Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Demon-Haunted World

Oh, we fucking hope that Carrie & her idiot mother don't vote. Or own guns. And we wish they'd stop wasting oxygen that could be put to better use by a raccoon, or any of several species of bacteria, to name but a few lower life forms.

Last Pope Tweet

Benedict XVI ‏@Pontifex
Feb. 28, 2013
Thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting your dick in an altar boy.
No, wait ... transcription error? OK, we think this is the right one:
NaturalHonest mistake.

Yesterday's Idiots

Came across this & felt we should remind all that the four-eyed skinhead here, Bernie McGuirk, is the guy that radio weasel Don Imus keeps around "to tell nigger jokes."Wow, they showed us alright.

Also (Surprise, surprise!) Hannity is a lying sack of shit. Not to mention his bogus veterans "charity."

And if you aren't sick enough to murder someone yet, take a gander:

OK, fucking thing won't embed, here's a link.

Today's Conservo-Grift

From RedState Marketplace. We can't decide which is more fucking pathetic. This must appeal to people one step away from drawing mustaches (probably Hitler mustaches) on presidential pictures & posting them on Facebook.
Not-Joe the non-plumber (Has he started that plumbing business he was so anxious to start a few yrs. ago? Of course not. Wasn't he going to be Pajamas Media's Middle-East reporter? We think he may have made one report from the "danger zone." Poor fucker's been jerked around by every right-wing scam artist who could get near him, but he's such a low-info voter he never learns.) would like to have your e-mail address so "he" can beg you to give your money to whomever runs this scam.
We'd be very surprised if one of the marks who signed up won the exciting SOCOM profiled barrel AR-15. Although if we did register & won it, it would be funny as hell/ironic to kill a mess of fascists w/ it.

Bite It, Bob!

What a pathetically sensitive little flower Bob Woodward is. A quality he combines w/ a startling inability to read/understand simple English. Amazing for someone who types (literal) shit for a (very comfortable) living.

Here is a threat, Bob, so you can understand what one is: Fuck you in every hole in your body, twice, w/ something splintery.

Maybe Woody should be working for the WaPo sports page if he's so interested in point-scoring & horse-racing. Or perhaps he should quit now before he flushes what's left of his reputation down the toilet.

P.S.: Bob, you are not Robert Redford, & you never were. You're just another sad fuckhead. Also, stay off the fucking telebision & radio till you can speak at the speed at which "normal" people speak, you mumbling moron.

ADDED FUN (1955PST 28 February 2013): Lying sack of shit, or mere "embellisher?"
And here’s how Woodward replied, before taking his “threat” story to anyone who would listen:
This is all part of a serious discussion. I for one welcome a little heat; there should more given the importance. I also welcome your personal advice. I am listening. I know you lived all this.
Any reporter or spokesperson sees more hostile language on a near-daily basis and doesn’t bat an eyelash. “If this is it, I think many reporters — and I covered the White House for four years — received emails like this,” said Bret Baier of Fox News, a network that has been one of Woodward’s strongest defenders in recent days. “I’m not sure that characterizing it as a threat — I think Bob Woodward has a little bit of explaining to do about that characterization.”

“I get emails like this almost every hour, whether it’s from the White House or the Hill,” said NBC’s Chuck Todd.

The important question becomes this: If Woodward, who has generated best-seller after best-seller over many decades based heavily on anonymous sources, can’t accurately convey a conversation with an email trail, should we trust the anonymous sources in the rest of his reporting?

The East Is Red II

Damn it to hell, forgot a shot that should have been in the previous item, possibly because we composed it a couple of days ago & scheduled it for today. Anyway, note the proletarian footwear (& the DPRK flag):
Raid on the White Tiger Regiment, 1971.
© Zhang Yaxin/Courtesy see+ Gallery, Beijing,
and Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto.

The East Is Red

Shots of Chinese opry from the Cultural Revolution.
Red Detachment of Women, 1973.
© Zhang Yaxin/Courtesy see+ Gallery, Beijing,
and Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto.
Raid on the White Tiger Regiment, 1971.
© Zhang Yaxin/Courtesy see+ Gallery, Beijing,
and Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let The Impeachment Begin

Voting (& no doubt other) rights for certain people are merely "racial entitlements?" (No votes for wop-a-dagoes then, right?) So says Scalia the scumbag. Quite an interpretation of the Constitution. Should certainly be an impeachable interpretation. Off w/ his fat head.

The Napping God

At least these shits are admitting that their Hebrew Gawd of War is asleep on the job. Now if they'll just admit he's as dead as a fucking doornail.

Added bonus: Masochism-à-go-go.
Some of those who have faulted Benedict for resigning have pointed to the late Pope John Paul, who said he would "not come down from the cross" despite his bad health because he believed his suffering could inspire others.
What is wrong w/ these peopleglobs of protoplasm? What can "suffering" "inspire" other than further suffering, apparently merely for the sake of suffering? It's an entire religion dedicated to making its adherents into whipped dogs.


