Saturday, October 31, 2020

Party People

Your ancestors at play.

If You Can't Do The Time, Nazi Loser, Don't Do The Crime

I have seldom been less sympathetic toward a pathetic loser nobody like this.
Tresa Baldas / Detroit Free Press:
Whitmer kidnap suspect wants out of jail.  He's diabetic, and fears COVID-19  —  After three weeks in jail, one of the suspects charged with plotting to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is asking the judge to reconsider her decision to keep him locked up: He's worried about getting the COVID-19 virus.
Hope he does get sick & dies like a stuck pig.

95 Theses, Indira Gandhi Assassinated

That's it, 5/6 of 2020's months gone like the snap of a finger.

So That's How It Works?

One Gets Sick & Then One Dies? No Shit?

Washington Post:
First, coronavirus infections increased.  Then, hospitalizations.  Now, deaths are on the rise.  —  Coronavirus infections soared this week to record levels, hospitalizations are up in almost every state, and now — predictably, but slowly — deaths are rising, too.
Tell us more, Washington Post.

And enjoy your harvest season celebrations of the dead, walking corpses.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

"World" Champions!

L.A. rules!! First the Lakers, now the Dodgers, both teams champeens of the COVID season! 

So. Will the 9+ 'quake & resultant region-ruining fires happen before or after Election Day?

As Dull A Day As Ever Was

If I were 27 October I'd probably just kill myself.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Second Cousin

Midday Monday Medley

Allegedly at Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Tex., 26 October 1973. (A Tuesday.)

Gunfight At The OK Corral,
"Peace At Hand", Beatles M.B.E.

"The Boys Who Invented Hair", 55 yrs. ago.John returned his.
Gonna be a helluvan eight days to come? Who fucking knows?

Report From The Front

Per The Daily Beast

Attack Drones Dominating Tanks as Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict Showcases the Future of War

Azerbaijan’s Turkish and Israeli drones are wiping out tanks, artillery, and soldiers as the Armenians lose ground in the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.
This armored vehicle thing may be over w/o fleets of offensive & defensive drones. Think Coral Sea or Midway, but over land. They'll never see their targets w/ the naked eye. I'd start designing more well-protected drone launchers & fewer tanks if I were a baby-killing son-of-a-bitch.

But I'm just a bloody-minded sonuvabitch. Here's some stuff & people blowing up in the Caucasus over the last month.

"Hamburger All Over The Highway"

Donald Morrison / Wall Street Journal:
Cars Have Hit Protesters More Than 100 Times This Year  —  Authorities have charged 39 drivers with crimes ranging from reckless driving to vehicular homicide  —  As Americans have taken to the streets this year to protest racism and allegations of police violence, they have been hit by motor vehicles more than 100 times in the process. 

Between George Floyd’s killing in police custody in May and Sept. 5, motorists drove into demonstrators at least 104 times, according to research by University of Chicago graduate student Ari Weil. There have been two reported deaths from such incidents. 

Several have occurred since Sept. 5, when Mr. Weil stopped collecting his data, according to Roudabeh Kishi, the research director of the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project, a global crisis-mapping initiative. Dr. Kishi’s group counted eight such cases in the week of Sept. 20, and three the first week in October. 

Many are accidental and appear to have happened when motorists were confused, according to Mr. Weil. In some cases, drivers have said they were acting in self-defense after having their car damaged by protesters and fearing for their personal safety.
Whatever you say. This reporter says you're either incompetent, stupid or a murdering Nazi thug.
Authorities have also charged 39 drivers with crimes ranging from reckless driving to vehicular homicide.
Guns, cars, no one is safe. We imagine there'll be protests no matter who wins a wk. from Tues., & if there's no clear & immediate winner, the streets may be jammed w/ demonstrators. We'll see whose ox is gored.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

F. U., G.O.P.

Everybody's wise to the party of Lincoln, from poll-takers ...

PRRI also asked respondents whether they believed that, “It always makes the country better when all Americans speak up and protest unfair treatment by government.” Then, it asked the same question, but substituted “Black Americans” for “all Americans.” Democrats made no distinction between the two questions: 71 percent answered Yes to both. Among Republicans, however, 49 percent believed it made the country better when all Americans spoke up and protested unfair governmental treatment, but just 24 percent believed it when Black Americans spoke up and protested. Among Republicans whose most trusted news source is Fox News, the gap was 47 percent Yes for all Americans, and a bare 10 percent for Blacks.

