles east of Iwo Jima and carries out depth charge attack.

    Submarine Piper (SS-409) is attacked in Japan Sea by unknown assailant.

    Drivin' That Train ...

    ... straight to Nowheresville.

    People Die, McDonna Born

    Saturday, August 15, 2020

    "pilots jettison their ordnance and return to their carriers"

    WED 15 AUG 1945
    Before receiving the announcement of the end of hostilities, planes from fast carrier task force (Vice Admiral John S. McCain) raid airfields in the vicinity of Tokyo, encountering heavy aerial opposition. Second strike is cancelled while it is en route to objectives; pilots jettison their ordnance and return to their carriers.

    TG 30.6 (Commodore Rodger W. Simpson) is formed to liberate, evacuate, and care for Allied POWs in Japan.

    Japanese escort vessel Kanju is sunk by Russian aircraft off Wonsan, 39°10'N, 127°27'E.

    Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 167 is sunk by accident, Kure.

    Japanese merchant cargo ship No.12 Yamabishi Maru is damaged by aircraft, 34°41.5'N, 129°36'E.

    U.S. freighter William D. Byron is damaged by two mines off Savona, Italy, 44°00'N, 09°00'E; one of four Armed Guard sailors is injured.

    An Aquarian Exposition, Bonaparte Born, Wizard of Oz Premieres

    Friday, August 14, 2020


    *All premonitions continuing to come true.
    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

    "VJ Day"

    TUE 14 AUG 1945
    Japan accepts the provisions of the Potsdam Declaration and agrees to surrender ("VJ Day"). General of the Army Douglas MacArthur is named Supreme Allied Commander to receive the enemy's capitulation and conduct the occupation of his homeland.

    Thirty-five USAAF B-29s mine Shimonoseki Straits and the waters off Nanao, Maizuru and Hamada, Japan, in the final B-29 minelaying operations of the war.

    Submarine Spikefish (SS-404) sinks Japanese submarine I 373, then en route from Sasebo to Takao, 190 miles southeast of Shanghai, China, 29°00'N, 124°00'E.

    in Sea of Japan, submarine Torsk (SS-423) sinks Coast Defense Vessel No.13 at 35°44'N, 134°38'E, and Coast Defense Vessel No.47 at 35°41'N, 134°38'E.

    Mines laid by USAAF B-29s (20th Air Force) sink Japanese gunboat Hirota Maru off Mutsure, Japan, 33°59'N, 130°52'E, cargo ship Mikamasan Maru at 39°18'N, 126°28'E, and merchant cargo ships Yojo Maru in Osaka harbor, 34°38'N, 135°28'E; and Kashima Maru off coast of Korea, 35°10'N, 129°00'E.

    Marine casualties account for damage to Japanese merchant tankers No.8 Nankai Maru at 36°54'N, 126°12.5'E and tanker Nanki Maru 300 miles off Bontensen.

    Aircraft (nationality and type unidentified) sink Japanese merchant cargo ship No.6 Hatokama Maru off Tanoura, and damage merchant cargo ships No.5 Shinko Maru at 34°35'N, 131°23'E, and Tatsusugi Maru at 34°12'N, 129°46'E. Merchant cargo ship No.3 Takakawa Maru, damaged by aircraft, is beached north of Hirato Island.

    "Kamala" Harris, The Ugandan Giant,
    Dead At 70

    Make you look? Every word in the title is true, from The Ringer, gripping reading & some interesting videos.

    Most people remember James “Kamala” Harris for his elaborate African-themed costume, mask, and body paint. But behind all that gimmickry was a working man who grew up the son of sharecroppers in Mississippi, a man who labored on farms, rooftops, behind the wheel of a truck, and, most famously, in the wrestling ring. He depended on his body to pay his bills, yet was rarely paid what he was worth. And in his later years, this massive, powerful body betrayed him, with diabetes costing him both legs by 2012, and a respiratory infection leading to cardiac arrest and death on Sunday at age 70.