Flogging The Sluts (For Shame, Not Pain)

We didn't know the Republican party was in office in the Maldives.

Alleged rape victim in Maldives
'to be flogged'

Please don't think they're being unfair: She's being flogged for "doing it" before marriage, not for being raped.

Oh, sorry, it isn't Republicans, it's that other religion that hates women. And by the way, this will hurt the floggers more than the flogged.
President Mohamed Waheed's spokesman Masood Imad told AFP that the teenager should be treated as a victim rather than a perpetrator of a crime, but clarified that she should nevertheless "feel the shame" for her offence.

"She is not going to be lashed to cause her pain ... rather, it is for her to feel the shame for having engaged in activity forbidden by the religion," Imad said in a phone interview.
How is this any different from real, Biblical Christianity?

Enough Already, Says A Reviewer

Via (via) this, about Jack the Giant Slayer:
When will all the dead-serious $200 million battle-centered giant-infested similarly cast rousingly scored fabulously rendered 3D fairy-tale reimaginings all finally merge together into one enormous Anglophilic fantasmagoria of monarchical order and virtue so we can all be done with this for the time being?
No fucking shit.

Fire Dep't.

From Postcard Diary.
80 yrs. since the Reichstag fire.


Bring us the separated U-235 & we'll smash it together w/ our bare hands. We mean it, man.*
With modern weapons-grade uranium, the background neutron rate is so low that terrorists, if they had such material, would have a good chance of setting off a high-yield explosion simply by dropping one half of the material onto the other half. Most people seem unaware that if separated U-235 is at hand, it's a trivial job to set off a nuclear explosion, whereas if only plutonium is available, making it explode is the most difficult technical job I know.[3]
— Luis Alvarez, one of the Alvarezes behind the asteroid/comet/meteor extinction theory.
We didn't know he'd worked on the Manhattan Project. Destroyer of worlds indeed.
*Potential U-235 suppliers: You can decide the metropolitan area we'll destroy bare-handed. We know it's unlikely we'll get any, but it'd absolutely be worth it. Seriously.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Desperation Time

Straw-grasping at Breitbart's Coffin: Oh boy, oh boy! The Obama tech wizards forgot to register the .net version of, & then a tech-savvy reactionary snatched it up & made it redirect to the NRA's site! Wowie. That's some policy victory, innit? W/ a single fell swoop, the Second Amendment is saved, Obamacare repealed & the Fourteenth & Seventeenth Amendments are thrown in the dustbin of history!

At the very least typist Warner Todd Huston is sure liberals (& the President personally) have been pissed off by this. "Furious," even.
As Obama's OFA made its debut, no one in his purportedly Internet-savvy campaign had obtained the corresponding .com, .net, .org or .us sites, nor did OFA register other names that are close to its official one, as is the sensible practice. In the case of the .net address, a fellow named Derek Bovard had already registered the .net address by the time Obama's team took notice.

Bovard has routed his new site to the homepage of the National Rifle Association.

So, whenever anyone goes to they end up seeing the homepage of the NRA.

Naturally, Obama and his fellow community organizers were furious.* So furious, in fact, that they have replied by filing complaints against Bovard--and, apparently, a variety of other people who had registered domain names that OFA now wants.
And, it's an exclusive! No one else had the story! Silly old mainstream legacy media. Completely in the tank for Obummer. If only they'd covered this, Obammy would never have been reëlected. Never!! This is also incontrovertible evidence that all the Internet-savvy tech whizzes have deserted the community organizers & are now aligned w/ the stupid greedy party. Won't be long before hateful Republican messages of exclusion & rabid extremity are all over social media & those 'phones the kids love. And once young people get those messages, well, you can bet they won't be voting for a Democrat Santa Claus next time.

So, Warner Todd, next time you come across a game-changing exclusive like this, we'd suggest you just go jack off in your hat. Even if you're caught at it the embarrassment will be less than publishing this load of desperation should have been.
*We were unaware that Mr. Huston was a psychic & mind-reader as well as a talented exclusive-finder. Either way, he jacks off in his hat.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Patriots Miss Another Chance

Are we glad we don't live anywhere near this crap any more.
Photo sent to LAist courtesy of Dan Cox
Tow trucks are making way for scores of limos that will be arriving this afternoon for the Academy Awards. LAist reader Dan Cox sent us before and after photos from Franklin Avenue near Whitley Street this morning. He estimates about 200 cars were towed from one street alone. (Sidenote: that intersection is in rough condition. Looks like Hollywood the neighborhood needs to have some work done.)
So-called patriots, don't talk to us about freedoms, liberties & property rights until you have taken out an OPG tow truck or a parking enforcement Nazi. Let them tow your cars & they'll come for your guns next!