Indeed, 57 percent of Republicans believed that whites face “a lot of discrimination,” while just 52 percent believe that Blacks do. Among Democrats, 13 percent said whites encounter a lot of discrimination; 92 percent said Blacks do.

The euphemistic encapsulation of the above is that Republicans have consolidated the traditionalist vote. A somewhat clearer encapsulation is that the Republicans have become a rats’ nest of sexists and racists.

... to the Editorial Board at The NYT. Whose condemnation is still weak, even w/ a list of just a few of the more egregious offenses the "self-serving, power-hungry gang" has committed & allowed under Trump. I mean, what's this fucking shit?
a strong center right can co-opt more palatable aspects of the far right, isolating and draining energy from the more radical elements that threaten to destabilize the system.
What, may I ask, are the "more palatable aspects of the far right"? Making the trains run on time?

Stuff Happens

Friday, October 23, 2020

"Rounding The Turn"

Yes we are, but directly into an oncoming & out-of-control semi.

U.S. hits highest daily COVID-19 case count since pandemic began

The U.S. confirmed at least 83,010 coronavirus cases on Friday, the country's highest daily total since the pandemic started, according to data from the COVID Tracking Project.
Current hospitalized COVID-19 patients: 41,485.
I knew yrs. ago it would be good for my mental health (Such as it is, a-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!) to isolate myself from you rat bastards in this bunker, but I wasn't expecting a hundred-yr. pandemic. (Or was I? A deeper instinct at play? Unpleasant premonitions, to coin a phrase?)

What The Hell's Your Problem, Ron?

On it then, still on it. (To avoid a minute & 35 secs. of existential agony, it starts at the relevant point.)

Friday Freak-Out Van Het Sportspaleis

40 yrs. ago, give or take.

Raccoons Of The Day

We like animal pix & stories, especially when the animals give the Animal Police something to do.
The two raccoons gave Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA workers a chase before being herded out of the bank Tuesday morning. (Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA)

Under the cover of night, two dark-eyed bandits prowled around a Redwood City bank, rifling through trash and knocking over a computer screen in their hunt.

In the office’s break room, they pounced on treasured booty: a tin of almond cookies.

The two juvenile raccoons broke into the Redwood City Chase Bank when it was closed Monday night, ransacking the office before Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA workers chased off the furry vagabonds the next morning.

“This is definitely the first time we’ve ever been called to a bank heist,” said Buffy Martin-Tarbox, communications manager for the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA.

She said sleuthing animal rescue workers found telltale clues to cobble together a case: muddy paw prints “about the size of raccoons’” tracked up a nearby tree leaning against the bank and three ceiling tiles shattered on the office floor. The animal detectives determined that the raiding raccoons probably climbed the tree to the bank’s roof and entered through the air-conditioning duct, then dropped into the office from the ceiling, Martin-Tarbox said.

“Raccoons are incredibly agile and very curious creatures,” she said. “They find themselves in all kinds of circumstances — and these two were exceptional.”

Rohan Joshi, 34, didn’t realize he was entering a crime scene when he approached the Chase Bank ATM to make a deposit about 7:30 a.m. Tuesday. He glanced into the bank’s window and noticed, sitting atop an employee’s desk, a stuffed animal — one of the thieves in disguise.

“I just didn’t think anything of it until it moved, and then I was like, ‘Wait a minute, that’s something real,’” Joshi said with a laugh. “I was wondering how he got in there without the alarms going off. It was just the funniest sight to see.”

Joshi called the Peninsula Humane Society before heading off to work on his construction job.

“I just didn’t want an employee to come to work and maybe get attacked and not know what’s going on,” he said. “I know I wouldn’t want to encounter a raccoon in the morning and not know what was going on.”

The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA workers responding to the case tried to examine the raccoons for any injuries from their ceiling fall, but “they did not want to leave the bank,” Martin-Tarbox said. After about 10 minutes, the two creatures finally retreated, hissing, outdoors.

“They clearly were not injured, because they were giving our officer a chase as he was trying to run around the bank,” Martin-Tarbox said.

No one knows exactly when the culprits launched their larceny, but they had ample time to scuffle through some office supplies before they discovered the break room table and the almond cookies.

“All in all,” Martin-Tarbox said, “a pretty good day for a raccoon.”

A: Buffy Martin-Tarbox? Really? 
B: Get your valuables out of the safe-deposit boxes at this branch, & probably many others. 
[FAITH E. PINHO. Another not as cute picture here.]

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Nelson Kicks Nappy's Nautical Ass, Electricity!