    Kamala’s performances as the “Ugandan Giant” lit up main event marquees throughout the 1980s, but he weathered life’s trials and tribulations as an African American man. He faced extreme poverty from the start. In his autobiography, Kamala Speaks, he recounts growing up in a small shack on a cotton plantation. His father, Jesse Harris, was killed after winning the pot in a dice game. Police in Mississippi did nothing, and the murder was unsolved. “A black man’s life in this time wasn’t worth the hassle,” Kamala wrote. “A black death didn’t matter … at this time, and it was even more unimportant when all the parties involved were black.”

    Fuck The L.A.P.D., Part The Infinite

    LAPD Officer Accused of Sexually Abusing a Corpse

    The family of 34-year-old Elizabeth Baggett is suing former Los Angeles Police Officer David Rojas after body cam footage caught him allegedly fondling her after she died.

    Priest’s lawsuit alleges LAPD officer struck and kicked him in chest at protest

    [Various sources.]

    1945: It's All Over, Steve Martin Born

    You May Already Be Dead ...

    ...&, like many Americans, completely unaware that you are. The ultimate Dunning-Kruger deal.
    Denise Lu / New York Times:
    The True Coronavirus Toll in the U.S. Has Already Surpassed 200,000  —  Estimated deaths above normal, March 1 to July 25  —  Note: Data is most likely an undercount for some states in recent weeks.  —  Nationwide, 200,000 more people have died than usual since March, according to a New York Times analysis of estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is about 60,000 higher than the number of deaths that have been directly linked to the coronavirus.
    As the pandemic has moved south and west from its epicenter in New York City, so have the unusual patterns in deaths from all causes. That suggests that the official death counts may be substantially underestimating the overall effects of the virus, as people die from the virus as well as by other causes linked to the pandemic.
    When the coronavirus took hold in the United States in March, the bulk of deaths above normal levels, or “excess deaths,” were in the Northeast, as New York and New Jersey saw huge surges.
    The Northeast still makes up nearly half of all excess deaths in the country, though numbers in the region have drastically declined since the peak in April.
    But as the number of hot spots expanded, so has the number of excess deaths across other parts of the country.

    Thursday, August 13, 2020


    Has the AP considered not having sad dead perv Michael Jackson on its splash page?

    Rescue First

    MON 13 AUG 1945
    Aircraft from fast carrier task force (Vice Admiral John S. McCain) bomb targets in the vicinity of Tokyo.

    USAAF OA-10A extracts TBM crew (VT 87) from Ticonderoga (CV-14) from the inner reaches of Tokyo Bay midway between Yokohama and Kizarazu, marking the first time that a U.S. plane has accomplished a rescue in those waters.

    Attack transport Lagrange (APA-124) is crashed by suicide plane, Buckner Bay, Okinawa, 26°14'N, 127°52'E.

    Submarine Atule (SS-403) sinks Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.6 and damages Coast Defense Vessel No.16 off Hokkaido, 42°16'N, 142°12'E.

    Submarine Torsk (SS-423) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Kaiho Maru, 36°17'N, 136°09'E.

    USAAF B-24s and/or B-25s operating against Japanese shipping in Korea Strait sink guardboat Ayanami Maru at 34°50'N, 131°10'E and damage merchant cargo ship Tatsukiri Maru at 34°35'N, 131°23'E.

    Japanese merchant cargo ship No.11 Tosei Maru is damaged by aircraft off Hekata.

    Japanese army tanker No.10 Nitto Maru is damaged by mine, 34°22'N, 130°54'E.

    Today In Nut-Jobs Republicans

    Eric Hananoki / Media Matters for America:
    QAnon candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist who claimed that there's no evidence a plane crashed into the Pentagon  —  Greene also falsely claimed that Obama “is a Muslim”  —  Republican-backed congressional candidate and right-wing commentator Marjorie Taylor Greene …