Siestas To Return?

From the voluminous "You're stewing in your own wastes, you fucking cretins" files:
A more extreme scenario of future global warming, which estimated a temperature rise of 10.8 degrees F, would make it difficult to work in the hottest months in many parts of the world, Dunne said at a telephone briefing.

Labor capacity would be all but eliminated in the lower Mississippi Valley and most of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains would be exposed to heat stress "beyond anything experienced in the world today," he said.
Hah! Turns out those of you who haven't drowned will not be safe even when you're sleeping.
Under this scenario, heat stress in New York City would exceed that of present-day Bahrain, while in Bahrain, the heat and humidity could cause hyperthermia - potentially dangerous overheating - even in sleeping people who were not working at all.
Drowning in your own sweat while you sleep. Warms our evil heart & soul just to imagine it.

Carloads Of Crackers

Figured if we slept 'til the crack of noon the 55th annual Great American Race, having started at 0900 our time, would be over & done w/, but no. (If these goobers can watch this crap for five hrs. straight, why do none of them have the attention span to see & understand what's really going on in this scab of a nation?)

Still quite the metaphor for these United Snakes: Where glibertarians resisting the oppression of gov't. regulation once ran from the Revenuers like the cowards they are, now a collection of drones drive in a circle or whatever, they & their cars covered in adverts for the very corporations that make their lives horrors of consumption & conformity, stopping only for horrible accidents or demonstrations of road rage from the drivers.

We had forgotten how un-exciting the pit stops are. And are disappointed that no driver has been thrown from his/her car into the stands, causing death & permanent injury to spectators. You hicks aren't going fast enough yet.

"Happiness Is a Warm Gun"

A "New York and Shanghai-based" (nice work if you can get it) grifter has conceptualized the "White" album (actually The BEATLES) into something more than obsessed collecting but probably less than timeless or even permanent art. Said conceptualist
exclusively buys the first edition, and only those under $20 in order to have some with well-worn character (one even has a cigarette burn all the way through its vinyl, another had its sleeves replaced with paper towels).
This is alleged to be 100 discs (digitized, we assume) playing at once. Not that interesting until (6:30).And Mr. Bicoastal's installed almost 700 copies in a SoHo (New York) gallery for the full art experience.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Wk. In Beck

Apparently live from the Oval Office, one cultural icon disses another.
Shorter G.B. & his all-dude, all-honky posse: "I'm not a racist, but ..."

This just in! Good thing we left this item simmering.

And this is more sad than anything else.

Wknd. Cultural Preview

Sunday! Sunday! Daytona!
Unable to decide which we'd miss less were one or the other to be wiped from the face of the planet (w/ votes, of course, or whatever works short of nuclear explosives). On the brighter side, w/ the 500 starting at 0900PT we won't have to decide between the two.

Mount Suribachi 68 Yrs. On

Academy Award® nominee for DOCUMENTARY (Short Subject).

Friday, February 22, 2013

Troll du Jour

"We Destroy the Family" about (3:21). Did FOX bleep "Pussies?"Geeze, what a ... you know. How many yrs. has she been married? And how many little Annies has she spawned? OK then.

One really cannot minimize the amount of suck in this, can one? From Stossel & 'stache to A.C. to the earnest youth asking their earnest young idiot questions, this could inspire anyone to give up all remaining hope.

The Average American

Remember, that means 50% of This Great Nation Of Ours™ is even stupider.
In Horsey's column he mentions current Coolidge fetishism, but doesn't identify what we assume to be its chief cause, revisionist typist Amity Shlaes & her new book celebrating the great economist w/ the stick up his New England Yankee ass.

Ms. Shlaes previously achieved notoriety by revising the history of the Great Depression to align w/ the bullshit economic theories to which her bosses subscribe. Now she's gone even further back, to lie about the origins of the Great Depression. Just one review, from the Wall Street Journal:
[R]eviewer Robert Merry writing: "The Coolidge years represent the country's most distilled experiment in supply-side economics—and the doctrine's most conspicuous success. That success is the central Coolidge legacy, brought home with telling authority in Ms. Shlaes's work. This book's timing is propitious."
Quite successful, if you ignore the Great Depression that was the result. Have we mentioned how much we despise these lying sacks of shit?


All you need to know about the new message from the theocratic/reactionary party is in the Daily Beast's caption to this AP photo.
The Rev. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas hasn’t stopped preaching that homosexual sex is sinful, but he no longer singles it out for special condemnation. Now, Jeffress says, he usually talks about homosexuality within “a bigger context of God’s plan for sex between one man and one woman in a lifetime relationship called marriage.” (Luke Edmonson/AP)
Christ on a crutch.