"Hands Off Korea"

SUMMARY: Session of the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR in Moscow: CU, various delegates. Audience rises when Molotov and other notables arrive. Fadyiev, Secretary of the Treasury, makes a statement on the budget and claims they are all advancing under the guidance of the great Stalin. Hands Off Korea: At a great meeting in a factory, the workers are urged to follow Stalin, the leader of peace. A woman and a war veteran speak. There is another meeting outside a factory in Moscow. "For peace - against the warmongers". Thousands sign a petition against the atom bomb. An old woman speaks about how they are working to build up a new life. On a farm in Byelorussia, a woman reads a newspaper to a group of farmers. "They want to destroy our peaceful life". More sign their names. Minsk Rebuilt: Views of the city follow, showing new buildings and others under construction. Women and young boys lay bricks. Streets are sprinkled. On the Fields of Crimea: A combine run by a young man. Familiar scenes of harvesting are photographed with women working and great activity. Theater of Yaroslavl has 200th Anniversary: Views of the old theater, photographs of early actors, an exhibition of old posters, and a recording of a play with the actors later given Stalin's order. Partisans of Peace are Growing: In China there is an enormous rally in a stadium. Pictures of Mao abound. The people are asked to sign petitions against the atom bomb to send to Stockholm. CUs of people signing.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Chuck Berry Born, Tom Edison Dies, Tommy Smith & John Carlos Protest At Mexico City Olympics

Fuck This "Drunk All The Time" Jerk, & Shut Up, Fake News Liars

The Daily Beast:
Rudy: Only ‘50/50’ Chance I Worked With a ‘Russian Spy’ to Dig Dirt on Bidens and Ukraine  —  In a wild interview, Giuliani defended his years-long mission to torpedo the Bidens by exposing their alleged misdeeds in Ukraine.  And he doesn't care who supplied the ammunition.
The tunes just choose themselves.
Were the river whiskey, Lord, & were I a diving duck ...

Saturday, October 17, 2020

"Energy Crisis" Begins, Bay Area Quakes

Call An Air Strike

President Donald Trump is scheduled to come to Orange County Sunday for a private fundraiser at tech mogul Palmer Luckey’s estate.

The news came Thursday, just as the latest fundraising numbers showed the president falling behind Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in campaign cash. Biden reportedly raised a record-breaking $383 million in September to Trump’s $247.8 million. And Biden reported $432 million in cash heading into October vs. Trump’s $251 million.

Invitations for Sunday’s fundraiser at Luckey’s Newport Beach home show tickets ranging from $2,800 for an individual admission to $150,000 for a couple to attend and take a photo with the president, according to the OC Register. Ric Grenell, Trump’s former acting director of national intelligence, is also slated to be a special guest at the event.

The event was originally slated to take place Oct. 6, but was postponed after Trump contracted the coronavirus. The president says he no longer feels ill and his doctors have cleared him for public appearances. But some experts have expressed concern about him holding in-person events less than two weeks after he was released from the hospital, and they continue to discourage any large public gatherings.

Luckey has donated $405,600 to Trump’s campaign this cycle, according to Federal Election Commission records. And he’s donated more than $1.7 million total this cycle, with much of the rest of those funds going to GOP committees and Republicans running for seats, such as Michelle Steel and Young Kim, who are both trying to unseat Democratic members of Congress.

Luckey is a Long Beach native who was 19 when he co-founded the Oculus Rift virtual-reality system in Irvine. His company sold for an estimated $3 billion to Facebook in 2014.

A group of Armenian-American protesters is expected to gather outside the fundraiser Sunday morning to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.

Maybe even nuke the estate from space.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Noted In Passing

Wall Street Journal:
String of Firms That Imploded Have Something in Common: Ernst & Young Audited Them  —  Big Four accounting concern reviewed the books of several companies where investors lost billions when scandals emerged.  The firm says it uncovered some of the problems at its clients.

This year, $2 billion is missing at a German fintech company, $300 million of sales has been found to be fabricated at a Chinese coffee chain and $5 billion in undisclosed debt has been uncovered at two related companies listed in the U.K. Together, the incidents cost shareholders of the companies roughly $30 billion.

All had been audited by Ernst & Young. Last year, EY also audited office-space company WeWork, which nearly collapsed after fumbling a planned initial public offering.