The full story includes Tim Tebow.
“He said that because of professional and personal reasons he needed to stay away from controversy right now, so he would not be able to come,” Jeffress told The Daily Beast on Thursday afternoon. “But he also voiced that he would like to come at some future date in our church.”
Two-faced Tim stands up for Jesus like he plays big-time football (not very well, in case you don't know): So sorry if anyone was offended & I will visit your mega-church to tell you what Jesus wants from you just as soon as He lines up another paying football gig for me.

Straight Talk Express

It's over for the Guns Over People party:
“I was very surprised that a senator, who has been in office for over 30 years, would address a grieving mother, who just lost her son exactly seven months prior — yesterday was the 20th, I lost my son on 7-20-2012 — to tell me that I needed ‘some straight talk,’” Caren Teves said by phone.

At Wednesday’s town hall, Teves told McCain that her son, Alex, was killed in the massacre, and she urged the senator to support a ban on assault weapons. McCain responded: “I can tell you right now you need some straight talk. That assault weapons ban will not pass the Congress of the United States.”
Christ, what an asshole. We've had more than enough from Senator Shithead, & would like to be punching him on the (cancerous) left side of his face over & over & over. (Extra-convenient for the right-handed.)
Teves said her husband recently wrote McCain a letter addressing the Aurora shooting, which took the lives of their son and 11 other people. But she said McCain’s office responded with a impersonal form letter that focused on an an entirely different massacre: the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn. Neither McCain nor his staff approached her after the town hall event, she added.

“I was surprised at that,” Teves said. “It takes a lot for me to just get out of bed every morning. I mean, this is still so new and so fresh, that my son was murdered. And I just expected a little more respect from someone who’s been in office over 30 years, and his staff. Between that and the form letter that we received, it’s just, it’s appalling.”

Caren and Tom Teves, who live in Phoenix, said they have supported McCain in the past, including his last campaign. “I have voted Republican my whole life,” Tom Teves told TPM. “I’ll never vote Republican again — ever.”
You tell him, Mr. Teves. We still don't understand why Mrs. Teves believes that 30 yrs. in office would make McCain more sympathetic or empathetic. Only the "pathetic" part applies.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Local Filler Action

Almost forgot an obligatory daily item.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TV Guide

You may be an urbane sophisticate if ...
this is available on your cable system.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Idiot Up-Date

If that stupid Tom Brokaw video down there doesn't play (wouldn't for us) try here (or even here). T.B. says "Timothy O'Leary" at (0:16); not too long a wait.


Very pleased w/ ourself as we did today what we'd been not doing since Sat., something we could & maybe would have done yesterday, but it was a holiday in these United Snakes. Which means there won't be anything else in this space today as we are resting on our laurels & maybe mopping our brow.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mr. O'Leary's Cow Be Trippin'

Why Indeed

Yoko hits 80 today.

Public Service

Doubtless many a Batboy-like frame worth grabbing in this. Offered as a public service; we ourself couldn't watch it, not even muted or w/ ameliorating ha-ha ironic juxtaposed sounds.As always, no possibilty of a conflict of interest:
Mrs. Thomas does not necessarily support or endorse the products, services or positions promoted in any advertisement contained herein, and does not have control over or receive compensation from any advertiser.
Ms. Thomas must work for nothing then.

The Anti-Fascist & Anti-Bourgeois Struggles Continue

Leaving the land of the wicked:

The Sound Of Murder

That would be here. Questions. Believe it or shove it. Free press update. Enough is enough. Really.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Attacks Continue

Do not mock our theory ("It Begins ... Planet Under Attack," down there somewhere.) that the E.T.s have started species cleansing. It's just that they aren't such great shots, or haven't quite gotten the range. Yet.
It may not have been as spectacular as the space rock that streaked across the skies above Russia late Thursday, but the Bay Area's close encounter with a meteor Friday night was drawing its own attention on social networks.

Comments on Twitter indicated the object that flashed across the horizon around 7:45 p.m. was blue in color and visible throughout the Bay Area and large areas of the West Coast, with at least one reported sighting in Washington state.

Amateur video footage broadcast on KTVU-2 showed a bright streak lasting approximately five seconds that appeared to head downward. Some viewers described it as a firework in the night sky.
Quiver in fear, puny humanoids. Your time is done.

More Meteor

From the Guardian:
Vladimir Zhirinovsky, long-term leader of Russia's far right parliamentary bloc, claimed the meteor was not a cosmic event but something more sinister, my colleague Mark Rice-Oxley reports. Zhirinovsky said:
It is not meteors falling, it's the Americans testing a new weapon. [Secretary of state John] Kerry warned [foreign minister Sergei] Lavrov on Monday ... that there would be such a provocation and that it might affect Russia.
Apparently Russia's Wayne LaPierre-anoid.

Friday, February 15, 2013

On A Fucking Roll

We should try smoking cessation more often: It lets the real us out to attack evil wherever it's found.
We would not advise getting w/in 10 ft. (a couple metres) of us, however. We may explode at any minute.

Reactionary "Humor" Dep't.

A 10 (or less) yr. old named Sean Medlock, who posts under the name Jim Treacher (Why he bothers we dunno.) at Tucker's WeeklyDaily Reader has this to relate:
I don’t normally like to draw attention to David Corn, the only left-wing operative named after a vegetable often found embedded in feces.
That's a knee-slapper. We can barely contain ourself from rolling on the floor.

We doubt they'd change it, because poop, ha ha! & Hillary & poop. Ha ha! Poop! But in case, here's proof:
(Maybe Jim/Sean & poop-person Ted Nugent like to go animal killing together & cuddle around the campfire while talking shit. Or about shit. Something to do w/ shit, certainly.)

Anyway Sean/Jim thinks the whole Sec. Clinton w/ panda thing is hee-larious! Or he doesn't. Like most reactionary attempts at humor it's incomprehensible to ordinary humanoids. Look if you will, but don't say you weren't warned.

Whoever tried to run him down should try it again. We bet he's even slower now. Facebookers might want to go by & tell him they hope he heals up real quick.

Tucker's Daily Dimbulb

Sure all of us make mistakes on occasion We, for example, allowed ourself to be born. (Biiig mistake.) but some of us manage to correct them.
Screen shot snagged 15 February 2013, about 1921PT.
Not The Daily Caller though, not even well over 24 hrs. since the original mistake. Not even when it's spelled correctly in the story. Stupid, stupid, sad assholes. Give up already.

Floating Shit-House Wrap-Up

Jeeziz fuck white people w/ money who had to spend a few days drifting on the ocean but otherwise living like the people who are kept in third-world squalor because of the greed & pig-like consumption habits of citizens of industrialized nations, stop your fucking whining, you chump-ass punks, before we give you something worth bitching & moaning about!

"News" organizations that devoted more than 30 secs. of coverage (CNN the worst) to this unspeakable horror for honkies should be removed from the public airwaves, & executives who approved this inane droning coverage should be sentenced to live on short rations & to shit & piss in each other's mouthsplastic bags for the rest of their pathetic lives.

Is it any fucking wonder people around the world (this reporter included) want to destroy this pig paradise of a nation? It makes us want to scream & break things (Easy enuogh.) or torpedo a cruise ship in shark-infested waters, U.S.S. Indianapolis-style. (Little tougher to accomplish.)
Glub glub glub, jerks.

Worth A Read

Nothing terribly new, though the author's pretty sure the Guns & Old People party is headed to extinction by 2020. But it probably won't kill you to look.

It Begins ... Planet Under Attack

Extra-terrestrials heaving big-ass rocks have finally come to erase this blot on the cosmos.
A meteorite shot across the sky in central Russia early on Friday and sent fireballs crashing to Earth, smashing windows, setting off car alarms and injuring 150 people.
We're a little surprised that news of Wayne LaPierre-anoid's pathetic screed hit the rest of the universe so quickly, but if it brought some action we're not complaining.

"Wayne LaPierre-anoid" from Victor at No More Mr. Nice Blog. Instant classic!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

We Give Up. Again.

Won't bother explaining, let's just look at pics instead of politics. Here are some that continue a previous item, where a commenting wise-acre typed: "A classic anti-big-gummint post!" but a look at further photos shows free enterprise sweeping the street.
Wise-acre #2 likes the coloured bldg. "Gee. More people should have accidents in front of coloured buildings." He's right, of course. And here's a schadenfroh factoid about that bldg.: It's the former Daniel Murphy Catholic High School, which the diocese of L.A. had to sell. To Orthodox Jooos!! (Who've had a child-rapist or two among their rabbis.) While claiming it had nothing to do w/ child-rape settlements. We'll save you the click:
In October 2007, it was announced that the school would close at the end of the 2007–2008 academic year due to declining enrollment. Parents, students, faculty and alumni felt otherwise. The timing of the closure coincided with the Archdiocese's payoff of a $660 million settlement to abuse victims. The Archdiocese claimed the closure had nothing to do with the settlement and that the decision was based solely on the low enrollment. The Archdiocese claimed it could no longer afford to provide financial subsidization to the school. The parents proposed to pay an additional $1,000 per year in tuition which, they contended, would have exceeded any amount the Archdiocese had ever had to spend to keep the school in the black. However, the Archdiocese said the decision to close the school was "irrevocable". The Alumni Association and parent's group joined forces and fought to keep the school open. With the exception of one token meeting, the Archdiocese ignored all requests to meet and discuss the closure.