EY is one of the Big Four accounting firms, whose audits are meant to give investors confidence in companies’ figures. EY missed red flags or failed to aggressively pursue them at some of the companies ahead of their scandals, and for the most part it was outsiders who raised questions first, a review based on publicly available documents and interviews with people close to the events shows. Now, regulators are scrutinizing EY’s work.

The EY audit clients that faced financial issues were German payments processor Wirecard AG; China’s Luckin Coffee Inc.; hospital operator NMC Health PLC; and NMC sister company Finablr PLC, which owned the Travelex currency service.

EY says it stands by its work and has high global audit standards. The firm says it played key roles in uncovering fraud at two of the companies, and it says China’s regulator has found it to be prudent and independent.

“We take all issues extremely seriously,” said Andy Baldwin , EY’s global client service managing partner, who said EY conducts around 150,000 audits annually.

The firm also recently said that auditors must play a bigger role in detecting fraud at companies, which would represent a U-turn in an industry that for long has denied that was part of its job.

John Brown Raids Harper's Ferry + "Off W/ Her Head!"


Mail Still Screwed Up

Rec'd. the wkly. supermarket fliers today (Friday). They are supposed to be delivered on Tues., as the sale prices kick in Weds. Don't vote by mail, & don't drop your ballot in a phony Republican drop-box. And isn't this fake drop-box bullshit reason enough to outlaw the Republican Party? It's already a pathetic fucking joke in California, put it out of its misery. On the other hand, Republicans may all be dead from not covering their faces by spring. Hope springs eternal. Die, pigs.

Everything's Made Of Shit
& You're All Dying

Slept for 10 hrs. When I woke up in this world of shit & pain I was still tired angry & bored.

Bottle-Blond Loons On The Loose

In a Hummer, yet. Freaking phony cracker & a QAnon cretin. Your Republican Party.

Outdoor Dining Didn't Save Them

In September 2020, Sizzler USA announced that they had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing COVID-19 forcing it to temporarily close its restaurants' dining rooms. The company also cited problems paying rent. Most of the company-owned restaurants are located in highly COVID-19 infected areas of California that did not permit restaurants to even partially open dining rooms as recently as September 2020.
Is the future of not cooking at home large industrial kitchens w/ hundreds of delivery people who used to be restaurant workers risking their lives in traffic every day? Or ... robots?

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Mentors Presidency

These schmucks didn't mean this, much. Trump's made it his public health message.
This one maybe they did mean. And if you consider wasted show-biz lice stealing from strippers' purses an apt metaphor for the zeitgeist, well ...

Retribution & Schadenfreude

How's that herd immunity thing workin' out?
When you cretins put that stupid bastard in the White House I knew it wouldn't end well, which made America-(& everything the hell else)-hating me pretty damn happy, but I wasn't expecting an every-100-yrs.-or-so pandemic to coincide w/ the Reign of Narcissism. Couldn't happen to a more deserving nation, right, Menck?

History Again: Battle Of Hastings

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Arson Or Campfire?

Saw this earlier today, just before sacktime. Channel 11 was first on the scene, so we'll embed their story.The L.A.F.D. used their new robot.How the F.D. did in '49.

My Life Is A Country Western Song

A fucking bird shit on my right forearm earlier when I was taking my evening constitutional. What fucking next? Do the indignities never cease?
Different fucking bird dropped a load on my pants once while I was waiting for the bus to work. Death to all pigeons!!
Fuck it. No half-way measures, as they say: Destroy all organic life on this planet. C'mon, meteor!!

Extra-Judicial Execution: It's Murder!

Compare & Contrast: The Kenosha Killer's Treatment

New York Times:
‘Straight to Gunshots’: How a U.S. Task Force Killed an Antifa Activist  —  New accounts from the scene raise questions about whether Michael Reinoehl, suspected of killing a far-right Trump supporter, pulled out a gun before officers fatally shot him.  —  Michael Reinoehl was on the run.
ProPublica:   New Eyewitness Accounts: Feds Didn't Identify Themselves Before Opening Fire on Portland Antifa Suspect
Conrad Wilson / opb:   New eyewitness accounts: Feds didn't identify themselves before firing on Portland antifa shooting suspect
Any of you may be next. If you know what's good for you, keep your mouths shut & your heads down. Or shoot first & ask questions later. Three wks. until the shit really hits the fan.

True Unemployment Rate 26.1%, Chumps

Welcome To The Trump Economy

Felix Salmon / Axios:
Exclusive: America's true unemployment rate  —  A person who is looking for a full-time job that pays a living wage — but who can't find one — is unemployed.  If you accept that definition, the true unemployment rate in the U.S. is a stunning 26.1%, according to an important new dataset shared exclusively with “Axios on HBO.”