Local Election Action

Seeing that the least funny person in these United Snakes who intends (we think) to be funny, one Will Farrell (What is his fucking deal, anyway?) has endorsed a candidate for Mayor of Hell (nagonna look for a link, we're sure it's all over the damn Internet) we'd probably be against that candidate, merely on general principles, but the candidate in this case is someone on whom we wouldn't piss were he on fire, Eric Garcetti, who happens to be the current Council member for District 13, in which we live.

Why wouldn't we piss on Garcetti to save his life?  In 2011, when we were having a bit of a problem w/ a city agency we called Garcetti's office seeking someone to light a fire (Figure of speech, cretins, don't have a fit!) under said agency. We called the office, talked to someone who right fucking then started passing the buck, claiming that another jerk flunky handled those sorts of problems, or problems w/ that agency, or whatever the fuck, & he'd be happy to take our name & number & the other jerk would call us back. By now it should be obvious that we never heard another word from anyone in Councilperson Garcetti's office. Imagine that sort of buck-passing, lying, unresponsive crap applied city-wide.

Therefore, negative endorsements: Choose whom you will, locals, but among all the candidates not named Garcetti. And you probably shouldn't vote for Kevin James (not the King of Queens Kevin James) a right-wing buffoon who had/has a radio program, & is so fucking stupid that Chris "Tweety" Matthews can handle him. Note to Mr. James: Give up already. There are not enough honkies (let alone nasty racist ones) in the Valley to get your lame ass elected to dog-catcher.

Added reason not to vote for Eric Garcetti: No more political dynasties/aristocracy! His father Gil was L.A. County D.A. for two terms. Fuck that noise.

And, a look at the race from long-time local politics/gummint reporter/editor Bill Boyarsky.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Probably The Best They Could Find

Poor Massachusetts GOP. Apparently they can't find any one fully literate to run for the Senate. Maybe someone should make sure this schmuck served as he claimed: We sho nuff didn't know that "Navy aircraft carrier pilot" was a specific Naval occupation. We were under the impression that it was, well, harbor pilots who pilot aircraft carriers. And the helms-person is usually an enlisted squid.

S'pose G.G. may be trying to tell us he flew aircraft from carriers. (Landed them too, we hope.) But what the hell are they teaching at the Naval Academy?

Here's a screen capture, in case someone who cares proofs it & it's changed.
Please, no more baby-killing ninnies in Congress or the Senate.

More Honkie "Mumbo Jumbo" From
The Nooge

Ted Nugent re-confirms for America that he's a frightened, cretinous racist probably hoping to replace Chuck Norris as a show biz buffoon.And King of Nepotism Luke Russert, there's some dirt on your forehead. Can't NBC afford make-up people? Or mirrors?

Video Game Theory

Ol' Doc Wertham lied. (First of all when he claimed anyone is "innocent.")
But given that we live in a moment when 67 percent of Republicans think [Ed. note: We doubt that anywhere near that many Republicans actually think.] that violent video games present a “bigger safety threat” than guns according to a recent Public Policy Polling survey, the same kind of incentives to find video games guilty exist today that existed when Wertham went after comics. And even if a rigorous study does emerge from our current debate over guns policy, I’d be amazed if it was publicly accepted. The public doesn’t blame comics or video games for crime and violence because they have strong evidence and day-to-day demonstrations of the impact of that media. They blame comics and video games because they have relatively low levels of cultural capital relative to mediums like film and television, and because it’s easier to think about regulating culture than it is to go after other, more systematic elements of American life.
Also on the comic front:Via.

Fecal Matter Fever

See Also

This reporter has published an item about targeted police killings (We are not in favor of them.) at Whiskey Fire.

But don't bother trying the link there to the L.A. Tribune, Chicago Times or whatever that cage-liner is (Reality check: No one will pay US$1.50/edition to get something w/ which to line Tweety's cage.) as they seem to be trying to see how much of their nose they can cut off to spite their bank acc'ts. by making it impossible to read anything w/o paying big bucks for the "privilege." (No surprise they declared bankruptcy. Anyone want to start a pool on when the corporation declares itself bankrupt again, or just gives up & goes out of business?)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kinder, Küche, Kirche

Or, Faith, Family, Freedom. (Freedom: Not in any way compatible w/ faith or family.) Family Research Council President Tony Perkins mouths off in front of fascist HQ. (We'll bet that Gothic tribute to Hitler above the door is as plastic & phony as Mr. Perkins.)
By the way Mr. Josh "Premium Member Money-grubber" Marshall, you can make it more difficult to appropriate images from your Toilet Paper Memo, but you can't stop us. (Why you bother when it isn't even your damn picture to begin w/ is further indication of what a dick you are.) Indeed, it just makes us want to fuck w/ you even more, jerk.

P.S.: What a stupid concept: "Here are pictures of some of the major jerks in the GOP 'Civil War,' w/ a line or two about what they've done/said." Dumb dumb dumb.

Police Beat-Off

Every cop is a criminal ... as well as the ex-cops. We note that another Southern California law-enforcement agency has decided (SLA-style) to burn out a suspect rather than let him have a day in court or any sort of public forum about his grievances against the LAPD.

Well, it was nice to have the fucking pigs nervous for a while. And we saw the police when threatened. Like fucking animals they strike out (by emptying their weapons in the general direction of anyone or anything that scares them, although w/o much accuracy) including women in a pick-up truck. Or guys (w/ no resemblance to the description of the suspect) who happened to be driving a pick-up truck. Disarm them now!

Also amusing (in a horrible way): The Sheriff of San Bernardino County is also the county coroner. Wonder how many law enforcement ossifers in San Berdoo have gotten away w/ murdering alleged criminal perpetrators w/o justification? A lot? Probably.

Also sick & tired of hearing sanctimonious crap about dead cops. You live by the gun, you die by the gun, so kwitcher bitchin', pin-dicked compensating fascist sissies.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Riddance To Bad Wretch

The wretch would be Pope Benedict XVI.
We've found that color reversal also gives quite an insight into the raw evil of his Popiness.
Pope Dracul performing an ancient ritual of evil.
Placing a gypsy curse on someone, we'd guess.
Jesus what a creepy old wretch! Hope he's dead before he gets to hide in his cloistered monastery inside the Vatican. Does the United Snakes have an extradition treaty w/ the Holy See?

"Good Guys" W/ Guns Shot:
How'd That Happen?

Two dead (+ shooter) in Wilmington, Del. courthouse shooting.
Police have confirmed that the shooting is related to an ongoing child custody dispute case that has been played out in Delaware courts for years.

Five years ago, Belford's former husband kidnapped their three children and fled to Central America. He was later caught and sentenced to four years in prison.

Police are not identifying the gunman yet, saying only that he is a white male in his 50's or 60's.
And how much will you bet that the shooter was a law-abiding citizen or, if he was the convicted kidnapper, the "good guys w/ guns" apparently didn't have the will or common sense to relieve him of his weapons after his conviction?
Police say the two injured officers, a 42-year-old 7-year veteran and a 50-year-old 1-year veteran, were shot in an exchange with the gunman. Luckily, the officers were both struck in their bullet proof vests and are in good condition.
Fuck this shit. Maybe, rather than everyone having weapons everywhere all the time (Because it doesn't look like the "good guy w/ a gun" can even keep himself safe.) we could just issue bullet-proof vests to every American who leaves her or his house on a regular basis.

Morbid Music

LittleNothing to add, but in passing we'll note another 50 yrs. ago today moment, this one tragic: Sylvia Plath stuffing her head in the oven & turning on the gas. If you give a shit 50 yrs. later you can use the Google.Honest, we didn't figure on using these two tunes when we started, but they were sooooo obvious we couldn't resist.

So Long, Nazi Pervert-Pope

Ratzo's covering up of child-raping priests or the scandal of his private secretary must have made his life-time contract easier to break.

A gawd-damn sickening wretch, & we can only hope he dies in just a fraction of the pain & anguish his church has caused for millions of people (Mostly women & children; funny how that works, the weakest getting fucked in every sense of the word by the patriarchal & hierarchic church of the Roman Empire.) across the world.

Gun Safety

Be careful out there.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

F*ck Censorship

War in Context types:
The Israel lobby made sure that this Saturday Night Live sketch on the Chuck Hagel hearings was dropped from the show …

Well, maybe the lobby didn’t need to intervene. More likely, the show’s writers had to reconcile themselves to the fact that their audience doesn’t pay too much attention to what happens in the U.S. Senate. It’s hard to satirize a particular form of behavior — in this case, shameless displays of slavish adoration of Israel — if the people who need to get the joke are ignorant about the thing being mocked. Still, thanks to SNL for giving it a shot.

"If you really  loved me ..."

Hint, hint.
Photo of Ziggy and his bacon rosettes courtesy of MyLastBite
Unexpected ingredients: Hammer and nail.

Accidental Goatse

A big surprise.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

50 Yrs. Ago

Lotta stuff happened in 1963. Lotta stuff vaguely interesting/meaningful to this reporter. And this crap:50 yrs. later they are 50% dead.

Put A Sock In It Already

++tiresome ... Monica Crowley brings the fear: Never before in all of American history (including, we suppose, the Civil War) has it been this serious! Debt! The very life of America!! Not Jimmy Carter, not Bill Clinton, but worser. Only House Republicans (Oh band of brothers yada.) stand between Barack Obama's socialist agenda & the Constitution. Do you hear? The life of America as we knew it!!