Really? Neither Remembered Nor Cared.

Day Of The Dull

Also the 99th anniv. of my late mother's birth.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

I'm upstairs (inside my brain)
There's a hole in my head

Credit the Samoans for being forty yrs. ahead of the curve on brain disorder & dysfunction, whether Trump's or viral.
Pam Belluck / New York Times:
‘I Feel Like I Have Dementia’: Brain Fog Plagues Covid Survivors  —  The condition is affecting thousands of patients, impeding their ability to work and function in daily life.  —  After contracting the coronavirus in March, Michael Reagan lost all memory of his 12-day vacation in Paris …
John Del Signore / Gothamist:   Extra, Extra: Some COVID Survivors Struggle With Debilitating “Brain Fog”
Vinnie Longobardo / Occupy Democrats:   A panicked Trump declares himself “immune,” slams negative polls as “Fake News” in AM tweets.


The end for me.


Saturday, October 10, 2020

Thought All These Big Manly Men Were Such Expert Gun-Humpers

Not so quick on the draw, are they?

Sam Tabachnik / Denver Post:
One dead, two in custody after gunfire at downtown Denver rallies  —  “Patriot rally” and “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” both planned for Saturday  —  One person has died and two people are in custody after a shooting during dueling protests Saturday in downtown Denver, according to police and media reports.
Meredith Deliso / ABC News:   1 person dead, 2 suspects in custody following shooting at Denver protests: Police
Danielle Chavira / CBS Denver:   Shooting During Dueling Protests In Denver Turns Deadly
Bronson Stocking / Townhall:   Another Trump Supporter Shot and Killed by Antifa Man
Bob Price / Breitbart:   1 Dead, 2 in Custody After Shooting at Rally in Denver
Bob Brigham / Raw Story:   Fatal shooting during dueling protests in Denver — two taken into custody
Richard Moorhead / Big League Politics:   Patriot Prayer Demonstrator Shot and Killed by ANTIFA Militant in Denver, Colorado
Jim Hoft / The Gateway Pundit:   BREAKING: Shooting at Denver Protests — ANTIFA TERRORIST SHOOTS PATRIOT PROTESTER DEAD! — Two Suspects in Custody -VIDEO
Ha ha. Lotta good the phony patriotism & prayers did him. Playtime's over, cosplayers!

Read time: 0 minutes


Otis Dead

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Protestas Continúan En Indonesia; Algunas Se Tornan Violentas

No idea what they're protesting, but whatever it is, I'm against it too, & pro looting, shooting & wailing.Well over 99% of the humanoids in this world of shit & pain should be in the streets or fields throwing rocks &/or
Mr. Molotov's cocktails on general principles alone. I'm mad as hell!/Where's the outrage? yada yada yada ...

Round 2

Read time: 0 minutes

Midwest Burns, Perfect Series Game

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Pence's Moment

Halo of the fly.
Tengrain insists Mother's husband is so wooden he's termite food; unless that was a woodfly, we may have to reconsider Mike's essential composition.
In other observations, that Alice Cooper tune holds up pretty well almost 50 yrs. on. And the cover is pretty close to timeless, minus the timely "VOTE" sticker.

Bad To Worse

400,000 dead by the new yr.? Ha ha fuck you. There is no nation more deserving.

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right:
U.S. Attacks Afghanistan

Round 1

This reporter slaved over a room temperature keyboard to make this.

Toilet In Tokio

Featuring Argentine blogueras.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

I Hate This Country ...

... & Most Of The Monsters In It

Troy Closson / New York Times:
80-Year-Old Is Killed After Asking Bar Patron to Wear Mask  —  The man was shoved to the ground and hit his head after confronting another patron at a bar in upstate New York, the police said.  The case is one of the first of its kind in the state.  —  When an 80-year-old man at a bar near Buffalo, N.Y., noticed a fellow customer not wearing a face mask, he confronted him. The customer responded by swiftly pushing him to the ground, the police said. Five days later, the man was dead.
WKBW-TV:   80-year-old man dies following dispute over wearing face mask at West Seneca bar
Sarah Taylor / TheBlaze:   80-year-old man dies after mask dispute. Now authorities are charging a 65-year-old with homicide.
Jackie Salo / New York Post:   80-year-old man dies after confronting maskless patron in bar
What is wrong w/ your fucking murdering species?

Crisis Actors?

Crisis Corpses



Jazz Singer Preems, Bad Day For Middle East, Bye-Bye Bette

Friday, October 2, 2020

Friday Freak-Out: Temperature's Rising

Couple dead white guys who'd be well past their alloted three score & ten today if they hadn't died/been kil't young, singing 'bout another old white guy, using music stolen from black people. Is this a country or what?

President Suffers Stroke!

101 yrs. ago, sucker!

What A Disaster

At Least It's Friday, Innit?

It's Web Of Evil (& Ennui), the dee jay web-log where you always hear the version! And the re-mix!!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

The East Is Red! & First World Series; Bonus Video & Text

Bonus Video: Thrilla In Manila

Bonus Text

Today is Thursday, Oct. 1, the 275th day of 2020. There are 91 days left in the year.

Today’s Highlight in History: On Oct. 1, 2017, a gunman opened fire from a room at the Mandalay Bay casino hotel in Las Vegas on a crowd of 22,000 country music fans at a concert below, leaving 58 people dead and more than 800 injured in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history; the gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Craig Paddock, killed himself before officers arrived.

On this date: In 1908, Henry Ford introduced his Model T automobile to the market.

In 1910, the offices of the Los Angeles Times were destroyed by a bomb explosion and fire; 21 Times employees were killed.

In 1937, Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black delivered a radio address in which he acknowledged being a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, but said he had dropped out of the organization before becoming a U.S. senator.

In 1949, Mao Zedong proclaimed the People’s Republic of China during a ceremony in Beijing. A 42-day strike by the United Steelworkers of America began over the issue of retirement benefits.

In 1957, the motto “In God We Trust” began appearing on U.S. paper currency.

In 1961, Roger Maris of the New York Yankees hit his 61st home run during a 162-game season, compared to Babe Ruth’s 60 home runs during a 154-game season. (Tracy Stallard of the Boston Red Sox gave up the round-tripper; the Yankees won 1-0.)

In 1962, Johnny Carson debuted as host of NBC’s “Tonight Show,” beginning a nearly 30-year run.

In 1971, Walt Disney World opened near Orlando, Florida.

In 1982, Sony began selling the first commercial compact disc player, the CDP-101, in Japan.

In 1987, eight people were killed when an earthquake measuring magnitude 5.9 struck the Los Angeles area.

In 1994, National Hockey League team owners began a 103-day lockout of their players.

In 1996, a federal grand jury indicted Unabomber suspect Theodore Kaczynski in the 1994 mail bomb slaying of advertising executive Thomas Mosser. (Kaczynski was later sentenced to four life terms plus 30 years.) The federal minimum wage rose 50 cents to four dollars, 75 cents an hour.

Ten years ago: White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, planning an ultimately successful Chicago mayoral run, relinquished his post to Pete Rouse. Georgy Arbatov, 87, a foreign policy adviser to Soviet presidents and the Kremlin’s top America watcher, died in Moscow.

Five years ago: A gunman opened fire at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, killing nine people and then himself. Officials in Michigan declared a public health emergency over the city of Flint’s water in response to tests that showed children with elevated levels of lead. Oregon marijuana shops began selling for the first time to recreational users.

Today’s Birthdays: Former President Jimmy Carter is 96. Actor-singer Julie Andrews is 85. Actor Stella Stevens is 82. Rock musician Jerry Martini (Sly and the Family Stone) is 77. Baseball Hall-of-Famer Rod Carew is 75. Jazz musician Dave Holland is 74. Actor Yvette Freeman is 70. Actor Randy Quaid is 70. Rhythm-and-blues singer Howard Hewett is 65. Former British Prime Minister Theresa May is 64. Alt-country-rock musician Tim O’Reagan (The Jayhawks) is 62. Singer Youssou N’Dour is 61. Actor Esai Morales is 58. Retired MLB All-Star Mark McGwire is 57. Actor Christopher Titus is 56. Actor-model Cindy Margolis is 55. Producer John Ridley is 55. Rock singer-musician Kevin Griffin (Better Than Ezra) is 52. Actor Zach Galifianakis is 51. Singer Keith Duffy is 46. Actor Sherri Saum is 46. Actor Katie Aselton is 42. Actor Sarah Drew is 40. Actor Carly Hughes is 38. Actor-comedian Beck Bennett is 36. Actor Jurnee Smollett-Bell is 34. Actor Brie Larson is 31. Singer/songwriter Jade Bird is 23. Actor Priah Ferguson is 14. Actor Jack Stanton is 12.