The same inanity, getting more tired & foolish every time we hear it, i.e., every single day. But they should keep crying wolf. When a socialist wolf finally shows up (It's a dialectic inevitability!) not even low-info voters will believe the skree.Oh, almost forgot. '90s Jennifer Aniston called; she said she wants that hair-do back.

70 Yrs. Ago: Victory On Guadalcanal

Also Beatles & Tail-Gunner Joe.Happening now:Yup, police officer, lieutenant in the Naval Reserve, just the kind of "law-abiding citizen" you'd want to have guns, & plenty of them.We're enjoying the shoe being on the other foot, as the police quake in fear & demonstrate again how poorly-trained & trigger-happy they are.

Moon² & Tree

Does Not Equal

Great rug. Host Porter Wagoner in the buckskin jacket. Note sponsor.

Friday, February 8, 2013

More Hateful Than Hater

Next time one of L. Brent Bozell III's prigs at NewsBusters has a fit in re: just about anything concerning the coarseness of the culture, remember this:
So, is Brent Bozell a "hater"? Oh heavens, yes. In case you aren't familiar with him, Bozell may well be Washington's angriest man, and one of the least effective spokespeople Republicans could find for their cause. His face twisted into a perpetual sneer,
Perpetual sneer.
Bozell appears regularly in conservative media to decry liberal media bias in anything and everything. His organization, the Media Research Center, spends its time upbraiding news outlets for every statement of fact that is uncongenial to conservatives and breathlessly exposing liberal opinion writers for expressing liberal opinions.

There are plenty of prominent conservatives in Washington who are very nice people, but Bozell is most definitely not among them. With one or two exceptions (Bill Donohue of the Catholic League comes to mind), there's almost no one in public life more consumed by hate than Bozell. He positively vibrates with hate. I had my own encounter with him in 2004, when we appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" and had what I thought was a perfectly run-of-the-mill disagreement about the presidential race; afterward he stormed into the greenroom, shouted that John Kerry and I were both liars, and when I asked him (politely and calmly, I assure you) what specifically he was referring to, he sputtered, "Uh ... fuck you!" and stormed out.
Wonder if ol' L. Brent III has any shootin' irons. 'Cause it would be irresponsible not to speculate. Public safety & all.

More on the War Between the Grifts. (War of Establishment Aggression?) The letter. Also this big furry schmuck, who is saddened thatthe "big sites" of the New Reactionary Media "are all suspect."
Read the article. Am I crazy or is the editor of this piece mocking Levin and standing up for establishment kingmaker Karl Rove?

Are there any big sites that aren’t dismissive of conservatives and the TEA Party?

We are in trouble.

UPDATE: No reading between the lines necessary. The Daily Caller has laid it on the line -

Mark Levin has signed a clown letter that embarrasses clowns.


The DC Caller is not only having trouble with the TEA Party, but they are having trouble identifying the left from the right. Why would anyone on the right hold up Ron Jr. as someone immune from attack, legacy or not? It’s a clown analogy that embarrasses clowns.

The only big site worth going to is American Thinker. The rest are all suspect as far as I’m concerned.
Gee, they really are out to get you, aren't they?

Computerized Communications Console

Men only. It's a Philco.The future, Walter?Dinner from punch cards. (If only!)"That area, over there."

Inane Drooler Of The Day

Chronic Organic Brain Syndrome? Catholicism? Is one necessary for the other?Either way, Alan Keyes is as bugfuck delusional/psychotic as they come. We can only hope he doesn't have weapons.

Police Terror Up-Date

Do not drive too close to the Police Academy if you value your life.
Photo by Echo Park resident
We value our life enough that we aren't going anywhere. If you thought the heat were jumpy before ...

Consumer Round-Up

Conservatives are contemptible, aren't they? We suppose it's not really their fault; every time we turn around another study suggests they are psychologically, mentally & physically deficient,* from their tribalism & unquestioning worship of authority to the enlarged amygdalas that make them quiver in fear of virtually everything, especially the new & different, said fear being what makes them so fucking gullible.

The latest example of unthinking dumbfuckery that (again) has us ready to kill? "Name" brands. The brain-dead like 'em.
Newly published research provides a compelling answer: brand-name products. Conservatives gravitate toward them, and Walmart, unlike Trader Joe’s, is packed with them.

That provocative conclusion can be drawn from a study in the journal Psychological Science. A research team led by Vishal Singh of New York University’s Stern School of Business has discovered a relationship between voting behavior, high levels of religiosity, and “seemingly inconsequential product choices.”

They argue that your decision to vote for a certain candidate, and purchase a particular brand of detergent, springs from the same basic impulse:
You're a fucking cretin.
*Yes, we're preparing a manifesto that will objectively demonstrate that conservatives are not nearly as advanced & developed as normal people, & that, as nature itself has made them incapable of benefiting from FEMA reëducation camps, another solution to the problem of these dangerous armed paranoids among us must be found. Any suggestions?